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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  January 11, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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there now. porter: ed, right now we are working a four-alarm fire meaning more help is needed. firefighters are making rescues as we speak. it is in madipan square. it is a block from blue hill avenue. what we know about this building, we don't know if it is commercial or residential, but it is a two and a half story wood frame and it makes them rather hard to fight. the back staircase burned out that we are hearing from firefighters and they have made rescues. several people have been removed from this building in madipan square. it is on fire right now. we have sky 5 on the way and ground crew on the way. when we get more information and the first pictures we'll bring them to you on newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: the mbta is hoping to avoid another catastrophe on the rails. it adds to the frustration for riders. reid lamberty is live in boston with the t's message. reid? reporter: there was a problem, ed. it was addressed and it was
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the team management says it is prepared for the upcoming cold season. the glitch as you recall happened last tuesday morning early in the morning at 4:00 a.m. a commuter train derailed after a piece of track snapped. it was a 20-foot section of the rail crumbled apart. three cars derailed. no passengers on board and nobody was hurt. team management said it was fixed by early afternoon, but it is still looking into why the rail snapped to begin with. they report issues with the third rail which was plagued last year with problems and it says it was able to safely store 100% of the cars on the orange line in tunnels. live in boston at this hour, reid lamb reid lamberty, wcvb, newscenter 5. ed: contraband worth millions is now off the streets. let's get to jack harper who is live with the discovery and the arrests made.
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reporter:well, hello, ed. the two were in court identified as louis perez, 45 years old of tewksbury. according to the middlesex d.a. they were alleged looy running a big drug operation tewksbury. $3 million of heroin or fentanyl or both were seized from the apartment. the judge got the message because he set an extraordinarily high bail. for the male in this case $10 million and for the co-defendant, $7.5 million. much more coming up at 5:00. ed? ed: new steps to combat the opiot problem. it is different from the one put forth by the governor. rhondella richardson is live with more at the state house. reporter: the new bill focuses on having a prescription monitoring program and it focuses on the most vulnerable
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can have easier access for treatment. today they announced the act relative to substance used, prevention. and there are a few differences in the governor's bill and the house bill calls for a seven-day limit on prescription drugs and not like the three-day proposal. governor baker wants a hold on the over dose victims. they want a 23-hour hold and that comes with a mandatory treatment plan and follow-up with a patient before they are discharged from the hospital. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: the man accused of shooting a police officer did not show his face in court. he was arraigned this morning. the 27-year-old was held on a $1.5 million bond for friday's shooting and being held on $500,000 for drug offenses. the officer is out of the hospital tonight. ed: the man charged with killing his little girl once known as baby doe is being
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hour. michael mccarthy was arraigned on the death of bella bond. he is the boyfriend of bella's mother who was charged as an accessory in the case. bella's body was found in a plastic bag last summer. he will be back in court next month. ed: a deadly fire is under investigation in gloucester and you can see the flames shooting from the home this morning. nicole is live at the scene with what we know. nicole? reporter: well, neighbors tell us they were woken by the flames you just saw shooting into the sky. i will show you the second floor and that's where the fire started. one man running over to the home of his childhood friend. they were going to break down the door and that's when they say the windows blew out. look at the flames here captured by a neighbor on his cell phone just before 4:00 a.m. on monday. they say they tried to search the hammond street home for the resident who lived here and it was too late. intense flames pushed them back. they found the man's body outside the upstairs bedroom.
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learned of the loss their reaction laced with sadness and disbelief. now, investigators tell us the cause does remain under investigation. the identity of the victim has not been released. we are live in gloucester, wcvb, newscenter 5. ed: to commitment 2016 and donald trump throwing jabs at the president in new hampshire. take a look of the. >> basically how to fix the problems, elect trump as president. we can cut it short. you know what we can do? that's right, president obama, you're fired. ed: you know that line is well known from trump's reality show "the apprentice." he talked about changes he wants to make with immigration including the wall he plans to build and have mexico pay for. chelsea clinton is campaigning for her mother in boston. that is from the midwinter meeting where chelsea spoke. the former first daughter will headline a fundraiser called
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she will also have three events tomorrow to focus on her mother's plans to expand early childhood education and women's rights. ed: the powerball jackpot is even larger tonight and an unprecedented $1.4 billion is on the line right now. newscenter 5's kelley tuthill is live dreaming in brookline. kell? reporter: ed, despite the incredibly small odds you know about, we can expect brisk sales throughout the state over the next two days. the 1.4 billion with a b is a record for any lottery jackpot and sure to grow higher. sales in the bay state were growing $23,000 a minute. 19 drawings with no winners means the bay state has been a big winner. that's $22 million have come into the coffers as a result of the excitement over the powerball. and again, you may have heard there was a two, $1 million
