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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. it' s friday january 15. i' m emily riemer. randy: i' m randy price. stories we' re following right now on the eyeopener. the patriots. the injury update for a star player. >> if he was two inches taller, he would' ve gotten in the way of the bullet. emily: lucky to be alive. the close call for a family in boston. randy: no holds barred on the debate stage. the political punches from republican candidates. emily: we will get to all of the stories. i want to check in with cindy. it do not feel bitterly cold this morning. cindy: temperatures aren' t so bad. it is in the upper 20' s in
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the winter light. spots running into the teens. s from the north shore down to the cape. 22 out in worcester. the reason, we have a bucket of cloud cover. these clouds are going to be with us for a good portion of the day. they are streaming before a warm frontal boundary. it is can be a mostly cloudy day but drive. this is -- cloudy day but dry. we may try and brighten up sometime in the temperatures, by lunchtime come into the mid-30' s. we make a run toward 40 degrees this afternoon. not as cold on your friday. much more on the storm coming up. let judge the roads. good morning olessa. olessa: starting things off at the pike. both directions it is good to the maps.
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early this morning. 93 southbound over by the bridge is once again at the expressway on columbia road. so far, we are expecting buses and trains to start on schedule. emily: making overnight, -- breaking overnight, investigators are trying to figure out what caused this deadly bus crash in japan. at least 14 people were killed 27 more hurt after the bus driver lost control on a ski trip. the bus slid down a mountain. 41 people were on board. randy: right now a beverly man is preparing to head back to court today on charges he killed his wife. police say axel scherer confessed to choking edith black scherer in her home in november. she later died from her injuries. emily: a methuen school is shut down this morning due to a nasty stomach virus outbreak. more than 200 students and staff at the timony grammar school calling out sick yesterday. classes were cancelled today so that the school can be scrubbed down over the weekend. randy: right now new concerns
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one day away from a must-win game. emily: the question, is gronk ready to go? there is a lot on the line this morning. the eyeopener' s frank holland is live at gillette stadium with what we know. frank: we know that rob gronkowski has now missed two practices this week. and we know it' s not just because of his knee. a lot of concern and patriots nation. gronk was a no-show again thursday in foxborough. initially the practice report cited that knee issue he bruised a bone and sprained it during a tough play against the broncos on november 29. and he reportedly did receive treatment at a boston hospital yesterday. but the report was amended last night to include gronk' s back as the reason for his absence. gronk has had two back surgeries since college the most recent in 2013. the back issue only adding to concerns about his health and his readiness for tomorrow' s must-win showdown against the we are meant to bring you in
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live in foxborough frank , holland, newscenter 5. emily: this morning there are still questions about how police handled an incident involving another patriots star. foxborough' s town manager is staying tight-lipped about chandler jones' medical emergency. there are still glaring holes in those documents as police redacted large portions of their report. jones was half-naked sunday night and had reportedly taken synthetic marijuana. police say without warning or provocation, jones abruptly got down on his knees and placed his hands behind his head. it was like he was trying to surrender. yesterday the defensive end apologized. >> i made a stupid mistake this weekend. i want to apologize to the fans. emily: there is a surveillance camera outside the police station but that video has not been released. jones says he' s just focused on tomorrow'
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>> i think god. there is no way we should be alive. randy: a stray bullet narrowly missing a mother and her young son in boston. the gunman who fire the shot has -- who fired the shot has not been found. our todd kazakiewich is in boston right now with that close call in the dorchester neighborhood. todd: a very close call. the mother of five says she took a wrong turn on her way home to brockton and was shot at three times. this happened on geneva avenue in dorchester. amber castadena says one bullet whizzed by her 6-year-old son' s head and just missed her ear. you can see the damage to her suv. this morning she' s counting her blessings. >> i bought myself a powerball. i did not win. i won my life and i want my sons life. that is a lot more lucky than
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todd: amber' s boyfriend was also riding in the car at the time. thankfully nobody was hurt. police say a parked car was struck in the shooting as well. they' re now looking for suspects. reporting live in boston, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: commitment 2016. the gloves come off between donald trump and ted cruz at the republican presidential debate as the polls get tighter. the eye' s antoinette antonio is here with the political fireworks. antoinette: the polls are getting tighter. iowa and new hampshire are just weeks away and that means the gop candidates are not holding back. ted cruz hitting donald trump for his for less conservative policies. trump firing back with questions about cruz' s citizenship saying he might not be eligible to be president because he was born in canada. >> i win. i choose them as my advice presidential candidate. the democrat , because we cannot take him along for the ride. emily: -- antoinette: that drew some boos from the crowd. there was talk about the economy some talk about syrian refugees
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jeb bush spoke to the republican party as a whole pushing for perspective. >> everybody' s record is going be scrutinized. we need to unite behind the winner so that we can defeat hillary clinton because she is a disaster. antoinette: the republicans go at it again on january 28 in iowa just before the caucuses. the democrats this sunday in south carolina. emily: three republican candidates will be sharing one new hampshire town today. jeb bush will hold a town hall event in hollis. at the same time rand paul will hold his own event there. carly fiorina will also stop in hollis before moving on to milford. democrat bernie sanders will expand his massachusetts operation tomorrow. he' s opening a campaign office in worcester. the location on park avenue has been used by other candidates in the past, including martha coakley. it is 4:37. new moves for general electric overseas. randy: the deal the company announced overnight.
