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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  December 17, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EST

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ed: "starwars" fever in full force in boston. john: the fans already lined up tonight. heather: her wish: to meet tom brady. >> if i ever met him, i'd excitedly pass out and faint. heather: the young cancer patient on a mission. ed: breaking news at 11:00. shots fired in boston's south end. a man what appeared to be hit rushed away though hospital. it comes hours after a neighborhood rally to end an outbreak of violence. good evening. i'm ed harding. heather: and i'm heather unruh. the new crime scene is blocks away from tonight's plea for help. wcvb newscenter 5's mary saladna is live on the scene right now. mary? mary: heather, ed, this latest shooting a few blocks down on mass avenue and washington street. sources tell us a man was shot in the back as he ran from another man. still working that crime scene, but we can tell you, thiseas people here are worried. >> what can we do to present further acts of violence? mary. standing-room only in boston's
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residences looking for solutions after four neighborhood shootings in seven days. one of them deadly. >> i am a little bit of afraid. mary: bill evans reassured residents that violent crime is down in the south en. the violence target by did kidds who grew up with guns and gangs instead of families. >> 36 homicides. one happened in this neighborhood. we're working hard to find out, but you know, we need the community's help. mary: the numbers done tell the whole story. nearly 90% of the city's homeless population find a bed here, that, too, brings call reption including drug addiction. >> the open yesterday is in the city in this neighborhood especially and a lot of people for the night and drugs are a big problem. >> i walked by dog. i have ten needles in here. we feel it is a dumping ground for the real people that really need help. mary: long-time resident, jewel
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themselves, reap for the root of the problem by reconnecting with neighborhood use. >> you need see those children as your children, to respect them first. even a child who is a gang member. he is a gang member because he is only family he or she has. mary. gain, the break news this hour, we had another shooting hear on the south end on mass avenue an hour hour ago. there is a peace march tomorrow night for the police commission fer and the mayor expected to attend. live in the south en, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. heather: clouds are building over boston right now. there's chance you'll see some wet weather in the morning. but a lot of more rain is on the way for later tomorrow. harvey leonard is here tracking. meteorologist: it is going to be misty but not icy. i don't think so. we are going to be warm juf in the cold areas to avoid that. let's check it out. i am glad you brought that up, heather. notice the temperatures. a little bit above freezing. the interesting thing is. they are no longer falling.
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inch up. beverly was 30an hour ago. up to 33 now. clouds are thickening. that is helping as well as the light breeze. norwood was below freezing. they are now up above. even in our northern and western areas, it is above freezing. we're starting to see these elements of drizzle showing up. check this out. as you can see down around the area of fair haven, we see light are in and drizzle. also just off the coast. around dusk bury and march fiel. then another area around new york city and long island that is headed to the connecticut river valley in a worcester county. basically, going to be elements of drizzle or pockets of drizzle for the morning commute. you know, make you a little bit damp and makes it tougher than otherwise would be. however, the evening commute. well, the rains in. even some heavy rain before the evening commute is over. so that one could be a little bit on the nasty side. as far as temperatures are concerned. boston will start off right around 40 tomorrow. then make a run at 50 later in the day. temperatures changes comes. even a little feel of winter t. something we have not had much
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while. ed? ed: right now, baltimore is a city on edge. new protests tonight after a jury can't decide the fate of an officer on trial. the officer is charged in the death of freddie gray. newscenter5's phil lipof is here with the calls for calm tonight. phil? philadelphia. the streets of baltimore are relatively quiet tonight. not so early in the day. [chanting] reaction was immediate to the hung jury and mistrial of officer william porter. sheriff's deputies moved in quickly, clearing the street and surrounding the baltimore courthouse. >> immediately dispersed. philadelphia: abc's avila was there. >> officer potter has been leaving the building. phil: porter charged looping with five others baltimore police officersp connection to
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ride in a police van last ving. the jury of seven black and five whites told the judge they could not reach a verdict. gry's family urged crime. >> we ask them to remain callp, patient, because he are confident there will be another trial with a different jury. phil: porter didn't make pred dy gry's arrest or drive the police van. prosecutors charmed him with manslaughter claiming he could have put a seat bell on gry or called a medic when gray asked for one. tonight, every police officer on the city on duty hoping to avid repeat of unrest that erupted after the death. the loot looting and the fire estimating $9 million in damage. >> we are prepared to respond. we will protect our residents. phil: officer porter rein mas suspend tonight without pay awaiting a likely new trial with the new jury. the five fellow officers face charges of second-degree murder in gray's death.
