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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning, it is randy: i' m randy price. thursday, january 7. no winner and the massive powerball. emily: the far-reaching impact on boston public schools. randy: a tribute to a red sox legend defaced in boston. emily: first, i want to check in with cindy, another cold start to the day. cindy: 27 degrees in boston.
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s this morning, although as you get far to the north and west, it is only in the teens. clear skies looking at high pressure dominating our weather. some cloud cover will move in as we get into the afternoon, so we will call it mostly sunny skies. degrees. boston. mid 40' s down in the cake. -- cape. olessa: good morning, a live look outside on the pike. let' s go to the mat and see the rest of your ride. overnight construction 93 south. some more road were clearing shortly right along when 28i-95, as well as 95 21 28.
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morning and north of town, you are in good shape. emily: breaking overnight, we are just days away from the biggest lottery drawing in history. randy: $675 million is up for grabs. julie mcdonald in plymouth this morning. there is one happy person in that area. julie: not $500 million happy, but there is a $1 million winner out there somewhere, who matched five numbers. that is chump change compared to the number we got last night. no winner in the grand prize means that saturday' s prize will swell to a record that 675 million, more than any other jackpot in u.s. history. lottery history suggest letting the computer pick your numbers
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that, but a man who has won seven lotteries says always choose your own. >> every time you do, you are getting a different set of numbers. your odds are always going to be at their worst. julie: speaking of odds, hitting powerball is like the patriots winning six super bowl' s in a row. you also have a better chance of the elected president. when it comes to $675 it is not going to stop a lot of people from rolling that those -- from rolling the dice. julie mcdonald, wcvb. randy: financial turmoil overs these. stocks took a nosedive, plunging more than 7%, and that triggered an automatic shutdown of the market amid signs the investors in worse shape than previously
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all eyes will be on wall street, and u.s. stock futures are down more than 400 point. firefighters on the scene of a fire in roxbury that is happening on houston street. -- gaston street. all three couple in' s -- all three people inside that make it out, and the chief estimates damage at about $400,000. emily: a woman is in the hospital after being hit by an a car on chestnut hill avenue in brighton. she was unconscious but the extent of her injuries is unclear. the driver is cooperating. randy: a secret service agent involved in a deadly crash in new hampshire is offering a' s areas final court injury. garrett fitzgerald and three other agents were struck by a driver in new hampshire, and the driver was killed. fitzgerald now it unable to move -- now unable to move or feel
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he and his fiancee moved to boston in september and were planning their wedding for march. emily: removing graffiti from an iconic teen legend memorial. it is not clear when this happened, but photos of the vandalism surfaced online last night. randy: ongoing concerns that mbta fare hikes could take a big toll on public school students. todd sketch a rich in boston. todd: in one scenario, t passes could see a 30% increase. students now have to use those to get to class and the mayor is ready to take action. in 2014, boston eliminated goal buses for middle school schoolers, putting them on the mt -- mbta instead. the prices of
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increase to $32 a month. that would be an estimated $4.1 million added to boston' s school budget, which is already protecting eight deficit. that' s a deficit. reporting live from cleveland circle and brightman, todd kazakiewich. emily: new information about the allegations that force a high school principal off the job. erica tarantella joins us. erica: shedding light on accusations of improper behavior after school officials say he engaged in misconduct computer, at times during the school day. the police report says an adult decoy posing as a 13-year-old girl was in and at -- a chat
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the report says he often asked if she thinks about sex, and made multiple inquiries about her broad size. -- bra size. he told police he did it because it was "exciting." there is no evidence the former principal enticed the victim to go to or stay at a specific location. a home in saugus reduced to rubble. we are hearing from one of the firefighters trapped when flames engulfed that house. it is a fire you first saw on the eye-opener. he thought he was going to die, and was out of air when he lost his helmet. >> i remember hearing a call for mayday. he helped only out the rest of
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>> we are trained for these conditions and i just went back to my training. emily: all three firefighters got out safely. 4:37, a new approach to combat the opioid prices. randy: why one state is allowing lawsuits to doctors. the fallout over hillary clinton' s private e-mail server. aercap: -- erica: a pedestrian being taken to the hospital after being struck a car in boston, and a record-breaking jackpot for powerball. a $1 million ticket was sold in plymouth. cindy: it is cold again this
