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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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ed: and a d rail andover before service started this morning. traffic was disrupted. e t says those problems are fixed. jc: the coldest in what, 10 months? is that right, harv? harvey: yes, march. march was record-breaking snow and record-breaking cold area not record-breaking, bitterly cold. bedford, five, boston eight, norwood seven, beverly six. you got up to 10 and plymouth, but you had almost 10 inches of snow in plymouth. these early readings. another very cold night. not that much wind. boston' s temperatures will level off into the 20' s to low teens. at i have good temperature news for you coming up and i will
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ed: two commitment 2016 right now -- opioid addiction is one of the key issues taking center stage in new hampshire where the primary is now 5 weeks away. janet wu reports three republicans talked about their personal heartaches with addiction and what needs to be done. janet? janet: chris christie, carly fiorina and jeb bush came here to talk about opiate addiction, and they sounded a lot like democrats. but each conversation began with front row seat to addiction. carly fiorina talked about her stepdaughter laurie who died at the age of 34 from drug and alcohol addiction. >> what broke my heart most of all was to watch the look that grew in her once bright eyes as addictions overcame her. what remained was a dull, flat void. it is the look of hopelessness.
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bush spoke of the well-publicized trials of his daughter know well, no one recovery. >> the challenges when you have a loved one who has addiction challenges is something shared by a lot of people. janet: chris christie talked about drug courts that separate drug offenders from other climes and after the medical profession hard. >> and yet, they have the absolute unfettered authority with the restriction pad to do this. and you wonder -- i certainly do -- whether part of the incentive for this is financial. yeah, all right? i try to be nice now, come on. i have this reputation. holes nationally and in new hampshire, but he has a spotlight -- lags in the polls
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>> this is an issue that will be important to me for the rest of my life. janet: he came down hard on ted cruz and marco rubio, accusing them of never doing anything of consequence as u.s. senators and comparing them to senator barack obama. janet wu, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: the roman catholic diocese of portland, maine is under fire accused of covering up allegations a now-deceased priest sexually abused children for decades. six men from maine, new hampshire and new york say the diocese concealed their claims, dating as far back as 1958. the concealment claims, filed in november, pave the way for them to sue even though the statute of limitations has expired. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fatal house fire in farmington new -- farmington, new hampshire. the town' s police chief was first on the scene around 9:30 this morning. he was told that everyone was out, but that a man went back inside the burning home. the chief raced into the house to try and find him.
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the second floor, but it was too hot and smoky. we were yelling and trying to get someone to come to us if they were able, but unfortunately, we did not get any response and were driven back by the heavy smoke and the fire. jc: three others who did get out safely were treated for smoke inhalation. ed: a state representative in new hampshire is trying to lower the drinking age to 18. the seabrook rep. filed a bill that would allow 18-to-20-year-olds to drink anywhere, as long as they were accompanied by someone over the age of 21. but they could not consumer hard -- cannot consume hard liquor. he says the bill would help prevent underage kids from drinking irresponsibly. a new restaurant may soon open at the site of the former hilltop steak house. the iconic restaurant on route 1 in saugus closed two years ago. but the owners of the tuckaway tavern in southern new hampshire are trying to reopen the spot. but right now, there is no offer on the table. jc: the so-called affluenza teen remains at an immigration center
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ed: his mother was back in a united states courtroom today. the ruling that judge made that will send her back to texas to face charges. jc: daring escape caught on camera. a woman' s desperate move after she' s carjacked and kidnapped. ed: the army wants you. the mission right here in massachusetts they are hoping volunteers will be happy to take
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of the energy we buy for you has changed. p so we're working with partners across the region t to increase our natural gas supply p and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. r we're leading the way toward the solution... p because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. r ever new england. eversource. >> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. ed: the mother of the affluenza teen back before a judge today.
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texas to face charges. this as we are learning more about how the teen and his mom spent their last days on the run before being captured in mexico. tonya back to texas. at the same time, her son ethan different patient. new details about their life on the run. the teenager was drinking and racking up a $1000 bill with lap dancers and when he did not pay, bouncers took even back to his apartment where his mother paid the debt. >> i think anything will change until something gets even' s attention. ed: ethan was convicted of killing four people and received probation.