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heather? heather: some old dynamite. next plosives were found in boxes by the new owner of a business on the road. several bocks of old dynamite and blasting caps were found. the original owner is dead. so it is unclear where they came were. state police brought the explosives to a safe location, though, as you see, they blew them up. the runaway train is out of a be where tonight. david vasquez was suspend for last week'sness dent then today, the team fired him. he was the operator of a red line train that took off without him par barreling through several stops million they cut power. the lawyer called the firing a rush to judgment. swampscott high's embattled principal has reasoned. the mystery over what forced him out still remains. superintendent says edward engaged in inappropriate conduct through the school-issued computer.
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any a swampscott students. he was placed on leave last week. the da's spis will not cop confirm or deny it is investigating. ed: the first ter warning. the new level is called bulletin and will be used to warn about possible attacks from terror groups or individuals inspired by terrorists. it is meant to create a general sense of awareness. but it carries pacific actions to respond to attacks. >> the public should expect an increased presence of you la enforcement across the communities in the weeks ahead. more stringent security should also be anticipated at public place and events. ed: this zeros zeros then self radicalized actors that may target public event for an attack. ed: president obama will meet victims this week. the white house says the meeting will happen on friday. the stop is being added as the president heads to hawaii for christmas vacation.
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tennessee naval reserve center has been declared an act inspired by foreign terrorism and the victims are being awarded purple hearts. four marines and one sailor were killed in the shooting attack at the chattanooga center. the fbi earlier said the shooter was a homegrown violent extremist, but now says he was inspired by foreign islamic terrorist. heather: commercial flights to cuba are a step closer. the united states and cuba reached understanding now on restoring regular flights. service expected to start in the next few mons, this is the biggest business deal truck so far as the country's try to normalize relations. right now, american and cuban travelers left tofully on charter flights. ed: for the first time in a decade, the federal reserve has raised interest ratep much the fed chair announced that quarter point hike today and several banks quickly hiked their prime lending rates in the short term, mortgage and car loan rates will
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heights would change the game. >> if they go from four are to five. that is still on the low side. percent. thing likes that. concern? he probably in the. a quarter point is going to affect people coming in here looking at cars? >> a quarter point is not going sales. >> today wall street rallied on the news the dow finished up 224 points. byob is coming back to boston. in u incomous vote. it ended the ban on letting you bring your own alcohol to restaurants. it only applies to restaurants with 30 or fewer seats located in cities outlining neighborhoods like dorchester, south boston. customers will be able to bring one six pack of ber on one bolt of win and will not apply to restp are as that have already liquor license. ed: "star wars" fans are already out in force tonight.
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finally hits theaters. you'll see some added security steps if you are heading out. newscenter5's john atwater is live in boston with what is planned. john? john. you can see larger police presence not only outside but also inside of theaters. the storm back and even chewbacca has joined the band helping usher in the newest "star wars" movie on the theater. >> it is the best. john: crowds are lined up for the marathon showing of all six "star wars" movies here. nothing will stan in our way. john. follow by the newest which premiers tomorrow night. and crowds pour into theaters across the country, police keeping a close watch after terror attacks in california and france. as many theater, police will have a noticeable presence inside. >> i am sure we will have a very, very crowded lobby in theaters as well. we will have a lot of people
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theater to maintain peace and good order. >> i am trying to keep my mine positive in the situation. john. fans appreciate the ex are a security and annie will lack past it as they prep for an experience of a lifetime. >> you get to deal with the other friends, right? all the people that i never met before that are just as excited as i am. john. well, obviously, millions of people are looking forward to this. be i wear, some theaters are banning masks and face paint. live in boston tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5: heather: her wish: meet tom brady. >> if i ever met him, i'd excitedly pass out and faint. heather: her family, friends, and total strangers help to make it happen. ed: the reporter -- >> oh, that's the robber. ed: who turned into a crime fighter. >> i gotta go here, call 911.
