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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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but for higher elevations, the berkshires and possibly the higher elevations of worcester hills, those are the best locations to have the best chance of getting a few inches of heavy, wet snow, even though it will start as rain. the rest of the area could see wet snow mixing in before it's done but it's mostly a rain situation. there's the storm. it gets started in the wee hours to have morning. there's your heavy rain for southeastern mass and the cape. there's your possible mix for the worcester hills and berkshires region. good news, it is over before the game starts, so it will be dry during the course of the game tomorrow. >> the patriots' road to the super bowl getting rocky as the team deals with a big distraction and what some are hoping is not a big injury. only on 5, the foxborough police chief is is talking about the incident involving chandler jones. >> let's begin with the worries about rob gronkowski's knee and back problems. bob halloran, a couple of problems for gronk, huh?
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back. rob gronkowski listed as questionable for the patriots' game tomorrow against the kansas city chiefs. he was once again limited at practice today. the issues are both the knee that he injured in week 12 and the back that has cropped up this week, after missing practice tuesday and being limited wednesday. gronk was absent from practice against yesterday. that's the first we learned that he also has a bad back. expect gronk to play. but are the patriots at their best heading into tomorrow's game? >> they're good at all levels. they got a good scheme. put a lot of pressure on you. if you don't handle it, they take advantage of it. team. they've been playing well. we're excited for them to come into foxborough. present, on this week. and it's a new week. reporter: the patriots actually as questionable for tomorrow's game. sports. reporting
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sportscenter 5. >> another patriots player still making news, only on 5, the foxborough police chief tonight on the bizarre incident at jones. sarah is there live right now. we're hearing from the police weekend. he is defending his department's he says, in i talk about a -- any talk about a media. media's words. reporter: foxborough police chief blaming the media for any the incident with chandler jones. >> we've been very open. we've provided the media with a report of what happened, a timeline of what happened. and at this point, there is no case. reporter: sunday morning, the defensive end allegedly showed up at the police station, shirtless and in sweatpants. police say he fell to his knees and put his hands behind his head, without provocation. he was reportedly suffering a reaction to synthetic marijuana.
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transported to the hospital. after pressure from the media, a redacted police report was released to the public. >> anything that's been redacted, dealt with his medical condition that we're not allowed to release. >> i want to apologize to all the fans. reporter: yesterday jones addressed the incident but did not say whether he took any drugs. >> i made a pretty stupid mistake this weekend. reporter: the chief defending jones' right to medical privacy and the police department's actions. but anxious to end our questions. >> the interview was over. thank you very much. this interview is over. thank you very much. reporter: as you can see, outside the police department, there are surveillance cameras. newscenter 5 has formally requested to see see the surveillance video. the police chief says he's reviewing that request with counsel and will get back to us. >> breaking news in brockton, where a school van driver is accused of driving under the
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the students on board. julie is there live. julie? reporter: well, according to this weymouth police report, brockton students described being afraid for their lives as they were driven to school this morning by william drummy of quincy. it happened near shea memorial drive. a source told newscenter 5 that the driver was transporting homeless students from weymouth to brockton school. when police got to the crash, they described the man has disoriented and unsteady on his feet. when they asked him if he'd taken anything, he responded he had several diazepam pills less than an hour before. they said he was almost falling asleep standing up. officers also found a half empty bottle of whiskey in the van. students allege they saw him drinking from it as he drove all over the road. he was arrested and faces eight
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under the influence of drugs, open container, and the reckless endangerment of children. the director of communications for brockton school says the system has a zero tolerance policy and the contract with this transportation company was immediately terminated. live in weymouth, i'm julie mcdonald, newscenter 5. >> the f.b.i. is now involved in the investigation of bomb threats that forced several schools to evacuate today. they were evacuated this afternoon. nothing suspicious, though, was found in the buildings. >> your economy tonight thanking, a dismal stomach-turning day on wall street. ends with the dow falling nearly 400 points. >> stomach churning indeed. wall street's woes continued
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cricketing to the market's worst two-week start to a year ever. the dow ending the week down 392 points. oil prices driving stocks to plummet. at one point, the dow fell more than 500 points. nascar also send -- nasdaq also ending the week more than 120 points down. the dow and s&p 500 have now fallen about 8% this year, while the nauctd nasdaq is off 10%. advisories say resist the urge to make sudden changes. >> if you want to get more conservative in your portfolio and move maybe to% from stocks -- 20% from stocks to bonds, you don't do it all in one day. >> investors received more discouraging news leader. the federal reserve said u.s. industrial production dropped in december for the third month in a row. >> and walmart announced it is closing 269 stores, none in massachusetts.
