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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  December 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shots rang out. no other injuries were reported. phil: record breaking warmth on christmas eve. some spots hitting 70. the latest head-turner in this unusual december. this whole month is looking like one for the record books. erika: yeah, harvey is here to tell us more about it. harvey: i guess today, christmas eve, was really the exclamation point on this incredibly warm december. most areas are mild, it' s dry, visibility is good, but there are exceptions. i want to show you those. upper new hampshire, southern maine, cape cod, there are areas with poor visibility. there are areas -- and it is possible, not everywhere, but in pockets around the region there may be fog warming overnight, ground fog where you might look up and see stars, but down there
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we shatter the old record of 61 degrees. 65 degrees at 6 p.m. christmas eve here in boston. 62 in worcester. mild everywhere until you get to new hampshire and portsmouth and it' s a little bit cooler up there. as we go through the night, it will be about 57 in boston around midnight. tomorrow morning, 50. distant areas could be in the 30' s. as for his tomorrow is concerned, at least upper 50' s. i would not be surprised if it reaches the 60' s. most rainfall will be to the south, but there will be clouds. a touch of rain might make the caper the islands. much more and a winter storm for next week coming up. phil: the mild weather center a break for last minute christmas shoppers. our sera congi has been keeping an eye on the folks who like to take it down to the wire. she joins us live in wrentham.
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,sera: it is very busy here. things are winding down. stores close at 6:00. a lot of shoppers i talked to say that they were lord out here to the outdoor mall because -- lured out here to the outdoor mall because of the warmer weather. >> bah humbug. >> it is hard to hit into the christmas spirit. >> it feels like i' m in florida. it' s strange. sera: but the warm weather drew shoppers to the outdoor malls and markets. >> everyone' s happy. it feels good. it' s all good. sera: but there is ice at the market lynnfield shopping plaza. a rink that is chilled even when the weather is not. >> i don' t like it. i once know. -- i want snow. >> i kind of like it because my
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s christmas. >> it does not matter the weather? sera: the stores close at 6:00. it is closed tomorrow, but this weekend the warmer weather might bring them all back out. work. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: thanks. taking a live look at the boston the lights of the city joining the colors of the season. but walking around in shorts at this time of year isn' everyone' s idea of a perfect holiday. although phil likes it a lot. our frank holland is live in frank. frank: it was a really truly beautiful day. this christmas tree is one of the few signs it is actually a lot of people say they would rather see snow and ice. shorts on christmas eve. nice.
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usually we are bundled up. frank: enjoying the heat wave a top priority for many, calling this day a holiday gift. >> its new england. it' s brilliant really. >> is awesome. i came near -- i came here to look at boston. frank: normally these girl scouts in brookline would be bundled from head to toe. >> we definitely would get more snow. >> it' s definitely harder to do it in the cold than on a day like this. frank: other say the end seasonably warm weather is unwelcome. is anyone disappointed? >> yeah, i am. frank: the kids say it just is not right unless everything is covered in white. >> i like the cold. i like to go skiing. there' s no snow to go skiing. frank: and they are not the only
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storm to their christmas list. >> snowboarding. frank: ah, to be young again. while those kids feel like they are missing out, i think most are just glad they don' t have to go out and shovel and christmas. . phil: just one the all clear to reopen, the cleveland circle chipotle suffers another setback. and needs to be fixed before they can reopen. the restaurant was closed after more than 100 people became sick with the norovirus. a judge has postponed aaron hernandez' s double-murder trial. he is accused of killing daniel de abreu and safiro furtado in 2012. he allegedly shot them outside a nightclub in boston' s south end. lawyers will be back in court for a status hearing on january 19, the previously scheduled date for this trial.
