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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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something we will watch curley saturday, and we warm-up ahead of that. temperatures in the 50' s on sunday with heavier rain moving in, before we clear up and cool down. randy: chinese stocks nosedive, taking down features with them. emily: new information on a principle' s sudden resignation. it is on the eye for this thursday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5. randy: also on the eye this morning, it was an exciting and
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s choice awards, except for one awkward moment. the mistake that has people talking this morning. i am randy price. emily: i am emily reamer, along with cindy. cindy: i think maybe we are getting acclimated to this. overall, temperatures are running in the teens and 20' s and most spots, and look at march field, 32 degrees. also notice the wind is like. when you do not have the wind blowing at you, the windchill is not a big factor. it is 27 degrees in boston right now, the skies are clear, and high-pressure nosing in. the wind stays light today, and we may start to see some mid-and high-level clouds this afternoon.
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s by 9:00, with to 40 degrees. we will call it mostly sunny, s possible on cape cod. that will fade away starting tomorrow. the rides -- the roads are dry, always a good thing. no problems on the pike. olessa: no problems on the pike. northbound at the pike, and as you travel to 128, construction clearing by 95. no problems out of framingham or on route nine, and looking good on 93 south. trains and buses starting them morning on schedule. emily: we are just days away from the biggest lottery drawing in u.s. history.
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there was a drawing last night and no one one. julie mcdonald is in plymouth this morning. there is one happy person. juli: that is right, not 500 million dollars happy, but there is a $1 million winner who matched five numbers after buying a ticket right here. that is chump change compared to the number that we learned overnight, no winner for that grand prize means that saturday' s drawing will swell to a record-breaking $675 million, more than any other jackpot in any other lottery game in u.s. history. the lottery suggests ticking year -- wedding the computer pick your own numbers is your best bet but one man says to buy your own. >> each time you do, you are getting a different set of numbers so your odds are always going to be at their worst.
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s talk about the odd, hitting powerball is like the patriots winning six super bowl' s. you have a better chance of being elected president. when it comes to $675 million, not going to stop a lot of people from rolling the dice. we will bring you those numbers on saturday on newscenter 5 at 11:00. randy: all eyes will be on wall street this morning after financial turmoil strikes overseas. chinese stocks took a nosedive overnight, plunging more than 7%, triggering an automatic shut down. amid signs the investors believe the chinese economy is in worse shape than thought. u.s. futures have plunged more than 400 points. a woman is in the hospital after being hit by a car in boston along chestnut hill avenue in the brighton session of the city just before 11:00 last night.
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taken to brigham and women' s hospital. the extent of her injuries are not clear and the driver to stay on scene. this is video just in overnight, fire fighters on the scene of a fire and roxbury on gas and street. -- gaston street around 3:00 this morning. all three people inside made it out safely. the chief estimates damage at about $400,000. emily: the red sox are looking to remove graffiti from the number of an iconic legend. it is not clear when this happened, but photos of the vandalism surfaced online last night. new information about the allegations that forced a high school principal off the job. erica tarantella joining us with disturbing allegations. erik a: accusations of
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he resigned last month after the school says he engaged in misconduct from his school computer and it happened during the school day. and adult decoy posing as a 13-year-old girl from new york was in an internet chat room when contacted by the principal. most conversations are too graphic to repeat, and he often ask if she thinks about sex and made multiple inquiries about her broth size -- bra size. there are no criminal charges in this case because the da says there is no evidence the former principal entice the victims or specific location. emily: a secret service agent involved in a deadly crash in recovery. he and three agents were struck by another driver and that
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he is now unable to move or feel anything below his chest, and will soon be transferred to a spine rehabilitation facility. he and his fiancee moved to boston in september and were planning their wedding for march. randy: new details in the case of a man found dead on the side of a highway in auburn. he got into an argument with someone in a car in the breakdown lane. he got out of the car and walked off. family search for hours and his body was found at the bottom of an embankment on i to 90. -- by-290. investigators are looking for the cause of this fire in kingston. at one point the flames were shooting out of carmela' s restaurant on main street. they thanked the community for
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emily: transportation leaders are mulling a bill to increase the punishment for blocking state highways. a committee met yesterday after this protest purposefully block both sides of 93 in january. it would raise the fine from five. -- $500 to $5,000, an increase possible jail time to six months. president obama promising to veto a plan to repeal his signature health care law. both houses of government passed them. it did not pass with enough votes to override a presidential veto. randy: new reports surrounding the e-mail scandal surrounding hillary clinton' s time as secretary of state. they claim the state department gave an inaccurate and
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s private e-mail use. the report gives other examples it dates back through previous administrations. donald trump could run into trouble when he goes to vermont. issue 20,000 tickets for an event in burlington and the venue holds only 1400 people. once the building is full, everyone else will be turned away, even if they have a ticket. emily: the owners of a new hampshire gunshot are showing their support for trump, giving him a custom-made assult-style rifle. it was presented to trump during his visit to new hampshire thursday. >> we just wanted to present mr. trump with a rifle from claremont, new hampshire made by our shop. emily: the secret service had to take possession of that gun before it was given to trump,
