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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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right now. jc: the wintry mix is making for a slippery commute. this shows the snow squall moving through and harvey leonard is talking about it. harvey: it has turned colder with a north, northeasterly wind with cold air over the oceans and it picks up the snow and you get bands. all is south of boston. the south shore is affected especially the lower south shore and getting closer to the cape. it is shrinking down in thalmouth. you can see them all involved in the snow. we look at the visibility and notice the restriction is right here. it is southwest, southeastern portions of massachusetts and moving on to the cape. visibility is up to two miles. three miles from providence. the bands are located down here, and because it has turn had colder abruptly that's where the slippery driving is. basically it is route 3 and 3a south south of norwell. they will continue to cape cod
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first thing tomorrow morning they will shut off. last on the cape, and then the rest of us will be plain cold. story. check it out. while there could be one to four inches of snow in that band i just talked about, for the rest of us we are in the low 20s in boston. teens in worcester. we have a cold wind and bitter cold air from the north. these are the temperatures to morning. much more about the snow and cold in a few minutes. jc and phil? jc: the weather is making for dangerous conditions on the south shore and the cape. john atwater is making his way along route 3. john? reporter: it is slow going on route 3. we are in the nor well area so we are north of the heavy snow. packed. it is crawling southbound on route 3. you mentioned some of the accidents because of the ocean affects and the snow squalls. it was heavy at times and police are warning people to take it easy as they go south on route 3, but the back ups
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for miles right now. we are live in norwell, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: it wasn't the best way to ring in the new year at all on wall street. jc: the markets take a pounding on 2016's first day of trading. >> the blood bath that began in china continued here in the u.s. with triple digit losses. the dow finishing the day with a 276-point loss. the nasdaq getting hammered losing 104 points. with a big selloff in china that got most of the blame along with new concerns about a rapid flare up in tensions between saudi arabia and iran. at one point the dow was close to a 400-point loss today, but it clawed its way back up. worried about china's economic slow down are expected to continue to earn -- to concern wall street for awhile. phil: the girlfriend of james whitey bulger, catherine greig
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jcjk kelley tut her is -- jc: kelley tuthill spoke with her sister? reporter: they are pressing the attorneys whether or not this will go to trial or whether there will be a plea in the case. the big question is what impact will this have on the 64-year-old's sentence. catherine greig was not in court for today's hearing. he is serving an eight-year prison sentence for conspiracy to harbor a fiewj -- fugitive and identity fraud. the contempt charge comes because she refused to tell a grand jury if there was anyone who helped her mobster boyfriend during his 16 years on the run. the judge will have a lot of discretion in terms of the sentencing in this case. her sister is hoping for time served. >> i miss her. yeah, i miss her. i mean, i had not just the time in jail, but 16 years she was gone. i didn't know where she was. in fact, at one point i told
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have to say she is dead because i can't go on like this. reporter: she is corresponding regularly with james "whitey" bulger. she says he is sorry to hear she is suffering so much. live at the federal court, kelley tuthill, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: a gunnel extended the mental health evaluation period of a babysitter uh cooed of kidnapping a toddler from her home. she has been undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at the worcester recovery center. it was since the november incident. a court psychologist says she does show signs of mental illness. happen gnaw is accused of -- hannah is accused of kidnapping a 2-year-old girl and beating her and leaving her on the side of the road. the girl continues to recover. jc: after this crash, a car took out a utility pole this morning causing major problems. newscenter 5's jack harper is live in pea body. jack? reporter: jc, it is improving, that's for sure.
