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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 5, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EST

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>> i would call themterrorists. they have a political agenda and they're bringing it forward with arms. >> we haven't had a normal life since they came in and started trying to intimidate us. >> reporter: meantime dwight and steven hammond says they don't support the militia's methods and their family insists these gunmen do not speak for them. the federal government is suing volkswagen for environmental violations. software in millions of vehicles wagon diesel vehicles gave false readings on emissions. half a mill of those cars in the u.s. and the automaker is getting ready to recall them for repairs to the software. this could cost volkswagen billions of dollars. there's a high profile promotion to tell you about at general motors. mary barra is chairman. berra took over as ceo just two years ago, becoming the first woman to lead a major global
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the 54-year-old started her career at gm at the age of 18. now ceo, she steered gm through a crisis of defective cars and pressure from activist hedge funds for increased stock buy backs. >> stock markets are poised to recover from yesterday's selloff. it was the biggest drop on a first day of trading year for the dow jones industrial average in eight years. both the dow and the s&p 500 were off about 1.5%. abc's rebecca jarvis has more. >> reporter: it was bad but it could have been so much worse. it started with a sharp selloff in china, very weak matching data indicating the world's second largest economy is slowing, the fears here there could be a ripple effect on the economy in the united states and around the world. second oil prices have been tanking since last year even, and now there are big concerns about what that means for the energy space.
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while it's great news for consumers, it's not great news for energy companies or the people that they employ. and historically speaking, 70% of the time, what happens in january is what sets the tone for the rest of the year. there's an old saying here on wall street, "as it goes in january, so goes the year for stocks." well, there are 18 more trading days to set the tone for 2016. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. today, california is bracing for some extreme weather from el nino. the last el nino fueled a storm 18 years ago, killed more than a dozen people in the state and caused billions of dollars in damage. of particular concern today are the recent fire burned areas that are not able to absorb as up water. heavy rains could cause mud slides and along the mississippi river, vicksburg is among the communities preparing for massive flooding. the river is expected to crest next week at more than 52 feet.
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town is only 43 feet. the mayor has already declared a state of emergency and power has been cut to some sections of the city. crest now is in tennessee. and checking the national forecast here, heavy rain up and down the west coast as he was just saying. colder in the mississippi river valley. flood zone there. it will be the coldest morning of the season so far in the northeast. unseasonably cold in the midwest. >> 20s in great falls, montana there, and minneapolis and boston, 30s in new york and chicago. 40s in seattle, dallas, kansas city, 50s in los angeles as well as new orleans. >> feeling a lot colder in some places i know. so several nfl teams are looking for new head coaches the day after the final day of the regular season. known as black monday because basically, heads start to roll when a team polices the playoffs. so the tennessee titans, 49ers and cleveland browns are makinging some big changes. the philadelphia eagles also
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the new york giants' coach quit possibly before he was fired. >> okay, and three other teams, well, they don't want to change coaches, they just want to change new cities completely. it is the same city they wan. the san diego chargers, oakland raiders and st. louis rams all want to move to los angeles. the nfl says it will review their relocation applications this week. los angeles, by the way, doesn't have an nfl team right now. the rams and raiders left in the '90s. can you believe it's been that long since l.a., the number two market, had a team? >> that's amazing to me. there's even talk there could be two teams that would share the same stadium. >> it will be the raiders and the chargers. >> yeah? >> no rams? >> they aren't getting a new stadium in st. louis. they'll be fine. a "star wars" fan in tulsa, oklahoma has taken his love for the movie to a whole new level. >> jeff barnes build himself a droid from the ground up, he
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r2d23 which had about 15 seconds of fame in episode 1. the r 2 unit is made from resin and what is this? sis treen? sigh reen. what is that? weighs 100 pounds, by the way. took him more than a year to build. so he's been working on this. i love that it looks like the original. >> yeah, it even got some street credit. an autograph from luke skywalker. >> that's so cool. >> himself. but it was 15 seconds of fantastic fame in that first movie. >> new colors, old design, right? >> yes. >> coming up -- >> a warning from a mother of a sick little girl about magnets on your refrigerator. >> oh, my gosh. it's terrifying. >> also ahead, the jumping powerball jacket pot worth $400 million. what would you do with that kind of money. >> and later nuns selling cannabis. could their products help their customers find a spiritual experience? you're watching "world news now."
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we're back with a warning now. toddlers as you know, will swallow almost anything but that almost proved fatal for a south texas girl eva seen there swallowed silver ball magnets refrigerator. there were fine line of the other. the child was in severe pain. >> it created holes all in her intestines. they had to stitch up some. some they left to heal on their own. >> wow. eva is still in intensive care but is expected to recover. her mother has a warning for other parents. high up on the refrigerator may not be high enough. >> oh, my gosh, that's terrifying. also here this morning, the ntsb released new images of el faro, the ship that sunk during hurricane joaquin last october. the 33 on board assumed dead.
