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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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jc: heather has the breaking news. heather:jc and phil, two people have been rescued from the building and one is in cardiac arrest at least when they left the scene. they are being treated at the boston medical center this. is a four-alarm fire in madipan. it is a two and a half story wood frame building and doubles as a dentist office and home. obviously there were two people inside. the ambulance is taking them from the area. area. you can see it is very smoky from sky five. the winds are still gusting at this hour. so it is fanning conditions there. it is making it very difficult for firefighters in the area. police have shutdown many of the roads in this area. there are detours. this is the heart of madipan square so avoid this area. we will continue to monitor the conditions of the patients taken to boston medical center and let you know if anything new comes in. jc? jc: changes are coming in the weather. a wintry mix in the future.
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traying -- is tracking it. harvey: the timing is of note. we are seeing a system in the great lakes, but you can see the area blossoming and it is moving in our direction with time. so here is how things should shape up. early tomorrow morning you may even see a little sunshine. but the clouds will be thickening and by the time we get to either the start or the middle of the evening commute tomorrow, that's when i expect precipitation to be reaching us. now it will be above freezing in boston at least initially, and it will be a snow that might not stick or rain mixed in. but north and west where it is colder the snow could adhere to the surface. how much snow? probably an inch or two along north and west of 128. it is anywhere from nothing or a slushy snow on some surfaces to an inch and closer to boston itself. it is below freezing in boston and wind gusts that are strong enough so that the windchill is in the teens here in boston.
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you had the strong wind and low wind chills and tonight it will look this way in the 20s in boston and a few scenes in the cold spots. the rest of the week's weather in a few minutes. phil: we have breaking news in tewksbury where police have recovered a stash of about $3 million in what they describe as a massive drug bust there. investigators believe the couple arrested involved is involved in an on going drug conspiracy as they describe it. newscenter 5's jack harper is live in lowell where they were just arraigned. jack? reporter: we are in middlesex county and last year 185 opiod deaths were connected. and there could be some to it. >> it was valued the $7 million off the streets. reporter: middlesex investigators areing louis -- are charging louis and hill do
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they seized fennel -- fentanyl or heroin or both. >> although fentanyl looks like heroin can be almost a hundred times more poe at the present time. reporter: attorneys denying they were running a drug operation claiming they are coming and going with bags and it was as innocent as her dropping off groceries. they didn't explain away 120 quarter kilo bricks. the dangerous and synthetic rough win. gets that. they have no way of knowing what a particular amount of it and how much is heroin and how much is fentanyl. them on bail. there is no question about that. his $10 million and hers is 5. wcvb newscenter 5. >> a man charged with shooting a police officer in the leg
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court, but it wasn't without drama. ed harding has more on the bail set for grant headley. >> it is the amount to keep headley in custody. dozens of boston police officers was present as he was arraigned on intent to murder and drug charges. he shot the officer once. the officer survived and at one point headily yelled at the police officers and tried to assassinate him. he pleaded not guilty to all charges and the globe reports that the pistol jammed during last friday's shooting shooting and that prevented him from firing shots from the responding officers. jc: the man known for killing the girl once known as baby doe is being held on bail. he was arraigned on the death of bella bond. he is the boyfriend of bella's mother charged as an accessory. the body of bella bond was found in a plastic bag on the
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he will be back in court next month. phil: a man accused of rape could be a free man. they spoke with the victim's daughter on the eve of the parole hearing. >> i was robbed at childhood. reporter: courtney was eight years old when her mother was raped and murdered in their hyde park home in 1991. flynn had ms and walked with a cane. five years later he admitted to the crime and was sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole in -- and 15 years. >> there is no way someone like this could be rehabilitated. reporter: she was friends with the victim's brother and back in their lives after the killing and even cleaning up the victim's house. >> someone that can commit the crime first off, and then act so normal and live such a normal life and still come around with our family. reporter: they first appeared before the parole board in 2010.
