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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 4, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- california rampage. uncovering the suspects' past. inside their home. arsenal. new video of the suspects' shootout with police. we're live? san bernardino with the latest. a coffee shop manager. a father of six. an nfl player's cousin. shooting. road rage. two drivers in luxury vehicles. getting into an argument when one pulls out a gun. the shooting is caught on camera. and hail mary. a wild finish on thursday night
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talking about today. and we do say good morning to you, everyone. on this friday morning. we start with the overwhelming grief in san bernardino. a community struggling to come to grips with the senseless loss of so many innocent victims. >> hundreds of people gathered at a local stadium for a vigil in honor of the 14 people killed. they announced the name of each victim. we're getting new images of the shooters' final moments. >> get inside, get inside. fwloez close the gate, close the gate. >> that is cell phone video of the newly weds embroiled in the high-sped chase. here's a look at the bullet holes in a deputy's car.
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lauren lister has the latest from san bernardino. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reen nap we're learning more about the victims of the deadly mass shooting and more about the the two suspects killed in a shootout with police. authorities are still trying to find a motive. what would drive them to carry out this attack? the sights and sounds of grieving on display in this southern california community. grappling with the loss of 14 lives. as we learn more about the suspect who is abruptly took them in wednesday's shooting rampage. >> they were equipped. they could have continued to do another attack. >> reporter: 12 unexploded bombs similar to this one found in the young couple's home. along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. one neighbor said his wife had become suspicious. >> she had noticed they had been
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quite a few packages within a short amount of time. and that they were actually doing a lot of work out in the garage. >> reporter: the fbi is now treating the investigation of syed farook and his wife, tashfeen malik as a potential case of terrorism. undisputed is the tragedy facing those killed. ryan rays lost his partner, daniel kaufman. >> the world will suffer from having one last person like him. suffering. >> they're overwhelmed. six kids have lost their father. >> reporter: jennifer thalasinos clings to her last embrace with her husband. >> i got an extra hug and a kiss before he left. so i'm just holding on to that. >> reporter: now, as for the investigation, authorities tell abc news they're look for
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at least two individuals here in the u.s. who may have been involved in radicalizing him or planning the attack. the fbi says it's too early to call this an act of terrorism. >> was he on anybody's radar at all? >> reporter: so as of the latest news that i have seen from abc, they were not. investigators, according to them, say that the suspect farook was not on the radar or under investigation by authorities prior to this shooting. >> okay. lauren lister, live in san bernardino. thank you, lauren. and those who made it out alive are recalling the horror. including a co-worker who shared a cubicle with the gunman for years. >> he noticed farook wasn't there when they took the annual
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bacari was in the bathroom and took cover. >> i told the other people h the restroom. we're under attack. get on the floor. the one beside me, i told him to get down on the floor. we put our feet against the door the keep anybody from getting in the restroom. >> bacari and farook were both environmental inspectors for the health department. he considered him a friend. and that shooting rampage hit home for an nfl player. >> gnat berhe tweeted i just got word that one of my cousins was among the 14 killed yesterday. i'm so sick right now. he id fized his cousin ooze isaac amanios, the oldest victim. later on, a live report from washington, d.c. we'll get the reaction from the presidential candidates. exactly three weeks after
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cafe targeted has now been repoepd five people were killed there during last months a takes. since then, the cafe had become a memorial. an onlooker said, it's time to continue life as it was before. well, the u.s. marines are now looking for a few good women. so is the army, navy, and air force. ash carter ordering the services to open all military jobs to women. about 10% of military jobs remain closed to win. the new policy begins next month and full implementation is set for april. that is such a big and important moment. >> a huge moment. long overdue. president obama doing his part to light up the night in d.c. the president, along with the rest of the first family, out behind the white house, to do this. lighting the national christmas tree.
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by a family in new york state. >> reese witherspoon and miss piggy were there. it's official. the nfl announcing who will be performing at the super bowl halftime show. and breaking overnight, former stone temple pilots frontman scott weiland found dead. caught on camera. drivers in luxury cars in a road rage incident caught on camera. ending in shots being fired. ngles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. r you know, i' m not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can
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every christmas is memorable. but a gift from kay jewelers...
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at kay, the number-one memory-maker in america. every kiss begins with kay. a virgin america flight trying to leave seattle delayed after a baggage loading machine caught fire just under the wing of the jet. no angries or damage reported. scheduled.
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colorado springs today mourns a hero of another armed attack. university police officer garrett swasey and two others were killed one week another at the planned parenthood clinic. the mayor and other leaders will attend the funeral. u.s. prosecutors have unsealed a second indictment against world soccer officials. that came as fbi officials raided offices of a sport marketing firm. it's believed that firm afwreed to pay bribes to soccer officials. the indictment charges 16 men with corruption including several members of the world governing body fifa. the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 are at their lowest point of the year. the dow fell 252 points. nasdaq off 86.
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welcome back. not such a good morning in the northwest. you can expect rain, snow, and strong winds from seattle to northern california. locally, some winds could gust over 60 miles per hour. >> obviously, that storm system will make for wet and slippery roads there in the northwest. that's about it for the rest of the country. except for "nightline" until florida as well. miami the only airport weather delays are possible. all 14 people killed in the san bernardino shooting rampage
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>> a vigil was held last night. we're learning more about the massacre. police say syed farook and tashfeen malik had more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition and 12 pipe bombs. >> the fbi is investigating this as a possible incident of terrorism. the party massacre is calling new attention to gun safety legislation. >> democrats and republicans accusing each other of using the tragedy for their own political means. megan hughes joins us with more. >> reporter: history certainly repeating itself. democrats in congress saying some of the exact same things, almost word for word, as they did after previous shootings. they're still facing a republican-dominated congress. and americans are reacting the same way, too. gun store owners say sales are booming.