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resting place takes us onto the deck of the ship. there are no signs of the black box or the victims. here's nbc's linzie janis. >> reporter: the "el faro" three miles underneath the ocean's surface. twisted and mangled by hurricane joaquin. its equipment and cargo scattered. a vehicle with a sunroof. a microwave. and a printer. all being carried by the "el faro" from jacksonville to san juan when it sank on october 1st. but still no sign of the ship's crew. 33 in all. perhaps the most haunting? this video of the top two decks, including the bridge, where the captain and some of the crew would have been, found half a mile away. also still missing, the voyage data recorder, or black box, that may have provided answers for family members. >> they are most concerned of why did they send them out there, knowing it was some type of storm? >> reporter: for now, hope that these images of a final resting place will provide some closure.
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york. that will final resting place located deeper than the titanic was when it sanch and many of those family members right now are suing as a result. >> one man speaking out saying he's sort of hoping at least they went peacefully in this. but they have no answers right now. >> clear it was a violent storm for those guys. >> don't go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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if i had a million dollars, we wouldn't have to walk to the store if i had a million dollars >> you saw them live? they were good. >> yeah. >> miss them. okay, so a million, yeah, definitely would be nice. but how about multiplying that by 400? that's what you can win tomorrow in the powerball drawing. >> can't even wrap my head around that. you have to factor in the taxes as you know. but still, even splitting that in half is a huge payday. so here is t.j. holmes with what you might be able to buy with your jackpot wings. >> reporter: powerball, an pandemonium. >> buy my new apartment. >> a party. >> with the announcement of no winner after saturday's drawing
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$400 million by wednesday. the largest in over two years. and there's still time for you to win big. >> we're going to split it. we're going to split it right down the middle. >> part of the excitement of playing the lottery is just dreaming what you would do with that kind of money. >> reporter: what do you do with all those wingsing? perfect time to tackle those new year's resolutions. if your goal is to get fit to look like gwyneth or kate hudson, with $400 million, you could hire celebrate trainer to the stars tracey anderson at her monthly rate for you and 500 family and friends for life. >> what about eating healthier? maybe you want to ditch the cheese bergers and go with subway. with $400 million you could buy more than 1400 subway franchises. the $400 million will get you nearly 18,000 trips around the world. >> t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. all right. so come thursday morning, i'll
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helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. is it too late now to say sorry >> kayna's home video right now. >> a lot of colors going on. >> so adele may have started the new year at the top but justin bieber has doubled up with two singles in the top five this week. >> he's great and all. >> i can't look away. >> sorry, justin. adele is queen right now with some dizzying sales figures of her album "25." that was pretty cool.
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>> speaking of dizzying, the efforts to legalize marijuana have found a new pair of champions in the form of two nuns. >> yeah, well to be fair, what they're fighting for doesn't get you high. they say it will help you if you're suffering from any number of ailments. our fresno station has the story. >> these products made from maine by two women who dress like nuns are said to be good for what ails you. >> we make oil which takes away seizures and a million other things and we take a salve that's multipurpose and we found out it curious migraines, ear aches, diaper rash, toothaches. >> sister kate and sister darcy call themselves sisters of the belts. while they do not belong to a religious order, they consider their work healing to be a spiritual endeavor. >> part of my life designed to
2:57 am
important and this really does. work. >> the marijuana they grow and cultivate is free of the substance that gives marijuana a high but they are afraid their work is being threatened by a proposed marijuana ban being council. >> yes, it's frustrating to me because there are all these people with negative attitudes about something that is truly god's gift. before the council next week asking them to let them continue their mission growing marijuana and selling its products. in merced, gene haggen son, abc 30 "action news." >> sally field would be proud. the original flying nun. >> they said too it's about a sisterhood for them of being together and doing that together. >> good for them. hey, we want to hear from you by the way. "world news now" is turning 24. we want too hear about your favorite wnn moments or memories.
