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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  December 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ill including members of the basketball team. s permit now temporarily suspended, after violations, cooked chicken and steak was below the proper holding temperature of 140 degrees. an employee was working despite being sick. aldd to that the multiple reports of foodborne illness, further notice. >> inexcusable that a memer of on the premises is sick. >> it is the manager' s responsibility. >> we have had no reported incidents and other restaurants. >> what happened here in cleveland circle is not related to the e. coli outbreak in other states. the store will have to be disinfected and another requirement before it is allowed to reopen. heather: breaking news now 5 investigates, learning that police have new information that
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40-year-old cold case. tips came in after karen anderson brought us the story last month. she' s live at the breaking news desk. karen: this was a girl who was found murdered near baltimore 39 years ago. she was never identified, the evidence connects her to boston. the baltimore county police say they have just received a tip possibly giving her a name. they are not releasing it until they have more information, but they are saying the girl and her family may have moved to forbes street in jamaica plain from puerto rico when she was 5 or 6. she may have attended catholic school on wyman street and disappeared when she was 15. 5 investigates told you last month that the girl was found tortured near a baltimore county cemetery in 1976. high-tech tests of her clothing found rare pollens only from a site in new york and the arnold arboretum in jamaica plain.
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scene, including a grass seed bag and keys, came from massachusetts. police are withholding the possible name of the girl, hoping more people may come forward with information. we' ll keep you posted. karen anderson, 5 investigates. >> donald trump giving phone interviews, but abruptly canceling his only on camera interview set for today with katie couric. that means he has no public appearances until thursday night in new hampshire as the follows continues over the republican candidates call to ban muslims from entering the u.s.. >> jeb bush didn'
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about donald trump, but he tried to put him off as long as possible, he could not keep from going sick his frustration. >> 90% of americans are angry and for good reason. but at some point we' re going to transfer that to who can make the tough decisions so my frustrations can subside? it' s not just about the blowhards out there saying stuff that' s not a program, not a plan. >> the man he was clearly referring to was still reveling in the spotlight. trump doubled down on his plan to keep all muslims from entering the us unless they are a citizen. >> you' re increasing being compared to hilter, does that >> no because i' m doing what is what fdr, highly respected by was doing. t. >> he' s playing you guys like a fine stradivarius violin. s an expert at this. he is phenomenal at garnering attention. >> with the primary here now 2 months away, bush predicts trump won' t win the nomination, that t let hillary clinton win the election.
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dropping out or developing some serious campaign problems . >> which explains why ted cruz won' t alienate trump supporters. >> i disagree with that plan, i' m not interested in doing so. a lot of my friends have encouraged me to attack him. >> would you drop out for the party so donald trump does not win. >> i' m running to win. >> he refused to say if he would support donald trump if he won the nomination, simply saying that whenever happened. he also when not this would not answer the question if donald trump would make a better president than hillary clinton. >> the democratic front runner is blasting trump tonight, saying his comments play into the hands of isis. >> it will give aid and comfort to isis and others who are
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it is a clash between civilization and barbarity. >> she made her comments on a campaign swing through new hampshire. heather: in the philip chism murder trial, the defense rests and the prosecution accuses chism of faking mental illness. the defense case rests on the claim that chism was insane when he raped and murdered his danvers high math teacher, colleen ritzer, two years ago. today, prosecutors sought to discredit that claim by presenting a witness who tested chism and determined he was faking symptoms. >> he was attempting to take that, and he was trying to convince us he was severely mentally ill. heather: the jury may get the chism case by the end of the week. ed: new at six, mbta transit police are hoping you can help find the woman they say spit on and assaulted a disabled passenger. take a look police say the incident happened sunday, november 29 around 5:30pm on a orange line train at state
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the woman took off and boarded a northbound blue line train. heather: 5 investigates with another push on beacon hill right now to stop drivers from texting behind the wheel. driving ban, but some say it' s 5 investigates' mike beaudet is live at the state house with information showing massachusetts is lagging behind other states. >> we' ve been working on this northeastern university' s school of journalism. the numbers prove police are having a hard time enforcing the texting and driving ban. >> i am here because she is not. >> tom brannelly' s trip to the state house is personal . his 23-year-old daughter katie was hit by a car while crossing the street in norwood in 2012. after a long struggle, katie died the following year. >> the pain alone, it doesn' t go away. >> brannelly blames a distracted driver. he says phone records show the driver was texting around the
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>> to drive through three people , something has to be done. >> brannelly testified in support of a bill that would ban all hand-held cell phone use behind the wheel in massachusetts. it' s already the law in 14 states including three in new england. >> everybody sees it everyday. >> while it' s already against the law to text and drive in massachusetts, it' s difficult for police to enforce, because they can' t always tell if drivers are actually texting, or doing something else. numbers obtained by northeastern university school of journalism and 5 investigates show the current law is ineffective. since it went into effect in 2010 16,000 tickets have been issued for texting and driving. compare that to connecticut, where all hand-held cell phone use is banned behind the wheel. almost 16,000 tickets were issued in just one year. >> and if we can pass some common sense legislation to improve safety, save lives and reduce distractions i think that' s a good thing. >> rep. timothy whelen is a retired state police sargent who sits on the public safety committee which is considering the bill.
