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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> it's just magical. >> and that is what's making news in america this morning. >> other than your glasses. a new year's eve fire raging in spencer. the injuries and the effort to get the flames under control. erika: a towering inferno in dubai sparking concerns in boston. firefighters weighing in on the safety of the city's high rise buildings. randy: despite terror threats, munich's new year's eve bash went off without a hitch. what triggered the alarm on "the eye." randy: and now at 5:00 a.m., happy new year. the fireworks here in the city of boston as new england rings in 2016. good morning to you.
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erika: and i'm erika tarantal. emily is off today. olessa is off because hopefully a lot of people have the day off. cindy is here. cindy: happy new year, everyone. we're actually seeing a little bit of cloud cover out here this morning, which blanketed us overnight, so it isn't as chilly to start off the new year. you can see the 16 there indicating the brand new year. temperatures running in the 30s. boston is 38. notice the camera shaking a little bit. winds out of the west/southwest close to 10 miles per hour. not a lot of wind but enough to make it feel like it's in the 20's out of worcester and just below freezing in boston. if you are heading out the door, you'll want to dress warmly. at the freezing mark is where we sit in worcester on the thermometer. upper 30's on cape cod. there you see clouds that are out there now. we'll poke holes in this cloud. we'll find sunshine developing. sunshine is up at 7:13.
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throughout the day. notice by early afternoon, we're only up around 40 degrees. whole lot today. with that wind out of the west, 10 to 15 miles per hour. we'll sneak into the lower 40's cape. mid to upper 30's northwest boston. we're looking at a little sunshine early this afternoon. a couple of snow showers coming off the great lakes may try to evening. day. we'll talk about the forecast for the rest of the weekend ahead. erika: right now celebrations in boston as people around the world ring in the new year. first night events here carried on as planned. families did notice heightened security in boston, and that is expected to carry over into today for first day. randy: and the "eyeopener's" frank holland is in copley square in boston's back bay right now with additional steps for festivities this afternoon. frank: happy new year, randy and erika.
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boston will host first day events. they're scheduled to kick off at 11:00 this morning, and police and other officials expect first day to be just as safe as the events on new year's eve. thousands swarmed copley square last night to ring in 2016. police kept a watchful eye, adding more visibility officers and some undercovers in the crowd. they were cautious throughout the night, responding to several false alarms. overall, it was a peaceful night, and revellers truly enjoyed this event. >> you've got to live your life. if you keep staying around and worrying about it. if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. that's the way it is. frank: e.m.s. crews did treat a few people for illnesses and minor injuries, but no arrests were reported. security expected to be heightened for today's winter classic game between the bruins and the canadiens. all must consent to searches, and metal detectors will be in place.
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this afternoon. back here at copley square, musical performances planned. face painting, a lot of other events to celebrate first day. again, people expected to be just as safe as new year's eve. live here in copley, frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: about 1 million people million people crowded into new york city's famous times square to watch the ball drop there. organizers expected another 100 million people to watch on television across the country. the annual celebration has been century. the event happening under the watch of some 6,000 police everyone passing through security checkpoints. about 20,000 smartphones were handed out to nypd officers so they could warn each other in case of any threat. overall, it was a safe event. randy: all is well in germany this morning after increased
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imminent threat by isis militant militants militants. a handful of terrorists were reportedly planning a suicide bombing attack during new year's eve celebrations in munich. police had shut down the city's train station, which has since reopened. the suspects have not been found. erika: right now police are trying to figure out what caused this five alarm fire in spencer on new year's eve. fire broke out in a home on main street. luckily, no one was inside. firefighters from several towns responding to the house on route 9. they quickly called five alarms because of short manpower on new year's eve. the flames started in a barn. they spread to an old addition on the back of the home. firefighters say both were completely destroyed, but the main part of the house did survive. >> all their possessions and their three bedrooms up front are untouched. they're somewhat grateful for that. unfortunately, this is a true end to 2015, hopefully 2016 will be much better.
