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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb news 5. antoinette: the police chief is answering questions about chandler jones. but first, we want to get to the forecast. a winter storm is headed our way. a this one is going to be more wet than white.
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you can see that florida. that is our storm. that moisture is lifting north and it' s still a good distance away. we' ve got some time before it gets here. it looks like rain. it' s not going to get here until after midnight. there will be some snow out of this in ski country. this is going to be in and out pretty quickly. look a much warmer it is to our south. in the meantime, we' ve got a fair amount of clouds out there. plymouth down to the tape we are in the 30' s. it is below freezing in worcester. notice how we pick up a little
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around 40 degrees in boston. that will not be the case everywhere. side of 495, it may be cold enough for that ring for use on contact. the police chiefs of foxboro is talking about that incident at his police station involving chandler jones. frank is live in foxborough with the comments you will only see on 5. chief. he maintains the incident was a medical emergency. know. >> at this point, there is no case. only on 5 this morning about the incident involving chandler jones. the department released a redacted report.
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>> those are the media' s words. that is pushing that. it' with. we are not allowed to release his medical condition. frank: he had a bad reaction to morning. he came to the police department looking for help. >> have you seen the video? i have not. frank: the individual abruptly got on his knees and placed his hands behind his head, like he was trying to surrender. this weekend. frank: requested the video to see likely what happened. the chief says if the video will be made
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he denies it has anything to do patriot. >> people have certain rights and we want to protect the rights of mr. jones. frank: back out here live, the game tomorrow. eventually, he will see if he video. antoinette: thank you. there are new concerns about the health of rob gronkowski. last night, the patriots change their injury report to add his back to his list of issues. he has missed practice twice this week. he has a long list of issues with his back. he also sprained his knee in november against the broncos. investors are seeing a lot of
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and the dow is down 381. at one and it was down more than 400 points. a dramatic drop in oil prices are to blame. we will keep an i on the markets and keep you up to date with any significant changes. we' re following breaking news in hawaii. rescuers are searching for survivors after two helicopters collided. 12 the wrong port them when they went down. there is no word on what caused the collision or if survivors have been found. we will bring you information as it comes in. close call for a family in dorchester. a mother took a wrong turn on her way home and she was shot at three times. this happened yesterday on geneva avenue. one bullet whiz by her six-year-old had. it just missed her air.
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she is counting her blessings. >> i bought myself a powerball. i won my life and my son' s life. >> appointment was in the car and thankfully nobody i cat is recovering after being shot and run over by a car. the cap is called dempsey because of his fighting spirit. he was found in the side of the road and he was brought to a clinic for critically injured animals did --. the cap is recovering well. this is being investigated as a case of animal abuse. a dog trainer is in court facing animal cruelty charges but he is charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty with the discovery of two dead doberman pinscher
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a teacher in west oil than is off the job. there is an investigation at the middle high school. investigation. the teacher in that student have been interviewed by police. they are trying to get a want to s computer. the teacher has been moved from the school and will not have contact with students and a school or shut down because of a stomach virus outbreak. more than 200 students and staff at the grammar school called out sick yesterday. classes were canceled today. the school will scrub down over the weekend. a mistake has one town coping with tragedy. a teenager was killed when a car
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she pulled into the state park on what looked like a big parking lot. it was bigelow pond. the thin ice a way in the car sank. three teenagers made it out, but emily did not. >> all the doors were locked. i could not open the hatch. i did not have anything to break a window or do anything. antoinette: they are being hypothermia. bill cosby' s wife is fighting a filing last night, she argued she cannot be forced to give testimony about private conversations with her husband. lawyers claim she should have to answer questions, even if the
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it is official for the tribe. they achieved federal status. the department of interior posted the proclamation on the federal register. this is key for the tribe to advance its casino plans. next week, state lawmakers will take the basel to ban drivers from holding electronic devices while driving. texting and driving is already banned. one supporter called the initial law half-baked. debate is set for thursday. thousands of writers will receive refunds after being charged double for parking. it automatically charge for a second day of parking. a glitch in the app software is blamed for the mistake. they recognize that some customers would not be returning to use those parking facilities today.
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the financial strains on a local challenge are growing. all the medical equipment he needs is sending the electric bill skyhigh. a new friend is making a generous offer to help offset those costs. installing solar will the brakes on a meter which revolves at a dizzying pace. >> he has no ability to regulate his temperature. we run heating and air-conditioning constantly. this requires machines that draw a lot of electricity. a home and caregivers are on hand. the electric bill sometimes it' s $1000 a month.
