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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  December 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> from boston from news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. phil: we begin tonight with information about these san bernardino shootings. heather: the number of those dead has gone up to 21. rounds of ammo inside their home, a dozen hype bombs and improvised tools for explosive devices. phil: we are learning more about that pipe bomb. the controller to set it off was similar to the one used in the boston marathon attack area the explosive was never detonated and it was removed by a police robot. heather: one woman was hit three
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phil: tonight, we are learning more about the suspects, who they were. heather: but the question remains why they did what they did. newscenter 5' s john atwater has new information, john? john: investigators are looking at key questions including what could' ve prompted them to plan this vicious attack. they intended to kill even more with three pipe bombs attached to a remote control car that never detonated. >> you look at the planning, the armaments. there was a mission here. we know that. we do not know why. he was a -- john: he was a 28-year-old who had worked in
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he abruptly left a workplace holiday gathering, returning with his when he seven-year-old wife. inside his home, police found 12 more pipe bombs and thousands of bullets. >> no one puts together that kind of elaborate scheme or plan to come back and do that. there was planning that went into this. john: 21 people are recovering. many with critical injuries. >> kevin is one of the lucky ones. john: president obama says pinning down a precise motive will take time. >> there may be mixed motives in this, which makes the investigation more complicated. john: the couple had a six-month-old daughter they left with relatives before the massacre, and police say the weapons they used or purchased legally. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: here in massachusetts,
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many workplaces are reminding about precautions. reid lamberty joins us. re id: we spoke with a security expert earlier, who says that gone are the days when you could rely on someone else for your own safety. his name is rick avery. he is the president of the security solutions firm -- he says whether it is a workplace violence incident or a terrorist attack, each of us and need to know what to do and how to handle what we are facing. others to keep your safe. perhaps you rely on your company to keep you safe at work or the administration to keep your kids safe at school. the world in which we now live, he says, forces us to be responsible for ourselves and our loved ones.
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t know where it is going to come or how it is going to come. what you can do is know how you are going to react, what you are going to do. reid: every says the recent the vault is globally have even changed the playbook for his own company, and the training they perform for their own employees. life in boston, i' m reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: our coverage continues on and on world news tonight david muir anchors a special broadcast live from the scene in san bernardino. phil: stormteam 5' s mike wankum joins us. taking a look at the weather. today, not a bad day. if the issue the wind gusts? mike: yes, the winds have been dusting. let me show you what is happening on the map. we have low pressure up to the north and it is driving and that westerly, northwesterly wind
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most of the moisture has moved up and we have picked up parts -- snow in parts of maine. we have been dealing with the winds. you see what has happened. which means tonight is going to be on the chilly side. we will be cooling things off of their. the wind speeds will hold fairly steady and drop off overnight tonight. overall it will be a breezy night. overnight lows dropping into the 20' s and 30' s. the wind chill index will be hovering around 23 degrees. tomorrow, some improvement. lots of sunshine. i' ll show you when we get though warm weather back in the forecast. heather? heather: boston police have made an arrest in connection with the shooting death of an mbta conductor on thanksgiving day. it happened outside a bar near fenway park. the suspect is facing firearms charges. newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill is live outside fenway, kelley? reporter: prosecutors say that
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shootout between the suspect and have not named or arrested. dominique carter grady stayed out of public view as he appeared in court in that giving. >> each of fired multiple times street. kelley: the 29-year-old from hyde park was an innocent bystander. his family attended the arraignment, but had no comment on the arrest. prosecutors say video shows carpenter-grady firing a weapon. the 26-year-old pleaded not guilty to several charges, including carrying a firearm without a license.
