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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning, it' s wednesday, january 6. i' m emily riemer. randy: i' m randy price. stories we' re following right now on the eyeopener. the mbta struggling to deal with a cold snap. the severe hiccup for the t. and the new help they' re getting from police. emily: breaking overnight, the united nations is responding to alarming news from north korea. the emergency meeting planned today over claims of a hydrogen bomb. randy: the mother of a murdered toddler will be back in court. what we can expect today in the case of bella bond. emily: the first, we want to check in with cindy. cindy
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this morning, 22. notice the wind. under 10 miles per hour. that will be the case throughout the day. colder pockets then will we are seeing in town now. plymouth down to nine degrees. orange up to keene, single digits. 10, hyannis. single digits and teens. another cold start. light wind up throughout the day. we are going to see complete sunshine. lots of sunshine. s. temperatures keep climbing with a southwesterly wind. we should touch 40 degrees for a high temperature in boston. lower 40' s on cape cod. this get you out to the roads.
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lights. the leverett connector. i will show you were overnight roadwork is set up. northbound by the south bay mall and by -- circle northbound piers morgan instruction construction on 128 approaching route nine. no problems on the pike. so far, expecting trains and buses on schedule. randy: right now, some t commuters are hoping for a much smoother ride on the rails. emily: broken, cancelled and delayed trains all fresh in their memories this morning. the eyeopener' s doug meehan is live at the jfk umass station , just one spot that saw problems. doug: the problems here and on the commuter rail so severe that the state police are now helping the mbta investigate. passengers at north station say like sardines on their way home
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t employees handed out rider updates, explaining how a derailment on the haverhill line , which we told you about yesterday morning, affected other lines. riders were also hit by track failures on the red line which the state attributed to the bitterly cold temperatures. but with looming fare hikes, riders aren' t taking the early winter woes lightly. >> i do not want to hear about fare hikes. everything is an excuse. doug: in addition to state police, federal investigators are also looking into the line. the state says that' s just a precaution. those tracks are inspected twice a week. a more in-depth inspection was done on those tracks last month. we' ll be here all morning , keeping you posted on any problems with today' s commute. i
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the united nations is getting ready for an emergency meeting after a startling announcement from north korea. the rogue nation is claiming they' ve detonated their first hydrogen bomb. the eye' s erika tarantal is monitoring information as it comes in. erika: at this hour, u.s. officials are working to confirm those claims. it all started with reports of seismic activity in an area that' s known as a north korean nuclear test site. detection devices around the world picked up the 5.1 magnitude event along the northeast coast. about an hour later north korea announced that they' d tested the bomb calling it a success. in recent weeks, north korean leader kim jong un has boasted that his country finally had the technology to build a thermo-nuclear weapon. but his claims have been notoriously hard to confirm. in a statement overnight, a u.n. security council spokesman said quote, we condemn any violation of un security council resolutions and again call on north korea to abide by its
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again, the security council will meet on this today. we' ll bring you new information as we get it. emily: other stories we' re following right now, sources tell 5 investigates the death of a man, whose body was found on the side of the highway, is suspicious. sky 5 over the scene yesterday on interstate 290. the body was found in the woods between the highway and the auburn park offices. the man' s identity has not been released. randy: police in several towns are searching for these thieves. officers say the men are going into local gyms, and stealing people' s car keys. they then use the remote to find whatever' s inside. this video shows them cashing-in at the target store in stoughton. anyone with information is asked to contact police. emily: right now, the mother of a little girl, found dead on deer island, is preparing to go back to court. it' the eye' s todd kazakiewich is in boston with what we can expect
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todd rachelle bond is expected she' ll be arraigned on charges in the death of her daughter, bella bond. bond is accused of being an accessory after the fact, in the murder of 2-year-old bella. she' s also facing larceny charges, for allegedly after the girl' s death. bella, first known as baby doe, was found washed ashore on deer island in june of last year. she was finally identified three months later. bond' s boyfriend, michael mccarthy, is also charged in bella' s murder. mccarthy is expected to be arraigned on monday. reporting live in boston, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter five. randy: right now, a mother is facing charges accused of leaving her baby alone in a freezing car. a shopper at the wrentham outlets noticed the 8 month old crying in the parking lot
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police say she admitted she went into the nike store for about 10 minutes, leaving the girl alone when it was just 22 degrees outside. officers tell us there was a language and cultural barrier. they say that' s no excuse. >> regardless of the weather , leaving an eight-month-old in a car is not acceptable. randy: the mother was not arrested but has been charged with child endangerment. emily: commitment 2016. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump slams president obama' s new executive order on gun control. donald trump: it is no good, no fair. they will not screw around with the second amendment. emily: he took on the president again during a rally last night in claremont, new hampshire. the executive order was met with wide criticism and threats of legal challenges from republicans yesterday. several other gop candidates focused on the opioid crisis in new hampshire yesterday.