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this morning on "world news now," today's crackdown on gun sales. >> it's coming from the president's executive order. how it could change buying and selling of firearms and how critics are peeking out. >> controversial ads. donald trump's new tv commercials hitting the airwaves as bill clinton starts campaigning for his wife. will he make a difference with voters? exploding air bags. did the company behind a major recall try to hide information? new details about takata facing a long list of lawsuits. and later, beauty queen who thought she was a runner-up to the miss universe pageant and then she got the crown. what she says about the big
3:00 am
it is tuesday, january 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." i know you're waiting around to find out what miss universe has to say about the whole mix-up. >> she's been very political about it, right? >> has she. >> i think she's handling it quite well. he's a huge fan of the crown, by the way. >> that crown, it's a little weird but otherwise we'll get to that a little bit late per.our top story this half hour, president obama taking aim at gun control. later this morning, he'll bypass congress and announce new restrictions on sales, especially at gun shows and on the internet. >> the sellers have been exploiting a loophole. the president hopes to close. more from abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: at gun shows just like this one over the weekend in virginia, hundreds of firearms are sold. often with no background check. >> this is considered an assault weapon. >> reporter: sales brisk in part of that executive action planned by the white house. >> obama's the reason. >> reporter: virginia today not
3:01 am
watched as the brother of one of the virginia tech massacre victims, trying to raise awareness of the loophole, legally buying an armful of guns at a virginia gun show with no background check. >> went up to him, how much do you want for it, 450 bucks, here's the cash, thanks, see you later. >> reporter: but the executive order being considered would affect many of those sellers who supplement their income with gun sales. calling on them to register as federal firearms dealers. >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent every mass shooting. it will potentially save lives. >> reporter: critics took aim even before the details came out. >> now this president wants to act as if he's a king. 1234509 gun show loophole will not have the affected most of the recent mass shooters. background checks were done. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> we should note that the president's announcement will be
3:02 am
in the meantime, a group of armed anti-government militia men are entering their fourth day today holed up inside a federal wildlife refuge building. the citizens for constitutional freedom claims the land does not belong to the federal government. they've taken up the cause of ranchers dwight and steven hammond who have been ordered to be a five-year sentence in prison for an alleged arson on federal land land. 127 acres were burned yesterday. the hammons -- yesterday the hammons turned themselves in peacefully. >> i'm going to jail for five years for 127. seems like a bit of an overkill. >> the fbi is now stepping in hoping for a peaceful ending. meantime, dwight and steven hammond say they don't support the militias methods and their family insists the gunmen do not speak for them. a former south carolina police officer charged with kill agunarmed man is free on bail this morning. michael slager had been in custody since last april when
3:03 am
walter scott eight times when scott ran from a traffic stop. the former north charleston cop now under house arrest. the judge reversed an earlier decision and granted bail saying he was troubled by a delay in slager's trial. also, san bernardino, california, has taken another step toward recovering from last month's terror attack. employees returned to work yesterday at the county complex one month after 14 people were shot dead by a health inspector and his wife. later a memorial service, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani had a message for the other terrorists saying "you can't beat us. we're stronger than you." >> we move on to politics now and let's say the big dog is back on the trail. hillary clinton's campaign has unleashed bill clinton at two the solo events in new hampshire, he focused on policy and his wife's qualifications to lead. but he mostly ignored her opponents, even donald trump though he managed to make their
3:04 am
>> whether he there also discrimination against african-americans or hispanics or muslims, just because of who they are, i don't like that. >> and. another subtle reference to trump and some of the other republican candidates, the former president said he would not thrive as a politician today because he's not "mad at anybody." >> well, donald trump's first tv campaign ad is full of ominous images of america in peril, including a threat from illegal immigrants. but as it turns out, the images that it used to make that point has nothing at all to do with the u.s. board offer. abc's tom llamas on the campaign's response. >> reporter: i'm dd and i approve this message. >> reporter: donald trump out with his first tv ad, and that striking image of people scrambling like ants across a mountainous border. >> he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall
3:05 am
mexico will pay for. >> reporter: it turns out, that video is not from our southern border at all. it's from 5,000 miles away in morocco. the trump campaign telling abc news they used morocco images on purpose, quote, "to demonstrate the severe impact of an open border and the very real threat americans face." but watchdog website politifact, which first reported the story, gives the ad a "pants on fire" rating on its truth scale. it was trump's immigration crackdown that first rocketed him into the lead. >> and, you know, we're going to build a wall. we're going to have a real border. and mexico is going to pay for the wall. and they'll say, thank you, thank you very much. >> reporter: now, his new ad highlights the latest trump promise in the headlines. >> he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: trump, sticking to the hard line that took him to the top and kept him there. but trump's critics say the morocco video in his ad highlights how he's fast and loose with the facts and more importantly, they point to recent studies that show more
3:06 am
