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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:26pm EST

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based on your happiness... that's real tate, redefine >> from boston' s news leader, this is newscenter 5 at noon. emily: good afternoon. erika: and i' here' s a look at some of the big stories making headlines right now. , killing at least four people. isis now claim responsibility. three winning powerball tickets in florida, tennessee and it is
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to $1 million tickets were sold right here in massachusetts. chandler jones' medical bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. the head coach sank his concern is only for his player help. kazakiewich was there for the he' s live at gillette stadium. reporter: it' surprise that coach belichick did not say much about the was reportedly using. the only surprise for today is that coach belichick himself out of the subject first thing this morning. >> first of all, to chandler situation, there is nothing more important to me personally than the health and well-being of our players, staff and support people in the organization. reporter: in typical fashion he offered no specific about chandler jones' medical emergency sunday morning.
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an adverse reaction to synthetic marijuana is what caused him to police headquarters for he arrived confused and seeking help. jones was taken to the hospital and released hours later. >> that is good to see from the patriots defense. reporter: he reported to work on time on monday it has not missed practice. at the press conference this morning he was asked if the situation will affect how the team uses chandler in the playoff game on sunday. the coaches answer, if you can call it that, is pretty much what you would expect. >> we will find out on saturday. i could just a xerox you a copy of the game planning to consider the kansas city. might be easier for all of us. reporter: it is important to note that the legality of synthetic marijuana in massachusetts. is ambiguous we also point out that chandler jones was not arrested. investigating a deadly shooting
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neighborhood. officers were initially called to an apartment on fenwood road condition when they found the victim. they immediately blocked off the interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence. still no identity on the victim or if any arrests have been made. hit and run in dorchester will be arraigned today. 34-year-old melissa benedict of dorchester is accused of plowing -- hitting a construction worker on washington street yesterday. surveillance video shows a van speeding from the scene just s name has not been released. new this noon, also due in court this new york man charged with animal cruelty. dominick donovan is accused of strangling two puppies, then dumping them behind a revere gas station in 2014. a second man, jason gentry, a dog trainer from lynn will be in for unlicensed operation of a dog kennel. didn' t win the powerball jackpot. but big celebrations in three
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states overnight where winners will be splitting that massive $1.5 billion prize. but some bay staters are getting a small piece of that pie. newscenter 5' s frank holland is live in charlestown to explain. frank? reporter: the people that about those million dollars winning tickets at his convenience store in charlestown are $1 million richer this morning. i think that' s a pretty good consolation prize. a lot of people agree. they are coming back here hoping to good fortune is contagious. it was not the $1.6 billion prize -- >> but it is exciting. reporter: one of two $1 million tickets sold came from this store in charlestown. >> i would be happy for him. quickly. >> i spent $10. reporter: many coming to reading their tickets and hoping some of the luck rubs off on them. powerball
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sales for the once in a drawing top $32 million. >> it was crazy because a lot of people are coming in and buying powerball over and over. the jackpot was going up. reporter: many believe the new millionaire is a neighbor, a friend or even a family member, at least they help. >> i' m hoping to send me down to florida. reporter: they will find plenty of suggestions on how to spend come back here. >> baby will give a little bit to charity. >> it would be enough for me to ticket. reporter: the winner will have to go to the lottery office in braintree to claim their prize. still no word on who that is. people here moving on to the next powerball drawing on saturday for $40 million.
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emily: live pictures of boston. some flurries this morning. re tracking another system ? mike: they are coming at us but not looking like big snow makers. erika: i am ok with that. mike: we had some snow this morning. a little bit of deck covering. let me show you what it looks like on the satellite picture. this really was kind of moving its way three quickly, except down to the south were hung on a little bit longer. most of that was out over the ocean. martha' s vineyard into a nice little plume of moisture. now it is over nantucket and winding down. it will be chilly today but it' s not a bad day. with the temperatures. right around 30-32 degrees for the high temperature. overall a pretty quiet day coming in our direction. first of all we have this system coming up on friday. it looks like we might start with a little snow inland of rain at the coast. in the like it will be a rain
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event. that will be moving in here sunday night in the monday. in a few minutes we will talk about the snow chances and what lies ahead. erika:owerful fire under investigation in tant uton. we are told one person did manage to escape. fortunately no one was hurt. still no word yet on a cause. another fire overnight in east boston. flames were quickly knocked down at the home of neptune circle around midnight. boston fire telling us the arson squad was sent to the scene. no word on any injuries at this hour. emily: to ayer where 5 investigates has learned police found dozens of weapons and some possible explosives in a home there. several firearms were removed from the house on sandy pond road yesterday. the bomb squad also safely we' re told a man who lived in the home is hospitalized. no word on whether charges will be filed.
