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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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overght. heavy rain potential on sunday, wednesday. the eye-opener continues. randy: an explosion hurts four people in north andover. the delicate material involved, and the hazard for investigators. emily: a road-rage attack. the gruesome fight witnessed at the height of rush hour. randy: will it be another volatile day on the market? the outlook right now as asian stocks rebound. on the eye for this friday morning. >> you' re watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: also on the eye this morning -- selective snacking. the right foods to help you stay healthy in the new year, ahead this half-hour. good morning.
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bar. i' m randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. stretch. the weekend is going to be the polar opposite. look at the temperatures this morning. a chilly start. nashua running in the teens. mid 20' s in beverly. down the coast to plymouth, we are running at or above freezing. the wind is turning on sure. it is bringing moisture off the atlantic. there are signs with this low cloudiness. that is going to be a trend that persists over the course of the day. blossoming. the clouds are going to hold the
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drizzle developing. that may become more widespread into this evening. watch out for a little bit of drizzle later today. low 40' s in most areas. freezing is a concern overnight. the roads right now are dry. olessa: we are watching one problem, northbound on the ramp to marcy boulevard. there is an accident and you can see the heavy volume. let' s go to the maps. north onto 93, we do have construction in place. columbia poet to the south bay mall. no problems on the pike this morning.
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to start the morning on schedule. emily: thank you. right now, a chemical plant in north andover is shut down after an explosion sent four workers to the hospital. randy: hazmat crews are returning this morning to figure out exactly how it happened. the eyeopener' s todd kazakiewich is in north andover with where the investigation is focused. todd: investigators are hoping to get inside the building today, after extensive damage kept them out yesterday. they do say this appears to be an accident. four burned workers were rushed to the hospital in yesterday' s explosion. all suffered critical injuries. investigators say the workers were handling a chemical, trimethyl aluminum, which then came into contact with water or air. at the hospital, the victims had to be carefully treated. >> patients were w ashed with
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todd: investigators say the lab was destroyed. the key now is determining why the chemical came into contact with something it should not have. live in north andover, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: this is not the first time this plant has come under scrutiny. 5 investigates found a dow employee died in october, 2013, from severe burns and injuries after an explosion in a lab at this plant. investigators found a chemical he was using was exposed to air or a cleaning solution and then exploded. dow was fined $17,000 for safety violations. emily: eight philadelphia police officer is in surgery after he was shot. police say the officer shot back and the victim was arrested. the officer is expected to survive. breaking overnight, more market turmoil overseas a day after a massive stock slide in china had investors around the world
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and today will be another big one to watch. the eyeopener' s erika tarantal is tracking developments as they come in. erika: and finally some improvements in china after the mess there led the dow to close down nearly 400 points. the shanghai composite index closing 2% higher. right now u.s. stock futures are also sharply higher. fears over weaker demand in chinese is what' s been reflected in trading on wall street. as for the average american, experts say don' t sell or change your 401(k) in a panic. also consider this as an opportunity to buy stocks at a discount. jonathan: if there are stocks out there that you have been following over time, that in your opinion have been too expensive for you to purchase, this might be the time to step in. erika: on the brighter side, take advantage of low oil prices. and today, december' s job report comes out. most economists are optimistic forecasting thousands of new jobs. randy: right now an attacker is on the run after stabbing a
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apparent case of road rage. all of this unfolding at the height of rush hour. the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is live in braintree with what we know at this hour. antoinette: right now we know that victim is in the hospital, with very serious injuries. at this point we don' t know is exactly why this happened. this was last night. police say both drivers got out of their cars on granite street, near north street, and started to fight. that' s when a 30-year-old randolph man, who has not being identified, was stabbed several times. witnesses caught the gruesome the suspect took off, but police say those witnesses were able to provide some helpful information. ahead in our next half-hour, we will hear from those witnesses. and if there is any new information, we will bring it to you.
