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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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i rob halloran. >> we are live in foxboro with more on the arrest. rhondella: -- reporter: we are live. this discovery was made a few hours before the winter classic. a stun gun, a sword, a slingshot, a stash of weapons found in matthew bronson' s card. foxboro police say they were called to an off-site parking lot for gillette stadium employees. a man was reported acting suspiciously. he was intoxicated and
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the incident happened just a few hours before the opening face-off of the winter classic yesterday. the foxboro police say the incident is not connected to gillette, and bronson is not an employee. police escorted him out of his hotel after management asked him to leave. the property is right across from the gillette employee parking lot. he is no stranger with an arrest in granby, connecticut. also in 2014, he was allegedly involved in a standoff with police in connecticut. on monday, he will be arraigned for the foxboro incident. he faces several charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. live in foxboro, sarah , wcvb newscenter 5.
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firefighters tell us the man that he was bought to bronson filed. pam: commitment 2016 coverage, and the road to the white house, democratic senator bernie sanders is speaking. talk to todd is live with more. todd: pam, the rally is set to begin in a minute here in booster -- in wro orcester. as you said, this will be the second event of the day, which shows video from earlier today. earlier this afternoon, the vermont senator was at umass amherst. his message -- focus on international justice and avoiding another great
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sen. sanders: they all seem a forgotten where we were seven years ago, but we have not forgotten. we remember 800,000 jobs a month being lost. we remember a $1.4 trillion deficit being created. todd: during that speech, a donald trump supporter was removed for heckling. on monday, trump will be campaigning, and bill clinton in nashua, new hampshire. we will have highlights from that. reporting live, talk us the rich -- todd kazakiewich. [laughter] >> not today. let me show you what is out
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temperatures, 37. nice a, end -- nice day, sun was out. we had the sunshine. a few clouds, but not much for cloud cover tonight. the border, we have got a new shot of cold air setting up here. that is the cold air that will be rushing into night here at our coldest air of the season setting up monday and tuesday. with temperatures, which will cool off in the 30' locations below the freezing mark. the wind are still busy. swhen you factor the wind with the temperature come in here is 20' s right now. the wind when i be terrible, but it will be busy again tomorrow quite that warm for you. we do with the sunshine and once near 40 and a southwesterly wind , 20. ocean affects no, much more on this coming up in just a few
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pam: new at 5:00, black lives matter protesters occupy the garden. a grand jury recently declined to indict the cleveland police officer who shot tamir rice on a playground. he was carrying a pellet gun when he was shot and killed. possibly still hunting tonight for a man killed in a new year' s day attack. bob: julien macdonald is live. reporter: overnight, not a time of lights here, and it can get pretty quiet. police got the call about 6:45 in the morning yesterday about a woman on the ground on columbia road. the victim told police she had been walking one a grabbed her from behind and told her he had a weapon.
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more toward annabelle street. he is described as a black man in his mid-20' s, possibly cape verdean, between 5' 11" and 5' 7", and may have been wearing black pants and a black jacket with a pink shirt underneath. if you saw anyone who fits that description or anything else suspicious in this neighborhood, you are asked to call stop and police. next at 6:00, you will hear from a young mother about whether this attack changes her feeling of safety. julie mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. pam: right now, a woman rescued from flames tears she had to be rushed to boston by helicopter. frank has the story. frank: this woman rescued from the
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she was given life-saving cpr. the woman is expected to survive her injuries. the fire started in the kitchen after 1:30 saturday morning, according to the fire department. the flames erupted in the home. the fire spread quickly. this one-story ranch destroyed. this woman and man were the only two in the house of the time. he made out on his own but was take to the hospital for injuries. firefighters worked to take out the flames- . the cause of this fire is under investigation. the state fire marshal plans to send investigators to figure out how this fire started. frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5 . bob: boston police credit observant officers with the discovery of nearly $2000 in cash and 48 grams of crack cocaine on a suspect in mattapan. police stopped the car at 1:00
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police say she was carrying the cocaine and cash along with a large bag of marijuana. state police tracked down a hiker lost in mountain state park. police say hadley police requested help at 8:00 last night, and they say the woman one out at 1:00 p .m. but got lost after the sun went down. she was found with a thermal camera. pam: record floods a receding in some areas that still in others. indra peterson has more. indra: dangerous with the moving -- danger is swiftly moving down river. the mississippi is still surging. >> you expect floods, you do not expect your house to go away.
