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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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phil: a woman sexually assaulted on a boston street. >> of the clues police have about the man who ran off. mike: our next chance for snow. and the coldest air of the season moving in. jc: new tonight, another drone too close for comfort at logan airport. how close it came to a packed plane. phil: water rescue. >> i call help, help. phil the heros who jumped into : action to save a little boy. right now a boston neighborhood on alert after reports of a sexual assault. good evening, i' m jc monahan. phil: and i' m phil lipof. the victim was grabbed from behind as she walked down a dorchester street. our john atwater is live in dorchester. john: it' s a busy, well-lit stretch of columbia road, but a man apparently thought he could
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attack, pouncing on a 29-year-old woman just after 6:30 in the morning. quick sometimes i feel scared, but i leave everything with god. >> i walk in the street every day to catch my bus to go to work. >> my wife goes to cbs anytime. john: people who live here say they feel relatively comfortable walking alone, but police have issued an alert to people who live here. the victim told police the man grabbed her from behind near annabel street, threatening a weapon and then sexually assaulting her. the brazen attack is now prompting those who live here to reconsider their comfort level in the neighborhood. >> i' m going to start looking around to make sure no one' s around you trying to hurt you. >> make sure i' m with two friends. not by yourself. john: live in dorchester, wcvb newscenter 5.
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-- right now, two men were in an accident in essex. the accident happened outside of c.k. pearl restaurant. no word tonight on the conditions of the victims. the woman driving the suv stopped. jc: taking a live look at the boston skyline on this new year' s night. snow showers sweeping through stormteam five' s mike wankum joins me now with a quick look at the weather. mike: flurries here or there. it kind of gives you a feel of winter. the other thing that gives you the feeling of winter is the temperature today. 41 degrees, above average for this time of year, but it did give you the idea that we have changed the calendar because the temperatures are so warm. now we are talking about 40' s, 30' s, and 20' s. a little act to be hanging over the cape -- activity hanging
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things are little warmer in that direction. we are left with temperatures in the upper 20' s to lower 30' s. added to that, a little bit of a breeze out there. in boston, 30 miles per hour winds. by the coast line, the winds are rocking. chilly temperatures out there tonight, and that is what is going to greet you tomorrow morning. cold temperatures. it is not warm up too much tomorrow, and then we turn our attention to monday. monday, we have some ocean effect snow coming in. more details on that in a minute. jc: new at 11:00, another close call involving a drone near logan airport. >> a drone to our right by about 700 feet. jc that' s the pilot of a jetblue : jet landing at logan around it' s the second time a pilot has spotted a drone in the last week. came within 100 feet of his plane on christmas day. both flights landed safely. state police are investigating. that it' s illegal to fly a drone
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400 feet high. phil: right now, about 200 westborough families are out of their homes after an apartment complex fire. flames broke out in the trash room of the fountainhead apartment complex on route 9. the fire was quickly knocked down. but significant water damage has forced power to be cut. >> the elevators are out of service. the electrical system is out of service in various areas of the building. we tried to move 200 families to another building for temporary shelter for the night. phil: it' s hoped families will be allowed back home tomorrow. the red cross is helping tonight. there is an all out manhunt going on right now in israel after a brazen broad daylight terror attack at a tel aviv. cameras show the gunman opening fire while witnesses say he was smiling. reporter: the attacker paces, even pretends to to shop before heading for the door, putting down his backpack and opening fire with an automatic weapon.