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5. randy: new this morning, trustees at an embattled rhode island boarding school say there will be a new investigation into sex abuse cases. dozens of former students came forward this week saying they were sexually assaulted at st. s school in the 1970' s and 1980' s. after weeks of public pressure, the school will appoint a new independent investigator to oversee the investigation. the board is hoping to appoint someone next week. emily: today the president will talk to grass-roots gun-control activists, as he continues a week-long push on the issue. at a town hall meeting in virginia last night, he fielded questions from supporters and opponents. one woman, who was raped in college, says the president' s plan makes her family less safe, because it' s now more difficult to get a gun. president obama: you want to make sure if he gets released,
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t do what he did to you to somebody else. it is going to be easier to prevent him from getting a gun if there is a strong background system in place. emily: the widow of sniper chris kyle also spoke. she pointed out that people will still commit gun crimes, even with new laws in place. the president responded, saying his new order will reduce the number of criminals getting their hands on guns. boston police commissioner william evans says he attended that town hall meeting to continue the push to cut the flow of illegal guns into the city. evans applauded the president' s actions, adding that he believes the strict gun laws in massachusetts have helped reduce the number of homicides. randy: gop front-runner donald trump is taking on the president' s gun-control push again. at a packed rally in burlington, vermont, trump promised to eliminate gun-free zones around schools. he was interrupted several times by protesters. thousands of people lined up at sunrise just to get into the
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20,000 tickets were handed out, but the venue only accomodates 1400. hillary clinton is picking up a major endorsement. planned parenthood is backing the democratic front-runner. the formal announcement will happen on sunday in manchester, new hampshire. it' s the first time planned parenthood has endorsed a presidential candidate in the primary. emily: right now two people are being held in the u.s. on terror-related charges. in california, a syrian refugee is charged with lying to federal investigators about his travels to fight in that country. the fbi says mohammed younis al jayab started planning to travel to syria as early as october, 2012. court documents allege he sent various messages to unidentified people overseas. fbi agents say in april he talked with another person about a battle in syria saying, "god willing you will have your chance to shoot. the most shots i made with it in my life was in the biggest battle i participated in.
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just shooting, spraying, spraying." in texas, a 24-year-old man was indicted on three charges of trying to provide material support to isis. these arrests are believed to be connected. randy: 5:10. maine' s governor stirring outrage with comments on drug traffickers. emily: the comments some are calling racist. and major changes coming to tv in the bay state. the take-over that has one company promising a fight. randy: new this morning, snacking the right way. the healthy options that won' t ruin your diet. cindy? cindy: clouds are moving in this morning. where it could be icy, ahead. take a look at the temperatures. colder up and southern new
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>> the students wanted to go -- >> good morning, eyeopener! randy: yeah! who wouldn' t be excited to get a weather lesson from cindy?? >> they are pretty excited. cindy: we had fun. side of this group of fifth
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good morning to them. emily: don' t wait for cindy. record your own wake-up call anytime. then you can post it in the u-local section of maybe some future meteorologist there? cindy: you never know. kind of like what the weather. we have seen getting a lot of sunshine. that is changing. clouds and drizzle could lead to some icy spots. a wind-swept soaking rain on the way for sunday. much colder into next week. 50' s in january? sounds odd. record. .
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mid 20' s lawrence to beverly. above freezing, close to 40 in plymouth. that is because the wind is coming in off the water. with high pressure anchored to our north, this wind will be with us all day long. that is just starting now to engender some cloud cover. clouds developing along the gulf of maine. we have one batch moving in. mainly cloudy skies and pretty overcast for the afternoon. some patchy areas of drizzle developing. mid upper 30' s outside of 95 today through worcester county. along the coast line, low to mid 40' s.
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line. any drizzle could freeze on contact areas north and west of austin. it is spotty and out there. a lot of clouds on saturday and maybe a brief passing shower. the main event gets going on sunday. that will bring in heavy rain and the warmer temperatures, which is why we' re jumping into the 50' s on sunday. this is 10:00 a.m. and here it comes. the rain will start to lift northward and raining all the way into northern maine. likely over an inch of rain. we' ll get colder monday into tuesday.
