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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. i'm emily riemer. stories we're following right a hamilton babysitter back the details we're expecting to learn today about the kidnapping case. emily: armed ranchers taking control of a federal building in oregon. the demands they're making and the threat of violence. randy: an ugly loss for the patriots impacting their playoff battle. what's next for the pats and who may be returing to the field. emily: i got so excited about this. it is news to go overnight. confession. this is not the real stuff though. blue hills had the snow guns going on the slopes early this morning but a lot of people are happy.
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randy: a lot of people looking forward to a great ski season, cindy. cindy: good morning to you both. we have big cold coming in. we're sitting at the freezing boston. already to the north and west we've dropped into the 20's. north shore back to worcester county. well. you can see the skies are mainly clear. just a few patchy clouds off to the north and west. but what we have going on is an arctic frontal boundary that is pushing through the area right now. on the other side of this front it is in the single digits and right around zero up in ottawa. that's the air mass that is going to feed in as those winds turn to the north and northwestment so we're actually going to see the temperatures hold steady for a bit this morning and then drop by noontime it's down to 25 degrees and those winds are going to be kicking up as well. so wind chills by the middle of the afternoon running below zero out through worcester county, southern new hampshire and it is going to feel like it's in the single digits and teens from boston down to the cape so it is turning much colder here as we go into the afternoon for sure. although most of russ going to see a mixture of sun and clouds
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feed ocean-effect snow bands from cape ann down to cape cod and to plymouth county as well. there is a winter weather advisory here for several inches of snow starting up later this morning right on through tomorrow morning as well. we'll break this down for you, step you through the timeline coming up. right now as to the roads we go. jeff larson in for olessa this morning. good morning, jeff. (no audio). jeff: the ride is in very good shape. it will be a very busy commute this morning. last couple of weeks it's been light with people off on vai kition but people are coming school. that means a lot of traffic. there's the zakim bunker hill bridge as we look at it from mass general hospital. let's see what the travel times are. good. a speed-limit ride from derby street up to the split. the expressway still ten minutes. that will not be the same as morning. 128 and the the turnpike are
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emily, back to you. emily: right now: we're expecting to learn new details about a bizarre case. a babysitter accused of home in the middle of the night. and that was just the start. quite the saga for that child. suspect is expected back before the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is live in newburyport with what we hope to learn. morning. what we hope to learn is where here. as you may remember after abigail hannah's arraignment back in november, she was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is, in fact, competent to stand trial. at that time, a court clinician said she was experiencing hallucinations, expressed thoughts of suicide, and could not participate in her own defense. hanna his charged with from her hamilton home, beating her, then dumping her by the side of a road. a couple driving by found the toddler even as a desperate search was underway. police say she had cigarette burns on her body. the little girl's parents told
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police hanna had babysat for them before they fired her. we hope to learn more about this case in court today. reporting live, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: other stories we're following right now. a connecticut man arrested outside of gillette stadium with a slew of weapons is expected in court today. police say matthew bromson was drunk and acting suspiciously friday in an off-site employee parking lot. they found a stun gun, a sword, and a slingshot inside his car. bromson, who was was also the subject of a 2014 standoff in connecticut, is facing several charges. randy: a lawrence man is facing charges, accused of dragging a state trooper with his car. police say it happened during a traffic stop along 93 south in medford. the driver, robert aybar, took off dragging the trooper for a short distance. the trooper -- who was not seriously hurt -- jumped back in his cruiser and managed to chase
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aybar down. emily: new video released of the sunken "el faro" cargo ship. the ship went down after losing engine power during hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members were killed, including three with ties to massachusetts. this video was captured by a deep-water, remote-controlled sub. the ship's black box has not been recovered. federal investigators are considering a new mission to find it. randy: right now a tense standoff on federal land in oregon. an armed militia taking control of a wildlife refuge. the eye's erika tarantal joins us with the move today that may ease tensions. erika? erika: randy, good morning. the takeover began saturday to rally support for two oregon ranchers who are facing arson charges. those ranchers are expected to turn themselves in today peacefully. the armed militia says this is a battle over federal land. some want it freed from federal oversight after dwight and steven hammond were sentenced to prison for lighting the land on fire to protect their own property from invasive plants.