coming in. tom llamas, abc news, new york. isis apparently has a new jihadi john. the terror group's latest british accented spokesman appears on a video released over the weekend. he calls the british prime minister an imbecile and then he helped execute five supposed british spies. sources told us he may be a well-known british radical interviewed by abc news about a year and a half ago just before he fled to syria. >> the 1.6 drop in the dow jones industrial average triggered by bad news about chinese manufacturing activity. their worst starts to a year in quite awhile. futures are up. >> things are heating up on main street. as a pizza war breaks out between pizza hut and papa john's. pizza hut is taking a page out of the domino's playbook
3:07 am
topping for five bucks with another purchase or a second pizza for five bucks. papa john's is offering with the purchase of a large pizza a second pizza for only 50 cents are they packing up trying to get pizza? >> for customers it pretty much comes down to taste. all right. it will take au entire year to work off the calories i think. starbucks is starting the new year with a new drink. the latte mackate tote fearings steamed whole milk with espresso shots on the bold scale. it's one step below a full-fledged espresso. it's 0 calories with one teaspoon of sugar as opposed to the average grande frappuccino as over 400 calories and 16 teaspoons of sugar. >> i'm more of a tea wrink drinker myself. but i think that's on my list. there are certain new year's
3:08 am
world, the rose parade, polar bear swims. in japan, it's the great tuna action. this year's 440 pound fish sold for $118,000. look at that thing. it was sold to a sushi restaurant or the one who usually wins as the high bidder. >> that looks kind of gross there. within hours he was serving up slices of this tuna. he got a bargain. three years ago he paid more than ten times as much for this. >> and seems like there wasn't the competition this year. >> that was probably the deal. so this is like an 80-year tradition in japan for new year's but apparently this is the last year for this tradition. >> we needed to get some of that then. we missed out. >> it's pretty much gone by now. coming up "the mix," how you can smell just like vladimir putin for a price. >> uh-huh. also miss universe and her thoughts about the epic blunder on the pageant stage. she is speaking out after
3:09 am
>> we do want to hear from you. "world news now" is turning 24. we're feeling 24. and we want to hear about your favorite wnn moment or memory. tell us on facebook or twitter and we may show it tomorrow morning. >> do you like the martinezcy >> i'm a fan of her in general. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number to learn more. this plan was designed with a rate lock for people on a fixed income who want affordable life insurance
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more than 30 others were injured. take a look at these scenes we're getting in. the fire fully engulfed the bus before passengers could escape. investigators have released the name and photograph of a suspect. china has suffered a number of serious bus fires in recent years, some set by mentally ill or disgruntled people. more trouble now for volkswagen. the justice department is suing the automaker for environmental violations stemming if the can dal in which diesel cars were rigged to cheat on emissions tests. the suit seeks billions in penalties but is not likely to be the federal word from the government. there may still be criminal charges against some volkswagen executives. >> takata's defective air bags able to exload in your front deaths. there's been a major recall and our team looking for answers from takata. >> i'm going to have to ask you to step off the property. >> okay.
3:14 am
so now to the stunning new revelation e-mails from takata engineers that seem to show they were not making it easy to find vital information. here's abc's david kerley. >> while takata admits it hid exploding air bag information internal e-mails are providing a look at the culture inside the company especially this one, an engineer preparing a test data report writes to a colleague, happen happen manipulating. takata said in a statement that in this e-mail was not about changing data, just the way it was presented but but there are other examples as far as back at 2000. a u.s. takata official writes that a report sent to its customer honda used data that was "incorrect, incorrectly labeled or does not exist." in 2005, another report to honda included data that was "a wholesale fabrication," audio according to an e-mail labeled integrity.
3:15 am
the driver of this car patricia mincy who claims she was paralyzed by the air an bag. the deception extended to the u.s. government. >> nhtsa's investigation uncovered a pattern by takata of providing selective, incomplete, or inaccurate information to nhtsa. >> while takata has settled with the government, it still faces several lawsuits from the families of those killed or those injured from exploding air bags. david kerley, abc news, washington. up next in our next half hour here, a starbucks showdown. a customer confronting the cashier alleging they stole her credit card information. why these kinds of thefts are really all too common now and how you can prevent becoming a victim yourself. >> but first, miss universe telling us what was going through her head during this now infamous mistake in announcing the winner and what life is like now that the crown is truly
3:16 am
>> we should point out no lie that is the team that miss colombia wakes up to every morning in her hotel room. it was one of the most awkward live television moments in recent history. >> it's so bad. >> steve harvey crowning the wrong miss universe. >> so the woman who actually won is now speaking about the whole ordeal and how she has much bigger issues to work on now. here is abc's juju chang. >> it has blue sapphires in it and diamonds obviously. >> these are real diamonds. >> reporter: it's not every day you get to see nearly a pound of white gold and sparkling jules
3:17 am
showed us the infamous crown finally finding its rightful place here on the head of miss philippines pia wurtzbach. >> it was the blunder that stunned the universe. miss universe that is. >> i will take responsibility for this. >> host steve harvey's gaffe taking an the crown off miss colombia and placing it instead on miss philippines who was suddenly no longer first runner-up. >> we saw your face. it was literally utter shock. >> i was very excited because i was announced the winner. >> the coronation mix-up inspired countless memes with harvey even poking fun at himself at christmas posting merry easter y'all. >> some people are saying well, steve harvey must have done this on purpose to get publicity. >> not at all. the way he was so apologetic afterwards -- >> he was mortify ied. >> yeah, yeah, he corrected right away though.
