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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] heather: our first look at the wreckage of the doomed tanker that sank with new englanders on board. mike: the coldest air of the season it' s on its way. reid: a young skier' s fall off a new hampshire chair lift. heather: wedding ring mystery. the one clue that could help find its owner. a live look at the boston skyline on a sunday night, the coldest weather of the season moving in as we wrap up the holiday season. a deep freeze, and possibly snow in the days ahead. good evening i' m heather unruh. reid: and i' m reid lamberty. a winter weather advisory is now in effect for cape cod and the islands. let' five' s mike wankum in the weather center. mike. mike: this is what we are talking about. it goes into effect tomorrow at 1:00.
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i think snow will hold off until monday afternoon in the nighttime hours. i do think the outer cape is the most likely area to see accumulating snow. we have colder air coming in. we have ocean effect snow. it is a concentrated area right here. once you get across the canal, maybe a dusting. the cold air coming in. it is starting to make its move at us right now. the you can see a few snow flurries along with it. there could be flurries before the cape snow starts snowing. you look at the temperatures tomorrow. they go nowhere all day. temperatures stuck in the 20' s. wait until you see the windchill on tuesday. reid: now to the patriots and what' s proven to be a lost weekend. falling to the dolphins in miami. and losing the number-1 seed in the playoffs.
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it means going forward. bob: peyton manning, the former colt, now a bronco returned on his high horse and you can' t spell high without hgh just a fun fact for you nothing implied. also a fact, the broncos run game got a lot better when manning entered the game in the second half. maybe they want to make sure he doesn' t throw it too much. ronnie hillman' s 23 yard touchdown run was the difference broncos beat san diego, 27-20. maybe they' ll be able to attack like the patriots of old when the playoffs start in two weeks safe to say they were fortunate to get out of this game with their quarterback in tact. brady spraining his right ankle when he was by ndamakong suh. brady took a lot of punishment in this one including a cheap shot attack by olivier vernon well after the ball was released. another narrow escape for brady sacked late in the 4th quarter he fumbles and goes after the loose ball patriots end up
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season losing 4 of 6. >> it will give us a chance to evaluate where we are at. it is obviously a tough sport. you figure it out after 16 games. we keep fighting on. bob: and there was another big development in the afc playoff picture today involving the revenge of rex ryan. more on that later in sports. heather: for the first time we are seeing video of the cargo ship el faro on the bottom of the atlantic ocean. the wreckage 15,000 feet down in the waters off the bahamas. the ship went down after losing engine power during the fury of hurricane joaquin, 33 crew members were killed. the ntsb released the footage tonight. it shows the debris field on the ocean floor. cars that were part of the cargo, are seen twisted and crushed by the ocean pressure.
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the sandy bottom. the video was captured by a deep-water, remote-controlled, subs. three crew members with ties to massachusetts were killed in the sinking. jeff mathias, keith griffin, and mariette wright. the ship' s black box was never recovered. federal investigators are considering a new mission to try to find it. reid: commitment 2016, hillary clinton in new hampshire taking and tonight he' s firing back hours before a visit to massachusetts. s juli mcdonald is live at umass lowell. juli: thousands of people, both be here for a campaign rally for donald trump. it is a big day for the hillary with some backup. there' s still a month to go until the iowa caucus kicks off the primaries, and donald trump he' s pushed his gop rivals to the side, now unleashing on the former secretary of state. >> hillary clinton created isis
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with obama. juli: as for his own appearance in a recruiting video for the terror group al shabaab, video donald trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. juli: the republican frontrunner is brushing it off, but clinton' s response is clear. >> you hear all of this rhetoric attacking muslims americans it' s not only shameful and offensive, it is counter productive and dangerous. juli: and hours before trump' s rally in lowell, hillary clinton will unveil a not-so-secret weapon of her own, her husband. former president bill clinton will hit the campaign trail in new hampshire tomorrow morning. trump takes another shot online, calling it the worst thing she could do. does anybody remember when bill clinton, in 2008, worked long and hard for hillary? she lost. now bill is at it again. just watch. bill clinton will make his first
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there are multiple groups including students who have -- plans to protest. investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that damaged several businesses. fire broke out at about 3:00 inside of the laundromat. firefighters say the fire traveled quickly through the space about the drop ceiling inside the building. at one point firefighters were because it wasn' t safe. >> my daughter and i were over at the cafe to watch the football game. we saw the firetrucks pull up. the fire was so sick coming out of the building. reid: crews eventually got the fire under control. no one was hurt. heather: a lawrence man is behind bars tonight accused of his car. police say it happened during a traffic stop along 93 south in medford. the driver, robert aybar, took off dragging the trooper for a short distance.