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indiana mom kelly robinson bought herself a second firearm. >> i'm a widow with a severely autistic child who i will protect with my last breath. >> reporter: according to the fbi, more americans had gun background checks last friday than any other day on record. that was the same day of the shooting at the clinic in colorado. >> people are scared. >> reporter: but three votes, the senate failed to pass gun control legislation that would apply background checks to online. >> the motion not agreed to. >> reporter: the senate voted down an amendment to keep anyone on the fib's terror watch list from purchasing guns. >> just because it's not an easy problem to solve doesn't mean we should not do everything we can. >> i think the left pivots to
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it's never been shown they're effective. >> reporter: republican front runner donald trump is not shy talking about his post-shooting bump in the polls. >> every single time there's a tragedy, my poll numbers go up. because they feel that i am going the take care of them. they feel they want strength. >> reporter: trump making it clear he believes the shooting is likely connected to terrorism. >> is this radical islamic terrorism? tell me. sit? it looks like it to me. you look at the names. you lock at what's happened. you tell me. >> reporter: a white house official tells abc news that the obama administration is considering possible exegg active action to tighten gun laws. >> megan hughes, live in washington. thank you. tributes this morning for rock singer scott weiland. the former lead singer of the stone temple pilots. weiland had a long history of substance abuse.
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was found last night many minnesota shortly before a show was scheduled to start. old. a shocking case of road rage. a miami man left with a bullet in his chest. the driver gets out of his car and approaches a mercedes at the stoplight. when the light turns green. you can see the mercedes driver pointing his gun and shooting the other man in the chest. the bullet barely missed his lungs. but he's okay. and police are on the hunt right now for the driver of that mercedes. >> incredible. now, some sports. the latest example of the game's not over until the game is over. >> unless you're a detroit or browns fan. the highlights from our guys at espn. >> he's stan. i'm neil. this is a new jacket. a new tie. i feel excited. and then the games were so exciting, too. so the dress went with the highlights. >> looking sharp there.
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blue there. >> you know what they call that? honolulu blue. >> this is a hail mary. rodgers to rogers. an untimed down that came after a face mask penalty on the final play of the game. richard rogers pull lg it down. aaron rodgers saying he never had a hail mary that ever worked on any level. until we meet again kentucky hch ucla met last year. kentucky absolutely ran the bruins out of the gym in chicago. guess what happened thursday? ali and steve alford's boys channeled some john wooden magic. hope bill was watching. that's some great production there on that. this is a huge upset. ucla was 4-3.
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no more. good win for the pac-12. >> love that dunk by prince ali. that was something. >> i love this tie. >> yeah. back to you. >> i know detroit's been bankrupt, but they got robbed last night. >> oh. you're still upset about that one. such a great game. a great ending. up next, in "the pulse within ." one band highlighting the big game. and one woman taking christmas to new heights with thousands of decorations. tif you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. r fortunately, many have found a different r kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with
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such as the next super bowl musical halftime act. >> one of the the biggest annual spectacles in american culture will feature a british band. >> maroon 5? >> coldplay. the timing couldn't be better. the new album "head full of dreams" is out today. >> chris martin is pumped up. releasing video of the first meetings and rehearsals. the manager adds there will be a special guest. but doesn't say who. >> who do you think this is? >> i saw on the twitter-sphere, jay z possibly. you would think they would need >> madonna? >> rihanna. >> adele? >> no, that would be too british. next up, pamela anderson doing her part at the end of an era for "playboy."
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peared on the cover more times than anyone. >> it's natural that she's the last to make an appearance. >> the 48-year-old checked with her teenage sons before agreeing to the spread. since they've been teased about their mom in the past. she says they both encouraged her to do it. nice of her to check in, especially in this era of social media bullying. and grandma in wales just might send your christmas spirit to no heights. >> did she overdo it? sylvia pope owns hundreds of christmas ornaments. she puts them on the ceiling of the living room. >> how does she do that? >> with a tack. >> she's quite a collector. over the past three years, she's picked up nearly 800 ornaments.
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updating our top stories. all 14 people killed in the shooting rampage in san bernardino, california, have been identified. the couple behind the massacre had 6,000 rounds and a dozen pipe bombs. the cafe attacked by gunmen in paris opened for business today. five people were killed there during last month's terror attacks. a sign of progress in the army. they have four months in the military, they have four months to fully integrate women into all roles, including combat. the changes begin in a month. taking a look at today's weather, showers or snow in the west. windy and unseasonably warm in the midwest. a bit cool in new england. finally from us, comedy is
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>> the late night comics did during this difficult week. it's important to smile. here now, your friday funnies. >> the president and his family tree. the 93rd annual lighting of the christmas tree. the tree stands on the grounds through the new year. after which, the first lady will harvest the needles and bark to winter. >> forecasters say el nino should bring much-needed rain to california. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. yeah. meanwhile, donald trump said if elected president, he won't let el nino into the country. >> how about we do this with cnn. i won't do the debate unless they pay me $5 million, all of which money goes to the wounded warriors or go to vets. >> he's treating the republican primary like it's an entertainment show he's the star of.
4:29 am
of what it is. >> cnn laughed it off saying, we don't have $5 million. cnn was like, fine, we'll let jeb bush talk for two hours. the check? the '80s rock band says donald trump can use their song "we're not gonna take it." >> look at the most recent speech. so, under president trump, here's what would happen. >> looks good. >> meanwhile, ben carson has not heard back from motley crue regarding "dr. feel good." >> linsey graham is running for president. >> you know how you win this election? you don't lose it. [ applause ] >> whoa. >> even his body wants him to drop out of the race.


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