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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> wcvb newscenter 5 starts right now. reid: the patriots heading to the afc championship. the victory at gillette and what' s next on the road to the super bowl. >> colder air and more snow. the breakdown of another wintry blast. pam: a local marine lost at sea. the mission to find him and 11 others after a helicopter crash. >> and the message from loved ones holding on to hope. reid: a hingham man released from iran and headed home. the decision to let him and other americans held prisoner go. tom brady and the patriots powering ahead on the road to the super bowl. a pumped-up tb 12, leading the pats to a 27:20 win over the chiefs. the victory puts the patriots back in familiar territory the m reid lamberty. m pam cross. we don' t know who or where they' ll play next, so let' s take some time to savor this one. our coverage begins with sportscenter five' s mike lynch at gillette stadium. mike.
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the afc championship game. played for it. will he be playing against broncos? we will find out tomorrow night. the patriots wasted no time, 80 yards, third and save and, brady with the past. first of his td' s. just before the half, brady takes off and he keeps going until he gets to the pylon. they challenged it. he was shy. the next play, he goes over the top. 14-6 at the half. kansas city fumbles. brady , 16 yard touchdown pass. seven catches on the day. the patriots are on their way.
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when brady threw a pass that was tipped. that could have gone the other way for the chiefs. that is ancient history. they hold on to win and now it is either pittsburgh or denver. you were in the press conference and locker room. >> tom brady acknowledged it is cool they are going to their fifth straight afc championship game. the offense was better. 10 catches today. this team looked like the team that started the season 10-0. >> he worked his tail off. one of the hardest workers i' ve played with and one of the most determined young men on this team. he' s got as much heart as anybody. >> i' ve been through some injuries. it' s not easy to come back
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you' ve got to give him credit to be ready to help this team. >> it' s almost hurtful because you put so much time and effort in with these guys. it is good to be with them. >> he also had a season-high four drops so you could say there was a little bit of rust, which means next week could be better. >> it gives tom brady a comfort zone he' s not had for nine weeks. the offensive line looked better. >> all right, bob, thank you very much. we will be back with more in sports. reid: for patriots fans, after a week of turmoil, tonight' s victory was sweet relief. and reason to celebrate. our todd kazakiewich spent the day in the thick of patriots nation. he' s live at gillette stadium where fans hope they' ll be
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todd: some fans are hoping england would host the steelers s. others hope it is at denver. fans are happy the postseason lives on. the celebration began right after the patriots' victory, honoring a team that marches to the beat of its own drum. that was a seven-point win. it felt like it was 21 points. everyone saying, where are the patriots? won two games. it is uncharacteristic. you saw who they are tonight. >> fans are excited -- ecstatic, singing the praises of their team. >> i want to kiss you all over and over again. >> new england'
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continues. killer game. can you feel that? everybody does. >> this then is ready, sporting a custom made hat. -- this fan is ready, sporting a custom made hat. again, next week will be the fifth consecutive afc championship game for new leads to another super bowl bowl ring. pam: time to take a look at the skyline this saturday night. a calmer finish of the day. mike wankum joins us now. mike: looking to the north, temperatures aren' t that bad. in canada, a lot of cold air and
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the forecast is going to revolve around in arctic blast for the first of the week. right now our snow maker is all the way clear into canada. nothing much going on. with the clear skies, it is going to get cold tonight. watch out, we could see a few icy spots. most of the temperatures are just about the freezing mark. by the time we get to tomorrow morning, a lot of temperatures will be into the 20' s or 30' s. those puddles will be slippery. then we talk about the next system. some snow this time tomorrow night right along the coast. there is another area to the west. i' m thinking about 1-2 near the shoreline. the berkshire, more snow. the timing is going to be the problem. more about what you can expect behind the snow in a few
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now, investigating a murder-suicide. police responded to a request about 5:00 tonight and when they dead. this is an isolated incident and safety. pam: a man just released from prison in iran. exchange. the fifth was a person who went to iran for a language program and was held in prison 40 days. his mother confirms he is out and says we are grateful to all of those who worked for his release. the others released include a washington post reporter. the u.s. will free seven iranians from american custody. reid: a search in the waters off of hawaii for a marine from hingham who went missing after
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helicopter. friends are hoping for positive news. julie joins us with that story. >> yes, that search continues off the coast of oahu. the efforts have been hampered by choppy waves in that area and also low visibility. despite that, family and friends have a strong sense of hope for chris to come home. the marine corps flag waves as the community prays for the return of one of their own. christer orlando is a flight crew chief , who is conducting a training mission when the helicopters went down. th they released a statement that says we continue to monitor the ongoing search effort in hawaii and are thankful for the hard
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undertaking this search and rescue mission. we ask you continue to pray for christopher and the other missing marines. thursday night incident is the latest in a series of crashes. as investigators work to figure out what happened, other experts are asking how do we keep it from happening again? >> it' s time to stop, step back and take a look. is a training, the airplanes, the way they are operated? >> the area where the search is focused is known as the seven mile miracle. back in hingham, they are hoping it lives up to that name when their friend chris comes home. it was the coast guard that initially reported the helicopters may have collided. a spokesperson said there is no way to be certain of that until the investigation is complete.
