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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randy: an explosion hurts 4 people in north andover. emily: a road rage attack. the gruesome fight witnessed at the height of rush hour. randy: will it be another volatile day on the markets? asian stocks rebound. on the i-4 this friday morning. announcer: you are watching wcvb boston' s news later.
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emily: maybe call it selective snacking. we have the right foods to help you stay healthy in the new year. it is not just candy bars. i' m sorry, guys. [laughter] good morning. randy: as we kickoff the weekend -- cindy: you got your vitamin d the past couple of days. emily: i really enjoyed it. randy: thank you. cindy: and maybe some drizzle this afternoon and evening. you want to bundle up. there might be a little sunshine. getting off the bus this afternoon, cloudy and around 40, but some patchy drizzle developing this afternoon. 27 right now in beverly. fitchburg, teens. worcester, 28 degrees. notice boston -- and down to the
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water. that is not only bringing in those warmer temperatures, it is bringing in some cloudiness. coming around a big area of high pressure centered over quebec. this will be consistent throughout the day. notice how the clouds are filling in throughout the day. there you see some of those patches of drizzle breaking out. the temperatures come up to the mid to upper 30' s late to morning and into the afternoon. over the interior, we are staying in the mid to upper 30' s all day long. as the temperatures drop this evening, any patchy drizzle that develops could freeze on contact. right now, though, roads are try. olessa: we are in pretty good shape. one problem spot, not here on
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number one -- route 1. if you are traveling 128 south crash there. for now. and 93 south, some volume, but to the leverett connector. emily: a chemical plant in north andover a shutdown after an explosion sent for workers to the hospital. -- sent four workers to the hospital. randy: the eyeopener' s todd kazakiewich is in north andover this morning. todd: good morning. fire investigators are hoping to get inside that the building. they were not able to get inside last night due to extensive damage. four workers were burned and rest to the hospital -- rushed
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explosion. investigators say the workers were handling a chemical, which came into contact with water or air. the patient' s were vigorously -- >> the patients were vigorously washed with water. todd: investigators say the lab was destroyed. the key now is determining why the chemical came into contact with something it clearly should not have. randy: and also this morning, this is not the first time this plant has come under scrutiny. 5 investigates found in employee died in october 2013 from severe burns and injuries. investigators found a chemical he was using was exposed to air or a cleaning solution. dow was find the $17,000 for safety violations.
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officer is in surgery after being shot 13 times as he sat in his marked police officer. police say the officer shot back at the suspect. that officer was hit several times in the arm and is expected to survive. more market turmoil overseas a day after a massive stock slide in china. and today, another big one to watch. the eyeopener' s erika tarantal tracking developments as they come in. erika: and finally some improvements in china after the dow was down nearly 400 points. the shanghai composite index closing 2% higher. fears over weaker demand in china is what has been reflected in trading on wall street. experts say don' t sell or change your 401(k) in a panic. also consider this as an
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at a discount. >> if there are stocks that have been too expensive for you to purchase, this might be the time to step in. erika: and take advantage of the low oil prices. and today, december' s job report comes out. randy: an attacker is on the run after stabbing a driver several times in an apparent case of road rage. all of this unfolding at the height of rush hour last night. the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is in braintree with what we know at this hour. what we know is right now -- antoinette: what we know is right now that victim remains in the hospital after being stabbed at several times. what we don' t know is exactly why all of this happened. police say both drivers got out of their cars on granite street near north street and they started to fight. that is when a 30-year-old
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times. when this is caught the gruesome scene on camera -- witnesses caught the gruesome scene on camera. those witnesses were able to provide some helpful information. we are going to hear from those witnesses, and, of course, we will stay on top of this investigation. we will let you know if there are any new developments. randy: thank you. trustees at an embattled rhode island boarding school say there will be a new investigation into sex abuse cases. for the this week saying they were sexually assaulted at st. george' s s. someone next week. emily: today, the president will talk to grassroots gun control activists as he continues a
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one woman, who was raped in college, says the president' s plan makes her family less safe because it is now more difficult to get a gun. president obama: you certainly would want to make sure that if he gets released, that he now can' t do what he did to you to somebody else. and it is going to be easier for a stew prevent him from getting a gun if there is a strong -- for us to prevent him from getting a gun if there is a place. emily: the president responded sang his new order will reduce the number of criminals getting their hands on guns. boston police commissioner will evans said he attended that town hall meeting and has applauded the president'
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randy: gop front-runner donald trump taking on the president' s gun control push again. trump promise to eliminate gun free zones around schools. he was interrupted several times by protesters. thousands of people lined up at sunrise to get into this event. 20,000 tickets had been handed out, but the venue only accommodated 1400. hillary clinton picking up a major endorsement, planned parenthood is backing the democratic front-runner. it is the first time planned parenthood has endorsed a presidential candidate in the primary. emily: two people are being held in the u.s. on terror related charges. in california, a syrian refugee is charged with lying to federal investigators about his travels to fight in that country.
