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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  January 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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movingt in does have a few snow flurries with it. then we set ourselves up for this -- a winter weather advisory issued for the cape and nantucket tomorrow afternoon. the main focus is going to be monday afternoon at night, where we see reduced visibility slippery roads and some places could get one to four inches of snow. it is appended on this cold wind blowing across the ocean. progress but it will be snowing over the cape. do be cautious about that one. we have to talk about the cold. look at the temperatures tomorrow. they go nowhere. they hold in the 20' s. tomorrow night, wind chill' s will drop below zero p of the coldest air of the season. we will talk more about that timeline coming up. reid: the patriots close out the regular season with a loss and what a loss it was. the bounces all going the dolphins wake of the patriots staggering into the postseason. their top seed status in jeopardy.
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bob: it is more than just the injuries, folks. offensively, the patriots were without julie element -- addle man. even without them, the patriots should' ve been much better than this. they will need to be much much better when the playoffs roll around. the patriots went ultra on offense trying to keep brady save. even with that, brady almost was injured. stayed in. james white will make it all brady added 68 yards on that play. jackson takes it over the goal line. 10-10. but the dolphins got the only points from there. a touchdown to jordan cameron. the dolphins win 20-10. the patriots had to the playoffs with losses in four of their last six. >> always have to get better. so i think it will give us a chance to evaluate where we are at.
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and see the things we need to do better to try to win these games. it' s obviously a tough sport. you see where you' re at after 16 games and keep fighting on. bob: the patriots still have a chance at the top seed. heather: a man i behind bars accused of dragging a state trooper. sat happened during a traffic stop on 93 south. the driver is accused of taking off and dragging david strong a short disappeared the trooper got back into his cruiser and pulled over the driver again. robert avar faces a long list of charges including assault and battery. troooper s -- trooper strong was not hurt. investigation is into a man shot early this morning on the tiles and street overpass. the victim is in critical condition.
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reid: a clear up under way after a fire at this wa ltham laundromat. kelli: reid, they are actually clearing out. firefighters putting everything away and wrapping things up. no injuries on moody street but as you said, this was a tough one to put out. it broke out around 3:00 this afternoon in the laundromat at 750 moody street. [no audio] building -- >> my daughter and i would were over at the cafe to watch the football game. the smoke was so thick, we do could not the see the building. it got ugly quick. kelli: the firefighters did struggle with the construction of this building. many different roof layr ers and the roof got spongy.
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four communities responded but no injuries and the fire is not down -- is knocked down. reid: a sad update to the search for a missing northeastern university student. the body of dennis -- was found on new year' s eve. no further detail right now on where he was found or how he died. it is not considered suspicious. he had been missing since late november. counseling will be available for all students. heather: a man' s accused of robbing two women in a saugus mcdonald' s. he attacked two women before 5:30 this morning. he took cash and threaten the victims with a gun. police arrested him a short time later. reid: bill cosby' s wife will be forced to testify in the case it is her husband in massachusetts. her deposition is set for this week in springfield. the defamation case involved the
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this case is separate from the criminal charges filed against bill cosby in pennsylvania last week. he is now free on $1 million bail. [ the boston dramatic steps to deal with home delivery trouble. edition. paper after shifting to a new delivery vendor. rhondella richardson is live in frustration. rhondella: some people still have not received their sunday globe. one man who did not get it went to the grocery store to buy it and was shocked to see another man they' re trying to sign up subscribers. >> i said, what' s the deal. he said they were offering a half price of scripture. i laughed and said, i cant get my paper. rhondella: regular raiders want the real story -- readers want
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the real stroy. >> now it is 8 days. >> they are going to reimburse us for a couple weeks of nondelivery. we would call them and they say your way time is going to exceed one are. -- on ehour. rhondella: the globe did e-mail the couple. a half a dozen zip codes in boston even after reporters and staffers volunteered to take on delivery. >> this morning we were excited because there was a newspaper. my husband ran out and it was the daily news. not the globe. rhondella: the globe says aci media took over distribution with a staff of 600 carriers who need to learn new addresses. brookline is one of the areas where the sunday globe arrived. >> given the difficulty newspaper has, i' m not sure they can afford to be missing days. rhondella: delivery is so iffy
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>> you got one on thursday but they did not. saturday. rhondella: like those customers, plan? what should be expected tomorrow? we have yet to hear anything more from the boston globe. heather: working to solve a lost weing ring mystery. reid: ahead, power pole dreams alive and well tonight. wednesday. mike: snow over the cape tomorrow and another shot at
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heather: sounds at a local store, now the mr. to be solved. with. julie mcdonald is live in plainville.
