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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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stents are homess which is why they were picked up in a different town. the director of communications for brockton schools confirmed to the accident happened this morning while the students were on the way to be dropped off at brockton high. she said the crash was minor. fortunately, neither of the students were hurt but when police got there, they arrested the driver for being under the influence. she believes the school had a long-standing business relationship with the transportation company, but there is a zero-tolerance policy and the contract was immediately terminated. police are not releasing any more information about the crash yet. the driver' s name or whether he or she will face any additional charges. i' m juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: the dow ending the week down more than 390 points. oil prices driving the plummet. at one point, the dow was down more than 500 points. the dow and s&p 500 have fallen 8% this year while the nasdaq is
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the foxboro police chief is answering questions about the chandler jones investigation. phil: newscenter 5' s sera congi is live in foxborough tonight. sera? sera: this is the first time we are hearing from the police chief since the incident on sunday. he is defending the department' s actions and he says any talk of a cover-up is being driven by the media. >> a lot of scrutiny on this department about a cover-up potentially. >> those are the media' s words. sera: foxboro police chief ed o' leary refuting any criticism of a cover-up over the incident with chandler jones. >> we' ve been very open. we have provided the media with a report of what happened, a timeline of what happened. at this point, there is no case. sera: sunday morning, the defensive end allegedly showed up at the back lot of the police department shirtless and in sweatpants. police say he fell to his knees and put his hands behind his
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officers had him transported to the hospital. after pressure from the media, a redacted police report was released to the public. >> anything that' s been redacted dealt with his medical condition that we' re not allowed to release. people have certain rights under the law and we want to make sure we protect the rights of mr. jones. >> i want to apologize to all the fans. sera: yesterday, jones addressed the incident, but did not say whether he took any drugs. >> i made a pretty stupid mistake this weekend. right now, my main focus is being the best player i could be. sera: the are several surveillance cameras around the building. newscenter 5 has requested the video from the cameras in the parking lot. the chief of police says he is taking it under consideration
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on the field, the patriots are dealing with major injury concerns. bob is live at gillette stadium with an update on rob gronkowski' s availability against the chiefs. bob: the patriots have 12 players listed as questionable for tomorrow and one of them is rob gronkowski. he was limited again at practice today with knee and back issues. edelman, hightower, volmer, and in amendola questionable and expected to play. it is worrisome to have so many guys dinged up as the patriots repaired to play the team that rolled over them a year ago and has won 11 straight into this game. the patriots stumbling and limping into the playoffs and knowing the need to play the best game in months. >> they have played really well of late. we didn' t play very well. we can hopefully flip the
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>> it is the opportunity we have. it will take a great effort. they have a lot of good players. great front, great group of linebackers. bob: patriots fans have been hearing a lot about jeremy maclin. he is the best offensive threat. he didn' t practice at all this week with a knee injury and also s game. it is the playoffs after all. 6:00. bob halloran, wcvb sportscenter 5. phil: thank you. it is 38 degrees right now. j.c.: that is better than yesterday. harvey: better than what we will probably see. j.c.: we know you are watching a storm up the coast. what does that mean? harvey: a variety of things depending on location. it will begin after midnight tonight and and before noon tomorrow. the reason is primarily because it may be freezing drizzle later
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the other reason is for the worcester hills and the berkshires especially, those are the places that have the best chance to get a few inches of heavy wet snow out of this. what we are talking about is the storm that will be going up the coast very quickly over the next 18 hours or so. around midnight, the rain is approaching. wee hours of the morning, it is moving in. this is heavy rain and that is a mix from the worcester hills to the berkshires. that is the story into tomorrow morning. it continues that way into midmorning. cold air late in the storm might make this move east somewhat before the heavy precipitation exit. s. it may end as a mix in eastern gone. conditions. i want to give you an idea that there will be a few inches of to get that would be the berkshires and the worcester hills but they also -- they can
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j.c.: newscenter 5' s coverage of the opioid crisis continues. a call for action in brockton where police have responded to more than three dozen overdoses in the past couple of days. newscenter 5' s jorge quiroga is live in brockton tonight. jorge? jorge: even in a city that last year saw 123 overdose deaths, the last few days are setting a real record. of you don' t have to go far in brockton to see the opioid epidemic up close. this was the scene in broad daylight today. another heroin overdose makes it 25 od' s in just 48 hours. have you ever seen as many calls for od' s? >> not that i can remember. like i said we have had many , busy days in past, but not for particular overdoses. jorge: a particular toxic batch of heroin keeping emergency crews scrambling. yesterday, they even got a 911 from an mbta commuter train with two od' s on board. >> it'
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sometimes multiple people at once. more tragic if it weren' t for narcan, the life-saver drug carried by all first responders in the city. >> and it' s saved numerous lives we have been so busy, but on a daily basis. s new outreach all the more modeled after gloucester' s to any addict who asks for help, no questions asked. but unique to brockton, its so-called champion program will also include firehouses as a safe haven for addicts. >> the champion plan will be very proactive and make it easy for someone to raise their hand, ask for help, walk in and ask for help without worry about being arrested. jorge: the number of overdoses now at 40 over the past few days. the mayor says the city is about a month away from rolling out its new program. not a day too soon.