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bullets as people try to run the -- to run. the quiet new year' s day in central tel aviv shattered. two dead and seven wounded. the motive of the gunman , reportedly an israeli-arab, is unclear amid reports he was mentally unstable and smiled during the attack. israel is hardly new to violence and terror, while europe, after the paris attacks, is a continent on ed as it starts to grapple with a new reality and new possible threats. in france, soldiers guarding a mosque fired at a driver who twice tried to ram them they -- ram them. they wounded the attacker who ended up in a ditch. french authorities say they are investigating the motive. munich shut down two train stations on new year' s eve after intelligence warned of a
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phil: a top german official calls the situation in europe a general permanent terror threat. jc anger and disbelief in west a cemetery that has been a target of vandals in the past, is hit again. as newscenter 5' s jack harper reports, dozens of gravestones and monuments are damaged. >> the oldest stone in here was broken in half it' s from 1751. that' s our oldest section right there. john this is the fifth time pleasant hill cemetery. >> it' i don' john the damage is throughout : the cemetery. hit or miss. these are the graves of allison westerlund' s grand parents and s awful. t know how any one could do something like this even when i just pulled in and saw them s unbelievable.
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relatives, if there are any, and for the ones who have none i have no idea what we are going to do. john lauren delaney and other historic cemetery. s personal her great grandmothers >> i am glad my mother is no longer with us she would be standing here crying her eyes out right now. john: if you know anything, you. jc: four people are seriously hurt after an atv crash in fitchburg. boys. fitchburg police believe the two recreational vehicles collided witnesses came on the scene and called for help. >> it was alright out in the middle-of-the-road and it was really, really dark. when we got out, we saw the atv for somebody to help him. jc: one of the victims adult
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whether any charges will be filed. phil: new at 11:00. a little boy in acton, rescued after falling through thin ice. a neighbor proving to be a lifesaver. our todd kazakiewich talked with a grateful family, and the man he' s live in acton tonight. todd: the boy fell through this shallow, but the danger was the neighbor says he didn' t think twice about jumping in to rescue the child. >> i' m just walking. i slip on the ice and i fell into the water. that' s what happened. todd 11-year-old victor lima and : his family just moved to acton from brazil in the spring. he now knows the meaning of the term "thin ice." on wednesday, victor fell thorugh the ice on top of the pond outside his family' s apartment. thankfully, the pond isn' t very deep. victor knows how to swim, but
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had him struggling to get out. >> my shoes so heavy i can' t walk. i get out of my shoes and keep walking, i call help, help. i wait over there, super cold, and i think it' s 4 or 5 peoples come over there help me. todd: one of those people was neighbor ty lamb. >> i broken down into the ice and i broke a path out to him. and, he was out there, and i grabbed him. todd others on shore helped : victor and ty scale the steep, the actions of quick-thinking resucers ensured victor was rushed to the hospital before >> i' m an old army soldier, you know it' s just in our background. help me. super nice him help me. todd: victor says he and his friends won' they' ll just look from a
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phil: in commitment tonight, the 2016 road to the white house runs through massachusetts tomorrow. democratic candidate bernie sanders will hold two events here. the first at u-mass amherst tomorrow at 1:00 then he' ll head , to north high school in worcester for a rally at 5pm. -- at 5:00 p.m. jc: a packed house at gillette stadium today for the winter classic. unfortunately not a classic outcome for bruins fans. and it' s a local star shining for the canadiens. bob halloran is here with that. bob: it is their home away from home. the bruins were in front of three times as many of their own fans, facing a bitter rival, and the bruins came up with what head coach claude julien called their worst game at the worst time. here' s what the home of the patriots looked like today with 67,000 fans filling all the seats and the standing room only. bruins and canadiens ready to go holliston native mike condon' s goalie mask reminding him to do
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tuukka rask also looking for inspiration from the champion patriots. but it' s montreal' s big day max pacioretty bats a puck out of the air and brendan gallagher re-directs it home. montreal the much better team today cruises to an easy 5-1 win the local kid making 27 saves, >> it was pretty special. i had a lot of friends and family here tonight. i don' t think you could scripted any better. >> we did not deserve to win and we have to kind of push this aside. it' s unfortunate that it was on a big stage like this. you would like your team to give a better performance, but we didn' t. ask -- >> no, they didn' t we' ll hear from several embarrassed bruins players coming up later in sports. >> next, get ready for the coldest air of the season. jc: the search for clues, in a high-rise hotel inferno. the call for help from a man trapped on a top floor. phil: the wedding with a twist.