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five gunmen attack a starbucks in jakarta overnight killing at least two people. right now those gunmen are dead and isis is claiming responsibility for the brazen assault that police say imitated the recent paris attacks. blown out windows, smoke billowing into the sky debris scattered across the busy downtown street of indonesia' s capital overnight. at least three suicide bombers detonated packs in a starbucks in jakarta while gunmen attacked a police station nearby. the death toll could be much higher. after the first explosion chaos erected in the popular shopping district of the capital that is embassies. attackers and anti-terror police squads for more than an hour while explosions and other parts of the city could be heard. police intently searching for other gunmen. tension seven high in indonesia
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overshadow older terrorist groups in this region. everyone has been on high alert since christmas. counterterrorism advisers say about 500 indonesians have joined isis in syria with other jihadi groups pledging support to isis caliphate. alert to all u.s. citizens in put. avoid the area until authorities figure out what is going on and isis now claiming responsibility for these attacks. despite if you are number of casualties, they are eerily similar to the attacks in paris they kill 130 people. commitment 2016 now. republican presidential hopefuls carolina. the sixth of the season. donald trump, ted cruz, marco
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rubio, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. the so-called undercard debate will be carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum. vermont senator bernie sanders -- returns to new hampshire today. he' ll hold a town hall meeting in hanover tonight as he gains momentum there. a new poll also suggests he' s gaining ground in iowa as well. hillary clinton has lost most of her lead there. she' s now just 2 percentage points ahead of sanders with less than 3 weeks to the february 1 caucuses. a quick check on wall street after stocks plunged 365 points yesterday in the worst drop since september. you can see right now stocks are up. a rescue in -- pulling a dog to safety this morning. vietnam veterans park. fire crews arrived and pulled the animal to safety. no word on where the dog is from but as you can see he is a and warm this noon. erika: an arrest in the murder
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of an american woman overseas. what we' re learning about the hours leading up to her death. emily: an apology from one of the u.s. sailors who drifted into iranian waters. but why the navy doesn' t necessarily believe it was genuine. mike: tracking to systems this weekend. one looks like rain and the other is a bit more challenging. i will show you what your snow chances are this weekend. erika: and the list is out. the films and actors with local ties scoring oscar nominations.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. emily: deadly wreck an on arizona highway. five people killed overnight when an suv flies off a phoenix overpass. police say the driver was going too fast along a curve on an off-ramp. the suv landed on its wheels before bursting into flames. an adult and four children are believed to be among the dead. the murder of american women in italy. ashley olsen' s boyfriend found her body on saturday. she had been strangled and her skull. to a 27-year-old suspect. they say they had consensual sex
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but then a second deadly turn. >> i can' t imagine what she went through. no one deserves to go through that. whoever did this to her, i hope they get what is coming to them. erika: the suspect is not been charged but police say he offered of extensive information about the crime overnight. an apology from a u.s. sailor repeatedly in iran. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. erika: 10 sailors drifted into iranian waters before being detained. they were quickly released but not before iran released video as they were taken into custody. is not clear the apology was made voluntarily or under duress. experts say it' s on -- up to the navy to ask when how this happened. >> it' s not that the iranian took them in the custody but
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small, lightly defended, lightly manned. had in these two books wind up inside iranian territorial waters? this is a question the navy has the answer. erika: the military says the authentically clearly staged. the entertainment industry mourning the loss of actor alan rickman. the british star died today after a battle with cancer. rickman is perhaps best known for his role as the villainous professor severus snape in the harry potter series. the 69-year-old had other die hard," " and " robin hood: prince of thieves." the list is out. the saga " the revenant" leads this year' s academy awards with 12 nominations. among the nominees for best actor, massachusetts native matt damon. and best picture " spotlight," exposing the church sex abuse crisis in boston. brandi hitt runs down the rest of the list.
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oscar nominations. mednax, fury road with 10. nominated for best picture. >> leonardo dicaprio. reporter: leonardo dicaprio is among the a-list groups of for best actor, including bryan cranston come in act and -- matt damon, that >> i' m scared. reporter: nominated for best to good morning america just a minute after the announcement. >> i' m shaking right now. i' m really confused. in my field. against cate blanchett, jennifer lawrence, and sears sharon and -- categories. reporter: white actors resenting
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this year. the blockbuster star wars also received five nods in technical categories. s host chris rock. summer surprised "straight out of compton" was n ' t nominated for best picture or ridley scott for "the martian." awards sunday, february 28 at 5. emily: parts of new york state getting slammed with more snow. up to eight inches of snow fell in areas around buffalo last night. the bulk of it falling in just a three-hour time span. another inch or so is expected there today before a weekend warm-up. a rare and impressive feat in the event the ocean today. tropical storm alex is now a hurricane. his the first atlantic hurricane to form in january since 1938.