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julie: plainville police tell me they have had some wedding ring' s and other personal items and evidence for years that were never claim. now they were hoping with help from social media, they will be led to a woman who probably really missing the sentimental symbol from one of the most important days of her life. >> this is important to somebody. somebody' s wedding ring. julie: the police department is hoping to start the new year with a special reunion or looking for the owner of this 14 karat gold wedding band turned into the department days ago. a woman shopping at the t.j. maxx entente street 0 -- on taunton street. there are a few clues about the couple who exchange this ring. engraved are the initials a.j. to d.b. november 27, 1974. >> they put it on facebook yesterday. there were a few telephone calls but nothing. >> losing a wedding ring is
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julie: they are hoping this ring belongs to someone local. a woman who lives within p lainsville. but did acknowledge that there were -- the ring could' ve been slipped into the pocket he returned from another t.j. maxx store. reid: $400 million on the line for the powerball. no one had the winning ticket. the -- the prize rolls over on wednesday night. if you pick the cash option, you will take him $245 million. heather: i love it. all you need to do is get one ticket. getting multiple to exist is not increase your chances. reid: michael wacha ahead with the winter weather advisory. january is going to feel like january. heather: donald trump not backing down on his comments to
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heather: iran severing ties. saudi arabian embassy. and took to the streets to s execution along with 46 other people convicted of terrorism. the largest execution carried
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out by saudi arabia and 30 years. reid: commitment 2016. busy in new hampshire and iowa is we get closer to the first primaries. tonight , there is new finger-pointing over a terrorist recruiting video featuring donald trump. mary: in new hampshire, and hillary clinton standing up to a heckler. mrs. clinton: you are very rude and i am not going to ever call on you. mary: as she comes under attack. mr. trump: hillary clinton created isis with obama. mary: the billionaire spent his weekend firing shots at clinton at a rally in mississippi on twitter and on tv. mr. trump: i have more respect for women by far than hillary clinton has. mary: trump facing questions about this video by the terror group al-shabaab. the of trump in one of its recruitment messages. : mr. trump donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering
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united states. mary: on face the nation, trump made clear he is not changing his message about muslims. >> does it concern that you are being used in a recruitment video? mr. trump. i have to say what i have to say. mrs. clinton: he is becoming isis' s bes recruiter. tmary: she provided no evidence. >> hillary clinton has to be tempted to say told you so when this video emerges but she has to be careful because she did overstate the facts on the debate stage. mary: senator bernie sanders did not address the video but he did say trump needs to be called out. senator sanders: trump is over the edge. this guy comes up with things off the top of his head that are lies. somebody has got to say he is a pathological liar. mary: new fire in the fight for the white house.
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>> now your storm team 5 forecast with mike wankum. mike: another day on the record books as above normal. normal high temperature is 37. everyone was a little bit above normal. in the upper 40' s and 50' s and the islands. when i start talking about height of temperatures in the 20' s with the gusty winds, this is going to slap us in the face. watch out tuesday morning is going to be a cold one. this sunset keeps getting later and later. we have a 13 minutes -- we added 13 minutes since december 11. good news for early rises. this morning and tomorrow morning are your latest sunrises. after that we start to extended as well. today-- the days keep getting a little more sunlight. 40 degrees now. winds out of the west at 10. wind chill -- 33 degrees. that index will drop below zero as we start to talk about tuesday morning. why? we have a leading edge of cold air.
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-- a f snow flurries tonight. this will not amount to muche. a the ocea affects no tomorrown over the cape is where we see accumulation. west now. nothing terribly heavy. then we talk about tomorrow. winter weather advisory goes into effect at 1:00. we talk about steady afternoon snow and it goes to the nighttime. this will reduce visibility. there could be slippery spots. but you see it is from the canal eastward down towards nantucket. that wind has to be just right. the flul ffy snow moves around easily. tonight partly cloudy. 20-26. it is going to be hard to say when the overnight low happens midnight will be warmest. this will fall throughout the day. the only place it may warm-up is over the cake. 32 degrees. otherwise, most of us are stuck s. snow out there. normally wins at 10-20 miles per hour.