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wcvb newscenter 5. phil: right now, state police are investigating several bomb threats called in to area schools. sky 5 in weymouth where the abigail adams and maria weston chapman schools were both evacuated today. similar threats were made at b.c. high in dorchester, falmouth high and at arlington catholic high school. the state police bomb squad assisted local police departments in sweeping the schools. no suspicious items were found. investigators are now trying to turn their attention to figure out who phoned in the threats. j.c.: a dog trainer charged with animal cruelty connected to the discovery of two dead puppies has pleaded not guilty. jason gentry was in court today and was ordered to stay away from animals. the puppies were found at a gas station in revere last year. investigators say they died after they were hung from their collars. gentry' s co-defendent dominick donovan pleaded not guilty to similar charges yesterday. a driver crashed in a new
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the yoga collaborative has only been open for two weeks, but now has a smashed front window. police have not said why the driver lost control. the studio will still be holding classes this weekend at a nearby art center. commitment 2016 -- the gop candidates are back on the campaign trail repeating many of their attacks in last night' s heated debate. newscenter 5' s ed harding has more. ed? ed: with just 17 days to go until the iowa caucuses, front-runner donald trump is feeling even more confident about his chances to win the gop nomination. a new type of campaigning for donald trump. mr. trump: i like the pizza. ed: the billionaire making his second attempt at retail politics, talking with reporters at a pizza shop. mr. trump: i have one every poll. ed:: he is still slamming ted cruz for being born in candidate and says he should not be qualified. mr. trump: he cannot run if there is a doubt.
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donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue. the constitution has not changed. but, the poll numbers have. ed: the issue is not going away. a houston trial lawyer is filing a lawsuit to decide the matter. after trump' s fierce attack on jeb bush last night -- .mr. trump: we don' t need a weak person to be president. ed: bush is getting revenge with a highly sought endorsement of south carolina senator lindsey graham. >> are you going to support someone with a record to fix it or are you going to basically follow the so-called strongmen? ed: trump is getting unexpected support after cruz attacked him for having new york values. hillary clinton and new york mayor bill de blasio agree with trump that those values are admirable. phil: thank you. a horrible crash to tell you about off the hawaiian islands. j.c.: a pair of marine heliciopters collide.
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for the latest on the investigation. phil: plus, the potential punishment that could soon be handed down in connection with that anthrax scare at an army lab. j.c.: an alert for consumers using self-serve pumps. the breach being reported at
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winter is hard on your nose. r from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better pso you can face winter happily. t a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. p and try puffs softpack today. announcer: you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. phil: the search is on for a dozen marines off the coast of hawaii. their helicopters collided late last night during a training mission. newscenter 5' s aixa diaz is live and following developments for us. aixa?
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the search for these marines. two helicopters collided during a nighttime training mission off the hawaiian island of oahu. each aircraft was carrying six crew members. officials have identified a degree area that covers two miles. right now, rescuers are searching choppy waters looking for any signs. they still have not been able to find any of those 12 crew members. forecasters are warning of an upcoming approaching swell that will be bringing dangerously high waves near the rescue operation. live i n washington, aixa diaz. j.c.: it wasn' t a mechanical problem after all. a navigation error is now being blamed for putting american sailors into iranian waters. defense secretary ash carter says it' s unclear if the crew made the mistake or if equipment is to blame. iranian forces detained the 10 americans when their boats
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in the persian gulf on tuesday. they were released the next morning and are back with their fleet. the u.s. will wait to suspend economic sanctions against iran. the white house announced today iran' s compliance with the nuclear deal. white house spokesman josh earnest says iran will not receive any sanctions relief energy agency has verified all the u.s. wants to be sure iran doesn' t cut any corners. phil: the american artist killed in italy was laid to rest today. ashley olsen' s funeral was held in florence where she was found dead in her apartment last saturday. friends and family members gathered inside the santo spirito basilica to say their goodbyes to the 35-year-old. a senegalese man has been arrested in connection with her murder. alex has weakened to a tropical storm tonight. nasa providing this satellite image of the storm when it first reached hurricane strength. this was only the fourth time forecasters have recorded such a
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since they started keeping track in 1851. j.c.: it is so remarkable. it has been so long since we have had a january hurricane that is now a tropical storm. you were just saying it is still strong even in the colder waters. harvey: it will convert into a tropical storm but still very potent. they experienced a category one hurricane. j.c.: mother nature again. harvey: if you live long enough, you see everything. let' s talk about our own storm coming up. it will be a quick mover. it will have an impact. it will start after midnight and for most of us this will be a rainstorm. there is a little period of borderline freezing rain in the areas to the north and west. higher elevations have the best chance of changing over to heavy wet snow for a couple of hours. that could be the berkshires and maybe the worcester hills. later in the storm, maybe
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it is still precipitating heavily, it could get into eastern massachusetts before it quits. when it gets lighter, it will go back to rain. it will be over before the patriots game. tomorrow morning, you will say i know it will end before the patriots game but it is not look that way. it will. we do have a winter weather advisory north and west of route 128. that will last until noon tomorrow. for most of the area, it is the period of freezing drizzle and light freezing rain in the wee hours of the morning. but, for the berkshires and worcester hills, there is the potential for some inches of snow. just in case there is a quick burst of snow late in the storm, i' m putting in there could be up to an inch. that is a possibility even in the lower elevations east of worcester. this would be the hilly terrain of worcester county. and also the berkshires.
