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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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6:00 tonight, up to boston. notice the is right around i-95 snow to the north and west, and then it may flip over to all snow even along the coastline. but it will end very abruptly. we are talking about a lot of snow here at all, from nothing to up to an inch because of the milder surface temperatures, but there could be a coating of a danger to to the northwest. most importantly, slippery going through the evening commute, especially north and west of 128, most especially west and north of 495. we will be talking about all the wind and cold to follow. ed: breaking news from the pentagon. american sailors being held in iran. reporter: this is an incredibly intense situation. two navy vessels were on their way from kuwait to bahrain, and somehow they lost contact
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the sailors on board are being held by irani and forces. iran has assured the u.s. that the crew and the vessels will be returned safely and promptly. the white house and pentagon saying they are working with a rambo to work with -- with iran to resolve this. we will get you more as we get it. ed: a horse rescue in westminster near overlook road, video just in 15 minutes ago. we saw that horse stand up. new at 4:30 we are hearing from the family of a brockton teenager, and innocent bystander shot that is home. we are live with the family plus message. reporter: mom says stop the crime in the hate. her 17-year-old senior is in stable condition at boston medical center, the shooting happening at the pinegrove
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a hail of bullets rang out last night from two passing vehicles, and the mother says he was in the kitchen cleaning over-the-counter. police told her the apartment wall slowed down the stray bullet. had it gone through the window, police believe he would have been killed. >> i was in the bedroom with my six-year-old, reading him a bedtime story. that is when we heard the gunshots. eyedrops into the bed, next thing you know, zach comes running in, holding his back and chest. reporter: he has a broken rib and a wound to his liver. he is in the intensive care unit. council and was made available today at brockton high for his classmates. police recovered to weapons, in
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ed: tonight, police make an arrest in this violent robbery. you are looking at surveillance video of the robber attacking a clerk with a knife. he jumps the counter, and that is when the clerk grabs his own knife and fights back. jose sanchez faces several charges, including armed robbery and assault. dating apps are a popular way to meet them, but criminals are using the new technology to target you. we are live at worcester with a warning. reporter: for those who use data gaps on their phones, don' t leave common sense at home. that is what happened at this worcester complex. two men thought they were meeting a date added apartment. it started with a 19-year-old male, who thought he was meeting a woman he connected with online. instead, to guys in the
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two days ago, a 33-year-old man used a nap to connect with a woman. she got to the apartment and he too was jumped, stabbed when he fought back. he is going to be ok, but police warn these are schemes and they are growing. their advice -- don' t meet people you don' t know in a private place. go to a public place. and if you use an app, stay in plainview. make sure this isn' t a case of date and switch. ed: appealed and night for a man accused of beating his girlfriend three-year-old son. he was seeking a new trial, the supreme court announcing it won' t happen. he is sentenced to 25 to 67 years in prison. bowe bergdahl faced a judge today on charges of desertion, accused of leaving his unit in 2009, resulting in his capture by the taliban. he has yet to enter a plea or decide whether he wants to
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a violent crash now the burlington/lexington line. police say two cars were involved in the wrong way accident on the northbound lanes of exit 32. both drivers suffered serious injuries, in the crash is so bad it is not known which car was going in the wrong direction. right now, the trial of the young man accused in this silent crash is under way. he' s 19 years old and police say his speeding suv jumped a median back in 2013. he collided with a pickup truck, the driver who was left paralyzed. he pleaded guilty in exchange for a sentence i would not include jail time, but he changed his clean and opted to go to trial after a judge issued a two-year sentence. tragedy in ohio. a family of four killed one house explodes. it happened last night southeast of cleveland. neighbors say they heard a blast
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four bodies were found inside. no word on what caused the explosion. new information in a deadly bombing in istanbul. eight of the 10 people killed in the blast were from germany. authorities say that a syrian man is responsible for the attack in an area popular with tourists. the prime minister is blaming isis, however that group has not claimed responsibility. patriot fans are buzzing about the bruised eye. he is not saying how it happened, and that is his business. but he is saying plenty about saturday' s matchup with the chiefs. reporter: it would be irresponsible to speculate. if it doesn' t bother him, it shouldn' t bother anybody else. it was clearly black and blue when he stepped on the podium, but he has loftier issues in the coming days -- most notably, how to stop the kansas city chiefs
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that is hard to ignore and so is their last meeting. >> we have all studied it. they played really well that night. we didn' t play very well. hopefully we can flip the script, with the opportunity we have. reporter: we are back at 5:00 with more. ed: tonight, the attorney general hosted a public hearing focused on daily fantasy sports and protecting customers. he rolled no claim play for anyone under 21. representatives did take issue, saying the industry is self-regulating. even of the hearing is over, they will still be accepting written comments and the genuine 22nd. right now, the powerball jackpot is larger than ever. it jumped to a billion and a half dollars today. that is a lump sum payment of
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and the pot will continue to grow in a highly anticipated drawing tomorrow night. don' t forget, you can watch it live tomorrow night on newscenter 5 at 11:00. new video tonight of the mother of the so-called affluenza team. the judge agreed to lower her bond from $1 million to $75,000. under the agreement, she will have to wear an electronic ankle bracelet and take a mental health evaluation. he is accused of stealing more than $100,000, and tonight a springfield police officer has been charged. he worked for the force for more than 40 years. he is free tonight after pleading not guilty to multiple larceny charges. u.s. marshalls say they have seized more than $2.5 million stashed by rep john george. you are seeing some of the loot investigators discovered in safe-deposit boxes.