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we were at a previous hearing when no one was speaking out against it. so is this the year? i' m hoping it is. >> there are multiple bills on beacon hill now being considered to ban hand held cell phone use for drivers. earlier this year governor baker has indicated he would support a ban. today his office saying they will seriously consider any legislation that comes to his desk. >> paying tribute to a fallen firefighter hero. >> it was done in such a way that it was apparent that it was on purpose. they met for us to have the ring. >> every generation -- a very generous donation. >> chile and raw out there now.
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>> you' at 6:00 p.m. >> crews demolishing the home where four people died in a fire last friday. sonia cruz, her sister maritza, mercedes were all killed. investigators are still trying to figure out how the fire on bruce place started. heather: it has been 4 years, the family of jon davies. the worcester firefighter was trying to search for people inside of a burning triple-decker. new at six newscenter 5' s jack harper is live at his firehouse where a vigil is being held. >> just wrapping it up. it only lasted a few minutes, but for the family and friends, each of the ceremonies is special. every day is still difficult. >> they finished fighting the fire and came out. somebody said, there is still something in the house. my son john and his partner went back in. the roof collapsed. his partner was knocked to the
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the roof hit my son and he was killed instantly. >> what goes through your mind when you were there tonight? >> why did god take you why aren' t you here with us? it will always be on my mind . especially when they went back into a house to look for somebody who wasn' t even there. it' s as if he went in there to get killed. >> what kind of a son? >> he was a good boy. awesome. he was a good boy. he was a teddy bear when he hugged you. he would give you the shirt off his back. he was loved by everybody he was a sweetheart. oh my god i cried so much it' s a wonder i have any tears left. we have a tech out there. i used to go out there and look at the water and cry and cry and
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it gave me peace to look at the water. >> she also prides herself praying for two grandsons were all on the department now, saying she is continuing a tradition for the family and the job they love. >> and arrested been made in a hit and run that killed a disabled veteran' s service dog. >> plus, a big donation. what announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states
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in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> a new hampshire man arrested. accused in a hit and run that killed a disabled veteran' s service dog. this is sophia. the 7-year-old german shepherd was hit as her owner, drake, was collecting his mail saturday afternoon in berwick, maine. the owner wasn' t hurt and police believe sophia was trying to protect him. 23-year-old jesse gosselin of dover, new hampshire is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and operating a motor
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suspended. >> a heartwarming reminder for the reason for the season. people are hanging coats and scarves on trees there. one donor left a note and said if you are stuck in the cold, please take what you need and keep warm. that inspired more donations . >> a surprise find a salvation army kettle. a diamond ring and engagement band. what charity plans to do. >> donations come in many denominations. some fold, others jingle. but last monday night,this salvation army red kettle was rocked. >> i found it myself.
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rough, but hidden among the tallied at the end of the day. >> it was done in such a way that it was apparent that it was on purpose that they meant for us to have the ring. >> that' s incredible somebody would do something like that, very generous of them. s owner,unknown,and why such a personal item donated begin with is unclear. s happened before, just last december when an anonymous widow donated her wedding and engagement rings outside boston' s north center. the roughly one karat diamond ring has been appraised for and will be auctioned off this $3500 saturday during a salvation army radio-thon,the money raised helps hundreds of families in the area. >> this christmas alone we' re helping over 600 families with toys and clothing. >> that' ll give someone a nice christmas. >> diamond' s may be a girls best friend,but the salvation army is in love too, in billerica,reid lamberty,wcvb newscenter 5. >> is it too soon for me to start booking harvey about a white christmas?
