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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 12, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. "eyeopener." antoinette: a military style rocket left at a local gun shop. someone left the mystery device behind. during a training exercise. the investigation into the new hampshire soldier's death. antoinette: and the questions surrounding the runaway red line train. the closer look at what went
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>> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: and a good morning to you. so glad you're with us. 6:00 on this saturday, december 12. i'm antoinette antonio. frank: and i'm frank holland. you know what? i can't believe it's december danielle, good morning again. pretty nice outside snarn pretty antoinette. some areas waking up to temperatures this morning in the 50's. like boston, for example, 51 right now. look at new york city. 57 degree s so there is some mild air that is surrounding our area. i do want to talk about something that we're dealing with this morning at least in some spots like keene. fog. we have patchy fog through the merrimack valley as well as through parts of northern massachusetts and even southeastern mass. that's keeping the temperatures down where you're seeing the fog. so, for example, fitchburg 33 degrees. orange 31.
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at 29 degrees. however, we're in the mid 50's on the cape and the islands this morning. we're going to continue to be warm into the upper 50's and low 60's for highs today. we're also going to see a mix of sun and clouds. it is just a mild day. enjoy. it doesn't feel like the middle of december and just ten days before christmas. 62 degrees today. it will be mild again with a mix of sun and clouds. as we look what the big factor is is is we have a cold front. it's a back-door cold front that will be walking through our area as we head through the afternoon that means temperatures are going to drop behind it. we'll talk about how cool we get for tomorrow as well as when we could see our next chance of much-needed rain. antoinette and frank. antoinette: danielle, thank you. right now. police want to know who left a military rocket at a new hampshire gun shop. the situation so serious that a bomb squad had to be called in. there were some pretty tense moments. frank: the eyeopener's john
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officer: at first glance it obviously looks very intimidating. it looks very official. john: at four-feet long it sure gave officers a scare when they responded to one of the more unusual calls they've ever gotten. officer: you don't know if this is, you know, a live round that at any time could explode. john: police promptly called the bomb squad which x-rayed the rocket and determined the massive weapon was harmless. the man who dropped it off found it while doing renovation work in his home and apparently thought this gun store was best equipped to handle it. officer: when in doubt, bring it to somebody who will be qualified or certified to look into that item. he did and the firearms dealer they contacted the local law enforcement agency. find that man who didn't leave his name. it's not clear how old the rocket may be, but police are relieved they didn't have to respond to its deadly power. officer: it was active maybe at one point and had the potential to be active and to do some
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luckily that wasn't the case. john: and police here are also working with the military this morning to try to get some more information about this rocket. in pelham, new hampshire, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: right now. lowell police have questions after a man walks into a dunkin donuts with stab wounds. this happened around 11:00 last night. we're told by police that the victim was stabbed on dutton street, then walked to the dunkin donuts for help. no word on any arrests or circumstances surrounding the incident. antoinette: this morning we are waiting to learn the identity of a pedestrian killed in lynn. state police say the victim was not walking in the crosswalk on the lynnway when he was struck. the driver of the car that hit him did stay on the scene. frank: there still are questions surrounding the mbta's runaway train. "5 investigates" finding that the operator did not follow several procedures. those actions could cost him his job. but as the eyeopener's juli mcdonald explains, while the "t" is looking into what went wrong, it is also focused on what went right.
