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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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public record refo. perhaps the commonwealth should just put everything online, dramatically increasing transparency with far greater efficiency than current requirements. in the meantime since the old law isn't working nor enforced the legislature needs to quickly pass a public records reform bill, one that's clear to all and enknacked by all the commonwealth cities and towns. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. >> we begin with breaking news a traffic mess in milford. take a look at the pictures. a truck fire has shut down several lanes on 495. it was engulfed for some time but now you see there is smoke. one lane has reopened which is the good news. the entire highway was closed for a time that means traffic is at a standstill now for miles even though one lane has reopened, as you see. there are no reports of any injuries. >> also breaking, bill cosby will not face charges in los angeles. prosecutors say there is just
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the case of a mod who claims cosby drugged and assaulted her at the playboy manages in 2008. >> the white house says it's doubting claims that north korea did detonate a hydrogen bomb. activity in the area is not consistent with its claims. also at 5:30, the mother of bella bond, the little girl found dead on deer island is now being held on a million bond. >> she was back in court since being indicted on charges. here's nor. makes her first court appearance, since the suffolk county grand jury indicted her for being an accessory after the fact to the murder of her own daughter. >> she told police she knew immediately her daughter was dead and went to hold her, but >> throughout the arraignment, bond was trembling and being comforted by her attorney. the boyfriend is charged with killing bella when the child resisted going to sleep one
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back in the late spring of 2015. it happened at an apartment in dorchester. and stuffed into the frig and then tossed into the harbor. >> mr. mccarthy took the duffel bag and threw it into the water. >> months after the body washed up on deer island, child's biological father asked repeatedly to meet his daughter president eventually bond confessed to one of mccarthy's lifelong friends who was under the impression that dcf had custody of bella. >> she broke down crying and said she would never see her daughter again. he told her that wasn't true, if she got clean she would, and she said that michael had murdered bella. >> shortly after bond was led away, her attorney insisted in the months after the murder bond had been under the control of her boyfriend michael mccarthy. >> there are issues of motional control, psychological control, she was unfortunately very
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time, that mr. mccarthy was providing to her. >> bond is also charged with larceny or allegedly accepting and spending $1,400 of bella's public assistance money after the 2-year-old girl was dead. right now, bond is being held on high bail. reporting in boston, todd, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> it's 37 degrees, it's in the 30's. a marked increase for what it was from just a day ago. >> that's one of the changes we're tracking. >> a big difference from the way it was early this morning in some places, like orange, where it was 1. plymouth was eight to. see those temperatures make the 30's and 40's, that certainly helped. and the sunshine did the trick for us. now temperature starts to drop back down. and the skies are clear around the region. so it will be a cold night. now in boston, as last night was the case, it will be, not as cold as outlying areas. even though it dropped down to 27, 20's should do it, mid to upper 20's, with clear skies
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get colder in those outlying areas so we'll see a lot of teens to low 20's but that's still better than the single digits and teens. the changes are coming in a small way on friday but a bigger way over the weekend and we've got a timeline of those changes in a few minutes. >> opioid crisis. a woman from new hampshire sharing her personal story of loss in washington, d.c. the stepdaughter died from a heroin overdose. now she's on a mission to help fight addiction. >> she's in washington with her husband mark. they both will be speaking to lawmakers. belief president's stepdaughter amber died back in 2014 after overdosing on heroin. yesterday, he joined new hampshire state leaders presidential candidates and treatment advocates in manchester to talk about curbing addiction and today she's with congresswoman, talking about the pain of losing a child to a fatal overdose. >> when you lose a child to
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crumble -- world crumbles. an angel said stay in the stream of life. that's how i've been doing grief alongside husband mark. >> she joined forces with the nonprofit group hope for new hampshire recovery and their goal is to open up a recovery center called amber's place, obviously named after her stepdaughter. >> there will soon be a new effort to use telemedicine to help kids, seniors and anyone dealing with substance abuse disorders in massachusetts. the one million dollar pilot program will run for a year using methods like video conferences, for kids, program will be used to provide more behavioral healthcare in schools. homebound seniors will be able to access counseling and telepsychology, and telemedicine will be used to provide medical care in the middle of the night to patients in detox centers. >> democrats in the statehouse are working on a new law that would let some drug offenders hold on to their drivers license. right now they all lose their license for five years after
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that makes it difficult for people to get jobs and housing to help rebuild their lives. >> new 59:30, a repeated mobster with possible ties, face add federal judge in connecticut. richard has denied any knowledge of the theft but in 2012 the f.b.i. searched the back yard of his home. his appearance today is an attempt to get a weapons case dismissed. the f.b.i. arrested him last april, they believe he knows something about the legendary art heist in 1990. his attorney claims the weapons charge is an attempt to squeeze him for information. >> a new documentary is focused on the life and death of james foley. the new hampshire native was kidnapped back in 2012. he was executed by isis in 2014. the documentary titled the james foley story will debut at sundance later this month. it airs on hbo in february. >> a high school basketball coach accused of getting violent with a ref during a game.
