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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. it's tuesday, january 12. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. stories we're following right now on the eyeopener. at 4:30 a bullet flies through a home in brockton. the innocent victim now recovering. emily: dramatic video of an armed robbery in fall river. the weapon the clerk used to fight back. randy: the president prepares for his final state of the union. the big points we can expect in tonight's speech. emily: we will get to all of that. first though we want to check in with cindy and the forecast. we have some snow on the way later today. cindy: we do. yes, later today is key because it's clear out there right now. 24 degrees in boston. a lot of teens showing up north and west of town. 15 in worcester. south of town taunton running at 16 degrees with teens on the cape as well.
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though but look off to the west. you see this area of snow. it is racing in our direction. it will be here this afternoon. any sunshine this morning fades behind clouds but we're dry until 2:00 this afternoon. notice by 4:00 p.m. 37 degrees in boston. this fact we'll be near 40 down on the cape. north and west of town though, temperatures hovering close to freezing so north and west of the city when this arrives it will be all snow. but you can see by about 3:00 this afternoon some rain showers firing up south of boston. but very quickly by 5:00 p.m., notice how rapidly the snow is filling in along and north of the pike. that is going to continue and we are going to see the potential for a burst of very heavy snow with reduced visibility. and that snow-covered roads are a possibility as we go through the evening hours into early tonight. snow will make its way to the coastline as well before this all winds down tomorrow morning. so the amounts are not all that high. it's just a coating to a couple of inches especially along and north of the pike. under an inch near the coastline
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evening commute which could be problematic. we're going to step you through it all here and take a look at the rest of the week coming up in just a bit. the roads are dry for the moment. olessa: but we are watching one big problem in burlington right now. northbound side of 128 by route 3, if you're heading in that direction the road is closed at this point on the northbound side for a wrong-way accident. we'll keep you post od that throughout the morning. all lanes at this point shut down. northbound side of 128 right over by route 3 in burlington. in addition to that we're watching that overnight construction. west of town you're doing okay there. but there is roadwork on place on 128 north at great plain avenue and once again 93 southbound approaching the zakim bridge. we're expecting the trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. randy. randy: following breaking news overseas. turkish media is reporting that several people are dead and wounded after an explosion. that explosion rocked the ski of istanbul. it happened in the historic port of-- part of the city popular with tourists. we do not at this point know what caused that explosion.
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you that as we get it. right now a high school student is in the hospital after he was hit by a stray bullet just standing in his own kitchen. emily: let's get right to the eyeopener's sera congi. she's in brockton with the new information coming in overnight. sera: emily afternoon randy, right now we can tell you that innocent teenager is at boston medical center and he is expected survive. police say he was shot in the back just grabbing a drink of water in his home here on pine grove drive. you can see the evidence. in the building. the bullet piercing the wall of the housing complex hitting the boy in the back and passing right through him. the hail of gunfire outside the complex also hit several cars leaving residents stunned and shaken. >> one of the bullets richochetted off the hood of this vehicle, went in, hit the visor, went in, straight in, broke the window.
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of my trunk. sera: police actually had three separate scenes taped off last night. they're still looking for the shooters. neighbors tell us this used to be a quiet area, but drugs and gangs have increased violence here recently. we'll bring you new information as we get it. live this morning in brockton, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: thank you. other stories we're following right now. a norwell man is under arrest after a five-hour standoff with police. our partners at "the patriot ledger" report officers found the man barricaded inside a home on stetson road yesterday while responding to reports of a fire. the neighborhood was evacuated. the man, who has not been identified, was taken away in an ambulance around 8:00 last night. randy: the battle over fantasy sports sites heads to beacon hill today. lawmakers are considering new rules for sites like boston-based draft kings and rival fanduel. the proposal includes requiring players to be at least 21 and banning games based on college and amateur sports.
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them gambling. emily: right now president obama final state of the union address. the white house already promising this will be a very different speech. the eye's erika tarantal is here with what to watch tonight. erika: that's right. expect a different tone, more of a legacy speech by the president, talking about progress made over his last seven years in office and, yes, looking forward too. the economic recovery, the affordable care act, and legalization of same-sex marriage among the topics president obama will discuss along with foreign policy. he'll also frame the choice facing americans in deciding on his successor. president: what i want to focus on in this state of the union is not just the remarkable progress we've made, not just what i want to get done in the year ahead, but what we all need to do together in the years to come. erika: his speech comes just a week after announcing his executive action on gun control.
