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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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tonight. otherwise tomorrow we cleart on out and then good news for your new year's eve celebrations. it looks dry for new year's eve and colder as we bring in the new year. we're going break down that forecast for today now as the eyeopener continues. randy: mounting frustration after hundreds of t riders are forced out in the cold. the issue on the blue line not tied to the wintry mix but still angering passengers. erika: major flooding concerns right now in the midwest. the new concerns for emergency workers including levees on the verge of being compromised. randy: a close call at logan, a drone at the center of it. the potential threat getting the faa and state police involved,
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erika: this kid is speaking olessa's language. do you love bacon, olessa? i think you do. olessa: yes. erika: the first taste of bacon that is getting a lot of laughs on social media. good morning, i'm erika tarantal. randy: i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon slick in spots this morning. cindy: it is . anything that was not treated, temperatures in the 20's pretty much all night long. icy and slippery this morning. watch your step out the door this morning. radar appears to be dry but you may encounter a patch or two of mist or drizzle. just a heads up, use a little morning. it is cold out there. readings in the lower 20's in beverley.
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the cape around 40 degrees. you can see all sort s of cloud cover out there this morning. these are going to stick around all day long although it will be a mainly dry day. another round of rain during the overnight hours. part. sun is up at 7:13. there will be a lot of clouds. temperatures don't really reach the freezing mark until 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. low to mid 30's north and west of boston. pretty quiet day jozef all. some melting happening this afternoon. this morning, watch out out there. a little icy on the roads. olessa: we can see a little bit of that shimmer across the zakim bridge. you really want to be careful out there , especially entrance and exit ramps. let's get to maps now. the good thing, not dealing with any construction.
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boston. making your way south of town, really same story. no complaint or delays to speak of. as you make your way west along the pike and route 9, so far it is a quiet start. 93 south all the way into boston and the trains and buses are starting on schedule. erika: right now commuters are hoping for a smoother ride after emergency repairs turned the ride home into a nightmare. randy: hundreds were stranded in the cold last night just trying to get where they were going. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live in braintree with the headaches for the t. antoinette: here on the red line the concern is cold and potential icey conditions. that triggers severe delays on tuesday. on the blue line it was a whole different problem. this loose metal grate in a tunnel was the issue, not the weather. train service was shut down
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repairs. hundreds of blue line passengers has to wait for the 45 emergency shuttle buses sent by the t. many of them were already packed when they arrived to pick up passengers. >> you pay all of this money and they increase the rates every year or every other year and this is what you get. reporter: it took about an hour for bus service to catch up with demand. blue line service is expected to run normally today. with the red line exposed to these cold and icy conditions, we will be watching the situation and let you know if anything happens. randy: right now one person is dead after a crash in new hampshire involving secret service agents. it happened on route 16 in wakefield that's in the lakes region. police say the agents were driving south at around 7
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them head on. that driver, bruce danforth, died at the scene. all the agents and their two passengers were taken to hospitals, but it's not clear how badly they were hurt. right now two people are hospitalized after being hit by a snow plow in tyngsboro. we're told it happened in a restaurant parking lot on middlesex road. the man and woman in their late 20's have non fe threatening injuries. a private contractor was operating the plow at the time. that person did stay on the scene and is cooperating with police erika: we are talking about hundreds of hopes being threat bd. cindy: abc's megan hughs takes us to the communities turned the gun. >> an army of volunteers are with sandbags fighting a tough
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in shoes, already flooded. a mcdonald's submerged. a gas station under water. a sewage treatment plant exceeding capacity. many rivers have not crested yet. water touching this bridge on route 66. the missouri goffer is calling in the fastball in -- governor is calling in the national guard. >> you're talking about almost 10 more vertical feet of moving water. >> flooding is blamed for at least 18 deaths in the region and across the country, snowstorms are proving deadly. in new york, this crash between a fedex truck and se dan killed the 22-year-old drive. white-out conditions made travel nearly impossible by road or by air. 850 cots were set up at o'hare airport overnight.