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can be legal wherever trump travels. vice president joe biden says he regrets every day not running for president in 2016. he ruled himself out three months ago, but says he did make the right call for his family and himself. he says both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are good candidates, and he will remain deeply involved in the race. randy: the texas state trooper involved in a traffic stop that led to the death of a woman in texas and her jail cell was fired yesterday after charges he lied about the confrontation. he claimed that land was combative and uncooperative but dash cam video proves otherwise. she died three days later in her jail cell and her death was ruled a aside. a firefighter trapped inside a
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emily: how he survived , and another firefighter has another close call. randy: january is a good month to buy jewelry, and some other things as well. bargains available this month. erika: the powerball jack up is up to $675 million. no one one last night , making for the biggest prize in u.s. history. a million dollar ticket was sold in plymouth. cindy: it is another chilly start this morning, but the temperatures will be climbing over the next couple of days. when we could hit the 50' s. take a look at what to expect as you are heading out the door, bundle up right now.
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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randy: that is some waco: the chasm. the pep rally was to celebrate the end of a school food drive. >> show was what you were up to at school on the front page of
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-- wcvb. cindy: talk about wild temperatures. yesterday felt so nice, up to 45. the average high is 36, so we were above average yesterday and will be again today, and still above on friday, but the temperatures will be cooler. lots of sunshine, but the clouds will be coming in on friday, and eventually that may lead to some drizzle and early saturday may be cold enough north and west of i-95 that it will be freezing on contact. on sunday, we warm way up with a soaking rain, temperatures in the 50' s. the record in boston is 56, 53 in worcester. we will be close to that with
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starting out with lots of 20' s, stir to boston. -- worcester to boston. notice on the cape, it is in the 20' s. i think you will be above freezing by 8:00 or 9:00, and in the 40' s this afternoon. we go from bright sunshine to mark cloud cover in the afternoon and it still will be mostly sunny. some mid and high level clouds may start to come in this afternoon. mostly sunny skies this afternoon, we go up to 40-45. mid 40' s on the cape this afternoon. we fall back to the 20' s tonight mainly clear skies, look what happens overnight. i think as we go into the day on friday, it turns pretty overcast
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moisture will eventually lead to some drizzle, and that could be problematic north and west of interstate 95. we are going to see a storm ramp up to our west and approach with a strong southerly wind on sunday. it is windy, turning monday into tuesday, and although tuesday looks dry, we will be watching a storm to the west. it may induce a second storm in the ocean. depending on where that develops, we could get in a little bit of light snow. something we are going to be watching into wednesday of next week. emily: it can develop as far out as it wants to.
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here' s a live look at the expressway. let' s go to the map. read word kickoff 93 south/rowes wharf -- 2010 great plain avenue, no problems on the dutch route three looking good, route one no problems. emily: a close call for a firefighter in gardner, maine. a flash of fire as his footing gives way. a fellow firefighter grabbed him by the arm and was able to hold him. the fire chief praising his men for quick action. you can see just how close this was. that home could not be saved. right now, this home in saugus is being reduced to rubble and only on five, we are hearing
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trapped when flames engulfed that house. saugus firefighter dj bl andini would tell a friend he thought he was going to die when he fell downstairs and lost his helmet. >> i remember hearing my lieutenant call him a day. >> mayday, mayday. >> we train for these conditions and i just went back to my training. emily: all three firefighters who were trapped made it out safely. randy: topping economic headlines, two massachusetts macy' s stores are closing their doors for good, at the berkshire mall in lanes broke bro and the eastfield mall in springfield. macy' s says they are among 40 stores closing nationwide, also announcing it is cutting 4800 jobs after week holiday sales. we have the entire list of
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a record real estate transaction in the city boston, the mandarin hotel selling for $140 million. the buyer is hong kong owned mandarin international limited. it did not own the building but was managing it. the purchase price works out to be nearly 900 $6,000 -- $906,000 per room. we' re focused on a deal that you may only be able to get in the month of january. emily: now may be the time for the bling , january is the best time for jewelry buys. if he did not get that new tv for christmas, go for last year' s model. fitness equipment, retailers are
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randy: they are good dust collectors later. emily: i was thinking that. randy: a chicago man was fed up with ice on the side of the road so he took matters in his own hands. emily: the creation getting a lot of attention. erika: danny amendola catching heat for trying to get to work. mbta fare hikes could have an impact on boston' s school budget. the mayor' s moved to protect students. launching two new newscasts at 4:30 in the afternoon, and more
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emily: 5:24 -- cindy: 5:24, it is another chilly start, but the temperatures come up by lunchtime with some lower 40 degrees this afternoon. lots of sunshine and a few clouds this afternoon. clouding up tomorrow and by saturday, look at all those clouds. north and west of interstate 95, some drizzle could be freezing on contact. it could be a little icy if you have plans early in the day.