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a next door neighbor was treated for smoke inhalation. randy: right now spoke is still billowing from the hotel burned in dubai, the united arab emirates. the 63-story building erupted as thousands awaited a new year's spectacle. investigators say large explosions could be heard inside dubai's most famous luxury hotel. those blasts continued throughout the night. fire started on the 20th floor of the building. hundreds were evacuated. only about 20 people were hurt. it happened just hours before fireworks were set to go off in the city. >> there was like a small orange light. we thought maybe they're rehearsing for something. so we didn't really care about it much. they kept growing and growing, and then there was smoke. we just pulled our phones out and started recording and it was a fire. randy: fireworks burst into the burning. there's been no mention of terrorism or arson as investigators work to determine
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now, that fire in dubai raises questions that highlights concerns about the possibility boston. city firefighters say that routine safety inspections must be carried out, and strict building codes enforced throughout the state. the boston fire's stephen mcdonald tells the herald the high rise buildings in boston are very safe because they've had to meet such strict standards. a 1986 fire in the prudential center in the back bay prompted new legislation in the city to buildings. erika: it's now 5:07. right now police are searching for the driver found in a deadly hit and run in palmer. this happened around north main street at 5:00 last night. police say a 59-year-old man was hit while in the crosswalk and died at the hospital. investigators are now looking for the driver of a silver or gray chevy who didn't stop. a medal of honor recipient who lost an eye while taking a
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marine facing a hit and run charge in north carolina. lieutenant corporal kyle carpenter is out on bond after turning himself in. carpenter made an improper left turn, struck someone in a crosswalk on december 8th. that person suffering scrapes and a leg injury. carpenter originally stopped and pulled over, but took off after that pedestrian got up. randy: right now police are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting in new bedford. a 24-year-old man shot on pleasant street. he was taken to st. luke's hospital where he was pronounced dead. erika: police are investigating the death of a umass amherst student killed in a nine story fall in new york city. connor cummings, a sophomore from rockway, new jersey, died
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out of the west, about 10 to 15 miles per hour sustained all day long. upper 20s to lower 30s, that's what you want to dress for if you're going to be out and about. even though the actual highs do sneak up to around 40 in boston, and we'll manage lower 40s on the south shore and the cape. coolest spots north and west of the city. the setup is a big area of high pressure coming out of the middle of the country, influencing our weather. the cold flow of air around that from the north and west, actually generating lake effect snows. some of those lake effect snow bands may try to reach out late this afternoon and this evening. i think we're certainly dry through 2:00 this afternoon. notice by 5:00 p.m., a couple of those snow showers coming out of the berkshires toward worcester county. those may sneak a little closer to the coastline as we get into the evening. don't be shocked if you see a couple of flurries flying this evening. skies will clear out during the overnight. temperatures fall back into the 20's. going to be a chilly overnight. tonight sun and clouds. upper 30's, seasonal for this time of year, and we'll sneak up to 40 degrees on sunday.
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to be snow showers across ski country, northern new england, and good lake effect snows going back towards the great lakes as well. we'll have the opportunity to see ocean effect snows here on monday. arctic front is going to be dropping in on sunday night, and that's going to bring in much colder air. as that colder air moves over the relatively warmer waters here, notice what happens. we do generate some snow across the area, and we are going to see perhaps an inch or two right along the coastline here as we head toward monday, monday night. look at that cold lingering into tuesday. erika and randy? someone's life. erika: you could see it was a really dangerous drive for this new hampshire man. his windshield just shattered by a piece of ice as he drove down the highway. randy: he told newscenter 5's kelley tuthill it could have been a lot worse. kelley: this is the first time
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they don't clear their car of snow and ice. >> an s.u.v. went by me. as i approached, a huge piece of ice slammed down on the windshield of my car here. kelley kelley: it happened on the morning commute wednesday in haverhill. all captured in dash cam. you had radio on. you can hear audio. you don't seem to have any reaction. >> i stayed pretty calm through it all. kelley: what kind of noise did it make when it hit? >> explosion and a few seconds of crackling and just shedding glass on me over time. there was glass all over me and all over the interior of the car. kelley kelley: fortunately, jeff was not injured. >> cover ripped off, and the left wiper arm is all bent up. kelley: the mechanical engineer from new hampshire had the dash cam for protection in it case he was ever in an accident caused by someone else. it did not, however, capture the other driver's plate. >> i'm grateful it didn't do more damage or cause a bigger