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in plymouth and one in boston, but we are waiting to find out who they are. and i know you were trying to figure this out, but if you won the $1.4 billion jackpot -- do you have your pen? the cash option will bring you in $868 million. think that's enough for us? i will buy a ticket now? >> divide it by two -- i am not sure. i have to work on that. reporter: the taxes it may not be enough. i will get a couple tickets. ed: here is the question we are posing to you. in october. the question is did they make the jackpot too hard to win? let us know what you think. go to facebook, twitter, and we would love to hear what you think. do not miss the drawing for the record. it is now $1.4 billion. will it be over a billion and a half? the jackpot you can see here on wednesday night, newscenter 5 the a 11:00. ed: that's new video of the shootout that would lead to
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you can see how static the camera is. extradition hearings are underway to bring the drug lord to the united states to face charges. el chapo was on the run since july. he is being held right now in the same prison where he escaped, but this time he is in solitary confinement. new at 7:00 on newscenter 5, 5 investigates on the possibility el chapo could be brought to new england to face trial. ed: look at security video. it helps police arrest four teens wanted in a gang rape. it happened to an 18-year-old woman at a brooklyn playground. the woman was walking with her father when the suspects approached them. one allegedly pointed a gun at the father and told him to leave. police are still looking for a fifth suspect at this hour. ed: there are new concerns the suspect charged with shooting a philadelphia police officer is part of a larger group. you have seen the video. the suspect opening fire on the officer. the suspect pledged his allegiance to isis and now philadelphia police
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investigating a tip that he is connected to a larger radical group in the city. that officer is expected to survive. ed: new developments in the latest case tied to the death of freddie gray. a maryland appeals court has delayed the trial of the van driver facing manslaughter and second-degree voter chargers. jury selection was set to start today in the trial of officer caesar goodson. but it was brought to hold to see if the other officers could be compelled to testify in goodson's trial. ed: one of the most wanted criminals was caught. he was arrested for stealing eyeglasses from an op optometry practice after they put out an alert after two men acting suspiciously at an optometry in that town. once in custody they found stanley has nine open warrants for similar charges. ed: new at 4:30, another arrest tied to the attempted
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julie lambert turned herself in and two men are charged in the attempted robbery. the victim was armed and shot the man who tried to steal her purse in the chest. >> they will need help to get this taken care of. ed: an suv crashes into a church and it left quite a mess. it happened at hudson community church and right now that driver, eddie garcia faces a suspicion of dwi. he is out of jail at this hour. the church that has 20 members has completed renovations. ed: the suspect in a deadly hit-and-run has been raised. the 24-year-old is accused of hitting a 71-year-old on pleasant street and killing her. the hit-and-run happened on christmas weekend at a crosswalk on pleasant street. the victim lived nearby at an assisted living facility. ed: police released the name of a woman hit and killed by a car. this happened in manchester. simmons was struck last
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died on friday. ed: new at 4:30, the u.s. supreme will not take up a case on advertisements on the mbta. late last year the t banned all political ads that debate moral, religious and social issues. ed: it is time to flash forward to 5:00. convicted in the brutal murder of a student, the man found guilty and facing a parole board. the decision being weighed and the impact it will have on his life sentence. on newscenter 5 at 6:00, a trip to washington for a young boy who fled violence in syria making boston his home. taking him to the state of the union address. new at 7:00, custom bikes made in mass. the local company getting worldwide attention for its crafts man ship. and speaking of a craftsman, harvey leonard? harvey: thank you, ed. it was so warm before and it has changed abruptly. in 24 hours it is different in
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i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get fios. you are looking live at the breaking news of the fire in madipan. phil: relearned a lot more about this -- we learned a lot
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this is in madipan square and it is a block off blue hill avenue. the two-story home is a home, but it is also a dentist's office. boston fire tells us when they got there they needed more help. they called more alarms and this was a four-alarm fire meaning they needed more help because rescues needed to be made. there were ladders in the back and firefighters went up. we are told a father and son were both removed from there and treated at ems from the scene. we know ambulances have left the scene on the way to the hospital. you can see on the left side the massive response from police and firefighters and ems. you can see white smoke coming out of the building. water on it. this four-alarm fire they are working in madipan square, a father and son removed from the building. ed? ed: sky five will stay over that fire. take a look at this. it is an unbelievable sight. ice. you can see how the wind has blown the ice back.
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enough to get through that. erie. that's the way it looks right now. harvey, we don't have that to worry about. >> if i was the owner of that car i would say it would be ready by july 4th. >> that's as brutal as i have seen it. >> you have cold and it is freezing in boston. >> it is 20s and teens to the west. look at these, ed, these are the wind gusts right now. 36 miles an hour in boston, 30 in worcester. it is from the west and blowing the colder air in. wind and cold has been a wake up call today after the warmth of yesterday. let's show you how the numbers show. this is a steady wind and that's impressive. we saw the gusts, but the steady wind is 26 miles an hour in boston and 21 in worcester. going forward from this point ever so slowly the winds will be abating. right now if you are stepping out the windchill is 18 in boston and 12 in worcester and 9 in pits field. these are the actual temperatures.
