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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 27, 2015 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, killer tornadoes. a reported half dozen twisters carving a path of devastation right through dallas. >> that's it. hundreds left homeless, at least eight people killed. >> all you heard was just debris hitting the house. hitting the house. >> danger is far from over as much severe weather is on the way on this huge travel day. gma on the ground. new shooting outrage. >> why do police have to keep killing our youth? something needs to be done about this. >> tension rising.
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for a police department already under fire terror tape. the leader of isis emerging from shadows, making new threats this morning. his chilly message. who he's going after next. and caught on camera, did these two women target an nba star and steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry. police launching an investigation focusing on this video. have they pulled off this crime before? . paula is off. very happy to have the e is sill ya with us this morning. we do have a big story developing this morning. look at this monster storm brewing right in the middle of the country this is happening right in the holiday rush. expected to bring flash flood, ice, blizzard conditions.
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twisters reported in texas, check out this damage right there. as many as eight people killed and look at this a church ripped to shreds. >> extremely sad. we have team coverage of this storm and we begin with phillip mena. >> dan, good morning. pretty much everything around here is soaked and it's hard to wrap your mind around the magnitude of the devastation. you see cars blown into streets. in this neighborhood, the devastation is everywhere that you look. >> that's it, oh, my god, that's it! >> reporter: overnight a series of tornadoes devastating north texas. >> that's a tornado! >> carving a path of destruction through the greater dallas area. >> huge tornado -- >> reporter: leaving at least eight dead and injuring 50
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some areas to declare a local disaster. >> oh, no, it hit something. >> reporter: the national weather service sending out a tweet telling people to get to shemter now if in the area! >> ft. worth has issued a tornado warning. >> reporter: as the large and extremely dangerous twisters leveled entire neighborhoods. everything went down. >> reporter: the pastor said it happened so fast he couldn't escape. the building caving in on top of him. >> crawling toward the hallway. couldn't too far. everything has collapsed. >> reporter: another twister here, taking down power lines and causing a series of explosion. >> we have gas everywhere! >> reporter: over 50,000 people
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following the storm. the violent storm even visible from the air. >> we have been moved here for the wait for the storm to pass. >> that evacuation ordered lift saturday night, officials allowing flights back in the area just after 9:00 p.m. as we were going to air this morning, we saw police running past us, they tell us that someone was still trapped down that street, so the recovery efforts are still far from over and as you can tell, so is the storm. >> you have been on the ground in that area all night, just give us a sense of what you're seeing, how widespread is the damage? >> just driving over here to this neighborhood, we saw home after home after home that looked similar to this, we saw cars that were just blown into the streets.
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highway filled with flattened vehicles. hotels around the town are filling up with all the displaced residents. >> this morning, so many people still picking the pieces up after those storms. after it was all over sheer devastation. >> thankful we're alive, that's all. >> i looked out the window and saw the funnel around my house. i dove into the hallway. >> we saw an explosion, an electrical explosion, it was spinning right towards us. we went into the bathtub and all you heard was debris hitting the house and then all you sao is trees and washing machines -- >> i have been going up and down around the alley to make sure the gas was blowing through, crazy. >> reporter: all the smoke, the fires, it just all sinks in. i'm still in disbelief.
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>> it's just sad. it's hard to see all of these people's livelihoods gone. cars flipped over in front of houses. it's hard to see. >> when the sun comes up when it really hits for these people. you see that devastation. >> bad news is, there's more bed weather on the way. >> it is. in the southeast, that death toll still rising from dais of tornadoes there. or the torrential downpours that sparked flooding. and many are facing blizzard warnings. indra peterson is here tracking it all. >> this is supposed to be the biggest travel day of the year behind me. 90 million people could see bad weather. hard to believe that is from the exact same system. flood warnings. ice storms in the mix. blizzard warnings. here we go, this is all one system, all you to remember, a
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if you're in the front, you're pulling that moisture from the south. on the backside of the system, all that cold air is coming down from canada, why you're getting gusty winds and blizzards out there and heavy amounts of snow as the day goes on. it only gets worse. look at this system spread into the midwest, an icing threat as we go to outside portions of chicago through tomorrow. monday, tuesday, this heads into the northeast. lot of severe weather still in the mix. >> as you mentioned the timing of the storm really could not be worse it hits right in the thick of the holiday travel scramble. and devin dwyer covering that part of the story. >> reporter: the check-inform lines starting to build in me
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as for those flights, the aa reports no major delays. travel today in many places will not be smooth. after the holiday comes the headache to get home. seattle. this is the line to check luggage outside. >> reporter: this morning, millions are bracing themselves for this -- >> inside, there are just lines everywhere. >> reporter: massive lines and long waits. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. canceled. more than 4400 delayed. the unforeseen delays. this flight from new york to ft. lauderdale was evacuated after smoke was spotted coming from the plane. now, spirit airlines said thankfully no one was injured in that accident. the faa expects 2 million to fly this morning. they're thankful for the unseasonably warm temperatures. meaning fewer delays this year from snow.