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of what is left behind. some are luckier than others. >> customers come by to offer the hope that there is some real humanity left out there. indra: local churches are serving as relief centers. >> we will come out and help with the houses and relief efforts as well. indra: but that is moving south. state of emergency and deploying >> please, if you get a request to evacuate, please honor the request and evacuate. hypothermia is a big risk. indra: in missouri, bridges, homes are submerged. the race is on to save others. volunteers filling sandbags, doing whatever they can to help. governor jay nixon touring the area today.
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into bridges. we have got to get them out of there. indra: a critical mission to save homes and lives. andrew peterson' s -- indra petersons. bob: one suspect' s death is probably new threats. pam: donald trump' s comments. more on the video using his campaign message to recruit isis fighters. bob: and where moments away from
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. pam: 47 people were executed today in saudi arabia. the men were extremists with ties to terror groups. all were convicted of carrying out attacks on civilians. the executions were condemned by some, including lebanon' s supreme shiite council. gunfire has erupted at an air force base in india near the pakistani border. officials say at least four of the attackers and two indian soldiers have been killed in the attack. the gunmen invaded the living quarters of the base, but have not been able to gain access to fighter helicopters and other equipment. no group has claimed responsibility. bob: hillary clinton strongly criticized when she claimed isis was using clips of donald trump in recruitment videos. that turned out to be false, but now we' ve learned another terror
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more followers. a terrorist group is including a clip of donald trump in a recruitment video. mr. trump: donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. reporter: the militant group al-shabaab, al qaeda' s affiliate in somalia, highlighting trump' s call to ban muslims entering the us. trump' s words sandwiched between the propaganda warnings of us .s.-born cleric anwar al-awlaki, who was killed in a drone strike four years ago. al-awlaki: the west will eventually turn against its muslim citizens. reporter this is the first known : instance of extremists using trump' s language to attract followers, although not by isis, as hillary clinton predicted. mrs. clinton: he is becoming isis' s best recruiter. reporter: the democratic frontrunner ignited a war of words with trump when she warned that his rhetoric would become
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mrs. clinton: they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. reporter: trump blasted clinton, calling her a liar. mr. trump: "donald trump is on video, and isis is using him on the video to recruit." and it turned out to be a lie. she' s a liar. bob: the video was released on twitter friday. clinton' s campaign declined to comment on the video. today, there is more fuel for the clinton campaign. the democratic front-runner has raised $55 million in the fourth quarter, topping her $100 million goal. all, the clinton campaign has collected $112 million for the primary since launching in april. clinton has headlined at least 174 fundraisers. during a rescue attempt in pennsylvania. at a home in wilkinsburg. an 86-year-old grandmother who cannot walk was trapped on the second floor. by the time the firefighters were able to get to her, flames
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structure. within seconds, they became trapped and had to jump or go down a ladder head first. >> they will to you it is all in a days work, but i will tell you i' m very proud to be a part of this organization. pam: the firefighters suffered burns and broken bones. they are expected to be ok. the grandmother did survive. bob: all systems are go for the space-x falcon 9 to blast off again. the rocket was last seen plummeting toward earth before making a dramatic upright landing near cape canaveral. rocket scientists say the december flight was a remarkable breakthrough. landing upright is crucial to cutting the cost of space travel, because the rockets can be reused instead of burning upon re-entry. pam: all right. mike: i like the name of that thing -- falcon. bob: that is what i' m going to name my car. [laughter] pam: and you hope it will get started and cold weather. mike : we have got the cold air
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easy day again tomorrow. on the horizon, you can see just a little bit of a sunset. the temperatures keep going down, 37 degrees, dew points, very dry out there. yesterday, we had some snow flurries and snow showers out there. the air is just to drive today. how is feels 27 outside -- 28 degrees. there are a few clouds, but i think these will dissipate as we h toward the eveninge hours. ad -- head toward the evening hours. as this line continues to sing southward, it will run into that dry air. tomorrow night, we could see a few flurries. it is the cold air more than anything else you will notice out there. what does it look like out there? churchill at -8. there is a lot of cold air pulled up here, and it all wants to come running in here. this will last 48 hours. temperatures in the 40'