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new "star wars" movie, you are one of the few. holder for a movie released in north america, beating hype -- beating "avatar ." so far, $1.6 billion and still has not opened in china. the celtics came out strong against the pistons but the they needed them. the pistons scored 23-pointers with less than two and a half to heading to chicago tonight. time for ipod spurs with alexa. alexa: that is an igloo.
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have some fun with the ice sheets along the sidewalk and says he was doing public service sidewalk. emily: it looks dirty. alexa: it looks filthy. s choice awards have some big winners last night, but none of them were this guy. the man behind him one for favorite social media star and the camera focused on the wrong person. he was still excited for the attention. emily: i have to look out how to pronounce his name because i too probably would have focused on the wrong person. alexa: he is a little sassy, drinking wine and complaining. randy: he is huge for people who know he is, but the camera person had no idea. using a concern about birth
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contraception will not do. a school diver finds a 125-year-old beer and drinks it, taste. taking a look at the skyline,
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breaking overnight, the powerball jackpot shatters all records. how much is up for grabs. >> one person in massachusetts is waking up pretty lucky. >> fare hike fallout, how boston students could be paying a have to price. >> a patriots star causing a skirmish off the field. danny amendola catching some heat for a move designed to help his performance, on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s newe s leader. randy: 5:30 on this thursday morning, we are looking at route one. traffic moving along just fine. i am randy price. emily: im emily riemer, along with cindy and olessa.
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overall, it is january. bundle up out the door. in the lower 20' we are not too far off the mark. you can see outside the city, some spots running in the teens. nashua, 15, seven in orange. cape cod. the wind is light, so no big windchill, and with high-pressure overhead, we are seeing mainly clear skies. this will just if -- weren' t and allow some mid and high level to drift through this afternoon -- eastward , and allow to drift through this evening. the 40' s. worcester county getting into
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40' s on cape cod. enjoy the sunshine, things change tomorrow. s get you out to the roads. olessa: a live look at route one, no problems. s go to the map and see the rest of your ride, which is very quiet with the exception of one trouble spot at the braintree split on 128 southbound. one lane is closed by logan express. traveling west of town, the pike looking good and so far it is a quiet start on 93 southbound all the way into the city. emily: we are following several breaking stories, there was no powerball winner overnight but one person did win $1 million. no big winner will mean saturday' s jackpot is a record $468 million.