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serving a life sentence for killing odin lloyd in 2013. erika: we are now learning accelerator tampering was not operator tampered with holiday controls. a similar incident happened in 1999 with an operator on the blue line. wrote a letter to the tea and then to -- to the t and then to then senator john kerry. when vasco' train to do with a signal failure, the train -- stepped off the train to deal with a
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passengers on board. he has been fired. phil: some new rules for the the next time you fly, opting out of going through the tsa body scanners, may not be an option. newscenter 5' s john atwater is at logan airport with more on john? john: this comes after more concerns about terrorism. full body scanners have been used at airports for years because they could determine items that other scanners could miss. but growing concerns have prompted the tsa to change protocol and mandate that passengers go through the scanner even if they opt out. >> it does not bother me. what ever it takes to make people safe. >> you are used to it. it is part of life. >> there' s enough evidence
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option, you should be able to even if it is minorly invasive. john: you can still patdown. the change is that the tsa can deny you and so make you go through the full body scanner. erika: john, thank you. at 6:00, the season of giving community heal. acts of kindness after a deadly fire. the town of westport. went up in flames. phil: as our rhondella richardson reports, compassion is making this a very special christmas eve. rhondella: all week the family has been dealing with the four-year-old' s death. >> [indiscernible] rhondella: her family asked us not to show the burns on her face, but you can clearly see the joy.
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move from crisis mode to a very merry christmas. her mother, 32-year-old melody, just had surgery. third-degree burns when she grabbed bella and ran through flames to escape the westport home. his brother was killed. the emotional toll has been unspeakable. >> very emotional. this time of year. it costs everybody. rhondella: a facebook call for donations from the firefighters wives association -- there were so many gifts, there was no room in the slave for the fire chief. >> they go to school with bella. i' m glad to see a smile on her face. >> thank you from all of us, all of the people who donated the makeup and stuff to me. >> this is a beautiful angel
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>> the outpouring of love. she has gotten more than she even asked for. we are a turn them -- we are eternally grateful. >> i have a lot of toys and clothes now. rhondella: the plan is to spend the christmas in the hospital with melodies so she, too can open up gifts. phil: i like the outpouring of support from the whole community. erika: it' s great. phil: has donald trump got his eyes set on massachusetts for an upcoming campaign rally? where and when it could happen. erika: and a christmas tradition that' s become a tribute to boston' s legendary mayor, tom menino. how his children are making it happen. harvey: certainly an incredibly warm christmas coast. not so much the northern plains. i will let you know when the first winter storm will arrive as well.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. erika: investigators say it appears there were no working smoke detectors inside a westfield home that went up in flames last night. a man in his 40' s was killed police believe he was the only occupant of the mill street home. they don' t think the fire is suspicious. phil: donald trump could be headed to lowell next month. the lowell sun reports the republican front runner is in talks to hold a rally at the tsongas center at umass lowell on january 4. a crowd of more than 1,000 trump supporters gathered when he visited tyngsborough back in october. erika: boston-based draft king says it is fighting back against the attorney general ruling that gambling is illegal. they will fight this. fan tool will also pursue legal
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pursue legal action. phil: harvey leonard coming up next, the fog that could play role in your christmas eve plans. and why winter weather may not be that far off. erika: and we' re tracking santa as he makes his way around the world.
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phil: mayor marty walsh upholding a tradition started by his predecessor mayor tom menino. erika: newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich tells us the menino family joined mayor walsh in delivering gifts on christmas eve. reporter: on the eve of coming a little early. are. it' s an annual provision started in 1993 by former mayor tom menino. now his children and grandchildren are keeping the tradition alive. now. what he has done is
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for our kids and our kids want to take it over. >> he may not be here physically, but he is your spiritually. reporter: the generosity is overwhelming for recipients. susan is picking up items for her granddaughters. mayor menino' s successor, mayor marty walsh, came to support the effort, as did cardinal o' malley. >> i grew up watching him do all of the stuff for the community. he was the one who was able, for us to ask -- to experience everything that he did, now we do the stuff that he did. . has helpers. as for stand that himself, we are tracking him with norad.
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phil: you know the best part of norad, you can see the reindeer' s eight moving. erika: it is so clear. we will keep you posted. phil: and the weather could not be in a better. harvey: absolutely. water skis. come on, santa. we are so enamored of this warmth, i think many of us are, but what about that rain. pretty prolific. southeastern mass, plymouth picking up to nap inches, fairhaven, over two and a half. a little more modest for other areas. 69' s running wild. boston, harvard. there were some 70-degree readings. we hit 65.