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rannouncer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] phil: investigators in dubai still trying to determine the cause of a spectacular fire in a luxury hotel. flames engulfed the 63 story building just as crowds were gathering for the city' s new years eve fireworks display. crews are on the scene today assessing the damage. 14 people suffered minor injuries when they were evacuated from the hotel. a photographer stuck on the 48th floor made a frantic plea for help on social media. >> i need help. i am here on the 48th floor. i need help. i am afraid. if this is
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phil: he was rescued by firefighters about 2 hours later. jc: the wife of embattled entertainer bill cosby will be forced to testify in a case against her husband here in massachusetts. a judge has denied camille cosby' s request to cancel the deposition order. she' s scheduled to testify wednesday in springfield. the defamation case involves seven women who have accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. phil: there' s new trouble to start the new year for two fantasy sports sites. the new york attorney general wants fanduel and boston based draftkings to turn over profits made in the empire state to the gamblers who lost the money. we are talking about $200 million. the a.g. filed a lawsuit that would also require the sites to pay a hefty fine to the state. it' s the latest move in new york' s attempt to shut down the popular sites calling them illegal gambling. jc: a local couple planning a wedding, is taking a different approach when it comes to gifts. they want their guests to help them make a difference in the
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our sera congi explains how. >> i have never been a white dress wedding girl. reporter: zoe reiches and stephond goler are getting married, but they vowed to defy tradition. >> can we make that something that has an impact, in a way that' s meaningful to us? >> we are firm believers in doing things the way we want to . reporter: the bride to be has special ties to the african country, ghana. she' s visited three times, as a high school exchange student then teacher at the new life international orphanage, where education is lacking. >> so when kids aren' t in school they' re working. reporter: so instead of conventional gifts, zoe and stephond are asking their wedding guests to donate money towards building a school in ghana, a key step out of poverty. >> you can get a job, you can support your family and you can get a house and you buy a house,
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out of poverty. reporter: they have a gofundme page, raising nearly $9,000, they hope for 50,000. zoe and stephond' s first act as a married couple will be to fly to ghana to begin construction. >> we are very proud to be a part something that' s a little cutting edge. reporter: people start thinking about weddings as an opportunity to celebrate a couple, celebrate something important to them. their wedding in two weeks will be like a fundraiser, taking vows of love and generosity. phil: i think that is a great idea. jc: it' s a great way to start a new life. >> let me show you what the high temperatures were today. some places were early in the 30'
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on tuesday, we are going to say well, remember the warm weather? it' s going to be cold, highs only in the 20' s. the west wind has been busy, 20 miles an hour. the windchill is 22 degrees. though snow showers were pretty impressive earlier this afternoon in the evening hours. now they have moved offshore. nothing really to talk about there. we are still getting some of this coming off the great lakes. we could see this float across the berkshires. overnight, there might be a flurry or two. otherwise, partly cloudy skies. the westerly winds staying busy out there. i don' t think they will be as extensive as they were today, so we can enjoy some sunshine. the temperature is a little cooler it with a busy wind. let' s talk about what will be happening tomorrow.
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worcester county, mid 30' s. look what happened monday. that' s the high temperature. it may be one of those backward days where it' s warmer in the morning then in the afternoon. but we are still not talking about any snowfall. as we had to the south shore, we are going to see temperatures around 30-40 degrees. monday, here comes the cold weather with a lot more clouds. as we head toward the cape, this is where it gets interesting. 40 tomorrow, mild on sunday, the temperature drops, but look at this. we start to add some ocean effect snow in the forecast. it' s going to be combined -- can find pretty much to the coast. -- can find -- confined pretty much to the coast. the cold air sets in and we start to get a north-north
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that gives us some ocean effect snow. what does that mean? it means if you are near the shoreline, you could get some measurable snow, but you' re going to have to be in your cape card or maybe the southeastern part of plymouth county. i don' t think it will -- you may have to be in cape cod or maybe the southeastern part of plymouth county. i don' t think it will make it to boston. for the wind direction is key. if the wind shifts a little, it can shut off the snow or blow over the ocean. right now, i think it is going to be near the shoreline, one or two inches possible. do keep that in mind, that is going to be happening on monday. by the way, sunsets, have you noticed? we have added 11 minutes since december 11. our days are getting a little brighter each and every afternoon.