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but monday and tuesday are looking cold. tonight, mostly clear, chili. i do not want to call a cold because when we talk about monday and tuesday' s high temperatures, they will be 24 degrees. tomorrow, mostly sunny days. flurries coming in with that cold front, but still, 35 to 42. a little busy in the wind department out of the southwest at 10 to 20. tomorrow morning, the sunrise is at 7:8: 14. that is the latest sunrise of the year for sunday and monday. then it will start to get a little earlier, and eventually by groundhog day, it is back before 7:00. and of course we hold until june 7 when it is back to 5:00 in the morning. a big change. what is the highs look like tomorrow? pretty much in the 30' s. and of course we holdwor cester, for example, highs on monday and tuesday only in the 20'
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of the question, but below zero on tuesday morning. have a bite as well. to that advisory issue. looking at the south shore 40' s and some clouds on here monday and tuesday, but check out what happens over the next three days. colder monday, tuesday, but here come i have introduced some snow into the forecast. we will see some of ocean affects no going on. cold front tomorrow night puts monday, and then we get this flow humming and off the ocean. to forecast. the wind has to be just right. not too strong, not to week. we have to deal with what it will be doing over the land and where it lines up. monday. i think it will shut down early tuesday, maybe clouds early on tuesday, but this is primarily
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i think it is really the outer cape that have the most likely chance of seeing some measurable snowfall. over the next seven days, ocean affects snow snow coming in here monday as i mentioned. tuesday' s high only 24 degrees for wednesday, we start to change the pattern around a little bit. we go from this really cold blast of air to a more mild pattern. and of the week with temperatures climbing back into the 40' s. i will point out that on saturday of next week, we could be seeing some rain or snow. it all depends on how it plays out. right now, appreciable snow across the area, mixing with the rain. otherwise, near the coast on monday is your best chance to see snow. bob and pam? pam: all right, mike. major money on the line in the powerball drawing tonight. bob: after months of build up, it' s the biggest prize in nearly three years. and it has a lot of people
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pam: twins share lots of things, but these two siblings won' t have to share the same birthday. they were born on different days and in different years in san diego. a baby girl was born one minute before midnight on new year' s eve. her twin brother was born two minutes after midnight on new year' s day. dad says he can see the divide turning into a little sibling rivalry in the future. >> later on in the years, they may have a little confrontation.
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for me, it is to birthday parties back to back. pam: they are both cute. mom and dad say both babies are happy and healthy. bob: mom and dad really hit the jackpot, and tonight, a $334 million powerball jackpot is on the line. pam: the last time the payout was this high was almost three years ago. newscenter 5' s doug meehan has more. doug: americans are rushing out for a chance to start the new year a multi-multi-multi millionaire in tonight' s powerball. even wannabe winners unlucky enough to live in one of the six states that don' t offer powerball are making the trek across state lines to pick up their lucky numbers. >> through last wednesday, we have sold more than $620 million in powerball tickets, so people are really starting to get some jackpot fever. doug: at just one in 292 million, a woman is 20 times more likely to have identical
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the odds are super long but could be super worth it. >> look what i found in my pocket. i call them fun coupons. doug: want a luxury sports car? you could purchase a new one every month for 242 years. or what about traveling the globe? cruise for life and still have a quarter of a billion dollars left. >> it' s part of the excitement of playing the lottery is just dreaming what you would do with the money. >> buy my new apartment. >> i would throw a party. doug: some players even have a players even have a religious -- doug: some players even have a religious system -- >> i think i' ll buy 3? one for the father, for the son and the holy spirit . but this official says the first thing he would do -- >> no matter where you live get a lawyer, get some banking experience behind you. pam: still ahead at 5:30, a fire following the death of a baby in new hampshire.
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he died, now investigators say it is suspicious. pam: an update on two men hit trying to cross the street in essex, as one victim, an 82-year-old man, is now out of the hospital.
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>> from boston' s news later, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. bob: here are the stories happening right now -- foxboro
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parking lot at gillette stadium. among the items -- a swart, a stun gun, and a slingshot. matthew bronson of connecticut will face a judge monday. campaigns in massachusetts right now. senator sanders is holding a rally in worcester. our todd kazakiewich will bring us more at 6:00. bob: and a man inside a house in oak bluff was able to get out on his home, -- his own, and firefighters say the fire started in the kitchen. pam: a fire in a home where an 11-month-old was hurt. it appears to be suspicious. bob: no one had been living in a home for at least a month. kristen gross the -- kristen carosa from >> when we arrived we had fire out of the windows.