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new 59:30, what's happening to that coach tonight. >> also, an update on the man accused of giving guns to the san bernardino shooters as he appeared before a judge. >> showing off in a new big for women's wear. >> we want to take back to our breaking news. a traffic mess in milford. a truck fire shut down several lanes of 495 south. one lane as you see has reopened. traffic is moving slowly but incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. p the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged.
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>> want to take back to pictures. actually these are live. fire is out. no more smoke. this is a major traffic back-up in milford. 495 heading southbound. the highway -- on that side, anyway, was shut down for a time. now one lane is getting by and traffic is slowly starting to move. but as sky 5 pans around you can see, it is backed up for miles. the good news is, there are no reports of any injuries in that truck fire. >> a high school basketball coach accused of head butting a referee is now on leave. it happened in pennsylvania last night. you can see this. watch it. caught on camera. the video posted online shows the coach confronting a referee after a disagreement about a foul call. he was ejected. he'll also be on leave from his teaching job during a very view of the incident. >> a friend of the san bernardino shooters was in court today answering to several federal charges including conspiracy to support terrorists. federal investigators in the
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looking for the public's help. >> smiling in past photos appeared before a federal judge shackled in a white jumpsuit pleading not guilty to five charges including lie when purchasing two assault rifles that were later use by his friends, in the san bernardino terrorist attack killing 14 people. he's also charged with conspiracy to support terrorists. for allegedly planning other attacks, at southern california schools and highways as early as 2011. those plots were never carried out. >> on tuesday, f.b.i. also turned to the public. pleading for help. they have traced the killers whereabouts the day of the massacre but say there is a mysterious gap not detected by traffic cameras or witnesses. >> we're missing 18 minutes of their time. we want to ensure if they make contact with anyone that we don't already know about. >> investigators belief that's when the killer couple may have ditched a computer hard drive that remains missing to this day. they have searched this nearby lake
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evidence. >> the f.b.i. insists this appears to be what they are calling and we're quoting this, an inspired terrorist attack with no indication it was directed by anyone overseas. his trial is scheduled to start next month. >> if you're looking for an investment you may want to set your sight on legos the kids building blocks are a better investment than gold. legos have increased in value 12% every year since 2000 but gold has only increased 10% per year. but you do have to make sure the lego sets are not opened. in other words, no joy from sets. you just tuck them away. >> it's like a one fine. first and then buy a lot of legos. >> you have the plan. >> now you just have to win. >> more on the report that there will be fewer people to answer your questions. >> calling out the tsa for an excessive patdown of his
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but that's going to change come this weekend when some texas moisture heads our way. we've got the timeline an pdear fellow citizen, i know what it' s like to buy a house. ri know how it feels to be stressed about money. pi understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. r because i' m not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i' m a fellow citizen. pwho gets up every day and tries her best. just like you.