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i will say this. i do not know for sure will happen or not, but it will probably be late in the game. over the next week no snow is in the offering for us. cool, damp field, i' m still putting it in the plus column because our low temperature so far has been above average. it has been above average, and all month for almost six degrees. the rainfall that occurred over southeastern massachusetts did not add up to a lot. it was windy, and nasty, but man techie picked up into miniature rain. it was not all that significant. a little bit of drizzle and missed has been falling has been falling towards roxboro.
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it is quite light and should dwindle in a out fairly shortly. boston is 41, but the breezes out of the north northeast. there is that stand field. because it is a cool makeover still mild lotion that is why the clouds are prevalent in the missed has been falling. if skies clear tonight than temperatures will fall in the 20' s and the outlying areas. boston will be around freezing. it is not a given that the skies will clear everywhere. some partial sun possible, but also a fair amount of cloudiness around. if you look to our west you see a lot of cloudiness. it is hard to forecast completely clear skies. no significant storms to deal with. you can see future cast showing lots of clouds. maybe a touch of light rain or drizzle overnight tomorrow night. that can be repeated first thing
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both of those systems aren' t credibly week. great significance. there are still lots of mild air in kansas city and denver. it is really mile. from. late this week and in this mild weather again. we will be on the warm side of the jet stream. check it out. fairly chilly but not too windy. thursday we bounce into the 50' s in the afternoon. likewise on friday. when you think about friday' s high temperatures, that is not far away from 60. it looks like we have a shot saturday and sunday, it could be around 60, it could be breaking records because it is 62 in boston. i would not be shocked if that does happen over the weekend.
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then we can shower we wore went . it will not turn cold all at once but down the road we will get some colder weather. it will not happen over the next seven days. i will see you later tonight with a full update. >> now, sportscenter five with mike lynch. >> no practice on tuesdays for the patriots. they are back on the field tomorrow as they head to houston for a sunday night prime time event with bill o' briens texans. going on right now at gillette stadium it is the 22nd annual patriots children' s holiday party. a blast for the kids. players sign autographs. they wear santa hats, 250 children from the salvation army and other organizations. they get autographs, they can to take selfies, there' s great food and games. patriot players can get
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meanwhile, important to many of the players. >> i just want them to have fun. it is not every day that they get to be around a good guy and they are having fun. it is a good take away. >> for the patriots they have four games remaining in this regular season. a lot of stakes on sunday. but they have turned the page. >> it is very really go out there and perform like that. the baddest of the nature of the nfl. if you are not on top of your game when you take the field, the other teams and coaches in this league are very good and they can make you pay for it. >> we are trying to get better. we are great team. his be a good challenge for us.
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>> emotionally, mentally, you have to press the reset button and move on. you cannot do well on something -- dwell on something that is behind you and you have no control over. >> a three-way tie atop the afc. here is what happens. they go against oakland on a monday night game against cincinnati. one of those teams will have three losses. pittsburgh is playing pretty well. and then that big one in denver. the patriots could slide into the second slot if they take care of business. we came across this video from a minor league hockey game in calgary over the weekend. you might label this an indoor blizzard.
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he scores a teddy bear goal. the bears are flying. >> is the 21st annual teddy bear toss. the calgary hitmen have been doing this every year. at this particular game, 28,000, 815 bears thrown onto the ice. at the end of it all, they are swept into four corners, the players and volunteers back then, they are loaded onto trucks, and they are given away to charity. how about that? but as one of the greatest things i have seen at a sporting events and a long time. from the heart. >> very good. it was great to see the players act like kids in the middle of it. heather: everyone is a kid when the teddy bear comes into play. new tonight on newscenter 5 at 11,
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popping pills. the new discovery by doctors that could change the way you take over the counter pain killers. that' s tonight at 11 after shark tank. first, david muir and abc world news tonight. >> barbara walters one-on-one with donald trump. his only on camera interview after calling for a fan on muslims entering the u.s.. also tonight, the mother on the terror watch list. >> on chronicle, mounting fear and confusion with each new mass shooting. whittemore can control solve the problem? holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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