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emily: newscenter5 on the opioid crisis. new state grants are funding narcan for first responders along the south shore. quincy, weymouth, and plymouth are among the communities receiving the overdose-reversing drug. the governor announced the $700,000 rant yesterday for 40 communities. in 2014, first responders across the state administered 11,000 doses of the drug. randy: a drastic solution to the epidemic in west virginia. the state wants to allow addicts to sue doctors who prescribed them pills. a report last summer stated west virginia had the highest rate of overdose deaths in the country, and many addicts say it' s the fault of the doctor for over-prescribing. about a dozen pain clinics have been shut down in west virginia in the last year, as the state
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a new study on birth control. the study says that data is contradicting a long-held leaf. an ugly report on a carport causing controversy in an neighborhood. the patriots player at the center of the debate. emily: starting sunday morning, a new time to catch the weekend eyeopener team. join antoinette, doug, danielle and frank from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m, followed by gma. then another round of the
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randy: we are back . cindy: not as -- emily: not as cold as i thought. cindy: it is in the 20' s, and maybe we are getting used to it. perhaps we are settling in. you can compare the temperatures right now to 24 hours ago, and notice we are in the 20' s once again. it is going to be another day with above-average temperatures. yesterday, we got all the way up to 45 degrees in the afternoon in boston, so the month of january has certainly had a few cold days, and we have come up and send. it looks like it will be another day where we get over the 40 degree mark, and then the clouds
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into saturday morning, we will be watching areas north and west of 95 where there could be some icing. it does not look like a major event, but it is something we are keeping an ion because it takes just a touch of freezing drizzle to make things slippery. we have a soaking rain coming in, and the temperatures go way up. orange, one of the colder pockets, sitting at nine degrees this morning. the temperatures very similar overall to yesterday. you can see the skies are mainly clear and high pressure is noted -- nosing in from the west. high-level clouds will start to come in this afternoon so we will call it mostly sunny, on the mild side. running a little bit above the
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tonight, increasing clouds, temperatures cold in the 20' s to near freezing along the coastline and what will be happening tomorrow, temperatures taking down just a bit. notice all the clouds, and high pressure to the north is feeding in low-level moisture. there might be just enough precipitation around with some drizzle forming, that with colder temperatures north and west of 95, some of that could freeze on contact. that is a concern for at least the first part of the day on saturday, and temperatures should come up to about 40 degrees. low pressure approaches from the west, the wind gets strong out of the south, and that will send temperatures surging into the 50' s.
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we cleared out on monday and wednesday, a storm approaching from the west that looks very weak, but it could help fire up an additional storm offshore. right now, it looks like a near miss, but something to watch for. we have 50 degree weather coming in. olessa: so far it is quiet on with no problem. roadwork still in place for another 10 to 15 minutes, and on the expressway right over by the shortly. some more road work out to root nine -- route nine. . so far we are expecting the
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randy: congress has approved legislation repealing president obama' s health care law by a margin of 240-181. the house sent the bill to the president' s desk yesterday. the bill also cuts federal funding for planned parenthood. the president has promised to veto the bill, and republicans don' t have enough votes to override. emily: commitment 2016 a new , report is expected out today in the e-mail scandal surrounding democratic candidate hillary clinton' s time as secretary of state. an inspector general claims the state department gave a " inaccurate and incomplete response about clinton' s private email use two years before it was made public." the report gives other examples of flawed responses and states the issue dates back through previous administrations. emily: -- randy: gas prices have fallen to
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, energy analysts say they haven' t bottomed out yet. oil inventories in the u.s. are at their highest levels since 1993 up by 10.6 million last week. experts say prices could drop as low as $1.75 a gallon in the next 40 days. low demand is also playing a part. two massachusetts macy' s stores are closing for good. the stores are at the berkshire mall in lanesborough and the eastfield mall in springfield. macy' s says they' re among 40 stores closing nationwide. the company is also announcing that it' s cutting 4800 jobs after weak holiday sales. emily: a look at your trending stories this morning. a new study shows birth control may not cause birth defects. some scientists had thought the contraceptive pill could alter vitamin levels. but a new study shows taking oral contraceptives around the time of pregnancy does not increase any risk for the baby. the study was published in the british medical journal. randy: two new faces join major league baseball' s hall of fame. ken griffey jr. received a record 99.3% of the votes he
