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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 8, 2015 2:37am-4:00am EST

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in an exclusive intervi with abc's pierre thomas, johnson also says he'd like social media companies to do more to combat the threat from isis. >> reporter: when you meet with executives from social media companies like facebook, twitter, youtube, what are you asking them to do? >> i'm asking them to partner with community leaders in the muslim community to give them a larger platform for their message, to give them a larger platform and a larger microphone for the counter message. >> here's a fascinating statistic. by one count, there are 90,000 pro-isis messages and video posted on social media every single day. >> well, breaking news out of canada. an air france flight from san francisco to paris has made an emergency landing in montreal over an anonymous bomb threat. air france flight 83 carrying 231 passengers and 15 crew members landed safely at montreal's airport.
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a passenger reportedly tweeting on board saying everyone is calm. and outside of san francisco, police have confirmed they've made five arrests over several incidents of lasers pointed at police headquarters. helicopters. the contra costa county sheriff's office says their chopper was struck by a green laser pointer over three separate incidents in the past weeks. suspects five men ranging from ages 19 to 58 could each face up to three years in prison. >> a homeowner in southern ohio is fighting city hall over his so-called nativity scene. jason dixon says his zombie nativity rubs people the wrong way because the baby jesus and zombies. >> it's a little scary here. he claims the whole thing is just an advertisement for a haunted house he runs. he was told to take it down last permit. >> this year his permit application was denied because officials say the stable be too
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dixon is being fined $500 a day every day that the zombie scene is still there. >> that baby jesus is a little bit scary. >> it's sort of offensive. just playing. > you think it should be alloweded? >> yeah. >> coming up a brand-new experience for "star wars" fans. away from the movie theater. >> also ahead, he's more than a presidential candidate. he is a hometown hero. we are taking you back to marco rubio's political beginnings. and later ---ing. > the giz wiz come coming up. amazing stuff. "world news now." bye. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program.
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the two guys inside stepped away just moments before the train slammed into the car pushing it down and off the tracks. those guys, can you believe it, they got into the car and drove away. they took their stuff and left the car there. >> that's amazing conclusion. like you see in a movie apart from the bit where they get back in the battered car and drive it away. also in florida, a warm homecoming for the man some are calling the sunshine state's golden boy. senator marco rubio returned to his roots yesterday where his political career began and one that many hope will launching him into the highest office in the land. abc'siness day la qatar ra has more. >> our senator, our representative. >> reporter: it was the return of the product cal son. >> our next president of the united states marco rubio. >> reporter: an emotional homecoming for rubio as he returned to west miami to meet with some of his oldest supporters.
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when i mean home, i mean home. >> reporter: it was his first public event back in miami since he first announced his run for presidency. >> this is where everything began. >> reporter: a time to reminisce. >> he started talking and all of a sudden, all of us, we went like this. >> reporter: rubio's first elected office was commissioner for the city of miami and many here helped him launch his career over 15 years ago now. here he is being sworn in back in 1998. >> at least 144 people placed in me their trust and their vote and did so out of blind faith. >> reporter: on the trail, some question whether he's too young to be running. >> they came out and said why would you -- it's not your turn. you got to wait in line. there are other people around longer. i didn't know there was a line. >> reporter: but these guys have always had his back. >> that doesn't have the ability and the knowledge that he has
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>> reporter: and rubio did tell his supporters this might be the rundown holiday season next
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so we've been trying to keep it a secret but the holidays are here. it's time to start working through the gift list and for the gadget lover, finding something they don't actually already know something about can be tough. it's why we turn to this man, dick debartolo from gizwiztv. welcome. >> thank you. normally i have a santa hat on. today i have on my power cap. my power cap. >> i can see you now. >> yes. and you look great in the light. >> so there are four leds, two bright ones forward, softer ones down. great for shoveling snow. if your car breaks down, you can repair it. >> that's pretty good. >> two down, comes in six different colors. under $25. >> how warm is that? under 25 bucks.
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>> absolutely. i'll give you one and let you jog in one. >> the battery pack is heavy. extra weight though. >> you christmas is over. you don't take your lights down not with app lights because app lights change colors with the seasons. so this is how you do it. right now they're showing you they're red and green. we're going to dial up to independence day. now this is showing you that they'll be red, white and blue. i like that idea. i hit send. look at them. >> and now. >> just like that, it's a different celebration. >> they're bluetooth enabled christmas lights. >> no one can ever give you a lot of heat for keeping your lights up all year round. >> exactly. saying you never change your lights. and there's also another version that will do a projection against your can, but i'm running the one app so i can't get the other to go on.