3:18 am
>> miss colombia said she not only felt humiliated but felt it was a grave injustice. if the situation was switched, then maybe i would have felt the same way. so it's okay. i understand where she's coming from. >> despite miss colombia's suggestion, pia says she doesn't think sharing the crown makes sense. >> it would be very difficult for two girls to share the crown because it's not just the crown but the responsibility and the job of a miss universe. >> and she's anxious to get to work promoting her causes like cyberbullying that comes along with nearly every viral event these days. >> reporter: when people tweet nasty things back at you, do you just ignore it. >> whenever i see things like that, i just brush it off. the only comments that matter to me are the people that matter. >> she makes glamorous look easy but she says it took years of intensive training.
3:19 am
>> what's the most difficult part of training for a pageant for you? >> i'm a culinary graduate. i'm a foodie and love to cook and eat. for me the hardest part was to find that discipline on heating healthy. >> reporter: but she says it was a small sacrifice for the chance to represent her country. >> we take it very seriously. to us, miss universe is that one crown that we can't get and finally, after 42 years, i got it like sometimes i can't believe that really. i was the one who did it. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang in new york. >> she has a got attitude about it. >> she does. that's a big cross to barry think for her, but the moment where they take the crown off, it's so the -- it's tragic. >> yeah, you kind of like stole the crown from reena. >> no, no, reena's on her way back here. what is that? oh, my gosh. that's embarrassing. > it's like an s though.
3:20 am
>> i hate everyone now. >> she says it's like an s. like an s. >> put on a foo football helmet. >> you look great. human coronavirus... hepati- >>c virus. there are a lot of different kinds of yucky germs. but not all disinfecting wipes... are approved to kill the same number of them. lysol wipes are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox.
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new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast r to unleash max strength medicine. r r start the relief. r r ditch the misery. t let's end this. our first story "the mix" is hysterical. there is a' coluongo inspired by vladimir putin on sale in russia. >> sign me up. >> it's called leaders number one. >> look at those man boobs. >> we need to be able to show you this photo which is part of the reason we're doing this story. what's really funny is they say women like the fragrance more than men which is maybe the idea of cologne. there are hints of lemon, black currants, i don't know. allegedly, the profits will go to a charity. if that's not enough you can
3:24 am
>> it's inspired by him. it's not necessarily his bo bottled, right? >> no. i don't think. >> all right. >> we can only. >> i'll do further research on that for you. >> please, let me know. the smell of putin. not pooti from canada. >> graver from. >> when i think about my old english teacher in brooklyn, she would never ever do something like this. take a look. get it? >> it's so good. uh-huh. whip. they're awesome. >> look at mr. clark in the broind. but the girls are good, but mr. clark in the background has the internet on fire right now because he's a co-founder and middle school teacher of the ron clark academy in atlanta. and this dance routine, it's
3:25 am
everybody just on fire about it. he was once on the oprah winfrey show for his teaching techniques. i'll tell you, he's got some dance moves also. >> i'm so impressed. i think that's awesome. >> absolutely. the next story here and i want to read this to you because i think it's so funny. next to oil and gold and an hbo password, napping might be the world's most precious commodity. in cars on planes, it's hard to do. so this kickstarter campaign came up with they look like regular hoodies. but there's an inflatable pillow inside so you can nap anywhere. i love this. again, it's a kickstarter campaign right now. you can buy it for 49 bucks bucks. >> absolutely brilliant. imagine walking down into your basement and seeing this guy kind of hanging out there. this was a 600-pound elk that broke through a window into a man's idaho basement. so the worst about it, not only
3:26 am
there, it took them 2 1/2 hours to get the elk out of there. >> you can't get it tt2wat^(@%4 bt@q9op tt2wat^(@%4 "a@q)c4 tt2wat^(@%4 bm@q"h8
3:27 am
tt4wat^(@%4 " entq
3:28 am
this morning on "world news now," hillary clinton's secret weapon. her husband bill starts campaigning for her. bill clinton's thoughts on donald trump and if he could succeed in today's political world. >> isis threat. the message of terrorism from a new jihadi john. another terrorist speaking with a british accent. who is he? we may have heard from him before without his mask. >> and new this half hour, a big move for rare identical triplets. >> so they were born ten weeks early. their parents face challenges ahead as these babies go home. one of them being how do you tell them apart? >> well, from triplets to twins. we're talking about "the bachelor." "the skinny," the all new season
3:29 am
the drama on the very first night as ben higgins searches for love from so many beautiful women. our senior analyst is here with us with his expert insight on this tuesday, january 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everybody. it's not monday anymore. it's tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> i'm kayna whitworth. >> i'm kendis gibson. aren't you happy to be here on a "bachelor" post morning? >> i am so excited about that in particular. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> ben, our senior analyst is fired up about it. jack, is that just because there were twins involved? >> it's even better than the real thing. no doubt. >> we can't wait to get his expert analysis. >> what's in store for you. >> he's been watching it over and over in slow mo. >> i think he came in just for this. >> he had other stuff to do. be tuned in for it.