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>> just trying to get home. been a pretty long day. >> today dallas cowboy fourth straight day of misery. yesterday more than 1,000 flights were canceled and more than 6,000 delayed. erika: we didn't get it obviously as severe as many others. cindy: i amtraking more rained possibly some freezing rain tonight. randy: right now, we're hearing a pilots close call in the skies over boston. >> he saw a drone. randy: that air canada fight landed safely after a drone buzzed dangerously close to the jet as it approached logan airport on christmas day. pilots in boston worry there's no way to talk to drone
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the sky. >> as they get more advanced, they get the ability to fly higher and that's where you start to run into bigger issues. randy: drones are restricted from flying above 400 feet and within five miles of airports. this one was 800 feet up and just two miles out. the incident is under investigation by the faa. randy: the so-called affluenza teenager and his mother are expected to return to the u.s. today to face charges. and now we're learning it was a ethan couch at a resort in mexico. he and his mother were arrested there monday after couch violated probation, for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. couch avoided jail time when the defense argued he was coddled into irresponsibility by his rich parents.
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will be held without bail. police say they found more than 100 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in daniel peristere's home last week. at a hearing yesterday, a judge ruled he could pose a danger to the public and would be held for 100:20 days. police say pieristere had made threatening comments against officers. erika: new this morning, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan may be looking for more u.s. troops on the ground there. army general john campbell says the planned troop reduction in 2017 should be put off as long he called the current mission to train afghan forces and conduct anti-terror raids vital. killed by a suicide bomber outside bagram air force base. erika: twitter is cracking down amid calls for the social media site to take a harder line on threats and abusive behavior. twitter revised it's rules of kinds of tweets are prohibited. the policy says twitter will not intimidates or uses fear to
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randy: commitment 2016: donald trump is planning a big infusion of campaign cash. the republican frontrunner says he'll start spending at least $2 million a week starting monday. that will include big buys in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. he's self-financing his presidential run and says his $15 million under budget. and this morning, easy he has one less rival for the white house. former new york governor george pataki is dropping out of the race. pataki's departure leaves an even dozen republicans in the running. erika: on the democratic side. hillary clinton is wrapping up her day in new hampshire, where the first primary will be held in 6 weeks. clinton hosted town halls in portsmouth and ber-lin. she discussed opioid addiction, equal pay for women and challenged gun owners to take the lead on more gun control. >> it is really time for gun owners to form a different organization that will do more
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and stand up for the safety of our children and our communities. erika: her husband, former president bill clinton will make his first campaign stop in new hampshire on monday. the latest polls put clinton neck and neck with bernie sanders in the granite state. erika: democrat martin o'malley hosted what could be called a very intimate campaign event. just one person showed up for his event in the tiny iowa town of tama. with a powerful winter storm, he wasn't expecting a big turnout. o'malley did spent one-on-one time with the man named kenneth but says he didn't get a commitment on his vote. randy: this morning we're hearing from a mom who lost her 4-year-old son days before christmas in a horrific fire. erika: only on 5 that mother talking about her devastating loss. and the steps being taken today in the search for what sparked the flames. new this morning, home prices in boston hitting new heights. the data showing it's not just the hub seeing prices soar. randy: also new, getting what you really want for christmas.
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your holiday returns into treasure. cindy? cindy: we're getting a break from the precipitation but not for long. the rain moving in before we ring in 2016. first here's what to expect when you head out the door in the 20's in nashua, boston.
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>> happy holidays. good morning, channel 5. >> good morning! randy: happy holidays to you. those folks just part of the more than 250 volunteers at hallmark health. there are also dozens of high schoolers that help out every day. erika: show us how you're helping your community with a wake up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. cindy: if it was untreated, consider it slippery this morning. if it was treated, you would use
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it is the untreated surfaces that you will need too use caution. far northern western areas, worcester county, temperatures may be cold enough as the rain moves in that there could be freezing rain. a freezing rain advisory tonight starting around 7:00 through the wee hours of the morning. the radar, pretty quiet. a couple of snow showers off to the north and west. a little patch of mr. drizzle. there may be one or two of those that you could encounter on your way in this morning. boston this morning, 25 degrees. the wind out of the north at eight miles per hour. mow want to bundle up out the door this morning. you can see the temperatures now are mildest down in cape with wr it is close to 40.