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griffey climbed the home-run list during the height of the steroid era without any accusations of drug use. catcher mike piazza was also elected. both will be inducted on july 24. emily: the people' s choice awards had some big winners last night. but actually none of them were that guy right there. the man sitting behind him is matt bellassai. he won for favorite social media star. but the camera focused on the wrong person. you can see the woman come up and hand him his award behind this guy. he was still excited. >> driving up the hill and boom, we go is that ugly. randy: that is how many people in providence' it' s getting a lot of attention this morning because of who put it up. patriots star danny amendola. emily: the receiver is catching some heat, but he did not break
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the portable structure does stand out amid the centuries-old, clapboard houses. but former state representative ray rickman, who lives nearby, is sticking up for number 80. he says amendola probably wants the carport so he doesn' t have to worry about getting out after a storm. >> the patriot did nothing wrong, violated no rules, probably did not throw around any weight, asked for it and got it. emily: some neighbors eased up when they learned the carport will come down in february. a rare kind of rescue in nantucket. randy: the animals that washed ashore and the help they received to get back in the water. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00 workout equipment, just one , item with huge mark-downs in january. the other bargains to snag this month, ahead. emily: and next week newscenter 5 launches two new newscasts. a fast-paced look at all the big
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emily: a massive powerball jackpot goes unclaimed, and now we are just days away from the biggest drawing in history. the jackpot stands at $675 million. there was a $1 million winner sold in plymouth. randy: a woman in the hospital after being hit by a car just after 11:00 last night. she was taken to brigham and women' s hospital.
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randy: emily: his family searched for hours, finding his body at the bottom of an embankment onto 30. randy: bill cosby will not face charges for allegedly assaulting mosque and good -- los angeles. prosecutors say there is not enough evidence. a model claims cosby drugged and assaulted her at the playboy mansion in 2008 when she was 18, another woman accused cosby of assault in when she was 17. 1965 cosby faces criminal charges for an assault in pennsylvania in 2004. emily: the mother of bella bond the little girl found dead on , deer island is being held on a million dollars bail. rachelle bond is charged with being an accessory after the fact to the murder of her daughter. bond claims she was under the control of her boyfriend michael mccarthy, the alleged killer. mccarthy is charged with first-degree murder and will be
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the texas state trooper involved in this traffic stop, that led to the death of a woman in her jail cell, has been indicted on a perjury charge. brian encinia arrested sandra bland last summer. he was fired yesterday, after charges he lied about the confrontation. encinia claimed bland was combative and uncooperative but a grand jury says dashcam video proves otherwise. bland died three days later in her jail cell, her death, ruled a suicide. randy: a very close call for a maine firefighter. he nearly fell through the roof of a burning home in gardiner. you can see a flash of fire as his foot goes through the ceiling. a fellow firefighter was able to grab him, and hold on until more help arrived. the firefighter incredibly was not hurt. a bizarre site in nantucket. police help push a mother and baby dolphin back into the water after they had washed partially ashore. the two dolphins had gotten stuck in the harbor by washington street yesterday. environmental police were on
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safety. emily: a new project goes up in chicago. this is an igloo. a man who lives in a high-rise across the street decided to have some fun with ice sheets along the sidewalk. the cold weather helping it stay put, but it' s unclear how long the city will allow it to stay. is he hanging out in there? cindy: it looks like a dirty igloo. that happens to the snow after it sits a while. it has been a snow-less winter so far, just under an inch officially in boston, and last year at this point, we had already had about four and a half inches, which is below normal. on an average winter, we have typically over a foot. you can see how clear the skies
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building to the east. there' ll be a few mid-and high-level clouds starting to filter in this afternoon. look at those high temperatures, 40-45 with a light wind out of the northwest. 40 or higher from boston , new york city down toward d.c., a little more cloudiness, and more storms continue to move into the west around california. they need the rain, and it has been very active. the second half of the weekend, that storm will come in with warmer temperatures but before that, he will bring in some clouds. the temperatures hovering near freezing north and west of 95, could create a touch of freezing
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