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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  January 13, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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involved -- before this happened. [inaudible] no one answers the door at jones' house. we're live here, breaking news, we'll bring them to you as they become available. rhondella richardson. ed: as for jones he was all business on the practice field. he hasn't missed a workout or meeting all week and his teammates are choosing their words very carefully when it comes to his off the field troubles. mike lynch is here with that part of the story. >> it appears to have galvan ized things. all the lenses obviously at practice were focused on number 95 rather than the usual candidates, brady and edelman. he was the center of attention
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he did not grant any interviews but his teammates were behind him. >> as a member of this team we support all 50 or 60 guys on this team. we have their backs regardless of the situation and that's no different with chandler. he has our support. ed: bill belichick was not scheduled to speak today. he's scheduled to speak tomorrow morning. it is now official. the eighth largest fortune 500 company is moving to boston. general electric announced that it will move its global headquarters to the seaport district this summer. including $25 million in property tax relief, plus a $120 million state package including costs. >> it's a win for the city. what it will do for the city of boston and the commonwealth of massachusetts is spur a lot of other companies to look at the diversity of our city, the
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friendly environment in our city that we're putting out there. we're excited about this. ed: as you just heard from the mayor he hopes this is the start of luring other megacompanies to boston boston. >> the dow plunging 356 points dashing any hope of a third straight gain on the day. the nasdaq also down nearly 160 companies. s&p 500 losing 48. oil and gas companies could go bankrupt due to the low cost of oil. also breaking, an arrest in the deadly hit-and-run in boston. sarah is live near the scene. she's in dorchester right now. sarah? reporter: boston police have arrested a 34-year-old woman from dorchester charging her with homicide as well as leaving the scene of the accident. a van is shown quickly driving away and clipping the curb as it
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this is within seconds of a hit-and-run around 8:00 this morning on washington street. a man believed to be a construction worker was killed near a work site. soon after a similar van was scene on morton street with a cracked windshield and damage to the front end. police have not confirmed if it's the same vehicle but they got surveillance video from a nearby store. the arrest of a 34-year-old woman from dorchester. her name has not been released but sleaze charged in this fatal hit-and-run. ed: two high school students and a ukrainian skier are trapped. it's not known how many people are missing. but we do know at least 60 are helping in that rescue mission. also breaking, new video showing the moment 10 american soldiers were
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waters. the nine men and one woman are custody. secretary of state john kerry, and he says well. >> all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were of, provided with blankets, food, and assisted with their return to the fleet earlier today. ed: the secretary is applauding diplomacy for this coming to a peaceful conclusion. after delivering his final state of the union president obama is in omaha, nebraska, tonight. he's selling the goals for his office. he said to baton rouge tomorrow and in beth of these states, more than 2.5 million residents have gained coverage under the healthcare law. unemployment has also fallen in these republican leaning states. the presidential candidate chris christie in new hampshire and holding a roundtable discussion and he was holding with it the bedford police department.
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the governor got when he was there as he continues on his tour in the state of new hampshire. let's take a live look at the skyline. this is one thing that i have light of day. all of a sudden -- >> here we are, it's still light outside. when it's nice and clear, we can notice that. yesterday, when we had the weather moving in, it was a little different story. look behind me here. >> that's way out. >> it came yesterday. >> now we're concerned about what happened -- >> moving through detroit. there is a little system there, before we get to the patriots game. might cause a couple of flakes but those winds were so ferocious. i know you heard them roaring. we got a ham radio operator report of a 57 mile per hour gust in boston. officially at logan, 47. cambridge 54. blue hill, 54. very widespread wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour plus. it's still windy but no longer
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it's not as windy as it was earlier. the winds won't die completely but will continue to have a slow abatement during the course of tonight. region. will be in the teens and low 20's. there are some clouds coming around late tonight that will temperature from falling much more than that but it's still a cold night. clouds. see 40 they come in. don't be shocked if there are a couple of snow flurries around the region during the course of tomorrow morning, and a little more sunshine tomorrow afternoon. i'll be back to talk about a storm we'll have to deal with for part of this week. lots of weather changes and an active pattern coming up in a few minutes. >> bill cosby will not have to attend a deposition hearing next there. that federal judge. seven women have filed a lawsuit in the commonwealth alleging that cosby defamed them after they accused him of assault. the 78-year-old cosby has been