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there could be a few snow showers. it looks like too far away to be a big storm for us. it could add some additional snow on wednesday. something we will be watching. olessa: so far a pretty quiet on the roads. there was one acciden t near marcy boulevard but that crash cleared nice and early, and traffic getting by without any major problems. so far so good as you travel north of town. all the work up to the south bay mall has cleared away early. construction is gone on 128. problem-free ride i-93.
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outspoken maine governor paul lepage in hot water again for comments some are calling racist. the governor, saying drug dealers are going to maine and impregnating "young white girls." listen to this. gov. lepage: these are guys by the name d money. they come up here and sell their heroine and then they go back home. half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. emily: a spokesman for lepage says the remarks were not about race, but about the emotional toll drugs have on children. an ace they made, a spokesperson what is relevant is the cost to state taxpayers for welfare and the emotional costs for these kids who are born as a result of involvement with drug traffickers." the comments sparking a lot of backlash. hillary clinton' s campaign released a statement saying they are offensive, hurtful, and divisive.
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boston television market. nbc network is pulling the plug on its affiliation with whdh, channel 7. whdh has been the home of nbc programming in boston for more than 20 years. but nbc wants to own and operate its own station, moving programming to wneu tv, a new hampshire station that currently broadcasts telemundo. whdh owner ed ansin says he' ll fighting nbc in court. the switch over would take place in january of 2017. you may want to slim down in the new year, but no one wants to ditch snacks completely. emily: there are some options that can help you keep those resolutions. try a hard-boiled egg with some sriracha sauce. low calorie, low fat, and the spicy drizzle can help burn off another option -- watermelon with a little balsamic vinegar. that high water content in the melon keeps you full, while the vinegar helps with digestion. and finally, try cottage cheese with a little cinnamon. the calcium works to metabolize fat, while the kick of spice can
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fat. i think those sound good. not like cardboard. randy: they are not bad ideas. a tv host with an unfortunate doppleganger. emily: the likeness that could lead to trouble, in eyepoppers. erika? erika: then new at 5:30 -- a $20 device likely saved a baby' s life. the smartphone accessory used at just the right time. and the fiance of an injured secret service agent talks about his struggle. why she says they' re not angry. and a highway chase with an even scarier twist. what police say they found inside the car. we'
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cindy: we are starting to see some low cloudiness come in off the ocean. any sunshine is short lived this morning. we' re talking areas of drizzle developing. during the overnight, the
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that drizzle could freeze on contact. be careful. otherwise clouds tomorrow. sunday is the wetter day of the weekend. randy: thank you. time for your friday eyepoppers with olessa. olessa: and this first one might make you do a double take. one of these men is tv personality mike rowe, host of "dirty jobs," and one of them is a bank robbery suspect. people on social media noticed the resemblance after police in oregon started circulating the image. rowe says, for the record, he' s in kansas and much taller. i could see it. how adorable is this? everyone needs something to fall asleep to. for this pooch, it has to be his favorite stuffed animal. both belly up, looking like a pair of snoozing twins. that is the cutest thing i have ever seen. perfect for the weekend.
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everybody is happy. randy: thank you. emily: a new study could crush your take-out plans. the danger being linked to pizza boxes. and a new way to avoid sunburn. the sticker giving personalized u.v. warnings. cindy: taking a live look at the boston skyline. quiet out there at this early hour. 5 :25. >> this is an editorial by the general manager. >> open and transparent government is vital. you want to know we are tax dollars are spent. journalists ask the questions and get answers for you, if they
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5 investigates working with "the globe" solicits students to test response to public record requests. when asked by a student, more than half failed to respond as outlined by state law. nine police departments denied requests for records. when we identify ourselves as journalists, the apologies came and so do the records. quite often journalists have experienced difficulty obtaining records in a timely fashion. the governor and attorney general support government transparency and public record reform.
