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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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southern california. >> uh-hu and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us >> breaking news right now, we have a winner. where the winning powerball jack pot tickets -- multiple tickets were sold. emily: also breaking, a fire erupts at a home in taunton. randy: and breaking overseas, a deadly terror attack in indonesia. cindy: it is 22 degrees.
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temperatures running in the teens through worcester county. we have lower 20' s showing up on the cape. clouds have snuck in through a lot of areas. these clouds will be with us for a while. these are going to try and hold together. about 8:00 this morning, nothing more than a flurry. especially from worcester hills out to the berkshires. i think the rest of us are dry. by lunchtime, those clouds than out. cloudy skies through the as we get into the afternoon. from the teens and 20' morning. freezing this afternoon. a quiet day overall.
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olessa: starting things off by the pike, it is quiet. north of town and into boston, some construction. one 28th, the construction in place. no problems on the pike. good shape heading down from new hampshire. randy: breaking overnight, there are at least three big powerball winners this morning. and, there was a celebration overnight at one store that sold a winning ticket. three states have winning tickets in that billion plus dollar drawing. emily: sadly, massachusetts is not one of them. quite a scene overnight. hundreds stormed the 7-eleven that sold one of those billion dollar tickets. lottery officials say florida and tennessee also claim winning tickets. last night, we got an inside look at exactly how they figure
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the jackpot. >> we can take the winning numbers, enter it into our system, start a program that searches all of the numbers for that draw. emily: inside that highly secure lottery data center in braintree technicians also hold a conference call with 43 other participating powerball states verifying the numbers. we don' t know who the million dollar winners are here in massachusetts yet. and, of course, everyone is waiting to meet the new billion dollar winners in california, florida and tennessee. also breaking, intense flames tear through a home in taunton. it happened around 1:00 this morning inside a multi-family home on pine street. one person did manage to escape. firefighters tell newscenter 5 nobody was hurt. randy: firefighters are investigating the cause of this fire in east boston. flames were quickly knocked down
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around midnight. boston fire tells us the arson squad was sent to the scene. no word on any injuries at this hour. breaking overseas, deadly explosions rock downtown jakarta followed by hours of gun , battles in the indonesian capital. details are still coming in at this hour. the eyeopener' s erika taranal is tracking new information as we get it. erika: authorities said they were finally in control after the hours-long siege. they believe it was isis inspired. it started with an explosion at a starbucks in jakarta. a gun battle and several more explosions followed. police say five attackers and two others were killed. just last month, antiterrorist police foiled a plot.
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any attackers got away. no group has claimed responsibility. the head of police suspects isis. saying that the attackers seemed to have copied what happened in paris. emily: other stories we' re following right now, the suspect in a deadly hit and run in boston will be in court today. melissa benedict of dorchester is accused of plowing into a construction worker on washington street yesterday. surveillance video shows a van speeding from the scene just after it happened. the victim' s name has not been released. randy: a suspect is in custody woman in italy. ashley olsen was found in her rented florence apartment on police say she' d been strangled with a cord or rope and had bruises and scratches on her neck. italian news agencies say a senegalese immigrant was detained based on dna evidence. olsen, a florida native, had been living in florence for 3 years. emily: no injuries after a commuter rail train slams into
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this happened last night on high street in medford. the lowell line was delayed up to 45 minutes last night, just after the rush hour commute. mbta police are investigating. right now, police are investigating the deadly shooting of a man in boston' s mission hill neighborhood. randy: the eye' s frank holland is at the scene right now with the bizarre details in this case. frank. frank: boston police say they were initially called here to 55 fenwood road for an unknown medical condition. that' s when they found the victim. police arrived just before 7:40 last night at the apartment complex, where they found the man, believed to be in his 30' s. officers immediately blocked off the street. police interviewed potentially -- potential witnesses, and recovered evidence for hours. investigators are keeping tight-lipped about the incident, but homicide detectives are involved. no word on any suspects or arrests. police tell us they' re awaiting a search warrant, to continue the investigation this morning. live in mission hill
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wcvb newscenter 5. randy: five investigates has weapons and some possible explosives in a home in ayer. several firearms were removed from the house on sandy pond road yesterday. the bomb squad also safely we' re told a man who lived in emily: a bad reaction to chandler jones to the hospital. sportscenter 5 contributor chris gasper confirms this information. and we could learn more about that health scare today. according to a police log, jones was listed as a walk-in medical emergency sunday morning. he had come from his foxborough town house, just down the road. jones was then taken to the hospital as an officer checked on his home, radioing in this --
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delta, just so you know. emily: a class d substance includes marijuana and other derivatives of it. jones has been practicing since monday morning. the foxborough town manager indicated that he may send out a press release on what they call a sensitive issue. more big changes coming to boston' s seaport district. randy: what the latest announcement from general electric means for city. the impeachment process gets underway for maine' s governor. the next steps some lawmakers are taking to get him out of office. erika? erika: breaking overnight, a deadly terror attack in indonesia. seven people were killed among them five attackers. we' ll bring you new information as we get it. plus, the record powerball jackpot has finally been won. not in new england, but we' ll tell you where. cindy? cindy: cloud cover around. you can see a here. spraining skies this afternoon.
