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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  January 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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6:00 j.c.: flooding triggered by torrential rain in new bedford. wind gusts taking down power lines. it is not often you get a soaker like this in general. good evening. reid: of course, all of this going on with near record high temperatures in boston. you also see these temperatures - don' t see these temperatures in general. been all way up into maine. it has been wrapping southeasterly winds and we had damage reports. a number of areas where we saw some trees down because of the wind. there have been a few power outages here and there because of it. check out these wind gusts. fairhaven almost 50 miles in our. barnstable 51. rock' s or, where him -- all over 40 miles per hour. it was a busy -- a breezy day. the wind advisory goes for another hour with potential gusts to 50 miles in our.
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the west and will still be strong tomorrow to where is the rain? most of it has started to move out. we are left with the fuse get it showers moving away offshore to the north shore. the south shore -- you are done with this catch. now the cape is finally clear as well. but there is one little band out here to the west that wants to push through. so you may be dry at the moment that when this comes through a quick downpour and then that should start to wind everything down as we had to the evening. we will talk more about cold temperatures this week. all that in a few minutes. reid: right now we are learning more information about the rescue of two boys who fell through the ice on a brockton pond. a 12-year-old remained hospitalized tonight. we are joined -- in brockton where took a group effort to save these kids. julie: yes. we came back here today with one of the good samaritans from yesterday who jumped out of his car, ran over to the frozen pond and was breaking up ice, trying to get to those kids. he told us it' s upsetting that just a day later, this accident
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as you can make a behind the in the dark, this pond completely melted with the rain. >> i honestly cannot stop thinking about it. julie: he cannot believe this was upon he jumped in yesterday evening trying to reach two boys who had fallen in. ryan sullivan when they noticed something. hands. they were crying. she turned her car round. julie: their friend had walked onto the felt in. >> i hop over the fence. i started breaking the ice trying to make a path to the kids. julie: he panicked when he realized there was someone else. the was one head bobbing out of the water. benoit and another pulled the nine-year-old from the water. he appeared to be ok. but it was not until firefighters arrived that the older boy was rescued. he was trapped underneath for
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s that image benoit cannot get out of his head. >> i wish i could' ve done more. julie: and kathleen smith, the superintendent of brockton schools notified newscenter 5 that they will have counselors and support staff available tomorrow for students who are upset about what happened here over the weekend. we have also been speaking to neighbors here who have been in touch with the boys family. everyone tonight still praying for that older boy. j.c.: now boston police are investigating the city' s first homicide of 2016. the shooting happened early this morning on falcon street. the victim whose identity has not been released was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. anyone with information is asked to call police. also right now, -- under arrest at a deadly hit-and-run in worcester. vincent green out west boylston will be arraigned tomorrow.
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street yesterday and then taking off. green was caught a few hours later. the victim has not been identified. reid: a way with police officer is recovering from this head on christ. a drunk driver crossed the centerline and slammed into the cruiser on main street. 25-year-old kaylen keiser will be arranged row. she did have a passenger treated for minor injuries. the officer has been released and is expected to be ok. fire rescues at this well-known locationn central massachusetts. flames a race to a motel on the property of the historic publick house. firefighters did safely get three people out. that venue is popular spot for weddings. rhondella richardson is live where they are picking up the pieces tonight. rhondella: investigators believe the fire started when a cigarette was tossed into a flower pot right out why the building. the manager said in the morning and will know if the entire structure must come down.
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members of yesterday' s wedding party fled barefoot. some guests rescuing others. >> the brid' e e' s twin sister was leaning on the balcony saying, help me. so, one of the wedding patrons scale the building and got her out somehow. and then another guest of the wedding, how she lived, i don' t know. she was in a room right above where the fire was. i guess they had to take her down on a ladder. i' ll never want to stay in a ever. the staff the smoke detectors did not go off. the fire chief upon go off. he said, he heard them going whether or not one particular room went off, we cannot say yes or no. rhondella: the fire broke out at the country motor lodge around 4:00 a.m. the publick house did not burn. it is ready for today' s wedding.