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kelley: he has a message to other drivers now that snow season has arrived. >> clear off your cars. it's easy, and it could save someone's life. kelley: and the windshield repair company says, because it's a holiday and they've gotten so many calls, jeff's vehicle is going to have to sit here until saturday. in andover, kelley tuthill, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: flooding starting to recede in missouri, but hundreds of homes are damaged. people are still under evacuation orders. you can see the extent of the flooding here in some of the hardest hit areas of the state. they tried to hold back the water with sand bags, but the water just kept rising. some communities along the mississippi river are still bracing for the peak of flooding. erika: it's now 5:20. a check of your economic headlines this morning. honda confirming the ninth death linked to faulty takata air bags. the air bag can rupture, sending shrapnel back into the car during a crash. it was reported to auto
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since april. tens of millions of vehicles have been recalled worldwide because of this issue. randy: u.s. crude oil is sold internationally for the first time in 40 years. the ship left the port of corpus christi, texas, yesterday, carrying oil from wells in south texas. just weeks ago, congress lifted the 1970's ban on crude oil sales to overseas buyers. international trading company vittal is the purchaser of this oil. erika: signups are ahead of expectation ins massachusetts as the health connector wraps up its second month of a three-month open enrollment period. more than 327,000 people have enrolled since november 1st. the signup period ends december 31st. here's a resolution all of us share. try to get some more sleep in the new year. randy: there's some simple steps. first, clear out the clutter. a recent study found that people whose bedrooms are a little on the a cottic side don't sleep as well.
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a little chill in the air in the bedroom can be healthy for you. experts say it also helps you burn more fat while you sleep. finally, you've heard it before. read that bedtime story but do it the old fashioned way. those e-readers emit light that makes it harder to fall asleep. so keep the paper variety on the nightstand. maybe just a magazine. erika: maybe a boring one. if it's a page turner, then you stay up too late. randy: thinking about it in your sleep. erika: cindy is a big reader. it keeps her up, i know. randy: jerry seinfeld taking the president of the united states for a ride. erika: how far they got before white house security steps in. then security at the rose bowl parade. the increased presence as the route. randy: and our live camera here in downtn boston as we begin
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and 40 degrees with that dusty breeze. dry today. dry to start the weekend. notice temperatures not far from 40 degrees all weekend long as well. there could be a few flurries around on sunday. that's an arctic front. wait until you see the cold it brings to head back to work and school next week. that will be its own eye popper. the most fun eye poppers this morning now. randy: jerry seinfeld gets comfortable with president obama in his latest installment of his series "comedians in cars with coffee." >> don't you think every american child, as a president, you grow up loving the president? >> i do really well with the 0 to 8 demographic. >> oh, really? president obama: partly because my ears are big, and i look a little bit like a cartoon character. randy: the president being candid in an interview over coffee. he even let the comedian take
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around the south lawn. be careful there. erika: check out this video from missouri. a squirrel gets stuck up a creek without a paddle. randy: oh, boy. erika: thankfully, a kayaker was able to come to his rescue. that kayaker helps the squirrel up onto his kayak there. he floats over to a tree. the squirrel hops off and scurries away to higher ground. apparently, squirrels can swim pretty well. at least that one. randy: needed a little lift to lift up for a moment. erika: teamwork. coming up, a terrorist forces the closing of rochester, new york's new year's celebration. randy: how far the suspect got with his plan. and a firefighter and a neighbor are recovering after a five alarm fire in spencer.
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>> a firefighter and neighbor hurt in a five alarm fire. the injuries and efforts to put out the flames. >> new information in a christmas day double murder and the charges that the suspect faced before the death. >> good morning, this is
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>> we are in downtown boston where it is quiet after a raucous and fun night in the city. take you for joining us. >> thank you for starting the new year with us. people may be resting after a late-night. >> i guess they probably were not up at midnight if they are up now. we are starting off the new year a lot like we did last year. temperatures are above average. the average high on the first day in january in boston is 37 38 degrees. shore and south shore. under a blanket of clouds. these clouds are going to be with us for a while but as we go through the morning hours we will poke some holes in the clouds.