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continue for several more days. julie mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: flipped upside-down onto its roof. new at 11:00, state police investigating this deadly crash in peabody. the one-car crash happened on route 1 northbound at lowell street just after 7pm. the victim, a 46-year-old man from peabody, hasn' t been identified. pam: policepam: searching for a bank robbery suspect which happened yesterday. the suspect, dressed in a black hoodie is -- police described his weapon has a semi-automatic handgun which appeared to be real. reid: arlington police subdue a woman wielding this knife, preventing a potential suicide by cop situation. the 32-year-old had barricaded herself inside an apartment on grove street, threatening to kill herself. when police forced their way inside, the woman charged at officers with the knife. an officer deployed a beanbag round which struck the woman and
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>> new developments in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. the former prosecutor calling for community. >> another chance of snow and then some of the coldest air of the season. >> support for a hockey player badly hurt on the ice.
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>> you are watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00. reid: cosby. the former da claims he promised cosby that he would never be assault complaint. a judge must decide if that
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pam: commitment 2016. republican presidential candidate donald trump back in new hampshire where he continues to lead in the polls. today, teaming up with a familiar face in massachusetts politics, former u.s. senator scott brown. our sera congi was there. >> somebody who i have known for some time -- sera: former senator scott brown welcoming the gop front-runner for president. donald trump rallied to the crowd at a car dealership , appearing with brown, who organized a series of political of ends. >> we are doing so well. >> he is a strong candidate. i think he will do what he says he' s going to do. he accomplishes what he sets how to do. >> illegal immigrants are
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sera: he encouraged brown to return to politics. sounded like he was encouraging you to get into politics. >> i' m helping others get involved. sera: brown supports some of trump' s views. >> he' s talking about border security, national security. sera: he hears from voters who want trump to be respectful. >> he has some great ideas. i like some of the positions he presents. his mannerism is something i find offensive. sera: a mannerism they will judge on february 9. reid: boston mayor marty walsh spent the day in the granite state stumping for hillary clinton. he and other volunteers pounded the pavement and knocked on doors, kicking off a grassroots canvassing campaign. right now clinton is trailing
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new hampshire polls. pam: today sanders officially expanded his massachusetts operation. there is now a new campaign office in worcester. the location on park avenue has been used by other candidates in the past including martha , coakley. reid: teaming up to help a hockey player hurt on new year' s eve. the team and the foundation and td garden pledged $200,000 to help. she suffered a spinal injury at gillette stadium. her parents say she has limited movement in her arms and no feeling in her legs. the bruins ceo said the donation is the first step in continuing support for her recovery. >> now your storm team five forecast with mike wankum. mike: a high temperature of 40 degrees. we did not get that until a couple of hours ago because we
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temperatures and a little bit of ice that may be forming. we had all this rain today and then you see some totals from boston southward well over an inch. close to two inches. that is where the heavy rain was. now maybe those puddles are going to freeze up. a little black ice later on tonight. snowfall orders -- the snowfall totals were not impressive. inch, inch and a half. the snowfall totals get heavier in parts of the granite state and once you get into maine, close to six inches of snow. the difference was a matter of a few degrees. elevation helps as well. the wind gusts were strong. boston, 26 miles per hour. we will talk about some strong winds on tuesday and some cold temperatures which means the
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ve got the skies trying to clear away. we are watching this one to the west, the leading edge of some really cold air. that is going to slam in on monday. when it slams into the moisture, it will trigger some snow showers. tonight, mostly clear. tomorrow starts out with sunshine. by the afternoon, 32-38. not bad. if you want some sunshine, i hope you are an early riser. one is offshore. the other one of the midwest, the arctic front. tomorrow night mainly it is offshore, but it is throwing enough moisture we get a little bit of snow on the coast. that is going on. we' ve got this system and when it slams into us on monday and it is monday morning, we could see some snow squalls.