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-- relief for matt. with wedding favors all set. a rude awakening. >> i was shocked. first thing the morning, we had a bachelor party. i will go up on the floor. and matt sai dhte -- said the publick house had a four alarm fire. rhondella: the publick house does 200 weddings the year. there are plenty of other places to stay on the property. if you have a future reservation, don' t worry. j.c.: new in commitment 2016 tonight, a major endorsement for hillary clinton. planned parenthood is formerly back in the democrat in a campaign event in manchester. hillary clinton: i will say consistently and probably planned parenthood should be funded, supported, and appreciated. not undermined, misrepresented,
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j.c.: it is the first time the nonprofit has backed a candidate in the primary. clinton is battling bernie sanders for the top spot in new hampshire and a poll shows the neck and neck in iowa. donald trump will be in windham new hampshire tomorrow morning. this comes as police investigate vandalism at a campaign office in massachusetts. vulgar sexual references were found on the building in littleton. the word "pieg" was sprayed sprayed across the windows. reid: now to the patriots and their press to the playoff city chiefs. and she served up, not fond memories. bob: they lost 41-14. they won 11 straight after starting the season at 1-5. last -- yesterday they shut out the texans with their
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e tone for this game. they would be the only points they would need. they trounced the year and they are coming to town saturday afternoon. >> pretty much dominated that game from the opening kickoff. the fourth a lot of turnovers on defense. no turnovers on offense. and didn' t make many. the nfl and sports. see you then. j.c.: a jaw dropping jackpot. why blasting past $1 billion is a major game changer. reid: the next step for changes for an industry under fire. record heat is giving way to the chill of winter.
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reached an outrageous level when it cannot fit on the side. who knew we would have to reach up to one billion on the line for wednesday. no one managed to come off with a winning combination last night it reid: the jackpot keeps growing but one lucky ticket was sold in boston. good for a cool million. i will take that. kelly? kelly: so far there' s a lot of excitement building at clarendon wine, but no one has come forward to say they are the big winner. we can tell you that clarendon wine is considered a lucky star. they sold the one million dollars scratch ticket several years ago and now this $1 million powerball ticket. so far, that many many people have been coming by and buying tickets. sales have been strong like they have been all over. but the workers say they have not figured out yet who may have bought that $1 million ticket. >> hopefully it is one of our regulars.
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everyday basis. we do powerball, they are in here every wednesday and saturday doing their tickets. hopefully it was one of them and not somebody who was passing through the area. to whoever it was, we are happy for you and we congratulate you. julie: the store is excited because they will get $10,000 as a result of selling that $1 million ticket. reid: we' ll hear much more about fantasy sports in massachusetts. draft kings and rival company fan duel are in a legal battle over the business in several other states. here in massachusetts, the attorney general says more regulation is the answer. to the end, she will hold a public hearing on tuesday. the proposal does include a minimum age of 21 and a ban on fantasy games based on college. mike wankum ahead with more wild january weather swings. quick changes monday. j.c.: the hollywood twist in the
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what was sean penn up to when he met with the mexican drug lord? starting tomorrow, newscenter 5 launches two newscast. a fast-paced look at 4:30. and more in-depth coverage at 7:00 p.m.
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reid: actor sean penn meeting with the mexican drug lord while he was still on the run. just what role the meeting might have faith in-- have played in el chapo' s arrest isn' t clear. reporter: there it is. the handshake with hollywood. rolling stone magazine s most wanted drug lord and two time oscar winner sean penn. this photo op. the kingpin back in handcuffs, re-arrested friday.
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than word that one of hollywood' s elite interviewed guzman is this. a video of el chapo answering questions. >> the accused killer in the recording for penn and a mexican actress, who he hoped would make a movie about his life. but what neither el chapo or penn communications were not so secret. officials used those lord. gun battle. el chapo initially escaping through -- through a drainage >> you can' t even crouch. extremely claustrophobic. why he came out of here looking so filthy. now penn is under fire. >> if one of these american actors want to go fawn over a drug trafficker in their interviews, they have a
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i find it grotesque. >> we will let somebody else sort out what sean pat did -- sean penn did. reporter: since el chapo has demonstrated his ability to break out of two supermax prisons, he could be extradited to the u.s. to face charges. j.c.: lava lots of the night sky on the big island of hawaii. it happened when rockfall at lake. explosions like this occur more frequently when the level is relatively high. rocks will heat up and expand and become unstable. nearby communities were not threatened. j.c.: not quite volcanic but warm weather. mike: i think we should see the palm trees in hawaii. today, it was just gray and
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inch, very common across the area. we had unofficial totals over two inches. a lot of wat. we' re kind of whining it down. -- a lot of water. i' m left with this one little bash to the west. that is the end of the whole system. as this point is its way eastward, it has got a little bit of wind associated with it. i put a tracking to this one. it should be in rutland in one minutes. over towards sterling and 13 minutes. showing some signs of weakening but one or two of these little cells, you get the idea you could have that down for. this is fast. going off to the northeast at 55 miles per hour. what is going to happen this evening? i want to show you the temperatures and will have an with a precip. this is the way things look at 9:00. there may be a few scattered showers but we wound it down. look at the temperatures still into the 40' s and 50' s ready do not have to worry about any ic. late tonight, 4:00 in the morning, we are done with the rain. the wind is trying to dry out.