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this is a great little -- a dancing side stepping selfie santa. >> just what you wanted. >> just what you want. >> i'm ready to go. in the christmas show. it's going to be tricky. take a selfie. >> his own little flash. >> seriously? is this what we neededed? >> i think this is great. >> can og. >> kids are going to love this. it takes a selfie. >> it takes a selfie. has a little flash on it. under $20. toys "r" us. side stepping santa. this is great from electrohome. this is a great thing. it's a retro looking a.m./f.m. clock radio. looks like the old bells on old clocks but instead if you want to get a snack, run your hand over it, it lights up, go get your snack, come back to bed.
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when the alarm sounds instead of the lights going on, doing this will set the snooze alarm. under $35. >> what's with this slab of cheese here? >> this little guy is super moon in my room. and i'm just going to turn it on for you. what you do is when you go in, it's a nightlight. it has a clock in it. whatever the real moon is doing, this moirs that. >> it knows it. >> because of the clock but if you want to do your own phases of the moon, you can do that. >> what if there's an eclipse? >> it will do that. >> very cool. >> supermoon in my room is under $40. if you don't want the built-in clock, it's only about $20. >> what about your great ideas? who matter what your age? this little guy. >> you hate that. i love this guy. i love it. you say good-bye and i'm going to let santa dance off. >> all right. let's see go. >> can we get closer? thanks, dick.
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i'm so sick of that same old love >> i think it's been a great year in music. >> it has, yeah. >> it's gone viral. it's an ear worm a compilation of the 50 biggest songs, all of the 50 biggest tracks. ear worm, have a look. it's sensational. >> we've got the countdown to the new "star wars" film hitting theaters in less than two weeks. this morning something that's sure to have fans feeling the force.
2:55 am
attraction "star wars" launch bay and abc's rob marciano got out. >> reporter: in a galaxy far, far away, florida that is, the force wakens. >> we're here at disney's hollywood studios for the bay. storm troopers. i want to check out the bay. >> that's affirmative. >> come on, guys. we're in. >> the adventure is a must see for all-star wars" fans where you could become a jedi yourself. >> you're stepping into this immersive environment. you're on the bridge of a destroyer or on a hidden rebel base. you interact with the characters like you are in the film. >> reporter: watch out storm troopers here i come. got my jedi robe. it's time to see if we can't find luke. first up, the most menacing of them all. darth vader.
2:56 am
the escape of a fugitive rebel spy into no, i don't know anything about any rebels or spies. >> with a little more searching, look who i found? it's chewy. can i get a hugging? . oh, so much nicer than darth. can you teach me how to talk chewy? >> no. >> and inside, the latest and greatest "star wars" interactive video games. >> yeah, baby. >> after all that, the galactic goodies. royal bergers, blue milkshakes and character cupcakes. darth vader, take this. rob marciano, abc news, orlando, pl. >> boy, you go, rob. >> the ride looks good. the food looks disgusting. > it looked pretty good to me. here we are, by the way. our own insomniacs. >> i like it.
2:57 am
this morning on "world news now," donald trump's political bombshell. >> the gop front-runner wants to stop muslims from entering the u.s. the firestorm igniting over religion. trump's politics and terrorism. and the reaction coming in overnight. secrets revealed about the san bernardino couple responsible for 14 deaths. new details about their terror connections and what led up to the gunfire. record rainfall. the downpours hitting the pacific northwest again today. the extreme storm system could dump up to a foot of snow. accuweather has it covered. and later, new hints about the highly anticipated new "star wars" movie. the stars reveal what they can about the film as the excitement builds.
2:58 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. good morning on a busy tuesday. i'm richard bacon. >> look who's back. >> they didn't sack me after show one. no one saw that coming. come back. >> i had a great time. >> we did. we had a fun night last night. >> we're going to talk about there later. we went to a premier but didn't go to a premier. >> the premier of "downton abbey"". the final season. looking forward to that. >> which we didn't actually watch. >> there's a reason. we had a show to do. >> we preferred the restaurant to "downton abbey." >> we'll get to that. this is what we call a tease. we're teasing, right? >> we are. >> we're going to get to donald trump and explosive remarks. i couldn't believe this when i heard this.
