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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5. >> a winter weather advisory. where the snow will fall. when we can see wind chills below zero. heather: some lady taking the beating on the field against the dolphins. -- tom brady taking a beating against the dolphins. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. heather: we are getting ready for cold temperatures. good evening. reid: the wind chill is expected to be below zero this week. and if that is not bad enough, we are expecting more snow.
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that we are going into the this. big shock. first off, temperatures outside today really delightful day. 40 degrees and boston but we know where this air is coming from. look at these current canada. they are coming straight down. that is where you start to see it getting colder. the leading edge of that cold air sitting right here. there may be a few flurries associated with that one. but mor a more important batch of snow will develop over the cape. look at these temperatures tomorrow. as we go to the day, they budge nowhere. the wind will have a bite. temperatures in the 20' s. we get ocean effects now going. i looks like we could get isolated areas of one to four inches of snow. a few flurries along the coastline.
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coal. chills on tuesday. but in the meantime, keep in snow. you can move it with a broom but it is going to make things slick at the cape tomorrow. reid: thank you. the patriots ending the regular season with a loss in miami, a brutal afternoon for tom brady dolphins. bob halloran joining us live with what this mean for the patriots playoff picture. bob: if you think the patriots did everything possible to win this game, you can' t believe the patriots are going very far in the playoffs. if you think the patriots were more willing than usual to accept defeat, then what was this about? brady out there taking big shots. rolling up on brady' s ankle. it resulted in brady having his right ankle taped up. this one was cheap.
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narrow escapes for brady. sck in -- patriots lose 20-10. tehy hey still might end up with the number one seed. >> always have to get better. this would give us a chance to evaluate where we are at. see the things we need to do better to win these games. and it' s. obviously a tough sport and you see where we' re at after 16 games. bob: more about brady' s rough day coming up later and sports. heather: crews on the scene of a fire in walham. it broke out at a laundromat and reached three alarms. kelli: everything is under
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the chief said this was a tough one to put out. broke out around 3:00 at a laundromat. one to three alarms quickly. this is a one story building. it' s simple construction. it presented some serious challenges for firefighters. >> the fire appears to have either started or extended up into the drop ceiling. when companies arrived, there was a lot of work to get the feeling -- the ci eiling down. the roof was sponging so we had to pull our people off the roof. kelli: firefighters were called off the roof, creating challenges. as the cleanup, it took firefighters from for communities to get this under control. reid: a man is behind bars accused of dragging a state trooper. state police said this happened
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during a traffic stop on 93 south. the driver is accused of taking off and dragging david strong a short distance. strong got back into his cruiser and pulled over the driver again. robert -- faces a long list of charges including assault and battery. heather: after a week of complaint, the boston globe called her next of help for -- called in extra help. 200 staffers personally delivering papers. >> on top of spotty home delivery when frustrated subscribers called the globe, they were on hold and they never get the answer. when these delays will end. >> we were excited because there was a newspaper out there. my husband ran out and it was not the globe. reporter: a home delivery subscriber for 30 years and now she cannot get her globe or an
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answer to when the austin globe delivery service will be back to normal. >> now i' ts 8 days. i' m wondering if we will ever getour paper again. >> you get a rolled response that comes back. that is not very satisfactory. reporter: the bl flobe -- globe did e-mail the couple with more than a dozen zip codes -- after staffers volunteered to take on deliveries themselves. the company says it has a new distribution service. aci media, which took over monday and it is trying to get up to speed with a new staff of 600 carries who need to learn new routes, new addresses. brookline is one of the areas where the globe today right. >> today we did. given the difficulty that newspapers have, i' m not sure they can afford to be missing days of delivery. i'
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>> you get the feeling they' re going to the electronic form because of a manageability and profitability. reporter: when they did reach someone on the phone, they offer to cancel their subsection. that is not what they wanted. i will tight hole the boston globe is trying to make it up to customers. reid: investigation underway right now into a shooting that happened in everett. the d.a. says a 19-year-old was found with a gunshot wound. the victim is listed in critical condition. a missing northeastern university student has been found. dennis -- was found dead on new year' s eve. there is no further detail of where he was found or how he died. he had been missing since late november. counseling will be available. heather: an armed robbery --