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the playing field. with your help, as president,
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randy: one of the biggest to boston. general electric will soon call the seaport district home. excitement and growth of the hottest area of the city. emily: the multi-billion dollar company says it wants to be at the center of a digital ecosystem. it was also lured by tax incentives from the city and state, totaling nearly $150 million. but the move brings promise of a much larger infusion of money into the local economy. >> it will help the area bring business down here.
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companies will follow general electric' s lead. it' s unclear if g.e. will build its own tower, or move into one built by someone else. ahead on the eye, a big mistake during a news conference in rhode island. randy: the bizarre request that cost one woman her job. a major bust -- involving carrots? the discovery inside this batch
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randy: the sunshine was nice yesterday. we were talking about the fact we did not win the big lottery.
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yesterday was so windy. not going to be nearly as windy today. it is going to turn warmer tomorrow afternoon. as the storm comes in on saturday, talking mainly rain with this one. you can see, the year so far, boston, just over an interest no. typically, we have had over a foot at this point. we have not had much so far. typically we have had just over two feet by this point. we have been lagging behind. usually the wind is much
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it is cold, but the wind chill not as bruder -- not as brutal today. temperatures running in the teens and 20' s across the area. 22, boston. a blanket of clouds has snuck in. there is this area back to the west with flurries. these are very light. they are coming off a system new york state. you can see, not expecting a whole lot. skies will start to brighten him lunch and into the afternoon. partly sunny this afternoon. upper 20' s through worcester hills. tonight, we fall back into the 20'
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more clouds coming in over the overnight hours. mostly cloudy when you are waking up tomorrow. mild air will start to work tomorrow. it is this area of low pressure that will throw moisture and our direction. as it approaches, it will bring in mild air from the south and off the ocean. you can see the slug of rain coming in. our wettest period is the morning saturday through lunchtime. during the afternoon, it starts to pull away. there is a chance that this could end as a period of snow during the afternoon on saturday. we are drying out for the game at gillette. sunday night, there will be
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some models are trying to grade southeastern massachusetts with snow. behind it, cold stuff coming in for martin luther king day on monday. look at the temperatures, struggling to a high of about 20. olessa: a live look at the pike, eastbound moving to the top of the screen. the rest of your trip, not too bad. some road work 93 southbound. problem free trip so far west of town along the pike. making your way north from new hampshire, no far, the good. trains and buses, expected to start on schedule. randy: commitment 2016. a smaller group of republican presidential candidates takes the debate stage tonight. this will be the sixth national
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first of the new year. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich will take part in the main stage event. the debate, hosted by fox business news, kicks off at 9:00. emily: today, lawmakers in maine will start the process to impeach the state' s embattled governor. governor paul lepage is facing harsh criticism over racially-charged comments he made about out-of-state drug dealers and white women in his state. that was the latest in a string of controversial comments. this impeachment hearing, however, is focused on abuse of power in a totally different charge against lepage. discussions start in the house and would require a simple majority vote to launch an independent investigation. randy: a bill taking on opioid abuse is moving forward on beacon hill, but it does not include some controversial proposals. the house plan limits initial opiate prescriptions to a seven -day supply. it would not allow doctors
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drug treatment facilities for up to 72 hours if they' re considered an immediate danger to themselves. governor charlie baker wants to see that happen. the house and senate will now work to merge their two bills. emily: a vaccine warning for children in new hampshire. health officials say 800 kids were given vaccinations that may be no good. the vaccines for polio, hepatitis, measles and other diseases were administered at alice peck day memorial hospital in lebanon over a 14-month span that ended last october. the hospital now says the vaccines may have been improperly refrigerated. they won' t hurt anyone, but they may not work. the hospital will re-vaccinate the children for free. randy: after just over two years on the air, al jazeera america is shutting down. the station will stop operating in april. though it won awards, the news channel has been suffering from low ratings since its launch. some experts believe the