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and those temperatures will hold there with a blend of sun and clouds. it' s a little cooler to the north and west with lower 40' s in the south shore but that wind will the act of at about 10 to 15 miles per hour which will make you feel cooler. we are dry into the afternoon but there are some snow showers off the great lakes that may throw a few flurries and to our direction. pretty low impact overall. >> the stories we are following now a firefighter and one other person hurt after a five alarm blaze they suffered minor injuries in the fire. investigator senate flames started in a barn on main street. >> this is due by in the united arab emirates. the building erupted with thousands more waiting for the fireworks show. investigators say large explosions could be heard inside the building and terrorism has
5:23 am
>> investigators in germany searching for a group of suspected terrorists that they say planned suicide attacks on new year' s eve in munich. police shut down the train station yesterday and hopes of foiling the plot. >> right now all is quiet in boston after heightened security last night. increased security continues for the first-ever event held today. >> the eye is live in the square for plans for the first day. >> people coming to enjoy the first day can see a lot of officers and canine units. the goal is to make the start of 2016 just as safe as the end of 2015. >> thousands filling the square new year' s eve. >> definitely a little bit more guided. >> some with feelings of apprehension. >> being more aware of
5:24 am
>> you have to be out there and visible. >> boston police responding with a large police presence. >> the commissioner saying there is security you could see and many measures that the revelers could not see. >> with plenty police officers around. >> we have other security around. >> police were cautious, responding to several false alarms and keeping a close eye. safety was a concern but it did not stop the good times. >> if you keep staying around and worrying -- if it is going to happen, it is going to happen. >> security will be tight here in copley and very tight at the winter classic games at gillette stadium. if you plan to see the bruins and the canadians face-off you have to consent to be searched. >> rochester, new york canceled
5:25 am
canceling the rest of the man who allegedly planned a terror attack. authorities say this man claimed to have received direction from an overseas member. the 25 rolled allegedly bought nice and a machete for the attack. and unprecedented amount of security will be present at the rose bowl parade. 700,000 are expected to line that parade route this afternoon. county police and sheriffs deputies have devoted large amounts of resources to ensuring the parade is safer everybody. 14 hundred officers will patrol the area. undercover officers will also be lighting the route checking on unattended items. >> new this morning, a main man charged in a double murder christmas day was already up for a hit-and-run in new york. david is facing shooting --
5:26 am
of these two as they sat in their suv. police say he was wanted for striking a pedestrian in july and they have been looking for him since october. police say that the killing in maine was drug-related. police are trying to identify a body found in the charles river in boston. the marine unit was called to an area near the fielder footbridge. all police will say is the body is that of a man. >> those killed in a fire in the city of lem have been identified. sonia to jasmine and rodolfo have been identified. they were killed in a 4. all of the -- all of the victims were related. family members have previously publicly acidified the victims. to others rescued because of the fire are still being -- a fire sparked this blaze in connecticut. more than 100 people are
5:27 am
the fire caused an entire section to collapse. one person was rescued and treated for smoke and elation. a firefighter suffered minor injuries. some people were still looking for their pets. it is unclear what sparked the flames. >> the scene of a roof collapse in somerville. the site of a former broom factory was undergoing work when this happened. no injuries were reported in the crews were forced to tear down the two walls left standing before they fell on their own. >> newscenter 5 on the opioid crisis. new numbers in the growing epidemic in massachusetts. they' ve investigated 755 deadly heroine overdose is in 2015 which is more than two per day. 80% of the victims were men with an average age of 36 and those statistics do not include the worcester and springfield.
