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tv   On the Record  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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ed: good morning. it is time to go on the record. the groundbreaking leader of the panel and issues facing the but. >> residents would like attention paid to. and more trouble for the team. the backlash after talks of a fare hike. boston. today' the record. ed: good morning. i am here with janet wu. thank you for joining us. city council president. michelle lou is the first asian-american to hold the seat years ago. she was elected at 28.
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owner, she is a harvard law graduate. she lives with her husband and their son. thank you for joining us. happy to have you here. let me say, there is no relation. cindy: i was not my death janet: that boy is a dork. yet broken a lot of glass ceilings. perhaps the most interesting one is how young you are. you' re not even 30 years old. how did you manage to do all this bite is a? -- by this age? michelle: about 10 years ago , when i was growing up, i had no idea that i would be involved in politics. i' m the daughter of immigrants and we did not discuss politics. as the family situation
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from their i found myself at the age of 22 raising my younger sisters. i became intimately acquainted with government and how stressful it can be. ed: did that encourage you to go to law school? michelle: yes. janet: what did you do politically before running for city council? michelle: my only real experience was working on the u.s. senate campaign of my former law professor. it was a whirlwind. i' m thrilled every time i see her on tv. she is the same person she was a law school. ed: life can mature you very quickly. let' s type out some issues that people of the city face. the mbta is under the minds of most of your constituents. voters outside of boston as
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michelle: the key is struggling with funding issues. as someone who represents the entire city, many neighborhoods struggle to get work and fight housing. it is going to be very hard for people to manage that. our elders our youth, we need to do something to figure out a sustainable system. we need to ask ridership to bear all is i think harmful for us. we are -- the tea has been underfunded for a very long amount of time. we do have to talk about fare hikes. for the hikes to go in across the board, i think we will see a lot of people find it very difficult. ed: should people be eliminated also? you know, services have been limited. i'
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thought was a major oversight in terms of the economic growth that would happen, if we had predictable and long-term late-night service. i think we need to make adjustments. the mbta serves not just boston but the entire region going all the way out. ed: it feeds the economic engine of new england. it is fundamental to our housing situation. our job situation is a problem that needs to be solved. janet: would you support 5% over 10%? michelle: you know, from my level i' m not familiar with all the details and what hikes would result in what investments or could be made. i think we need to talk about a sustainable long-term funding system. we need to look at new sources.
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more investments and not having the ridership bear the entire funding needs. janet: you support peak parking meters. how much should the increase going to neighborhoods? michelle: i believe it should be data-driven. mayor walsh has been focused on looking at the numbers. looking at crunching the data. obviously, our downtown neighborhoods are congested. newbury street should not be the same pricing as a shopping district other parts of the city. when we have that data, i think most people would have a good sense of where the parking should be more extensive. that is where you would be driving around and around. janet: so you would deal of the parking meters on newbury street -- not been inappropriate. michelle: i think the price of
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it should end up having an impact on congestion. janet: and 7 -- ed: in san francisco some of dollars per hour. i wanted to ask you, do you think that would drive people back to the suburbs and away -- city? michelle: we as a city want people to have multiple transportation options to get where they want to go. we want to support businesses and not impact customers coming in. when you tweak parking pricing: change incentives, hopefully people will find a way to better use cycling and walking and public transportation. ed: are you ready for the pop quiz? your resume includes opening a tee shot when you moved to chicago. you may know boston has a long history.
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in 1773 more than 100 sons of liberty famously dumped 90 2000 pounds of tebow longing to the east india tea company to the harbor. which country was the source of the tea leaves? china, india, turkey, indonesia? michelle: i would guess india. ed: china is actually the answer. there remain the largest producer of tea. number two, the same bonus question. can you name the type of tea that was dumped in the harbor? michelle: so often. was it english breakfast? ed: it we continue with michelle on the
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ed: we continue to pop quiz. you have not get anything yet, but i want to let you know. here' s a question from a harvard alum. right now hearts of harvard square, a self-described t-bar has tea tenders. can you name the business? it is staffed by t tenders. can you name the business? michelle: t tenders? ed: you have likely passed a giant gold teakettle on your way to city hall. the antique advertising sign for the now-defunct oriental tea company now hangs over the starbucks in government center. in 1875, boston' s sealer of weights and measures supervised a contest to guess the kettle' s capacity. the participants didn' t get a multiple choice, but you do. a.
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2,000 gallons or,? michelle: 27 gallons. ed: 200. back to one half. point. the courtyard restaurant inside the boston public library serves a tea menu with sandwiches and scones on wednesdays, thursdays and friday. can you guess what time? michelle: 2:00. 2:00-4:00. ed: there you go. michelle: that is tee time. janet: it' s a good thing you got out of that. you are opposed to adding more charter schools but this is one of governor baker' s big initiatives. he will like to increase the number across the state. mayor walsh increases support as well. are you going against the inevitable political currents? michelle:
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conversation needs to be broader than just are you for or against charters? i have seen amazing things happen in some schools. my concern, and that i here from funding. when we have classrooms in our system that rely on parents to raise $50,000 to fund basic supplies, then we see state aid due to try to reimbursement fall , it is not serving the vast majority. janet: you do not think it should be raised? re obviously prepared for climate change. does this mean you want more stringent mandates on new growth business and residential? michelle: i think there are a number of ways that we as a city can take action. it is a global issue. number one is thinking of resiliency and how we prepare. our chief of environment , they
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boston is ahead of the curve, should we be hit by a superstorm or severe weather situation. and, we can talk about how we move away from cars and move into walking and biking to help decrease admissions. the city council passed a reduction ordinance. that was groundbreaking and put new requirements on city vehicles. and, there are issues like how composting across the board. janet: any fear that some regulations might stump business growth? michelle: it is always a conversation we need to have. there were ways to protect our smallest businesses while we go forward with environmental protections. at the end of the day, i think about my son. the most pressing issue facing him and his generation is going
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ed: when he is 30, what will the world be like? we know you just got elected president of boston city council, you know how we are? we speculate about future aspirations. any interest in public office? michelle: i' m very happy with my job. i could not be happier on city council. right now i intend to run for reelection. and, we' ll have a great time. janet: will you have another political office far down the road? michelle: i' m in this because i see government as the best way to make a difference in people' s lives. i did not anticipate getting into government. i was very happy as a restaurant owner. so, i made -- i think any number of avenues in the community would make me happy. as long as i' m still make a difference in this role.