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monday and tuesday, just into the upper 20' s. there are the coastal storms we were talking about, the ocean effect snow. tuesday, we are in the midst of a cold jet stream. it kind of flattens out a little bit. that will allow the end of the week to be relatively mild. late on friday, more on saturday, we have a chance of seeing a mix come back into the forecast, but overall, relatively dry except for the chance of ocean effect snow. jc: we will notice the 10 degrees on tuesday morning. phil: hard not to. terrifying. on the first day of the new year, we always talk about this, when it comes to new year babies, timing is everything. jc: up next, the new arrivals welcomed just minutes after midnight. a new dad, still taking it all in. and right after newscenter 5, it' s jimmy kimmel live. tonight' s guest is actress v cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers.
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to healthcare v because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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jc: it' s a tie. phil: the first two babies born in massachusetts this year arrived just 2 minutes into 2016. zoey faith will call lowell home but she was delivered at tufts medical center in boston at 12:02 a.m. this morning. mom says the nurses had a feeling zoey would be the first boston baby of the year. >> everyone was smiling at her. >> i am so excited right now, thank you so much. phil: i remember feeling exactly like that. he feels. carmelita skaza arrived at umass worcester at 12:02 as well. her parents live in auburn and carmelita is their first child. congratulations to all.
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the worst time. here' s what he said before the game. >> we are looking for guys to step up and play the game of their life. rob: but instead of the game of their lives, the bruins played perhaps their worst game of the year. there was plenty of pomp, but the bruins quickly found themselves in the circumstance of being in a hole. montreal' s david desharnais swats the puck out of the air twice and finally gets it to trickle past tuukka rask. 2nd period this time it' s bryan flynn knocking a puck out of the air and paul byron re-directs it home. ok theme developing here' s a montreal goal that never seems touch the ice. max pacioretty batting at the puck around shoulder height and then brendan gallagher giving it a backhand swipe out of the air . montreal up 3-nothing. now, here' s holliston' s own mike condon with the save of the game ryan spooner looking at a lot of empty net but condon swallows up the shot with his giant glove condon with 27 saves. the only one he couldn' t stop was on a re-direct by matt belesky the bruins lose this one 5-1. >> i would say embarrassing more
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an embarrassing loss. >> he was our big player. he made some good saves. we did not play, you know, like i said, the way we should have in front of him. >> i think everyone is really disappointed, really frustrated with the way we showed up today. bob: meanwhile, the patriots found the wifi in their boca raton hotel. tom brady posting, thanks tuukka for featuring me on your mask today. in your honor, i' ll be rocking your pads this sunday in miami. he actually won' t. no julian edelman, dont' a -- dante hightower, sebastien vollmer, or even chandler jones for the patriots on sunday none -- sunday. none of them made the trip to florida. they'
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patriots don' t have to win to get the number one seed. college football and we start with the grand-daddy of them all the rose bowl stanford and iowa , and it was quite the day for christian mccaffrey. he' s gone 75-yards for a he' d finish with a rose bowl record 368 all-purpose yards 66 s good. stanford is much better than iowa. they win this game 45-16. more like a siesta ball for the irish. fourth touchdown of the game. ohio state wins 44-28. not much of a citrus bowl for the gators. michigan runs all over them and throws over them as well jake rudock finds a wide open jehu chesson for a 31-yard touchdown and michigan beats florida, 41-7. a lot of points being scored by one of the two teams in all of
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jc: i hate to focus on the negative, but the one thing i see there is a 10, and not a perfect 10. >> outside boston it could be even colder. it looks like it will hang around for about 48 hours and then warm up a little bit.
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