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covering up an incident of poaching. dozens of armed locals say they want to restore rights to the people. >> it is the duty of the people to put that government back in its place. >> bring in a militant view saying we're going to rise up if we don't get our way. we're going to used armed resistance. that's just not right. erika: it's unclear if the ranchers' move today will stem the issue. protesters say they're prepared to use force if necessary. schools in the area are closed for the week, and the sheriff is urging people to stay away. emily? emily: commitment 2016. republican front-runner donald trump heads to lowell for a rally tonight. meantime former president bill clinton will hit the campaign trail in new hampshire to stump for hillary clinton. trump calls it the worst thing she could do as the war of words continues between the candidates. clinton took aim at trump's comments over muslim americans yesterday in new hampshire. trump fired back brushing off his appearance in a recruiting
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shabaab. hillary: you hear all of this rhetoric attacking muslim and muslim americans. it's not only shameful and offensive, which it is, it is counterproductive and dangerous. trump: hillary clinton created isis with obama. emily: trump's rally at umass lowell is scheduled for 7:00 tonight. bill clinton will be in nashua at 11:30 this morning before heading to exeter. randy: a painful loss for the patriots now revealing new information about their playoff battle. the eyeopener's doug meehan is live at gillette stadium with the good, the bad, and the ugly. doug: good morning, randy. yeah, plenty of all of that to go around this morning. the bad news-- the patriots will head into the playoffs as a second seed. they will face one of these three teams on saturday, january 16, in foxborough-- the bengals, the texans, or the chiefs. now to the ugly, and that's certainly what that loss in miami on sunday was. tom brady now nursing a sore ankle. the q.b. now on the list of
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players being monitored for injuries during the bye week. >> it's obviously a tough sport, and after 16 games you see where you're at. you just keep fighting on. doug: here's some good news for you this morning. hightower, sebastian vollmer, and chandler jones are all possibilities for the playoffs. beefing up the ranks for the injury-plagued pats. by the way, denver earned home -- the first seed by beating san diego yesterday. we're live outside foxborough stadium this morning. doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: the new carrier for the "boston globe" says it could take four to six months for home readers are angry after the paper shifted to a new delivery many subscribers haven't gotten a paper in over a week. "the globe" emailed customers, listing more than 100 zip codes with delays this sunday. a half-dozen zip codes were in boston even after globe managers
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on the deliveries themselves. even neighbors have a story to tell. a.c.i. media took over staff of 600 carriers who need to learn new routes and new addresses. randy: it's 4:39. a critical meeting on gun emily: the plans for president shootings. plus-- father: it was my fault. i let go. emily: a father opens up about a terrifying incident. the fall at a ski resort now under investigation. randy: fare hikes on the table for the mbta today. why some say the proposal is against the law. cindy: temperatures dropping below freezing this morning but we have not seen anything yet. wind chills below zero tonight. and snow for some in my forecast.
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emily: an 11-year-old boy is suffering a concussion after falling more than 20 feet from a chair lift in new hampshire. this happened at ragged mountain in danbury on saturday. his father was riding the chair with him and says he tried to hold on to the boy but lost his grip. >> i don't want any parent to have to make the choice or have the situation that i have and to watch your child fall and not know if he's going to be okay. that's the thing that just will probably traumatize me forever. emily: the mountain says the lift was properly staffed. the family's accusation is under investigation. that boy is expected to be okay. 4:42. a new year means new resolutions. randy: the ambitious plan for 2016 from a top executive. and a festive approach to the new year.
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hair to raise money.
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randy: coming back from what was a really nice week. cindy: we got up to the 40's yesterday. that's not happening again the next couple of days. brace yourself. i said to my boys last night. i said you need to wear heavy coat. got one for christmas. hat, gloves. these are things that the kids have not been wearing. emily: dig them out. cindy: back to school today will be a shock to the system because we have wind and cold coming in. the coldest air of the entire season moving in today, and that's going to drop the wind chills so by tomorrow morning,
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wind chill s are going to be down below zero and all the while we are going to see ocean-effect snow along the coastline, in particular the cape. that's where i think it could accumulate to more than an inch. this is where we do have a winter weather advisory starting late this morning around 11:00 a.m. and going through tomorrow morning. as that snow comes down, it will reduce the visibility and make for slippery driving conditions as well. keep that in mind if you're on the cape. elsewhere, it's going to be dry. you can see on the radar this morning, the only snow to speak of are a couple of flurries that are not even reaching the ground here along the route 2 corridor in worcester county and a few more here back toward the berkshires. outside of that, there are patchy clouds moving on through and mixing with the clear skies but what we have happening is a front. this is the leading edge of much colder air working on in. you can see to the north single digits in syracuse right now. it is zero. that's the temperature, not the wind chill, in ottawa so although we're sitting at 32 in boston right now, that cold is coming in. i want you to notice these temperatures. upper 20's to around freezing. this is where the temperatures stay through the morning hours.