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seriously hurt, jumped back in his cruiser and managed to chase aybar down. a teenager is in critical condition after he was shot overnight in everett. investigators say the 19-year-old victim was found shot early this morning on the tileson street overpass. so far, there are no arrests. reid: right now, a tense standoff continues on federal land in oregon. a militia now has taken control of a wildlife refuge and shows no signs of giving it up. newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill is here with what it' s all about. kelley: the protest began saturday as a rally in support of oregon ranchers dwight and steven hammond, who are heading to prison tomorrow for arson. tonight, dozens of armed militia members have seized a federal building, angry at the government. >> it is the duty of the people to put that govt back in its
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kelley: the takeover follows this rally yesterday, the militia marching through this remote snowy area of oregon, now those inside say they are prepared to use force if necessary one of their grievances, the sentencing of two local ranchers for arson the principals that we are here are based on constitution of us ammon bundy, along with his father, nevada rancher s cliven bundy were involved in a standoff with the government over grazing rights two years ago. nats from april 5, 2014 confrontation with law enforcement now bundy says they have brought in generators and other supplies, preparing to hunker down possibly for years. >> this refuge here is rightfully owned by the people and we intend to use it schools here have closed for the week, and the sheriff is urging people to stay away locals are concerned about an
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>> bringing in a militant view, saying we' re going to rise up, that' s just not right. kelley: the local ranchers wanted for arson, dwight and steven hammond, say they plan to turn themselves in peacefully tomorrow. but it' s not clear if that will be enough to end this stand-off. heather: a sad end to the search for a missing northeastern university student. northeastern' s president says the body of 21-year-old dennis was found on new year' s eve. there' s no further information right now on how he died, but it is not suspicious. he' d been missing since late november. counseling will be available for students on campus. reid: bill cosby' s wife will be forced to testify in a case against her husband here in massachusetts. camille cosby' s deposition is set for this week in springfield. the defamation case involves seven women who have accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. this case is separate from the criminal charges filed against cosby in pennsylvania last week. he was arrested in that case and is now free on one million dollars bail. heather: taking dramatic steps to solve home delivery troubles. boston globe reporters and staffers helping to get the sunday edition out, but what about tomorrow? it has been a rough stretch for the paper after shifting to a new delivery vendor. as our rhondella richardson
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their frustrations. >> i said, what is the deal? they are at free half-price subscription for home delivery. reporter: frustrated by the missed austin globe home deliveries, regular readers want the real story. >> i am wondering if we will ever get our paper again. >> they are going to reimburse us for a few weeks of nondelivery. you call them and the wait time is one hour. reporter: there are more than 100 zip codes with delivery delays this sunday. half a dozen zip codes in boss alone even after managers and staffers volunteered to take on deliveries themselves. >> my husband ran out.
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aci media took over distribution on monday with a staff of 600 carriers who needed to learn new routes and new addresses. >> given the difficulty that newspapers have right now, i am sure they cannot afford to be missing days. reporter: neighbors have different, but equally frustrating delivery stories. >> i neighbor got one on saturday. we did not. i am not sure what is going on. reporter: some had better receive the sunday paper. some are wondering what to expect for tomorrow. heather: wedding ring mystery. the local store where it was found. the clue that could get it back to its owner. reid: a home is trashed. an online rental nightmare.
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heather: we are hearing from the father of an 11-year-old lawyer who fell off of a chair lift this weekend. that boy fell 20 feet off of the lift on saturday. he is expected to be ok. his father was writing the chairlift with him. he tried to hold on. make the choice that i have not knowing if he is going to be ok. that is the thing that will probably traumatize me forever. heather: the family says that no employees were working that lift , so nobody was there to shut it down. a new year' s eve party leaves in
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oakland, california home trashed. the owners renting it out on air b&b, and paying the price. the on-line service is a popular way to earn some extra cash when you' re away from home. reid: but in this case, things went very wrong. reporter: tonight, this oakland california couple cleaning up and recovering from a new year' s party in their home they didn' t throw. >> tons of booze in the kitchen there' s beer cans and broken glass in the house. reporter: remnants of a rager thrown by their airbnb guest. reshma vasanwala and her partner jim renting their home to a man who said he would be in the area visiting family and friends. reporter: in reality, it was a teenager throwing his 18th birthday party. the couple got a text to make concerned neighbor.