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less coward. reporter: the board denied the release. saying he gave no ibd location that he had any underking of his apparent sexually deviant behavior that lead to the murder. they also pointed to his 16 prison. now he is getting another shot at freedom. >> i didn't understand it until i turned 33. reporter: at 33stenstrom is the same age of her mother when she was murdered. >> it is crazy if anything happened and my two kids and i never got to see them grow up. reporter: she usually believes in second chances, but not this time. >> i would be very worried if he was in the general public. reporter: even if the appeals board approves his release he aggravated rape. the victim's family worries he will be that much closer to freedom if he is granted parole on the murder conviction after tomorrow's
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5 investigates. phil: the man convicted of raping and killing a university of new hampshire student will face a parole board. he was convicted of killing 19-year-old lizzie marriott and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. that won't change. the february 9th hearing is related to a shorter sentence for witness tampering. jc: roaring flames shooting out of this home in gloucester early this morning and tonight an investigation is underway after one person was found dead inside. nicole is live in gloucester. what do we mow right now -- what do we know right now? reporter: they were awoken at 4:00 a.m. the flames were coming out of the second floor of the home. they ran over to knockdown the door and knowing there was a man inside. but that's when they say the windows blew out. i want you to take a look at the flames. they were captured by a neighbor on his cell phone. they do tell us firefighters tried to search the home for the resident who lived here,
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back. they found the man's body bedroom. as day broke and neighbors learned of the loss, their reaction is laced with sadness and disbelief. i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. >> it is awful. it is awful. reporter:neighbors tell us the victim had lived here for five decades. he was well known to neighbors here and they say it is a huge loss to the community. we did speak with investigators a short time ago and they say the cause remains under investigation. the victim's name has not been releasee. wcvb, newscenter 5. phil: thanks. the patriots wide receiver julianed edelman says he is ready to go full throttle on saturday. that is a big relief to
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are we talking 100% here? >> absolutely. he probably could have played the miami dolphins, but his presence on the field comforts his quarterback, tom brady, and it should comfort patriot fans as well. his value to the offense is immeasurable and a nuisance to opposing defenders. he hasn't played since he was hurt against the giants. he had surgery, a screw put in his foot, but that was eight weeks ago and that was the timetable for his return. and now it is the green light against kansas city. >> i am feeling good. we have been working hard every day and doing everything i can to get myself ready for the next day. i'm good. >> i didn't realize he went on strike after the surgery. back at 6:00 with a look at
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well. jc: legendary musician david bowie has died at the age of 69. this shows the man of many faces playing in fox burr rein 19-- foxborough in 1990. he kept his cancer a secret for the last 18 months. phil: he is known as a rock and roll icon who entertained the entire world for decades. for decades david bowie entertained audiences around the world. with favorites including "young american" and his first hit" changes." >> he was a renaissance man and a superstar. i truly believe david bowie's death will be on par with jfk's elvis'.
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and a master of reinvention. >> today we are mourning the loss of an immense british talent. geniuses is an overused word, but musically, creatively and artistically, david bowie was a genius. >> born david jones in south london his unique sound and style inspired and influenced generations of musicians from mick jagger and dure ran dure ran to madonna and from singing to acting he did it all, staring in movies like "the hunger" and" the man who fell to earth" and releasing his 25th and final album "black star" last friday on his 69th birthday. this album reportedly a carefully planned finale, a parting gift to his fans. phil: bowie is survived by his wife, a supermodel and his two children. and his family said in a statement, he died late last night peacefully after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer.
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breaking news out of madipan. a 4-alarm fire working on this home and business. as we go to john atwater who is live at the scene with the latest. john, what do you know? reporter: jc, an intense firefight is underway. i want to show you upstairs here and the firefighters are doing a great job. they just got the flames out, although you can see them maybe appearing again there on the roof line. they are throwing as much water as you can into the attic space of this single family home/business. you can see the orange light up there, the flames right on the roof line as firefighters have one, two, three hose lines right now on the roof. we are on babson street and firefighters tell me that a father and a son were taken out of this house and taken to the hospital. one had serious injuries after the massive fire. the firefighters got here and they say the flames and the smoke, they were shooting out of the first floor window and then over the course of the last hour they spread straight
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that's where the firefighters are focused as they continue to pour water on this fire. initially the firefighters were inside this building carrying the hose lines in trying to fight the fire from the inside. but this fire has ripped through you thissen -- this entire house. they were ordered out of the building. right now we have dozens of firefighters outside and throwing as much water as they can. you can see them battling the flames still in the attic of this building. live in madipan, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: thanks. jc: up next on newscenter 5 at 5:00, the still growing powerball jackpot. phil: the price increased again today. the prize one person will hopefully claim later this week and why it may not be such a good thing. jc: and el chapo's hideout caught on camera. the moment marines stormed in. phil: and an suv slams into a church.