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they will put a new one up and together. it is a lot better than what we saw here a few hours ago. >> i heard a bang. i had no idea. i hoped the door and saw the pole on the car. reporter: he ran to the car. his first and only concern was helping anyone who happened to be in the car. he didn't even think of the power lines and the him. >> i went over to the car and maybe not the smartest thing with all of that power sitting on top of the car. the door was open so i didn't have to touch the vehicle. one occupant in the car screaming. reporter: the driver was walking and talking, obviously upset. but physically doing okay. >> did she say anything about what happened? >> i believe she was cutoff by another vehicle and then went into the pole. reporter: on the northbound side they are working as well. you can see two lanes of traffic are moving though and then over here on the southbound side we have one
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are working on this end of the problem. they say it is going to be another couple of hours before they can get this side of the road open on both lanes. in pea body, jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: patriot nation is somewhat relieved to learn tom brady did sprain his ankle during sunday's game. grateful the injury was not worse. there is still some concern though. will he be 100% for the playoffs? bob halloran joins us now. >> bill belichick refused to say anything about his quarterback's condition during his conference call. no surprise there. but look at this shot from brady's post game press conference, holding on to the wall as he limped back to the locker room. we know he suffered a sprained ankle from that hit by the dolphins lineman. an mri did not show any breaks or fractures, and brady took plenty of other big hits the rest of the way before he was pulled from the game with under two minutes reinmaing.
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morning brady said don't worry. he will be ready for the playoffs. >> i've had worse. i've had plenty of worse injuries than this one. i will work hard to get the right treatment and, you know, i always dealt with injuries. i am very confident that i know how to deal with injuries, and i will try to go -- believe me, i will do everything i can to be out there. there is nothing else in my life that is a priority at this point other than getting to feel like i am 100%. phil: brady has two weeks to heal before the patriots take the field on saturday january 16th. they will play the best remaining seed of these teams, which ever advances, number 3 cincinnati, number 4 houston or number 5 kansas city. the patriots didn't get the top seed, but they got the bye week which will give several players including brady time
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phil: the man who had several weapons found in his car near gillette stadium faced a judge. bail was set for $17,000. he is facing a list of charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. foxborough police say he was drunk and acting suspiciously classic. the weapons recovered include a sword and a meat cleaver. jc: commitment 2016 and donald trump is back on the campaign trail in massachusetts. tonight's stop in lowell comes as the gop front runner releases his first tv ad. reid lamberty is live. reid? reporter: yes ahead of donald trump's rally, jc, news he is releasing his first television commercial in iowa and new hampshire. the ad is focusing on his stance on muslim immigration and terrorism. it is a striking commercial in which it states trump will cutoff the head of isis and take its oil. it also reiterates the front runner's recent call to
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entering the u.s. >> trump calls it radical islamic terrorism and he is calling for a shutdown of muslims entering the united states until we can figure out what is going on. >> we will make america great again. reporter: the commercial will start airing tomorrow. again it will be in iowa and new hampshire and it prominently features president obama and hillary clinton. it promises trump will build a wall to stop illegal immigration and that wall bill be paid for by mexico. earlier during a sound check here in the arena, we did see the commercial so the jumbo tron of donald trump. so expect to hear a response from trump. trump was greeted by thousands of people in the arena and hundreds of people outside. protesters who oppose his issues. live in lowell, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: also on the trail in new
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runner hill cree clinton was joined by her not so secret weapon, bill clinton. julie mcdonald is live in new hampshire tonight. julie? reporter: well, any minute now this line behind me is expected to file into the town hall for this evening's event and in had -- in today's other public appearance he talked about his wife knowing how to, quote, what it talks to keep our country safe and to stop bad things from happening. he gave specific examples about her accomplishments as secretary of state including negotiating the new star treaty with russia which makes america safer from an accidental or intended nuclear exchange. but he also spoke of her efforts to keep america safer in their own neighborhoods. he praised her $10 billion plan to battle it the opiod crisis. >> this is a big deal. we need narcan on every
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and every police department everywhere. it is literally a miracle drug. reporter: and clinton admitted that close personal friend of his have lost their children to the opiod epidemic. up next at 6:00, hear from some massachusetts supporters in nashua hua about their most member rabble moment -- memorable moments from the speech. jc: the fbi is in oregon where an anti-government group has taken over a wildlife refuge. reporter: jc, the white house is closely monitoring the situation. it has reached to washington. the main concern is for federal employees who work on the refuge. the armed group called citizens for constitutional freedom came to the frozen desert to protest the prison sentences of two local researchers who set fire to federal land. they say that the men have been intimidated by the government and treated unfairly, but their ultimate goal is to turn the property