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>> the exact sequence is under investigation, and particularly who shot who and when. at kelley: -- kelley: carpenter grady was arreed, hiding in the attic of his dorchester home, hiding under insulation. >> he is confused. they are confused why he is charged. kelley: his family had no comment as they left court. prosecutors say he has an extensive criminal history including convictions for drug and firearms charges. tonight he is back behind bars on $250,000 bail. wcvb newscenter 5. phil: the new hampshire man charged with killing his parents has been sentenced. matthew dion pleaded guilty for
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of 2014. he was caught more than a year later down in florida. his beyonce and the mother of their four-year-old son addressed the court, saying she was speaking for the victims, living and dead. >> i cannot imagine how scared, how much pain your parents must have felt, knowing you are going to die by the hands of someone you loved unconditionally. phil: he sent them a letter while he was on the run, confessing to the crime and threatening suicide. heather: the arlington woman accused of scamming an elderly widower out of more than $100,000 went before a judge today. prosecutors say anisa llega told the victim she had a brain tumor and need the money for treatment. newscenter 5' s jack harper spoke that 84-year-old man today. he is live in arlington. jack: he was one of the regulars for breakfast. they became friends. he hired her, but lately, it has
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she ripped me off. jack: his former housekeeper accused of ripping him off with a series of sad stories, including a bogus brain tumor. >> she needed a cancer operation and needed $30,000 to pay for the operation. insurance would pay for the rest. last friday i found out she was never a patient. jack: the albanian citizen' s attorney says she never asked for money, but he kept giving her gifts anyway. just but she do to meet her stories and that is why i gave her money area so she was a fraud. she would say she needed $500 for medicine.
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she would think me and say i was a wonderful guide to be helping her out. jack: -- jack: in court, prosecutors say that she laughed and giggled when she was interviewed. she was not laughing or giggling today when they took her away on m jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: an e-mail threat against a middle school the , second just this week. schools remained open, but presence. investigators believe the same person is behind both threats. phil: history today for the u.s. military. all combat positions now open to women. the gender lines officially broken. secretary ash carter, making the decision.
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rangers, navy seals, and air force para-jumpers. >> this means as long as they qualify and meet standards, women will be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before. they will be allowed to drive tanks, lead infantry soldiers into combat. phil: he is going after a expert who said there was a study that makes -- mixed units were not as effective as all-male units. group of fifth graders detained by police. heather: the plan they were putting in place at the town high school that their you' re having a tablet shipped season. the dangerous find made by one heather: this framingham mother spent more than a year battling the cancer that would ultimately take her life. the impact she hoped to have
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. heather: today marks the 16th anniversary of the worcester six. the firefighters died while fighting the massive fire at the worcester cold storage warehouse. tonight the franklin street fire station will host a gathering, a bell will ring at 6:13, the time the call came in for that fire. heather: this connecticut man -- new jersey fifth-graders -- that is fifth grade -- are suspended for school. they had a device that contained vinegar and cinnamon, not explosives, but police say it was not a prank. they also believe that someone plan.
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report going the secret service and agency in crisis, citing embarrassments. systemic budget cuts and declining morale for recent issues, including a prostitution scandal and security breaches involving the president and the a say that more funding is needed with a larger staff and more focused mission. this connecticut man who jumped in an american flag will not be joseph caputo' s attorney says s not welcome back for committing a community standards violation. the 22-year-old criminal justice major pleaded not guilty and has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. phil: holiday delivery turns dangerous for a family. this happened in wisconsin. the tablets that they ordered online caught fire in the box. the shipment of rca tablets
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they smell the burning plastic -- the smell the burning plastic, but could not figure out what was going on. they called the fire department. >> we opened the box up. the tablets were on fire but themselves. just but obviously there was heat being generated from somewhere within the packages. phil: investigators say the plastic wrapping may have started burning because of lithium batteries, but that is still unclear. the tablets were shipped from walmart. so far, no comment from the chain or rca. the first family national christmas tree. the 93rd annual national this year' it' ll include performances by the band fall out boy, muppets character miss piggy, and the