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of course, attend; but one chair in first lady michelle obama's box will be left empty in honor of victims of gun violence. emily: erika, thank you. you can watch the state of the union right here on newscenter 5 or streaming on our mobile news apps. that's tonight at 9:00. randy: right now police are searching for this robber who attacked a clerk with a knife. the eye's todd kazakiewich is live outside the store in fall river where that clerk fought back. todd: randy, feared for his life. so he grabbed the weapon he keeps hidden in case of such an attack. you can see the suspect rush in morning and jump the counter. but the store owner grabs a large knife of his own. each coming dangerously close to cutting the other. at one point, the attacker loses his knife and begins throwing cans. the clerk admits he was scared
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>> he said give me money, give me money. i was so scared. i think he wanted to kill me that's what i do it. todd: the owner chased the suspect out throwing the knife and $300 at him. the suspect only leaving behind the bike he arrived on. the store owner, who did not want to be identified, says he's owned this place for three years and has never dealt with such a violent attack. live in fall river, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: todd, thank you. new surveillance video shows a father's desperate plea for help as his home erupts in flames, his son trapped inside. fire officials now say it was dental equipment that sparked the four-alarm fire in mattapan. flames tore through the wooden frame last night on babson street. take a look at this surveillance video again from a nearby gas station. the homeowner runs out in a cloud of smoke asking for help to save his son. firefighters were able to pull him out and revive him. but he remains in critical condition this morning.
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>> my heart is crying for the family because now you have folks who are homeless now. emily: a firefighter was also hurt after falling through the floor. he is expected to be okay. randy: "5 investigates" a convicted killer gets a shot at freedom. emily: the parole hearing set today. and the reaction from the victim's family. a hockey player on the road to recovery. the new milestone denna laing is now sharing. cindy: we are going to see rapidly changing conditions this afternoon. rain and snow, perhaps some squalls. it looks like a messy road home. the full timeline and the outlook for the weekend. randy: all right, cindy. an upset on the college football field. the big plays that helped
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randy: it's 20 before 5:00 on this tuesday morning. right now a brockton boy is in a coma after falling through an icy pond while playing with friends. the 12-year-old was one of two boys pulled from the frigid pond on saturday. our partners at "the brockton enterprise" report c.j. thompson was taken to intensive care at tufts medical center. he was submerged several minutes longer than a nine-year-old boy, who is recovering at home. emily: new details in the hockey player injured at the women's winter classic at denna laing, able to speak for the first time since her devastating injury. >> hello. >> i'm back. emily: what a smile. the marblehead woman shared the she went head first into the boards during the new year's eve game, now unable to ve her arms or legs. her long-term recovery is still unclear.
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seriously injured in a new hampshire car crash, is now married. garrett fitzgerald married fiance joan on saturday at mass general where he is recovering from a spinal cord injury. fitzgerald was part of hillary clinton's detail when the car he was in was hit by an unlicensed driver in december. the wedding was planned for march, but the couple decided to move the ceremony up. 4:42. the mbta's green line could get a new look entirely. randy: the costly makeover proposal now on the table. debate just days away. why one candidate is dropping
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randy: good morning. here we go. cold out there this morning. a little snow, says cindy. any sunshine? cindy: actually we'll get a little bit this morning. sun up at 7:12. we'll see it for a little bit this morning. then the clouds take over i think it's after 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. the evening commute-- not a lot snow but the timing is not great. it will turn slippery as we get toward late day. this will impact the evening commute. my concern is that we see a few snow squalls. of course a snow squall is a brief kind of sudden burst of heavy snow. that can really coat the roads quickly, make things slippery and reduce the visibility as well. so we'll be on alert for those as we get into late day. from that system coming out from the west. you can see ahead of it, we are still mainly clear out there this morning. and the temperatures have dropped. we're down in the teens. 13 orange, 15 worcester. 19 lawrence. eeb south of town, plymouth at 18 degrees. 24 right now in boston. but, oh, the difference when you
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the wind is gone. the winds will stay light today. in fact, notice the direction of the wind as we go into the day. it turns to the south. although it doesn't come up all that much, only about 5-15 miles per hour, that southerly component of the wind is actually going to boost the afternoon in boston. some lower 40's on the south shore and the cape. north and west of town, i think 30's. and these temperatures are critical because as we have that moisture moving in, i think it will be a little too warm for snow in areas south here of the city of boston. so notice by 3:00 this afternoon , a couple of, yeah, rain showers going to be popping up in southeastern massachusetts. but by 5:00, notice how that snow is filling in along and north of the pike. it is doing so rapidly. so it looks like we're going to see a couple of hours of a burst of heavier snow here along and north of the pike. by 7:00 p.m. notice from worcester on west, there's darker blues showing up. that's the potential for some of
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moving from west to east across the area. by 9:00 this evening, rain is beginning to mix with and change to snow in the boston area. that area of snow will push toward the coastline and likely exit by 11:00 tonight. there may be one kind of final burst of snow showers coming through during the overnight hours but things are clearing out by tomorrow morning. this is gone by tomorrow morning's commute. but this evening, that burst of snow could produce a quick coating to a couple of inches along and north of the pike with that initial start of rain changing to snow looks like areas closer to the coast and south of boston walk away with under an inch. now overnight we'll drop down into the 20's. tomorrow as our storm kind of shifts to the east, it will rapidly intensify. this intensification process of this storm is going to keep the snow going over the state of maine but it's really going to increase the winds. winds tomorrow will be gusting 30-40 miles per hour not just in the morning but all day long. so that will make for some real bitter wind chills as we go into the day on wednesday.