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embezzlement charges and had to pay nearly $700,000 in restitution, but he claimed under oath that he had less than $190,000 in assets. a new iowa poll shows bernie sanders with a slim lead over hillary clinton. it has senator sanders leaving the secretary the 49% of the vote. for sanders, that is a 9% jobs of the last poll held a month ago. chelsea clinton was campaigning for her mother today. the former first daughter spent the morning in concord, talking to supporters. she was in boston last night, and is making stops in manchester and portsmouth. ted cruz is campaigning in new hampshire today. the texas senator is holding a second amendment rally at the grand state indoor gun range. crews are telling reporters about donald trump' s birth
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>> what i want to focus on in the state of the union dress, the progress we have made, and not just what a want to get done in the year ahead, but what we all need to do together in the years to come. reporter: ed: the like -- ed: as obama prepares for his final state of the union, we can expect to hear about economic recovery, the affordable care act, and foreign policy. you can watch the state of the union right here on newscenter 5 or streaming on our mobile app. it starts at 9:00. this nine-year-old syrian refugee calling massachusetts home will be in attendance tonight. among the guests, one senator tweeting this photo of him at the air and space museum. he set the president a letter last year, asking him to help syrian refugees. new act 4:30, the governor will not deliver his state of the
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legislature a written copy. he came under fire last week after making comments that drug dealers were coming to maine and impregnating white women. impeached. time now to flashforward to 5:00. there is a new reason to kick some out of your diet. the local study focused on sugary drinks and body fat. at 6:00, a parole hearing for a man convicted of raping and murdering a woman. the emotional testimony from her family. do at 7:00, using dna from dogs? to learn more about human diseases, the research happening right now in massachusetts, and how you and your pet can get involved. harvey: snow and rain makers. look behind me -- snowing at worcester, one mile visibility, reining in providence. we will follow how long it lasts in the wind and cold that will follow.
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captured to boats after they lost contact.
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ed: the headlights you see are leaving town. the age of the lanes wide
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the speed limit. a lot of green on the map. time. pretty quick. we are talking 20 minutes to 495, and 495 in both direction massachusetts turnpike. new video tonight of the same weather system headed our way, snow causing treacherous conditions in michigan. police report a number of spinoffs, and you can see wheels turning, cars off the road. six years since -- let' s take you to 60 years since the deadly earthquake in haiti. 50,000 people -- we will get to that in just a minute. i want to talk about the snow. harvey: absolutely. we just showed you though
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through the midwest and now in our direction. beginning of it now. ed: some intense color. harvey: it won' t last long, but they are brief pockets of snow. following. let' s show you some other stuff. there is our doppler radar, coming into the area. it is snowing alan worcester, -- snowing in worcester. steady snow around hartford. it is raining in providence, right near the snow line. it suggests that it will line up somewhere close to i-95. here is downtown boston, low clouds coming in on the ocean. 37 in boston but the wind is off the water. however the wind might become lighter, and that they in part allow the cold air from above to come down.