3:30 am
with a familiar face who is back on the stump. of course, we're talking about bill clinton making his first solo appearances on behalf of his wife's presidential campaign. >> but the former president comes with his own baggage, too. abc's cecilia vega is covering the campaign. >> reporter: bill clinton kicking off 2016 in new hampshire. >> it's kind of scary this year. >> reporter: taking some not so subtle jabs at a certain republican front-runner. >> when there is discrimination against african-americans or hispanics or muslims, just because of who they are, i don't like that. >> reporter: but he didn't mention donald trump by name, or trump's tactic of dredging up the former president's past sex scandals. >> and the husband's one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break. >> reporter: so i asked about trump. donald trump says your past is fair game. i've got to ask you, you keep coming up on the trail with him, is it fair game? a long pause, and then an
3:31 am
>> the republicans have to decide who they want to nominate. i'm trying to tell -- now, the democrats, and the country, why i think hillary would be the best president. and i think there's always attempts to take the election away from the people. >> reporter: trump not backing down. >> i think that, you know, hillary was an enabler and a lot were, you know, obviously very seedy, i mean, he was impeached, for heaven's sake. >> reporter: but 15 years after leaving office, bill clinton's popularity numbers are sky high, much higher than his wife's. she calls bill her secret weapon, especially in new hampshire, where both clintons have enjoyed political comebacks. >> i listened to you, and in the process, i found my own voice. >> reporter: this year, new hampshire is pivotal once again. the only state where clinton trails vermont senator bernie sanders and where she needs that not so secret secret weapon more
3:32 am
and the former president's event here in new hampshire was a packed house. and that is exactly what hillary clinton's campaign wants to see an aide to the former president telling me that we can expect to see a lot more of bill clinton 8 on the road this campaign trail the next few weeks. donald trump's first tv campaign ad is stirring up some controversy. i want to show you an image. you can see people here scrambling like ants across a mountainous border. it is seen as the announcer is talking about building a wall along the mexican border. the deal is, that video was shot in morocco 5,000 miles away. the trump campaign is standing by it though. they're saying it illustrates the very real they're the that americans face. >> also this morning, ben carson is revealing a new story from hischildhood. suicide in third grade because of trouble at school. he was looking for rat poison and that his older brother told
3:33 am
would make him burst so he tried that instead. but after spending all his time in the bathroom, he gave up on the idea which is what his brother had in mind. >> yea, 26 days till the caucuses in iowa. today president obama announces new restrictions on gun sales. his executive orders will extend the requirement for background checks to flea markets and internet sales. he acknowledges the new rules won't prevent every mass shooting. he's expected to speak about the changes later this morning, a speech that we will cover live here on abc. a police chase on one of southern california's busiest freeways ended up with the suspect dead. and ended with a crash right here on interstate 5 where the man had been driving the wrong direction. he fled on foot but was shot by police and later died. the man was wanted for murder and other violent crimes. and part of that major freeway through los angeles was >> and about 60 miles to the east, the victims of the san bernardino terror attack
3:34 am
service. it was held a few hours after the office complex where the 14 people were killed by a co-worker and his wife reopened for the first time since the massacre. there was tight security as employees reported to work. isis has a new english-speaking spokesman for its videos. in a new video, the new jihadi john, taunts the u.s. calling the british prime minister, as well quoting here an imbecile and participates in several executions. authorities think they may know who he is and so does abc news. >> reporter: this is the new isis version of evil personified. his face hidden by a black mask, speaking with a british accent. >> we will continue to wage jihad, break borders and one day invade your land. >> reporter: u.s. and british officials are comparing the voice and physical characteristics to this well-known british radical, siddhartha dhar, who fled london to syria a year and
3:35 am
terrorism. shortly before that, he talked with abc news. >> the last hour will never come until a group of muslims rise and conquer the white house. >> reporter: dhar was interviewed by correspondent lama hasan in 2014 as he urged young muslim men in london to push for sharia law. >> i think that would be the beginning of the end of the united states of america, of britain, of europe and the entire world. >> reporter: authorities say he is now a leading suspect as the new isis executioner, which if it is the case, will put him on the same list that led to the drone strike against the previous jihadi john who oversaw the execution of four american hostages. brian ross, abc news, new york. haunting images of the "el faro" are raising more questions than answers. the cargo ship went down in the bahamas during hurricane joaquin last october killing all 33 people on board. but as the images indicate, the twisted wreckage there, there is
3:36 am
or the ship's black box. after a month-long wait, a family in houston, texas, is waking up at home this morning for the first time with three new members. it is a rare set of identical female triplets born on december 1st, ten weeks premature. so little addison, kingsley and savannah harris. each weighed barely three pounds at birth but yesterday they were healthy enough to go home after a lot of planning from mom and dad. >> we've done a lot of planning. we've prepared for a while now. we did deliver a little early. so it's kind of -- that wasn't too expected, but we're just going to go home and try to do our best. >> brad and stephanie harris say the girls will have ankle bracelets color coordinated so that they don't get them mixed >> very cool for those girls. they're looking pretty good. >> a beautiful family. >> coming up in "the skinny" and our bonus round, the actress