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paycheck may be a bit bigger. >> we will see in the base state. the white house releasing some intimate moments here. the photos highlighting the first families joy and challenges. max prosecutors in chicago asking the fed for help. p find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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upper 30' s in boston now. we have a bit of cloud cover across the area and those clouds will be with us into the day. we will see those temperatures, a little bit as you check out your seven-day forecast. up around 40 this afternoon and it will stay there this weekend. by early next week notice the chill coming in. upper 20' s for highs coming up monday and tuesday. >> the us taking place today in massachusetts as of midnight, minimum wage jumps to $10 an hour and that will go up to $11 january of next year. it excludes certain employees including tipped workers. >> intimate moments captured by the white house photographer pete souza are on display. it shows the joys and challenges of the first family during 2015. several of the images featuring president obama and michelle
5:31 am
many -- many say the photos capture history in the making. george lucas is apologizing to disney for comparing the company to white slavers. he says he misspoke when he claimed giving movie rights to disney was like selling his kids to white slavers. he made the comment in an interview with charlie rose on pbs this month and says he didn' t care for the new film but did admit that disney is taking care of the franchise. >> job cuts at a local company after a massive takeover bid. restructuring lance to prove -- iran stepping up production of s morning. depositions in a sex abuse lawsuit over bill cosby and what
5:32 am
>> we are taking a live look at downtown boston. the lights are looking very pretty. following security preparations in the city for the first ever first day event. >> it was nice last night and nice this morning for any kind of celebration. >> temperatures are not bad. we are in the mid to upper 30' s.
5:33 am
we have not had a lot of snow. we got our first taste on tuesday and for the year and the season where just under an inch. we typically should have close to 9.5 inches this season. is going to be some snow for ski country across northern new england several inches of snow for the mountains and lake effect snow bands as well. there will be some snow across the north east just not a lot here locally. we have a big area of high pressure from the west and the snow is try from the north and west but there are fair amount of clouds this morning and they' ve kept the temperatures up. there in the upper 30' s boston and mid-30' s and beverly and plymouth. you will notice a bit of a wind. it will be out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour throughout the day. so windchill values will be running closer to 30 degrees even though the high temperatures will be closer to 40 degrees today.
5:34 am
hills. as we go through the day, clouds will mix with a little bit of sunshine and as we get to the afternoon a couple of those lace -- like affect snow showers reach out towards the worcester area and may drop southward in don' t be shocked if you get a couple of flurries here. partly to mostly sunny in the upper 30' s and right around 40 a few flurries. that is will really bring the week. down to the 20' s monday . >> news to go continuing with security steps in boston today for a first day event. the s eve celebration say. >> new year' s eve was incident-free and they are hoping to keep first day just as safe.
5:35 am
the harvard to celebrate the end of 2015. boston police kept a close eye presence. the commissioner said there were undercover officers in many measures that could not be seen. the event. they did treat several people for minor injuries and illnesses but as of midnight no arrests were reported. tight security here as well as at the winter classic. frank colin. >> police are trying to figure fire. flames broke out on main street was inside. firefighters from several towns responded to the house on route manpower new year' s eve. it started in a barn and the spread to an old edition on the back of the home. with an arm injury.