2:59 am
shutdown of muslims entering the u.s. >> trump's sweeping ban on muslims would apply to immigrants and visitors alike until we can and i'm quoting him "figure out what's going on." his supporters cheered the idea when he said it. it's being met by widespread condemnation from both parties. more from abc's elizabeth hur. >> we're going to build a wall. it will be a real wall. >> reporter: if you thought donald trump could not outtrump himself. >> donald trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims. >> reporter: with that, he has done it again. that's right. trump calling for a total ban on muslims coming to america. >> our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad. they have no respect for human life. >> reporter: this less than 24 hours after president obama called for more tolerance for
3:00 am
bernardino massacre. >> it's our responsibility to reject proposals that muslim americans should somehow be treated differently. >> reporter: trump's proposal condemned by the nation's largest muslim organization. >> his ideas are not just unconstitutional, they are un-american. have we learned anything from history, mr. trump? >> reporter: it is also sparking a fiery debate on both sides. jeb bush calling trump unhinged. chris christie saying this is ridiculous and hillary clinton reprehensible. the stunning call comes on the same day new iowa polls show senator ted cruz on rise. perhaps in part by his answer for isis. >> we were carpet bomb them into oblivion. >> in response to trump, white house officials said simply this is totally contrary to america's values and security. richard and reena? >> thank you, elizabeth. the head of the council on
3:01 am
trump sounds more like the leader of a lynch mob than a potential president and the gop leaders in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina are con depping the front-runner. a spokesman for ben carson says he favors registering and monitoring all people coming into the country but not based on religious. marco rubio tweeted trump's habit of making offensive statements will not bring americans together and jeb bush in addition to calling trump unhinged, he said trump's policy proposals are not serious. >> i the most interesting day in the campaign so far. i think. san bernardino struggles to move forward after last week's horrific terror attack. many county employees returned to work for the first time since the shooting. hundreds of people gathered for another candlelight vigil in honor of the 14 people killed. local religious leaders told the crowd they will rise above the tragedy and come out stronger. >> we're getting new details about the young couple behind the california massacre.
3:02 am
and wife have been radicalized for some time. they revealed a clearer picture how they prepared for the attack with target practice and enough material in the home to make 19 pipe bombs. here's abc's brian ross. >> reporter: there was no joy, no smiles, as the two future killers arrived in the united states for the first time as a married couple. this picture was taken in july 2014 at chicago's o'hare airport, as american citizen syed farook brought home bride he met on a matrimonial website. federal authorities are trying to determine if even then they were planning to go to war with america. >> we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. >> reporter: the fbi also revealed that the couple took target practice at this gun range just days before the attack. and agents finally were able to question the man who they say provided the couple with the two high-powered riffles.
3:03 am
a convert to islam, is now being questioned about his relationship with farook. he and farook grew up next door to each other in this neighborhood. >> they were very close friends. if anybody in this neighborhood, enrique was the closest to syed. >> reporter: overseas, the investigation is focusing on the wife's background and contacts in pakistan before she came to the u.s. malik's official photos show her evolution from the young woman wearing makeup and a scarf, her hair showing in a college application, to a still loose veil, but no makeup, in a national i.d. card, to this photo, applying for a u.s. visa, with traditional veil, and finally, her arrival at o'hare airport in a strict, conservative black headdress. >> she's probably the most radicalized of the two of what we've seen so far and could easily persuade a spouse. >> reporter: only a few years ago, farook appeared to be just another californian millennial, lookg for love.
3:04 am
transformation in how he presented himself, after travels to pakistan and saudi arabia, and then his marriage to malik. as the fbi found when it raided the couple's home, they tried to cover their tracks by destroying phones and computers. president obama says there's no evidence of a broader plot or larger cell but law enforcement authorities tell abc news there are a number of leads they are still about your suing that could, could lead to additional charges against suspected accomplices. brian ross, abc news, new york. thank you, brian. prosecutors in london says there's a link between the subway slashing there and the terror attack in san bernardino. they say the suspect had pictures of the attacker's mobile phone along with images of the paris assault. they're calling the slashing an act of terror. of muhaydin mire has been charged with attempted murder. he made a brief appearance in court yesterday.
3:05 am
drunk and naked in public. david backham becomes the most senior official to be removed from his post this year. investigators say that the officer was so intoxicated during a conference at a florida hotel he could not stand. video later showed him wandering around his hotel without clothes. he blames mixing alcohol with medication. >> there are a number of closures in south florida because of the heavy rain including the zoo. most of the zoo miami's 3,000 animals are safe because they're their enclosures are elevated. the human areas are another story. it's even possible that some animals like the lions could escape by swimming across the moat. it's not known when the zoo will reopen. a slightly terrifying prospect in the miami area. and the pacific northwest is also seeing record-breaking rainfall. the flood watch continues through thursday.