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we turn now to yet another police shooting, tensions rising in chicago this morning the police department there under new scrutiny. officers killing a teenager and also accidentally shooting and killing a mother of five. abc's alex press is in chicago now with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. the victims' families are demanding answers at this point. chicago police haven't explained why the officer fired his weapon. the chis mrig department is once again facing backlash. >> officers fatally shot 19-year-old college student and accidentally killed a 55-year-old mother of five, betty jones. after responding a domestic disturbance call at his home. he was allegedly threatening his father with bat.
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loud, but not violent. >> reporter: jones lived on the ground floor of the two-story home shared with him and was opening the door when she was caught in the line of fire and shot once. >> upon their arrival, they were confronted by a combatant individual. >> reporter: the shooting came two days after protests against chicago police department's actions. shut down parts of the magnificent mile, a high-end shopping district in the city. >> why do police have to keep killing our innocent youth? >> reporter: rahm emanuel facing calls for his resignation said in a statement, any time an officer uses force the public deserves answers and regardless of the circumstances we all grieve any time there's a loss
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and an independent police review this. we're going to move on now, this morning, we're hearing from perhaps the most wanted man in the world, the leader of isis, audio recording in which he specifically threatens israel. >> reporter: with isis under pressure and losing ground in both is syria and iraq, this latest message could be more of desperation or a threat. this is believed to be the voice behind isis. a statement delivered by the man claiming to be isis' leader. after seven months of silent, baghdadi seems desperate to rally his followers. the u.s.-led coalition has killed his second in command and the isis in charge of the oil
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parts of syria and iraq. the supply lines have been heavily damaged. retreat. in this message he appears to be issuing a call to arms. quote, waging this battle is a duty upon every muslim and no one is excused. he also threatens israel directly. to liberate palestine. one administration official dismisses it as more isis propaganda. dan. >> thank you, jim avila reporting from hawaii this morning. back to business in the race to the white house. this morning, the candidates hitting the campaign trail after a brief christmas break. >> and abc news' chief white
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hosting "this week" this morning. you spent some time with republican front-runner donald trump, he's starting to throw his line of attack to bill clinton and hillary clinton. >> yeah, he spent so much tearing apart each and every one of the republican opponents with the exception of ted cruz. now he's gone after hillary clinton hard. hillary clinton has made it clear that bill clinton is going to be out on the campaign trail which prompted this tweet from donald trump. basically accusing bill clinton of sexism. he got a whole long list of sexism. he made it very clear. he'll be bringing up that past, monica lewinsky, et cetera. get ready for trump to train that negativity on that. one point on this, the clinton
7:14 am
absolutely thrilled to run against donald trump, that would be her easiest path to victory. but take a look at this poll, the most recent national poll, head to head matchup between hillary clinton and donal trump. hillary clinton slightly ahead. they are statistically tied in the most recent national poll. >> yeah, the clinton campaign would love nothing more than a run against trump. all eyes on iowa and new hampshire. that gop field is still completely packed. ted cruz riding high in iowa. rubio, christie, bush, all hoping to be in new hampshire. >> first of all n iowa, the big thing as you mentioned ted cruz in many of the recent polls is slightly ahead of donald trump. one of the big questions is, how does trump react if he loses in
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you know, he's built his whole campaign by being the winner. in new hampshire, you have a whole gaggle of candidates who are banking their entire future of winning in new hampshire. chris christie, marco rubio, john kasich. not all of them can survive losing in new hampshire. >> a tight race in new hampshire jon, thank you. much more on that sit-down with donald trump. he's also reviewing governor john kasich. all coming up on abc's "this week." >> that's later this morning. thank you, john. over to ron for a look at the other stories developing this morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with yet another mall shooting, this one in georgia, inside of a commercial complex packed with shoppers, many of them taking their christmas gift returns back to the store.
