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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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pam: right now, an intense sech continuesn the waters off hawaii. missing after a collision between military helicopters. pam: the family and friends of christopher orlando waiting and hoping for positive news. our juli mcdonald is live in hingham with the story. juli. extremely difficult. there were planes and helicopters overhead and boats out on the water, continuing to look for debris and for those 12 marines. the marine corps flag waves in the police department. as the community hopes for the praise of the safe return of one of their own. 11 others were conducting a routine training mission when
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am i you can see it real clear. -- >> you can see it real clear. juli: disability hampered the search. their efforts will likely continue for several more days. >> they are using all of their search -- all of their skill to search in these conditions. juli: friends that know and love chris are taken to social media. a surf camp where he worked at posted if anybody is coming out of this alive it is chris orlando, he is mentally and physically strong with the skills needed to survive anything. juli: we spoke to a friend at a local service shop who said everyone knows him here.
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focused, it is known to surfers as the seven mile miracle. julie mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: a major diplomatic move as i ran agrees to free 4 americans hostages in exchange for 7 iranians held in the u.s. in a separate deal a fifth american a student from hingham has also been freed. abc news has learned that some of the americans in the swap include washington post reporter jason rezaian, along with an iranian-american pastor and a former u.s. marine. u.s. officials insist the timing of the release and the implementation of the iranian nuclear deal are coincidental. the student from hingham, matthew trevithick, went to iran in september for a four-month language program at an institute associated with tehran university. he was held in prison for 40 days before his release but it' s unclear why. pam: commitment 2016.
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candidate donald trump back in new hampshire where he continues to lead in the polls. today, teaming up with a familiar face in massachusetts politics, former u.s. senator scott brown. our sera congi was there. sera:' s -- scott brown welcoming the gop front-runner for president. donald trump rallied a crowd in new hampshire at a car dealership. appearing with brown, who organized a series of political events. >> whether it is iowa or south carolina, we are doing so well. >> i think he is going to do what he says he is going to do. >> trumps sounded themes that propelled him in the polls.
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>> his dear friends. >> brown has not endorsed any support some of his views. security. >> he hears from voters who wants to be more since -- be more respectful. he presents. his mannerism is something i find offensive to >> a mannerism new hampshire will judge. reid: boston mayor marty walsh campaigning for hillary clinton in new hampshire today. the mayor, joining new hampshire state senator donna soucy in launching a grassroots canvass in manchester. he and other volunteers spent the day knocking on doors and talking about clinton' s vision
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>> that makes a difference, but human contact, tell your story, why you are here. i am here because i care about this country, i care about my city, i care about every city in america. reid: in addition to walsh, congressman richard neal, and massachusetts treasurer deb goldberg also helped launch grassroots efforts for clinton in keene and salem, new hampshire. today democrat bernie sanders officially expanded his massachusetts operation. there is now a new campaign office in worcester. the location on park avenue has been used by other candidates in the past. including martha coakley. pam: waltham police searching for a bank robbery suspect, the armed thief caught on camera. it happened at the td bank on second avenue yesterday. the suspect dressed in a black hoody, black ski mask, and dark sunglasses. police describe the weapon as a semi-automatic handgun, the bank teller said it appeared to be real. anyone with information is asked to call waltham police.
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fire in roslindale. the flames broke out around 6-30 at a condo in dale village. two people were hurt including a firefighter. those injuries are considered minor. more than a dozen have to sleep somewhere else tonight. the red cross is offering assistance. reid: to the patriots now and their playoff showdown with the kansas city chiefs. after a week of turbulent news, fans hoping for good things tonight. our todd kazakiewich is live at gillette stadium with more. todd. todd: pats fans certainly were fired up here in the parking lot before the game. and we can hear them cheering now inside gillette. the energy level here is extremely high as fans send a message to the players, ' do your job.' >> true pats fan, pats number 1. todd it was the perfect : afternoon for tailgating. sunshine, mild temperatures, and, oh yes, the patriots in the playoffs. pats fans were fired up for the afc divisional game, and confident new england will conquer the chiefs. >> edelman' s back. i don' t think gronk' s as injured
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s in the playoffs. s cute. as pats fans threw the football around, and grilled up what message they' d give to the players in this do-or-die >> i' d say, ' rise up, meet the this is why you put in all the long days. hours. right now.' well, i think we' re in good shape. we got our team back. i think, as long as we don' t turn that ball over, we' re good. >> go kc, i don' t think so. winning streak' s over. it is over. todd: the fans are fired up. mike lynch is here as well. he is going to you an update on the game. here is a hint, pats are winning. wcvb newscenter 5.
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hockey player. how the boston bruins are stepping up to help denna laing. reid: also ahead, a glancing blow here, but maine gets a belted by today' s storm. the latest on conditions there. todd bank you will have another weekend is over. s. -- unfolds. reid: the patriots are underway t stop the team from making moves lynchie is
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pam: the bruins family teaming up to help a hockey player severely injured on new year' s eve. word today the team, the jacobs family, the bruins foundation and t.d. garden pledged at least $200,000 to help denna laing. she suffered a significant spinal injury during the outdoor women' s winter classic at laing' s parents say she has limited movement in her arms and no feeling in her legs. bruins ceo charlie jacobs said the donation is the first step
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s recovery. reid: 36 attorney generals from across the country, including massachusetts, have signed a letter to adopt new guidelines. the national association says it will help doctors and other health care workers balance potential harms and benefits of opioid use. pam: a four-month old baby rescued. that is moments after firefighter saved him and handed him to paramedics. three apartment buildings were fully engulfed. they had to rescue five people including that baby. >> it really affects you. >> i just want to hug them and
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>> two women were found in separate of hartman' s. >> whiteout conditions is winding down. a mix sleet and snow before turning over area you can imagine driving is difficult. reaction was mixed, but for drivers it was a positive. >> i love it. >> some areas within five inches of snow. just ahead after a break in the action, a new winter blast lining up area did >> a wetsuit may be fine for the ocean, but not so good in orbit.