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two out there but with temperatures below freezing, there may be a few icy spots. so, slippery spots may be out there for tomorrow morning' s commute. as we start to head for the late morning, notice the temperature in boston drops off. by that time, a lot of dyr air. -- dry air. tomorrow is just going to be cold. it may be warmer in the morning then the afternoon. the wind will have a bite to it. tonight, a few showers coming to an end and clearing after midnight. 34-38, the overnight low. it drops off. it keeps dropping to tomorrow. despite the sunshine, the temperatures will hold steady and they will be cold. 32-38 and a west wind at 15-25 miles per hour. we break it down for you in our 7 day forecast for tomorrow, 36-34. as far as what the real concern tomorrow, the wind, because the temperatures may say it is in the 30' s at the windchill index at :00 tomorrow -- teens and 20' s. it does not really improve as we
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that is why i say get the mittens ready, get ready to bundle up tomorrow it is going to be a cold shock to basically we start tuesday night 38 degrees. by late night, we start to throw the system coming through the it is moving fast. it will sit on through to give us some snow it looks like tuesday night into wednesday morning. it blossoms into a big storm but you see what happens -- it happens once it gets passed us. cold air. this is one of the more reliable computer models. i' ve seen a couple of model showing little bit more snow but not much more. we are looking at less than an inch of snow out of the whole thing. it may even be a little bit of a mix. all ending by the way on wednesday morning and clearing by afternoon. here is that cold air on thursday. high temperature only about 28 degrees. it stays cold on friday. saturday partly cloudy skies and a temperature of 34. if you' re headed to gillette, 28 degrees for the kickoff. this will start in the daylight because the sunset is at 4:39
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we keep getting more sunlight each day. on sunday, this may be our opportunity to see the best chance of snow. the storm system rides up along the coast and it may stay south of us. for right now, i would say we might be the shovels next weekend. not a lot. not a big event. but it may be the first opportunity we get more than an inch of snow heard so far that she we have not in one inch of snow in boston but we will see winter weather this week with a cold and the wind out there. i' ll have update for you tonight at 11:00. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. coming to town saturday afternoon. i feel lucky -- if you' re lucky game, they will bring a winning streak after the began the season at 1-5. the last time they play the patriots, it was not pretty. it was a year ago september. september 20 9, 2014. in kansas city, monday night football. patriots lost 41-14. the loss, that was the one where folks were saying made it --
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s time for jimmy garafolo. >> great dominant performance by kansas city. i' m sure there are things in that game they may try to do or feel like they can still do or want to. we definitely have to take that into consideration. but as you mentioned a lot of time has passed. mike; so ti' s t -- it' s the chiefs after six games, one win. one kickoff return. andy reid has turned things around and now he presents a formidable challenge for the patriots. >> bill' s a friend. he' s a heck of a football coach. and tom brady, um, is unbelievable. the things they have done there, the a competence they have had have been, they' ve made history. so, both of them a hall of famer' s and future hall of famers.
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job. so we look forward to the challenge. mike: the end of the cincinnati-pittsburgh finish. cincinnati had this game in the bag but they could not contain themselves. cheap shot, headhunting here. late in the game. adds 15 yards and enables pittsburgh to kick the winning field goal. they were down 15-0. side. his a result of that cheap bush league cowardly hit. cincy goes home. play the broncos. of course, the winner of those two games will head to the championship game. four degrees below zero. for many years. he hired peter carroll back in 1985. nothing like outdoor football
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reath. back comes seattle. a 9-7 game. later on, -- boots one. a 10-seattle lead. but the vikings are in great position to win it. >> jeff lock the holder. mcdermott the stacker. the kick is not good! wow! go figure. mike: poor guy. he' s going to be haunted by this for the rest of his life. seattle survives and move on to play carolina. we will take a look at that game and all the games this weekend. four of them. three of the visiting teams have won so far. more on the patriots and the chief and the celtics playing the grizzlies tonight. more on sports overtime.
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road teams one this week -- interesting to point out. j.c.: new at 11:00 a major break in hit-and-run mystery. a suspect under arrest. next at 6:30 is abc' s world news. tom: coming up on world news tonight, the notorious drug lord el chapo and his secret interview with sean penn. could hillary clinton lose the first two primaries? the young woman of popular bartender now under arrest for stealing $4 tt2w`t3n@2d" bt@q/.\ tt2w`t3n@2d" "a@q?"8 tt2w`t3n@2d" bm@q4)4 tt4w`t3n@2d"" dztq
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j.c.: i could get used to the temperatures but he is telling me, don' t you dare. mike: tomorrow, when chills in the teens and 20' s all day. a cold and windy we could a little snow tuesday night but not a big event. j.c.: quite a difference. thanks for joining us. abc world news coming up next.
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