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the state of pennsylvania. >> police rescue a man in salem, new hampshire, found unconscious in a burning car. they say he overdosed on heroin but not before he got in the car to go to work. his car was running, his foot was on the accelerator. engine overheated and sparked the flames. he's been treated for co poisoning. charges have been filed in relation to the death of a toll collector. the man was hit and killed by a speeding car despite the 15 mile per hour limit at the toll plaza. matthew is charged with negligent operation of a vehicle and motor vehicle homicide. he'll be arraigned next month. right now foxborough police are looking for this man in a jewelry heist. he walked in and got away with a two carat loose diamond. police say he was driving a white acura mdx. if you recognize this man with the beard and hat, foxborough
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the armed militia group that's taken over an or wildlife refuge plans to announce its next move on friday. at the meeting it will announce when it plans to leave the town. they are in burns right now. the group has been protesting the arrest of two ranchers on arson charges. so tonight is the night. do you have your ticket? right now 1.5 billion is on the line and mary is live in norwood with the powerball fever that keeps on building and building. reporter: i know. we're playing we're not going to sit out in the cold tomorrow. no surprise, ticket sales have been brisk. cars are pulling in as they drive home from work tonight. statewide, sales for tonight's powerball drawing are already over $9.7 million. add to that sales for last saturday's drawing in massachusetts which were $23.8 million. you've got to ask yourself,
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here's a breakdown. it contributes to the jackpot. 50% of ticket sales go to the prizes. about 42% go to local aid here in massachusetts. that's our cities and towns. about 6% goes to agents in the form of commissions and bonuses and 2% goes to lottery administrative expenses. the good news is, if you check your tickets tomorrow and you did not win you know at least about half of this money goes to our cities and towns lighter at home. >> it's a winner on all fronts. good luck, mary. don't forget, you can watch the drawing live at 11:00 straight up here on our newscast. the cafe where terrorists opened fire in paris has been reopened. since that attack hundreds of people have left flowers, cards, and other mementos to cafes targeted by isis extremists. one person has been arrested in connection with the deadly suicide. this happened in a bombing in the turkey capitol. the woman was taken into
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home in istanbul. 10 foreigners were killed. turkish police say a bomber was syrian national with ties to isis. right now a deadly fire at a historic new hampshire church is under investigation. flames heavily damaging the peaceful assembly church. 57-year-old john colonel was killed. the church itself is more than 200 years old. a former police officer accused of beating a woman at the dudley square station was arraigned today. the attack happened in march of 2014. she was taken into custody after her court appearance and held on $1,000 cash bond. the american civil liberties union has filed a lawsuit against her. tonight we know the name of the 16-year-old boy who was killed in a shooting in east boston. christopher perez delacruz was killed early sunday morning after the shooting on falcon street. so far no arrests have been revealed. he's the third teenager to die violently in east boston in four
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two young boys have been released from the hospital after a new year's eve atv crash. the boys were seriously hurt when two atvs collided. the father of one of the boys remains in the hospital but has been upgraded from critical to stable condition after losing his leg. it's time now to flash forward to 5:00. we now know when the long time girlfriend plans to enter her guilty plea. when they will be back in a new federal courtroom. >> this is the spot where many of the so-called salem witches were hanged. just ahead, how modern technology helped solve the mystery. new at 7:00, a young girl badly burned in a house fire back in a boston hospital where she was treated. special gift for patients. >> we'll let you know how the winds will slowly subside thankfully. plenty of cold around. when that will at least temporarily ease and i'm tracking our next potential storm. >> break tonight, g.e. making it
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for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop&shop. >> why do they call it rush-hour traffic. who is rushing? no one is.
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town but you can see break lights everywhere. traffic in the middle coming through and the bridge is moving okay. the access roads are okay. let's check the drive times. red north to south. mass ab to route 3. we're talking a half an hour. we're talking 24 to 25, upper deck to 128. into the core of the city, a good 15 to 17 minutes. 93 to newton corner, slow to the tolls. western tolls to 495 and 495 in both directiones is good. the pike to 290, seven-minute ride. that's what the traffic looks like. there is a new report painting a grim picture of boston's fire stations. the audit found several stations did not have work smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. it calls for the replacement of dozens of aging fire trucks to bring them up to standards. the fire commissioner blamed lack of investment in the department for the issues. the fire chief was injured after this fire truck flipped upside-down. this
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on route 153 in effingham. the utility pole was pulled up from the ground. the chief was able to crawl out of the truck. he was not seriously hurt the rollover causing that road to close for hours. take a look at this. this is large water main break. it isn't local but it's a massive water main break. it caused all kinds of troubles in the state of pennsylvania. water from the geyser was freezing on trees and filling the power lines and trees as well. that was in pennsylvania. it's still cold in pennsylvania. >> still freezing there. reporter: absolutely. it will stay cold tonight and tomorrow night. a little bit of a break on friday. it's very important. >> because of the storm coming in? reporter: you got it. late friday and saturday. temperatures will be tricky and that's still going to be the case. it's still cold. no question. don't look for much of a break in the next 36 hours.
