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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  December 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:22pm EST

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do you wish to be present? >> not to be present. reporter: philip chisim is excused from the afternoon session of his murder trial and choosing not to confer with his attorneys on the soon to come closing arguments. >> have i asked you mig at all that confused you? >> the teen's clarity of mind the day of the murder is at issue. a psychiatrist said he hears voices. dudley says he is remorseful. two years ago he stabbed, robbed and raped his 24-year-old danverse high school math teacher. >> not really understanding that the voices were an illness and not being able to manage it and being helpless in response to the voices and how that resulted in behaviors that were really not him. >> prosecutors asked how a mentally ill chisim could be so methodical about murder. was he insane or faking psychosis? the central theme along with
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past trauma in chisim's life. >> when questioned about the trauma, he said i won't talk about it. >> i won't talk about it? >> i can't talk about it. >> later he said he was told not to talk about what happened in the past. testimony resumes at 9:00 a.m. rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. heather:the massachusetts medical society has voted to remain opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state. the society represents more than 25,000 doctors and this comes after the group working to get recreational marijuana on the 2016 ballot said it has enough signatures to move forward. if it is approved they want more money it educate the public about substance abuse. phil: the average is $2.06 for gas right now and triple-a
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a month ago and 72 cents lower than it was a year ago. the federal trade commission is trying to stop staples from buying office depot. they say the billion dollar deal would cut competition and lead to higher prices, but they say they are using a plot analysis and plan to fight it in court. heather:there is a deal in the works to sell the vermont-based keurig for $14 billion. vermont's governor calls it good for business. they say the sale of jab holding company will keep the company away from the whims of wall street. keurig has been dealing with slower sales and stocks and fallen 61% in 2015. the the company plans to keep its headquarters in water burr re. ed: still ahead, a link to a family member who died at
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everything in one place. my stop & shop. . heather:today marks 74 years since the attack on pearl harbor that killed thousands of americans and ushered the country into world war ii. today a family who lost a loved one in that attack was heart. jack harper has the story. >> 34 years ago today seaman jonathon lost his life on the uss arizona at pearl harbor. >> john russell johnson was 23 when he was the first brockton resident kill at pearl harbor. >> as far as i'm concerned anyone who put on a uniform during world war ii or any other war, even if they didn't go overseas. they put the uniform on and they automatically put their
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>> today the vfw post gave his descendants the purple heart awarded to johnson son. it was found by kenzie as she cleaned out an office drawer at the vfw. >> i am happy it is getting back to a family. it is sad they didn't have it to begin with and they didn't know about it. >> cindy knew little about her uncle. her dad never really talked about it much. it was too hard talking about losing his little brother. >> they called them the greatest generation. would you agree? >> yes. yes, definitely. all they went through and what they did for us, yes. >> nephew richard johnson, a marine veteran. >> to know what happened and now this country responded and now to get his purple heart so he is recognized for what he did. >> 74 years later they felt as proud ever about a young man who died for the rest of us.
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5. newscenter 5. >> and a navy veteran stationed at pearl harbor during world world war ii was honored for her service. she was given the key to the city of worcester. she injoined two years after the attack. ed: a lot of families started their christmas shopping at the christmas castle. they were picking out the right gifts for kids, clothes, toys, food vouchers for the more than 5,000 families in need. that's up from a few years ago. governor baker helped light the menorah at the state house tonight. this is the second night of hanukkah and they lit the lamp. according to tradition, when they dedicated testimony pep,
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eight. >> it looks like it was a lovely, lovely lighting jie. happy hanukkah by the way and welcome back. we haven't seen each other for a longtime before today. >> do we really work together some. heather:happy thanksgiving and happy hanukkah. harvey: and soon for merry christmas. now we are into next year. let's calm down. heather:it will happen that fast. harvey: it seems like it does, that's for sure. this is what's coming up. it is a different kind of day tomorrow. we have been lulled to sleep. and it will be cool and raw. it is not indicating a pattern change. a warm december weekend. i know we just had one and i'm pretty sure we will have another one next weekend as we will do it all over again. these are the high temperatures today. pretty nifty, 56 in boston and
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57 in lawrence. how about portsmouth, new hampshire hitting 58 degrees. tomorrow it will be 10 to 15 degrees chillier and we'll have the clouds. the wind will be coming in with the strongest winds around the cape and islands. so the chillier air comes down out of eastern can ma do for a couple of days. and the moisture tries to workup from the south. you can see the clouds approaching and they will be with us to start the day tomorrow. 48 in boston now with a gentle breeze, but it has switched to the northeast. we have seen the 30s and 40s at this particular time. as far as we are concerned, this is the rain area. notice the bulk just about get to the cape and the islands. as this system makes its closest path tomorrow morning.