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samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling
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>> it's the season and if you have questions about your taxes, the irs wants you to get the answers online. a new congressional report is pushing the i would say turquoise be more public about plans to cut back on phone and in person services because of budget cuts. right
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than 100 million calls a year for help and more than five million walk in visits. >> when it comes to parents most of us feel like we're short on sleep. but new research shows there is one group that's in visits. >> when it getting less rest than others. >> at the beep of the alarm clock -- do you have to drag yourself out of bed? it might be because you're a particular kind of parent. a single one. a new cdc study shows when it comes to sleep, single mothers crave it. and are the most likely not to get it. >> researchers used a large national survey to look at sleep duration and quality. more than two in five single moms get less than seven hours of sleeper night. adults in two parent families and adults living without children do better. even when they do get to sleep, single parents have worst sleep quality. that means roughly half of single parents said they frequently woke up feeling not
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likely than two parent households to take medications to fall asleep or stay asleep. all of us can do to maximize sleep. sleep in a dark quiet space. turn off the electronics. an hour before bed. for an occasional nap. >> federal trade commission has fined a popular brain training program over false advertising. luminosity claimed it could fire performance, increase focus at work and fight ftc says those claims are misleading. and unfounded. the company has agreed because settlement. >> i can take 36 degrees. >> 36 all winter. listen, i've got a trick. it's not a trick. about
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then you miss all the cold lick bear. it's the bear plan. >> absolutely. but the clear skies and the cold nights have helped one thing especially. that's snow making. which of course, is so needed for the ski area. bear. it's the bear let's give you an update on how things are doing. 11 out of 26 trails open. this is local. 12 out of 17. up north. there are a lot of trails open. not all because there hasn't been that much natural snow of course, but these cold nights really help. boy, was it cold again early this morning, where orange was one, plymouth was eight. really cold but yet we did pretty well after that let's talk about also getting up early, which is so hard when the sun rises. earlier this week on monday morning, that was the latest sunrise at 7:14. i doubt if you've noticed the difference but today is 7:13. we'll be improving in that category all the way on through for a long time to come. the temperatures, just compare 24 hours ago to now. you will see the progress we've made. boston, 40 versus 24.
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worcester 32, now, 1924 hours ago and sunsets have made a lot of im improvement. by groundhog day sunset will be at five. some things to look forward to. now temperatures start to descend because the skies are clear and the air is dry and winds light. the air mass is warming up slowly so it won't be as cold as last night so we'll still have a few teens around, in the low 20's. boston, generally about the mid-20's for the overnight low tonight. similar to today. the similar the winds will actually be even lighter for tomorrow. here are clear skies. changing, and yes, it will be towards the weekend. eventually cloudiness in here and there is precipitation developing in texas. it looks like most of the precipitation we get is going to be during the day on sunday, and there could be some pretty healthy amounts. of rainfall is possible.
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embedded downpours and gusty winds especially the south coast and the cape. >> here's the entire seven day forecast for you. mild tomorrow. around 43 degrees. friday starts to change a little bit in terms of cloudiness, because we start to get an ocean win and we're going to start to see some clouds come in from the ocean. now eventually that could lead to some drizzle or mist either friday night or saturday morning. problem with that is, temperatures may still be at or a little below freezing north and west of i-95, so there could be a little bit of iciness. sunday is that rainstorm. now, the 55 on sunday, near record warmth, i don't know if it will make it to boston and points north but south there is will happen. then we go the other way starting on monday. windy and colder weather. notice for next wednesday, i put a chance of a little bit of snow, mix early in the day. that's a long shot. probably a system that may really be too far out at sea, but we'll keep an eye on it just in case.