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investigating what went wrong thursday morning when veteran operator david vasquez stepped off his red line train and it it would have required the brakes to be disengaged and the throttle pushed into forward mode. mbta official: in any way wedging or restricting the movement of the train would, in would subject the operator to termination. juli: but the agency is also recognizing what went right yesterday-- the quick response of dispatchers at the operation's control center. they got the call within a minute the train was moving without a motor person and knew there was less than a nine-minute buffer until it would reach the next train at wallaston. mbta official: the decisions they made were to clear the line so they expressed trains that had passengers on them to cross j.f.k. first before beginning to make a decision to kill the entire power along the braintree branch. juli: had those trains been closer together, the dispatchers could have immediately depowered the entire branch stopping all trains on the track. they kept that as an absolute last resort impacting the fewest
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trains became stranded between stops. transportation leaders believe this was an isolated incident but can't be certain what happened at the operator's seat. mbta official: we have no reason to believe it is a widespread practice. we do not have cameras in the control cars so there's no video we can review to see what is actually happening. juli: and there was a new policy that was put into place on thursday having to do with the authorization of that by-pass mode which disengages the brakes. now a senior mbta official must be present at that train when the switch is flipped. in braintree, juli mcdonald, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: a fallen u.s. army ranger from new hampshire is being remembered this morning. cpl. andrew aimesbury died in a live-fire exercise in georgia. the 21-year-old is being remembered by family and friends for his leadership and dedication to serving his country. that's something governor maggie hassan reiterated. governor hassan: we are mourning
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example of a fine, fine new hampshire warrior who again has done so much for all the rest of us. antoinette: the manchester native served one tour in afghanistan. frank: d.c.f. is facing scrutiny once again following the release of an internal review into the bella bond case. according to the report, there were instances where a social worker involved with the family in 2013 did not follow policies properly. she was formally warned in writing at the time. governor baker is calling for more oversight. governor baker: we need to go as fast as we can to fix the managerial oversight, supervision, infrastructure, and guidance and direction that we provide the social workers at d.c.f. and then hold them accountable. frank: this is a story we followed very closely.
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deer island over the summer. the boyfriend of the girl's mother, michael mccarthy, has been charged with murder, while her mother, rachelle bond, is charged with being an accessory. antoinette: fantasy sports sites draftkings and fanduel allowed to operate in new york for now. yesterday, a new york judge blocked them from doing business in the empire state. hours later, an appeals court granted a stay allowing the sites to continue doing business while their court case plays out. the new york attorney general believes the daily fantasy games are forms of illegal gambling while the sites contend they are games of skill. frank: a new step in a native american tribe's effort to open a casino on martha's vineyard. the aquinnah wampanoag tribe filed an appeal yesterday. the hope is to reverse a federal judge's decision blocking the tribe from opening a casino. the tribe had already started construction on a 6,500 square-foot facility when its casino bid was rejected. thousands of americans petition the white house for some new national holidays. antoinette: the official holidays celebrated by muslims and the adminstration's answer to the request. drone dangers.
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between planes and those remote- controlled devices. frank: new scams for those new security features on your credit cards. to get their hands on your money. danielle: you can ditch that jacket. just how warm it will get today and when it will start feeling
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antoinette: good morning. 6:12. welcome back. new this morning. when it comes to close calls
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aircrafts, boston ranks number four in the country. this new data finds boston had 20 incidents from last december through mid-september. six of those were close calls defined by the f.a.a. as two flying objects coming within 500 feet of each other. the new york area had the most incidents, 86. frank: as you shop this holiday season, instead of swiping, many of you are probably using the new "chip" cards. they are safer, but there are still steps you should take to avoid potential fraud. newscenter 5's heather unruh has the warning and the simple way to stay ahead of problems. heather: you've swiped more times than you can count, but that's changing now as you dip the chip. if you have one of the new cards, you know it has a small metallic chip to prevent a thief from accessing your account. julie conroy: and that chip creates a unique transaction code that gets sent to the issuer every time you use your card at the point of sale. heather: analysts like julie