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and behind it some cold air. how much are we talking about? not a lot. maybe 1-2, . kind of a dusting. it is not a big event. the timing of it could be the issue we are talking about. let me break it down for you and show you what is going to happen. a few flurries coming in. tomorrow night, snow showers will be coming in monday and those will be during the morning commute and on tuesday, cold. 24 degrees. in the morning with the temperature around 12 degrees and the wind, the windchill index will be five degrees below zero. the wind is going to be cold. we warm up a little bit wednesday and thursday and this is the next system i am watching. right now the indications are it is going to stay offshore.
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. we would have enough cold there to talk more substantial snow because so far as you know we have not seen much snow in the forecast. monday morning, or otherwise next weekend. reid: thank you. school kids from across the state coming together in one place. coming up, the mission of project 351. pam: also ahead, a new national treasure. the big moment for an adorable
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reid: a group of eight graders kicking off the year of community service today. pam: 351 of them to be exact. they represent the towns and cities across the commonwealth. today'
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honor the third -- to honor the legacy of martin luther king junior. reid: off the charts cuteness in our nation' s capitol, as giant panda cub bei bei makes his public debut at the national zoo. the 22-pound cub was born in august to parents tian tian and mei xiang, who also live at the zoo. as many as 4300 people were expected to visit the panda house today for the big coming-out party. bei bei' s name means precious treasure. adorable. not that little for being a baby. pam: we' ve got a lot to talk about in sports. >> good evening, everyone. an inside look at the patriots' win over the chiefs and an emotional phil belichick who
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>> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike: welcome back. for the 10th time, tom brady is headed to the afc championship game. 300 yards, the crowd was chanting "grady" throughout the game. he was more emotional than we have seen him in a long time. the next step is pittsburgh or denver. tonight they win 27-20. bob: it had been a while since we had seen these patriots. they wasted no time, the opening
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and then tom brady hits gro with the touchdown pass. nk same as it ever was. >> just making sure i was prepared for the game and ready to go. big games like this, you' ve got to put the work in. everything worked out well. bob: could the patriots flipped the switch and flipped the script on the chiefs who spanked them a year ago? question answered, yes. >> it' other guys battle. so. it was a tough road, but it is over. bob: chandler jones forced to fumble in the third quarter leading to a second gronk td.
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only four teams playingext that means a lot. we' ve got to try to get as healthy as we can and put together our best game of the year. bob: the patriots are back in the afc championship game. put that high on the list of accomplishments for the greatest coach-quarterback tandem in the history of the nfl. mike: thank you very much. he hired a 23-year-old guy out of wesleyan university named bill belichick. he gave him his first job in tonight he reflected. >> i drove him to work every day and to home every day. we had staff meetings in the car. we had breakfast together. he was such a mentor and i can' t
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i know everybody probably has the same feelings. they will tell you the same story. mike: an emotional bill belichick, one of his the bruins against the maple leafs tonight. 1-0. the second, the same place. and they are on top 2-1. less than one minutes ago, 47 seconds, a spectacular goal. he breaks the tie and the bruins take care of the maple leafs. meanwhile in washington, the celtics playing the wizards. isaiah with the following. he had 32 points. back comes avery bradley. he hits the three and the celtics lead by four. washington would come back and tie the game so the celtics have to dig deep with five seconds to
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the celtics are up by two. john wall gets the ball and takes it down the court. he can' t get it to fall. the celtics119-117 down in washington. so the story now is sit and wait for the game tomorrow afternoon. if pittsburgh wanes, it will be here next sunday and if denver wins, the game will be in denver at 3:00 boston time next sunday afternoon. we will see you tomorrow. reid: thank you so much. mike: a decent day tomorrow. tomorrow night, maybe some snow and some showers on monday. there is the cold. the january forecast. reid: the windchill will make it colder. pam: we are ready. thank you for joining us. the eyeopener starts at 5 am. you can always find breaking news at
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>> this is an editorial. >> in 2014, more than 1000 residents died of opioid related overdoses, 60% more than two years earlier. 2015, the future prognosis is worth and the governor has predicted the toll will spike further unless these statistics spark a change in how we handle this epidemic. this week the house approved a bill that limits initial painkiller prescriptions to a week supply and recommends cities set up drop boxes where medications can be discarded. the house bills differs from
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prescriptions to three days and let' s doctors and patients involuntarily for up to 72 hours if they are considered a danger. the senate passed its own version of the bill last fall focusing on curbing addiction through education and prevention . a start, but not enough. the strongest elements of all three proposals need to be reconciled into a plan of action. partisan politics rules the government. they can, despite differences, find compromises and work together. there is genuine optimism that the governor can soon assign a comprehensive reform bill and that would be the best news of the new year, not only for those individuals whose dependency can become an addiction, but also for the number of families
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