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china after stocks plunged more than 7%, over fears about the chinese economy. u.s. stock futures are plunging, down nearly 400 points. emily: in brighton, a woman is in the hospital after being hit by the car. she was unconscious after being struck along chestnut hill avenue, and the driver stayed at the scene. growing concerns that mbta fare hikes could take a big toll on students. randy: todd kazakiewich is in boston with the fallout. todd: in one scenario, monthly packet -- passes could go up 23%. since seventh and eighth graders have to go to class, the mayor is ready to take action. in 2014, boston is limited at school buses to save money, putting students on the t. fare hikes could raise the price
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cost the mayor says the city would have to pick up. that would be an estimated $1.4 million added to the school budget, which is already projecting a 40 million dollars deficit next year. 42% of students are what is known as high need the cousin low income and other factors. emily: a startling report as we continue to cover the opioid crisis in massachusetts, a 14-year-old was one of five overdoses on oxycodone in the last few days in new bedford. several were revived by narcan. new state grants are funding narcan for first responders along the south shore. quincy, weymouth, and limits are among those receiving the
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first responders across the of that drug last year. >> we were driving up the hill and boom, that was ugly. randy: that is how many people reacted to the temporary carport in the college hill neighborhood getting a lot of attention because of who put it up. patriots star danny amendola. erica tarantella with the chief complaint. erika: the receiver is catching some heat, but did not break any rules. the portable structure does stand out, but former state representative ray rickman is sticking up for number 80 and says he probably wants the carport so he does not have to worry about getting to practice on time after a storm. >> the patriot did nothing wrong, violated no rules. probably did not throw around
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got it. erika: one neighbor suggested a tarp to cover his car and a snow clearing service. it is actually coming down in february anyway. emily: a new study says there is something birth control will not do. randy: it is easing concerns about feature flam only planning, and chipotle taking a hit -- about future flannel --
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olessa: watching one accident early this morning, a crash on 128 cell round at braintree has a lane blocked. some time to warm up those cars this morning. cindy: temperature starting out in the teens and 20' s, but the skies are clear, and just like yesterday we will bump up those temperatures to over 40 degrees. a few mid and high level clothes this afternoon, but enjoy the sunshine. the clouds thicken up this weekend, and an unsettled weekend. emily: on the health alert this morning, a drug used to treat used infections may be linked to an increased risk of miscarriage. women who took oral fluconazole
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researchers caution the study does not prove the drug causes miscarriages. a separate study shows birth control may not cause birth defects. some scientists could -- believed it could alter vitamin levels, but taking it around the time of pregnancy does not increase any risk for the baby. chipotle' s health excuse -- issues are taking a toll on the company, losing over $160 million in the past four. they were served with a subpoena . last month, you were member dish you will remember chipotle in boston was shut down. randy: the huge new powerful jackpot, and the plunging stock futures, plus a magic -- a massive strike in drug use. -- spike and drug use
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in drug use.
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emily: it is 5:43, we are ready with your news to go. erika following new developments after a swan said principal suddenly resigned. randy: cindy is here with your forecast. cindy: out the door this
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emily: i have been enjoying the sunshine the last couple of days. cindy: soak up your vitamin d today. we have clouds starting tomorrow, but sunshine today, up over 40 this afternoon. a little bit of drizzle tomorrow, and by early saturday with temperatures near freezing, could be a little icy. soaking rain coming in on sunday, and temperatures soar into the 50' s. we are starting out mostly in the 20' s this morning. beverly is 23, some pockets of orange, sitting at seven. enjoy mostly sunny skies throughout the day. high-level clouds is there to stream in, but right skies with
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notice how temperatures,, right around 40 degrees at lunchtime -- notice how the temperatures come up, right around 40 degrees at lunchtime and the mid 40' s this afternoon. by tomorrow morning, there will be some low-level clouds coming in and those spread out during the day tomorrow. it turns i think pretty overcast during your friday, and eventually the north easterly flow will lead to some drizzle. depending on when that get started, there could be some icy spots overnight friday night, but definitely by saturday morning it may be cold enough north and west of i-95 that there could be a touch of freezing drizzle. temperatures should come up to about 40 degrees in the afternoon. a turns wetter on sunday. let'
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olessa: we are watching one problem spot south of town. a live look at 93 in somerville, starting to build a little bit of volume. as you make your way south, we were watching a crash earlier 128 southbound at the braintree split. one lane is closed. 93 southbound still quiet, a little bit of volume but looking good down to the connector. randy: breaking overnight, the powerball jackpot is at a record shattering $675 million. emily: julie mcdonald is live in plymouth where one person got at least a little lucky. juli: that is right, there is someone not too far from where i am starting off 2016 on a happy note. a customer in plymouth matched five numbers to win $1 million.
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on the pot -- pot on the table, and nowhere near the $675 million pot on the table on saturday. you still have a chance to win even more this weekend. it is a slim chance. the odds of winning are one in 292 million. we will bring you those winning numbers on saturday at 11:00. emily: all eyes will be on wall street after financial turmoil strikes overseas. chinese stocks took a nosedive, plunging more than 7%, triggering an automatic shutdown amid signs investors think the economy is worse than previously thought. u.s. futures are down more than 400 points. randy: a woman is in the hospital after being hit by a car in boston on chestnut hill avenue in brighton just before 11:00 last night.