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they are talking with a couple of voters. what do the latest polls show? >> it shows the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary could be a close contest. reporter: campaigning in new hampshire donald trump told supporters that they are part of a movement. >> many people say there is country. reporter: the recent polls show trump is the republican favorite in the granite state. >> it is an independent state. they voted for the independent maverick candidates before. reporter: it is a different story in iowa. 21 days before the caucuses polls show a neck and america battle between trump and ted cruz. >> both parties in washington, quite frankly both parties have let us down. reporter: marco rubio stumped in florida. he has yet to break out in the polls. >> a lot of people have been waiting to see some
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it is the clear anti-trump and anti--cruz establishment candidates. >> i am asking you to make a decision to become caucus goers for me. >> why do people think their vote don't count? reporter: bernie sanders spoke to students in des moines. clinton and sanders are in a close race in the first two states in the process. >> they are closer than hillary clinton would like at this point. reporter: there are two gop debates and one democratic debate scheduled before the iowa caucuses on february 1st. wcvb newscenter 5. jc: a new look at the shootout that lead to the arrest of el chapo. video. heather:it is dram i can -- it is dramatic. it was quick, very loud and
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thunderous gunfire opening the operation. mexican police labeled "black swan" and guzman escapes necially and then -- initially and then captured on a highway. el chapo's lawyers are fighting extradition to the u.s. they filed six motions to keep him in mexico. guzman has been on the run since he escaped a mexican prison in july. phil? phil: heather, thanks. it is 29 degrees right now, and i know it was a lot different than 24 hours ago. harvey: look at this behind us. boston was 53 and now it is 31. worcester 56 and now 25. so that is a 31-degree temperature difference. and then you add in the wind and the windchill and it is a different world. phil: a whole different ballgame. harvey: let a show you what is coming up. the winds will ever so slowly be easing the deeper we get into tonight. of course it will be a cold
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for tomorrow afternoon's commute. it is arriving during the commute and probably around the middle portion of the commute around boston. the snow will begin with temperatures above freezing and could even be mixed with some rain. so the initial impact looks greater to the north and west because it will be colder especially the higher elevations of worcester county and comes in earlier there. that's where it could adhere to the services and make it trickier. look at city cam. it is shaking in the breeze a little bit in the strong wind. you can see we have a little daylight out there and that's encouraging. 31 and below freezing in boston. there is a steady wind of 18 miles an hour. and it is in the 20s in all areas north and west. tomorrow it will be up a few degrees at this time to what you are seeing, but it will still be below freezing north and west and below freezing south and east. the impact will be grayer to the north and west. we are still getting wind gusts, but no longer 35, 40
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now it is about 20, 25 miles per hour except nantucket. we have a windchill of 8 and 19 in boston. the teens in the cold spots and 20s in boston. look what happens if we get to 4:00 p.m. if we look to the i-95 corridor it is in the midto upper 30s. it doesn't mean there will be snow. but the ground will be warmer because of the temperature being above freezing. but it is freezing and below 495 north and west. the temperatures don't change that much. they drop a little bit. and after the precipitation ends. after that we get another cold shot on wednesday. the temperatures could be in the 20s to maybe near 30 all day long. so that's going to be another cold day. a little cooledder than today. the system i am talking about is just developing out here around the lower great lakes. we have a storm system and it is going to be tracking to the
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we briefly get into it tomorrow evening and into tomorrow night. so we will see thickening clouds tomorrow and may get partial sun early. notice 7:00 tomorrow night, kind of a mix or wet snow in boston, but snow to the north and west where it could accumulate some, and then we see it until about 10:00 or 11:00 at night and then it ends abruptly and then we go back to cold weather. anywhere from almost nothing to an inch in and around boston especially on the grassy surfaces, but it could be one to two inches outside of 128. the amounts will build a little bit to northern new england. if you are looking to ski or thinking about that, notice it is a wap -- walloping. bangor, maine could get eight inches of snow. you can see the story into tomorrow night. it is windy and very cold on wednesday. what i want to point out are the wind gusts are all over again. look at these gusts. 40 miles per hour or greater is coming up on wednesday.
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cold day, but not as windy. the temperatures moderate a little on friday. how much? that's very important. the next storm looks like it moves in by dawn or so on saturday or even late friday night and lasts into saturday afternoon and it could be a mix meaning north and west may get snow and the boston area could get a mix and south and east could get rain. certainly way too early to fine-tune that. we have a large patriot playoff game on saturday. phil: thanks. jc: you could be worth close to a billion dollars if you win the powerball jackpot. phil: and the prize is growing. coming up, how winning could mean losing in the game of life. jc: and a sick little girl's dream come true. the nurses who went above and beyond to bring snow to her at the hospital. phil: and punishment handed out after a funeral home
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phil: the powerball jackpot is soaring to $1.4 billion. that by far is the biggest prize ever. jc: but erika reminds us winning could make you rich, but it could come at quite a cost. reporter: who wants to be a billionaire? >> i have the winning ticket right here. reporter: because for the first time ever you can instantly. >> $1.3 billion jackpot. never seen before. reporter: with wednesday's history making wind fall a single winner could wedge into the 1,366th spot on the forbes billionaire list beating out twitter's jack dorsey and cheryl sandburg. but it turns out winning a stash of mega cash can be squandered with stunning speed. 70% of people who hit it big lose big within just a few years.
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$315 million and by 2006 lost most of his powerball money to thieves, drugs and gambling. even digging himself into $1.5 million in debt. >> not all money is created equally. the money that you earn is treated very differently than the money that you win. reporter: but this time we are talking about a billion dollars. you would need to spend more than $700,000 a day to go broke in five years. >> you want this to be not just sudden wealth, but if you want to create lasting wealth, you have to change your mind-set. reporter: wcvb newscenter 5. phil: and don't miss the drawing for this record $1.4 billion jackpot. you can see it live here on wednesday. gnaws center 5 at 11:00, the 1.4 billion and what did kelley say 800 million after they take their cut and pay taxes on that? jc: there is a four-alarm fire and we know two people were
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we have john atwater on the scene and we will continue with live coverage in the next
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