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to various messages to unidentified people overseas. fbi agents say in april he talked with another person about a battle in syria saying, quote, chance to shoot. the most shots i made with it in my life was in the biggest battle i participated in. seven magazines in one breath, just shooting, spring, -- spraying, praying. randy: the panel in charge of monitoring sex offenders is facing a huge backlog. they -- "the herald" reports the registry board has been forced to hire three new hearing officers. the ruling sets new standards for how offenders can be classified. coming up on the eye-opener this morning, maine'
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stirring some outrage with comments on drug traffickers. emily: and major changes coming to tv in the base date. the takeover that has one company promising a fight. randy: smacking -- snacking the right way. the healthy options that will not to ruin your diet. cindy: and clouds are moving in this morning. where it could get ic, and the warm, rainy outlook. first, take a look at these temperatures. near freezing and boston. near 40 along the coast right now.
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randy: good morning. what in the world has these kids so revved up? it is going to be a weather lesson from cindy. emily: weather! >> that is how we feel every morning. [laughter] >> and you go to a lot of schools. record a wake-up call, posted to the u-local section of our
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cindy: not this weekend, but it will, eventually. this weekend, we have some rain . clouds moving in this morning ahead of that. with temperatures near freezing, could be some icy spots through tomorrow morning. it is a windswept soaking rain on sunday, with temperatures shooting way up into the 50' s before it turns much colder next week. 50' s in january, not another -- normal combination. we will be close to the record. you can see right now, in the teens out towards places like orange, where it is 12. we have 20' s lawrence to beverly. boston very close to freezing. then upper 30' s to near 40 by plymouth.
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boosted the temperatures up here to and it is also -- going to bring in more clouds. that is already starting to bring in some of those clouds. they are just lined up out on the water ready to move on in. and then they will become widespread this afternoon, with a couple patches of drizzle the coast line. over the getting out of the mid to upper s. and with temperatures dropping this evening, areas north and west of austin could see some of contact. it could get a little icy. around the freezing mark.
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temperatures warm up in the afternoon. anything that falls will be in the form of a shower. low pressure is going to strengthen as it moves by, and that is going to pull in very warm air and heavy rainfall during the day on sunday. i think first thing in the morning on sunday, there might be some light showers. but the heavy stuff is approaching by 10:00 a.m. then that heavy rain lifts to the north. it looks like rain all the way up towards ski country with this one. winds could gust over 40 miles per hour. we clear it out and turn colder monday into tuesday. we are going to be watching on tuesday a system approach to the west. as we get into wednesday, look at what happens. that storm re-energizes and develops off the coast line.
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right now , it looks like it may it to be a big impact. emily: thank you, cindy. -- olessa: thank you, cindy. we are watching a few problems. 93 southbound right near 128, delays back to 129. the two right lanes are closed. we are going to keep you posted on this. 93 southbound right near 128. you can see the heavy delays approaching that crash. in the meantime, budget in that extra travel time. morning. an accident here on 128 towards the braintree split. braintree into boston about 20 minutes. emily: controversial and outspoken maine governor paul
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the governor saying drug dealers are going into main and impregnating, quote, young white girls. >> these are guys by the name d money, smoothie, these kind of guys that come from connecticut, new york. the, p a, they sell their hair when. incidentally, they air -- half the time they impregnate a white, young girl before they leave. emily: a spokesman for the governor says the remarks were not about race, but about the emotional toll drugs have on children. the comments sparking a lot of backlash. hillary clinton' s campaign released a statement saying they are offensive, hurtful, and divisive. randy: economic headlines, a big shakeup in the boston television markets.