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plymouth as well. otherwise a lot of 20's showing up. boston , mid 20's now. we're going to stay in the twenty until 9:00 this morning. thereafter, we'll see temperatures come up near the freezing mark. a lot of clouds this afternoon. a mostly cloudy day today. you can see how the clouds are tight this morning. no real push to clear us out today. we see low moisture gathering to our south. today, mainly a dry day. mostly cloudy skies. winds out of the knot, northeast. mid to upper 30's, boston north and west. 38 in town today as we go through the day, a lot of clouds hanging tight. through the evening commute it will be dry. after, here comes some rain sneaking up from the south. it is warm enough for plain old rain. to the north, see the little bit of pink showing up sh that is
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be out there. overnight traveling could be a little bit slippery to the north and west. temperatures out the door in the low to mid 30's could be a little bit slippery. otherwise that, pulls out. look at this as we head to the last day of 2015 and bring in the new year, cold weather. it is a quiet pattern after get past tonight. tomorrow although we start the day with clouds, i think we'll brighten up with a little bit of sunshine in afternoon . no worries if you're heading into the city. temperatures near 40 and drop into the 30's as get deeper into the evening hours. wind chills in the 20's. just bundle up. it does look dry for your new year's plan.
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route one in saugus. this is a live look at route 1 which so far looks fairly quiet. it is a quiet start with the exception of one crash taking out one lane. beseeds that doing ok. the pike is quiet. route 9, no problems this morning. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. that is a look at your traffic. >> i wanted it to be safe for me and my kids. wanted a better life. erika: only on 5: a westport mother talking about her pain and heartbreak after escaping a fire that killed her 4-year-old son. in hours, investigators will be back on the scene trying to figure out what might have sparked the fire. and if building violations played a role. melody nardolillo talking to newscenter 5 yesterday from her hospital bed.
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family's home. nardolillo says she tried to get to her son, caleb, but the flames and smoke were too much. his teacher brought a gift he made to the hospital a heartbreaking reminder of the young life tragically taken. >> where is the pain? >> my neck, my back, my heart, my soul. reporter: nardolillo is out of the hospital this morning. she says she was planning on moving out of the house after learning of electrical violations. the building inspector has not returned our calls about interaction with the landlord concerning those past violations. randy: the future of a fenway bar could be decided today. city leaders are expected to vote this morning on whether to revoke the liquor license at who's on first. mbta conductor jepthe chery was shot and killed outside the bar on thanksgiving morning. police have made an arrest in the case. randy: a fired rhode island school worker is now accused of taxpayer money to finance a new
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home. among other things. david laplante was fired by the school committee earlier this month. he was charged last week with using district funds to buy thousands of dollars in items for personal use. court documents show hundreds of items were seized from his warwick home. erika: topping economic headlines this morning, the housing markets keeps recovering from the recession. the median price was $340,000. that is up over 2%. lynn, new bedford and fall river also saw a jump in prices. right now futures are down. randy: tmp is the season to get what you really wanted for
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rules that might help you survive the battle of the returns. yes, you can avoid the crowds window on returns. didn't want that gift card? don't just toss it in a drawer cash it in for 90% of the value or more. and finally, don't get tricked at the register. giving into the pitch for one of those store credit cards may just add to your post-holiday debt. erika: a cat finds itself in a tight spot feet in the air. randy: the days long effort to get it back on the ground ahead in eyepoppers. new at 5:30: a sense of closure for the family of an avon man missing for nearly two years. the discovery just made.
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>> thank you very much! randy: the 4th grade woburn tanners really waking us up this morning. erika: congrats to them on winning the holiday classic.
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weather this morning. it is cold out there and icy in spots. cindy: it is cold and been in the 20's all night long. right around 40 on the cape. unless you're on the cape this morning, you need to treat untreated surfaces like they will be slippery this morning. keep that in mind. mostly cloudy skies today. tonight more rain copping in. could start as freezing rain in northern worcester county, southern new hampshire. that rain gets out of here first thing tomorrow morning and we are drying it out. erika: time for your eye poppers. olessa? olessa: neighbors in phoenix started to get worried when they spotted this cat trapped on top of a utility pole for three days. didn't help that temperatures had been close to freezing. so, they called for help. a worker in a bucket went up to rescue the kitty but perhaps he or she just needed a little motivation. the cat scrambled down the pole
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erika: maybe she liked the view up there. olessa: wanted a little attention. >> bacon! >> bacon. >> bacon! olessa: ah, yes the joy of discovering bacon. this little guy gets it. it's love at first bite for 1-year-old easton beach. and who can blame him? he turned into a little ham. it gets even more shrill as it goes on. you have to watch the whole thing. randy: a health insurer apologizing for a jolting wake-up call. and a new look at a daring
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randy: a deadly mystery solved. a discovery in the woods bringing some answers for an avon family. erika: temperatures flaring. the problem forcing emergency repairs and the situation on the rails now.
