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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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money on research and development thaany other region in the world and the plethora of colleges in the area are key. walsh believes other companies will follow now that g.e. has committed. >> i captain look in a crystal ball but tee, three, four, or five years, the other companies that will be joining general electric here in the city of baptist, an already exciting business community, will be beneficial. >> now, the mayor also said that city research shows it's $25 million in property tax relief. it will mean an infusion of $260 into the city's economy. reporting live, janet, newscenter 5. >> huge announcement. the latest boost in the revitalization of the seaport district. new at 7:00 tonight you will see what g.e. will bring when it moves in. >> breaking news. we're learning more after a bizarre incident at the foxborough police station involving patriots star chandler jones chug the substance he may have taken.
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right now with rhondella richard son. she's live at the police station. rhondella? reporter: it's been confirmed the pats player had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. the police chief here not commenting. the town manager would only put out a statement saying this is a medical issue and he has to confer with town attorneys because of privacy concerns. >> search the back parking lot. >> the police log shows a walk-in medical emergency at patriots defenseman chandler jones walked from his foxborough townhouse just down the street to seek help from police. >> in the front lobby area. >> a neighbor says he wasn't dressed for the weather. >> he was wearing like half his clothes. his shirt off. >> no one answered the door to explain what happened but jones vehicle to norwood hospital. a police officer sent to secure his home radioed in this.
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lock the front door. if you want to just pass along, class d delta before this happened, just so you know. >> jones had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana, a class d substance in massachusetts would include marijuana and other it. >> i don't know why he would be doing something like that, because i feel like tested often. >> chandler is great player. i hope he'll be back playing in great. >> jones did practice with the team today and has been fully participating with the team since getting out of the hospital on sunday. neighbors believe he did have company saturday night into sunday morning. live in fox bor row, rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> that's the point. jones has not missed a workout or meeting all week. mike lynch is here with more on what his teammates are saying about his off the field troubles. >> one of the obvious follow-up questions, chandler jones had a
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suspended by the league? assuming jones is not already in the nfl substance abuse program, he cannot be suspended under the collective bargaining agreement because he would be considered a first time offender. he was at practice andisted as a limited participant with his abdomen and toe injury. every move. jones did not talk but his supportive. >> to be honest, we just ignore it. coach belichick does a great job, to let you know that there are certain things we need to care about and certain things we need to just let be. a lot of support in the locker room. this week. >> to add a little bit of levity, bill belichick was seen walking through the locker room carrying boxing gloves. >> a woman is under arrest for a
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surveillance video from a nearby store shows a vhs transportation van speeding away within seconds of the incident on washington street. a similar van was found on morten street with a cracked windshield and front end damage. the victim has not been identified but is believed to be a construction worker who was on the job nearby. >> to come to work this morning and to die like this -- >> no comment. the suspect has been charged with motor vehicle homicide and leaving the scene of an accident. she'll be arraigned tomorrow. a former police officer accused of beating a woman at the dudley square t station was arraigned today. that attack happened in march 2014. jennifer was taken into custody after a court appearance and held on a thousand dollar cash bond. the american civil liberties union has filed a lawsuit against her. >> right now the powerball jackpot is holding steady at a record $1.5 billion but it could
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no winner tonight it would. the jackpot would jump to $2 billion. even if no one hits it big cities and towns across massachusetts are still waiting. mary has bought her tickets and she's with us to share the winning numbers. >> they are right here. it's so true what you say because the money stays right here in massachusetts. >> for at least a few more hours two dollars will buy you a really big dream. >> if i win, win. >> if i win i'm buying an island and i'm out of here. >> what are you going to do with the money? >> what aim going to do? take care of my friends and family, and then i think i would have enough for my retirement. >> i would like to come to that party. >> the ticket machine just keats spitting out chances, attracting many first time buyers.
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we see a new face, buying a ticket, usually young kids, 18 or 19. >> the bottom line is in the billions. so where does all of that ticket money go? about half of it becomes prize money but 42% of it goes to local aid. that's our cities and towns. another 6% goes to lottery agents. the business that is es that sell the tickets. last saturday's sales in massachusetts topped $23.8 million. that generated over $10 million for massachusetts cities and towns. sales for tonight's drawing are already approaching $10 million. reporter: as thousands of tickets are sold, and that keeps driving up the jackpot, here in norwood most folks with spending an average of $2 to $5, but the always pools are running between $300 and $500 worth of tickets so they are turning out an awful lot. when someone comes in to buy.