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arrested for a crime at a saugus mcdonald' s. leslie -- attacked two women taking cash at an iphone. he pulled a gun on the women when they try to follow. reid: heather: a reid: a woman tore through -- fire tore through her apartment overnight. the woman' s injuries are non-life-threatening. heather: commitment 2016. hillary clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire today. this week, new england will be crowded with candidates as the countdown to the primaries continues. also, new finger point overing -- over a terrorism recruitment video featuring trump. mrs. clinton: you are very rude, and i'
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mr. trump: hillary clinton created isis with obama. reporter: the billionaire spent his weekend firing shots at clinton at a rally in mississippi on twitter and on tv. mr. truy mp: i have more respect for them by far than hillary clinton has. reporter: trump facing questions about this video by al-shabaab. using a clip of trump in a recruitment message. mr. trump: donald trump is calling for a total of complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. reporter: trump made clear he is not changing his message. >> does it concern you at all that you are being used in a recruitment video? mr. trump: have to say what i have to say. mrs. clinton: he is becoming isis' s best recruit. reporter: clinton said trump' s
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>> hillary clinton has to be tempted to say told you so but she has to be careful because she did overstate the facts on the debate stage. reporter: clinton' s democratic rival bernie sanders did not address the video but he did say trump needs to be called out. senator sanders: trump is over the edge. this guy comes up with things off the top of his head that are lies. he is a pathological lie. heather: donald trump will be in massachusetts tomorrow. he is holding a rally at umass lowell at 7:00. former president bill clinton will make his first campaign stop in new hampshire supporting his wife during two events. the first in nashua in the morning and exeter in the evening. reid: the search is on for the owner of a lost wedding ring in plainville. it was found at a local store but it does have some distinction marks.
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julie: reid, we of course just finish up the busiest shopping weeks. thousands of people walk through the aisles of the t.j. maxx in the weeks leading up to the holidays. now police are hoping they can connect with just one shopper. a few days ago on december 30, woman shopping found this wedding band. engraved are the initials a.j. to d. b., november 20 7, 1970 four. the woman told employees and then brought the rain to the police department. now police officers are trying to use social media to try and find its owner or someone who knows the couple with those initials married that day. >> they put it on facebook yesterday. there were a few telephone calls last night but nothing. julie: and next at 6:00, i will tell you where in the t.j. maxx the string was found.
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reid: we could learn more about bill cosby' s private life. heather: his wife is getting ready for a deposition. connected to a massachusetts defamation case, but her testimony will not come without a fight. reid: no winning ticket means the powerball jackpot is still up for grabs. a look at how much money is on the line. >> i' d fallen victim to my scale and measuring tape. heather: she once battled anorexia. now she'
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heather: as the mississippi river recedes, people are starting to return to their homes or the river near st. louis is back to the lowest flood stage. water plants has started working and people have been -- boiling water for a few more days. many people along the river in the states have been told to evacuate as a precaution. reid: bill cosby zweifel be massachusetts. -- bill cosby' s wife will before sit testify. set for this week. the defamation case calls -- recalls seven women who accused them. the case is separate from the he' $1 million bond. you go to the supermarket to buy
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meat the label will not tell you where it came. the congress is changing laws after a long battle with the meat industry. wto ruled agreement that canadian and treated the same as u.s. livestock. heather: today is one of the online dating. as single start the new you' re looking for that soulmate. karen anderson is here to lay down what is behind the big push. karin: looking for love and on the wrong places? -- all the wrong places? well, today might be your day to find a soulmate. according to, the sunday after new year' s is prime time to find love. they call it dating sunday. >> i joined one great person. karin: there'
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valentine' s day. so what makes today the best day to login? week. with emotions running high during the holidays, there are plenty of breakups, which means more fish in the sea. if finding love was one of your resolutions, start revamping those online profiles, because you may be in luck. >> there is a strategy for online dating. if you do not use it, you lose. karin: choose that begins with an earlier letter and the alphabet. tip number two, make your profile photo stand up. >> you can learn everything you need to know from the first picture. karin: keep your bio short and sweet. reid: here is one thing that someone. $100 million, right?