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not know right from wrong. in this video surfaced, possibly showing ethan violating probation at a party. tonya oc couch faces prison. deputies say it will probably happen by the end of this week. jc: a daring escape, a woman breaks free after being held hostage in her car for hours. a man jumped into the driver' s seat, forster inside and took and that' s when she made her move. to happen. i was just saying, please stop. i definitely was scared, but i t ready to give up. jc: as soon as the car stopped, she made a break for it,
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carjacker peeled away. he was arrested after a high-speed chase with police. ed: one woman' s social media post reminding us words can have a powerful impact. jc: it' s a review that has many talking tonight. her complaint on facebook that has set off an internet backlash. ed: ditching all your gadgets for the entire year could you do it? could you do it? really? could you do it? one woman' s new year' s resolution some say they wouldn' t even attempt. harvey: the skies are pretty clear across our region. also rather cold. we talk about the temperatures
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jc: a massive drug bust in spain resulted in the arrest of spanish police say they seized more than 6600 pounds of cocaine and dutch citizens involved in , the operation. and in a warehouse. the drugs were headed to malaga where a british drug-trafficking gang is located. the drug haul is the largest on land in nearly 20 years. and a stunning sight in indonesia. a volcano erupts sending lava flowing down its slopes. as a result, the alert level in that area has been raised to three on a four-tier system. the volcano, which is one of the most active in that area, last erupted last march. ed: an indiana woman facing
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she said her night was ruined after she saw a dead person being wheeled out of the tolling. she called the person a junkie. the deceased customer was an elderly woman who suffered a heart attack. >> i like to take up for my employees. i was ready to do that. ed: now customers, complete strangers are coming to his defense. she is getting blasted on social media. even the salon where she works is getting backlash for employing her. a pennsylvania company ordered to pay nearly $2 million in back pay to employees forced to clock out for bathroom breaks. the department of labor filed a lawsuit against american future t even earning minimum wage at the time. 6,000 workers in pennsylvania, new jersey, and ohio will benefit from the decision. jc: the chairlift that rolled backward at sugarloaf last year, hurting seven skiers is back open. the maine ski resort completed
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weekend before reopening the king pine lift yesterday. investigators determined a broken drive shaft caused a mechanical failure preventing the lift' s anti-rollback system from working. the backup brake system also failed forcing skiers to jump to safety. ok, people were jumping from the car back to the building, back to the car. it has been so long since we have felt temperatures like that. harvey: you are right, 10 months. this winter, it has been hard to do because it has been such a warm pattern. i' ve got to tell you, we not only have the cold here, we heavy snow in mass and cape cod. nash be up there with two half inches of snow, that'
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very two. ocean effect snow. the clouds are just now exiting nantucket and chatham. all of us are going to share in this crystal clear nights around the region. and look, they go off to the west in the distance. we are in for sunshine tomorrow -- just about 100% -- but also coming up thursday as well. the next time we get into precipitation, all of this is developing around texas. we will start to get clouds. it looks like a great one and a damp want. we have to watch for i seen this , possibly north and west of boston. -- it looks like a great one and a damp one. the next two days so bright, and the new weakened rather grade. temperatures -- you saw the 8 in boston, mashed with providence.
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all down in the single digits this morning. where it was not quite as gold, it was windier and it was snowing. there was no trade-off to his he got -- there was no trade-off to speak off. lower temperatures across the region. now you see the clouds are clear, the winds are light, the air is dry. out of the suburbs with a set up like that. i am still expecting teens with single digits and cold pockets. austin hovering around 20 degrees. not nearly as bitter as last -- austin hovering around 20 degrees. --boston hovering around 20 degrees. we not only have the benefit of sunshine, but we have the benefit of temperatures moderating as well. even milder when we talk about thursday. low-to-mid 40'
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with a good deal of sunshine. that' s a pretty nice combination. friday, the winds start to come up the ocean. i keep talking about a damp weekend around here. the jet stream allows it to turn milder, but it also brings a storm up, probably just to our west on sunday. that is the weekend a that looks to have a significant amount of precipitation. then the pattern shifts back to a colder one for early next week. colder. jc? jc: thanks. and in less than one week, newscenter 5 launches two new newscasts. a fast-paced look at all the big news at 4:30 p.m. and more in-depth coverage at 7:00 p.m. it all starts next monday right