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saved a life. on the eye. randy: 5:30 on this wednesday morning. we're looking at saugus. the traffic is moving along nicely. major highways in pretty good shape this morning. side roads a little different. olessa: it is super slick. you need to watch your step out the door this morning. cindy: it is so cold out there. 20's the boston. coldest it has been in a while but that is actually about where we should be for this time of year. it has been so warm for so long. kind of a shock to system to be below average this morning. lower 20's, lawrence. around 40 on the cape but wherever we're below freezing, you can assume those untreated
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icy. radar pretty quiet. there could be a flurry or two. nothing widespread this morning. a lot of clouds out there. we're going to hang on no these clouds throughout the day. there is a system to our west bringing in more rain tonight. notice how the temperatures come out of the twhents morning to around the freezing mark between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. north and west of town, low to mid 30's for you. pretty quiet today. it is slippery this morning out the door. let's getout to the roads. olessa: good morning, everyone. starting off with a live look route 1 in saugus which looks let's go to the maps and see the rest of your ride as you travel south. expect a little bit of a delay. west of town, 15 minutes on the
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of town, a quiet start. trains and buses running on schedule. erika? 21 james chase is charged with speeding among other violations. randy: one person is dead after a crash in new hampshire . police say it happened when head on. erika: the blue line is expected to be up and running. service was shut down last night at the height of last night's
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reporter: almost two years to the day that he first vanished, his family says the search is finally over after his remains were found by a hunter in upton. james robinson was fixing his parents' plumbing on new year's day in 2014 when he was taken from their avon home by two men who said they needed a probation related drug test. the men said they were constables and had a document with robertson's photo on it. four men have been charged in connection with the kidnapping including a former dedham police officer. he's accused of providing a badge, handcuffs and other items to the suspects. right now, only robertson's family is confirming that his remains were found by that hunter this weekend. we're still waiting on official word. randy: new this morning, the victims of a drive-by shooting in mattapan were both in state custody.
5:31 am
tells the herald both teens were living in a halfway house. they were shot on willmore street yesterday morning, one young man died from his injuries, but the other is expected to survive. police are now looking for a black acura seen leaving the area. revere police are looking for this man, vicheth so, in connection to a double murder in earlier this month. he is a second suspect in the cristy johnson. apartment; a third person was so faces two murder counts and a charge of attempted murder. another suspect was arrested the day after the killings. erika: a judge will not drop murder charges against a friend of former patriot aaron hernandez. the motion was rejected yesterday. an indictment charges carlos ortiz with one count of murder for the 2013 killing of odin lloyd. hernandez is serving life in prison for lloyd's murder. ortiz and another friend, ernest wallace have pleaded not
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a rockland mother who's already faced tragedy has now lost her home. but this morning, there's a community effort to help maureen o'haire. yesterday her home went up in flames. it is a house she once shared with her son who was killed in iraq in 2007. o'hare has also lost her husband, a mother and another son. this morning she is thankful no one else was lost in the fire. >> they're just things, just things. i have my kids, and my life, and i'll firgure something out. erika: a fund has been set up to help the family recover what they lost. the red cross and other agencies are also providing assistance. firefighters say the fire may have been electrical. randy: tufts health plan is apologizing for an accidental wake-up call. the insurer sent a robocall to as many as 10,000 senior citizens yesterday, between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning. the call, reminding patients to get their flu shots, was supposed to go out between 3:00
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unfortunate mistake. erika: oops. wake up and get your flu shots. cindy: it is now just about now 5:37. a firefighter rescuing someone from a car in flames. trapped in a snow drift for close to 24 hours.