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will be notable. if it is three to four inches or more, then you can add some power outage issues with that heavy wet snow for those elevated areas. the rest of the region, southeastern mass, the cape, most of the coastline, gets mostly rain from this storm. there is the center of it. it is taking a tract that -- track that in a normal winter would always be in the form of snow for most of the area but we have lost the cold air we had earlier this week. not just that the service, but above us, it has gotten too warm. it will only take the cold air from the storm itself in the latter stages that could quickly create that quick burst of snow. there will be strong winds on the cape for some time tomorrow. you can see the gusts to nantucket at 6 a.m. over 40 miles per hour and still very strong at about 1:30 p.m.
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the winds starts to stop around the game starts. by the time the game ends, there is almost no wind at all. there will be a big change during the course of the pregame and postgame. tailgating will be wet until about 2:00 or so. after that, drying conditions. it is a heavy morning mix tomorrow, mostly heavy rain but could be heavy wet snow in the higher terrain and may a quick burst of snow into eastern mass. what to show you what happens on sunday because we don' t get a big storm. that is out in the ocean. cold there could be snow showers late sunday night into monday morning which could usher in bitterly cold air when you combine the wind and the temperatures. single digits to wake up to tuesday morning, probably in the upper teens by monday evening tuesday.
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day once we get past early wednesday of next week. phil: thank you. today was a big day in space. this is the first spacewalk by an official british astronaut. we will explain in a minute. tim peake and nasa astronaut tim kopra spent time outside the international space station today to fix a broken component. this video is always amazing to me. they are literally outside working in space. peake' s achievement is based on a technicality. there was another british-american astronaut who completed a spacewalk, but he was wearing an american flag at the time. group. phil: normally, i would say whatever. whatever you are wearing. i understand. in your health tonight -- a girls. j.c.: up next, the dangerous messages lurking online that are influencing a specific age group. phil: sean penn breaking his
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p [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. phil: an army general is one of a dozen people who could be punished because of an anthrax scare. a new report faults the one star general for failures at an army lab in utah including a complacent atmosphere among workers. over a period of several years, live anthrax was mistakenly shipped from that lab to 194 other labs. j.c.: in your health tonight, teenage girls and the internet. new research highlights the concern that online music videos could be loaded with dangerous messages. smart phones and tablets -- kids than 80 watching television. now a new british study warns
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youtube may be more than a source of entertainment that may also be a public health concern. researchers at the university of nottingham england put kesha and pitbull' s timber at the top of the video list which exposes the greatest number of british kids to depictions about to alcohol. jason derulo' s video took the top spot for tobacco. 13 to 15-year-old girls singing more depictions about of alcohol and tobacco per person than any other age group. we know movies could influence people but youtube videos are not regulated the same way as media. phil: one of the very lucky winning powerball ticket holders has come forward. j.c.: next at 5:30 -- what this tennessee couple is saying about their new riches. phil: a new offer tonight from amazon. the deal that allows prime
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first, let'
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. p the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. p what this campaign is about is to demand that we create r an economy that works for all of us r rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> it is an editorial by the president and general manager of wcvb. >> more than 1000 massachusetts residents died of opioid related overdoses.
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not official for 2015, the future prognosis is worse and governor baker has openly predicted the tragic cold will spike further unless these chilling statistics are have a dramatic change in how we handle the epidemic. this week, the house unanimously approved a bill that among other recommendations limits initial painkiller prescriptions to a week supply and recommend cities set a prescription drug drop boxes where medications can be discarded. the house bill differs differently from the governor' s proposal which limits initial and lets doctors commit patients involuntarily to drug treatment facilities for up to 72 hours if danger. the senate passed its own version of a bill last fall through education and prevention. a start but not enough. frankly, the strongest elements
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to be reconciled and melded into aggressive plan of action. partisan politics rules the federal government but massachusetts can take heart that this government and legislature have proven they can together. there is genuine optimism demanded by a need for action that the governor consumed sign a comprehension reform bill the new year not only for those individuals whose dependency on opioids can quickly become an addiction, but also for the dramatically increasing number of families scarred by this deadly scourge. >> from boston's news leader, this is news 5 at 5:30. >> a driver for the brockton school accused of being involved in a drunk driving crash in one of the school's vans. two students were in the van at the time. it happened in weymouth. no injuries reported. brockton has now
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contract with that van company.


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