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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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this is wcvb at 5:00. >> the cleanup continues after a truck carrying wood overturned. 290 still shut down. >> cosby will not face criminal charges. the d.a. making that announcement a short time ago. this is video from last week when cosby was booked in pennsylvania on criminal sexual assault charges. if convicted in that case, the comedian could go to prison for 10 years. >> the white house expressing doubts at 5:00 regarding north korea's claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. >> it sparked concern around the world. such a weapon could be about 10,000 times more powerful than atomic bomb. the u.n. security council held an emergency meeting and the
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launched so-called nuclear sniffer claims to see if it's true. if confirmed it would be north korea's fourth time testing a nuclear weapon since 2006. rhondella richardson continues our coverage from the breaking news desk. >> the u.s. has no diplomattition relations. we have no economic tries or trade. north korea is secretive and isolated. a dangerous combination. today all eyes are focused on what's going on there. >> as north korea celebrates what it's calling an h-bomb of justice there is world criticism of north korea. the white house saying an activity is not consistent with a hydrogen bomb. a day of classified hearings. >> reports that we've had so far, registering 5.1 on the richter scale, so there was a significant explosion. whether or not it's hydrogen, a know. >> we've got to stay
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globe. it also emphasizes how important it is that our allies stand with us, regardless of whether it was a hydrogen bomb or not. >> roughly as powerful as north korea's last atomic test in 2013. there were two others before that. u.s. calling ate flagrant violation of the u.n. security council resolutions. the unwill bring on sanctions. >> there is not a threat to the u.s. yet. >> a professor knows what the u.s. must do next. >> my guess is that the administration is trying to get in touch with china because china is the only ally that the north koreans have left. >> as we remember those sniffer planes, it could take weeks or months to get the results. wcvb, newscenter 5. >>
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trapped inside the fire talks about his experience. >> >> a very close call for those three men, the vet of iraq served two tours over in iraq, he says in this case he followed his instincts. >> this was a nightmare fire, a smoky basement so full of stuff there was no place to go. d.j. would tell a friend, i thought i was going to die. >> basically the bottom of the stairs, he had nowhere to move. couldn't move left or right or forward. >> he helped the others out but the man was stuck behind. >> they were working their way in that direction. they were crawling over, you know, articles that were on the floor and stuff like that. one guy actually had to bail out the
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>> shortly after that you hear the mayday. i heard him break a lower payne of the window. >> gregory gene was busting out windows when he saw a trapped brother. >> i seen his hand. went to grab it, there were a bunch of bushes there. basically just assisted him coming out the window. we embraced, he said, oh, man, thank you, you saved my life. >> an army veteran of two tours in iraq, he would actually stay around to assist the others in dealing with a fire that nearly turned deadly. >> honestly, i don't know, i just at that point, i remember finding the window and getting out. >> scary, i would imagine? >> we train for these conditions and i just went back to my training and thank god it worked out. >> it did work up. >> he told us he actually fell down the stairs first. that's when he lost his helmet. his story
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hear a lot of it coming up at 6:00. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> congress beginning the legislative year with a direct, another direct challenge to president obama's affordable healthcare act. heather here now with the new push to overturn obama care. >> republicans have tried and failed to take down legislation the repeal effort will go to a vote. the g.o.p. holds the majority in both houses of congress and republican leaders are using a special parliamentary maneuver cannot block the bill. the bill also de funds planned parenthood and it will make it to the president's desk. >> talking and filibustering. >> we're con fronting the president with the hard honest truth, obama care doesn't work. higher premiums and fewer choices and restricted access, these are not signs of success. >> president obama will veto this bill on arrival. the white house points out that 16 million people have insurance
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the last enrollment period set new records for participation. house speaker paul ryan plans to schedule a vote to override the president's veto. a major anti-abortion march is happening in washington later this month. >> a major temperature rebound today but really depending on what time you headed out the door, right? >> it was freezing, but hyped us now, temperatures are much more reasonable. >> felt better. yesterday was a little bit too much. >> it makes a big difference. no question. this morning. while that. boston was 21, orange is one. we talk about the urban heat-island effect, how the cities retain the heat of the day, and that was true. 21 in boston yet you see how cold it was to the north and west. the biggest one was plymouth 8, nicely. plymouth went up to 41.
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because the skies are clear and the winds are light and the air is dry. we'll see temperatures drop back but then tomorrow we'll be right about where we were for today. however, changes are coming for the weekend and you will need to know about that. >> this is what fans needed. tom brady jogging with ease on that sprained ankle. the quarterback affirming he is, in fact, feeling better. here's more on that. >> walking without a limp is a good sign but the guy is pretty tough. i can remember him before the super bowl in 2008 when he also had a bad ankle and was in a walking boot and he strolled along then like there was nothing wrong. cameras were permitted to roll during the patriots walk through and we saw brady jogging through. 10 seconds of this and cameras were ordered to shut it down. the patriots -- as brady walked on the field and up to the podium, no noticeable limp. looks and sounds like he's okay.