3:37 am
role in "baywatch" the movie. >> also in "the skinny," ben higgins "the bachelor" and all the women are competing for his love. our analyst is here with insight. you cannot get this anywhere else. >> first, serious accusations from a starbucks customer to a cashier. the confrontation and a consumer alert. but first, our forecast map. major storms from el nino hitting the west coast today. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex fast max. brought to you by mucinex fast max. hey buddy, let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. p but these liquid gels are new. r mucinex fast max. p it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. p this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. r oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... p new from mucinex fast max. nthe only cold and flu liquid gel r that's max-strength r and fights mucus. r start the relief. r
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your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body... your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared. easy to absorb. an atlanta teenager was shot in the back by a thief who stole her hoverboard. 16-year-old jasmine hester was
3:41 am
board. she threw it at him and rushed inside, but he shot her through the door. jasmine was rushed to the hospital and will be physically okay. the police say they have some good leads on the attacker. it's a bit of a tradition in football if you will the day after the season ends, some teams prepare for the playoffs and then others make massive personnel changes. the tennessee titans fired their general manager. the san francisco 49ers cleveland browns and philadelphia eagles all have dismissed their head coaches and the new york giants tom coughlin quit. he will talk publicly about that it was really emotional especially for eli manning. >> yeah, a lot of players were tweeting about it how sad they were to see him going. >> we're turning now to a mom who says her credit card number was stolen and used at a starbucks and going back to the drive-through window. >> their heated exchange was caught on camera. abc's clayton sandell has more. >> reporter: juana martinez says one quick trip for coffee cost
3:42 am
>> how are you doing? >> reporter: at a california starbucks drive-through last week, martinez claims this cashier stole her credit card number and went on a shopping spree. the next day, martinez confronts her. >> you know what you did, right? >> i'm sorry that i took money from you and your kids. >> $200 isn't that much to anyone else but that was like our rent money. >> reporter: police say they're now investigating. experts say credit card numbers can be stolen by thieves, simply writing them down or using high tech devices called skimmers. this fast food employee was caught using one. >> it's very, very difficult to prevent somebody to have one of these magnetic stripe readers which are very small and very portable. >> reporter: experts say you can help protect your money by frequently checking your bank statements. don't let anybody see your pin number. and don't use an atm or card reader if it looks like it's been tampered with. >> how would you even make a copy of my card? >> reporter: the coffee company calls the situation "completely unacceptable" and says "the employee no longer works for starbucks. clayton sandell, abc news,
3:43 am
>> good for her, fighting back. >> when we come back, it is the epic return of our bachelor senior analyst for the premiere of the new season. >> that is next in "the skinny." we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:44 am
cc2 test message
3:45 am
how excited are you for this? you always remember your first. >> so excited. >> time for the return of a fan skinny." the "world news now" recap of the "bachelor." >> last night we saw the premiere of the 20th season. >> dreamy. >> -- of the show. ben higgins at the center of all of this action. he didn't win the heart of katelyn bristow so how he has plenty of opportunities to find love. >> 26 of them. back again to break it all down for us is our bachelor senior analyst, jack sheehan. >> thank you, thank you to my fans online. my cousins of fans online. i appreciate it. thanks for having me back. >> they both know who they are. >> so great to be back here. >> the new season of "the bachelor" started right here last night on abc. the big question this morning, who is ben higgins?
3:46 am
footage. >> he went to iu. my husband went to iu. >> did he? >> i'm full of knowledge. >> there you go. >> speaking of hoosiers, he's from indiana. he's 26 years old. like you said, the last time we saw him he was ousted in the round of three during the bachelorette. he says he's ready to fall in love and he says his biggest concern is the fear of being unlovable. so the women -- >> wow. >> the women, there were 28 in total. >> oh. >> too much is never enough. >> absolutely. >> when it comes to stuff like this. kendis, kayna, there were four laurens, lauren b., lauren r., lauren h. and lb. >> poor guy. >> as in pounds. lb. >> there were two black girls. i was so excited two black girls. >> one of them was jubilee. there are also a lot of js. speaking of jubilee, jennifer, a canadian named jamie. there was jojo who entered with
3:47 am
unicorn head. jessica is an accountant and jackie. there are also two repeat players from past seasons, becca and amber. >> jimmy kimmel was asking who this amber person is. >> she was a repeat player from a past season. i forgot who she was to be honest. but nonetheless. >> a lot of people did. >> we all remembered becca. she was the virgin and how they did the show, it seemed like she was going to be around for a while. let's put it that way. >> what about the twins? >> the twins, well, they both got roses. let's not get ahead of >> okay. >> who made a big impression last night, a former news anchor, maybe she'll be a news anchor again, but we don't know. olivia. >> how do you know this? >> olivia left her job. she and ben really hit it off. they had some nice conversations. you know how it ended up? she got the first impression rose. >> oh. >> so that is an important step in any relationship, of course. >> teleprompters. >> now let's bring the drama.
