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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  December 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> carbon monoxide poisoning on christmas. two people dead tonight as investigators work to find out how it happened. erika: the swat team surrounds a home in everett for hours. wcvb newscenter 5 is there as the suspect surrenders. meteorologist: big temperature changes are ahead and a couple of storm. one of them could be wintry. phil: a special delivery for a mom in need this christmas prompts her to share her newfound wealth with another family in need. phil: carbon monoxide poisoning is to blame for two deaths this christmas. erika: the victims found in a home in milford. investigators are now working to determine exactly what happened. newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live with more. uli? reporter: well within the last hour, these trucks, fire trucks, and the gas company pulled up to a different home, where someone was concerned about the odor of natural gas. people here in this neighborhood are on edge and some of them returning throm the christmas
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what happened rating here. right here. >> it is a disturbing story. juli: a heartbreaking christmas. two familiar faces on prospect heights found dead in their home. police say the call came in at 1:50 this afternoon. they believe the couple died of carbon monoxide poisoning. neighbors described the couple as prend hi and social. >> a lot of people over there. always having people over there. nice people. juli: two other people who live in the left duplex were taken to the hospital. they are ok tonight and staying in hotel. yellow tape surrounds the home which has been condemned by the board of health. san tess and his wife just saw the couple who died days ago. can't believe something like this could happen right where they live. we saw her on monday, him and her, you know? i am surprised by it.
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juli: the district attorney's investigation to determine where that deadly gas came were. they have not released the names of officially of that couple. they notify family members and neighbors here in this area tell us they do believe most of the relatives live in brazil. live in milford tonight, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: a standoff with the swat team in everett. the man police say caused the christmas day incident is in custody tonight. wcvb newscenter 5's john atwater is in everett with what we are learning about the suspect. john? john: phil, it was sure a tense christmas day in the neighborhood that was filled with gunshot and tear gas and then a huge fire inside of this house. >> it took five long horse of coaxing. >> hands up. hands up. >> but finally, the man who locked down the neighborhood emergeed from the home. >> is arguing with officer and resisting when he came out.
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>> he was armed and ultimately found with three fire rm as on the pod ty. >> but just when the tension eased, another threat flared up. >> a lot of flash and a lot of bang. reporter: police dragged 53 year told a cruiser his summer street home erupted in flames. firefighters scrambled to find the new danger. maneuvering fire trucks around swat vehicles to detan the raging inferno. >> neighbors first called the police before noon reporting gunshots inside of the machine's house. >> i heard the big huge bang. >> on a beautiful christmas day. the neighborhood shook as the police shot tear gas in. echoes of difficult negotiations filled streets. >> he refused to talk about it. reporter: finally more than five hours in, had the man but not a clear understanding of why he staged a christmas day standoff.
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determine what sparked this fire. the man who everybody theres here is facing several charges tonight. live tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. erika:yon, thanks so much. >> live look over the city. it is still so mild. here in needham, 57 degrees. the last of it, hoge, harvey. meteorologist: it is the last it. we'll be talking about the for listening time. many years to come. incredible records. logical more today in the record department, too. check it out. worcester tied the record of 60 which was originally set in 1964. boston didn't make it, 62 and beautiful. not quite the record of 65. rov dense, though, had record high of 64. yes, i is still mild. i will be turning a little bit chillier overnight and tomorrow will not be as mild as the last couple of days as we get some of the cool air out of canada. not going to be very cold at least in this initial thrust. there are temperatures early tomorrow. still 40's in boston. 30's in the disstant suburb
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in the 40's along the shore lain tomorrow as they start come out of the northeast. now in terms of cloudiness and rain, there is a little bit of rain just missing the south coast and the cap now and some coast tomorrow. some sun, boston north ward then tomorrow. a couple of storms he are going to contend with. the first one is going to bring rain but the second one is going to bring at least a period of snow to most of the area. we talk the timing on both storms in a little while. phil? phil: right pow, seven people are hurt after car slammed into a hayride in maine in waterville. the car involved haze l had massachusetts license plates. we have no other information about the driver for you at this hour. one of the victims, though, seriously hurt, when they were pinned underneath the trailer. 15 people on the hay ryde at the time. the ride was part of a free dinner put on the city. >> taking major steps to raise
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shawn butler walked more than 220-mile to quincy in memory of his mother who took her own life 20 years ago. the family and friends met him when he i have a rude home tonight. butler felt his mother was with him the whole way. >> i talked to her through joy. talked to the peers, like mom was a powerhouse of joy. everything she is, i am. everything. everything she is, i am. erika. the american founddation headquarters is located on wall street which is why does that starting point. ed: a powerful rebel commander in syria killed just months ago. phil: a powerful rebel commander in syria is killed just a month before peace talks with the syrian government. government officials say the syrian army is responsible for the airstrike that killed zahran allouch. he lead a powerful group that is backed by saudi arabia and controls large parts of the damascus suburbs.