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and show you what we've got. that's a great looking sky. as ed mentioned a few minutes ago it's nice to see a little daylight. each afternoon, it's appreciated by all of us. here we are in boston at 28 degrees. that's about as good as we've been able to do during the daylight hours and we still have the wind whistling in at 22 miles per hour but no longer is it a potentially damaging wind. the wind advisory has come down. a thousand feet up even colder. worcester at the airport is just 20. there is a storm coming for late friday night and especially the first half of saturday. the wind will be coming in out of the northeast. this is important. the water temperature is abnormally high for this time of the year. that's one of the reasons why i'm expecting mostly rain in most of our area with that storm. here are the gusts. 25 to 30 miles per hour across the region so when you take the temperature and combine it with the wind we've got single digits and teen for the wind chill. that's the way it's been all day long. the actual temperatures tonight will drop for a while.
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so teens to low 20's will probably be our range. the wind will slowly abate. they won't disappear completely weaken some. tomorrow will be another cold day. up a couple of notches and there is another thing that's interesting about tomorrow that you'll see in a moment. but tomorrow, night won't be as cold as tonight and then friday ways. the wind will be quite light and the temperature might reach up to about 40 degrees. especially from the pike southward and at least up into the 30's off to the north. it will feel a little better yesterday or shortly thereafter. here's the next little system, a little area of light snow and flurries. air dry. there is a chance we could see a few flurries tomorrow morning. clouds will be in by tomorrow morning. a couple of snow showers in the berkshires and maybe a couple showing up around boston before the morning commute is over. i don't expect if that happens, that there will be any accumulation.
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the sun in the afternoon. the next seven days. as i mentioned, tomorrow, a flurry in the morning. closer to 32 or so for a high temperature. friday is the more pleasant day relatively speaking getting to 40. that's very important because of the next storm that's going to come up the coast. it does not have a lot of cold air to work w. temperatures, however, will be borderline away from the coast, so if the precipitation comes down heavy in elevated areas there could be some snow temporarily mixing in but for the most part it looks like more of a rainstorm. strongest ones on the coast especially the cape and it looks like it should over before the patriots start their game. that's the good news there. check it out. saturday is going to be weight and windy start but a somewhat better finish and sunday is starting to turn colder. we have to watch sunday night. there is some chance of an additional storm. not sure. if it did happen that would be cold enough for snow and bitter cold will be with us for the first half of next week. ed? >> is that a five, harvey.
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not a mistake. >> today state lawmakers discussed a bill to deal with massachusetts growing opioid crisis. it would limit prescriptions to a seven day supply and outlines evaluation requirements for overdose victims who go to emergency rooms looking for the bill does not allow doctors to commit patients to involuntary drug treatment. that's what the proposal of the governor had outlined. he also called for limiting prescriptions to a three day supply so there is a difference there. we're focusing on your health. there is a new study that suggests women planning to have a child should lay off the vegetables. researchers from harvard university and the national institutes of health found that women who eat more potatoes before conceiving face a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes while pregnant. that can affect both mom and baby. scientists recommend swapping two servings per week with other vegetables. city leaders in worcester are
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age to buy tobacco products to city councils are looking into the impact on several other communities that have raised the age including boston and tree. there is a statewide bill under consideration that would make 21 the legal age for buying all tobacco products. two restaurant workers fired for their action in the kitchen. the hair raising moment caught on camera. no surprise here if you're looking to buy or sell. boston's real estate market is booming.
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>> this is new at 4:30. two restaurant workers are out of a job after they were caught doing their hair in the kitchen. this happened at a waffle house. it was in arkansas. the two women are seen using a pot of boiling water to clean their hair the customer who shot said he was so shocked he knew he had to hit record on his phone. >> i just thought it was nasty. i needed to let somebody see this. >> he did. he shot it and they kept right on going. probably didn't know he was they were fired. the restaurant department closed the case after the restaurant passed inspection. >> metlife is consider dropping its life insurance business in the united states. that's amid growing financial
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greater oversight. they are considering several other options including a public offering. condo prices are soaring. the median price for condos in nine city neighborhoods soared 10%. according to link. the average price, $680,000 and 4-10 condos sold above asking price. a man comes face-to-face with a bear and it does not go the way you might think. that's real, by the way. that's not fake. the affectionate moment giving new meaning to the term, oh, my god, i got licked. p at longhorn steak like this doesn'
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>> as you know there is no big powerball winner yet but the owner of a million dollar ticket sold in plymouth last week has claimed the prize. it was sold on court street. now, here's that bear video. this is out of a wildlife center in the state of new york. that is a codiac bear and it's name is jimbo. and he's showing an awful lot of affection to the man who helped raise him. they are just having a moment. the man found the wild animal when it was an injured cub.
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he's so appreciative he's playing with him. he's one of the 11 bears living at the 100 acre facility along with rehabilitated horses, deer and squirrels. the bear looks like he's having a lot of fun. as you can see we're getting ready for news at 5:00. position. news, general electric giving a jolt to the boston economy. the impact of its big move. >> the chandler joe mystery. >> 5 investigates. did foxborough police erase evidence of the patriots star troubles? >> when those power winds will diminish, when we get break in the cold and timing our next form. >> and you might get a lawyer. the condo going viral. >> breaking new information
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chandler jones in the hospital.


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