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the prize rolls over to wednesday night. it is one of the top 10 biggest powerball jackpots ever. if you pick the cash option, eulogy taking home a little bit less money. $245 million. i did the consolation. $1 million a-month you would have to spend for 12 years after paying taxes. heather: for a lot of people that would not be such a difficult thing. buy a place in florida. reid: i' m ready to try. florida next week would be a good idea. today was not that bad. out, temperatures s. carefully. on. later. now at 5: 4:24. 40 degrees. ve got cold air.
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for a january day, it is not bad but this means business. behind it is the cold front. not just cold, the coldest of the season. we will add a little wind, which means wind chills will be an issue p a tonight, partly cloudy skies. we may see a few flurries. it is going to be difficult to say when the low flurries -- the low temperatures because it will be one of those backward stays. our warmest temperature at midnight today. during the day tomorrow may continue that slide. i will call it 24-32. partly cloudy. look out for coastal snow towards nantucket. so, what is the timeline? this is the way the map looks tomorrow morning at 6:00. clouds starting to build. a northerly breeze is starting to blow across the ocean. a little bit of moisture. it picks it up and starts to put these bands down. these are interest in because the wind has to be just right. if it goes one direction or the other, it means that it snows
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or if it moves this way, we start to push the snow in land. in land, clear skies. clouds off in the distance. you see them building on the if you drive into them, we have got snow to talk about. s commute -- a little bit on the slow side. snow. it blows around. we have some breeze which means blowing that around. morning before it finally clears outta here. but it will be cold. how much snow are we talking about? cape. one to four inches. if it changes the wind a bit, southern plymouth county. it is not a big event but it could make for slippery travel headed down over the cape. then we start to talk about the winter weather advisory in effect for the cape and the islands. this goes into effect at 1:00 tomorrow through tuesday. the study us snow does not
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arrive until monday. reduced visibility and slippery roads. the other thing we are talking about is the cold air. tomorrow, 28 in the morning, 24 in the afternoon. tuesday, windy and cold. look at that morning low, 10. look at the windchill at 5:00. everyone is below zero. it has been a while. as the day goes on, the wind holds in but the windchill will get above zero by 9:00 in the morning. it stays in the teens all day. even though i am saying 26, it may never feel that war. don' t worry. it is a short event. we start to warm up on wednesday. we go from a cold to a mild pattern. look what happens late in the week. 40, 42 degrees. sunshine. through today is the way thursday and friday will look. in. snow. right now it is looking like a
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snow in land but there is some moisture with it. we will iron out the details as we get closer. meantime, watch out for the cape effect snow and then watch out for that cold. reid: still ahead, a story of triumph, massachusetts teen. heather: her struggle started with one comment from a beauty competition judge. >> she said if i was going to wear revealing costume i should work on my stomach. heather: how this girl battled back from anorexia and the timely t this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. r jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... p maybe it's time we finish this test drive r and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey...