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cindy: good morning. welcome back to the eye open er. exit and entrance ramps might be a little bit tricky. the roads slippery and cold enough. cindy: temperatures in the 20's for a lot of thus morning. boston and worcester as well. one exception is the cape where it is above the freedsing mark this morning. we recovered in up ther 30's and lower 40's. another round of rain coming in. starting as freezing rain. otherwise clearing it out tomorrow. it is a dry start to the new year. randy? randy: a pennsylvania fire chief is being hailed as a hero and you can see why. he pulled a man right out of this burning car in york
5:35 am
the chief didn't even have time to pull on his fire gear. he just pulled the guy out. the victim was rushed to the doing. people talking in rhode island. take a look. that's a humpback whale beaching in narragansett bay. -- breaching, i should say. waters this time of year to breed. aquarium says, if the whale is a juvenile it's not completely uncommon for it to stay behind in new england. higher than normal water temperatures might also be playing a role. olessa: a local man accused of threatening a snowplow driver. the case of snow rage under investigation. and the f.b.i. taking a closer look at this fiery plane crash.
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randy: good morning. news to go time. everything wrapped up in about 15 minutes. we are looking at the city of boston at this hour. it is cold out there. cindy: it is cold. ski resorts really happy about yesterday. remember the slopes were mostly all grass but the colder weather
5:38 am
hampshire to make snow. we got some natural snow. skiers may be feeling rusty because it has been a while but they are happy. white coming down yesterday even though we changed over to sleet and rain. they held on to the snow longer that way. there is a nice snow pack now. good news there. for us, not even officially an nitschke boston. we picked up .9. not the latest snow on record. that was back on january 23 in 2000. the time we got it yesterday compared to a year ago, we had close to three inches. overdue with the snow yesterday. the radar is pretty quiet this morning. a little patch of freezing. morning. lots of 20's this morning
5:39 am
beverley, lawrence. plymouth, closer to freezing. untreated surfaces with slippery this morning. use caution. by 8:00 this morning, still some icy spots around. we should be around 30 on average. cloudy skies and cloudy and dry by noontime. we're above freezing and mid 30's by 5:00. sun sets at 5::30 today. the next system comes at us from the south and west. not loaded with moisture but as it approaches, i think we're talking about rain overnight. one exception north and west on 95. could start out as freezing rain. we'll get through the evening commute ok bibut by 10:00, 11:00, here comes rain from the south. see that pink showing u up, we could have a little touch of
5:40 am
is getting on out of here and i expect brightening skies tomorrow afternoon. a cooler start to the new year. let's get you out to the roads now. untreated, it is slippery. olessa: even if it is treated, it still might be a bit slick. let's see the rest of your ride as you travel west of town. rockland by 228 there was a spinout. that is an indication how slippery the roads can be. about 15 from braintree into boston. 20 minutes 495 to 128. trains and buses still on schedule. erika? erika: thank you. breaking overnight a beverley man is under arrest after his car ended up off the road in beck pond in hamilton. the driver was able to get out
5:41 am
he is charged with o.u.i. and speeding among other violations. randy: hopefully a better day today after many mbta riders were stranded yesterday. reporter: the concern for today is the cold and the potentially icy conditions on the track. that did cause problems here along the red line during yesterday's storm. over on the blue line, this issue was not weather-related. take a look at this picture. grate. service was shut down while crews made repairs forcing hundreds of passengers to wait for shuttle buses that sometimes were full when they showed up. blue line service is expected to run normally today. we will be watching the weather conditions here along the red line sfozz there are potential
5:42 am
posted. randy: 37-year-old james robinson was taken away from his family on new year's day, 2014 he has never been seen since until hunter came across the remains in the woods. four men have been charged in connection with his kidnapping. so far only his family confirming this news. we're still waiting on official word in avon. the so-called affluenza teenager and his mother are expected to return to the u.s. today to face charges. and now we're learning it was a ethan couch at a resort in
tv-commercial tv-commercial
5:43 am
he and his mother were arrested there monday after couch violated probation, for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. couch avoided jail time when the defense argued he was coddled into irresponsibility by his affluent parents. erika: the future of a fenway bar could be decided today. city leaders are expected to vote this morning on revoking the liquor license at who's on first. an mbta conductor was shot and killed outside the bar on thanksgiving morning. police have made an arrest in the case. randy: the top u.s. commander in afghanistan may be looking for more u.s. troops on the ground there. army general john campbell says the planned troop reduction in 2017 should be put off as long as possible. he called the current mission to train afghan forces and conduct anti-terror raids vital. last week six u.s. airmen were killed by a suicide bomber outside bagram air force base. erika: a case of road rage against a snow plow driver in andover. police say michael mccullon got into a fist fight with the driver on north main street yesterday.