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ed: she is already a brilliant politician. thank you for joining us. thank you for being our guest
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boston city council. many issues that concern us are not do to the council' s attention. >> affordable housing. we would like to see some more initiatives by the city council to help build and preserve affordable housing. cracks we have issues with domestic terrorism. making the city safer. >> have the two you work more
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cracks the home situation. there is not an easy answer. someone has to take a hard look at that. >> a lot of funds have been misappropriated. there is no training. >> there are people sleeping in the craziest places. they need to do something. >> they need to deal with the volume of most people. ed: time for the otr this roundtable. we have jenny buckingham. did your mother of all you -- call you virginia? cracks i went the other way. i know to timeout. jenny: janet: let' s like about this risk -- realistically. . jenny: the mayor runs boston in the city council is along for
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we will see if she can capitalize on it. this is the town they sent about the city of boston that can be imported. janet: i would think there' d be a better relationship between the council and the mayor. s talk about the tea. with the latest news of exorbitant time, they say they have prices under control. are they being realistic echoed -- realistic? jenny: they need reform and getting it under control. and they need to make smart investments. as long as they do both, they will be great. janet: the problem is that people who ride the tea are paying for services they are not getting now. they want to see improvement where the problem is an exception not an everyday occurrence. that way it will break down. ed: think about the objects of this.
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it is just there. jenny: nor should he. in truth, it is a core service the government offers. he has to get it correct. janet: gun control is front and center. president obama signing his executive order. was he take away from all of this? jenny: i think it is a next omission point on the failure of washington dc. the failure of leadership of our president to do something that matters. that is a real shame. janet: promises to do something. marty walsh, the only elected official that i know of who is a shot by a gun. president. that way the republicans and -- the republicans will not do it. jenny: it is the that president' s job to do something.
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>> when republicans said they would do some thing a mental illness, they voted it down. good for obama getting something done. jenny: the commissioner was on the radio last week. in response he said they minimal has been passed. he is the head of place in new york city. >> if one person gets stopped from bind again because they are mentally ill or have a criminal record or are on a terrorist watch list, that is good. jenny: do not cry and pretend that it will stop new town. >> it could have stopped him. sandy hook could have been stopped. ed: let' s talk about the ministration. year. in anticipation of reelection. it is three years away. are they being unnecessarily paranoid? >> kobe paranoid too. opponents. field.
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the most popular governor in the country, this is what he said. janet: the primary is one month away. donald trump looks solid. the number two spot is up between ted cruz, marco rubio and jeb bush. who is your money on now? jenny: trump will win. he' ll be the nominee. they will not go anywhere. you can get a string of second and third place. you will not be the nominee. >> that is democratic stance. if hillary clinton gets to face donald trump come it will not happen. it is about who comes in second, third, fourth. it' ll probably be a mix. maybe rubio could show some strength. ed: why is that? >> because our party is not going to nominate donald trump. ed: you say that. jenny: we are not on a suicide mission. we want to stop hillary clinton.
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ed: did donald trump have an issue about suggesting that ted cruz cannot be president because he was born in canada? jenny: he' s a bipartisan birther. i will give him credit about that. the guy -- ed: donald trump was born in queens. janet: it was pennsylvania. it is an interesting conversation. when john mccain said we need to look into it, that was it.
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janet: donald trump is reaching across the aisle and going after the clinton. how much will this impact the months ahead? jenny: i find it distasteful , i found the behavior of president clinton also distasteful. the reason this came up is because hillary clinton raised it. she cannot have it both ways. if she is going to raise an attack against the republican as being anti-women. she is going to have things raise about her husband. janet: does this back and forth have any longevity? marianne: donald trump wants to raise the republican base. it defines the general election. that said, there' s a fine line
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when she went up to the senate race, everyone in the state pulled the curtain and voted for her because of it. we are facing the same thing. it is very clear from any of us who live to that time that hillary clinton did not know. she found out like the rest of us what happened. when she found out the truth, she stopped defending him. ed: when will politicians stop donald trump from dictating the new cycle? >> they cannot. when he gets out of the race. ed: they can' t stop and? janet: what if he doesn' t up running against hillary clinton can she stop and? -- stop pain? -- stop him? jenny: they' re on no rules. it is a dangerous campaign. >> she had can beat him, but will not see. jenny: president obama for putting the gun control, i will question your humanity.
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jenny: the stand in the state. the thing is gun manufacturers. what president obama did does nothing. it helps the economy of selling guns. ed: thank you so much for joining us. up next, matter of fact. this week' s guest is a senior adviser. the administration' s defense of the presidents executive action on gun control. all on the table this week. that continues here. remember, every sunday we go on the record.
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