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came running out of the mall after multiple shots were fired. several stores put on lockdown. a group of men were arguing outside the mall, one pulled out a gun and started shooting. the shooter ran into the mall and fired more shots while people were shopping there. and the leader of a muslim american advocacy is calling for a hate crime investigation after a possible fire bomb was thrown at this california mosque, it was thrown over the fence and landed at the door of the mosque. a day after officials in texas that a fire at a houston mosque was arson and early this month, a suspect was arrested for allegedly setting fire to mosque. a reported holiday terror threat, police in austria they got a tip from an unidentified
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firms in major european capitals have been warned of that possibility of an attack and stepped up surveillance of locations where large crowds were expected the. back here at home and the battle against that enormous blaze, this morning, fire officials saying the wildfire is just 60% contained. they have been working since early saturday to gain the upper hand and locate possible hot spots, shutting down parts of saturday. and homicide investigators in maine are trying to unravel a double murder mystery. the bodies were discovered inside the front seats of their suv parked on a remote dirt road on christmas day. the couple reportedly died of gunshot wounds.
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christmas wish lists this, many of them who got them are paying a different price. the a baseball player wiping out on his new howeverboard on christmas day. he was distracted. rachel, possibly listening to justin bieber. >> he's not alone, congressman learned it the hard way, tweeting a picture of himself saturday with an arm in his sling. saying the gift was his daughter. he hended up in the hospital for using his kid's howeverboard. >> what a supportive wife of her husband wiping out. finally a saturday night college football game right here at yankee stadium when this happened. check this out. >> going in, touchdown, alex rodriguez!
7:19 am
touchdown, alex rodriguez! the indiana against duke at stadium. shares the name with, well, a-rod. the freshman a-rod ran for his third career touchdown in the third quarter. the yankees tweeting -- >> that's pretty good. >> dan doesn't who know he is. >> you had over/under. >> which is which? >> do you even know who -- >> he won big in vegas. >> my wife went to duke, i would be rooting for duke and what sport was that again? let's change the subject to talk weather. what do you have? >> i wished i had good news. i wanted to show what happened yesterday across the plains. it's such a warm season, but look at the amount of snow
7:20 am
plains, we're talking wind drifts as high as -- snow drifts high as 15 -- now, you're looking at this and you're thinking it's the plains. it's so nice in the northeast. this isn't going to affect us, think again. this picture is a about to change, look at that cold air is spilling right in. by monday morning out here in the northeast, temperatures in the new york city are going to feel like it's below freezing. here comes the snow. anywhere from the plains, look at it spread all of the way through new england. we'll be talking about heavy snow making its way. this morning. another batch of showers as we start to talk about tonight's forecast. behind it comes the cold weather. today 56 degrees. don't plan on much sunshine. maybe a hint here or there. most of the rain will be this morning. it will be a little bit of drizzle and spot showers as we
7:21 am
only 36 degrees for a high temperature. then on tuesday, watch out. the morning commute is going to be slow with snow changing over to ice and eventually to >> we have a lot of angry faces on the set. it's not my fault. the 70s are going to 30s. >> i'm holding her responsible. >> i am, too. she does this thing, she seems so happy when she's talking about snow. >> thank you, drain. coming up here on "good morning america" -- police are rook looking for these two women seen on this surveillance. did they steal hundreds of thousands dollars worth of jewelry from an nba star. plus, a golfer shipping nightmare. the abc news fixer to the rescue. and a star wars surprise. the christmas present that came
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>> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist mike wankum. mike: good morning. a rather rainy one so far. the temperatures are basically on the very mild side out there. today it looks like we'll see high temperatures up around 56 degrees. watch out. here comes the cold weather on monday.
7:28 am
of some snow on tuesday morning. this is all happening after midnight tomorrow night. you see what happens. 6:00 in the morning, there is snow across the area. i think generally one to three inches of snow but more as you look towards the northwest especially up along 495 and lesser amounts as you look down to the south. the timeline on this, the morning commute is snowing. by the time we get to 9:00 we get rain. that will make its way to boston around lunchtime or so. we'll finish the whole thing off with a bit of rain as we talk about the afternoon hours. that's going to be happening on tuesday. and then as we clear things out aing bit on wednesday, another chance of seeing some rain on thursday. not much of a chance. we do warm things up a little
7:29 am
welcome back to "good morning america" on a sunday morning. happening right now -- deadly tornadoes in texas. carving a path of destruction through the greater dallas area, at least it a people killed. officials in some areas declaring local disasters. these tornadoes were companied by torrential rain, some wind and hail. police in san francisco are investigate ing a crash involving a double-decker tour bus, nine people injured, including two children, that crash coming about a month after double-decker sightseeing bus went out of control in san francisco, hitting a cyclist.