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chris christie discussed their personal connections to the opioid epidemic at a forum in the granite state. fiorina lost her step-daughter christie, his best friend. and bush' s daughter has had a highly publicized battle with addiction. all 3 republicans called for more federal money for treatment, and less criminal sanctions. randy: the boston globe is asking for help to deliver papers. emily: where they' re now turning to solve a home delivery crisis. a heart-warming reunion in new hampshire. the little boy caught by surprise, as his father returns home. erika: we' re following breaking news overnight. an emergency meeting after an alarming announcement from north korea. the country says it has detonated its first hydrogen bomb. those claims, unconfirmed this morning.
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new hampshire. a soldier hugs his son for the first time in nearly a year. the national guardsman is just back from his third tour of duty. emily: and he wanted to surprise his son in class. dana osborne wasn' t expected home for another week. his son, declan, and the boy' s classmates were told there would be a surprise reading guest. declan never realized it was his father who waited for the right time to show up. >> this school has been supportive of my deployment with
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we decided to do it here. emily: the two skipped out of class early to catch up on all they' ve missed. still ahead, a brain-buster for randy: the fine lumosity is changes could be coming to twitter. the new moves from the social
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randy: it is 14 degrees. we are light -- that is not so bad. cindy: look at boston, the temperatures have not dropped too much. some of the suburbs are a little colder. a much milder finish today. we are going to see a lot of sunshine the next couple of days. clouds will make a come back here on friday. down south, we have had some snow off and on the past couple of days around plymouth. nine degrees with the fresh snow pack and clear skies. our cold, hyannis , single digits around taunton, as well. worcester, lower 20' s. cold pockets around nashua.
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it is a cold start. not a ton of wind. the wind of up close to 10 miles per hour. the wind will stay milder. the wind kicks up, making the windchill feel like lower teens. the forecast through the afternoon, not so bad. it will feel like it is in the 30' s this afternoon with the sunshine. the reason for the lights twins, high-pressure nosing in. it will give us clear skies all day long. you can see the absence of cloud cover. wall-to-wall sunshine today. temperatures into the upper 30' s in the hills. lower 40' s marshfield down to the cape. tonight, back down into the 20' s.
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high pressure begins to shift eastward through the day. milder southwesterly wind takes hold. the wind will bring in more cloud cover and some moisture. tomorrow is a dry warmest day here through the end of the week. tomorrow is a nice one. it turns wet on sunday. there may be enough cold saturday, with a light precipitation developing that we sleet or freezing rain. within going to our west, it temperatures should be 50 degrees on sunday. not the brightest weekend.
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saturday, wetter on sunday. it turns colder next week. quite a warm up compared to where we were 24 hours ago. olessa: a live look at the pike. let' s go to the maps and see the rest of your ride. watching roadwork approaching the is a come bridge. if you are traveling 128 this morning, there is roadwork. as you make your way along 128 south by route 2. no problems north of town very schedule. emily: the fbi is asking for help in solving a mystery, terror attack. investigators put together a timeline of the day of the attacks. after the shooting at 11:00 a.m. the suspects made several stops, zig-zagging through the san but there' s no trace of the
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p.m. an 18 minute gap and investigators want to know what they were doing during that time. just two hours later, at 3:16, the suspects were both killed in a shootout with police. randy: the mother of the so-called affluenza teen is being taken back to texas to faces charges. this is video from her extradition hearing yesterday in california. tonya couch and her 18-year-old son ethan were taken into custody in mexico last week, accused of fleeing after ethan allegedly violated probation. he was sentenced to probation in 2013 for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. ethan couch is still being held in mexico. emily: activists occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon say they' re not leaving until they get what they want. this is the fourth day of the so far peaceful occupation. the small, armed group wants the federal government to turn the
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they say ranchers, loggers, and farmers should have control of the property. randy: economic headlines today. apple is scaling back production of its iphones. apple has cut its order forecasts with suppliers in the past several months, as the company braces for lower sales. tech analysts had warned that apple would struggle to grow demand for the iphone, its flagship product. emily: asian stocks slumped overnight over worries about renewed nuclear testing in north korea. wall street will be looking for clues from the federal reserve when minutes from their latest meeting are released today. right now stock futures are down sharply after a mixed showing yesterday. randy: new developments as the boston globe tries to deal with a paper delivery debacle. the paper is now bringing back its former distribution company to handle about half of the delivery routes. they' ll work with the new company, which is struggling to get papers to thousands of
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some of the papers have been late, some have never gotten there. the new arrangement starts monday. globe owner john henry is apologizing, writing in part, many of the people who support journalism in this region have been slapped in the face simply trying to get their daily newspaper. emily: a check of your trending stories. the federal trade commission has fined a popular brain-training program, over false advertising. lumosity claimed it could fire up academic performance, increase focus at work, and fight diseases like dementia. but the ftc says those claims are misleading and unfounded. settlement. randy: ranting on twitter may soon become easier. the social media site is reportedly working to rid itself of the 140-character limit. technology outlets say twitter is working on a product to allow users to share longer content up to 10,000 characters. ceo jack dorsey hinted at the move but did not confirm anything.