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group. we have our own tree lighting. mike: yes, and if you are headed like a great evening. i want to show you this picture. this happens to be from mount washington. that. it is snowing. yes, it finally did snow somewhere in new england. that is on top of mount washington. the winds are howling. we have the sunset at 4:12 tonight. 44 degrees. it will be on the gusty wind side. the wind chills will be out there, 20' s and 30' s as we and the event. you can see the snow swirling to the north. if you check out the white mountains, it is still snowing. great news for skiers. we have the snow and the wind. the wind atop mount washington -- i showed you that picture a moment ago -- wind gusting at 87
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we did have a few places that managed to get above 40 miles per hour today. here is what we' re talking about. cambridge, 43 miles per hour. blue hill observatory, 40 mile an hour wind gusts. it was a breezy day. it made the day backwards. it was warmer this morning that it was this afternoon. 41 was our high temperature, early in the day, and then, low temperatures, our current reading at 45. it will go down is a fairly warm day, but if we were out this afternoon, you know that it had a bit of a bite to it. the wind chill index , 37 degrees. overnight that will drop down into the 20' s. right now, temperatures look like this. jeffers down at 39, worcester not far behind. a little bit warmer as he looked
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it will be chilly tonight. 24 for the overnight lows. clear skies. with that northwesterly breeze, that when children be right around 20 degrees. 44 to 48 degrees. five to 10 miles per hour west wind. bedford, 47th a high tomorrow. check out what is happening for the next two days. temperatures will be warming up very nicely, pushing our temperatures into the 50' s again. tomorrow on the cool side. most of the cape , temperatures pretty much in the upper 40' s. as we look down the road, we are clearing that system out of here. high pressure. lots of skies. pretty nice temperatures. speaking of which, here is how
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sunshine for friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and a good chunk of tuesday and checkup is temperatures for the weekend. looks like saturday, about 50 degrees. even when we start to cool down, it is still above normal for this time of year. next chance for rain does not show up until tuesday into wednesday. we need the rain. looks like it will be rayna not snow. phil: all right, mike, thanks. if you are looking for a gift that will help someone, the martin richard foundation is selling shirts and hats. heather: they have teamed up to offer a line that benefits the foundation. it honors martin' s message of no more hurting. for more information, log onto our website,
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phil: the youngest victim in the attack. what a great gift. it is a gift that helps and helps the foundation. heather: the foundation is doing great stuff. phil: new research finds the nation' s high cholesterol rate is finally dropping. heather: on the health alert, the numbers from the cdc and who they recommend should be taking statins. phil: a local police officer credited with saving a child' s birthday celebration. the move instead of making an arrest that made all the difference. >> does one of the hottest toys this holiday season come with a major risk of?
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phil: a new study shows women who have had a false positive result on their mammogram may be at a slightly higher risk for developing breast cancer. researchers combed more than 2
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women between 40 and 74. about 180,000 had false positives, meaning the test but additional tests did not support a cancer diagnosis. many went on to be diagnosed with breast cancer within the next decade. heather: on the health alert tonight, the cdc' s new study on cholesterol lowering statins. the report suggests more people should talk to their doctor about taking them. cholesterol lowering statins, a daily pill that millions of americans already take. a new report suggests many americans may do well to consider them on with other cholesterol-lowering treatments. one in three americans has cholesterol levels that warrant treatment, but all those americans, fewer than two in three to except to do something about it. at highest risk?
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cholesterol than women. high levels of lda cholesterol, the dangerous kind, increase the risk of artifacts and diabetes. million americans with high to your doctor. what you may end up taking a staten, there are other ways to improve your cholesterol, like regular exercise improving your diet. the data was based on blood analysis of americans previously reviewed in studies. phil: contaminated celery found in cosco' s chicken salad made by taelor form specific has been determined to be the source of seminole it. now they are expanding the recall to products sold at walmart, sam' s club, and target. those products were primarily
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heather: the san bernardino shooting lasker is front and center. phil: democratic frontrunner hillary clinton talking about it right here in new england. plus the response from other candidates tonight. heather: newscenter 5' s coverage of the opioid crisis continues. the local community now benefiting from a generous
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>> from boston'
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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: breaking details about the california shooting rampage. one of the shooters had been in contact with extremists on social media. heather: the attackers also used pipe bombs inside the regional center. the controller similar to the one used in the boston marathon attack. phil: the death toll stands at 14. 21 were heard. they have thousands of rounds of ammunition, another 4500 and around. hillary clinton on the campaign trail. heather: her focus is gun control. janet wu is live. the candidate has a fundraiser
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