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will shut their doors. they will permanently close february 5. the closures are being blamed on a lack of new memberships. >> massachusetts education officials are calling to a state takeover of southbridge public schools. the commissioner recommending the district be downgraded to a level five or chronically underperforming designation. he cited low graduation rates and unstable leadership. southbridge has had seven superintendents and seven high school principals since 2011. >> opioid crisis tonight. 40 heroin overdoses in just two days in brockton. we're there live with what police think is leading to that toxic surge. jorge? reporter: an especially toxic batch of heroin has hit the city like the plague. an alarming figure just confirmed in a city that averages three overdoses a day, they have seen over three dozen
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[sirens. reporter: day and night, with no end in sight, brockton firefighters responding. the results, more tragic if it weren't for the treatments carried by all drivers. >> they know we carry it, the police carry it. reporter: scenes like this. another overdose makes it 40 in just 48 hours. no neighborhood or place immune. >> yesterday afternoon, when we had two overdoses on an mbta train as it pulled into one of our stations here. reporter: nobody knows better how destructive heroin has been to this community than the mayor. >> i've lived it firsthand for i think it's given me different perspective probably than most mayors. >> it's reaching all classes. you walk up, scom of some of them, you the this. reporter: the city offering treatment to any addict asking for help.
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many addict don't see firefighters as threatening as police. >> we've got to be more effective at connecting people to treatment and services right at that one moment in time when they're willing to seek them. reporter: the new plan here based on the safe haven program will also offer special services for veterans, helping to turn around shattered lives. live in brockton, jorge quiroga, news 5. >> an update on the terminally ill boy whose wish is to become famous. >> and it's working! today the eight-year-old had another dream come true as well. >> i went pretty fast. [laughter] >> he went very fast! we'll take you along for the fun-filled ride. >> also, police asking for help in identifying a man suspected of walking out of a native store with one of this year's hottest items. >> and a wet start for many, a stormy start for some. i'll let you know how the
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even bigger changes for early next week. >> check this out. no less than 12 patriots listed as questionable for tomorrow. bob halloran is live at gillette tonight with who you should
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> and new, take a look at this. a drone theft. it's all caught on camera. perhaps you recognize the coat, the way the guy is walking, the little glance right there. natic police releasing this video in the hopes that someone will recognize this guy. they say he picked up a drone worth about $1200 and walked out of the apple store over the holidays. if you recognize him, give them a call. >> in the past three years, on mbta train tracks, there were 28 deaths ruled intentional acts. the mbta is now launching a new campaign it hopes will save lives. the "you're not alone" public awareness campaign is in partnership with the samaritans. the help line number will appear
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screens. there will also be periodic scrolling messages on boards as well as public address announcements on subway platforms. >> just a little bit, 24 hours or so from now, there will be a football game under way. you'll want to know what the weather will be like. harvey has got the latest track on the system. >> plus, we know dogs are man's best friend, but this dog also helped safe the life of a stranded sea turtle in plymouth! how he was found, just in the
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>> a dog out for a walk in plymouth is now getting credit for saving the life of a standed sea turtle. veed da discovered the turtle while exploring the beach, then laid down next to her, until her owners came over. they were able to get in touch with the turtle hospital in quincy, where the loggerhead is now in the process of warming up.
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living up to her reputation as a rescuer. >> they are rescue dogs by nature. i think she was definitely having that instinct. she was rescuing something other than a person, which is pretty cool. >> absolutely, especially for the turtle! the turtle hospital workers say he would probably not have survived much longer. >> he's got the sweetest face! hitting the road in style. a car dealership stepping up to make a terminally ill rhode island boy smile. john shows us why everyone who meets dorian can't help but wait to make all of those dreams come true. polices cruisers racing down the road, trying to keep up with a boy fulfilling his dream. >> i went pretty fast. [laughter] >> eight-year-old dorian murray made the long trip from his home in rhode island to b.m.w. he took a spin in one of the
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they make. >> he absolutely loved it! fast cars, pizza, food, all the attention. he's thrilled right now! >> i've had pretty fast cars myself. he's huge into it. so he definitely likes the car thing. because of me, i kind of got him into it. ha ha! >> his parents are long for the emotional ride, for their son, whose cancer is no longer treatable, tries to amass a lifetime of experiences. his story has gone around the globe, hashtag #d strong fluttering twit feeds. >> wee were lucky enough to be able to do it. reporter: today, police stepped in to open the road to dorian's dreams. >> as long as he's happy, we're happy. reporter: newscenter 5. >> what a cutie! i'm so glad he got that experience! >> that just gives me chills. not gonna lie to you. just gives me chills.