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heather: a taunton teenager is starting the new year with a special message to remind others they should not worried about body image. rhondella: haley has a ballet bar in her room and a wall of awards. in this dance costume, a judge crumbled world. >> she said if i was going to wear such a revealing costume i should work on my stomach. oh, she means i' m fat. rhondella: that was the beginning of anorexia. >> it was my mom' s birthday and she heading two tablespoons of ice cream and went ballistic. and i said, mygosh. what is wrong. lost
5:24 pm
>> i went down to 08 po -- to 80 pounds. rhondella: specialist did get her healthy. >> i was tired, nauseous, pale. rhondella: a months ago she competed in the mistimed pangaea but she did win scholarship money and the most talented category, spreading a message. she will never forget that dance judge. >> i' d fallen victim to my scale and measuring tape. rhondella: with so many new year' s resolutions focused on diet, she wants her struggle to help others susceptible to anorexic. >> if you' re a sinner naturally, it is ok. if you are thick you are not fat. be happy with whatever you want. rhondella: her family was her savior. mom was at school for half the
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her sister threw out the scale. reid: a lot of kids can relate to that. con ming up, protesters taking over federal land in oregon. heather: they are angry over what they say is too much government control. reid: ahead, meet our newest a plus. a teen who will not let anything stop her from following her musical dreams. mike: here comes cold and a few flurries from the north. the big snow impact will develop tomorrow over the cape.
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>> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. heather: here are the stories happening now. the patriots end the regular season with a loss to the miami dolphins. final score 20-10. reid: crewws on -- crews on the scene of a fire in walham. no one was hurt. heather: reporters and editors from the boston globe were morning. delivery problems for a week. since switching vendors. still learning the delivery routes. cold temperatures on the way. two chances to get more snow. we may get a third in the form of stories. i'
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look into canada and you have that' s going to drop in. a short-lived event. only with us for 48 hours. bus stop. cold one. a winter weather advisory in effect for tomorrow in the afternoon. going over the cape. reduced visibility. a powdery snow and s slipperyo spots. once you crossme the canal, there should not be much snow. four inches of snow. net. along the shoreline, if the wind inches of snow. the cold air is moving into this forecast.
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that is what we need to talk about. the wind chills on tuesday morning will drop below zero p i will have a timeline and we will also talk about when the warm air starts to move back into our forecast. reid: a group of armed militia men for toasting -- protesting the prosecution of two ranches are vowing to stay in a refuge. reporter: a group of protesters have taken over a building and a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. >> we have no intention on being aggressive or using force are going on the offense. but just as all people have the right to defend themselves, that' s what, exactly what that means. reporter: a spokesman for the group bundy the son of cliven bundy, well known for his antigovernment action, told cnn they protesting the government' s control over the land. >> it is a people' s facility.
5:29 pm
owned by the people. and, um, that has been provided for us to be able to come together and unite. and making a hard stand resources. the standoff reportedly started after protesters and militia members converged on the small town of berns, oregon, to show support for father & ranchers jailed on an arson conviction. prosecutors say the hammons set a fire that burned 130 acres to cover up posting. the father served three months and the sun on ey -- the son on e a year. a judge ordered them back to prison. >> i' m going to jail for five years for 127. it seems like a bit of overkill paid reporter: the hammonds
5:30 pm
are scheduled to begin their prison sentence monday. heather: a deadly fire in connecticut has claimed the life of a toddler overnight at a condo complex in bridgeport. six people inside at the time. all of them made it out except for that 18-month-old baby girl. two other children and three adults were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is being investigated. but authorities say smoke alarms had been disconnected. reid: the babysitter accused of kidnapping a little girl in hamilton is doing court tomorrow. abigail hannah appeared disoriented when she was brought into the courtroom for her arraignment in november. she was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. she is accused of kidnapping a two-year-old, that gril irl was found on the side of the road eight miles from her home. she suffered injuries and her head had mentioned. heather: a man accused of planting a hoax device in boston. surveillance images and a tip led them to james -- he' s accused of dropping a bag
5:31 pm
next to homeland security in december and walking away. there was no threat the police had to shut down the area while the bomb squad investigated. a connecticut man is facing charges in connection with a stash of weapons found near gillette stadium. foxboro police say they found the weapons after searching matthew bronson' s car. police say they were tipped off by officers assigned to the winter classic. 5 on the opioid crisis. falmouth police will hold a summit to fight the epidemic. they are expecting dozens of community members to attend and share ideas to come up with new ways to fight the crisis. this is the first of its kind in falmouth. a of woman shot was she was behind the will her car. reid: investigators calling it a deadly case of road rage. more on how it started.