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evacuations in the south and another confirmed tornado touching down in alabama tonight. it has been a deadly week with severe weather for so many across the country. the death toll rising as communities from arkansas to michigan clean up from a sr. are race of rare december tornadoes. monster tornado. barbara williamson lost her home in bellevue, mississippi. at least 15 children lost their lives as unseasonably warm weather spawned two dozen reported tornadoes. i don't know how i am alive. it is a christmas miracle. that is a christmas miracle. that. phil: in the season of giving, the communities are now coming together. lots of outpouring of support fortunately and private shelter. the flood watches telephone on holiday for parts of the south evacuation. we woke up to civil defense pounding our door telling us we had 20 minutes. phil: a mudslide after the heavy
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traffic on the main highway in dekalb county, georgia. >> people get crazy. ja. ed: for drivers iner parts, snows the problem. this is impossible for know get there. in florida to vermont. loving it. >> everyone with should have a hot dollar. i don't have to go to california or california. and we know how warm it felt. there are more rors to tell you about how long on the east coast and in fluid including 66 in new york city central park and eight in philadelphia and 82 degrees in savan ma, georgia. >> two people are hurt in hingeham after drunk driver slammed into hem. the police say the suspect crossed the center line and hit two cars and happened on route 228. erika: a crash on montello
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morning in brockton. police say the driver ran off. the driver jeep was left sideways on the road under a web of wires. national grid reported more than 300 homes lost power. phil: severe weather prevented some christmas gifts from make it under the tree. fed ex's main hub in tennessee was affected by heavy rain and wind causing shipments to be delayed? a. surge in last minute purchases being blame for the delay. to mack up. fedex expressed doors remained open today at the moves and a lot of customers appreciated it. >> they did their best and we got everything else. i with as not a big deal. we expedited this and they got it to our house and said they were going to. we just left for the day and used it. get a chance to pick up so i actually impressed we got everything we needed to.
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fedex were unable to deliver many for christmas again because of the severe weather. erika: a secret santa surprising a mother in leon minister this christmas with special delivery just in time for the holiday. as newscenter5's doug meehan reports, she made a big decision to share her good fortune. >> sure, the usual presents, but a bit of without ribbon or bows all. >> this is the letter. reporter: a letter addressed to the mother of four was something another than a boston postmark to in kate the storage in a side, a note and $200 in cash. >> be a prend. >> god loves me behind the wildest dreams. i hope it helps you and your family to have a merry, a very merry christmas. reporter: overwhelmedded by the generosity.
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i said why me. >> cynthia worked for the program for the past 18 year and received her christmas miracle the first thing she thought of was someone else. she knew that she had to pay it forward literally. >> after giving a $50 bill each to her two grown children and buying gifts with 50 more. she used the remaining money to buy 80ars of baby food for a 3-year-old whose father had fallen on hard time and feared the special needs child would go hungry this christmas. >> they were so happy and still did do something for someone else. >> she may never know who granted the christmas miracle but has message. >> whoever did it. i want to say thank you. bless somebody else. reporter: doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: next on wcvb newscenter 5: from the phone the queen to president obama himself. a messaging of hope and a call for peace on christmas. we have a look at celebrations around the world.