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>> i don' t believe she did make it out. randy: a southbridge teenager killed in an icy crash. the simple mistake that cost the girl her life. emily: demanding an apology. the accusations against an uber driver who left a pregnant woman stranded. cindy: 40 degrees. that is what we will be close to
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. p the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. p what this campaign is about is to demand that we create r an economy that works for all of us r rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week
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you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. randy: a small massachusetts town is coping with tragedy this morning. emily: they' re mourning the loss of a southbridge teenager after a deadly mistake. that teenager was killed when the car in which she was a passenger sank into an icy pond tuesday night at bigelow hollow state park in union connecticut.
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a friend with the girl says the water looked like a big parking lot. the thin ice gave way and the car slipped quickly. three teenagers made it out. 18-year-old emily blouin was not so lucky. click' s all the doors were locked. i cannot open up the back hatch. i was trying to. i did not have anything to break a window or do anything. emily: the teens who survived are being treated for frostbite and hypothermia. still ahead, gay marriage causes a major divide for an entire american church. randy: the decision to sit -- the decision suspended.
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>> there is nothing dramatic. >> no there isn' t. you guys said you noticed it too. this is the difference between yesterday morning and right now. it is 10 degrees warmer. not as cold out the door. we are finding the single digits or teens. it is mostly in the 20' s. 29 in boston. the reason for this? we' ve got clouds overhead. we are not good to see a ton of sunshine. it is going to be a mostly cloudy day. clouds are streaming off a warm frontal boundary off to our west. it is bringing in warmer temperatures.
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what i am watching, this storm coming out of the gulf of mexico. it is going to move in after midnight. if you have plans, they should rain. you get into some of the higher regions, there could be some mixing with wet snow. this is primarily a rain event. patriots game. start. we had up into the mid-30' s by lunchtime. clouds may try to thin out weekly. overall, a cloudy day. 39, boston. 37 in worcester. tonight we are going to hold mostly in the 30' s. notice the temperature around nashua and concord. this area west of 495, very close to the freezing mark. when that rain moves in, they could be a patch of freezing rain associated with it. let me step you through the
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clouds increased tonight. rain moves in after midnight. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, it is raining over the entire area. there could be just a touch of overall, still looking for heavier downpours. is good to shut off. during the afternoon, we are drying things out. that is going to be the case for the patriots game. kickoff is at 4:30. in terms of how much rain, it looks like about .5 inch to possibly an inch for the coast line. south easton massachusetts going to see the most rain -- southeastern massachusetts going to see the most rain. the way the jet stream is set up, we' ve got the northern branch separate from the southern stream did these are not phasing. as we head toward sunday night, there is going to be a northern
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this may be just enough to produce snow showers. a coating to a couple of inches the martin luther king day morning. we are talking about high degrees. single digits. the when will be blowing. -- the wind will be blowing. emily: i guess we are improving. olessa: a live look at the pike. eastbound heading to the bottom of the screen did let' s get over to the map. your ride is fairly pleasant. some construction that remains on 93 southbound. roadwork on the expressway. on the ramp to columbia road. the of town, you are doing ok. roadwork on 128 by 95. no troubles on
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new hampshire. we are expecting the trains and buses to start on schedule. s wampanoag tribe. overnight they achieved federal status. the u.s. department of interior posted the tribe' s reservation proclamation on the federal register. the move is a key step for the tribe to advance its casino plans in taunton. emily: thousands of mbta riders will receive refunds after being yesterday the t' s paybyphone app users were automatically charged for a second day of parking. a glitch in the app' s software update is being blamed for the mistake. more than 8,000 users will be reimbursed. new overnight general electric announces a new deal to sell its appliance business to china' s haier group. that deal worth more than five alien dollars. -- more than $5 billion. general electric making the change after announcing this week that it is moving its headquarters to boston from
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your economy headlines this friday morning asian stocks fell overnight amid rising concerns over china' s private sector. wall street will be watching for new retail sales numbers today. right now stock futures are plunging, down more than 250 points. randy: an elite wall street bank is shelling out big bucks to clean up its role in the housing bubble crisis. goldman sachs is accused of cobbling together home mortgage securities it knew would fail , then selling them to unsuspecting investors between 2005 and 2007. the bank will pay $5 billion in the settlement with regulators. $1.8 billion will go toward consumer relief. it looks like the federal government wants to get involved in driverless car research. the obama administration is proposing to spend nearly $4 billion in a decade to accelerate the projects. the plan ames -- the plan aims
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and policies for the futuristic cars and get them on the road faster. the move would require congressional approval. emily: trending this morning severe punishment handed down by leaders of a major church. yesterday archbishops with the global anglican communion voted to suspend the entire american episcopal church for 3 years over its acceptance of same-sex marriage. the church says the decision has caused mistrust in the denomination. nearly 2 million american episcopalians will be dismissed to non-voting observer status within their communion. randy: a new mother taking issue with uber after a driver left her on the sidewalk while she was in labor. then charged her. driver wouldn' t take them because the woman got sick on the sidewalk. for lost time. the couple did get to the hospital using a separate uber and has been refunded. they now want uber to apologize. dinosaur is now on display at new york'
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natural history. big it tops the museum' s model of a blue whale by about 30 feet. the mystery dinosaur was dug up in argentina in 2014. despite its threatening look the , massive dinosaur was an herbivore. it will be unveiled to the public today. a false alarm in california over the powerball. employees at this nursing home wednesday night' s $1.6 billion jackpot. but it was a mistake. s family says there was confusion over the ticket. as of right now we do not know the 3 winners in florida , tennessee in california but we do know two winners here in massachusetts who were just one number away from winning it all. randy: robert dole of east bridgewater claimed his million dollar prize yesterday. here he is with his wife.