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heather: the site san bernardino terror attack is set to reopen tomorrow. 600 employees of the inland regional center will return. killing 14 people. groups monday to discuss their feelings about returning. while the regional center two main buildings were reopened, the conference center remains closed indefinitely. reid: a scramble is underway to
5:34 pm
stop a new year' s eve homicide. police say it was a case of road rage. a member of a disorder shot in the head while driving from her friends from. doug: police are on the hunt for the men they say gone down this college student on new year' s eve. turning a night of celebration into a road rage murder mystery. >> we have got a lot of people wanting to talk with us. doug: according to investigators, university of as a designated driver after attending a new year' with a group of her sorority while the 2 20--year-old' s car confrontation as soon. >> six african-american males which changed words. doug: one opened fire hitting her in the head causing her to lose control of her car and crashing.
5:35 pm
srah, along with another passenger was rushed to the hospital. >> she later on was, passed away. doug: her parents gathered with to mourn. >> there are some of people that lives. she never met a stranger. doug: remembering the tv and film major is selfless, spirited and fun-loving. face. doug: police hoping to bring her killers to justice, saying two of the men in that suv were at that same new year' s eve party and asking for any attendees who may have taken photos or videos to come forward. >> we are sure a lot of people at the party would' ve recognized who was in that their call and maybe they will tell us who they were. heather: a pair of hero save to women' s in florida from a submerged suv. percey was
5:36 pm
y was traveling in his car when another driver flagged him down. a vehicle crashed and landed in the water. the men punch the window and cut the seatbelts. and pulled the c victims to safety. >> somebody' s life was on the line. try to help somebody out. heather: one of the woman was critically hurt was is in stable condition. threat of snow. mike wankum is up next.
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heather: hope you enjoy today. mike: it was sunny, and you took the dog for a walk. it was nice out there. you see that to the north, snow coming. that is a leading edge of cold air. let' s check out the high temperatures today. were above average. trend. but that trend will be changing look for some blue days. six degrees above average. that will drop down the we have high temperatures monday and tuesday only into the upper 20' s. it is still 40 degrees when you factor in the wind, it is still into the 30' s. it will not feel that warm until wednesday or thursday.
5:38 pm
a few snowflakes with this. we may see us a few flurries later on this evening. the snow event does not get going until tomorrow. over the cape. low temperatures tonight, 18 degrees. look at the high temperatures tomorrow. they do not change much. 25 degrees in burlington. bedford 24 tomorrow. tuesday only 28. but there is the turnaround. look at what happens on wednesday. back up to 42 degrees. in worcester tomorrow, 22 degrees but it may fall through the afternoon. tuesday only 27. look at that morning low at 5. the windchill will be below zero on tuesday. on wednesday, we start to warm back up, upper 30' s. the south shore, upper 20' s tomorrow. cool on tuesday. wednesday we warm up into the 40' s. the cape is where the activity is going to be tomorrow.
5:39 pm
the wind is blowing off the ocean water. the warmest spot will be at the cape. snow may linger early tuesday but some sunshine and cold sunshine tuesday. by the time we get to wednesday, look at that. back into the mid-40' s. it may melt as you look at wednesday' s forecast. what is the timeline? tomorrow morning, notice however what is clear but these clouds are starting to form. they drop southward. by 10:00, some snow bands. this is all depending on the wind. fi th -- if the wind shifts, you might get further women. we might see some light snow, the main focus will be over the cape. they will move a little bit and they will stop snowing in the band will move back. this may linger all the way until tuesday morning before he finally clears. once it' s gone, we started to
5:40 pm
that warming trend. but all that time it is sitting over the cape we are talking about 1-4 inches of snow. any areas they get a little dusting from the snow effect working its way in land, it should be very light stuff. powdery snow, really cold on top of all of that. our 7 day forecast. tomorrow the ocean effect snow. i plotted out the windshield. most of the day the index into the teens. that wind is biting late in the day. in land, the index of dropping into the single biggest. tuesday morning, make sure you are bundled up and look at the wind chills -- way below zero. they come up a little bit during the day. but it still is a very cool day out there. we start to warm things up on wednesday. lots of sunshine, very nice. our next chance for snow on saturday. this system is coming in like
5:41 pm
ironed out between now and then. may be some snow or rain as we weekend. brace yourself from that cold, especially tuesday. >> now halloran. bob: the patriots are limping into the playoffs. tom brady beaten up in miami taking a lot of unnecessary punishment. unnecessary because the patriots didn' t need this win. they certainly didn' t wanti it badly enough. took. when he falls, ended up on brady' s ankle. he stayed in the game. first touchdown. parker. dolphins up 10-3. brady had20 yards passing the first half. 20. brady to james white.