3:06 am
triggered landslides. accompanying the heavy rain, strong winds and record high temperature, it will be another stormy day in the northwest. williams. good morning. >> thanks, richard. well, i know in the northwest, rain. it continues to stay stuck on student quite frankly. but is there any relief in actually not. the only relief, that jet will dip farther to the south and northern california, northwestern portions of nevada and as that front dips and move so will dip and move the rain. we're watching out for the possibility of 6 to 1 incheses of rain near boise and extreme northwest corner of wyoming. >> thank you. paul. we had a night out last night which we teased so well at the beginning of the show. premier. there's you with your friend.
3:07 am
a bit of a disaster in a way. i do know hugh bonneville. i took reena to the premier of manhattan to meet him. coming. we got there and it turned out the cast were only going to appear after the screening and we were quiet hungry. restaurant. no need for a spoiler alert because we never saw the new season of "downton abbey." >> it's probably good for pbs. i think we would have indirectly kind of -- you were more fascinated with our walk back to the studio to get back here in time. here's richard. take a look at these photos. richard with christmas lights. you were so excited. you said look at this. we took this. then you went to see the statue of liberty. >> not everything in new york is beautiful and tasteful. >> you were so excited to be walking down. >> i felt like a child and i get very excited by a lot of things.
3:08 am
listen, i'm sorry that i let you down and you only got as far as a hugh bonneville cardboard cutout. >> maybe we'll invite him on the show. coming up "in the mix" who has a better sense of direction? men or women? the research is ahead. >> the stars of the new "star wars" movie revealing more about the highly anticipated film. a big update for fans. >> the mysterious disappearance of a tv star kristin cavallari and jay cutler. the latest clues for police. >> check out our behind the abcwnn. now." z[coughing] [coughing] [coughing] r coughing disrupts everyone's life. t that's why so many people are for longer lasting cough relief. r time release formula that helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. p that's three times longer than the leading cough liquid. t
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>> taps being played there at yesterday's remembrance service marking 74 years since the japanese attack on pearl harbor which brought the u.s. of
3:12 am
dozens of survivors and veterans were there. about 2400 american service members were killed on december 7th, 1941. a day as fdr said, that will live in infamy. and today marks the 35th anniversary of the murder of john lennon. fans have already been leaving flowers at a memorial for lenin in a part of new york's central park called strawberry fields. he was killed on december 8th, 19 0 by assassin outside his apartment building just a few blocks from our studio here. there's a desperate search under way for the relative of a tv star and tv nfl quarterback. >> michael cavallari's car was found the day after thanksgiving abandoned by the side of the road in utah nearly 800 miles away. abc's juju chang has the latest. >> reporter: a family of nightmare for kristin cavallari and jay cutler as the search
3:13 am
star's missing brother michael. this is where police say they found the 30-year-old's honda civic the day after thanksgiving. a passerby spotting it about 100 feet from the road in a remote area of grant county, utah. his laptop and cell phone abandoned inside. the car still running and the driver side air bag deployed. >> the temperatures on the night of the incident were in the mid to low 20s. hostile conditions for somebody that was not properly equipped to be here. could be fatal. >> reporter: authorities tracking credit card receipts to this store about 100 miles from where his car was found. he was last seen here on surveillance cameras wearing a green sweatshirt and blue baseball hat as he pumped gas. >> there's ground teams covering probably a 15-mile square area. >> a michael cab larry was arrested november 23rd for making criminal threats posting
3:14 am
week before the disappearance. 11 days into what is now a missing person's case kristin releasing this statement earlier today. i appreciate all the concern, thoughts and prayers that have been exend tended to me and my family. we remain hopeful. kristin's husband jay cutler, quarterback for the chicago bears, addressing the situation. >> it's been a tough week. it's been hard to kind of get in the game mind set? >> no, at least i felt good. >> authorities plan to bring in dog teams later this week as the investigation continues. for "nightline," i'm juju change in new york. >> coming up in our next half hour, the waste book. bizarre ways american tax dollars being spent including the very crucial shrimp fights and hipster parties. we'll get an exclusive look. >> first the stars of "star wars" the familiar characters making the return to the
3:15 am
how they reacted to seeing "the force awakens."