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hurricane season runs from june 1 through november 30 so any hurricane in january is certainly significant and really rare. mike: very unusual. you see it right there. in the target to hurricane season will start with b name. let me show you what it looks like. it' s way out in the atlantic. the azores are close to it but it will be tracking its way really towards agreement more than anything else. if more of a disturbance in the ocean. 85 news 5 line --85 news 5 miles per hour winds. a little sunshine of it is a cold day. 27 degrees. southwesterly wind at about five miles per hour. it is cold if you step out. boston is a 27. you get it jeffrey and it' s only 21. worcester is 21 degrees right now. hyannis is at 30.
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we have a few places getting close to freezing. we will not get much more out of this today. we had a snow showers this morning. you see that plume of moisture. i was showing you it winding its way down at target. this guys are starting to clear away in the sunshine was great. you step out and it is chilly. the highs around 34 degrees with plenty of sunshine. then tonight some clouds start coming in. it will start that you will start to notice a southwesterly wind. the cloud cover whack like a blanket to keep us from getting so cold. overnight tonight it will be not nearly as cold as last night. about 22-26 degrees. we have rain in this forecast. this is friday morning at 8:00 a.m. there' s a leading edge of this warm front which is why have a lot of clouds around. the rainmaker is still done here. even as we head towards friday at 8:00 it has not gotten here. it warms up to around 40 degrees.
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a list northward and you can see what it does. interact enough warm air that we are talking about rain event. this looks like it will be more rain is we talk about friday and saturday. some areas north and west where he keep that cold air in place could be a few spots there that' s where it gets a little slippery. this is early saturday morning, 330 in the morning. sunlight showers coming up in the boston. if you' re an early riser on saturday, it' ll be pretty wet for you. notice out here a couple of areas where he could have mixed precipitation and freezing rain. does not take much to get things slippery. the rain is pretty much winding down. out to the west. eventually by about 6:00 or 7:00 it. we start your sunday with some sunshine. system coming in. how much rain? another one will reconfigure between one quarter and happening to rain -- to half an
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inch of rain. we had the clouds early this afternoon. temperatures around 40 degrees. speaking of saturday, worried up to the patriots game? about 35 degrees. gets colder. there could be a few flurries. bundle look if your going to the game on saturday afternoon or saturday night. on sunday we have any system coming up. this one is looking like it could form too far offshore. it' s limited moisture, pretty quick and moving in that direction. i do have some snow in the forecast for sunday night and monday. for right now it' s not looking like a very significant event. next week, chilly temperatures moving in. flat-out cold with some lows in the single digits. in will feel like winter but so far no big snow events in the forecast.
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chipotle reportedly ready to report it equally operate is over. erika: executives met with the cdc in there waiting word from the government. they are also embarking on a new marketing campaign to alert customers back. their stock plunged in the last three months after dozens of people in nine states got sick with e. coli. a separate virus incident sickened thousands. emily: does alzheimer' s have a smell? research says yes. a new study shows mice were able to detect differences between the smell of urine for normal mice and those that had been disease. that was the case even when the mice were not yet showing brain disease. researchers hope the findings could lead to test that could alzheimer' s in people. fascinating. erika: we know who' s up for oscar gold but what about those dreaded razzies?
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>> is the type of nomination that actors usually hope to avoid that this year'
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50 shades of grey has six nominations. adam sandler least list for worst actor. worst actress nominees include dakota johnson, jennifer lopez and gwyneth paltrow. academy award-winning actress there. mike: at least i did make it. --. i didn' t make it emily: you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. p the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. p what this campaign is about is to demand that we create r an economy that works for all of us r rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> hey, everybody. you' re invited to sit back and watch as our players today are faced with some of the most important decisions of their lives. 14 questions, 14 answers, and $1 million in the balance. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] hi, everybody. i' m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, let' s do it. a returning contestant who' s been trying to get on "millionaire" for years and has picked up some really odd jobs in the meantime. i got to find out what those are. will it help him today, though? he' s from skokie, illinois. please welcome back mitchell ost. [cheers and applause] what' s up, buddy?


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