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ed: a new program is called get on your feet and it would pay two years of student loan bills for those struggling to pay student loan debt. to be eligible, you must live in new york, have graduated from a new york college or university after 2014 -- it includes only federal loans, not those from private lenders. americans are buying more new cars than ever before. u.s. auto sales hit a record high of 17 point last year. four 7 million breaking the old record set back in 2000. low gas prices, easy credit and strong job growth are credited for the boost. jc: in this new year many are hoping to break their bad habits. one on the top of the list, digital detox. could you do it? newscenter 5' s erika tarantal introduces us to one woman giving up on social media for an entire year. reporter: darla bunting has one
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>> i' m giving up social media for one full year. reporter: darla valves not to use instagram, facebook, snapshot, or twitter. >> five minutes zero their turns into ours just scrolling. reporter: she was on social media five hours a day and only realized how obsessed she was after giving it up for one month. >> i go to the bus stop , i pull out my phone. i need a break from work, i pull out my phone. it' s not easy. i had to delete the caps off my phone. reporter: digital detox offers phone free retreats to help people disconnect. >> our mission is to help people reconnect their lives off the screen and learn when it is ok to turn it off. reporter: the retreats offer activities like yoga, arts, and
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>> the moment we can start slowing down and saying, oh, i don' t need a like to feel rate, that is when we feel connected to each other. reporter: darla has a long list of things to do in 2016 that do not include looking at her phone. >> i look forward to spending quality time with folks i love most. reporter: wcvb newscenter 5. jc: ok, take a look at this. that is not a giant tablet. it' s a refrigerator. samsung is introducing the 4-door smart fridge. it' s getting backlash on social media. it' s includes a nearly two-foot touchscreen and is equipped with internet-connected cameras that let you view what' s inside without opening the doors. no word on how much it will cost. samsung currently sells a model with an eight-inch wi-fi connected lcd panel for about 3600 dollars. ed: so, we need something to look and say --
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not close the refrigerator door? that is the only plus i can see. ed: putting what our soldiers in the battlefield eat and drink to the test. jc: up next, the army asking for your help. the local mission underway right now here in massachusetts. heather: then new at 6:00: 5 investigates gun violence in boston. where the weapons used by criminals are coming from, and will the president' s new orders have an impact here? and we' re updating breaking news in wrentham, where a mother is accused of leaving her baby alone in a freezing cold car at the outlets. plus, hello from the parking lot? the incredible prices some
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jc: tens of thousands of pounds of beef are being recalled because they may be contaminated with would. -- with wood. sam' s choice angus beefr f patties . you will find more information on our website, ed: it is said that an army marches on its stomach. as newscenter 5' s doug meehan tells us a local lab is looking for your help in designing the next high tech fuel for our
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doug: meat balls marinara sauce, chicken and feta cheese. these mre' s or meals ready to eat sound good, but how good are they for our forces? he is heading up a study in natick. the goal? to determine how mre' s can affect the nutritional needs of sailors, soldiers, and airmen. the lab is looking for volunteers between the ages of 18 and 52 willing to eat these prepackaged morsels and record how it affects their system. >> we will get an understanding of what is going on and then we can identify more targeted approaches to add to the mr e' s.
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-- these m re' s are the only thing you can eat over the course of the study, and that is 21 days areas -- 21 days. hmm. not bad. these already meet highest nutritional values. they are trying to improve on that. >> nurturing the body starts in the gut. the gut is the first line of defense. we want to maintain that barrier and keep it strong while soldiers are in the field. doug: you' ve got to go with your gut. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: i' ve been doing that for years. if you would like more information, there is a link in right our story on our website. go there, find, due. jc: i have had the pizza. it' s not bad.
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right now. >> now on newscenter 5 -- heather: breaking news at the wrentham outlets. whether president obama' s gun control program could have an impact here. >> it was an environment taken over by evil. heather: dozens claimed they were sexually abused by staffers. what they want the school to do now. harvey: get set for a temperature warm-up. >> from boston' s news leader, 6:00. ed: breaking news at the wrentham outlets. heather: a mother facing charges, accused of leaving her baby alone in a freezing cold car. s reid lamberty is live at the scene. reid: she was left alone for roughly 10 minutes. while his was happening, her mother was inside shopping.
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cries, saw she was a loan and called police. responding officers say the baby was wearing a snowsuit. there was apparently a language barrier. not from this area. she was unfamiliar with the laws . >> we are not experts on cultures, but most of us are should pretty much be instinctual. reid: the mother was not arrested. she is charged with a misdemeanor of child endangerment and this has been
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island, where th live. i' m reid lambey, wcvb
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