5:44 am
on the driver. luckily no one was hurt. mccullon is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery. randy: rare winter flooding is causing issues in the midwest. water from torrential rains forced parts of two highways to shut down in missouri and illinois. at least 18 deaths are being blamed on the flooding. that same system ushered in yesterday's wintry mix here. erika: a close call for a new mexico couple trapped in a snow drift for 20 hours. the car fell into a ditch during a storm saturday, and 12-feet of snow piled on top of it. the couple used their cellphones to call for help, but first responders had trouble getting to the car because they couldn't find it. eventually the pair was found. both are expected to be ok. erika: the pilot involved in a deadly small plane crash in alaska was not authorized to fly the plane. authorities say doug demarest died when the cessna 1:72 clipped an office building yesterday, and slammed into
5:45 am
investigators do not believe there were any passengers on the plane. the fbi is now investigating. randy: the federal aviation administration and alaska airlines are both looking into an accidental landing at seattle-tacoma airport. a plane landed on a taxiway, instead of a runway. nobody was hurt, but airport officials say the incident could have been catastrophic, if another plane had been parked on the taxiway. erika: the two cleveland police officers involved in the shooting death of this boy will face a review. the mayor says it'll happen regardless of a grand jury's decision not to press charges in the shooting of tamir rice. he also says the city council will seek negligent homicide charges under city law. 12-year-old rice was shot last year while holding a pellet gun. a grand jury decided a responding officer had reason to
5:46 am
randy: school department sleersd seen the report and have been going over it and want to make some clarifications and a response before it is released. they will review how they responded when a racially charged text went viral on social media. erika: northeastern university is expanding its campus. the boston school is transforming a parking lot into a 310,000 square-foot dormitory, with some 800 beds. the apartment style units will share space with student amenities and services on lower floors, as well as commercial space. northeastern is expected to file more detailed plans in early january. randy: a former "glee" star is arrested on child porn charges. 33-year-old mark salling was handcuffed yesterday, after a warrant was served at his home in los angeles. an ex-girlfriend allegedly tipped off police. salling is best known for starring in the musical
5:47 am
this year. the philadelphia ego realize is fired their head coach chip kelly. the philadelphia dailey news called him a dead -- daily news called him a dead duck, a reference for when he coached at ohio. there is ice now. cindy: unfortunately there is ice where this shouldn't be this morning. your walkway, your steps. be very cautious. 25 degrees in boston now. cloudy skies. northerly winds. 10 miles per hour or less in most areas.
5:48 am
pretty quiet. you may encounter a patch or two of drizzle. 23 in worcester. 22 lawrence. beverley in the lower 20's. plymouth below freezing. it is around 40 on the cape. notice the cloud cover this morning. it is sticking around all day long. we come up to around freezing between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning in boston. you see all the cloud cover here but it is mainly a dry day today. off to the west, you can see a couple of areas of low pressure. these are going to work out tonight with some rain and that rain holds on until after the evening commute. outside of 495, it may be cold enough at the onset for a little bit of freezing rain and it is winding down early tomorrow so a low impact on tomorrow morning's commute. freezing rain is a possibility north and west of 495. there is an advisory up. the amount pretty light.
5:49 am
perhaps more down by the cape. high pressure is nosing in. your new year's eve plans look good. we're getting into some clearing tomorrow after a damp start in the morning hours. going into the mid 40's during the day tomorrow. if you're heading into the city, it should be around 40 first thing in the evening with temperatures dropping down closer that freezing mark. chills will be in the 20's. bundle up. a cold start to the new year. let's get you out to the roads. morning. olessa: be careful no matter where you're heading. major road ways look ok now. you can see some of the volume. we are watching one early morning accident. this one involving a spin-out. that is an indication how slick the roads are. 15-20 minutes braintree into
5:50 am
route 2 down and andover. trains and buses on schedule. erika: a close call under investigation at logan airport. randy: the drone threat on christmas day. new this morning, getting what you really wanted for christmas. three secrets to winning the battle of the returns. cindy: a live look over boston this morning. it is cold. 24 detectives in needham. you're in for a cold stretch. watch the ice this morning.
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with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. phow about register to vote? really?
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a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy. register today. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great
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