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chills, single digits, teens. that's the case at noontime right on into the afternoon as well. blustery, very cold coming up on wednesday. thursday into friday, sunshine and milder. look at this as we head toward the weekend. got a storm system approaching. this one will have a coastal component to it which may pull in for the milder air. the track is still uncertain on this. there is limited cold air. i think there will be some snow but also mixing with maybe mixed precipitation and rain. big impacts there with the patriots' play-off game at gillette on saturday. we'll be fine tuning that forecast here in the days ahead. this evening's commute, the weather looks like it will get dicey. olessa: this morning's commute starting off a bit tricky as well especially along 128 northbound side in burlington by route 3. we have one lane now getting through. we did have all lanes shut down temporarily for an accident involving a wrong way car. if you're head inning that direction plan accordingly. northbound side of 128 by route 3 only one lane is squeezing through right now. there is an accident investigation and reconstruction
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for quite some time. you want to budget in the extra travel time for your morning commute. we are watching construction 128 north by great plain avenue to highland avenue and more construction as you travel 93 south at the zakim. on the expressway northbound by the south bay mall. we're expecting the trains and the buss to start the morning on schedule. emily: thank you. "5 investigates" a dedham man who admitted to raping and murdering a hyde park woman could become a free man. "5 investigates" mike beaudet spoke with the victim's daughter on the eve of gerald craffey's parole hearing. courtney stenstrom was eight years old when her mother corinne flynn was killed in their hyde park home in 1991. flynn had m.s. and walked with a cane. five years later craffey admitted to the crime and was sentenced to life in prison for second degree murder with the chance of parole in 15 years. today will be craffey's second appearance before the parole board. >> there is no way that someone like this could be rehabilitated.
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was just out in the general emily: even if the board approves craffey's release, he away. he must also serve time for aggravated rape, but the will be that much closer to freedom. randy: commitment 2016. republican presidential candidate rand paul says he will boycott the next g.o.p. debate put on by fox business news. he and fellow candidate carly fiorina were pushed from the prime-time stage for thursday's debate in south carolina. paul tells cnn a second-tier debate at 6:00 p.m. is, quote, "something we can't accept." democrat bernie sanders is expanding his operation in massachusetts. his campaign will open an office in worcester this weekend. it will be located on park avenue, a spot that has been used by other candidates including senator ed markey and former attorney general martha coakley. emily: the mbta is now green line fleet over the next ten years. it's a proposal that would cost the "t" roughly a billion
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the mbta wants to avoid another catastrophe on the rails. in just a few months, we'll find out whether the "t" will scrap or scale back the green line extension, which is among the agency's most costly rail projects ever. randy: investors still on edge overseas. chinese stocks seesawed today as worries lingered over the country's economic outlook. on wall street, stocks finished slightly higher yesterday after mounting a last-minute comeback, snapping a three-day losing streak. right now, stock futures are slightly higher. emily: a check of your trending stories. a historic win in the college football championship. number 2 alabama outlasted number 1 clemson to win its fourth national title in the last seven seasons. the crimson tide became only the second team since 1936 to accomplish that. alabama hit clemson with a barrage of big plays, including this 95-yard touchdown off a kickoff return. 45-40 the final. tributes from around the world continue to pour in for david bowie, including from this
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zoo. january 8, which was bowie's the zoo named him david bowie before news of the singer's death. little bowie will make his public debut in the spring. emily: a massive turnout in a new york town, for a chance to win the $1.4 billion powerball jackpot. more than 1,000 people lined up yesterday to join a pool. each person puts $10 in the pot. right now, organizers say they've got enough for 6,000 tickets. and that's expected to grow. don't miss the drawing for this record jackpot. you can see it live tonight right here on newscenter 5 at 11:00. that's tomorrow night. who isn't in a pool at this point. randy: that one might be a little too big. emily: you don't want to share that much. randy: if i'm going to go for it, exactly. emily: still ahead, a high-flying rescue in texas. randy: the incredible video as two workers dangle in the sky.
