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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:. jc: breaking news, this t operator responsible for the runaway red line train has been placed on leave. they are focusing on operator error. ed: that train was carrying passengers for the busy morning rush. it rolled from braintree through quincy adams. our lives team coverage begins with pam cross in braintree. pam? pam: a braintree supervisor had to dial one -- 911 for help. >> she has a lower leg laceration. i need emt' s. pam: the
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david vasquez, a long time t employee. he woke up and knew something was wrong. >> it was flying. it was fine. i said to the lady across from me --did they stop? i said something was wrong. this is moving. pam: the train went from braintree station to north quincy, cruising through at least three stops. >> it left, the power on the third rail was shut off at that time, but the train coasted because it had momentum at that point. pam: fernando daily in the second car was headed to work. >> it was like, how is this possible question mark was really bizarre.
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no serious injuries. a lot of serious questions. i' m pam cross, wcvb newscenter 5 . ed: our coverage continues now with newscenter 5' s janet wu. janet? what have you learned? janet: nbc -- officials are not pleased. they have to be very careful about what they can say. >> we failed our passengers today because those procedures, whether they were followed or not, something happened that should not have been able to happen that put our passengers in danger. i am personally and professionally very gratified that in fact no one was harmed, but what happened today is unacceptable? -- is unacceptable. janet: so what happened?
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ve been done. just but there is a large lever that is essentially on the deep -- all of the train. that lever is put into full-service brake, and they are required to walk to the side. about three feet from the consul, there is a another lever with a large chain. that deploys the handbrake. careful not to use the word negligence, but it was the word used by governor baker a few hours earlier. janet wu, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: 5 investigates kathy curran was the first one with information on this story today. she joins us now with a deeper look at the driver' s background, kathy? kathy: sources say that operator is david vasquez. he is on leave, not charged with any crime, and recovering from minor injuries.
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investigation after traveling without an operator, but filled with passengers from braintree to north quincy this morning. investigators tell five investigates the man operating the train was 52-year-old david vasquez. his job with the t, never linkedin page. customer oriented and detailed on his customer profile and says he is an engineering team involved with acoustic research. he also said that he built a power break module. officials say it was likely operator error. the governor initially saying there was evidence of tampering with the train controls. t officials tell us there are system in place -- systems in place to prevent the red line train from going too fast even
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the trains can only go 20 miles per hour. more on that and how the train live at 6:00. ed: we have two pieces of 87 rob gronkowski back at press is -- back at practice. and their nemesis -- jj what suffering a serious injury. s good to sports. play sunday? bob: it' s great to see him on the field but it is unlikely he will be suiting up sunday night. this was a light workout. the players were not in full pads and gronk was in a knee brace. it has only been a few days since gronk read reduced new england to the word "writhing," as he suffered a knee sprain. jj what missed the texans'
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left hand he suffered yesterday. no word on how he broke it or what is broken, but watt says he is playing sunday night. >> i expect to play fully. you not really plan on adjusting anything or doing anything differently. bob: and when he says he is playing, he is playing. he has never missed a game in the nfl. more at 6:00. jc: commitment 2016. donald trump brings his campaign back to new hampshire tonight. new polls taken before and after his controversial comments about muslims have him with a double digit lead. not everyone happy to see trump though. this group of protesters with signs reading "don' t trump" and "love trumps hate." newscenter 5' s phil lipof is in portsmouth where trump will take
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jc: this -- phil: this will not be your typical rally. after a meeting, donald trump will be talking to an entire room of police officers. tonight is a smaller, more intimate event. this room will be packed with police officers from across new england, trump looking for the new england police benevolent association front door smit. it would be a bump up in a week where even after calling for a ban on muslims entering the united states -- mr. trump: i' m leaving in every single poll. phil: he is polling at 35%, senator ted cruz closest to him at 16%. senator marco rubio at 9% says trump still does not have a chance. senator rubio: he' s not going to be the nominee. let' s continue forward with this campaign. let'
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chance in the general election. phil: he defended his band. mr. trump: this is not about religion. this is about security. we cannot allow people to come into this country with horrible things in their mind. now we are just a couple hours away from donald trump speaking to this entire room filled with police officers. if the guest list is any indication, it looks like he is a pretty good shot at the endorsement. we will have to wait and see. philip off, -- phil lipoff, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: students came down after eating at chipotle.