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your whole life around. so at least i do. this is what i prepare myself for. a lot of my teammates do the same. mentally, you know, i'm ready to go. physically, you always want to feel your best and i think you've got to work as hard as you can. doing the right things to get to that point. that's write feel like i'm at. >> several other injured players were seen at today's walk through including edelman, chandler jones and sebastian. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. coverage of the opioid crisis continues tonight. several area police and fire departments will soon receive narcan grants. $700,000 will be awarded to the first responders in cities and towns heavily impacted by the opioid epidemic. they hope it will boost the community's supply of the drug and save more lives. new at 5:00, a roxbury man isened arrest following an
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these are the items police say they found in angel's possession when he was arrested yesterday. 30 grams of heroin, pot, cocaine, ammunition, and more than a thousand dollars. ruiz faces several charges including drug trafficking. >> a man's body was found and the victim is identified as 48-year-old laroche of oxford. his body was found yesterday by relatives near interstate 290 between the highway and the auburn park offices. we've learned the case is being investigated as a suspicious death. >> leadership at the "boston globe" now taking responsibility for the delivery debacle. janet sat down with the paper's c.e.o. today. she's live for us tonight in dorchester. janet? reporter: he admits it was a big mistake to try to change their delivery system. they were trying to save $5 million but instead
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themselves 10s of thousands of unhappy customers. >> it was obviously a bad decision? >> yeah, it was not the right decision. there is no question about it. >> he said the decision to change delivery services was because in an age when newspapers are struggling, too many readers were leaving. >> people who were cancelling, 50% of that was cause by dissatisfaction with home delivery. >> so they turned to a company using a software that was used by miami and atlanta newspapers, but the archaic circular neighborhoods and lack of street signs didn't work for boston and they never tested it because the old contract didn't allow test runs before implementation. >> what was the worst day? >> wednesday. >> what percentage of newspapers did not get delivered? >> 10%. 10% is a lot. that's 11,000 or 12,000 people and that's a lot of people not getting newspapers. >> 100 of their 500 drivers quit because they were losing money under the new system so
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original delivery service. will stay with the new service. he's got his fingers crossed the >> how afraid are you this will have a permanent dent in your business? >> i don't believe it will have a permanent dent. the one thing that's affirmed to us is how strong the bond is with our readers and we can get back on track quickly. >> she still thinks they can save money with this new hybrid system although it may take a few months to figure that out. he also admits they have more than a few disgruntled advertisers, we'll see that part of the story at 6:00. newscenter 5. >> more problems tonight for chipotle. >> new fallout from the e coli outbreak. >> thousands of pounds of chicken recalled from wegmans. the important information for consumers tonight. >> bella bond's mother back in a boston courtroom. you see her
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the ruling the this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. t hillary clinton has what it takes to stand up to the republicans and the gun lobby. we need to close the loopholes r and support universal background checks. how many people have to die before we actually act... before we come together as a nation? i'm hillary clinton and i approve
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>> sky 5 following breaking news over 495 in milford. the southbound lane where there is a truck fully engulfed. on the scene. they are getting that fire under control. we're seeing more smoke now and flames but still fighting the battle there. once again this is 495 southbound in milford. you're advised to move around this area. avoid the area if possible. phil? >> chipotle has been served a federal grand jury subpoena. it's all part of a criminal investigation tied to norovirus outbreak. this summer at one of its
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california the company made the disclosure ma filing with the securities and exchange commission. the subpoena requires it to produce a broad range of documents. last month the chipotle here in boston was shut down for a norovirus outbreak. wegmans is recalling more than a thousand pounds of chicken. the product was never inspected. that means there is a chance eating it would make you sick. it was shipped to distribution and retail locations here in massachusetts and a handful of other states. customeres can visit the store for a full refund and you can find a list of the specific types of chicken involved on our website at >> commitment 2016. presidential candidates focusing on different con tempts today depending on their political party. ed joins us. >> this comes as donald trump continues to attack hillary clinton and even raises questions about the birthplace of g.o.p. rival ted cruz.
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>> it's a countdown to iowa for all of the presidential contenders but hillary clinton, bernie sanders will be in nevada working at the first caucus center tonight. >> our campaign is generating the kind of grassroots excitement that will result in a high voter turnout. democrats need a high voter turnout to win. >> clinton is still trying to keep donald trump out of sight and out of mind. >> we should not reward people who use inflammatory rhetoric. >> that's not a sign of leadership. that's a sign of showmanship, of desperation that should be rejected by the american people. >> she can try to ignore but trump is only getting louder. >> hillary clinton doesn't have the strength, the stamina, no, she doesn't. [boos] >> she doesn't have the strength or stamina. >> trump is also focusing on cruz, trump, who fueled the birth debate over president obama, said the fact that cruz
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cruz responded by tweeting a video of fonzi from happy days jumping the shark. >> people will continue to make political noise about it but as a material matter it's straightforward. >> cruz has refused to attack trump but he says he believes his record is stronger. he and other candidates made several stops. less than four weeks away from the first votes in that state. >> 39 degrees in needham and we relatively with. >> if you liked what we had today you will love tomorrow. let's remind you, early this morning, if you're watching us from orange or jaffray, new hampshire, all of us had a nice temperature recovery, moved up across the region.