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>> we are going to stay here until we have secured the land and the resources back to the people of the county and where they could get back to ranching, get back to logging, get back to using these lands intimidation. that's our goal. >>he group leaders say they intend to remain peaceful if they are not provoked. phil? phil: ed, thanks. british security officials are studying a new video from isis showing a masked man with a british accent. that man makes threats against the uk and then kills a man accused of being a spy. investigators are now trying to figure out who that masked man is. you may remember the british accented militant who was known as jihady john was killed by a drone strike in syria back in november. jc: gas prices continue to fall in the new year. a gallon of self-serve regular dropped another two cents to $1.96 a gallon on average and that's 46 cents lower than
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president obama is preparing to unveil a renewed push for tougher gun control laws. phil: his plans do not include congress. the one thing he is insisting on right now ahead of the public announcement. jc: and new at 5:30, hollywood heroin. the deadly drug now being sold in massachusetts. phil: it is not something you want to see on any flight.
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r [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. r[agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. p what about this? this looks good.
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p [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. p [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. p [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> hundreds of people who work at the site of the deadly san bernadino attacks returned today. the inland regional center opened this morning for the first time since the mass
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14 people were killed. leaders of the center say employees are meeting in small groups to talk about how it feels to be back. the conference center area remains closed indefinitely. phil: president obama is taking on gun control instead of waiting for congress to take action. the president is calling for what he says is common sense ways to save lives. president obama is meeting with loretta lynch, bypassing congress on action of what he calls an epidemic of gun violence in america. >> although we have to be clear that this will not solve every violent crime in this country, it is not going to prevent every mass shooting and it will not keep every gun out of the hands of the criminals. it will potentially save lives in this country. reporter: on tuesday the president is expected to take executive actions that his administration believes will make it more difficult for the mentally ill, criminals and
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president obama said he is making sure his measures will amendment. the white house wants to tighten the background checks and prevent those on the no fly list from buying guns. it hasn'tal candidates already weighing in. >> we don't beat the bad guys by taking away guns. we beat the bad guys by using guns. >> criminals or people with mental issues, health issues should not own guns. that's what the president is trying to do, and i think that will be the right thing. >> however, gun rights groups are promising to take legal action. the white house officials maintain the president's orders will stand up to a court challenge. jc: the death toll from the earthquake in southern asia is six and could go higher. the 6.7 quake was felt in inned yeah you and bangladesh and other countries. dozens of buildings were destroyed or badly damaged. the earthquake struck before dawn local time.
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for at least a minute. jc: boats are moving again on the mississippi river after flooding made it too dangerous for sk tray. the coast guard said five miles of the river in missouri are reopen, but with safety restrictions. more than 10 inches of rain fell in the area causing the fast-moving water and dice econ decisions. phil: 22 chilly degrees in needham right now. we have the coldest weather since when? harvey: early march last year. actually 304 days since it has been this cold. boston will drop to around 12 tonight. last march 6th it was 9 in boston and you remember how cold february and march were. look at worcester. the last time it was that cold was also march 6th. phil: welcome to winter. harvey: yes and some of us have a unique snow situation. check that out right now as we check out our doppler live. you cay n see where the action is along the coast and the south shore and on down toward the cape and the island.
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reand plymouth to that thalmouth is where it is cold. winter advisory in affect tonight until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning is for the cape and the islands. as we go forward the assisteddest snows are as the winds become north and it will be deposited on the cape. for awhile southeastern mass, particularly plymouth county is involved. we have had reports of a couple of inches of accumulation in spots and enough to make it very slippery. the clouds will continue to snow showers are down to the cape until about dawn tomorrow. and then that should finally come to an end. the rest of us will have plenty of sunshine. in fact, full sunshine. 100%. very, very cold air. also full sun on wednesday, but the temperatures will change a lot by then. this is the ocean affect snow. it is anywhere from one to four inches in bands. and some of this is occurring.