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affiliation with w hdh channel 7. nbc networks wants to own and operate its own station, moving programming to wneu tv, and new hampshire station. whdh owner ed going to fight nbc in court on this. ge is expected to make a decision within the next few weeks on permanently moving its worldwide headquarters out of connecticut. newscenter 5 has learned to cities and final contention -- are boston and new york. if boston were the toys, ge the seaport district. a ballot question in
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the controversial animal welfare question will appear on the november ballot. it would mandate that all eggs sold in massachusetts come from cage free hens. the eggs could cost anywhere from $.12 more per dozen to $.80 more per dozen. no one wants to ditch the snacks completely. emily: but there are some options that could help you keep the resolutions. how about a hard-boiled egg with some sirota -- sr iracha? or watermelon with a little balsamic vinegar? the watermelon keeps you full, the white vinegar -- while the vinegar helps with digestion. and cottage cheese with a little cinnamon. randy: a tv host with an
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emily: the likeliness that could lead to trouble. erika: and a $20 device likely saved a baby' s life. and the fiancee of an injured secret service agent talks about his struggle. why she says they are not angry. and a highway chase with an even scarier twist. what police say they found inside the car.
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>> i could look at that all day long. there you go.
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randy: a new study could question your take-out plans just a little bit. pizza boxes. and a new way to avoid sunburn. this ticker giving new no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin mcdonald's all day
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v cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. r people don't have access to healthcare v because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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announcer: now on newscenter 5
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>> we heard a very loud boom. >> what investigators will be looking for today and the critical injuries after the blast. >> a fight in the road leads -- leaves>> and a young -- leaves a driver stabbed. >> and a young couple' s life changes in an instant. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener.
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cindy: we have had sunshine the past few days. we are heading into a kind of unsettled weekend overall. the clouds are moving in. it is in the 20' s and a lot of the suburbs this morning. there could be some patchy drizzle along with those clouds developing this afternoon. 31 right now in boston. 30' we have readings above freezing water. that trend is going to continue. ocean. with high pressure up to our throughout the day. there could even be some patchy drizzle here and there throughout the day. those temperatures hold right
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but over the interior, it does s today. that could be a little problematic with those temperatures dropping to near freezing and more drizzle popping up. fortunately, we are not dealing with that this morning. olessa: we are watching some problems of our own right now. 128. just a few minutes ago it was taking up the right two lanes, but now it is on the shoulder. we do have some pretty heavy delays getting into that accident scene. this is on 93 southbound. bumper-to-bumper ride all the way back to 129. there is that crash we were just talking about that, but beyond that we are in good shape. south of town, you have some volume picking up i-95 approaching 128, as well as
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the accident cleared at the braintree split. trains and buses on schedule. emily: here are the stories we are following right now. investigators are hoping to get inside a chemical plant in north andover to figure out what caused an explosion. randy: and there will be an independent investigation into the sex abuse cases at an embattled rhode island boarding school. dozens of former st. george' s students came forward this week, saying they were assaulted in the 1970' s and 1980' s. emily: a volatile trading day in china, as most asian markets rebound after thursday' s trading suspension. wall street will be watching for the december jobs report. right now, police are searching for a suspect after a driver is stabbed in a case of road rage. randy: the eyeopener' s
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antoinette: the witness accounts what happened here. police say they are still searching for the suspect in incident. the victim is in the hospital right now with some pretty serious injuries. after this all unfolded on granite street at the height of the evening rush hour yesterday. police say at this point it is not clear what exactly started all of this, but they say both drivers got out of their cars and they both started the fight. that is when a 30-year-old randolph man was stabbed several times. >> we just saw him on the ground, and they saw -- tried pulling out whatever was in him. antoinette: the suspect took off, but police say witnesses did get a good look at his car and that should help with this investigation. we, of course, will stay on top of the investigation and will
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randy: thank you. a suspect is in custody and in the hospital after a wild chase from cape cod to middleboro. the chase started en route 6 in dennis -- on route 6 in dennis. the suspect twice drove over spike strips. a replica handgun was found in that truck. the man' s name has not been released. emily: 5 investigates a man died while in the custody of the essex county sheriffs department. dunn had to be kept in the transport van wednesday because the center was on lockdown. sources tell 5 investigates dunn was inside the van for more than two hours when the transport officers noticed he was in distress. the officers performed cpr, but
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driven. randy: she is the fiance of a secret service agent from boston injured in a deadly crash recently. the eyeopener' back with how the couple is ahead. erika: garrett fitzgerald' s changed instantly in last week' crash in new hampshire. his fiancee says that has not affected his spirit or his resolve to return to the job he loves. she says parent is making progress every -- garrett is making progress every day. she says neither of them are angry. >> i want people to see this and i want them to go home and i want them to hug their loved ones. and in that hug, i want them to feel grateful for all the men
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erika: a gofundme page set up by friends has raised nearly $175,000 for the young couple. fitzgerald and three other agents were on security detail for hillary clinton when police say they were hit head-on by a man with a long criminal record. emily: a smart phone assess read one doctor. randy: lawmakers looking to commonwealth. from the real things.