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ed: a live shot and bank robbery takes a dramatic turning m turn. take look. >> this bank -- what? robber. oh, that is the robber. this is live tv, folks, that is the rob more went by according to the bank em plo heee. so i got to go here and call 911. will talk to you later. >> reporter's name is adam. the robbery suspect quickly got rounded up in fact after review, the video can be seen lurking har the bank shortly before the live shot there. there's the shot. he was part of the news the young man doing the report. what you looking at here is new video that shows a southwest plane skidding off the runway. the planes go ina ditch as it was taxiing after landing. eight people onboard were taken to the hospital. they are all leased. a huge crane was brought in today to get the damaged plane back on the runway they are
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heaped. heather: the young cancer patient on a mission. heather: her wish: to meet tom brady. >> if i ever met him, i'd excitedly pass out and faint. heather: the young cancer patient on a mission. hor are hay. jorge: there are certainiests that the star quarterback routinely puts at the top of the to-do list. i think this may be one of them. >> do not come in unless you are tom brady. jorge: 8-year-old haley tu wart is almost kidding. the main hospital room, astelin all things patriots. no question who is the favorite player. >> last thing i had a close win. my eyes were straight open. they never blink. battling leukemia for the second time and been at the barber bush
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since october and her mom rarely mace game only two item on the christmas list. >> ail want is get out of here! the other wish a face to face with tom brady. if i met him, i will finally pass out and faint. jorge: haley knows the quarterback has a soft spot for kids look her and he has made many young dreams come true. her own legend of fans talking to social media supporting her special holiday rish. they are from all over the place. they have done announcing to tray to reach out to him. >> she is especially likes when brady shared a post of his kids being sur praised on thanksgiving. she is now hoping for a brady post of her own. >> another one. i will be ready for that. jorge. who wouldn't be? haley we are keeping our fingers
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live foxborough, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. >> crossing my fingers. i wan the whole team. wake up your husband. he will do one thing. heather: you know tom brady wants to. he has a big heart, harvey. meat ants willingly. heather: what a precious little girl. meteorologist: she is precious. i am sure he will do it. that would be great. all right. i think you probably think this has been great if you are kind of rooting for winter not to really get her. how mild has been like ten degrees before average sonar month. and you know what? the mild pattern overall is going to continue probably for the rest of this month so we may wine up with a record warm december before all is said and done. 40 degrees in boston. the wind is out of the south southeast becoming cloudy so that means temperatures not going to drop. here is something that is important. this the ocean water temperature is 49. it is running about 5 degrees warmer than it would be on average at time of year. that is because of how warm it
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burr it also means when the breeze comes in off the ocean, it moderates the temperatures. with the clouds coming in, a slight breeze off the water. temperatures not falling any more so in our viewing area. it look like temperatures will be a little above freezing even in the normal cold spot early tomorrow morning. so any mist that may be falling should us just be that ap not falling as ice. you get to concord, mu hampshire points north, any it could be dif he different tomorrow. he we're headed to the 40's. boston nrt and west to the 50's is out. this is where this is fleeing rain advisory and notice there is a little piece of area down here in southeastern mass and southeastern maine otherwise confined to central and northern new hampshire and western central and northern maine but uncase you are watching us from extreme southern new hampshire or southern maine this could be a slight chance of a touch of freezing drizzle early tomorrow. ground is not really that cold because the air has not been that cold now you can see clouds are here. a couple of the areas of drisle
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off the coast. as well as down to fair haven, another bank or area of drizzle around listening island all of that is heading mort. now more significant rain is developing from atlanta on up to cincinnati that is going to continue to blossom and move in our direction. that will be more significant rain and that could doe he coincide with the evening commute tomorrow. it will be damp at time early commute but halfier rain possible for the evening commute. all as this storm moving across the area. late tomorrow noon tomorrow night. now friday will be a cool day but not especially cold. however, there is some cold air that is finally going to be rushing in here and saturday will feel look the winter day. windy, blusty, chilly. but it is not going to last. i can tell that you. here is a closer look now at future cast. see the green pockets. throws the pock pockets of drizzle salter skaered tomorrow. the steadier rain comes in. during the evening commute, shortly past the evening commute.