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look at this. to give you some perspective, boston' s high temperature, 30 degrees above average. the low temperature, 22 degrees above average. for the day, 26 degrees above average. every day has been above, way above -- just about 11 degrees above normal. what may turn out to be the warmest december on record, even though it may end up somewhat colder. a light southwesterly breeze. if it feels a touch muggy, the dew point is ridiculously high for this time of year. southern new hampshire, maine, cape cod more widespread overnight into tomorrow. the visibility is two miles and in concord, new hampshire.
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tonight. morning. we will be upper 50' s and low 50' s for christmas day. there is rain to the south. most of that should stay to the south. a couple disturbances could bring rain close to the south coast and the cape. we will have sun. it will be filtered with a lot of high clouds around, but a wasn' t business data be out of doors -- a pleasant christmas day to be out of doors. overnight saturday night into sunday, we got some rain. cool air to the north, mild air to the south, near the battle zone on sunday. things get interesting after a moment. first, i just want to recap low 60' s. cooler, rain into sunday. we could be in the 50' s to near 60 sunday while only near 40 in southern new hampshire. for the patriots game, i asked
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new york -- i expected to be down in the 50' s down in the new york. colder air monday night. colder high pressure in canada locks it in to new england. it will redevelop along the coast and pass just to our south and east. anytime tuesday into tuesday evening we will have a winter storm here, some will see accumulating snow. coastal areas may be influenced by the ocean being warm. it looks like an actual winter storm, with seems him is impossible based on the weather we have now, but we have to remember the calendar. merry christmas. i will have an update for you later tonight. i met meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now sportscenter 5. phil: the patriots were on the practice field again today gearing up for their afc east showdown sunday against the jets. the players will have christmas
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the patriots the the jets and have beaten their afc rivals eight out of the last nine meetings. one of the new faces will get a big chance on sunday. >> there has been a lot of movement, on the practice squad, of the practice squad. a lot of new players. it is something we have gotten used to. you always try to welcome the guys, try to get them up to speed. you never know. these guys can help you win. we had guys playing that were not here a month ago. >> you have to get mentally prepared. keep -- keep it going out of practice, paying attention to the walk-throughs. when you go out there, you don' t have to think. phil: one of the new players expected to see playing time on sunday will be running back stephen jackson. jackson signed with the pats this week as a power back hoping
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jackson has a fan in tom brady. tom: i have always watched from afar and seen what a tremendous player he is, what a professional he is. it' s great to have players like that. hopefully he can at a lot to the we will see, obviously, how things pan out. afar. i have had admiration for it. to rush for that many arts in this league is a hard thing to do. phil: for the new york jets this is their biggest game of the season. they have a 9 and 5 record but are out of the playoffs as of now in the seventh seed. they need to win to stay alive, so they know how big this game is. >> the linebackers are very talented, active. they do a great job upfront. at so, it is a tough defense to play against.
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s a different patriots defense. there' s a lot of talk at the end of the year. they' ve got guys that can cover you. it will be a very good challenge this year. phil: final note for you -- the celtics went into the christmas break with a solid 113-99 win last night over charlotte. it was their second straight win and gave them a 16-13 record. they start the half of the second season saturday night in detroit, then come back home on sunday night to take on the next. that is sports. erika: when we come back, an update on breaking news at mci
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phil: hey, take a look at where santa is. he does what we all do when it gets dark where he is. he turns on the headlights. erika: polishes off rudolph' s knows. phil: he is off the coast of africa. delivering christmas presence to every child. erika: he does. anchor: -- harvey: before norad came around, i to track santa. but now norad has taken that job.
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s unbelievably warm. harvey: unbelievably warm, but keep an eye out next week because it turns sharply cold next week and we will have a wintry mix if not accumulating storm -- a cue lighting snow, which is hard to believe. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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