3:48 am
>> i loved her. >> lace. this girl wafrom denver. >> don't look at me. >> she's in real estate, rocky mountain high lace here. she was drinking a lot. she was bringing the drama. other people's conversations. >> what? >> yeah, seriously. she was a little bit of trouble lace, i'll tell you right now. like that. >> obviously they're not. obviously they're not. now, the most important part of the evening, the rose ceremony. 21 women got roses. that means seven were ousted at the first hurdle. lauren who went by the name red velvet, breanne, lauren r. so they're thinning out the laurens. maegan, izzy, jessica and tiara. fans of this segment recognize that there was no kiss count. there was no kiss count tonight
3:49 am
>> let's improve that next week. >> hopefully we can improve on that next week. >> he's a gentleman. >> yeah, if the -- if the analyst had to make a prediction he would say lauren b., the flight attendant to get the ring. analyst is out. >> lauren b. i'm writing it down now. >> i'm thinking amanda. >> the fantasy list. >> amanda. thank you, jack. let's move on quickly. >> learned a lot. next in "the skinny," someone that many wish was still a bachelor but alas, he is married. >> we're talking about channing tatum who is, of course, married to this gorgeous woman, jenna tatum. they're going head to head in a lip sync battle. there's a new preview of the clip. you see channing super competitive and has zero shame. let it go, let it go >> that's amazing. > besides that wardrobe, the choreography there. his twirls are spot on.
3:50 am
shock. >> i think l.l. was pretty shocked, as well. >> there you have it, full analysis of "the bachelor." >> he left his rose. >> will you? bonus round is coming up next. will you accept that? will you accept accept that? n stains. clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is no match for that. but lysol power toilet bowl cleaner eliminates mineral build-up effortlessly and kills 99.9% of germs. to get your toilet truly clean, why choose anything other than the power of lysol? and to keep it that way for up to 4 weeks p try lysol automatic toilet bowl cleaner. we've got trouble in tummy town. peptocopter! when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! fix stomach trouble fast
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skinny, so skinny >> it is your lucky day. we're going for "the skinny" knockout here with the heartthrob justin bieber and the new photos that he's posted for his 52 million followers on -- wait, what in the world? including some shots of him getting comfortable with 19-year-old model hailey baldwin who happens to be the daughter of actor steven baldwin of the baldwin brothers. >> bieber claimed those corn hairstyle, he blamed that on hailey while they vacationed in the caribbean together. meanwhile, bieber's ex-girlfriend selena gomez seems to be moving on.
3:54 am
stone" magazine she was asked about a recent moment where bieber serenaded her. gomez here apologizing for not wanting to talk about it. but then said i'm so beyond done with talking about that and him. ouch. >> so obviously, justin won't be partying with selena anytime soon but there is someone else the biebs can party with. perhaps leonardo dicaprio. >> the two pals rang in the new year together in the caribbean, of course. leo even got justin to perform at the party because leo's got that kind of pull. apparently not enough pull to get his own girlfriend there. >> not great picture ooze of either of them. >> probably because leo and ex-girlfriend kelly rohrbach were on the outs. "people" magazine is reporting the 41-year-old dicaprio and the 25-year-old actress and model have broken up. >> shocking. besides modeling swimsuits, rohrbach is an actress and just landed her biggest role yet playing c.j. parker on the new "baywatch" movie.
3:55 am
made famous on the tv series by pamela anderson. and to welcome her onto the set, you see co-star dwayne "the rock" johnson. they took the slow mo jog and then shoved her right in the sand. >> that's awesome. >> maybe the rock was just getting back at her for dumping leo. by the way, the new "baywatch" movie also stars zac efron which many might say is an upgrade from leo. that's mean, brian. >> seeing them together. >> okay, i wrote that, sorry. >> okay. >> that was mean to leo. >> did you guys know that world news is almost as old as the original "baywatch"? >> really? 24 years old. so head to our facebook and twitter pages and tell us your favorite moment. we're going to play it on tomorrow's show. >> i love that idea. there's so many favorite moments. >> leo has never won an oscar.
3:56 am
better in a swimsuit right now? >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. tt2wat^(@%4 bt@q9op tt2wat^(@%4 "a@q)c4 tt2wat^(@%4 bm@q"h8 tt4wat^(@%4 " dztq l
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