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emily: it is 4:55. we are following breaking news overseas this morning. randy: turkish media reporting ten people are dead and more wounded after an explosion rocked the city of istanbul. it happened in the historic part of the city popular with tourists. we do not know at this point what caused the explosion. we'll bring you more information
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emily: the trial of a teenager charged in a crash that left a boston man paralyzed is about to begin. nikolas papadopoulos was 19 when police say his speeding s.u.v. jumped a median on the arborway in jamaica plain in 2013. he collided with a pick-up driven by kevin cellucci who was paralyzed in the crash. papadopoulos had pleaded guilty in exchange for a sentence that wouldn't include jail time. when the judge issued a two-year sentence, he changed is plea and opted to go to trial. randy: three million dollars worth of opioids is now off the street after a massive drug bust in tewksbury. the huge stash of heroin, fentanyl, and $20,000 in cash was found inside an apartment after a lengthy investigation. a tewksbury man and a lawrence woman are charged with running a major drug operation. they are both held on high bail this morning. emily: the man accused in the murder of bella bond is being held without bail this morning. michael mccarthy was arraigned yesterday in the death of the child once known as baby doe. mccarthy was the boyfriend of bella's mother, who is charged as an accessory.
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island in june. high bail is set for the man accused of shooting a boston police officer. grant headley was arraigned yesterday as dozens of boston officers crammed into the courtroom in dorchester. headley is accused of shooting officer kurt stokinger in the leg last friday during a traffic stop. stokinger is recovering at home. headley, who is also facing drug charges, is held on $1.5 million. randy: imagine this. terrifying moments for two window washers in houston, texas, after their cleaning rig snapped. you can see the scaffold dangling near the top of a 75-story building more than 1,000 feet up. rescuers had to remove a window and attach themselves to the workers to pull them to safety. nobody was hurt. emily: two third-period goals against the bruins makes the difference in new york. the only goal for the b's came from jimmy hayes last night midway through the second period against the rangers. and that would stick through the
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just seconds into the third, the rangers score and they score again with under 2:00 to play. 2-1 the final. randy: if you think it's cold and uncomfortable here this comparison? you could be in buffalo. this is a car covered in ice. that car is parked right along lake erie in buffalo, new york. the area was hit with an arctic morning. 47 mile-per-hour winds caused water to spill over and freeze onto parked cars. emily: talk about perspective, right. randy: buffalo. always nice weather there. cindy: it can always be worse somewhere else. you might have argued that last winter when we had 110.6. but you know it can always be worse somewhere else. so far this winter not even an inch of snow. typically at this point in a winter season just in boston we've had more than a foot. not this year. and so this is going down as one of the latest on record that
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right now we are in fourth place. if we get to tomorrow we'll tie up in third. but there is some snow in the forecast by the end of the day today. and it will impact the evening commute. it could get slippery. you can see this system here kind of racing toward us from the great lakes. this is a slipper system that is going to bring in some snow by the end of day. there will be sunshine this morning. and then we cloud over it looks like after 3:00 today. we are going to see snow showers break out. but they will initially be mixed with rain south and east of boston as temperatures may sneak up close to 40 degrees today. now the amount, is a coating to a couple of inches along and timing during the evening commute that will have caused issues later on today. behind this system, it is blustery tomorrow. if you thought yesterday was windy and cold, tomorrow even worse. wind chills in the single digits and teens all day long. then it does quiet down thursday into friday. we've got another storm coming in.
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it looks like a wintery mix
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