3:16 am
cc2 test message >> thrilling. we are now less than two weeks away from the opening of "star wars: the force awakens." there is so much secrecy surrounding this movie that the studio opted not to screen it for journalists. >> but we can't keep secrets. there have been some screenings including for the stars of the new film. george pennacchio tried to squeeze out some details. >> we're home. >> harrison ford returns to play force awakens." 1977 with the "star wars" movie
3:17 am
why did he return almost 40 years later? >> you do it to serve the story. you do this because you agree that the story is well wrought. you understand that your part has a -- has a contribution to make to the telling of the story overall. you believe in the captain of your ship y.j. abrams in this case, and so you do what needs to be done. >> ford is joined by several newcomers to this galaxy. >> there are stories about what happened. >> what do you know for sure people are going to get out of this movie? >> joy. joy of the whole thing. whether it's the badies or the goodies or explosions or creatures. joy. the film is a joy. >> you think you're going to enjoy the movie as a whole. it's a fantastic space opera. i watched a few weeks ago.
3:18 am
>> i think what moviegoers will feel or be happy with is the fact that this seems like a seamless continuation of the "star wars" we know and love. >> nothing will stand in our way. i'll show them the darkside. >> and speaking of the darkside, here's the 6'3" woman who wears this costume. >> okay, i can tell you this. and this is going to wow you. >> okay. wow me, gwendolyn. >> i play captain fasma. troopers. she's not at the forefront of the action. but she makes an impact. >> "star wars: the force awakens" hits our galaxy december 18th. in los angeles, george pennacchio for abc news. >> and there is one thing we forgot to mention. star wars. of abc news. >> there you go. you like that? >> it's important.
3:19 am
he says i took the part because it bed the story. why doesn't he just say it's "star wars." it's exciting.
3:20 am
>> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable
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time for "the mix." >> so reena. >> yeah. >> this you know the age old thing about do men or women have a better sense of direction? >> yeah. >> there's a study in norway. scientists in norway. only 36 people took part. it's not that big a sample. but they concluded that actually men do have a better sense of direction. >> 36 people. who's going to trust that survey? >> it says here when women were given testosterone their navigational skills improved. next time i take the wheel i say to my wife, here's a map and
3:23 am
researchers. they're wasting their time. we have waze, google maps. no one needs to navigate or have a sense of direction ever again. >> see, i think this is totally flawed. estrogen. car. that would be the difference. >> i'm up for a test. >> you're always up for a test. right. >> yeah. >> this is pretty braise. a guy scores this goal in france in a pretty check eky way. >> it's like a mic drop. >> it is kind of a mic drop. you've got to have what we call chutzpah to be able to do this. >> he's like trolling the goalkeeper. >> and he just kind of -- almost like he uses his nose to push it in. >> it's the most elegant inoffensive and beautiful putdown. >> where is the goalkeeper.
3:24 am
that's great. that's magic. thank you for showing me that. >> you like that. >> have a look at there. this is in calgary. they call it the calgary hitmen. an ice hockey team. they have a tradition where when the first goal is scored, everyone throws teddy bears onto the rink. i think it's 28,000 teddy bears have been thrown. if you watch the journey of an individual teddy bear it takes several throws to get it onto the ice. it goes down. someone catches it. throws it again, someone throws it onto the rink. >> what do they do with all the teddy bears? hope they collect them and give them to children in need. >> why collect them when you can jump on them. >> sort of hypnotic to watch it. >> this is like every chide's dream. i will not show my toddlers this video when i get home. polar bears. >> i have a theory they're not
3:25 am
>> take a look at this one.
3:26 am
this morning on "world news now," donald trump's controversial plan to block muslims from entering the u.s. the swift condemnation of his remarks from fellow republicans, religious leaders and across social media. full coverage ahead. inside, witnesses who somehow escaped death during the san bernardino terror attack describe in detail how it took place. what investigators are uncovering about the couple who carried it out. and new this half hour, wasting taxpayers' money. >> from unusual animal experiments to studying the habits of hipsters. see who's stirring up anger over government waste. >> and later, the courageous return to the stage for the rock band eagles of death metal
3:27 am
attacked by terrorists. their message for the fans in "the skinny" later on this tuesday, december 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning on a busy tuesday. i'm richard bacon. >> i'm reena ninan. boy, we begin with the most provocative rhetoric we've heard from donald trump so far. right? he's now proposing to slam the door shut on all muslims coming to america. >> telling supporters in south carolina without drastic action, the threat of attacks is going to get worse. but fellow gop candidates are blasting his comments. we get the latest now from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: donald trump is telling the world muslims are no longer welcome in america.