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hypothetically for the newsroom. don't forget, you can watch the drawing live on newscenter 5 at 11:00. . >> he once kept track of criminals. now he's the one who will be watched. 5 investigates with the punishment for a probation officer who lied to the f.b.i. >> experts say this is the spot where many of the so-called salem witches were hanged. just ahead, how modern technology helped to solve the mystery. >> i'm watching this little area of snow in the midwest which could cause a few flakes but i'm watching the potential for a couple more impressive storms and some of the coldest air of the season so far. >> the reaction that sent number 95 chandler jones to the
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>> the tables are turned on a former probation officer who
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>> he's now on probation himself. prosecutors call this a fall from grace for a veteran probation officer the situation could have been much worse if the case wasn't investigated early on. >> former suffolk county probation officer larry plumber does his best to avoid our cameras after apologizing for his crime. he lied to the feds during an investigation involving the mistreatment of two female probationers. sources tell 5 investigates the case involved allegations that plumer was offering deals to the women for preferential treatment but he was only charged with lying to investigators. >> are you offering any deals for preferential treatment? >> the former veteran probation officer had nothing to say outside the federal courthouse but admitted in court that what he did was wrong. he lied when asked by the f.b.i. if he showed pornography that he had on his cell phone to the female probationers. >>
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>> no comment, please. >> his lawyer describes his client as a family man who has accepted responsibility for his crime. larry was sentenced to one year probation. he had to pay a $500 fine and can't have any contact with the two women involved in this case. >> 5 investigates. >> your eyes are focused on the weekend and harvey's are as well. he's keeping his eye on a storm. >> it will be rain or snow? also new at 6:00, pinpointing a part of history. researchers have tracked down the exactything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less.
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this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. my stop&shop. >> a wave of hysteria over witchcraft led to many hangings. researchers have confirmed where at least 19 happened and how the experts found it.
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was the site of the multiple hangings. it started when two girls eight and 10 began to act strangely. by the time it ended. >> there were 23 people tried and convicted. 19 were hanged in four different batches. >> marilyn first wrote about the trials and the possible execution site in 1997. part of a research team they used historical accounts and modern mapping technology. >> knowing where the houses had been this 1692, you could see spot was the ledge. >> this is proctor's ledge. >> history professor baker says in addition to computer mapping they used ground penetrating radar and found no remains. >> there were family traditions in at least three of the families of the victims of the families coming in undercovers of darkness and taking their loved ones away for burial. >> it was a time that many people in salem have been >> there is a monument but
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important. >> to acknowledge the bravery of the people who kept saying i'm not a witch and not being believed even though they were not believed they continued to tell the truth. >> this is a remote spot. it will never be a public park but the city of salem plans to put a maker commemorating what happened here and y. in salem, pam cross, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> foxborough police are looking for this man, he allegedly walked into the diamond and jewelry gallery and stole a two carat loose diamond. he was driving a white acura. if you recognize him, beard, if you recognize him give foxborough police a call. two young boys badly injured in a new year's eve atv crash have been released from the hospital. they are six and seven years old and the boys were both seriously hurt when two atvs collided. the father of one of the boys remains in the hospital but has been upgraded from critical to stable condition after losing his leg. >> no big powerball winner yet but
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dollar ticket sold in plymouth prize. it happened via a trust. david represents the phi only nominee trust of quincy. the ticket for the january 6 drawing was sold here. the store will be rewarded with a $10,000 bonus for the sale. >> harvey will give you a million dollar forecast for free every night. >> yeah, be i don't issue -- but i don't give you bonuses. here's something, i don't know if you noticed, but about an hour ago there was still a little bit of daylight left. here's the story. we've gained 23 minutes in the afternoon, since we had the earliest sunset back on december 11. by the time we get to groundhog day that's improvement. i don't know if you've noticed this. wow! combined with the cold. out of the
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57 miles per hour. logan airport, 47. cambridge, 54 and blue hill, 54. it was just very windy, as you know, everywhere. it's still windy, not as windy as it was earlier. thankfully. our temperature is 25. the dew point is -- air dry with the westerly wind. barometer is rising. add in a little elevation. gets colder. that's why we see 18 in worcester. 20 in orange. but it's just cold because it's a cold air mass. the winds are gusty but not as ferocious as earlier. no longer damaging and the trend will be for the winds to ease more during the night. tomorrow might be a little on the breezy side but nothing at all compared to today. so that in itself should make you feel better. right now, wind chill is four degrees above zero in worcester. one above in pitsfield. 14 in boston. and we'll keep those numbers pretty much through the night. the temperature will drop a little bit this evening but may level off overnight.