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the that efist rain that ends late tomorrownating and as as if as friday, there may be brightening north and west. clous listening the coast and a little bit of rain may nick the cape at times. ile will be close as the little wave pass pretty part offshore. then we can clear overnight friday might. how much rain are we going to get tomorrow into tomorrow might? i would say half inch or a little bit more. perhaps a little bit throws nrt and inch or more possible over southeastern mass and the cape. repeat of what happened just a day or two ago. very similar situations and similar storm track and similar amount of moisture. so timing it four tomorrow. medium chance of drizzle tomorrow morning. then maybe around noontime. then teateddier heavier rain for the late afternoon and foo the evening hours. this is how the jet stream is going to look parts of ex week. that is why it alongs like above average temperature pattern. possibly significantly so as we get closer and closer to christmas eve. we'll get coop you post on that one. the look. keep the raincoats handy
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than the heavier rain late. friday a bit of damp weather possible on the cape otherwise a little brighter. there is the windy blusty day on saturday. you could get a passing snow flurry that is the jet stream putting us on he cold side but only briefly ap lifts back out. we start to moderate even as early as sunday. we will be push nag the 46's for the kim and looks like highs will be the 50's and at least for a good chunk of next week. at les on through christmas evening. there women be a few episodes of rain however as we approach crest mass. some of that could be ob the heave ry said. we have things to follow but cold and snow are not part of the picture. we get closer to christmas. except for that blasty saturday. one day sale. heather, ed? ed: dreaming of a wet christmas. heather: doesn't have the same impact. ed: a local gets a surprise meeting with the basketball hero. jaw. heather: how he in ir spaed lebron james during last night's game and how the star paid him back.
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coming up live. don't go to bet just yet. it is donald trump that is at
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ed: a surprise meeting with hero. he lives with a rm photograph ser pal palsy cause baid stroke in pain sy.
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a love for a basket approximately for cleveland star lebron james before last night's gam against the cars. he was one of the celtics' heros among us. lebron saw it. he greeted him during the game. then afterwards gave him his game sneakers. >> i was talking to my friend, ben, and all of the sudden, he tapped me on the shoulder. he goes down and looks and run to ward you and says lebron james. and i almost melted. i almost melted. i saw his story. watts like, i don't know. i feel look i was a part of him. just showing my respect and gave him my shoes. ed: all right happened to be wearing a special pair of sneakers designed by lebron for with disache. you can step night. you whews jr. you can. one motion can seal it up. heather: great. ed: these are designed with lebron. in the game last night. lebron went over and did the thing. he went back to the free throw
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he looked over the guy. he gave another nod and went back to the game again. >> reporter: a feel-good story. he is rock solid guy long before that wrest ture last night. congratulations to him. you got game. right. you got game. so do the reuben bruins ton when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. p fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey, finally, somebody i can look up to...
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tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, you know xarelto p is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary treatment with xarelto ... pask your doctor about xarelto . >> i'm in the holiday spirit, so i'm kicking off tonight's sports with the jolly news that the bruins shut out the pittsburgh penguins tonight at the garden 3-0. fourth shutout of the season for tuuka rask. they play. they dop then it locker room. they play. they play. bruins uniform.
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ten later on, double that lead. they get empty netter later on macking the time 3-0. they play again friday night. meanwhile, here is andredry monday from half court tonight against the celtics. celtics had been money on the road on back-to-back nights. ten times they've won on the successive night until this evening. eye say iy y thomas 38 point force him. what a night he had. remember jackson. mr. october. he has 23. 14 in the third quart are a i loan. but the celtics pecked away. late in the game, this three-pointer the old fashion way put the ticks within one with 19 seconds to go and and lose by three. first time back-to-back game en ten tries. julian edelman broke his foot a month ago. he thatted a screw inserted during surgery today you are watching him cut and run and
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>> we lost a lot of guys, you are right. guys that are, you know, play critical roles and disappointing for those guys. is disappointing for all of us. you know, we are still playing football. the guys throughout got to keep identifying. you know, keep practicing hard. we got a lot of football ahead. >> might napoli thats a mu hem and signed a deal with the cleveland indians. this is the night of the red sox parade. there he is. he goes by he in this he bar. it is buchanan. he bought a condo. downtown boston. he was regular at celtics and pru witness games. no matter where he hangs the hat or the bat and the bat rack, he will be a bostonian with because we like mike. he its a part of us and will be. >> scruffy and all. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> the night of the final. that was hilarious. >> a memory. yeah. >> thanks. absolutely.
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>> back to life. >> a damp morning with drizzle
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