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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  December 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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sky 5 is headed there. we will bring you more pictures as soon as we get them. erika: chipotle stoma back open. it passed testing, but a water leak has delayed reopening until after christmas. phil: and changing the rules about being able to opt out. tsa can force you to go through a body scanner and they feel it is necessary for security. and this is new, a woman facing animal cruelty charges. erika: she says that she and her son, who died unexpectedly in october, took in the animals to give them a better life. she says that she knew animal control officers had concerns, but she said she always resolved
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>> it is -- cruelty is an untrue, unfair, and incorrect word. erika: she plans to fight the charges in court and hopes to clear her name. phil: it is still 66 degrees. erika: it' s really unbelievable. phil: everywhere you look, incredible weather christmas eve. harvey: i think we will recall this year after year going forward, we will talk about how warm this christmas eve and, as you will see, christmas day will be. 66, 60 nine very common numbers. worcester came in at 65. downtown worcester in the upper 60' s. it' s amazing it is this mild even at this time. where did the warm air not quite penetrate? you had to get to portsmouth, new hampshire, concord, new hampshire. that is where there is a lot of
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temperatures still in the 50' s and most of the regions. starts out in the 40' s to around 50 degrees. we have fog around parts of the islands. even though the visibility is good elsewhere, the deeper we go into the night and overnight, there can be other patches of dense fog that may form. please keep that in mind. as morning. otherwise we should have some for christmas day itself. boston for christmas day should easily be in the upper 50' s and i would not be surprised if the high pressure touches or christmas eve on christmas day. changes for next week. i will have that for you in a little while. phil: harv, thanks. right now the death of a teenage the 18-year-old was found hanging in his cell at the essex last night. anfelnin feliz, of lawrence, was
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and other charges. police are investigating the cause of a crash that left a woman badly hurt in hanson. the victim is from hanover she -- the victim is from hanover. she was flown to a boston hospital. it happened on winter street yesterday afternoon. the driver also hit a utility pole, which snapped causing power outages for a while in the area. erika: if your phone provider is sprint or verizon, this may be the last chance to cash him. the deadline for victims of cramming is december 31. for information on how you can sign up if you are a victim, visit or our mobile app. phil: a puppy that captured hearts on social media is getting its christmas wish, a forever home. it was critically sick. doctors saved nelson for life
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than 1000 inquiries about nelson. he will join fellow shar-pei muggy at a home in saugus. mugsy was also rescued back in 2013 while suffering from a rare flesh eating bacteria. erika: brightening up the holidays for boston' s homeless. cardinal sean o' malley helping to serve at a special luncheon today at the pine street inn. more than 1400 people were given special meals. a security upgrade that could mean the end of your atm card. phil: we' ll show you the technology that is expected to one day replace your pin number with a scan of your eye. t get past these massachusetts cops. more on how they save christmas for a family in dartmouth. phil: and we santa for you as he works to deliver resins to kids all
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we will always be. happy holidays from all of us. >> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30/.
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phil: the future of security at the atm could mean you skip using your card completely. >> agent confirmed. antoinette: it is like a scene out of "mission: impossible." but biometrics are no longer a thing of science fiction. this high-tech atm uses your identity. innovations. antoinette: the maker of the hm explains how it works. >> is very 007. antoinette: you schedule banking. >> you want $60. you say ok. antoinette: you arrive at the atm. >> there' there'
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there' s no more receipt. is testing them and jpmorgan plans to roll them out in late 2016. >> use your fingerprints. makes your bank account even more secure. >> the iris scan is the second most reliable marker in your body behind dna. >> it provides a level of uniqueness that does not exist with a simple password. antoinette: but there still could be vulnerabilities if an unauthorized person is able to hack into a system where your biometrics are stored. antoinette on 10 ant onio, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: digital toys and tablets may be a way to give your kids entertained, but electronic toys affect language used during playtime.