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pamela a problem with a leaky spacesuit causing a scary moments outside the international space station. reid: the helmet of one of the astronauts began to fill with water, the same suit where an astronaut nearly drowned in 2013. newscenter five' s doug meehan has the story. doug: hollywood blockbusters like ' spacewalks can turn disastrous in an instant but that silver-screen rush of chaos may have nothing on the real-life havoc just a tablespoon of water caused astronauts friday on the international space station.
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water and quantity of the water. doug: american astronaut timothy kopra and his british partner tim peake on an extra-vehicular repair mission, when kopra noticed a cooling loop in his spacesuit was leaking. >> try to drink it and note the taste. doug: that small amount of water-prompting mission-control to end the pair' s five hour spacewalk early. >> open up your checklist to page 7, we are in a terminate case. doug: fearing a repeat of this 2013 mission, which almost saw italian iss engineer luca parmitano drown when two quarts of water flooded his helmet during a spacewalk. >> luca went out twice and the first time he went out he had water in his helmet then and i don' t think we quite handled it the right way. doug: according to nasa, kopra
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director brought the duo back in as a precaution. today, the veteran astronaut safe on board the station, and surely waiting to collect on this promise from houston. >> that' s perfect. we' ll buy you a drink, a soda when you get home. doug: wcvb newscenter 5. pam: glad it turned out well. reid: we are dealing with our own precipitation issues. mike: some people it was just to rain today. the temperature goes down to 39 degrees. despite the fact we had a couple of cool days. we have some cool temperatures coming next week. really had to get a bit of elevation. temperatures were very marginal. an inch and a half as you go across northern parts. portland picks up four inches of snow. we have a few places that picked
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a little elevation, a little colder, we could have been dealing with a whole different situation. imagine if this had all fallen as snow, we would be shoveling off a foot .5 of snow -- a foot and a half of snow. right now we are dealing with skies trying to clear their way. that is what is left of our snow maker. this is one to watch as we start to talk about tomorrow. behind it is a shot of really cold air. when it comes through, cold air likes to step into the atmosphere. a few slippery slopes out there. the clouds rolling during the afternoon. temperatures will warm 32-48.
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this is tomorrow night. trying to throw some moisture back at us. maybe some sprinkles and light snow. then we watch for that arctic blast to come on through. doesn' t have much moisture to work with. it is not a question you can get some isolated amounts. suddenly you get snow and you are driving a little further. that is going to be happening monday morning. how much snow? right along the shoreline, half-inch, maybe an inch of snow. the second batch comes in and adds to that. we are probably going to see less than a half-inch in most locations.
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s really going to be moving its way on through quickly. 1.2 inches. last year we had 5.5 inches. let me break it down for you. tomorrow, 36 degrees. clout coming in during the afternoon. cold temperatures coming in to stay morning. in the morning it will feel five degrees below zero. by the time we get to friday we are talking about temperatures in the 30' s. there is a big storm system that wants to form offshore. it wants to stay to the south of us. if it decides to move north it is a whole different story. we didn' t have cold air with this morning' s rain.
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could be a few slippery slot -- slippery slopes out there. will be taking over the huffington post in the u.k.. editor. dutchess kate is going to use the opportunity to highlight the importance of children' s mental health issues. that has been the focus of her charity work. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike: the kickoff of the second half just happened behind me, so we are going to get back in side the stadium. the patriots have a 14-6 lead. the patriots took the ball in their opening drive. tom brady with a bad shoulder pass. kansas city added a field goal.
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a completion from tom brady to keyshawn martin. brady went in himself on a quarterback sneak and the patriots had a 14-6 lead just before the end of the half. second half just under way. keyshawn martin is with the patriots. then us of a they signed him to a $3 million contract. he had a big 42 yard catch, moving them into position. the winner of this game plays the winner of the denver broncos game. out in denver, the mayor of denver declared it as orange friday. denver bronco blankets were given to all newborns at a local hospital. as the broncos are getting ready for their traditional playoff
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and the film news, -- nfl news -- the former head coach of -- has died at the age of 84. he bill belichick his first job working as an assistant to marchibroda while he was the head coach of the colts. in minneapolis, a moment of silence, and they talked about their fallen comrade, andrew smith, who played at two national championship games. the celtics game to see and smith just before he passed away. last
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, going up and making a block over his six foot six inch opponent. barely six feet tall. going for their second straight win. patriots have a 14-6 lead. we will be live inside the stadium. see you then. reid: coming up at 11:00, a former prosecutor says he made a promise with bill cosby. his comments tied to a sexual assault case being built against the comedian. and at 6:30, it' s abc' s world news with cecilia vega. pam: breaking news, five american prisoners in iran freed as the nuclear deal is finally approved.
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mike: keep an eye open. it will be a decent night. temperatures will drop below freezing. sunshine. a chance of snow tomorrow night
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you will notice what happens behind him. only the mid-20' s. it is going to be a chilly start to the week. it is going to be possibility with slippery spots. reid: thanks for joining us. abc' s world news is next. pam: we'
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