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a spokesman for the company telling abc news that they have a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. we have band this guest from a irbnb. they said that they would never rent again. they say that they are working with the couple to cover their losses. there are some simple rules of thumb. rent only to users who have verified their identification with ai rbnb and hand over your keys in person. reid: airbnb also suggests reading reviews of users. in this case, it was a first-time user with nobody to vouch for him. heather: nobody had the winning powerball ticket last night. it will now roll over to the next drawing on wednesday night.
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biggest powerball jackpots ever hear it if you pick the cash option, you will take home a little bit less money. 240 .8 million dollars. reid: a lot of blankets with that money. you would have all of your blankets on you tonight. heather: how about a warm weather getaway for winter weeks like this? mike: we will see the temperatures warming back up again. days were above average. price. it is not bad out there. mid 40' s with some sunshine. that is delightful for a january day. in the city, it is 36 degrees. wind chill is a very manageable 20 degrees. there. you see what it is doing. there is a shock in the
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atmosphere right now. you see the flurries starting to creep into the state. of orange. there is an initial burst of cold air. afternoon through tomorrow night. and nantucket. the wind blows across the cape. around. flurries. 28-26. over the place. it will go down and then it will really go down. it will not go back at all. 24-32 will be the high temperature. just plan on temperatures being in the 20' s all day tomorrow. northwest wind at 10-20 miles per hour. a.m.
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a lot of clear skies for us. watch that act of clouds. this is the ocean effect. it starts setting up these bands of snow. it is difficult to predict where they are going to happen. if they shift this way, they blow out over the fish. the is type of snow is light and fluffy. 6:00 tomorrow night, a nice little band sitting right there. we will keep that going through much of tonight. eventually, this winds down and moves on out of there. we could see anywhere between 1-4 inches of snow.
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that is what will be happening -- happening as we talk about other systems. there is not much of variety going on here. 21 for a daytime high in worcester. we are back up into the 30' s. the south shore, cold tomorrow. much temperature -- warmer temperatures coming down the road. here is what is to know about tuesday morning. 10 in boston. wind chill indexes in the morning will look like this. low zero. heading to the bus, heading to work, make sure you are ready. as we go through the day, the windchill index is still in the single digits. it is a cold day that we are talking about here. then we start to warm up. mild temperatures all the way
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we have a system coming up the coast. it looks like rain on the coast. there will be a lot of mixing going on. might give you a heads up on that. possibly next weekend we could be dealing with a little bit of snow. cool temperatures to start the week. reid: thank you so much. heather: it was found in a local store.
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it is engraved with the initials a.j. to d.b. it is dated 1975. >> we put it on facebook yesterday. heather: if anybody is missing this ring or you know somebody who is, call the police. bob: the road to the super bowl goes through denver for now. the broncos played like a team that really wanted the number one seed and they get it. the patriots played like a team content to get healthy and we will see what happens. brady twisted like a pretzel by suh. played on. in the third quarter he connects with james white. makes it all the way down to the six-yard line. brady threw the ball 25 yards in the first half.
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from their. here. the patriots head to the playoffs with losses in four of their last six games. the year. >> sometimes, it becomes more proportionate pass-wise to run-wise and of pfizer percent. we will have to do those things well in the next couple of weeks no matter who we play. >> listen to this reaction as peyton takes the field. bob: peyton manning to the rescue. manning entering the game against the chargers in the third quarter. his arm inspire the broncos' legs.
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philip rivers. the chargers looking to spoil the top seed party. the broncos played much better with manning and there. they beat san diego 27-20. you look at the seatings. what you may want to take from it is the patriots face the bengals, texans, or chiefs in the divisional round. the only way they would play the broncos is in the championship round. they couldn' t do it. three interceptions on their last three possessions of the season. call it rex' s revenge. you do not want to make the playoffs.
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losses were to playoff teams and the other to the ravens. such a thing. they get the number six seed after beating the browns. there is a lot more where that came from. espn joins us to discuss and dissect a very intensive interview. reid: look forward to seeing you then. coming up, it is shooting off the charts.
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heather: i have to confess, i think i' m the lone holdout on this one. have you seen "star wars" yes? "star wars: the force awakens" is going on. reid: it is the second highest grossing movie of all time. in just 19 days, it has racked up a total of $740 million, lasting past "jurassic world" and "titanic." the biggest of all time is "avatar" it not for long. mike: talking about lottery money there.
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opportunities here for doing things inside. mike: you are going to be inside the next couple of days. temperatures in the 20' s. wind chills below zero. typically when you look at january, it does not rebound that fast. it looks like it will rebound
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