7:30 am
smashed the christmas box office weekend. double the early record sets by sherlock holmes set in 2009. now projected to reach the $1 billion mark by the end of the weekend. >> you still haven't seen it? you work for disney. >> i know. i know. >> rachel? >> no. i meant to do it yesterday. let me tell us -- coming up on the show, getting your finances in order for the new year, ways to cut the clutter from banking to your bills. how to protect xwrours from credit card fraud. but first, caught on camera a pair of women who may have pulled off an audacious heist. >> they met a pro nba star and partied with him into the wee
7:31 am
abc's marci gonzalez here with the late zmres a guy who makes about $5 million a year, exactly the kind of target police say criminals go after in this type of plot they're seeing all too often. this morning, police are looking for these two women, they say may have pulled off a racy heist, stealing hundreds of thousands worth of jewelry from new york knicks player williams. according to police the 24-year-old nba forward met the women last weekend releasing the surveillance footage of the two women leaving the club. after an hour and a half, the women left and williams said he later noticed $617,000 worth of jewelry including a $50,000 rolex, three diamond ring and three gold chains all gone.
7:32 am
locked up. >> reporter: police still haven't identified the women, for now, calling them persons of interest. investigators believe this may not have been the first time they pulled off this kind of crime. the nypd explains they're seeing it more often. women intentionally targeting men in bars and clubs to get into their homes. >> a large majority of the time it doesn't get reported, because people have been caught in a compromising situation. >> no comment on this from williams and police are still looking for that stolen jewelry and for those two women. >> there's something to be said here about being careful at a nightclub. >> yes. >> the danger of the male ego. coming up, let's talk
7:33 am
up -- we're not going to a commercial. let's talk about it right now. the weather. >> i don't mind a rainy day, but there's a thing of too much rain. springfield, missouri, take a look at this car dealership, guys, look at the rows and rows of cars inundated with water. last thing they want to hear more rain is on the way. high-water rescues are occurring just outside of st. louis. one low out here, as the day goes on, it's only expected to get worse. this guy is going to be making its way up into the midwest. notice, icing conditions. chicago, detroit, your morning commute tomorrow, after that, into the northeast and again, the severe weather threat is
7:34 am
mike: good morning. i'm meteorologist mike wankum. high temperature today is 56 degrees. the showers this morning will push off shore. we may get a little thinning to that overcast as we head through the day. another batch of showers late into the day. watch out for tuesday morning. could be some wintery mix for >> that weather was brought to you by macy's. i'm crossing my fingers for everyone out there traveling today. coming up here on "good morning america" -- the abc news fixer helping out when some golf greens. shipping your stuff.
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by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. pit's time for our next president roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, take on big business, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. getting your package delivered late is one thing. having it never arrive at its destination is something completely different. >> a woman thought shipping her golf clubs to her destination was a stroke of genius -- get it. she ended up needing a caddie. she needed someone in her corner like the abc news fixer. if it's warm sunny day or even
7:39 am
find her on the golf course. here she is on the course, and here just after hitting a hole in one. >> we try to golf every weekend. >> reporter: she lives in wisconsin with her partner steve rosen that'll. they figured they ship their clubs through fedex rather than drag them through the airport. >> i started watching the tracking numbers on their website. >> reporter: but then, bad news, fedex had whiffed. >> that had find a set of golf clubs, sent them back to wisconsin. >> reporter: remember, artist was in california for the sole purpose of golfing and now with no gear. she rented clubs and bought shoes and balls and clubs for .
7:40 am
to recoup their losses. but fedex denied the claim twice. >> it was denied because the clubs were not lost or damaged. >> reporter: it was time to call in the abc news fixer. >> stephanie called me back. >> reporter: to see if she got her out of the bunker. par for the course, our fixer got right to work. >> this is what we shipped them in and it just locks. >> reporter: the fixer asked fedex to take another look. the company wanted some additional receipts. in just a few days they had it all worked out. cutting a check for $318.56. the shipping costs and her incidentals. they also sent a handwritten noept. >> be sure to ask about the shipping company's guarantee.
7:41 am
up to $100 and be sure to read the terms very carefully. many companies have special rules when you ship things like art work and jewelry. and third, keep records and receipts. >> good to know. if you have a consumer problem for the abc news fixer you can find her at she's already recovered $1.7 million for frustrated customers. >> ron was watching that story like a hawk. >> i have shipped golf clubs. and i always worry. >> speaking of claiborne, we're going to save you money in the new year. it's our weekend download with ron right after the break.