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commute and wet weather before the morning is out farther north and up 9 coast and closer to boston. all of us will have the cool northeasterly wind, but if you are north and west of boston the skies may start to brighten by the end of the day. and then we will have another system, but it will be weak and that will be affecting us late wednesday night. looks like clouds. lets -- let's break this down for tomorrow. we start out cloudy and notice how the rain skirts the cape and the islands and tries to get up to boston briefly during the morning to noontime. there is the brighter skies before the day is out to the north and to the west. and then we turn a little milder later in the week. we have the 40s tomorrow and wednesday. what we will see is a couple of weak systems. one is passing south and
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clouds. yep, i'm talking around 60 for weekend. saturday and sunday, both days look dry and then it looks like rainy or showery weather by sunday night or monday, but it would still be breezy and mild and somewhat chillier weather would move in after that. i don't see any bitterly cold weather so far as i'm checking carefully. leonard. >> now sports center 5 with mike lynch. >> red sox kicked off the deal and it is started with wade miley. he goes to the mariners. he is 6-6. he came in december after a trade with the diamondbacks. he was a workhorse and started 32 games, but a 500 pitcher.
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the main man they are getting is carson smith. he has a little side arm delivery. he has been the set up man out of the bull pen. e.r.a was 2.31 and the impressive part was 92 strikeouts and had 13 saves as well. obviously for tau fying the bull pen if bill belichick has soon will. we're on to houston. you can spend from now until sunday night picking apart the loss to the philadelphia eagles. tom brady was sacked four times and hit 13 times yesterday. he couldn't find open receivers. he misses the guys he can get rid of the ball to in two seconds or more. and the club is in a rare spot. a two-game losing streak. >> it is very disappointing. you know, in other ways you
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played in the last couple weeks, we still have an opportunity to win the game. in someways you say if we play to what we are capable we can beat anybody. we have -- we can beat anybody if we play what we are capable of playing. >> next up is houston texans. they were a jekyll and hyde team. tennessee is fading. the big game will be with the jets who are a wild card team. by the time the patriots play the dolphins they will have their cruise plans confirmed. did you catch the cheap shot marchand caught? it happened right there. that is brandon from the canucks and he hits him in the engine room. he was fined $5,000. he said that was the best money i ever spent. here is marchand's response. >> i thought he played with
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i thought he was a hard worker, but clearly he doesn't have that integrity a lot of people thought he had. >> he is entitled to his opinion and i am not worried about anything he has to say. i am not too concerned about him. he is allowed to think that way and say whatever he wants. i will continue my day and my life regardless of how he feels. >> the purpose of the fine is to have someone be rependant. if he said the best money ever spent i would kick him out a couple games. >> amen, amen. the money? 5,000 is pocket change. >> that's too bad. heather:coming up at 11:00, a season of giving. a local woman's surprise when she tries to payoff her holiday lay away.
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heather:not that i'm complaining. ed: but? heather:i am not complaining, but are we going to get winter? >> nothing happened until later in january in terms of snow. let's mott talk too soon. it will be quiet for awhile in the snow department. that's for sure. the mild weather will be back
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but tomorrow will be a day raw and chilly. ed: do you want a pretty shot of the city? look right in the heart of it. you can see the hancock. a steady blue and clear skies. perfect. we're okay. heather:it doesn't get much better than this. i think the stretch could last a little longer and i would be pretty happy. ed: and what's this with the on sidekick? >> don't s r this holiday, it's time for wegmans. we are a family, t brought here through destiny. r
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