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playing with traditional toys and books had far more conversation and more meaningful conversation. phil: [indiscernible] erika: if they have a tablet, they are not going to be talking to you. phil: we are happy to report he is behind bars where he belongs. erika: more on the arrest of this notorious christmas crook and his punishment ahead. phil: plus a tough day for holiday travel. we have a closer look at the crowds that may make you a little nicer to out of town visitors. harvey: and it is the one to punch of war. first christmas eve record-breaking and christmas
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phil: we continue to follow breaking news. we told you sky 5 was on its way. sky 5 over the scene at in ci surely. state police confirmed, it is in lockdown. troopers are there. you see the flashing blue light. shots were fired, were heard, fired outside of the prison. right now they are not giving us any more information about prison or not. troopers are at the scene. sky 5 is over the scene. we have a crew on the way. when we get more information, we will bring it to you. erika: christmas eve is a busy day at airports around the country, and the airlines are s high number of abc' s bazi kanani has a look at
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bazi: on the road and in the air, more than 100 million americans traveling this holiday and as usual -- trying to keep up with record travelers, this holiday season. in 8% jump in air traffic at o' hare at port in chicago. >> this is the worst i' ve ever seen at o' hare air or. bazi: more than two hours for incoming flights in atlanta. in denver, holiday music is helping to, and there is a perk for frazzled travelers. >> i was very angry and upset. that is when i started to cry. bazi: she was comforted by these volunteer greeters. there is more good news if you are flying this christmas eve. a big improvement on wednesday
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s biggest hobs. this is also a better day for the 90 million americans traveling by car. weather and fresh snow are the biggest obstacles, traffic is far more manageable. according to one traffic act, the best time to return from christmas vacation is december 28, and as usual, most of us will have to pack some patience for the holiday journey. abc news. phil: a late-night break-in in dartmouth led to the arrest of one of the most notorious christmas criminals of all time. with tongues firmly in cheek, police responded to the residence where they confronted the grinch. >> he is around the corner. >> around the corner?
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-- turn around. do you have anything on you? >> [indiscernible] phil: "do you have anything on you?" i love it. the grinch has been ordered to stay away from dartmouth and is serving community service in santa' s village. if nothing else, the police there have a great 10 of humor and as you can see, tremendous production values. erika: it said heart too small. his mug shot? erika: a lot of confusion these days. it is so warm. everything is confused. out. phil: i don' t know. erika: i heard you say "winter
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harvey: it' s in the forecast, as you will see. we got pounded in parts of our plymouth over to an half inches. out the eastern mass over two and a half inches. temperatures. wow. 70 degrees in beverly. 71 in albany, new york. xt nine, boston, providence -- 69, boston, providence. worcester had to five. at we have broken the records. we have shattered them. 65 will replace it the record. 57 is the old record. boston, the old record goes away what about tomorrow? it will be a little bit -- and i just
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it could be right around the record in worcester and boston. we will have at least near record warmth tomorrow after record smashing warmth for christmas eve. certainly a christmas to remember. as we go out in time, notice it does turn cooler on saturday. the average high temperature in the high 50' s. sunday, a quick 50. that' s interesting. the extreme southern part of our area could be in the 50' s to near 60, while the northern part of our area may only be around s. which also means some inclement into sunday as well. this hour. so, midnight tonight, 57, 40' s north and west. starting tomorrow, 40' s north and west. a few spots well to the north and west. there we go. upper 50' s,
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s, very pleasant. it should be rain free. one area we have to watch, the south coast and the cape. it could mean a little rain will try to nick the south coast and the cape. one thing for tomorrow -- pockets of dense fog, the gray area, the white area, that means the fog is dense and visibility is down. only order mile in new hampshire. -- only a quarter mile in new hampshire, nantucket. that front is not far away. clouds are going to be close by or thicker near the south coast and the cape. finally late saturday, the clouds thickened to a point where the rains come in and continue into sunday. that is a day that could be warm in the south and chili to the north. all right, here we go with the next seven days.