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and then they start to drop this afternoon as that wind picks up out of the north and northwest it is going to pull in that colder air so the temperatures hold steady or drop throughout the day. and the winds are going to be increasing too. by late morning they're up around 15 miles per hour. winds out of the north 15-20 miles per hour this afternoon so it's turning windy, turning colder. temperatures hold steady or slowly drop throughout the day. what that will do is make it feel colder. if you're going to be heading out around lunchtime beings wind chills will be in the single digits and teens. that will be the case during the afternoon hours as well. this is what you need to dress for as you're heading out this morning. the cold coming in this afternoon. by 8:00 p.m., the wind chill is going to be down below zero out through worcester county and it's headed there even in boston by the morning. so all the while we're talking about the cold coming in. as that wind picks up out of the north. it will allow ocean-effect bands of snow to start to generate. because the wind is going to go more north or northwest it's not an issue for the bulk of the coastline. cape ann to cape cod is the primary areas where i expect to see those. once those bands start to set
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up, they'll be persistent through this evening during the overnight even into first thing tomorrow morning before they start to wind on down. we're talking about a coating to an inch. cape ann through plymouth county. as you get toward the cape, there could be one to locally up to four inches of snow in some of the more persistent bands. look of these temperatures overnight. single digits down to about 11 in boston. cold stuff coming in. it is with us through the day tomorrow and then as the high starts to shift eastward, milder air moves in by wednesday we're back up around 40 degrees in the afternoon. but you saw those wind chills overnight out the door tomorrow morning. wind chills sub zero and the wind chill itself not going to get out of the single dinl its until probably about the early afternoon tomorrow so cold stuff here the next couple of days. and then we'll moderate those temperatures back in the 40's wednesday into thursday. friday looks dry. it looks like a messy mix of rain and possibly some snow on the way next weekend. in the meantime we get you out to the roads. jeff, how are we looking out there? jeff: so far so good but it will be a busy morning. i can promise you that. everybody is coming back to work, going back to school.
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that means a lot of traffic on the roadways. right now it's very quiet. you see the leverett connector and the zakim bunker hill bridge both moving very nicely coming into the city i'd say about a half hour or so we'll see the crush of traffic. the turnpike is looking good. only 16 minutes from 495 to 128. metro west traffic is fine. up towards the north it's a good ride on 93. it's 15 or 10 minutes between 495 and 128. that northern swing of 128 is also moving without delay. the mbta should be starting out without any problems as they get back to you. president obama is preparing for a critical meeting on gun he'll meet today with attorney general loretta lynch. potential executive orders to strengthen the nation's gun laws. background checks required for gun purchases. on thursday, the president will meeting on gun control in virginia. the site of the deadly san bernardino terror attack is set to reopen today. nearly 600 employees of the
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return after a husband and wife opened fire there killing 14 people. leaders of the center say employees will meet in small groups this morning so they can discuss their feelings about returning. the conference center where the massacre happened remains closed indefinitely. randy: ten minutes before 5:00. economic headlines this morning. the mbta control board will discuss a fare hike today. the group already voted to allow fares to be raised as much as 10 percent. but they haven't settled on a final number which is expected this month. activists and lawmakers argue a 2013 law was intended to cap fare hikes at 5 percent every two years. overseas, asian stocks plunged today forcing markets in china to stop trading for the day. weak manufacturing data and tensions in the middle east weighing on the markets and driving up oil prices. right now u.s. stock futures are down. they're down more than 250 points. emily: stories trending on the
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eyeopener this morning. a sign of hope on the greek island of lesbos. a team from greenpeace international and doctors without borders created a peace sign made from more than 3,000 discarded life jackets from refugees. this picture was taken on january 1. the group, posting the image with the caption "safe passage for refugees in 2016." randy: a big new year's resolution for facebook's founder. mark zuckerberg wants to create an artificial intelligence system this year. he says he wants to building a simple a.i. to run his home and help with his work. zuckerberg is known for keeping his resolutions. in 2010, he vowed to learn mandarin and recently gave a 20-minute speech in the language. emily: it's either very disturbing or very clever. an idaho man is raising money with his back hair. mike wolfe has his back shaved to match the month of the year, and then creates a calendar. here the month is january.