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the days ahead and a couple of storms which one which will bring the wintry mix. phil: a rock star helping to
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erika: cardinal sean o'malley held christmas mass at st. francis house in downtown boston today. cardinal sean spreading a message of hope at the shelter that serves the homeless. this is an annual tradition.
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workers there adding more needs to be done to help people who have no place to live. phil: from the vatican to the land down under and across the war-torn countries of the world, millions of people paused to celebrate christmas today. and world leaders used their voices to spread a message of peace. like these volunteers feeding the needy in italy. 33 years and counting. christmas cheer also took over countries rocked by violence with parade is in syria and ray yers in bethlehem. the center of rye lens between israelis and palestinians. prompting pope francis deliver a message of peace not only in the
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britain, a message of love from queen elizabeth. >> christ unhanging message was not one of revenge or violence but simply that we should love one another. president obama. during this season we also honor those who depend those values in our country's uniform. >> a tribute for soldiers including these men and women celebrating christmas in afghanistan. >> i am not with my family but i have a job i have to do and i have to make. because of the potential for terror attacks there was in creased security around the world and today including the warning about a terror fleet the u.s. and british embassies in china. today. they wanted to something for firefighters who work on christmas so they trekked to the firehouse armed with arsenal of holiday treats. five-year-old levi and 6 arer
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their best delivery and their pessage to the men and women. >> what did you bring? >> what did you bring into crispy treats. >> snow men. >> there is pretzels and marshmallow for the hand. thank for putting out fires and helping people. >> cute. firefighters loved the treats of course and invited the kids in for tour of the truck before they left. i am sure a big tell that. >> so great. a. >> love rice crispy treats. phil: i still love a harvey, it doesn't mart how old you are. meteorologist: that is a good idea. salty and sweet. ed: snowman, harv. meteorologist: i mean, you cannot even fathom it. yes, i will let you know now. probably waking up tuesday morning to a birth of
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really when you look at these highs today. 62 in boston. 64 in prove deps. providence was record breaker and a record tier in worcester. look at the 64's. obviously, a lot of records have been broken across northern new england. all time december warmth has been established in some places in northern new york state in the last couple of days. all right. 62 degrees. the high today in boston. that high temperature, 24 degrees above the average. pea low, 49. also 24 degrees above the average. so this is a 24-degree above average day and the month incredible in. the first day was little bit below average and after this, all been above. a lot of hates about been way before and turn out to be this warmest sems ber on record. i mean, we only have like six days to go and right now, the average for the month is 47. and look that. we only, i mean, 41 is the warmest we had. this is not only going to brk the record but going to shatter it.
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down the east coast be a very warm. notice a little bit chillier to the north and so it will be a little bit cooler for tomorrow. you may notice the difference. where we going to have a couple of storms to deal with. in. not cold enough here. but far northern new england especially central and northern maine will pick up accumulating snow late tomorrow night into sunday. but not it. 57 is our temperature. winds though to the north-northwest so that signifies a slight cooling that is going to come in now around concord. so waking up tomorrow morning, to 30 answer our distance and northern western areas. 46 in a boston. another ok day but not as warm as the last couple. boston, the upper 40's may make it to 50 or just above in the southern parts of the area. tomorrow night will be chilly but not real cold. that is important because the late at night. the rain is going to come in and will be rain. not ice or snow. on sunday, south of boston could
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stay in the 40's concord may be around 40 degrees then it starts to turn colder during sunday night and much colder for monday and monday night at some of this cold air gets in here briefly just in time for the start of that next storm which is not one, that this is rain for late tomorrow night. the storm after that will be cold enough to start as snow. there is sunshine for tomorrow. with some clouds to the south. the clouds will thicken tomorrow might. the rain comes in late saturday might and into sunday morning. the rest of sunday later on in the morning and afternoon will be showery this then we start to clear sunday is when the cold air will be coming in. as we check out the next seven days, there is the ok saturday. then some wet weather sunday with rain early. then showery after that. monday will be bright. some high clouds late. windy and colder. look we start in the 20's early tuesday. that whens the precipitation will be coming in. so it does look like a burst of snow will be coming in at that time.