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in less than one week, two new newscasts at 4:30 p.m. and more in depth coverage at 7:00. starts next monday right here on newscenter 5. >> new at 5:30, will smith son's jaden is getting a lot of attention. he's sporting a skirt for the new women's wear campaign. eric has more. >> the karate kid growing up and making a mark in the fashion world. now the newest face of louie baton's women's line. jaden smith is styling in lady's fashion. with this post on his instagram writing, "thank you so much at louie baton for the at any time to impact this world." >> we're seeing an evolution, and we're also seeing fashion do what fashion loves to do, which is to play with our expectations, to tug on our prejudices. and to surprise us. >>
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saying jaden represents a generation that has as simulated the code of true freedom. wearing a skirt comes as natural his to him as it would to a woman. he's known for stretching fashion boundaries from rocking dress like outfits to dressing up his batman for prom. his father will smith telling ellen how he and his wife jada support all of their children's choices. >> we decided a long time ago it's sort of better to flow with what people are naturally, more than like what our egos need them to be. >> jaden saying in june, i'm just expressing how i feel inside which is really no way because every day it changes how i feel about the world and myself. >> that was erica reporting. so far, social media seems to be embracing the campaign with commentsers calling smith revolutionary for breaking down gender roles. >> there is outrage over the way
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tsa treated a 10-year-old girl. >> more on why she was singled out by security officers. >> it's an interview you will see only on 5. we're hearing from one of the firefighters trapped inside this huge fire. what he says he did when he ran out of air. the sale of one of the swankiest hotels. >> could you become $500 million richer. a man when has won the lottery six times
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winter is hard on your nose. r from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better a nose in need p
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>> a father is demanding answers after his 10-year-old daughter got one of those pat downs at a north carolina airport. >> he said she was very uncomfortable during the procedure but the tsa says it followed protocol. >> juice inside this purse leading to what one father believes was an excessive pat down on his young daughter. >> a female tsa agent at the international airport in north carolina subjecting 10-year-old brainerd to the 2 minute procedure leaving the girl feeling uncomfortable and her father outraged. >> i felt it was incredibly inappropriate. very invasive and it really violated my daughter. >> she september doing it over
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i felt very uncomfortable. i felt like screaming. >> capturing the incident at his daughter's discomfort on his cell phone. he says he plans on filing a complaint with the help of congressman scott peters. a spokesperson for the tsa tells a.b.c. news, screening procedures allow for the patdown of a child under certain circumstances. the process by which the child was patted down followed approved procedures. >> the tsa also stating that the child's bag contained a cell phone that alarmed requiring additional resolution procedures and that not only was the patdown observed by the parent, but the remainder of the time was spent mitigating the concerns of the father and discussing screening procedures. emily, newscenter 5. >> 6:00 starts right now. >> trapped in a burning home. >> firefighters make a narrow escape. >> thank god it worked out. >> the team worked that helps
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>> extra, extra. >> it was not the right decision. >> you will hear all about it. how the globe ended up with a delivery disaster. >> how long the pattern of mild days continues before major weekend changes move in. >> talking about his injured ankle. >> steps every patriots fan will want to see. >> boston's news leader, this is wcvb at 6:00. >> breaking news. sky 5 in the air over 495 in mel ford. this truck catching fire near exit 20. >> the response and cleanup has caused a massive traffic back-up. only the far left lane is getting by. they are warning drivers to avoid this area. >> you train for these conditions, went back to my training and thank god it worked out. >> only on five, we tracked down one of the three firefighters trapped in this inferno. his relief tonight after being saved. it was a chaotic scene as the mayday call went out. >> jack harper live at the scene for us.
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call. men inside the building behind me claims no air and it was a combination that got them out a combination of very good training and a lot of good luck. >> i actually tripped on the stairs. on the way down. >> at the bottom of the stairs i actually ran out of air, and, at that time, i remember hearing the lieutenant calling mayday. >> the men of engine three had run into a death trap. >> we were basically at the bottom of the stairs. we had nowhere to move. couldn't move left or right. >> d.j. had lost his helmet and his fall. >> something told me to check the wall. i found a window on the first floor, pretty low window. few feet off the ground, and i smashed the window with my hand, lost my helmet, this.
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