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"calend-hair." some proceeds go to the "gates of hope," a charity through wolfe's church to benefit an orphanage in kenya. that is some surprising growth, that it grows back every month. randy: that's a lot of hair. at least he's keeping it under control in an artful way. emily: and for a good cause. there you go. still ahead, wrong place at the wrong time for a robber. randy: the customer who stepped in to save the day. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. stay healthy when you dine out this winter. the dirtiest items in your
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randy: good morning monday morning.
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time for your early "news to go." emily: a hamilton baby sitter accused of kidnapping a little girl she once cared for is expected in court today. abigail hanna was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in november. a court clinician said she was experiencing hallucinations. hanna is charged with kidnapping a two-year-old girl, beating her, and leaving her on the side of the road. the toddler is recovering. the worcester armory theft will be back in court today. tyrone james is charged with possession of some of the guns taken from the lincoln stoddard army reserve. james allegedly helped this man, james walker morales, sell guns that police say morales stole from the center. a third suspect, ashlee bigsbee, is charged with unlawful possession of a stolen firearm and lying to authorities. randy: andrew bowman was captured punching a boston police officer while that officer was in his cruiser on new year's day. the officer called for help and
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police say bowman told them, quote, you're all doomed and you're going to die. a teenager is fighting for his life after he was shot in everett. investigators say the 19-year-old was found early yesterday morning on the tileson street overpass. he was listed in critical condition last night. no word on any suspects or arrests. emily: investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that damaged several businesses on moody street in waltham. the flames broke out yesterday afternoon inside a laundromat, moving quickly through a space in the ceiling. at one point firefighters were ordered to get off the roof because it wasn't safe. no one was hurt. randy: thousands of bags of a lethal batch of heroin are off the streets in western massachusetts. 9,000 bags of so-called "hollywood heroin" were seized this weekend in springfield. police say they were hidden in a fake car bumper. police had stepped up patrols after eight people overdosed on that batch. emily: a robber gets taken down
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at a 7-eleven in new york. police say the armed man walked into a store demanding cash at gunpoint. just minutes later, another man with a large flashlight comes in and beats the robber over the head. the suspect eventually stumbled out of the store, but police tracked him down in his home. randy: stranded sea turtles rescued off the coast of cape cod. the wellfleet bay wildlife sanctuary captured this loggerhead at breakwater beach in brewster. experts say the stranding season usually ends in december but warmer waters are keeping turtles here longer. since november, rescuers have recovered 520 turtles from cape cod beaches. 21 were saved since january 1. emily: police in plainville are searching for the owner of this wedding ring. the 14-karat gold band was found at t-j maxx on december 30. it is engraved with the initials "a.j. to d.b." and a date of "nov. 27, '74" on the inside. if anyone is missing this ring, or knows someone who is, call
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plainville police. randy: this is exciting for a lot of folks. the jackpot is up to $400 million for the powerball. no one had the winning ticket saturday night so the prize rolls over to the next drawing on wednesday. it is now one of the top ten biggest powerball jackpots ever. if you pick the cash option, you would take home a little less $244.8 million. emily: i feel an "eyeopener" pool coming on. randy: it's always fun when it's about that amount. cindy: you know what you could buy with that? a lot of coats. and hats. and scarves. randy: bentleys. cindy: that too with the heat on because what i'm getting to is we have a blast of cold air to way. coldest air. entire season moving on in. wind chills overnight into tomorrow morning going to be dropping below zero. it's going to help to induce ocean-effect snow really just
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particular cape cod. we've seen less than an inch of snow this season. last year at this point we had over four inches of snow. in a typical year we've had nearly a foot. we are way behind in the snow development you can see on radar this morning a couple of flurries out in the western part of the state. these are associated with an arctic front that is pushing on through. it is opening the door with a shifting wind to the north to allow this real cold air to pour on down out of canada. it is zero this morning in ottawa. single digits back towards syracuse right now. that's the coldest on the way. the temperatures hold steady or fall as the day wears on. clouds mixed with sunshine. by noontime it's actually going to feel like it's th the evens as that wind picks up out of the north 10-20 miles an hour. that northerly wind is also going to help to generate by noontime ocean-effect snow bands over southeastern massachusetts. these will persist overnight and into first thing tomorrow morning as well before they start to wind on down. over the cape especially, this is where we could see up to four
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inches of snow.
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