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here is how we are compared to yesterday when we were record breaking temperatures. 22 degrees colder than in boston. it is a freezing 32 degrees in town. if you are going to be out this evening or overnight or starting tomorrow morning we will start out in the twenties and a few cold spots in the teens. the winds will be quite light. this gets important because we have a little system on the way for late tomorrow and into tomorrow night. notice 4:00 tomorrow afternoon it is above freezing and 495 north and west it is at or a little below. that suggests a wetter snow here or a snow that can mix with rain, or snow that can accumulate to the north and west. even if boston and providence do snow, it will have a hard time sticking on the roads unless it comes down in a burst which is not impossible even though it is a small, quick system that is moving through. then wednesday we are right
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not only that, we are right back into the wind on wednesday. we will be in the 20s for temperatures to around 30. and look at the wind gust all day on wednesday. 30 to 40 miles per hour plus. so wednesday is actually going to feel a bit colder than today has felt. a little system late tomorrow and tomorrow evening and it is coming out of the great lakes. you see the area of snow that is blossoming. this is the way it looks. we have an area of snow to the north and west. there is a mix in the i-95 corridor. couldn't turnover to all snow even close to the coastline, but it is a wetter snow. it will quit before midnight. and then we get back into the cold regime. again how much snow out of this? anywhere from almost nothing to up to an inch around boston. but immediately north and west or at last outside 128 and 495, merrimack valley a good
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let's check it out. the next seven days, cold is the theme with that period of snow at the end of tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. be careful during that commute, especially the latter part of the commute and especially our northern and western areas. we will also see temperatures very chilly on wednesday with strong winds and similar on thursday. the temperatures moderate a little bit as we get to friday night and saturday. and that's important. that's our next storm that may have somewhat more significant precipitation on average across the region. that looks like a mix which means stay tuned for updates on that one. >> tom when you are hearing about that that -- he died after a battle with cancer. we will have more on his legendary career on newscenter 5. focusing on your health at
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be a major breakthrough in cancer treatment. a company is working to develop a simple blood test that can detect any kind of cancer at an early stage. it is leading the effort to develop that test. the project is getting funding from bill gates. fewer american teens are smoking these days about 9%. a new government study finds half of the u.s. middle school and encounter secondhand smoke. it is where teens can experience the secondhand smoke. the schools and the cars as well. the study supports a push for more smoke-free zones. a group of massachusetts lawmakers are focusing on medical marijuana. eight members of the senate's special committee on marijuana are looking into the pro's and the cons. the members will also discuss implementation into the public and safety steps as well.
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findings that popular heartburn pills are linked to chronic kidney disease. millions of people use the medications known as ppi or among the popular brands, prilosec. they found a higher rate of kidney failure of those who took the pills compared to those who did not. a mishap causing the scaffold to break and the mission to get two window washers to safety. uber is putting more money in your wallet. the reason for a rate drop. and a father and son rescued from this fire and as you look live at the fire, the firefighters are working on the very active scene. we have crews on the ground and on the way. you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. pbuilding a better bank starts with looking at something old,
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-- ed:4:54 in the afternoon. you can see in the middle of your screen you can see the flames and they are also throwing water on this. from the right and the left and behind as well. four alarms for this fire here. a father and a son are rescued from the fire. firefighters are working the active scene. we have crews on the air and on the ground as well. we will continue to follow this on newscenter 5. ed: two window washers were rescued. you can see the scaffolding dangling up on the skyscraper. firefighters were able to pull
4:54 pm
it is 71 floors. ed: focusing on your economy a federal organization is investigating energy compliance in new england for what is calls unseasonably high transmission prices. the federal regulatory energy transmission says the cost of moving electricity from one place to another is higher here than any place else. investigators say the owner of the transmission towers appear to set rates with no justification. the commission is already working on a settlement with one transmission company. ed: did you notice the uber ride was cheaper this weekend? there is a reason for that. they cut prices in a hundred cities obviously including boston. they slashed the cost due to a winter slump leading to lower demand for their service. an act of kindness is going viral. we'll show you the video of a complete stranger operating a simple gift to a homeless man
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for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. victory lane.
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ed: i will give uh second to process this video. that's the subway and that's two men on the subway. a man on the subway takes a shirt off his back and gives it to a shirtless stranger who was visibly shivering. the man who recorded the video says he took a hat -- as you said he took the hat and put it on the man's head. he also offered to take him to
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kleined that. he literally took the shirt off his back and gave it to the homeless man. check the watch and we are getting close to 5:00. as you can see behind me, phil and jc are coming up right now. >> now on newscenter 5 -- jc: stunning new video. the dangerous operation to retake a mexican drug lord. phil: he murdered a family friend, and now he's up for parole. the victim's father tells 5 investigates why the killer can't be released. harvey: how the weather could affect tomorrow's pm commute. jc: the snowy surprise. the nurses who brought winter to a little girl fighting for her life. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. phil: we begin with that breaking news. we are following the fire in madipan. you can see it there now. the flames are burning through the home as we speak. we are hearing about rescues
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jc: heather has the breaking
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