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olessa: good morning. a live look outside, 93 on the southbound side approaching 128. a bumper-to-bumper ride. the backup back to 129. aside from that, we are in pretty good shape. cindy: and the roads are dry. we are below freezing in a lot coastline. thicken up this morning. some patchy areas of drizzle
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there could be some icy spots, city tomorrow. otherwise, by sunday, warming up into the 50' s. a windswept soaking rain on the way on sunday. randy: sometimes cutting edge medicine does not have to come at a soaring cost. the day. a baby named teegan suffered from a heart defect that was thought to be inoperable. after nicolas children' s hospital in miami turned to google cardboard. the device turns a smart phone into a 3-d viewmaster. looking at a 3-d image of teegan' s heart gave dr. rossi the answer he was looking for. >> and millimeters makes a difference between getting it right and getting it wrong. once we saw these images, we said we can figure this out. i think this is the difference between her living and dying. randy: four weeks after surgery, teegan is breathing on her own
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recovery. by the way, you can pick up google cardboard online for about $20. emily: incredible. an airline passenger out of control. the fight that forced an emergency landing. and the super bowl halftime show is getting another big name. it is a match made in heaven. the common trait making a
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randy: good morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. emily: and erika is here with us in the studio keep an eye on the volatile stock market. and we are watching a little bit of rain heading our way. cindy: we have been watching it from a distance all week long. though storms have been moving eastward, and our turn is coming. hope you got your vitamin d the past few days. we do have clouds moving in right now. those clouds are going to be thickening up quickly this morning. patchy areas of drizzle towards late afternoon, evening, and to during the overnight. windswept soaking rain on the way on sunday as we go into the 50'
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those would be records for the day on sunday. we are going to be near that. 12 right now in orange. 27 upton beverly. but notice boston near freezing and it is upper 30' s near 40 in the cape this morning. this is going to continue with high pressure over come back. we are going to have that wind over the ocean. patchy areas of drizzle could develop this afternoon. notice the temperatures are near 40 this afternoon at the coast. those temperatures drop more overnight. and with patchy areas of drizzle breaking out and temperatures near freezing, it could be a bit of problematic with some icy spots. some light snow out towards the berkshires. most of the day is dry, just cloudy.
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pressure. as it approaches on sunday, it is going to bring in a slug of rain. we could see over an inch of rain coming up on sunday. read around 40 degrees on saturday. mid 50' s on sunday. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: we have been watching an accident i-93 southbound near 128. that crash is gone. north side still pretty slow. as you, north of town, here is where we have that accident. it is now on the shoulder, but you have some pretty heavy delays. the pike is about 20. and then south of town, we are doing ok. 95, just him volume approaching 128. the expressway now 25 minutes or so. randy: right now, several dow chemical employees have critical injuries after an explosion.