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christmases past, this one may surprise you. last year, we had a high of 69. -- 59. patriot game, down in the meadowlands, looks like a risk of a few showers. then we have to talk about the cold that comes in suddenly overnight sunday. monday night into tuesday, that leads to a storm that will be approaching. that looks like it will be happening, i would rate -- let' s talk about tuesday during the day. it looks like it would be cool enough to start to snow just about everywhere. along the coast, a mix of great change. inland areas, all snow or an icy mix. we will certainly stay on top of that for you. erika and phil. erika: reality will set in. phil: it' s been a long year of
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erika: having analyzed their answers, otr' s ted reinstein has come up with the perfect holiday gifts for all of them. ted: it is christmas. it is a political show. if we were to have a nice or naughty list, you may want to do something like this. bernie sanders. you may want other footwear if you want to catch every. as for jeb bush, you may need several pairs if you are going to catch up in your race, and i say that with an exclamation point. boston mayor marty walsh. you have spent much of the year in a bitter feud with casino developer steve wynn. why not play a little game ofrock ' '
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em sock ' em and get it out of your system? there are those who say that you are a little invisible? if that doesn' t work, this should help you stand out more. goes with more of a boston theme? she' s not even running. on a purely nonpolitical note, as we enter big papi' s final season in boston, he will finally be able to lounge around it night and watch the game and something nice and comfortable. and unlike pictures from a few years back, enjoy an adult beverage or two while you do. cheers and thanks, big papi. for massachusetts governor charlie baker, if the t should break down again this winter, you will need a few of these. one for every commuter, with the
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for the democratic front-runner hillary clinton, can you have too many flash drives? even color-coordinated for christmas. and last on our shopping list -- it is not easy finding something for the man who has everything, including a leader in the republican polls for president, but we can figure that donald j. trump could use a reminder of one of the essential themes of christmas. namely good will towards men. all men, and women. a little something to put outside your house or your tower or your country. we would like to think that the donald would even agree that this one is huge. happy holidays, everybody. phil: in the meantime, we continue to follow breaking news, sky 5 over mci surely
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phil: celebrity e-mail hack. more than 100 people targeted in this new massive scandal. erika: now federal authorities have a suspect behind bars. a man accused of stealing everything from personal newscenter 5' s doug meehan has
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doug: this could have been a hollywood scandal, a hacking scandal that exposed private information and even a sex tape. >> it was obvious from our initial contact that he had a great deal of sensitive information. doug: he was charged with stealing private information for more than 130 people including three nba players, an nfl player, and rapper 50 cent. an undercover operation, according to authorities, exposed he was trying to sell information for thousands of dollars. >> the question is what are you going to make of yourself? doug: including 30 unreleased tracks from an unnamed performer, unreleased movie and television scripts, and yes, sex
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they acted quickly after last year' s sony hack embarrassed a listers almost daily, including e-mails, social security numbers, and salary information. >> the government was able to shut this down before devastating damage was done. it could have been a very, very serious hack. doug: wcvb newscenter 5. phil: thanks. we continue to follow the breaking news at mci surely. a lockdown after a report of shots hired. erika: newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. erika: calendar confusion. how record temperatures are fueling a rush to the finish. harvey: don' t get used to this record-breaking warm. i' m tracking the potential for the first winter storm of the season. phil: why some of you will not
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erika: a glimmer of hope. the girl saved from a deadly fire has her christmas dream come true. >> rum boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. phil: we begin with an update for you. you see flashing police lights. corrections officials tell us gunshots were heard in an area behind the minimum security facility and they saw a man running off. erika: the entire facility was put into lockdown, as is standard procedure, and all inmates were accounted for. no sign of victims and they do not know if that man was simply a hunter. breaking news out of charlotte, california -- charlotte, north carolina where one person is , dead after a shooting at a mall. police say an off-duty officer shot and killed a man after a fight at the mall, causing panic
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shots rang out.
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