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but others remind us scammers are already working to change that. >> they shimmer, which is the new version of the scammer. heather: crooks can wedge a shimmer into the new credit card chip reading slot. security website krebs posted this picture of one. it can record the chip's data similar to what skimmers did with your swipe card. a shimmer has been spotted in mexico. analysts say it's only time before they pop up here. another threat? the lack of a pin number. you will need to sign the receipt, but many new chip cards took away the option of also having a secure pin. one less layer of security. your best defense at this busy shopping time? it's something so basic that only about 12% of us actually do. julie conroy: looking at your credit card statements, looking at your bank statement. heather: a simple daily check of those statements will help ensure you don't become a victim in changing to the chip. not every store has those chip readers yet. that comes with some liability. if you're forced to swipe and
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transaction, the store could be held responsible for the damages. heather unruh, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: we have breaking news just into the newscenter 5 news room. a final deal on climate change is now complete. the french foreign minister says the agreement includes a goal to limit global warming by nearly 35 degrees. right now the document is being assessed by participants of the week's long conference in paris. we'll bring you more information as it comes in all morning long right here on the "eyeopener." >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. antoinette: we've been talking about this warm weekend leading up to it, leading up to it. i feel like the bottom has got to drop out sometime, right? i'm sorry to be so negative, but. frank: it's a beautiful day and antoinette is like it's all going to go wrong. antoinette: something always does. danielle: there will be a big difference in temperatures when you step outside the door from
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to be mild above normal. we'll take it. antoinette: okay. danielle: spring-like today. feels more like mid april than miss december. >> will be cloudy tomorrow. and a touch cooler. there is going to be much-needed rain coming on monday. it's all associated with an area of low pressure and a frontal babiedary. now today we're going to be near record-high temperatures. the record is actually in boses ton 68 degrees set back in 1979. i think we're going to go for a high of 60 in boston. i'm going for a high of 58 in worcester. that record is actually 63 set back in 1811. so even though no records are broken, it's still going to be a mild day on tap. we do have a little bit of fog out there this morning especially through the merrimack valley near keene. also near orange, near concord. and because of that, you're starting out your day up there in the 20's and low 30's. so if you're stepping outside, coat.
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look at boston 61. it's 55 right now on nantucket. so it's showing you there's a big spread in temperatures depending on where you live. and nor today, we are going to warm up into the upper 50's, low 60's for highs. it will be a mix of sun and clouds. you're going to feel those winds, too, out of the west at about 5-10. the reason we're mild is we are out ahead of this back-door cold front that is slowly working its way down through southern new england. so tomorrow is why i say it will be a tad cooler with this frontal boundary coming all the way through and also changing our winds from the west today to the north and east for tomorrow. so let me show you this on the future cast. notice today it really is i think sunny to start with, more clouds through evening and into the overnight. and then it will be pretty cloudy tomorrow, i think, and there could even be some patchy drizzle especially by the coastline because we're going to have low-level clouds and that northeastly breeze. keeping things cooler.
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low pressure that could bring our next chance for rain beginning on monday morning. for tonight, however, we're going to drop back into the 30's through new hampshire, 40's in worcester. mid 40's in boston. and a few even upper 40's on nantucket. could be patchy fog definitely some clouds around and then tomorrow highs will only warm up into the upper 40's and low 50's and then we watch this second area of low pressure here and cold front. this is going to bring us some rain beginning on monday. it starts off with just some drizzle really monday morning and then through the afternoon, the rain chances go up. by evening, you notice i have it at very high as we could see pretty heavy amounts of rain. when all is said and done a half an inch to an inch does look likely from this system. we'll give you the exact timing in that search-day forecast and break it out for you. so here's what happens on monday. we start out with low-level clouds and maybe some drizzle. but really the rain doesn't come in until afternoon-evening.
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a wet one and then through the overnight hours it really ramps up with rainfall totals in excess of a half an inch to an inch. now we're still mild on tuesday, i think. the real cold air doesn't work its way in until wednesday. but tuesday it will be a bit on the breezy side with gusts anywhere from 30 to about 40 miles an hour. those winds shifting though from the south and west to the north and west so eventually we drop back into the 40's by the end of the week. antoinette and frank. antoinette: danielle, thank you. 6:19. stories we're following right now on the eye. the defense rests its case in the manslaughter trial of a baltimore police officer. frank: that officer is the first of six to stand trial in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter testified he did not see any injuries on gray when, after his arrest, he said he was in need of medical care. however, porter maintains he did tell the driver of a police van and a supervisor that gray wanted to go to the hospital. gray was instead taken to the police station with a broken neck. closing arguments are expected monday.