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jc: it' s quite unusual. harvey: you know, they say do not get used to them, but look at the high. 15 degrees above the average. it' tonight. the winds are out of the south, southwest. we did have a fair amount of snow. with the developing sunshine, we are in for another very mild day in the 50' s. i would not be surprised at all if boston and other areas touch 60 degrees tomorrow. e d: right now, an fbi team is searching a small lake in san bernardino, california near the shooting rampage scene. the fbi has not revealed exactly what they' re looking for. rhondella: there are new
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another potential terror plots they had in the works. today, urgent questions about the suspects that carried out last week' s terror attack in san bernardino. investigators trying to figure out if syed farook and tashfeen malik' s marriage was orchestrated by a terror group with the goal of setting up a sleeper' s a in the u.s. >> if it was a situation where they were recruited to get together, it' s logical there are other people in the u.s. and other locations where this may have occurred. rhondella: the fbi saying that these suspects chatted online about jihad and martyrdom well before tashfeen malik was allowed into the u.s. on a so-called fiancee visa. >> she was radicalized a long, long time ago. if we know that now, why did we not know it then? if she went through this wonderful vetting process? rhondella: officials are looking
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marquez that he and farook got cold feet. he is said to be cooperating with investigators as they look into other possible targets, questioning why pictures of this san bernardino high school were on farook' s p hone, but having difficulty because the couple encrypted the data on their digital devices. >> unfortunately, it is designed to so we can break it. there is no mean decryption. rhondella: that kind of encryption software is easily accessible and free. this is a common procedure for terror groups, especially isis. liam: -- ed: an elementary school evacuated after a pressure cooker was found outside a building. it was found under a tree near the kindergarten classrooms. the bomb squad checked it out and determined it was not a threat. the bombs that exploded at the boston marathon were made from
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jc: a tribute to the youngest victim of the boston marathon attacks. a new park will be named for martin richard. it is expected to open sometime in 2017. ed: as you know and we have talked about, a wonderful day here, but powerful storms in the northwest. jc: next on newscenter 5, the powerful impact of the storms and the recovery efforts right now. ed: police say she drove the wrong way for 16 miles. the new hampshire woman facing charges tonight. jc: it' s called a high-tech outlet for teenage expression. the dangers parents need to be aware of. and let' you are looking live at the southeast expressway. elsewhere, as you go to 93 southbound, we are looking at a line of red.
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along the pike, 20 minute ride. farther west, not bad. 27 minutes. slow on the southbound side of 495 north of the pike.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. ed: a south carolina sheriff' s deputy expected to survive after getting shot in the head. crews responded to a possible robbery at an apartment complex overnight. when they entered one apartment a man fired at them, striking a deputy in the head. a second deputy fired back and that killed the gunman. the injured deputy is expected to be ok. jc: major flooding, mudslides, and power outages in the west following several strong storms. the governor of washington state
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emergency with coastal flood warnings now in effect and more wet weather on the way. deadly series of storms pummeling the northwest, flooding homes and roads, creating massive sinkholes, and now leaving too dangerous landslides. >> i' ve never seen anything like this. it happened so quick areas -- happened so quick. jc: in oregon, a woman drowned when her car got stuck in a creek. >> the wet weather will continue through the weekend. >> any additional rain will make existing flooding problems worse. jc: rescue teams working nonstop, daytime into the evening. >> water over the roadways, people trapped in cars.