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a timeline. 6:00 a.m., not much going on. the clause will slide southward. pick up moisture and start to deposit onto the cape and nantucket. it may make its way over to martha' s vineyard but gets scraped off a little bit as it comes across the cape. there may be an indication, if the wind moves a little bit, we can get along the north shore. again, many times the wind can shift in the other direction and ocean. by 6:00 we still have these bands of snow going on. they may continue for the nighttime and into early tuesday morning. will shut off. do keep an eye on if you are roadways could get slippery. and some reduced visibility. looking for between one and four inches of snow towards the cape. on the other side of the canal, shifts. up to an inch possible. most of the activity is going to
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in land, will be looking at sunshine is we talk about tomorrow' s forecast. 24 tomorrow. tuesday is 26. but look at that morning low down to 10 degrees. what does that mean for the windchills? as you wake up tuesday morning, we are talking about below zero everywhere. then it starts to inches way up by much. chill' s in the teens all day. although i say 26, it will never feel that warm. wednesday, we change the pattern. look at that. back into the 40' s. our next chance for rain or snow is going to be warm enough by the time we talk about saturday is on saturday. where it looks like more of the reign of the coast. snow in land. but a lot of details have to be ironed out between now and then. more of us will be involved in that activity on saturday. as far as tomorrow is concerned, the snow was at the cape. all of us will feel that shield especially tuesday morning. i' ll have another update tonight
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>> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: against the dublin team with nothing to play for, a dolphin team with a coaching staff that will not be around last year in the g.m. that was fired last night. the patriots laid the proverbial egg. strange day. most peculiar. the patriots put tom brady in harms way. rolling up on his ankle. the game. narrow escape. yards in the first half. why keep him out there? to parker. patriots open of the third quarter with this. i shorted it turns into a longer. james white gets through the secondary. at the six. the patriots would capitalize. stephen jackson only 2.5 yards zone to tie the game 10-10.
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the dolphins of the few guys with some deep shots. that is burning with the late cheap shot on brady -- that is vernon. tie gave in to the fourth quarter and this one is up for grabs. and look who grabs it. great catch by devonte a parker. the dolphins in scoring position in a convert. to cameron. miami had a 17-10 lead. the patriots had no answer. the patriot offense anemic. to not. they lose 20-10. >> we are trying to be effective and to move the ball down the field and score points. we are not doing a very good job of it. that is what it comes down to. offense to be productive. >> obviously did not do enough things well enough today to win. i thought that was a problem across the board. got a lot of work to do before our next game.
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so, that is what we will do. >> we have got to play well two weeks from now. that is all that matters. it is going to be one game we got a play well. nothing over the last six weeks is going to matter. nothing over the last 16 weeks is going to matter. what matters is how will we play in two weeks. bob: a patriots fan just became a chargers fan. if san diego can be the broncos, the patriots still end up with the number one seed. denver could end up with either the 1, 3 or the five. much will be determined in the next 40 minutes. the jets took their playoff chances and threw them away. down to the bills. an interception. a second interception in the fourth quarter. he had one more. the final three possessions of their season. bills knock out the jets 22-17. a reminder to check out
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we will talk with yates about today' s game and the entire playoff picture. they say never go to bed angry. so, watch sportscenter 5 ot. we will put you in a good mood. reid: always put a smile on her face. heather: coming up at 11:00, a boy falls out of a chair lift. tonight, we are hearing from his dad. who watch it happen. the mistake he says put his son at risk tonight after "quanti co." at 6:30 it is a be see' s world news tonight. >> the militia group in and on armed standoff against the federal government. arabians attack the saudi arabia embassy.
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rannouncer: 3 republican
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won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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heather: have not complained much yet. that is going to change rather abruptly. mike: tuesday morning as the worst of the work.
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zero. as you walk out, it will slam you. then look how fast it turns around. s. another chance of seeing rain or snow on saturday. we will talk about rain or snow. over the cape tomorrow, that ocean effect snow. be careful. reid: just ignore monday and tuesday. start wednesday. heather: have you looked down the road in january?
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