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will look at the mysterious death of a black woman who died in police custody. it was back in july that sandra bland was found dead in her jail cell. the sheriff's office said she committed suicide, but her family maintains she would have never taken her own life. a preliminary autopsy supports the sheriff's office claim. frank: a call to declare to islamic holidays federal holidays is not getting support from the white house. president obama has declined a petition calling for eid aladha and eid al-fitr as national holidays. congress has only designated 10 federal holidays a year. that petition had more than 100,000 signatures. those were obtained in less than a month. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: it was game 23 for the celtics this season but it sure felt like a game 7. just like a play-off game, it was that exciting. imagine if there were a play-off game. it went all the way into double overtime. the celtics finding out tonight that their very best stacked up pretty well against "the" very
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fourth quarter action. isiah thomas knocks down the three to give the celtics the lead. but this man is incredible. a long-range three to give the warriors the lead with under a minute to go. thomas driving to the hole. he ties it at 10. they take it to overtime and then double overtime. finally the celtics couldn't come up with enough shots. a fantastic game. 124-119 the final. in double o.t. encouraging news from the practice field at gillette stadium. rob gronkowski and julian edelman were on it. gronk for a second straight day. he's now listed as questionable on the patriots' injury report which means it's a coin flip as to whether he plays sunday night in hughes torch. as for edelman a surprise to see him on the field today, yesterday, that is, but no surprise he's out for sunday's game. julian edelman: i'd like to be back as soon as i can but, you know, doing it safely and then smart. just trying to improve each day. bob: and the bruins play at the garden against the florida panthers while the celtics
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that's a look at sports. i'm bob halloran. have a great day. antoinette: check out this terrifying video in poland. it shows a bicyclist just inches away from being hit by a speeding train. you can see the man riding toward the train crossing. another angle shows at the last second, the train speeds by knocking the cyclist's bike out from under him. the man was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be okay. word. thinking about going for a bike ride today, you should look both ways. my dad always said look both ways before you cross the street. the train tracks are like a street. antoinette: very important. the financial burden of the holidays eased for many local parents by a secret santa. frank: we are talking paying off thousands of dollars in layaway. that extremely generous move
6:22 am
frank: but first a heart-warming return engagement at children's hospital. just how far little sophie fellows has come in a year. and the special woman she played
6:23 am
vollmar. well, the month of december has
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we're running over seven degrees above normal. yesterday of course was no exception. 58 degrees. and today, wow, we're going to actually be close to record high temperatures. today's record in boston is 68 degrees set back in 1979. in worcester it's 63. we won't break any records but we'll be pretty close but unfortunately it doesn't last long. we drop back into the 50 and upper 40's tomorrow. as a back-door cold front comes through the area. antoinette and frank. a very special holiday concert at boston children's hospital. celebrating one year since brain surgery. sophie fellows joined 17 of her fellow students from the vermont violin school. they performed a 30-minute concert just a year after sophie underwent surgery to remove a large brain tumor. the 15-hour surgery was a risk,
6:25 am
both her health and her music. >> it's pretty phenomenal to see. i'm so glad that she's been able to play. >> she's back in school on grade level. she's just functioning really well. frank: to make this moment even more special sophie also performed side by side with the doctor that saved her life. antoinette: you've got to love her smile. amazing. frank: absolutely. still to come this morning, taking a stand against gun violence. antoinette: the march planned in boston today just days before the anniversary of the sandy hook shootings. and a california mosque targeted by an arsonist.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: a mild mid-december day. the factor i'm tracking that could switch things up. when we could see those high temperatures drop. frank: an army ranger killed in training.