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kind of showing an inch or two on in boston. if the burst comes in and a little bit heavier, then there is room for are a little bit more than that before any mixing or change can occur. and i did want to show you, oops. are get that. okay. let's go back to the 7 day if we can. we will show you what we are doing here all right. we can. all right. there you go. one last look at it. once again, i want to tell you, it is basicalliening colder. sunday night and monday and monday night so we probably will have a burst of accumulating snow to start off tuesday and then it may transition to icy mix inland and probably the rain along the coast as we get to the afternoon hours. that for you. back to you. >> all right. all the way through december. >> almost so close. >> all right. thanks. >> and must be time to pay jackpot. how much money on the line. >> a police officer on patrol
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>> if you are feeling lucky, you may want to head out to buy a powerball ticket. no one has hit the jackpot since november 4th? there has not been one this high since september. 11:00. you may not believe this. a close encounter with wildlife for the police officer. it with as supposed to be routine overnight patrol for officer lance benjamin until he was assaulted by assaulted by the guy by an owl that plu to the vehicle through the open within did he and began peck at the head and scratching the back and even slammed him a few teems. officer benjamin's defensive use. >> i tood to keep control of my car went to the ditch and some trees. finally they would stop the consider and pit in prk and get out and there he was chilling
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>> just chilling out. jer benjamin rolled done the passenger side win did he and the owl flew out. after 45 minutes of chilling out there. the officer received a shot and some antibiotic ap returned to work for the rest of his shift. now he will keep his windows rolled up. >> an owl of all things. >> it is bizarre. we got the late rest in the injury report for you. how the jets could gain the
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>> patriots' roster merv gets a break even on christmas. tonight julian edelman was declared doubtful.
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patriots even made a few roster moves. the tight end cleveland in the place they picked up troy hill but the quarterback matchup and everyone is looking for ward to has veteran reavis versus malcolm butler. very successful time he had. and great having him as a teammate so he brings a lot to the defense that he plays on and played him a bunch of times and in tampa and back material the jets. played against him every year and some form or fashion. he is a great player. he is a great player and doing play. >> malcolm has come a long which on and off the field and, you know, professional as a professional football player and so he has worked really hard at
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reported him and din come from him. you know? some big division one program, you know, big heisman rov if i winner or anything like to. >> they don't tell the full story. malcolm butler looks good next to rivas. 60 combined tackles for the young pro bowler but they will have a tough time with riffs have on the other side of the football. >> let's be real, though. they will have the hands will the healthy bronk. they always do. in two games, this is the knee in are are ry he has exploded for 141-yard and two touchdowns. >> seeing the best and couldn't cover him so it doesn't matter. we got to mix it up to play our game and not about gronk. it is about us trying to peat them. >> that's the whole year. they had solid defense and they are very solid the last time we played them and competitive and tough. they go and i am going to expect that again and they are good. they are solid unit and we got
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>> of course, it won a be christmas without matchup in the nba the finals' rematch. cav anwariers. james trying to tight up with a big three but curry wouldn't have it. only 19 tonight. but every sen gel one of them was in port. they got close to three points with a minute to go and lays it in. puts the game's way. golden state still only has one lost on the season. remarkable. >> and if you have been to a celtics' gam you may have had plash sure of hearing a special tune ob the jumbotron and hop ply had the fill tonight because this attempt bay the celtics sort of misses the mark a little bit. due rolf the red nosed reindeer nope. great rudolph the red nosed reindeer. had a very shiny nose
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laugh ap call them name and never left poor rudolph playing any other reindeer games. >> none of them. >> vom trying. others din tray so hard. >> really cute. >> all right. the nice weather. right. >> chillier and watch out for tuesday morning early. >> all right.
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