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was sold at the 777 convenience store in charlestown. keith bauer and his wife sara plan to pay off student loans and help their parents. randy: planned parenthood launching a new lawsuit. emily: the steps the organization is taking amid heated debate in washington. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. the free apps that can help get track. >> weekdays at 4:30 come i bring
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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randy: the morning. 4:54. time for your early news to go. emily: trouble for the patriots ahead of their first playoff game tomorrow. rob gronkowski was a no-show at practice again yesterday. initially the practice report cited a knee issue. but that was amended last night
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back. the tight end has had two back surgeries since college most recently in 2013. the team hoping he' ll be ready for kickoff tomorrow against the chiefs at 4:35. randy: a dog trainer in lynn heads to court today on animal cruelty charges. jason gentry is charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty in connection with the discovery of two dead donovan pinscher puppies at a gas station in revere last year. his co-defendant dominick donovan was arraigned on similar charges yesterday. emily: the woman charged in a deadly hit-and-run in dorchester appears before a judge. melissa benedict hid her face in court yesterday. she' s accused of hitting a construction worker as he crossed washington street wednesday morning. queshon ivy was killed. the prosecutor says benedict told police she was adjusting the heat and pulling down the visor of her vehicle when she heard a big boom. bill cosby' s wife is fighting a worcester judge' s order that she be deposed in a defamation suit against her husband.
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s attorney argues she can' t be forced to give testimony about private conversations with her husband. the lawsuit claims mrs. cosby should have to answer questions even if her testimony could not be used at a trial. randy: a middle school employee in belchertown is on leave after bringing a gun into the building. the superintendent says a guidance counselor brought the handgun into chestnut hill community school on wednesday to ask another employee how to clean it. students were ordered to shelter in place and police took the gun. the school did not inform parents what happened until the next day. emily: a judge has released surveillance video in the deadly 2013 police shooting of an unarmed black teenager in chicago. the video shows 17-year-old cedrick chatman running from police after an alleged carjacking. an officer opens fire hitting chatman four times. the officer says he saw the teen turn with a dark object in his hand which turned out to be a cell phone cover.
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city and two police officers. randy: planned parenthood files a lawsuit against anti-abortion activists who secretly taped meetings with organization officials. the non-profit claims the videos which show officials talking about the sale of fetal tissue were heavily edited. the videos sparked a firestorm in washington about de-funding the organization. the center for medical progress is accused of lying in order to get into the meetings and then illegally recording them. emily: a navigation error led american sailors into iranian waters. a mechanical issue was previously blamed. defense secretary ash carter says it' s unclear if the crew made the mistake or the equipment. iran detained the 10 americans when their boats crossed into its territory in the persian gulf on tuesday. they were released the next morning. a beautiful sight in london. 30 international artists help illuminate streets and buildings in the city' s biggest ever light
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for four nights lumiere london brings 3d projections and interactive projects to life throughout all corners of the city. . randy: very unique. we are at the weekend. cindy: here we are at january. i am showing you the names of 2016 atlanta hurricane season which starts june 1. it is january, but we are talking about this. over the last couple of days, i have been watching alex form. alex is a hurricane. very unusual. here we are, just to give you perspective here and we have to fly far to the east. this is africa. this is alex. it was a category one hurricane . winds over 80 miles power. it is moving toward the azores right now.
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this is actually going to continue northward into far northern atlantic, losing tropical characteristics. for us, it is going to be a mostly cloudy day. not nearly as cold as it has been. temperatures either side of 40 degrees. today, i think we are in the upper 30' s to 40 in boston. d.c., and the 60' s. we have a storm gathering moisture in the gulf of mexico. the storm is good to make a run up the coast. going to bring milder air to the south. we are talking rain and not snow. you can see here on the timing, as the storm comes off the coast, it is mainly rain here in southern new england. there will be some snow across ski country. the highest elevation out toward the berkshires, maybe a couple of what snowflakes.
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