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s hospital and the extent of her injuries are unknown. emily: in roxbury, firefighters are on the scene of a two alarm fire on gaston street that started in the attic around 3:00 this morning. all three people made it out safely. a police report reveals why a high school principal was forced to resign. detailing how he had online chat line conversations during school was a 13-year-old girl. the person was an adult decoy. he initiated graphic sexual conversations. the married father with an 11-year-old daughter said it was "exciting." no charges were filed since there is no evidence he tried to meet that
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todd: boston public school students could be adversely impacted by fare hikes on the t. in one scenario, fare hikes to take effect in july could raise the price of link passes to $32 a month, a 23% increase. mayor walsh says the city would have to foot the bill, costing and ss -- costing $4.5 million in top of the deficit. reporting live in brighton, todd kazakiewich. emily: the red sox are working to remove graffiti from the never of an iconic team legend. someone scrawled in black ink outside of fenway park. it is not clear when it happened, but photo surfaced online. randy: a secret service agent involved in a deadly crash in new hampshire suffered a serious spinal cord injury.
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others were struck i a driver in new hampshire, who was killed. fitzgerald is unable to move or feel anything below his chest, and will be transferred to a spinal rehabilitation facility. emily: the money -- the mother of bella bond is charged with being an accessory after the fact of the murder of her daughter. she claims she was under the control of her boyfriend, who will be arraigned on monday. randy: the pension pan discipline is frozen for the catholic diocese. it will still be available employees when they retire, but in a separate trust. a financial advisor does not believe they are in jeopardy. emily: police department
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they are cracking down on drug crimes in that town. many unfolding during traffic stops for other violations. drug calls increased from 13 to 38. randy: today marks one year since the deadly attack at charlie hebdo. eight staff members were killed in the attack, which followed three days of terrorists in -- terror in paris. the magazine posted the caption, "one year later, the killer still at large are co- -- still at large." emily: brian and 70 was charged -- was fired.
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combative but a grand jury said dash cam video proved otherwise. randy: bill cosby will not face charges for allegedly will assaults in los angeles. prosecutors say there is not enough evidence. a model claims cozby assaulted and drugged her when she was 18 at the playboy mansion. another woman accused him of assault in 1965. cosby faces criminal charges for an assault in pennsylvania in 2004. emily: police in nantucket helped push a mother and baby dolphin back in the water. they got stuck in the harbor on washington street yesterday. randy: two new faces joining major league baseball' s hall of fame. ken griffey jr. received a record 99.3% of the votes he
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mike piazza also elected. both will be inducted on july 24. emily: the celtics came out strong against the pistons at the garden, but detroit hit the shots when they needed them. pistons scored goes: three pointers and the celtics lose 99-94. randy: a canadian scuba diver who found a 125-year-old beer in the ocean finally gets to open it. the contents of the bottle were tested to see if they were still good. scientists and a bartender tried to beer, calling it surprisingly good. the scuba diver did not want anything to do with tasting that beer. emily: a big honor for "scandal"
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hasty pudding' s woman of the year. randy: in less than a week, newscenter 5 launches two news programs at 4:30 in the afternoon and a more in-depth look at the news at 7:00 p.m. this starts next monday on newscenter 5. emily: we are off to another cold start, but it is all relative. cindy: and just like yesterday, it will warm up this afternoon. we made it to 45 in boston yesterday. the wind is light, so no big wind chills out the door. lower 20' s in the cape, marshfield, 30 degrees. in orange, it is in the single digits. some teens showing up in southern new hampshire and through the merrimack valley.
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the afternoon, and by mid day, temperatures will be flirting with the 40 degree mark. clear skies for the most part this morning, maybe some mid-level and high level clouds streaming through from the west. lower 40' s in the merrimack valley. the average high this time of year is 36, so a little bit above average. back down tonight into the 20' s. look what happens overnight, we start to bring in some clouds, and that flow may eventually bring in some drizzle. there could be a little bit of patchy, spotty drizzle on friday evening, but more likely on saturday morning. the temperatures early saturday north and west of i-95 could be cold enough for some freezing drizzle. a storm approaching from the west on sunday will allow a strong southerly wind to develop, bringing in warm temperatures all the way up to
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there could be up to one inch of on sunday. we try out next week, and colder on tuesday. a storm could help generate a secondary storm in the ocean, and depending on how close that is, we could get in a little it looks like it is too far out to have much impact on us, but something to keep our eyes on. olessa: we are watching one problem spot. let' s get to the map. that was the expressway and south of there, we have one crash on 128 by the braintree split. you can see the red shading, backing things up to 24. braintree into boston, the pike is about 15. if you travel north of town, 93 south building volume two spot
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buses are doing ok. randy: learning more about the secret service agent injured in a deadly crash. emily: the injuries that could change his life forever. a firefighter describes a dangerous moment inside a home leading to a mayday call. randy: starting sunday morning, there are more changes and more chances to catch the eyeopener team from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m., followed by good morning america, followed by another round of eyeopener from 8:00 to 9:00. you can cap just for one last
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