3:28 am
love us or they hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. we have no idea what's going on. >> just days after saying this. >> i know muslim people, they are phenomenal people, but there is a problem in there. >> reporter: the republican front-runner is now calling for "a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states." our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad. >> this less than 24 hours after president obama called for more tolerance for muslims after that terrorist attack in california. >> it's our responsibility to reject proposals that muslim-americans should somehow be treated differently. >> reporter: but trump wants no terror won't end with the terrorists. >> at least i would go after the wives who absolutely knew it was happening and i guess your definition of what i do, i'm going to leave that to your imagination. rhetoric to an unprecedented
3:29 am
jeb bush called it unhinged. governor chris christie called it ridiculous. >> this is the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about. we do not need to resort to that type of activity nor should we. >> reporter: trump's extreme plan comes the same day new iowa polls show senator ted cruz on the rise. his momentum fuelled in part by his solution for isis. >> we will carpet bomb them into oblivion. i don't know if sand can glow in the dark but we're going to find out. >> reporter: trump supporters telling us they endorsed this plan. others saying they want some type of screening process when it comes to muslims. but donald trump may have a huge problem with the united states constitution. lawyers telling us muslim immigrants cannot be denied or preferred on the religion which would be in direct contrast to the trump ban. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> tom, thank you. >> it really was a breathtaking statement by donald trump. wasn't it? >> i think you would think it caught people off guard but it didn't really.
3:30 am
we kind of know he's out there. >> i was reflecting on it tonight. and i've watched this now several times, this speech that we can see here. i actually think we'll come to view this as a moment in history because what happens next is so interesting. so do his supporters now, does his support stay the same? does it go down? does it go up? if it goes up, what does that say? it's i think the next few days are fascinating. it is the most i guess the most dramatic and to use that word again breathtaking statement by a serious contend for office of my lifetime, i think. by the way, i have a twitter handle @richardpbacon. trump, let me know. him? have those comments about muslims today changed your view of him? if so why, if not why not @richardpbacon. >> look forward to hearing what
3:31 am
moving on to congress taking new steps to tight and at visa waiver program. under current law, citizens of certain countries can travel to the u.s. without a visa and say for 90 days for tourism or business. today the house is expected to approve an overhaul which would prevent recent visitors to syria and iraq from taking advantage of the program. a much tougher bill in the senate would the require fingerprinting for travelers >> foreign recruits are pouring into syria and iraq to join isis. that is the conclusion of a security consulting group which says the number of foreign fighters has more than doubled in the past 18 months. and there are now as many as 31,000 of them. the biggest increase in new recruits for isis is from russia and central asia while the number from north america has leveled off. learning more about the couple who opened fire in san bernardino. take a look at a picture taken in july of last year.
3:32 am
tashfeen malik arriving as newly weds in chicago. the couple didn't raise any suspicions when they took target practice at a california gun range, the last time just days before the rampage. the fbi says they had been radicalized for some time. they're still trying to figure out how. >> she's probably the most radicalized of the two. and could easily persuade you know a spouse. >> authorities also got a chance to question the man who provided the couple with two high-powered rifles. enrique marquez grew up next door to farook. they remain close friends. he's now being detained. >> horrifying new tails this morning on what went on inside the conference room from some of the people lucky to make it out uninjured but likely forever scarred by the bloody images of the rampage carried out by one of their own. more from abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: the shooting started before the attackers even walked in the room. >> it was pop, pop, pop, pop. >> maybe a little bit more.