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erline test text1 italics test text1 plain this morning on the weekend download we're helping you to jump-start your january. re-evaluate your finances and makes some changes to help set you up in 2016. what's a good first set toward getting our financial houses in order in the new year. >> cut the clutter. get rid of the bills. get all the things. the missay us now and go to autopay. go to online banking. if you have e-mails, subscribing to services you're not using unsubscribe. >> it seems like every day we're getting e-mails from scrammers, credit card fraud, how can you protect yourself from these kind
7:45 am
>> identity theft cost americans $25 billion a year. there's great app right there, they track all of your payments, all your charges coming out of your credit cards. >> okay, i got to confess, i haven't checked my credit report in five years. >> not the best idea, ron. you can check your credit report, you're looking for errors. you want to check for accounts you may not recall setting up. >> happy new year, rebecca. >> check your credit report, ron. good advice. coming up on "good morning america" -- the famous face who got silly stringed on christmas.
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sara is out and we're very lucky and happy to have rachel smith. >> oh, thank you. great to have you back. guys, first up, hey, everybody, hold that thought. i'll explain. the band 5 seconds of summer really knows how to heat things up. here's the proof the boys posing in birthday suits on rolling stone magazine and bearing all in but, this is being called their most candid interview, ever. the aussie pop rockers who blew the crowd at "good morning america's" concert. some fans took to twitter to criticize the group. others are skeptical the wild claims are really true. >> hard to believe. >> they're young kids. so
7:50 am
you should read it for sure. anyway, the mother of a star wars fan just gave her son the ultimate gift -- all the better than it's more than 30 years late. so crazy. it seems dear old man forgot to give him this luke skywalker action figure and with the force awakens opening is perfect timing. everything is old again. that's what i'm hearing. >> it's filled with huge nostalgia buttons. >> we did a little research there. mom paid $2.50 back in the '80s at k mart. old luke is worth $300. this sounds like that would have
7:51 am
oh, mom, here's a gift from over 30 years ago. >> i think it's awesome. >> the guy is like, i'm not giving it up. next up, guys, poof celebrities they're just like you and me during the holidays. katy perry posting a hilarious instagram video on christmas morning. take a look. i mean, a little silly string action. >> who did this to her? >> a are friend, who knows. jennifer aniston and justin theroux hitting the slopes and the beckhams. just so beautiful and justin tim bear laik on instagram calling his son the greatest cris est est christmas gift ever. >> you always post the adorable moment and you have had good
7:52 am
your son's got some cute cheeks. >> carefully cure rated. >> nothing like seeing folks having fun and very casual during the holidays with their families. finally, guys, speaking of babies the new hottest of the extended duggar family, spur on, looking so cute in his santa hat. later on, she shared this photo of the guy looking more alert. >> is that a cardigan he's wearing in. >> it's like a onesie cardigan. it's kind of awesome. guys if you have been following her journey to motherhood, it was scary at some points. all playing out in tlc. >> the end was just solid, he
7:53 am
and it was really sweet. >> catch the third and final episode of jill and jessa counting on tonight. >> congratulations to them and thank you very much for coming in on this holiday weekend. >> oh, what a treat. we'll see you later. >> live from wcvb-tv, channel 5, this is a newscenter 5 "eyeopener" update." antoinette: good morning. so glad you're with us on this sunday, december 28. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: i'm doug meehan. following breaking news on the eye at 8:00. a convicted bank robber turns himself in.
7:54 am
after a short time on the run. antoinette: flames erupt at a multi-family home in dorchester. what firefighters say sparked the blaze. doug: a maine girl with cancer gets her christmas wish. the clutch move from tom brady off the field. mike? mike: well, we have basically mild conditions kind of moving in across the area. we also have a few scattered showers. the showers this morning associated with this warm front. this cold front will come passing through as we head late this afternoon and this evening. mild air is here right now. cold air behind that one. let me break it down in the seven-day forecast. show you what will happen. today 56 degrees. time line of that rain. the steadiest rains are out of here. what we're left with is a lot of gray skies, drizzle out there. that will continue really off and on throughout the day. we may get a little thinness to the overcast as we head through the afternoon. keep your fingers crossed. if that happens, we'll see temperatures skyrocketing up into the 60's looking like a delightful day at that pint. that cold front comes through. here's the way it looks looks at 6:00. not as widespread rain as this morning. it will sweep on through. there are the skies clearing
7:55 am
monday. this is going to be a chilly day. look at the temperatures in the morning. mid 30. watch what happens as i put that into motion. they go nowhere. if anything they start to go down which sets us fowpor a
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