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there is room for the temperature to drop a little bit once the snow really starts. if you see worcester' s temperature, you can see the areas that will have the roads impacted the most. the areas that are freezing or below. even where it is just a little bit above, if there is a burst of snow, then you can have problems temporarily. as you head toward cape cod and the islands, there you are probably going to see a situation where it will be rain mixing with wet snow. here is a wider view right along the south coast. close to providence -- a mix close to providence. the back edge is already ready to move into western new england in an hour or so. here' s a closer look. worcester county -- that is an hour-by-hour look at how this
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on that rain/snow line, the pink area runs from providence to boston, but it has snowed to the north and west with the north and west with a few heavy pockets and higher elevations. that is where a couple inches could pile up very quickly. then the back edge service to move in pretty abrupt way once we get to and after midnight. this is completely done by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. i' m not talking about a lot of accumulation but there could be up to two inches north and west of 128. anywhere from either nothing because the ground is too warm up to an inch closer to boston. there will be a benefit in northern new england, where they will get heavy amounts of snow. the mounds of maine will really get a big dumping. notice how it stays a little above freezing in the coastal plains, but freezing and below to the north and west.
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with what happens tomorrow night. it' s a cold day coming up on thursday. tomorrow and thursday are both windy and cold, but tomorrow is very windy. check out the next seven days. windy and very cold, breezy and rather cold on thursday. temperatures moderate on friday, and that is very important. because late saturday to midday, some heavy precipitation moving in. the rain/ will probably be somewhere in our area. the stakes will be high. probably precipitation will be winding down, but what will that precipitation have been and where? ed: as i mentioned, today marks six years since the deadly earthquake in haiti. at least 215,000 people were killed in a magnitude seven quake, including a native.
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there only one day and texted her mother about her desire to build an orphanage there after college graduation. an hour later, she was dead. her parents followed through on her promise. they did indeed open an orphanage. we are focusing on your health. recommendations on when women should start getting mammograms. the u.s. preventative service task force say women at average risk should begin having mammograms every year beginning at 50, up to 74. the agency says women in their 40' s should make the decision individually based on their talks with doctors. cbs joins the list of retail chains that sold a recalled children' s cough syrup. and has an incorrectly marked dosing cup. it was manufactured by perrigo. for a list of the affected medicines, go to our website,
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the new ban and, in light of last year' s record number of recalls, the steps to protect you and your family. as we go to break, let' s check the numbers on wall street.
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pbuilding a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" pso capital one built something new - caf\s. pwhere you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. pfree checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. pand a top-rated banking app that lets you handle pyour financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? ed: let me ask you weighed in on today' s now paul? we'
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resolution? let us know on facebook, on twitter, on our website . firefighters come to the rescue of a man trapped in a pickup truck in california. the driver lost control. crews had to wait until power was shut off to help. he was hurt but not seriously injured. as college students head back to campus, another local school is banning hoverboards. boston university joins emerson, bc, umass, telling them to leave them at mom and dad' s. the self balancing electric boards have been blamed because of reports that some of them catch fire. last month, the product safety commission n announced they are investigating 70 injuries linked to the hoverboards. focusing on the economy, the government in major automakers are getting ready to announce
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the change comes from a record-setting year of recalls, federal investigations. general motors, fiat chrysler, and honda are just some of the companies involved. goodbye, internet explorer. the web browser no longer has the support of microsoft, and that comes with a warning -- if you could become the victim of hackers. it is being replaced with microsoft edge. a carpool service is expanding in greater boston, now available in 14 neighborhoods, allowing writers to share in split rides with other people going in their same destination. it launched back in august. an incredible display -- the drone show using a famous composers work, then upsetting and new world record.
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>> ed: that' s pretty cool. a new take on a classical masterpiece. drone technology is the inspiration for a light show. 100 rounds fired a live orchestra performs beethoven' s fifth. not only glorious and
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guinness world record for most unmanned aerial vehicles airborne simultaneously. apparently there' s a record for everything. newscenter 5 at 5:00 is ready to kick off. >> now on newscenter 5 -- harvey: a quick hitting round of wind and snow. ed: a family enjoying a quiet night. the gunbattle that sent shots flying into their home, injuring a teenager. reporter: the extra benefit of weight loss surgery. how we could affect more than just your health. ed: the black eye that has patriots fans buzzing, and what bill belichick is saying. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. ed: good evening. anchor: you are taking a live look at where a wintry mix is moving into the area, and it could affect your ride home.
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