5:28 pm
>> firefighters battled the blaze on the outside. crews were on scene for hours. the chief believes that the fire is suspicious. >> we refuse to put anybody in the building, so it was all an exterior attack. >> thankfully no one was inside at the time. >> as far as i know, the property has been vacant foa month or so. >> it is the same house when 11-month-old sean sylvester was quickly injured in november and later died from his injuries. >> his death was ruled a homicide, but no arrests have death. however, 29-year-old tommy page, a person living in the home at the time of the incident is in custody for possessing child sexual abuse images. >> we treat any fire that we get called to the same with a very thorough investigation, regardless of any circumstances that surround where we are at or any other incident. s office are now sifting through debris looking
5:29 pm
a cost is not been determined, on one area. residence. we will have interviews, reporting party, witnesses, a whole bunch of other stuff that happens outside of the investigation that -- >> mike is here now, seasonable temperatures i know. a little breezy. >> gusty winds around 9-40 miles per hour. cooler out there. temperatures. s. s. if you are stepping up tonight, you might want to bring a little heavier jacket with you, but until he talked about monday and tuesday forecast. those days we will be lucky if we get to 30 degrees. here' s what is happening right if you broken clouds out there. the real story is what is sitting way up in canada, i mean
5:30 pm
this is new cold air. instead of coming here tomorrow night, what you will really notice is the cold air that comes flying in behind it. overnight tonight, lowe' s at 25 and 35 degrees. something else to talk about as we had on the road. 40 half for the highs. plenty of sunshine to be talking about. cold air flowing over the ocean, we may have some ocean effects -- know to be talking about monday. i will time with more details coming up. >> tonight, more than a million people in more than a dozen states under flood warnings as we reported. while the worst may be over in bracing for it. s in parts of missouri on saturday. up the debris left behind by a massive and deadly flood that is still posing a threat. of there. the hardest hit regions of some
5:31 pm
water levels have fallen several key but many homes are still far from drying out. while missouri' s in the recovery process, states like illinois are nervously anticipating more flooding and more damages. alexander candy where the mississippi and ohio rivers me, waters expected to crest on sunday within and three feet above major flooding stage. >> you live on the water, you can expect anything. >> according to officials, water has already gone over the top of one levy and a second levy has a good potential of overtopping. the flooding has forced evacuations in the southern part of the state. governor ron are activated members of the illinois national guard to assist local authorities as a precautionary measure. >> sun communities have been hit harder. most, forcefully, it is not as bad. >> right now, an investigation under way in as 6, 2 men suffering serious injuries after being hit by a car. they were trying to cross main
5:32 pm
82-year-old victim was released in the hospital. 77-year-old man now at leahy hospital. no word on his condition. >> you can expect low prices at the pump in the new year. some experts but digging prices can fall as low as a dollars 79 a gallon in the next month. 2015 saw some of the lowest gas prices and years. the average driver says that -- the safe side hundred $50 over the course of the year when compared to 2014. that helped power consumer spending and stimulated the economy. >> a new law center dot hoverboards. >> they were the hot toy of the holiday season, but can be dangerous. now, lawmakers in california are taking action with a list of roles. people who own the high-tech toys are not happy.
5:33 pm
heather: we are learning more about a brave teenager who suffered for hours. his desperate 911 calls for help have just been released. >> i don' t feel good. heather: newly released 911 calls of a missing 14-year-old. >> were going to run away. heather: he is now recovering at home and spend 20 hours lost in four degree weather, racing
5:34 pm
he desperately tries to guide search seems to his location. so close that he can see their lives even though they cannot see him. >> are you still by the barn? >> it' s not a barn, it' s hard to explain. i see snow branches. lights. cars. heather: with his battery now dead, his family who yet also been calling and texting to get -- began to fear the worst. >> five hours after the last words from the young hunter, another 911 call, this time from a hell miles away reporting that he was finally found. suffering hallucinations from hypothermia but safe. >> i think i' ll let me the whole way through. the whole way through there. >> braden' s family says that there focuses on keeping him safe and healthy. his mom says that from now on he will carry and battery with him.