6:28 am
tragic accident. antoinette: and a rally and vigil for support. the community coming together after recent attacks on muslims. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: it's 6:30 on this saturday morning. a live look outside at south boston. it's a beautiful start to the day. the sun is just coming up. hope your day is getting off to a great start. i'm frank holland. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio along with danielle vollmar. then as not one of those mornings where it looks good outside. it actually feels good outside, too. danielle: in most locations it feels really good. especially boston in the 50's this morning. there are spots waking up to some fog. a little cooler just so you know especially, say, around keene and orange where you can see visibilities down to less than 2.5 miles now in keene. that is actually keeping temperatures down in the 30's there. 30 in keene. 29 in concord. so if you're headed out there, you will need a coat. however, it's in the mid 40's in
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mid 50's now on the vineyard and nantucket so it is a mild start. as we go through the next 12 hours in boston, upper 50's pushing 60 degrees. it will be a mix of sun and clouds today. those winds are out of the west at about 5-10 miles an hour. so upper 50's through the merrimack valley as well as worcester. 60 boston. 60 on the south shore. 60 near the cape as well. now we are watching a back-door cold front that is slowly area. that is actually going to bring down cooler air from canada. then we watch this area of low pressure here that's going to bring us our next chance for some significant rain so we'll talk about when we could see the rain and how much to expect where you live. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. police in pelham, new hampshire, want to know who left a military rocket at a gun shop. a bomb squad had to be called police say the man who dropped it off found it while doing renovations in his home. he did not leave his name.
6:30 am
rocket was active but harmless. frank: a u.s. army ranger from manchester, new hampshire, is being remembered. 21-year-old cpl. andrew aimesbury died in a live-fire exercise in georgia. he served one tour in afghanistan. his death is under investigation. antoinette: more fallout over the runaway train on the red line. "5 investigates" learning the operator, david vasquez, did not follow several procedures. his job is on the line this morning. right now it's believed his alleged actions are not a widespread practice by train operators. frank: right now. neighbors are remembering one of the victims of a triple shooting in revere. 36-year-old michael deleon is charged in the shooting deaths of two people. one of those victims-- 66-year-old peter pitari who lived on the first floor of this apartment house. pitari, along with 35-year-old christy johnson, were both killed. neighbors say pitari was always there to help. neighbor: in one of our many snowstorms that we had, i got stuck right here in the intersection. he literally shoveled out my car
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i live at the bottom of the street-- he pushed it back to my house for me. frank: police say the third person shot gave them deleon's name before losing consciousness. it's believed the shooting was drug-related. a neighbor says christy johnson was planning to enter rehab for addiction. an arrest this morning in the stabbing death of a worcester woman. luis melendez was arrested last night and charged with murder. he's accused of killing 31-year-old cherise hill earlier this month. nearby surveillance video shows hill walking with someone, meeting others, and then at least two people stabbing her repeatedly before running off. antoinette: new opposition to semiautomatic weapons on the campus of northeastern. a group of faculty members have sent a letter to the university president voicing concern over arming police with the weapons. the plan is for those officers to use them during high-level threats. there has been some pushback from community leaders over the decision. a walk to remember the 26 lives
6:32 am
hook elementary. the boston orange walk to end gun violence is at 12:30 today. the color orange has become the symbol of the gun violence prevention. today's walk starts at the boston common visitors center at 139 tremont street. among those participating boston police commissioner william evans. monday marks three years since the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. frank: the underwater search continues this morning for evidence linked to the san bernardino shooting rampage. for two days investigators have been combing this lake for a computer hard drive and other items linked to the couple behind the attack. investigators say the couple tried to cover up their tracks by deleting emails and cell phone records. that lake search will resume this morning. antoinette: right now. authorities in southern california are looking for the suspects in a mosque fire determined to be arson. the fire broke out yesterday at the islamic center of palm springs. those inside say they heard a loud boom like a fire bomb and
6:33 am
lobby. no one was hurt. shots were fired at this same mosque last november. frank: hoping to avoid the same type of violence against muslims in the bay state, a "support session" is being planned in worcester. attorney general maura healey is organizing the gathering set for next month, to deal with anti-muslim sentiment. in new hampshire last night, people of all religions coming together in new hampshire in support of people of the muslim faith. dozens of people of all denominations uniting against recent attacks on muslims. following a vigil, participants took the streets calling for tolerance. >> it just bears witness to the power of the word of love and dignity, human dignity, to counter so many of the other words that we're hearing, words of fear and hatred and anger and terror. frank: this event was organized by the islamic society of new hampshire.