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jazeera media group is owned by the oil-rich government, qatar. emily: a check of your economy this morning. asian stocks sink across the board, following weakened oil prices and a dive on wall street. the dow plummeted 364 points yesterday, to close at 16,151. stock futures are higher. the springfield city council will tour the site for the mgm resort casino next week. the january 19 tour comes ahead of four public hearings this month, to review site plans and design changes for the project. some councilors and residents expressed concerns with the dramatic change of a 25-story hotel to a six-story hotel. emily: a check of your trending stories. a poor decision during a press conference. randy: it forced a cranston, rhode island, city worker to resign. that' s sue stenhouse at the microphone. she' s now the former director of the senior enrichment program. to her right is someone who is
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s actually a man that stenhouse asked to dress up like that to make the speech look better. stenhouse was promoting a program to help home-bound seniors during winter storms. emily: the ongoing search for the wreckage of malaysia airlines flight 370 has turned up something else -- a 19th century shipwreck. australian researchers found the wreck nearly three miles beneath the surface of the indian ocean. it' s believed to be either a steel or iron ship from the 1890' s. randy: u.s. border patrol agents stop some creative drug smugglers. they found 2500 pounds of marijuana hidden in a batch of fresh carrots. the drugs, wrapped in carrot-shaped packages. the canine team easily detected the pot on its way into the u.s. from mexico. scientists could be on the brink of a new tool to fight cancer. emily: the unlikely place where
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then, new on the eyeopener at 5:00 -- people are suing over this lip balm. the nasty side-effects they' re
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in the middle of a time r when senior poverty is increasing. republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea p for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. r we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." t as president, i will do everything i can r to extend the solvency of social security p and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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re following breaking news in your early news to go. randy: we have winners of that people were celebrating well into the night at a store just outside of los angeles, where one of those tickets was sold. two others sold in tennessee and florida. s a silver lining for
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here, one in charlestown, the other in east bridgewater. emily: breaking news overseas, deadly terror attack in seven people, including four attackers, were killed in downtown jakarta. witnesses say they heard an additional blast was heard , a shooting that lasted more than 2 hours. the fbi confirms this ambush on a police officer in philadelphia of terrorism. the officer was shot three times, but was not seriously hurt. police arrested edward archer, claiming he told detectives he was inspired by isis. the fbi previously said they were unsure if archer had any actual ties to the group. they' re looking into trips he made to saudi arabia and egypt. randy: a federal grand jury has indicted three people in armory theft. james morales, of cambridge, a former u.s. army reservist, is accused of breaking into the
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tyrone james and ashley bigsbee of dorchester are charged with possession of stolen weapons, and making false statements to federal agents. a new study shows a link between cheese and fighting cancer. researchers at the university of michigan say a preservative found in brie, cheddar, and other cheeses greatly reduced cancerous tumors in rats. but the quantity of the preservative needed is high. researchers say much more research is needed to see if humans will benefit. emily: the celtics steal the game from the pacers at the garden literally. here' s the first of four steals in just 2.5 minutes for the celtics last night. just seconds later, another and then another. celtics now up by one point when they picked the pocket a fourth time. celtics now up by three in the final minute. they end up winning 103-94.
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third period lead again. louis eriksson put the bruins up 2-1 early in the second period against the flyers last night. but in the third period philly managed to score twice in less than 1.5 minutes. bruins lose 3-2. randy: a treat hitting us right in the eyeopener sweet spot. bacon shot glasses. the smoky treat is wrapped around a chocolate lining with a filling of your choice. of course, then you eat your glass. next? all. to each their own. you can see, overall, having warmer than average days.
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yesterday was cold and windy. temperatures are in the teens and 20' s. it is a cold start, but thout those cold winds we had yesterday. we are going to sneak up to near the freezing mark. there will be a period of cloudiness. it will be noticeable. a couple of snow flurries trying to come at us from the west. a few flakes floating through the air. i do not expect accumulation out of this. once a goes through, we will see the temperatures come up near the freezing mark. there is wants over the south. moisture gathering over the gulf of mexico.
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