5:35 pm
laws for california have her boat -- hoverboard users. starting generate first, writers are required to wear helmets. you also have to stay in the bike lane and on roads with speed limits of no more than 35 miles around. children under the age of 16 are not allowed to ride on hoverboards. transportation officials say the law is to ensure the devices do not in the traffic or become a hazard for other pedestrians and drivers. some writers think a lot goes too far. >> if i get on a skateboard i can hurt myself. if i get a bike i can hurt myself. so, it is that' s you to figure out your limitations. i' m an adult. treat me like one. ed: the penalty for breaking the new rules is a fine of up to $250. heather: california couple who put their home up for rent on a popular website are stuck cleaning up the mess. they were out of town for new year' s eve and had arranged for a guest tuesday at their home through airbnb. at night, they got a call from the neighbors that a big party
5:36 pm
they arrive to find a place in disarray, broken glass on the ground, beer cans everywhere. the guest was a man claimed to be from chicago said that he and his sister were the only two who would be staying at the house. >> we were duped. he came here and they were looking at a party. we found out later that it was his 18th birthday. he was an underage user. heather: the couple says it' s more than 12 hours to get a response from the website, airbnb says that they are working to make things right. they call this type of incident rare. tracking the changes. >> patriots facing a tough
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heather: ground is not frozen yet, but some people are thinking about snow. mike: we will get some this week. we will also do but cold, too. we are talking about snow. we not see much this year. if you add it all up on tuesday, in boston only goes down to less than an inch of snow. last year we had more snow at this point and last year we were having this conversation about how dry it was. last year was november. zimmer was extreme a dry and generate 23rd is when everything kicked in. by this time of year we should have 11 inches of snow and january is usually good for about 13-14 inches of snow. first time we got one inch of snow over the past five years, you can look back to this one.
5:40 pm
not our first one inch snow intelligently 16th of that year. that year, we' ll means it up with about nine inches of snow when it was all over and done with. we have a warm november and a warm december and a very late first one inch snow. those are all pointing to the fact that winter may be less than normal. certainly less than last year. here' s a going on right now. skies are clear out there. up to the north, poised to come in here tomorrow night is a new wave of cold air. more snow. a flare in the forecast run i. not a big thing, but it will be out there. more important he what happens behind it and that is monday. overnight tonight, low strapping up into the mid-20' s to around 30 degrees. most everyone will drop below the freezing mark. s, low 40' s out there. busy in the afternoon. 10-20 moscow or. that may be the only thing holding back.
5:41 pm
cold air gets in place, monday will allow the wind to develop out of the north. what happens if the air is really cold. it comes of a warm ocean waters and it picks up the moisture. it has to deposit it someplace. if it lines up just right, the winds have to be perfect and we start to get some snow. the best opportunity as the outer cape with 3-5 inches no. it can sneak its way and lens. what happens is the wind changes direction very little and that will blow some of the snow this direction. that is why i put cape and in there and maybe even seven plymouth county. the chances of action getting it are pretty slim. if you are out in worcester county, you can look up into the horizon out east and you will see clouds billowing out there. that is where the snow is. you will be sitting there with nothing but sunshine to talk about. a localized event that we are talking about. tomorrow, 40 degrees, low bit on the breezy side. even the temperatures will be 40 degrees, the windchill will look like this. the teens and 20' s. as the day goes on, it does warm
5:42 pm
20' s. as a look ahead, snow coming in here on monday, some ocean affects no. just the areas right here near the shoreline is what we are and lens, sunshine. not very warm, only about 20 degrees. tuesday, windy and cold. high temperatures we are talking about, everyone in the mid-20' s all the way down to the cape. a big bite to the wind. keep that in mind as we are talking about tuesday. especially tuesday morning. a low of 10 in boston, but some of the outlying areas watch the drop into the single digits. monday, the pattern changes, we were back up. toward friday, clouds coming in my saturday, i have the system coming up the coast. as amusing, it will try to drag warm air with it overwriting some cold air at the service. that means, similar to tuesday. a rain-snow mixture going on. where it lines up, that will be a tricky part of the forecast.
5:43 pm
a lot of time to iron out the details between now and then. that is latest forecast right now. >> now, sportscenter 5 with bob. >> it can be a win-whenever time the celtics by the nuts. the nets lose even better. the celtics of course own minutes first-round draft pick next june. conversely, it could be a lose-lose. let' s see how went today at the garden. avery bradley gets himself a hit contusion there. he had to leave the game. as we see the highlights, isaiah thomas to david lee and he slams that down and give the celtics a lead. later, he holds down jarrett jack. an argument ensues with jack. there ends up being a foul after all of that. a jumper. ties and 83 with a .5 minutes to play. that is that close as the tilde forget. a few seconds left. celtics have a chance. they cannot hit the three.