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fell from boston southwest to nellis. we can see breaks in the clouds to the northwest and the north where the dry, but cold air starts to settle in. bo is sten has seen the last of the snowflakes. 23 degrees and wind around to the north, northwest right now. steady at 12 miles per hour. all you have to do is go to worcester and lawrence and points north and west and it is down to the teens at this time. and we have some wind gusts as well. 22 miles per hour boston. 26 miles per hour in springfield. the windchills are already dropping into the single dynel gist, -- single digits and will fall below zero. here is a look at the winds. averaging 15 miles an hour overnight with gusts to 20 to 25 as the temperatures fall to the teens. look on top of mount washington. eight below. burlington, vermont is three. it is very cold and that's the cold air it is working in. new hampshire is down to single digits.
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single-digit temperatures tomorrow north and west of boston and teens along the coast because of the modifying affect of the ocean. full sun tomorrow. we will get back to the 20s, but we will have a big turn around by wednesday afternoon. here is a look at the next seven days. frigid conditions to start tomorrow. look at that change in temperature from tomorrow all the way to wednesday. now i want to point out the windchills you will be dealing with, make sure the kids are bundled up and yourselves too. 11 below in worcester and 1 below in boston. and it only goes up somewhat, but still very cold throughout the entire day. so why do we get this big temperature turn around from tuesday to wednesday? the jet stream does one of its flips. instead of us being on the cold side temporarily we go back to the mild side. and it allows us to reach the 40s as early as wednesday afternoon and repeated on thursday. as we get to the tail end of the week on friday night and especially the weekend it does look like precipitation will
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right now it is looking like it will be a little too warm especially along the coast for snow or frozen. but inland areas may have a bit of a mix and that inclement weather may continue on sunday. not solidly confident about that, but it is a possibility. phil: harv, thanks. one week from today we will launch two new newscasts. a look at the news at 4:30 and more in depth coverage at 7:30 and that starts next week on newscenter 5. jc: the largest chill fillet has been closed for -- chick fillet has been closed for days. and the daily habits that could increase a woman's risk. phil: and gun sales are surging. why so many people are rushing to buy right now.
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jc: there have been 59 health violations at chick-fil-a. the first stand opened in october, but was shutdown last week. the chain voluntarily closed to deal with fruit flies and failure to properly refrigerate food. phil: a new survey is finding pediatricians are not recommending the cancer preventing hpv vaccine to pre teens. it is contributing to a low vaccination rate. a third of doctors are more likely to offer the vaccine to girls and boys who are older than the recommended 11 tw 12 years ole. years old. most think parents will object to the vaccine. health insurance rates are on the rise right now and some premiums are soaring boo i double double -- by double digits. they say blue cross/blue shield premiums will go up and
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this comes as more and more insurers are dealing with the cost of expanded coverage under the affordable care act. the division of insurance will hold a public hearing on the issue next week. jc: up next at 5:30, frightening moments for students headed to school. phil: the accident that involves a school bus and national grid van. jc: and a father describing the horror as he watched his son fall 20 feet off a chair lift. what it' s like to buy a house. ri know how it feels to be stressed about money. pi understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help.
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fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. her best. just like you. r sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne rannouncer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight
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in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: whitey bulger's long-time girl friend will plead to contempt charges. she disobeyed a judge's order to testify before a grand jury. she is already serving eight years on conspiracy charge. jc: and stocks start the year in a free fall. investors are worried about new signs of an economic slow down in china and growing tensions in the middle east. phil: and slippery conditions have the commute at a crawl right now. route 3 is getting some of the worst of it. several crashes have been reported as the snow starts to fall and the roads begin to ice up. jc: so many people on vacation and you get snow equals and you get no visibility with those around. phil: a hard way to get back
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harvey: and ocean affect snow


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