3:33 am
>> yes. >> yeah, they were forced open, hard. the shooter stepped right in the room and began fire agimmediately. >> reporter: health department bosses, trudy raymundo and corwin porter, gathered inside with staff in the room where they held an active shooter training just the year before. the second they heard the shots fired, they dropped to the ground, hiding under tables for cover. the room was packed with tables. a screen on one side for presentations, a christmas tree on the other. syed farook and tashfeen malik burst in through this door at the center of the conference room, opening fire, blowing out windows and striking many of the people at this table, the very table farook had been sitting at earlier. >> we have several down in a conference room. several down. >> reporter: they say farook entered first, wearing a ski mask. the couple unloading at least 65 rounds. what are you thinking, what are you doing? >> there was a small break in the tablecloth and i just kept
3:34 am
that the gunfire would stop, that the gunfire would stop. and i just -- i couldn't believe that it would stop. >> reporter: what went through your mind when you heard that name? >> a complete sense of betrayal. it amazes me every day how close this group is, how tight knit they are and it's nothing but betrayal. >> the co-workers telling me farook and his wife fired in complete silence. they say at one point they saw farook pointing the muzzle at the ground where the co-workers were laying injured. it appeared he fired on them one by one. cecelia vega, abc news, san bernardino, california. >> every detail of that testimony is haunting, isn't it? no charges will be filed in another chicago police shooting caught on camera. ronald johnson was killed by an officer last year as he tried to run away. his family tried to argue he was
3:35 am
johnson was armed. this comes as the u.s. attorney general announced that the justice department will investigate the police department, partly in response to another shooting death, the shooting of the teen laquan mcdonald. >> more bad news for chipotle restaurant chain. more than two dozen boston college students became ill after eating at a local chipotle. that includes members of the men's basketball team. chipotle has been reeling since an e. coli outbreak in nine states. not confirmed in the boston cases but both its sales and stock are plummeting. > health alert this morning. a warning about children and exercise. the american academy of pediatrics says u.s. teens are among the least physically active in the world with barely 8% of them getting at least an hour of physical activity per day. the academy long critical of the no child left behind act that's
3:36 am
dramatically reduce or cut recess all together says kids need to be more active during the school day. lebron james and nike have been in business for a dozen years and now they've agreed to a lifetime deal with each other. the financial terms of the agreement weren't released but sources say it easily surpasses a $300 million deal signed with nba star kevin durant last summer. james has his own shoe line with nike. the deal could result in a complete line of james branded apparel. i wish i had done basketball when i was in high school. >> certainly makes you feel that way. >> i shouldn't have spent so much time with the chemistry club. >> you never make money out of that. this season in the nfl when teams from the nfc east play each other, it's usually an ugly advertisement for american football. last night, monday night game football was just that. >> cowboys and redskins tied at nine late in the fourth quarter when desean jackson tried to
3:37 am
instead he fumbled. two plays later, dallas scored a touchdown to take a 16-9 lead. came down the field and tied it at 16. when that man desean jackson saved himself by catching a >> no problem is right. you know why? dallas quickly got into field goal range and dan bailey kicked the winner from 54 yards. 54 yards. cowboys win 19-16. >> okay. >> bam. >> that was a good game. >> that was a good game. >> better when it was over. >> okay. >> better when it was over. >> i don't know. i can't tell what he's saying. it feels a little bit like we're being heckled. >> i'll translate. you're right. coming up. >> he's not making any sense. just keep talking. > in "the skinny," the hollywood star, the victim actually of a crime. it's pretty horrific right here in new york. a costly ripoff.
3:38 am
christmas will be celebrated among the royals in my home country with two very photogenic royal children. >> we love our royals. >> but first an exclusive look at government waste here in the u.s. from weird animal experiments to the habits of hipsters. you're paying for it after our look at the forecast map. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol wipes. weather, brought to you by lysol wipes. it seems that every year, we have to watch out for different types of germs. pwhich is why it's important for your wipes p to kill a broad spectrum of germs. plysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs, including 8 different types ofr cold and flu viruses. to help protect your family...