5:44 pm
celtics lose 100-97. with the weather, the beaches, and the nightlife, you would think it is miami. for the patriots, even the afc east dominating super bowl winning dynastic patriots, it has been miami vice. nothing but crockett in tabs. no matter how you slice up, tom brady' s career, he almost always has a win record, home, away, indoor or outdoor. against the miami dolphins, in miami, he is six-seven. bill belichick is 7-8. one more, the patriots have lost their last two in miami. purely inside football terms, this is no slamdunk. >> i think this game is really important for us because it is a great goal for us to be the number one team. a lot goes into that. a lot of players and coaches. to get to this place. there'
5:45 pm
the number one seed. it is great if you are that team because it means that you have done things the course of the season. >> is this very long list of patriots players including robin consecutive games including the playoffs. a sore shin. he could be back. it is a good thing the patriots look for versatile players. >> somewhere on the line, somebody is going to have to have some versatility, we just and have enough guys. at the same time, when he players out there who need to play well. being able to play six different positions is not as important as having one guy who can do one thing well, whatever that is. >> the infinite number of college bowl games continues with the -- wide
5:46 pm
here is georgia running back to the michelle getting up a head of steam and he will not be denied. reaching out and getting the football over the goal line. twitter 1-3, georgia. penn state had a chance to tied up in the final play and they throw the player into the end zone and the answer to a prayer is no. georgia wins, 24-17. more coming up tonight at 11:00. >> still ahead, an exclusive spot with celebrities at lax. airport now has a $3 million sure that the famous have their own space. airport says the plans are about
5:47 pm
>> goats and iowa have a special i' ll just -- job to get done. chewing up as mysteries. they will bring the go to your home. the farmer behind a guest that they gets the goats friday in their diet or it when it is warmer, they usually clear out overgrown fields. >> in the summer we use our goats on customer property to deal with unwanted vegetation. in the winter, there' s not much of that happening and the goats do not have a lot of variety in their diet. >> guess what, the service is free. the former does as for a day notion to a program that gives baby goats to needy youngsters. >> i think our tree is coming down tomorrow, i have to find a goat.
5:48 pm
celebrities hate being ambushed by cameras at the airport in los angeles. >> but now this past you paparazzi may have been stopped in their tracks, at least in los angeles. we have more. >> lax, the airport for globetrotting celebrities on the go. not even han solo himself, harrison ford, can escape the nosy cameras. a flash mob of fans always greeting one direction when they arrive in los angeles. before these a list jetsetters reach their final destination, they have to make their way through the paparazzi field terminals. the airport to the stars is working to make it' s a list comes to lives a little easier to steer -- lax recently winning approval to build an exquisite $3 million private lounge, similar to delta' s one service which abc' s nick watt tested out getting the superstar experience. >> when you are as famous as me, george clooney, lady gaga, there are not enough glasses.
5:49 pm
even an exclusive lounge to relax. delivering flyers from plane to terminal. >> it is part of the experience. >> perks anyone can purchase, but los angeles' s new portal for megastars is even more exclusive. travelers can only access the paparazzi proof facility for a hefty price tag. a fee reportedly as high as $1800. for the five star service, and knowing that they can say bon voyage to the dreaded redeye snapshots. dekes -- tonight. >> just ahead at 6:00, a sword, a slingshot, and ask, just some of the weapons found inside a car near gillette 80 and, what we are learning about the man police now have in custody. >> bernie sanders in massachusetts, the message from the residential candidate speaking right now. >> new information in a pedestrian accident.
5:50 pm
>> now on newscenter 5. pam: weapons arrest in a parking lot near gillette stadium. bob: the real feel of winter 2016 is settling in. the timing for snow and deep freeze. >> bernie sanders brings his campaign to the bay state. it's crunch time. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6. pam: weapons seized and a man under arrest. the suspect arrested just hours before the winter classic hockey game. bob: the weapons included a sword and a stun gun and right now sarah is live in foxborough with the story. reporter: bob and pam, we are less than a mile from gillette
5:51 pm
parking lot for gillette stadium
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