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commonwealth should put everything online. in the meantime, the legislature needs to quickly pass the public records reform bill and enacted
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>> boom. >> what investigators will be looking for today. >> a site in the road -- fight in the road leads a driver stabbed. >> and a young couple' s life changed in an instant. the road to recovery for a secret service agent injured in a deadly crash. on "to the eye." -- on "the eye." emily: 5:30 on this friday morning, as we take a live look here from our camera in south boston this morning. a pretty sight, isn' t it? randy: little traffic, it is nice. emily: i was telling myself that, and maybe it will be true. [laughter] randy: we are kicking off the
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>> and it is a holiday. cindy: weather-wise, it is cold out. you can see it is 15 and nashua. -- in nashua. look at south of town, just 17 in norwood. over to the coast, plymouth in s. s on the outer cape this morning. it is a function of the wind, which is now coming off the water. we have some low clouds developing here, coming in off the ocean. maine. we are going to cloud over pretty quickly today. any sunshine and short-lived. some of those clouds may of drizzle. clouds through the afternoon. around 40 degrees in the boston
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30' s today with the drizzle dropping tonight. that could lead to some freezing rain overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. let' s get you out to the roads right now. we are still dry out there. olessa: a live look outside, starting off with the uch better now. the residual volume does remain. south of that camera shot, we are watching an accident this morning right at the braintree split. west of town, you are in good shape. so far, problem free ride i-93 southbound all the way down to the connector. emily: here are the stories we are following right now. investigators are hoping to get inside a chemical plant in north
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north andover to figure out what caused an explosion. randy: there will be in independent investigation into sex abuse cases at an embattled rhode island boarding school. emily: a volatile trading day in china, as most asian markets rebound after thursday' s trading suspension. right now, u.s. stock futures are up by nearly 200 points. right now, police are searching for a suspect after a driver is stabbed in a case of road rage. randy: the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is live in braintree with the witness accounts that might crack the case. antoinette: randy, those witnesses providing key clues as to what happened here yesterday during the height of rush hour. we did' s big with police overnight and they say they are still -- did speak with police overnight and they say they are still searching for that
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it all unfolded here on granite street, right in front of the barnes & noble at the height of rush hour yesterday. police say it is not clear at this point what started all of it, but both drivers got out of fight. that is when a 30-year-old randolph man was stabbed several times. >> we saw a guy on the ground, and they tried pulling out whatever was on him. antoinette: the suspect took off, but police say witnesses did get a good look at his car. at this point in the investigation, though, they are not releasing the description of that vehicle. but we, of course, will be sure to keep you updated on this investigation. randy: 5:34. a suspect is in custody and in the hospital after a wild chase
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the suspect twice drove over spike strips that traded the tires of his pickup truck. a replica handgun was been found in that vehicle. emily: 5 investigates learning a man died while in the custody of the essex county sheriffs department. sam dunn had been simply committed, and was sent to a treatment center in bridgewater. dunn was inside the van for more than two hours when the transport officers noticed he was in the stress. the officers performed cpr, but dunn died at the hospital. >> he is determined and he is driven. randy: she is the fiance of a secret service agent from boston injured in a deadly crash. newscenter 5' s erika tarantal is
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erika: randy, garrett fitzgerald' s life changed instantly in last week' s crash in new hampshire. his fiancee says that has not affected his spirit or resolved to return to the job he loves. progress every day. the immediate goal is to get out of intensive care and into a spinal injury rehab program. >> i want people to see this and i want them to go home and hug their loved ones. and in that how, i want them to feel grateful for all those men and women who protect and serve us. erika: a gofundme page set up by friends has raised nearly $175,000 for the young couple. they had moved to boston in september with plans for a
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emily: erika, thank you. still ahead, a smart phone ss read becoming one critical tool for a doctor. randy: lawmakers are looking to crack down on to a guns in the commonwealth. their plan to distinguish these from the real things. emily: and a reason to dine in
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olessa: welcome back to the eyeopener. an accident cleared away on the ramp. all names are now open, but south of this camera shot we are watching a crash, 128 southbound at the braintree interchange. cindy: we have low clouds moving in. teens and 20' s over the interior. as we get those clouds to produce some patchy areas of drizzle through the day and to the night, there could be some icy spots developing. lots of clouds on saturday. but on sunday, absolutely pouring. temperatures in the 50' s. randy: sometimes cutting edge medicine does not have to come at a soaring cost -- the soaring cost that we often see. in this case, a $20 device saved the day. a baby named taken suffered from
5:33 am
that was until dr. anthony rossi in miami turned to google cardboard. looking at a 3-d image of tikhon' s heart gave dr. rossi the answer he was looking for. >> millimeters makes a difference between getting it right and getting it wrong. once we saw these images, we said we can figure this out. i think this is the difference between her living and dying. randy: four weeks after surgery, tikhon -- is breathing on her own -- teegan is -- teegan is breathing on her own and expected to make a full recovery. emily: still ahead, a fight that forced an emergency landing. and the match made in heaven. the common trait making a
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and a live look here from our camera in south boston. things are quiet this morning. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead.