6:34 am
a new poll shows donald trump has opened up a 19-point lead on his republican competitors nationally. but this morning, there are signs of possible trouble ahead. donald trump is way ahead of the republican presidential pack and he plans to stay there. trump: we're gonna win! we're gonna win!" antoinette: trump had that warning for his g.o.p rivals and for republican party bigwigs who, according to "the washington post," held a strategy session on how they might stop trump at the republican convention next year. trump: honestly, it's not gonna they can't do anything. i don't care about the establishment. antoinette: if no candidate in the crowded field wins enough delegates to clinch the nomination, a highly unusual floor fight could decide the party's standard-bearer. trump rival ben carson responded, "if this is the beginning of a plan to subvert the will of the voters and replace it with the will of the political elite then he will bolt the party." texas senator teds cruz, a distant second to trump, questioned the judgment of both
6:35 am
captured on audio obtained by the "new york times." their finger on the button? antoinette: on friday trump suggests cruz might have a place in his administration. certainly have things in mind for ted. antoinette: a new national poll says 42% of republican voters support trump's plan for a temporary moratorium on muslim immigrants. >> he's talking about stopping the people coming in until we get a handle on the situation. i totally agree with that. antoinette: the same poll says six in ten americans oppose trump's plan. hillary clinton in st. louis for a campaign rally. the democratic frontrunner promising to create more good jobs in the midwest. she called for advanced manufacturing and a tax credit to keep manufacturing jobs in the u.s. instead of sending them overseas. new jersey governor chris christie gaining support in new hampshire.
6:36 am
only at this event last night. christie received an endorsement from republican senator jeb bradley. last month, he was endorsed by "the union leader." on the fight against opioids, a problem plaguing new hampshire right now, christie said treatment is key. frank: the effort to oust the mayor of lawrence has hit a setback. the group of petitioners were 655 signatures short of what was needed to put a recall question on the ballot. according to "the eagle tribune," they were hoping the city council would call for a special election to unseat daniel rivera. this photo of a foxborough high school student is at the center of a yearbook controversy. the problem? the young woman appears to be standing on the american flag. in fact, that was not the case. but the picture was banned from the yearbook. morgan traux believed the photo showed pride in the u.s.a. the flag is not a real flag. it's a photo studio backdrop. morgan's mom says the school's response was over the top political correctness. her post blew up on social
6:37 am
>> we do live in america. to show patriotism and the colors. >> i'm sorry that a few veterans are offended by it. 99% of the people are for it. frank: another photographer has donated his services to re-shoot morgan's photo. one of china's richest men is missing, and he's not the only billionaire to vanish. antoinette: the possible reason behind their mysterious disappearance. a new strategy for uber. the new agreement it wants its drivers to sign. the restrictions the company hopes will keep them out of court. frank: and sealing the deal on a landmark agreement. the push to turn the tide on climate change. danielle: and a spring-like day in mid-december. just how long the warm air sticks around and the changes
6:38 am
antoinette: good morning. it's 6:43. welcome back. a chinese billionaire is missing. he hasn't been seen since tuesday. he isn't the first executive in the country to go missing recently. two others have not been seen or heard from since lt month. right now trading in two of his companies has been halted. police have been investigating
6:39 am
investors since this summer. no word if the two are related. frank: now for a look at your economic headlines. wall street is hoping to rebound from the worst weekly loss since the summer. the dow lost over 309 points to end the week at 17,265. the nasdaq dropped over 111 points. the s&p 500 gave up nearly 40 points. a sharp drop in the price of oil prompted investors to dump stocks again. uber sending a letter to all of its drivers barring them from filing class-action lawsuits against the ride-share company. instead they are advised to enter into arbitration in the case of disputes. this new agreement comes just days after a federal ruling expanded the class of california drivers eligible to sue the company. that suit now includes 160,000 drivers. there is still no decision on the woman whose face will grace the ten dollar bill. the treasury department says the announcement will be delayed until next year. there has been a lot of input on social media. harriet tubman, eleanor
6:40 am
keller all strong contenders. in the week ahead, we will finally find out if the fed will raise interest rates. the policy meeting meets on tuesday and wednesday. the decision will be announced on wednesday afternoon. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. antoinette: it is 44 degrees outside. if you're one of those people who still has not put the christmas lights up. danielle: you haven't done it yet? antoinette: half of them. the weather will be great. danielle: i don't even know what the date is today. it's only like 13 days before christmas. antoinette: maybe i'll wait until next year. danielle: there's always next year. not a bad day to be out there doing the christmas lights today because the temperatures are going to be so warm. it's already been a warm month for december. we're running over search degrees above normal. and that trend is continuing this weekend.