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so i was asking for your opinion on donald trump. his latest comments are banning muslims from coming into america which appeared certainly yesterday to include american muslims who had gone on a holiday. and his idea at one point it appeared it would include them that they would be stopped from getting back into america. so @richard p. bacon and quite a few people agree. stone cold country tweeted i totally agree with donald trump. all immigration must stop in order to save this great country from hell. dramatic turn of phrase. this is ian. this is quite amusing. he says you'd realize this is just because in donald trump's
3:42 am
coming back after a trip abroad. that's quite funny. you can make any comments on the show at any point, we would read everything. we won't read it all out but we'll certainly see everything that comes in. >> also from the republican side of the aisle, this year's edition of government waste book. >> in what's become an annual end of year tradition, a select number of republicans are causing out their legislative colleagues on wasteful government spending. abc's serena marshall gives us a look. >> reporter: monkeys running on treadmills, shrimp fights and hipster parties. all part of this year's waste book. compiled by arizona senator jeff flake, highlighting more than 100 government-funded studies, grants and programs he says is costing taxpayers too much. >> what we're trying to say with this waste book is for those who say that we've cut all the fat in washington, take a look. there's a lot that goes on. >> reporter: some of the
3:43 am
tag of $1 million, this nih funded study put marmosets in hamster balls and had them run on treadmills to see if they would be good future research subjects. and this one, that's right, those are two mantis shrimp duking it out. the result? the shrimp that hits more, not harder wins. price tag, $707,000. then there's this question. >> will you be there to help a hipster in need? >> a $5 million study seeking to reduce smoking among young adults. in all three cases the researchers and granting institutions defended their work. monkeys provide test subjects to shrimp on their strong shells can lead to future weapons and defense systems and those hipster parties provide the first effort to counteract the tobacco companies can bar promotions. but for the senator, it doesn't ad up. >> a lot of the studies are number of them, who in the world
3:44 am
>> reporter: it's not just research listed in this nearly 300-page book, but housing programs, u.s. aid programs and krob subsidies all being scrutinized as senator flake releases it later today. reena, richard? >> can't wait to hear more about that. thank you. coming up in "the skinny," an emotional night in paris. >> yeah, of course. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:45 am
skinny, so skinny >> time now for "the skinny" and topping our headlines, a grand grand finale in paris. >> yeah, what was widely rumored all weekend actually finally happened. the eagles of death metal took the stage in paris with u2 last night for the first time since last month's terror attack killed 90 people at the band's last concert there. >> bono gave the group an emotional introduction. >> these are our brothers, our fellow troubadours. they were robbed of their stage three weeks ago and we would like to offer them ours tonight. is everybody here having a good time? >> lead singer jess hughes led both bands in the song "people have the power," by patti smith who played with u2 last night. the performance helped cap off the end of the concert that also
3:46 am
death metal will resume their tour next year and will play paris in february. authorities here in new york are searching for three men who robbed gwyneth paltrow. well, not really. but the pop-up shop for her lifestyle brand goop. >> apparently they walked away with stolen goods estimated to be worth more than $170,000. joked turns out to be about a dozen items. actually less than that. >> police say the thieves pried open a cabinet door during store hours taking two pieces of jewelry and three men's watches. in response to the theft, goop said in a statement we remain open for business with proper security precautions in place. >> and finally we can all breathe a sigh of relief. kim kardashian and kanye west have a name for their newborn child. the baby born over the weekend.
3:47 am
announcement of the name. it will be easton, we thought. no, the tweet from mama kim says it's going to be saint west. >> i like it. along with the name, a family
3:48 am
[cough, cough] cough if you can hear me. p i took mucinex dm for myt p yeah...but what about mike? rhe has that dry scratchy t guess what? guess what? what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! p only mucinex dm relieves both wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. t start the relief. r ditch the misery. t let's end this. psometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. pand when i know she's into it, i
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p feel the difference with k-y ultragel. >> what -- is that london? no, i'm in new york. it's better. what a regal opening night there. unfortunately, i know it's not for me. i'm not huge on the royal family. >> they're huge here. yeah. >> you're right. we do love our royals. and like any family with children, this time of year can be extra exciting. especially for the royals. abc is in london with more. >> reporter: the doting father understands what christmas is all about and he can't wait to see santa. the second in line to the throne
3:50 am
bouncing around like a rabbit if i get any sleep on christmas eve, it will be good. for the first time this couple will be celebrating it as a family of four which william says might be exciting. >> he seems to think that it might be quite a challenging running around. >> reporter: but that makes christmas even more sentimental. the prince adding it's a very different experience at christmas having a family of your own. just like princess diana did with william and harry, these royal parents are trying to give their little ones as normal an upbringing as possible. >> princess diana was keen to shelter william and harry from the spotlight as much as possible. and that's exactly what william and kate will doing. will joint royal service at sand her family will join in at their newly renovated home in norfolk and what about uncle harry. >> maybe he'll be giving them presents other people might not think of -- maybe presents that
3:51 am
dad. >> william joking, we'll watch george try to tackle his presents as he tries to unwrap them. >> maybe uncle harry gives him a book. you spent time with harry. >> i made a documentary about prince harry. he served in the royal air force and i went to camp bastion in afghanistan, followed him around there and made a documentary about his time there. they are nice, that's the thing. >> he's really into afghanistan, isn't he? you know, his brother has his beautiful family but he was really into serving his country. >> yeah, he was legitimate flying black hawk helicopters. he really was in danger. it was authentic and real. i like them as people. it's just for us, we are fascinated by your -- the british are fascinated by the american's fascination with the royals. i think it's the same reason you like "downton abby." >> it's starting january 3rd. don't miss our updates on facebook.
3:52 am
"world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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