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i definitely do. we've got to talk about this weekend eats weather. we -- weekend's weather. to get through. the first third of the weekend affected. what are we dealing with? most of us are dealing with mostly rain. however, there can be a bit of freezing drizzle or rain in our and western areas for a little while. the higher elevations, especially, and possibly the worcester hills, could be getting wet snow accumulations out of this, even though it may start really as rain. and southeastern mass and the cape will have a period of strong winds tomorrow morning. all of this ends before the big game tomorrow. let's set it up, with boston, right now. wind off the water. water temperatures, 45. we're going to have an ocean wind certainly into tomorrow certainly spells rain for boston. if there's going to be any i doubt it, it will be very late in the
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we might see wet snow mix in. however, when you go north and west of boston, you see the temperatures a little under, at or above freezing. so that's the problem potentially later on tonight when the rain or drizzle or freezing drizzle starts. it could make some surfaces slippery. but southeastern mass and the capes are going to stay above freezing because of that warm ocean water temperature. these are the potential icy areas. parts of southern new hampshire, north, central, western mass. this would be later on tonight, into very, very early tomorrow morning. not widespread but possibly in that's a precaution. now, the rest of this winter also could deal with the fact that there may be the higher elevations. here's the storm itself. doesn't have a whole lot of cold air to work with. you see a little bit of snow in some of the mountains of west virginia. but the lower elevations are all raining. storm takes a favorable track. ordinarily for snow, but we've
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really don't have it near the coast at the surface anymore either. here's the rain approaching. this could be freezing rain. when you see it as the white or blue or purple, that would be the snow. there's the region in new hampshire and some of the mountains of vermont. maybe even eastern mass, a heavier burst late tomorrow morning. then it ends early tomorrow afternoon, safely before the start of the game. snowfall accumulations, best chance, a few inches, especially the northern berkshires and maybe the higher worcester hills. just a chance there could be a mix with snow for a little part of the storm tomorrow morning in areas farther to the east. in terms of wind, tomorrow morning there will be a period of strong winds on the cape. see the gusts in nantucket? that's 7:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m. then the winds quiet down after noon.
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miles an hour early, maybe 8 miles per hour by the end of the the bitter cold from canada is coming down for early next week. start to saturday finish. rs on sunday, it will kind of be in between weather systems. it will be chilly, not terribly cold. late sunday night, monday night, some of us will get flurries or squalls, then bitter cold will move in. thereafter. i'll see you later on! >> now, sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. >> hey, everybody, we're live at gillette stadium tonight. injuries have been a part of the patriots' regular season. why should that change heading into the playoffs? tempering the good news that julian edelman will return is the other news that rob gronkowski has been missing practices this week due to knee and back issues. gronk was limited at practice again today and is listed as questionable for tomorrow's
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certainly we expect gronk to play. it's the playoffs, after all! but he missed practice on tuesday and thursday and was limited on monday, wednesday and friday, so he's obviously dinged up. the patriots are obviously not at 100%. >> this snowball effect, game is out of hand, just what happened last week at houston, before you know it, they've got a seven-point lead and then you already feel like, man! we've got to start getting back into this game. you don't want to be down 14-0. >> and here's a look at the dirty dozen listed a questionable for the chiefs game here at gillette stadium tomorrow afternoon. danny amendola, demond, gronkowski, hightower, chandler jones, rob ninkovich and volmer. all are expected to play. as for the red sox, they avoided arbitration with joe kelly today by signing him to a one-year deal.
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season for kelly with the red sox. he did have a seven-game winning streak in the middle of the year and he finished the 2015 campaign with a 4.82 e.r.a. u.f.c. fight night returning to the t.d. garden on sunday night. ultimate fighting, growing in popularity. and u.f.c. president dana white says that the new england area is a big reason and a big part of that growth. we have local fighters and local fans, all contributing to the growth of u.f.c. i had a chance to speak with dana white at our studios earlier today. >> first of all, you know, a lot of people have probably seen u.f.c. on t.v. it's great on t.v. but i'm telling you, it is the most exciting live sporting event you'll ever see. seeing it live is a completely different show. so that -- >> as someone who hasn't seen one live, what happens there besides the fighting? is there a lot of music and, you know -- >> yeah. it's almost this roller coaster of emotion throughout the night,
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these different types of fights that happen. the one thing we do is we keep the show moving. anybody who has ever been to a boxing event goes, one night goes off, you sit around for a long time waiting -- >> i've been to a few of those. >> this is nonstop action all night. one of the reasons that the u.f.c. has become as big and popular as we have. we put on an incredible live show. nobody walks out going, nah, i don't think i ever want to see this again. >> is this a good area for your sport? >> it's great. first of all, personally i, you know, i'm connected to boston and i love it here. but second of all, this is such a massive sports town. when you really look at the country as a whole, you've got places like new york, you've got chicago and philly. but other than that, there's no real sports towns like boston. i don't even -- i'll even call boston number one. i'll tell you, we've got celtics game tonight. the patriots are playing in the playoffs tomorrow. and the fight is on saturday.
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every event is doing well. reporter: he certainly got that right. you've got the u.f.c. fight night on sunday. bruins and celtics tonight. and in between, a little nfl playoff action between the patriots and chiefs.
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>> new tonight an newscenter 5, at 7:00, protecting the public in an
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a local company's cutting edge technology that can save lives in a crisis in and new at 11, a local town meeting, now treated as a threat. why criticism of the safety plan now has banned a town official from school property. >> good to know that weather is coming in late overnight tonight. might be slick in the major. >> it could be in some areas, especially the higher elevations. marco rubio. rhe ran for senate sayingr he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands.
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. p the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. p what this campaign is about is to demand that we create r an economy that works for all of us r rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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