6:41 am
we'll be close to that if not above it today in boston. as well as in worcester. but tomorrow we're dropping down into the low 50's and upper 40's even because of a back-door cold front will be moving through the area. you can see it right now on our satellite and radar. and this is going to kick up the real mild air but we're still going to be above normal. it's not really a cold front. i'd say it's more like a cool front that's coming through as we head through the day today. one thing this morning we're talking about is some fog out there through parts of the merrimack valley, even near orange you're seeing some fog. because of that, temperatures are much cooler where you're seeing the fog. so, for example, in keene, you're at 30 degrees. 31 in orange. and 29 in concord. but in the low to mid 50's already in places like the south shore and the cape and the islands. boston is no exception. this morning checking in at 51 degrees. the winds are out of the
6:42 am
right now. that is a mild wind that is going to bring in warm air through the day. so we warm up into the upper 50's, low 60's pretty much everywhere. and i'll say it's going to be a mix of sun and clouds i think through the afternoon. you'll feel those winds out of the west at about 5-15. tonight those winds start to shift to the north. an indication of cooler air working its way in. we'll be in the 30's through the merrimack valley. 40's in boston. and parts of the south shore and the cape. and then tomorrow we're going to see this back-door cold front really push its way in. as it does, it will bring down cooler air and that wind tomorrow will turn to the north h northeast, east and that's going to usher in low-level clouds, maybe even some patchy drizzle at the coastline it's a cloudy day and much cooler day with temperatures only running in the upper 40's and low 50's. so just to be aware of that. then rain chances start on the day of monday. really just drizzle i think in the morning. once we get through the
6:43 am
work could be wet. and then monday night into the overnight, heavy rain comes through. it winds down on tuesday morning. when all is said and done, we could see anywhere from a half an inch to an inch in terms of rain. so this is all coming from an area of low pressure right now that is out here. it's going to slide and work its way towards the east bringing in that rain. really monday night i think is when the heaviest is going to fall. and it will be gusty in terms of the winds. rainfall rates anywhere from half an inch to about an inch. mild. we're very breezy though. with those winds turning prosecute the southwest to the north and west and gusting upwards of 30-40 miles an hour. it does bring in cooler air by the end of the week. we're back to where we should be frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. fenway park helping red sox fans get in the holiday spirit. fenway event is today.
6:44 am
the family fun starts at 8:00 this morning and runs through 5:00. the celtics giving the warriors a fight at the garden. and the warriors are the best team in the league. last night's game going into double overtime. golden state's draymond green the warriors get ahead of the c's. the warriors would go on to win it and remain undefeated. 124-119 the final. a secret santa strikes in bellingham for the second year in a row. antoinette: the eyeopener's jorge quiroga tells us all about the generous woman who paid off thousands of dollars in other people's layaway. jorge: at the toys are us here in bellingham, the lay away angel is back spreading her good cheer again. >> so these are all the gifts here that were paid off. jorge: debby pendlebury overwhelmed by a random act of kindness. last monday she went to toys are us to pay and pick up gifts she had on lay away for her grandson. debbie: when i went i handed her my receipt. she said, "all set."