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skyrocketed to $450 million. s drawing get the jackpot a boost. if you choose the lump-sum cash payment, you would get $275 the new winning numbers will be drawn tonight. you can see them here on newscenter 5 at 11:00. customers shelling out some randy: the ingredients that are making it so pricy. it' s pretty obvious that donuts have a lot of sugar, but new on the eyeopener at 5:00. healthy choices, packing more sweetness than you think. emily: and next week newscenter 5 launches two new newscasts. a fast-paced look at all the big stories at 4:30 p.m., and more in-depth coverage at 7:00 p.m., it all starts next
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randy: breaking news overnight, the united nations is getting ready for an emergency meeting over new claims from north korea. emily: the nation says it' s detonated its first hydrogen bomb. u.s. officials have not confirmed those claims, which started with reports of seismic activity in an area known as a north korean nuclear test site. an hour later, the country announced they' d tested a bomb. leader kim jong un has boasted that north korea has the technology to build a thermo-nuclear weapon. randy: this barn fire in spencer is considered suspicious. a neighbor shot this video of the 3-alarm fire on cherry street last night. firefighters were able to stop the flames from moving to the home. the cause is now under investigation. emily: a state trooper from royalston has been convicted of assault and battery against his girlfriend.
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yesterday of shoving the victim into a wall last august, and breaking her collarbone. the fight started over a loud stereo. benoit, who has been suspended without pay since august, is sentenced to one year probation. randy: police are expecting a driver to be charged in a deadly hit and run in leominster. francis fortuna was killed in november after he was hit along mechanic street. the next day, a man walked into the police station, saying he had been involved in an accident in that area. police have linked the man' s car to the victim. they believe the man will be charged. emily: sex abuse allegations are under investigation at a prestigious boarding school in rhode island. more than two dozen students say they were sexually abused by six employees, and some students at saint george' s in newport. this happened in the 1970' s and 1980' s. there is no statute of limitations on rape in rhode island. state police are investigating. bill cosby' s wife will not be forced to testify against him in massachusetts for now.
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to give a deposition today, in the defamation case against her husband. but a judge has postponed that hearing until camille cosby can appeal. last week, the judge rejected her ruling to throw out the subpoena. randy: the al jazeera television network is facing defamation lawsuits over accusations it made against several professional athletes. the tv network claimed the athletes used performance-enhancing drugs. major league baseball players ryan zimmerman and ryan howard filed separate lawsuits against the company. several nfl players, including peyton manning, were also named in the report. emily: the bruins drop 5 of their last six games this one at home against the washington capitals. the bruins trailed throughout the game, trying twice to chip away at a 2-goal caps lead. patrice bergeron makes it 3-2 later in the third period. the bruins could not capitalize. they lose 3-2. they head out on a five game road trip starting friday in new jersey.
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selling for big bucks. $100. this flashy, 24-karat gold ring can be yours. the pricy bites, sold at a filipino restaurant in new york city, are made with champagne filling, and dusted with the gold. the chef says he' s already sold five dozen since launching the doughnuts last week. the champagne adds a few calories. emily: i will stick with my munchkins. cindy: are you supposed to eat it? i guess to each their own. temperatures are cold. yesterday was much colder than average. 8 in boston. 21 now in town.
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parts of the cape, we have a fresh snow pack. look at the radar. it is quiet. it is going to be a quiet day, filled with sunshine. so far, just under an inch. last year, we had nearly 4.5. typically we have over a foot. we continue to fall behind in terms of snow. bright, sunny, going to 40 in boston. pretty pleasant overall. cloudiness in the middle of the country. today, we have the sunshine.
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