5:42 pm
brought down at the six yard line. the patriots would capitalize. jacksoonly to a half yards but that is all he needed. he ties the game. the dolphins are not playing for anything if they want to be jerks they can be jerks. cheap shot on brady. intent to hurt. tie game in the fourth. this one is up for grabs. parker grap bs it. the deflection over logan ryan. the dolphins would convert. mim ami had a 17-10 lead. the patriots had no answer. the offense looked as anemic as it has all season. brady fumbles and recovers but the patriots don' t. they lose 201-0. >> we are trying to move the ball down the field.
5:43 pm
we are not doing a very good job of it. we' re not doing enough on offense to be productive. >> not doing things well enough today to win. be ready for our next game. >> we got to play well two weeks from now. it is going to be one game. that is what are whole season will come down to. nothing over the last six weeks is going to matter. what' s going to matter is how will we play in two weeks. bob: the patriots can still get the number one seed of the chargers beat the broncos. chargers with only one road win, but but they are giving the broncos a fight. 7-6 denver at the two minute warning. the jets threw their playoff chances and threw them away. the end zone. tipped and kicked. a second interception.
5:44 pm
three picks on the final three possessions. the bills knock out the jets 22-17. much to discuss on sportscenter 5 ot. we will figure out what the heck happened today in miami and what we can expect from the patriots going forward. tonight after newscenter 5 at 11:00. patriots it with losses in four of their last six. heather: that has been tough to watch. still ahead, we will introduce you to our a plus.
5:45 pm
reid: singing and dancing and writing music. heather: our ap lus is -- a plus is doing all of these despite the fact she is blind. a lot of people have blindness. what she' s able to do seems limitless. antoinette: from dancing on stage. singing. even
5:46 pm
did we school senior also plays a few different estimates? never once considering blindness a disability. >> a lot of people see it as something has to be fixed or a obstaclen. but i see it as something that is part of who i am i am here the way i am for a reason. i can make a difference this way. antoinette: a music teacher said he expected challenges but boy was he wrong. >> she' s totally self-reliant. is able to do everything and keep up the pace. not only that, is a leader in the classroom. the leader intersection. antoinette: not letting her blindness to find her. one of many reasons precious
5:47 pm
reid: she' s got a great attitude. precious has applied to nine schools p ritchie wants to be a professional performer or music teacher in the public schools. heather: you get the impression she is going places. do you know an exceptional student? submit a nomination at . all you have to do is click as seen on.there is more to come tonight. reid: heather: boston globe reporters hitting the streets to deliver the papers this m orning. reid: bill cosby' s wife under a. -- under oath. why she should be forced to answer private questions about her life this week.
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reid: mike: tracking the threat of snow and when wind chill' s dip below zero. heather: the pats end the regular season with a loss. the one playoff question up in the air. reid: a wedding ring mystery. how they are hoping you might be able to solve it. >> this iis s wcvb chism at 6:00 -- this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. heather: get ready for the coldest temps of the season so far. coean affect us know could play into this -- ocean effect snow could play into this. mike: winter' right now it is still mild. 40 degrees. look at this pocket of cold air. new england.
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