6:45 am
her bill had been paid off. debbie:i honestly was stunned. i said, "i don't understand what you're saying." and she said, "someone came in and paid off your lay-away." jorge: the store not telling us who but saying a woman came in and plunked down $20,000 to pay off lay-aways. the recipients chosen at random. debbie: i started to cry because i was just overwhelmed by the goodness in her. and i went to the back and it still didn't register. like i got home and i called my husband. he's like, "what?" and i went, "yeah, somebody did that." jorge: the mystery lay-away bellingham toys r us. giddy employees feeling like the only thing they would tell me is that the same person had done it last year. and her quote was, "if you have and maybe we all can learn from that. jorge: pendlebury says the gesture-- even more than the
6:46 am
gift. debbie: hopefully somewhere she's sitting and she knows how grateful everyone is because i think it was just the most amazing gesture. jorge: it's a trend that started a few holiday seasons ago. lay-away angels here and at retailers across the country paying it forward, bringing joy while seeking no publicity. in bellingham, jorge quiroga, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: that really is great. $20,000. i hope whoever did that was able to see the story and see what a smile that brings to someone's face. frank: what a great gesture. that's all i can say about it antoinette: a military-style rocket left at a local gun shop. frank: the reason police believe someone left the mystery device behind.
6:47 am
rparis: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. ryou have to get out there bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. pit's time for our next president to get in there, r roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
6:48 am
frank: 6:54. welcome back. breaking news. a final deal on climate change complete. the french foreign minister says the agreement includes a goal to limit global warming by nearly 35 degrees. he's also calling on almost 200 nations to adopt this first-ever universal agreement on climate change. this meeting in paris just wrapped up. we'll bring you more information as it comes in all morning long. antoinette: right now. police in pelham, new hampshire, want to know who left a military rocket at a gun shop. a bomb squad had to be called in. police say the man who dropped it off found it while doing renovations in his home.
6:49 am
rocket was active but harmless. frank: a u.s. army ranger from manchester, new hampshire, is being remembered. 21-year-old cpl. andrew aimesbury died in a live-fire exercise in georgia. he served one tour in afghanistan. his death is under investigation. antoinette: more fallout over the runaway train on the red line. "5 investigates" learning the operator, david vasquez, did not follow several procedures. his job is on the line this morning. right now it's believed his alleged actions are not a widespread practice by train operators. frank: an arrest in a triple shooting in revere. 36-year-old michael deleon is charged in the shooting deaths of two people. one of those victims, 66-year-old peter pitari, lived on the first floor of this triple decker. pitari, along with 35-year-old christy johnson, were both killed. police say the third person shot gave them deleon's name before losing consciousness. it's believed the shooting was drug-related. antoinette: a federal judge in boston has rejected a request
6:50 am
released on bail. david drumm remains in jail pending an extradition hearing on fraud charges in ireland. drumm is accused of conspiring to conceal massive losses from shareholders. he left ireland after the bank collapsed. he moved to wellesley in 2009. all she wants are christmas cards. and this morning they continue to come in for safyre terry. the seven-year-old girl was badly burned in a fire and was getting treatment here in boston. she was there as nearly 18,000 cards and 60 packages arrived at the post office from all around the world. that is so great to see all of those cards bringing a smile to her face and really such a simple request. christmas cards. i think we can all do it. danielle: such a nice story. you know what? the holidays are here.
6:51 am
because when you step outside the door this morning, we're in the 50's in spots. 30's up in new hampshire. you have fog to contend with this morning. 60 for your high today. cooler tomorrow as the cold front comes through and cloudy and then rain chances going up on monday. antoinette: we'll focus on today though. danielle: i love it. frank: you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on the wcvb mobile app antoinette: enjoy the view out there this morning.
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