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>> it is up in the air. jc: are not taking any chances. >> it' s not over yet, i don' think. jc: massive waves of to 30 feet coming onshore, crashing into coastal communities along the west coast. in oregon, the coast guard says unless it is an emergency. serious weather, and the jet the warmth, but it is pulling that moisture in. harvey: and if you look behind us, look at how most of the country is ridiculously warm. but pacific northwest, that is the difference. look at that storm off the coast. kind of looks like a hurricane. notice when you get to the eastern parts of the area like montana, from billings on up ,
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country that is winter like. very mild and ball me. way up in the 60' s. boston is 50 degrees. very little wind. just gentle at three miles per hour. 40' s, low 50' s across the region. tres four hours ago, not that different. it is a little bit milder. notice the winds are not too strong, but they are more out of the out. that means two things. it' s not going to be a cold nights. a few spots will be in the 30' s. it does mean low clouds could come in. but i don' t think we will wind up with drizzle this time, at least not widespread. tomorrow, here we go. right back to around 60 degrees for high temperatures. not too tough to take for this time of year. there is cloudiness off to the west. of course, cloudiness well to the south.
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expect a band of low clouds around the region. tomorrow, i think that burns away and we' re back in sunshine. with the southwest wind, a mild air mass, no snow cover, yes, i think we will be up to around 60 degrees all over again. take a look . west, south, farther west, it' s all mild. it' s cooler in canada, but that' s not real cold for this time of year, and even where it is chilly, it' s not exceptionally cold either. very mild. we will be in a much above average temperature pattern. i want to break things down for you. tomorrow i am using the word warm. saturday i am using the word warm oriented -- the word warm. it feels that way to us. we have been acclimated to colder weather, especially since so many mornings in the fall were chilly.
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, not only for tomorrow, but saturday as well. can we make it three in a row on a little dicey. there may be a backdoor front boston. s and s. it may be in the 60' s on sunday. it depends on where the sets up s not going that. as for significant wet weather, we probably have to wait until late monday and monday night when that cold front from the west approaches, and once that goes through, we turn cooler. but that' s not really colder when you look at tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of next week. our temperatures will average much above normal for this time of year. ed/ ed: if you are still searching for that one-of-a-kind holiday gift, how about a solution?
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you heard me right. meet willow. the potbellied pig is extremely social and friendly and even comes when you call her name. last year' s severe weather led to record surrenders and the farm is looking for animal owners who may provide homes for about a dozen pigs. if that' s not a cute picture, i don' t know what is. jc: i have heard that they are great pets. a friend of mine owns a farm and has a pig named willy. ed: she comes when you call her. jc: monday will mark the third anniversary of the mass shooting at sandy hook. ed: the acts of kindness happening nationwide in honor of the 20 students and six teachers killed in that horrific attack. jc: an incredible rescue caught on camera. the surfer that saved another' s life after he was crushed in the hawaii pipeline. ed: and massachusetts native matt damon returning to the bay state. new at 6:00, the new role he' s
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jc: the families of the victims all the sandy hook massacre in washington. many are upset there is still no change in the country fell
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representative nancy pelosi says it is time to do something about it. rep. pelosi: we have many moments of silence on the floor of the house. we must not remain silent. we do not deserve the honor of even having a moment of silence. jc: monday marks the third anniversary of the sandy hook massacre. 20 people were killed at the elementary school. ed: in remembrance of the shooting victims, schools across the nation are promoting acts of kindness. this shows the many post-it notes of acts of kindness from an elementary school in connecticut. these schools teachers say it is important for the kids to know that they are doing something good for somebody else and for just debating with everybody,
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jc: new evidence of how widespread boston' s heroin epidemic is. ed: the stunning amount of used needles that have been collected across the city. jc: a roof collapses on a busy street in london. the near-disaster caught on camera.
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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. ed: breaking news coverage continues at 5:30 as we learn more about the runaway train incident on the red line. investigators focusing on operator error, after a train packed with morning commuters left braintree station without a driver. the t says the employee who should have been at the controls stepped off the train to check a problem. with permission, by the way. mbta workers were able to cut power to stop the train. no criminal intent is suspected, and no one was hurt. jc: 5 investigates has learned that the train operator now under investigation is david vazquez. he is a 28-year mbta employee who describes himself as a tech engineer. we have teams of reporters working this story we' ll bring you developments as they break. we want to turn things over to rv.
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