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>> it was ripe for the ice bucket challenge went viral. >> they decided to help. they donated their top-of-the-line solar array to harness the sun and reduce their electricity bill to be much zero. >> once we understood the culture and the philosophy, we were overwhelmed with gratitude. >> we want to support those who inspire us. they have inspired the world. >> for them to identify that this utility costs is a is amazing. antoinette: tough talk and fiery exchanges at the republican debate. the candidates classes are getting attention. popular restaurant chain is working to regain the trust of the public.
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cindy: the storm i am tracking will be mainly rain locally. we could see some snow and bitter cold. that' s in the forecast. antoinette: the life-saving
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. p the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. p what this campaign is about is to demand that we create r an economy that works for all of us r rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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at noon. antoinette: was a deadly -- there was a deadly bus crash in japan after it lost control on a ski trip. 41 people were on board. blamed for putting american sailors into iranian waters. s unclear if the crew made the mistake or if navigational equipment is to blame. iranian forces americans when their boats tuesday. they were released and are back with their fleet. the gloves
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the rivalry between the two leading candidates got tense during the debate. trail, claiming victory. >> last night we had t debate. did everybody see the debate? born ted cruz. >> there is a big? question mark on your head. >> in september, donald said he had his lawyers look at this and there was no issue. the constitution hasn' t changed. but the poll numbers have. >> when crews -- ted cruz criticized trumps new york values, trump fired back. >> the values in new york city are socially liberal.
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came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, organic -- more humanely. >> it was a defining moment. >> his response to the new york use attack was so effect it. ted cruz was actually applauding him. >> others had to cut in for a share of the time. seem to take special pleasure in attacking jeb bush. lindsey graham has just endorsed jeb bush. antoinette: three republican candidates will be sharing one new hampshire town. jeb bush will have a town hall event at the same time rand paul hall in the same community. carly fiorina will make a stop
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bernie sanders will officially expand his massachusetts operation. he is opening up an office in worcester, the location on park avenue that has been used in the past four other candidates. we are normally talking about snow this time of year it --. cindy: this is our topical -- tropical satellite imagery. this is hurricane season in the atlantic. a rare thing happened and a hurricane formed in the atlantic in january. s happened since 1938. it' s very far away from us. just the fact that it' s out there is pretty incredible. fortunately, it' way. this moving through florida and into the carolinas, that is s what' s
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out there. warm front. as it pushes him, it will result in cloudiness through the morning hours. they have thinned out a little bit. you can see how they thinned and are stirring to fill back in again. we are getting some bright spots s mostly great. -- gray. it' s above freezing with light wind. that' s a far cry from where we were just a couple of days ago. the trend is for the temperatures to keep going up. it' s close to 40 degrees. it is north and west of the city freezing mark. this is the area right here that
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we go into the overnight hours. could be critical. you were sitting at 34 degrees. its mid-30' s north and s over southeastern massachusetts. bottom out tonight. 20' s to around 30 degrees. north and west of 495, as the rain comes in it, it could freeze on contract. some of that may freeze on contact outside of 495. you can see how light the precipitation is initially. any plans you have this evening should be dry with no issues. look at how quickly the rain fills in. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, it is rain in most areas.
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enough, there could be some snow mixed in. most of us. s beginning to lift offshore. the afternoon. the bulk of the snow will be parts of maine. snow. in the higher elevations, this in the highest elevations. it' s a half an inch or closer to an inch for rainfall. most rain. it' s going to wind down at the field. there might be some lingering drizzle during tailgating, but it should end by the time the game starts. best day of the week. we' re not looking for big storms.
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this will be offshore. i don' t think there are any big threats in the future. we will look at an arctic front blast through late sunday night into early monday. we could get some snow showers and squalls that could produce up to a couple of inches of snow on monday. behind that front, a cold front comes in. the windchill is going to be below zero. we have some serious cold on the way next week. antoinette: chipotle will close all of its stores next month, day. employees safety. meeting. they have been in the hot seat
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outbreaks, including e calais -- e. coli and salmonella. dozens of bc students were sick. there is a huge discount prime membership. subscription fee will drop from $99 to $73. the motion starts tonight on amazon and ends on sunday. only new customers can take advantage of the deal. they are celebrating the two and globe wins for one of its original shows. it will be free to anyone who wants to watch this weekend. a stranded sea turtle to a dog. the giant newfoundland dog was walking with her owners amidst the seaweed and other debris she spotted this 40 pound sea turtle.
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say with temperatures in the 20' s, the server -- turtle would not have survived. it will be named in honor of the dog. a powerball pick has a nurse furious. the reason she thought she one and the fallout right now. everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less.
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antoinette: a nurse in california thought she one the --. they were celebrating the news. her son called her at work. he made up the whole thing. she was not really a winner. it'
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