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kazakiewich is live in north and over. todd: good morning. investigators will be back here later today wearing hazmat suits trying to get inside the building trying to figure out what caused that massive explosion yesterday. four workers were burned and critically injured in the accident. investigators say the workers were handling a chemical, which came into contact with water or air. the lab was destroyed. investigators are trying to figure out why the chemical came into contact with something it clearly should not have. stabbing victim remains in the hospital this morning after being -- antoinette: a road rage stabbing victim remains in the hospital this morning after being treated for serious injuries. meanwhile, the man accused of
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man, who has not yet been identified, was stabbed several times. the suspect in this took off, but witnesses were able to provide some helpful information. so far, they are not releasing that description just yet. we will stay on top of the investigation and let you know of any new developments. overnight, a philadelphia police officer is in surgery after being shot 13 times as he sat in his marked police cruiser. the officer was hit several times in the arm and is expected to survive. it looks like wall street mayend -- wall street may end the week on a better day after a wild drop in the world markets
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after a suspension of trading in china thursday, the dow dropped some 400 points. the average investor should not sell or change their 401(k). another brighter note, today the december jobs report comes out. emily: a woman is in custody, accused of attacking other passengers on a flight to chicago. a passenger says a flight attendant spilled a drink, and while it was being cleaned up this woman started yelling and attacking the employee. no one was seriously hurt, but it is not clear what caused that outburst. randy: a deadly fire is under investigation right now. although, officials say it appears to be a tragic accident. investigators say a man was killed in the home after a fire started in a pile of brush.
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s identity has not been released, but neighbors tell the "union leader" he was a former town selectmen and nashua police chief. emily: a new push to crack down on 20 guns that look too much like the -- crackdown on toy real thing. lawmakers are considering a bill that would require them to have a bold orange stripe so everyone knows they are not real. an arizona congressman is expected to file a bill today to strip bill cosby office medal of freedom. the legislation calls for the president to revoke the metal, which cosby received in 2002. it would also bring criminal penalties against everyone. -- anyone displaying a metal after revocation.
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they were forced to close the pier here and block off traffic on this section of the coast line. some of the waves 15 to 20 feet high. el nio storms also triggered a massive rock slide in yosemite national park. that forced the closure of interstate 140. it is unclear if that road will reopen today, inconveniencing some visitors. people wanting to go into the park must carry snow chains in emily: a new sticker could be an early warning system to prevent sun damage. the sticker is called a my ub patch and works with a smart phone -- my uv patch and works with a smart phone app. randy: a new warning from the fda, and it could have you thinking twice about the take-out pizza.
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quote, "reasonable certainty" that chemicals found in pizza boxes are safe for people. the fda is banning three chemicals in these boxes. emily: the celtics were off to a quick start against the bulls in chicago. but the bulls walk up, tying the game before the half -- woke up, tying the game before the half. the celtics go on a little run with a big three from marcus smart, but the bulls hang on to the lead. randy: and the super bowl halftime show has a new halftime star. beyonce is going to be joining coldplay on the stage for super bowl 50. that is february 7 at levi' s stadium in california. the duo recently collaborated on coldplay' s new album.
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daniela, and frank from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m., followed by "good morning america." then another round of eyeopener from 8:00 canonic log. and one last round -- eyeopener from 8:00 to 9:00, and one last round at 10:00 a.m.. randy: a girl who is missing an arm has found a perfect cut. a three legged kitten named holly. scarlett bonded immediately with the cat, who recently lost one of her legs. emily: the powerball jackpot now worth $700 million. that would be $428.4 million cash before taxes. the drawing is tomorrow night at 11:00 and we will have those numbers for your right here on newscenter 5. randy: we have our eyeopener pool. emily: oh, we do. [laughter]
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the other day. good morning, everyone. a live look outside here, expressway, northbound side, very slow ride. north of town, an accident now on the soldier 93 south -- shoulder 93 southbound by 128. as you travel south of town, those delays in place on the expressway. about 25 minutes braintree into boston. buses and trains no problem. and the roads are dry for now. cindy: for now, but you can see this ominous looking sky. low clouds beginning to come in off the ocean. 31 in boston right now, but the winds are from the north. the temperatures are much warmer here. it is 40 now in plymouth. into the interior, still just 11
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the can see that cloudiness speeding in off the ocean. this is going to persist right through the day and into tomorrow. as the day wears on, we bring in more and more clouds. could see some patchy areas of drizzle. any sunshine this morning is very short-lived. temperatures holding in the 30' s over the interior today, and they do drop down below freezing tonight. more patchy drizzle freezing on contract -- contact through tomorrow morning. anything that develops is very patchy, very light. in with the rain. i can show you the timing here on future cast. morning. reds showing up.
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the evening hours. could see over an inch of rain out of this and wind gusts near 40 miles per hour. then it gets colder next week tuesday night into wednesday with a chance for a little bit of snow. >> a little chance. we are holding onto the chance part. [laughter] thank yo v cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. r people don't have access to healthcare v because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one
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