5:35 am
terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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randy: good morning. the eyeopener team ready to go. emily: and erika is here keeping and i on the volatile stock market. first, though, cindy has a look
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cindy: temperatures have been up-and-down, but it has been tried. not the case across a good portion of the country. clouds are moving in this morning. drizzle is going to be developing through the day. and during the overnight hours, especially into tomorrow, that could lead to some icy spots. wind swept terrain coming in on sunday -- swept rain coming in on sunday. if we get up to the 50' s on to a record. right now, just 11 in orange. read around 30 in boston. when' s coming off the water -- winds coming off the water now. that pressure will consist. the clouds gets more widespread as the day wars on -- wears on.
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degrees or a little higher at the coast. as temperatures drop even more overnight and more of that drizzle breaks out, there could be some icy spots, especially north and west of the interstate. that is why i say it could be a little bit icy. not a whole lot of precipitation tomorrow morning. the afternoon, really dry. sunday is the main event this weekend. low pressure is going to bring in the very warm temperatures, but also some heavy rain. rainfall totals could come up over and inch. watch out for the ice early on. wet and windy on sunday. we have a couple things you are watching. olessa: yes, if your problem spots on the expressway. let' s go to the maps south, watching a crash on 128 southbound right at the
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northbound on the expressway, 10 to 15. minutes. and so far so good i-93 south. a little bit of volume into and over. trains and buses are running on schedule. randy: right now, four dow after a chemical explosion. s todd kazakiewich is live in andover, where hazmat crews will be gathering this morning. emily and randy, investigators wearing those hazmat suits kobe back here today, trying to get inside -- will be back here today, china determined what happened yesterday. investigators say the workers were handling a chemical, which came into contact with water or air. the lab was destroyed. investigators are now working to figure out why the chemical came into contact with something it
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man stabbed in a road rage -- erika: a man stabbed in the road rage incident here in braintree is in the hospital. on the run. it went down yesterday during the evening rush hour. police say both drivers got out of their cars right here on granite street in front of the barnes and noble, and they started to fight. that is when a 30-year-old randolph man was stabbed several times. the suspect took off, but police say witnesses were able to provide some helpful information , including a description of that suspect vehicle. -- suspect' s vehicle.
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philadelphia police officer is in surgery after being shot 13 times as he sat in his marked police cruiser. that officer was hit several times in the arm and is expected to survive. erika: it looks like wall street may and the day with a better day -- end the day with a better day. right now, u.s. stock futures are higher. after a suspension of trading in china thursday, the dow dropped some 400 point. the average investor should not sell or change their 401(k). in fact, some say consider this an opportunity to buy stocks you normally wouldn' t be able to afford. economists anticipate it will reflect thousands of new jobs. emily: a woman in custody, accused of attacking other passengers on a flight to chicago.