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we can start to drop back. clear skies. always nice to still see a little bit of daylight as we gain about a minute and a half on the afternoons every day now. 40 degrees the temperature in baptist. dew point is extremely low. when they are far apart that means the air is extremely dry, so if you have chapped lips like i do or dry skin that's all because of this very dry air. when you heat it up and bring it into your home it gets even drier so you have extremely low humidity and that's what we have in this air mass for now that will change over the weekend. skies clear, winds light, we back. back down to the low 30's in five degrees early this morning. check this out. even as the temperatures fall back, we're still about 10 to 15 degrees better off than we were 24 hours ago. so yes can, another cold night but not quite as cold as last night was. as far as tomorrow is concerned,
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maybe a few high, thin wispy clouds. winds light so it will be nice outside. after the chilly start we should move up into the low 40's in places like exiter, new hampshire, up in the north shore and burlington. out in worcester county and metro west, 40 for worcester. 41 for gardner and fitchburg. south and west of boston, 42 in new hampshire. on the cape, low 40's should do it. all areas, lot of sun and light winds. here you see the sunshine the clock moves but stays pretty much clear. the first sign of clouds will be on friday. look where they are coming in. from the northeast. the wind will start coming from the northeast and eventually that's going to bring some low clouds in off the ocean. might even begin to increase the chance of a touch of drizzle friday night or saturday morning. only problem is, areas north and west of boston may be near or slightly under 32. so if we do get any drizzle, even though it's more clouds than anything else, it could cause
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going so we have to keep that in as for more precipitation we have to wait for this storm and that's slated for sunday. see the potential of an inch or more of rain in parts of the area on sunday. that's sunday. but let's talk about the beautiful weather of tomorrow. and then some clouds coming in on friday and saturday. the one thing to caution you about is that north and west of i-95, there could be some slick spots in the morning if there is some mist falling because then it would be more like a freegz mist. check it out. look how mild the temperatures could become from boston southward during the afternoon hours. they may jump all the way up into the 50s. with the heavy downpours. windy, colder weather takes over during the early part of next week. >> so tonight's powerball jackpot. are you ready. you're sitting down. a whopping $500 million. that's a billion. >> that's the exciting part but let's get to your odds. your
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there are some things duke to increase your chance of cashing in. small things. the experts say do not pick numbers based on birthdays or anniversaries. quick picks, your best bet. 70% to 80% have been picked via a computer. if you insist on pigging the numbers the most directly drawn once are 8, 14, 13, 39, and 54. >> i'll have to go back to my statistics class because that doesn't make sense to me because it should -- your odds should be the same. it shouldn't matter if you pick birthdays or do a quick pick. >> they are just saying, you know. >> either way, i want to win. >> this is a little girl who did devastated after losing her beloved stuffed animal. >> as many kids do, she considered him her best friend and tonight they are reunited. up next, the post that brought them
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>> a father is outraged after his 10-year-old daughter is patted down.
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>> a look at breaking news. 495, southbound in milford. the southbound lanes are shut down in this area due to a truck that's on fire. avoid southbound side 495. again, we'll continue to follow this. >> if you're a parent and your child never lost their favorite toy or stuffed animal, you get this. a little girl thankful for facebook, they reunited her with her best friend, a beloved stuffed monkey. sierra loss the monkey at a basketball game saturday night. her dad and workers at the peterson center searched desperately but couldn't find it. sierra was losing hope until monkey popped up on a facebook post. two kids found him outside the
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picture, after it was shared nearly 3,000 times, the forever friends were reunited. >> i would like to say thank you very much, because now i'm happy he's home. i really hope that they understand how i feel right now. >> they are listening and they certainly do understand how she feels the boys who found monkey say they feel just as happy as sierra does. >> you get this. we have mr. monkey and piggy. if they go anywhere, we're in deep trouble. >> the shocking behavior, you're going to want to see this, of a high school basketball coach going viral. >> the video tells the story, and you will see i.t. shows him head butting the ref. the outrage tonight and the punishment so far. >> the new year is here and tax season right around the corner. the big change
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rannouncer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like
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is that it is rigged. p what this campaign is about is to demand that we create r an economy that works for all of us r rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> this is an editorial by wcvb's channel 5 president and general manager. >> open transparent government is a vital component of our successful democracy but apparently often more preached than practiced in the commonwealth. you want to know where your tax dollars are spent and how government business is conducted. journalists ask questions and
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access to public records is a hit-or-miss prospect for journalists journalists. listing the aid of northeastern university students to test massachusetts's response to public records requests. when asked by an average citizen, in this case, a student at northeastern more than half of the commonwealth, 351 cities and towns, failed to respond to the request as outlined by state law. nine police departments and six town halls outright denied request for records a clear violation of state law. when we ultimate loaded ourselves as journalists, the apologies came and so did the records but the open records law apies to the requests of all citizens and quite frankly journalists all over boston have experienced difficulty obtaining requested records in a timely fashion or without incurring thousands of dollars in processing fees. governor baker and attorney general healy tell 5 investigates they support government transparency,
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public record refo.
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