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some clouds in here by morning. tomorrow's high temperature could approach or touch 30 in some spots. a little bit of improvement. tomorrow night, not as cold and then friday, much more comfortable because the high temperature will be somewhere on either side of 40 by a couple of degrees and the wind will be very light so that will make a huge difference in how it all feels to us. now, as far as the next 24 hours are concerned, watch this little area of snow that's moving through portions of ohio and michigan. i doesn't look like that will be strengthening as it moves eastward. so the clouds will be in by morning. snow showers in the berkshires and maybe a couple in and around the boston area before that morning commute is over. i'm not expecting accumulation. perhaps a feather dusting in a few spots. then we may see some sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. and we should have at least some partial sunshine for friday. but then we'll be watching a storm for late friday night and saturday morning that will be
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the clouds will rethicken later friday and friday night could. be a little touch of drizzle or even freezing drizzle over the interior of friday night. you see those warm temperatures on friday are very important because the atmosphere looks like it's going to be a little bit too warm to support snow with that storm threat. very late friday night and saturday morning. but you still have to watch it because it's still fairly close and if there is intensity or elevation, if it does bet into the worcester hills of new hampshire then there could be some wet snow involved but there is some indication the storm may be just a little further east than the heaviest precipitation and strongest wind might be confined to the coastline and cape cod. so we'll keep an eye on that it looks like it will trend faster. here before the pacers game, trending warmier which could mean some rain and possible mixture. saturday, it's the first half of west side. i
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patriots play that storm will be over. temperature around 32 degrees. right now, northwest wind at 10 to 20. maybe a bit gustier than that. look at what i put up on sunday. a chance sunday night there might be some snow. a storm will be developing in the ocean as we turn colder. probably too far out to be a big player but it's a slight chance that it could affect especially the coastline line and cape. keep an eye out on that bitter cold weather will be with us for the first half of next week. then a gradual moderation. i'll have an update on all that i said tonight at 11:00. i'm meteorologist harvey leonard. now sports center 5. >> if chandler jones had a bad reaction to using synthetic marijuana as it's confirmed, could he be suspended by the national football league? assuming jones he's not already in the league's substance abuse program he can't be subject to sauce suspension because he would be considered a first time offender. jones is on the practice field today but he was
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limited participant with an abdomen and toe injury. he was on the field monday and tuesday as well. he did not grant any interviews. with this possible distraction what's the mood like inside the locker room? bob posed the question. >> is there concern in the locker room for jones emotionally or physically getting ready for saturday's game? >> i have no comment. >> chancellor has a lot of great support in the locker room. he's a great football player and i'm excited to see what he does this week. >> -- for the well-being of your teammate, chandler jones? >>. [inaudible] truth is, we couldn't ask jones. media availability in the locker room today. he'll play but at least for talk. >> when a player makes a mistake in his personal life, in such an important week, does he owe the team an apology or should he address the
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>> i don't know. i don't feel strongly one way or the other. >> the does word in the locker room today was distraction and history tells us the patriots are masters of it. so a few nonfootball related questions aren't likely to throw them off their game. >> to be honest with you, ignore it. i think coach belichick does a good job with that. to let you know that certain things we need to care about and certain things we just need to let be. >> we support all 50 or 60 guys on this team. we have their backs. regardless of the situation. and it's no different with chandler. so he has our support. >> for a team that doesn't say much, that says it all. the patriots are circling the wagons around their teammate. sports center 5. >> bob, thank you. unlike yesterday, rob gronkowski was spotted on the practice field and like jones, he was listed as a limited participant
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arm wrapped. in the portion of the practice we were allowed to videotape. meanwhile in kansas city the chiefs practice again but they did so without wide receiver jeremy maclin. he did not practice again today. he suffered a high ankle sprain in saturday's win over the texans in houston. >> this is what you talked about all last week. you want to be here getting ready for the next challenge. and a mentality doesn't change. there is no tomorrow. it's win or go home. that's what you want. that's why you're playing the game. >> there you go. 4:30 kickoff on saturday afternoon. chiefs coming to town. 11-game winning streak. >> watching the kansas city practice video could you hear they actually had the audio cranked up in the stadium. so players get used to the noise. >> it will be uber loud. >> coming up on newscenter 5 at
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boom happening in boston. one project that's transforming a neighborhood while keeping pace with the past. >> new at 11:00, after the drawing which you can see live work at if lottery is just beginning behind the scenes happens next to learn if there is a winner here. first, a.b.c. world news. >> showing video of them apologizing, the major nor'easter on the way and powerball fever across the country. 85% chance someone will win. next. >> on chronicle at 7:30, find flank steak in a furniture store. get a fresh slice with your fill-up. >> or veg out on the waterfront.
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>> you don't want to miss this drawing life tonight right at the top of our 11:00 newscast. $1.5 approximately up for grabs. the powerball, got to get it before 10:00 tonight. >> it will be $2 billion if no one picks the numbers. $2 billion. >> wow. you don't have to worry about the snow this guy is talking
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