5:36 am
into the cause of this hotel fire in dubai. the popular hotel burned last night during a new year' s eve celebration. investigators say large explosions could be heard inside the building. terrorism has been ruled out. police say 20 people were hurt everybody did make it out ok. >> police are searching for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run in palmer. police say that a 59-year-old man was hit in the crosswalk and died at the hospital. investigators are looking for a silver or gray chevy that took off. >> the wife of bill cosby will have to give a deposition to lawyers representing seven of her husband' s alleged sexual victims. her request was rejected by a u.s. magistrate. it comes one day after cosby was
5:37 am
2004 case. the seven victims in the latest ruling are still -- suing bill cosby for defamation in a federal court in springfield. actor wayne rogers has died. he was best known for his role as trapper john on the series mash on tv. >> president obama is expected to take executive action next week on gun control. the president plans to expand fact that checks for and is to increase the number of licensed gun dealers. gunmakers are only supposed to ship guns to licensed gun dealers. >> the president of iran has ordered the accelerated production of missiles in response to a discussion of new u.s. sanctions. he says the country will not accept any limitations on a missile program which he claims is not part of the landmark
5:38 am
under the deal, economic sections were supposed to be relaxed but now u.s. officials say america is considering adding new ones. >> a prosecutor in chicago is calling on the fbi. too boring -- two people were killed and one accidentally when officers responded to a domestic disturbance call. chicago leased apartment is already the subject of a civil rights investigation by the justice department over its use of deadly force. >> a federal judge has granted a two-week-old on an arkansas law that restricts the so-called abortion pill. the ruling was handed down one day before the law was set to take effect. planned parenthood had challenged the restriction saying they are an unconstitutional infringement on a woman' s rights. >> a three alarm fire is under investigation at a warehouse in maryland. this was the scene yesterday in east baltimore as five
5:39 am
cruz reported hearing several explosions inside the warehouse from flammable items catching fire. >> hundreds are still under an evacuation order as flooding starts to reseed in missouri. two dozen people have died and storms. a stretch of the mississippi river near st. louis reached 42 feet deep. prompting an oil pipeline to shut down operations out of a concern about safety. >> new fallout for ben carson after a major campaign shakeup. this morning reuters is reporting 20 staff members have quit which includes his campaign manager and communications director. the upheaval comes five weeks before the iowa caucuses. he once topped some republican polls but has fallen recently. >> microsoft is planning new alerts. the software giant says it plans
5:40 am
file storage services if it believes the accounts were hacked by government agencies. microsoft rigorously offered alerts about computer break-ins about providing alerts on the suspected hackers. the new policy mirrors that of facebook and google. >> a new take over from dell and emc says they would cut jobs in the new year. it' s unclear how many employees would be cut loose. emc is attending to shed 850 million dollars in annual operating costs. the job cuts would take place in the first three month of the year. >> u.s. crude oil is sold internationally for the first time in 40 years. the ship left the port of the port of christie. a few weeks ago commerce lifted the 1970' s ban on crude oil' s sales overseas buyers. the switzerland-based company is the purchaser. >> sign-ups or head of
5:41 am
more than 27,000 people have enrolled since the member first. the sign-up period ends january 31. >> this dash cam on new hampshire captures the moment that a sheet of ice smashes this windshield. the driver was not hurt. got the dash cam for protection in case of an accident caused by someone else. the accident is a reminder to clean snow and ice off your vehicle. >> to different kind of ice, the winter classic between the bruins and the rival canadiens kicks off today. the stage is set at gillette stadium. last night they hosted the first ever women' s winter classic featuring retired bruins players. the pok drops today at 1:00. >> and the goalie who admits he does not like change is changing his mask for the winter classic.
5:42 am
the goaltender for the canadians is also paying tribute to the patriots. mike townsend says his mask features bill belichick and the patriots super bowl trophies. >> they can agree on something. the venues. winter classic last year. the weather is going to be great. change a lot today. boston. that is stirring things up a little bit and in the north we are running in the mid-30' s on the north shore. on the south shore as well we are in the mid 30' s. for this time of year to be in the 20' s this morning. cloud cover to the overnight and we are going to deal with a fair amount of cloud cover through the morning hours but as we get the clouds may break apart a little bit.
5:43 am
all the while the wind out of the west and it 15 miles per hour. close to 40 degrees the windchill values will be running closer to 30 degrees. today, lower 40' s on cape cod. if you are headed to gillette for the winter classic, dress in layers for the breeze. the first puck drops at 1:00. the setup into the weekend is pretty quiet. the flow is kicking up some lake effect snow and snows across northern new england. this out. the winter area. then they should tend to dissipate through the overnight hours. the 20' throughout the weekend not far
5:44 am
on sunday, the arctic front will drop down which will bring in some of the coldest air of the season and as that comes in it may generate ocean effect snow coming up monday. the could be an inch or two around the coast line and otherwise a try and colder pattern into early next week. >> the terror threat fails to put an end to the new year celebrations in germany. >> tips that led to evacuation' s in germany and an increase in -- a medal of honor recipient facing criminal charges. the incident that got him in trouble with the law.
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