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attendants build a drink, and while it was being cleaned up the woman started yelling and attacked that employee. the suspect was handcuffed and escorted off. it is not clear really what caused that outbreak. randy: a deadly fire in andover, new hampshire is under investigation right now; although, officials say it appears to be a tragic accident. investigators say the man who was killed in the home after a fire sparked in a pile of brush. an emily: autopsy is planned for today. emily:a new push to crack down autopsy is planned for today. emily: a new push to crack down on guns would require bb guns in
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orange -- and appellate guns -- pellet guns to have a bold orange stripe so that everyone knows a are not too real. and an arizona congressman is expected to file a bill today to strip bill cosby of his medal of freedom. randy: huge waves pounding the west coast. check out the splash over here in pacifica, california. officials were forced to close the pier and block traffic along that section of the coast line. some of the waves are 15 to 20 feet high. el nio storms also triggered a massive rock slide in yosemite national park. that also forced the closure of interstate 140. people wanting to go to the park must carry chains in their
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emily: a new sticker could be an early warning system to prevent sun damage. the sticker is called my uv patch and works with a smart phone app. the sticker changes colors when exposed to ultraviolet rays. randy: new warning for the -- from the fda, and he could have you thinking twice about this, take out pizza. the fda claims there is no longer, quote, "reasonable certainty" that chemicals found in pizza boxes are safe for people. emily: the celtics were off to a quick start against the bulls in chicago. they had a 10 point lead in the second quarter, but the bulls woke up, tying the game before the half. the celtics go on a little run with a big three from marcus
5:45 am
randy: the super bowl halftime show has a new superstar. beyonce will be again here, joining the band coldplay on the stage for super bowl 50. that is february 7 at the levi' s stadium in california. emily: starting sunday morning, are even more chances to catch the weekend eyeopener team. join the team from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. that is followed by "good morning america." then another round of the eye-opener from 8:00 to 9:00. randy: the parents of a two-year-old california grow who is missing an arm found a perfect pet. a three legged kitten named holly. the toddler noticed the kitten' s
5:46 am
surgery -- and drainage tube from the surgery and pointed to her amputation site. emily: the powerball jackpot now with $700 million. before taxes. at 11:00. if we are not here on monday, you know why. [laughter] cindy: there you go. 30 degrees right now in boston. clouds beginning to move on in. notice the wind is out of the north in town. look at plymouth, see how the winds are coming in off the water? 39 and plymouth. elsewhere, below freezing with that northerly wind. you can see also that wind coming off the water generating these low clouds and pulling them in.
5:47 am
that is not happening today. those clouds get even more widespread by late in the day. we are clouding over today. temperatures coming up to around 40 degrees at the coast. in the interior, it stays in the mid to upper 30' s by day. any areas of drizzle that breakout could freeze on contact with some of our colder surfaces. do watch out for the potential of some icing happening in these areas. any precipitation really, really light. but that is why the concern is there. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. just a couple patches spots of precipitation. not a lot is happening on saturday. sunday is when we see a storm come at us from the south and west. it also comes in with some milder temperatures. we have a shot on sunday of seeing those temperatures jump into the mid-50' s.
5:48 am
coming at us. absolutely pouring through early afternoon. towards the evening i, that have year reign lifts -- the evening hours, that have the year -- that heavier rain lets north. the winds shift around and week. sunlight snow. that storm redeveloped and strengthens out in the ocean, and depending on exactly where that happens, we could get some additional snow on wednesday. right now, definitely a colder pattern for next week. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: watching some issues south of town this morning. here is rude to 1 in saugus , starting to see a little bit of that volume. south, we have 128 southbound
5:49 am
and delays already building back to 24. a little bit of volume i-93 south. once again, trains and buses still running on schedule. randy: new at 6:00, issues at the sex offender registry. emily: the problem for staffers as hundreds of names get removed from the list. randy: plus, -- emily: plus, president obama defends gun reform. randy: a nice start to the day after look at traffic here. things are moving along, we promise you that. announcer: monday afternoon at 4:30, a brand-new year, a
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