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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 17, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's mike: it's going to start to feel a whole lot more like january. the snow i'm tracking and when it's coming in. antoinette: a desperate search for a dozen missing marines is expanding. hingham holding out hope this morning. doug: celebration in patriots nation, and a big win for new england. tom brady thinking ahead to the next game on the road to the super bowl. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: it sure is nice to wake up after a victory like that. doug: yes, it is. perhaps a little tired but still good nonetheless. antoinette: exactly. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. 8:00 on this sunday, january 17. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: and i'm doug meehan.
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to mike wankum who on a sunday morning says s-n-o-w. mike: i haven't said it much this winter. it has been really pretty quiet. we've got two opportunities for seeing some snow over the next 18 hours. first one comes through as a big storm system moves off shore. you see what it does. it gets just enough moisture in at the coast so we could see snow. this is tonight at 9:00 but the main thrust for this storm is way off shore. there's a second one to watch way out to the west. this is the leading edge of really cold air. what it does, it comes in and shocks the atmosphere. we get snow showers to develop. these are kind of intense when they happen. but they don't actually last that long. so it will work its way through commute. behind it, cold air is settling in. how much snow are we talking'? because we have a longer opportunity along the coast, about 1-3. inland with those snow showers a dusting to an inch. more on the timeline and what you can expect with the cold air coming up in a few moments.
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took everything we got. doug: tom brady and the patriots powering ahead on the road to the super bowl. a pumped-up tb-12 leading the pats to a 27-20 win over the chiefs. the victory putting the patriots back in the afc championship game next week. antoinette: brady threw for two touchdowns to rob gronkowski and this in the second. brady goes in for the sneak, and he's in for the touchdown. plenty of key plays for the patriots, and a welcome sight for fans with julian edelman back on the field. now it's on to the afc championship game. the patriots will either face the broncos in denver or the steelers here at home for a spot in super bowl 50. brady: they're two great football teams. we played them both this year already. effort to beat them, whoever it is. antoinette: the patriots now trying to become the first team
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since they did it in '03-'04. doug: after a week of turmoil, last night's victory was sweet relief and reason to celebrate for patriots' fans. our todd kazakiewich spent the day in the thick of it with patriot nation. while brady says it may not matter who they'll face next week, fans are hoping they'll be back at gillette. todd: the celebration began at gillette right after the patriots' victory over the chiefs. fans honoring a team that marches to the beat of its own drum. >> that was a seven-point win but it felt like it was 21 points. >> i love the pats. >> everyone saying, "where's the new england patriots? they've lost four out of the last six weeks right now they only won two games. it's uncharacteristic of bill belichick team and the tom brady team." who are they? you saw who they are tonight. todd: new england fans are ecstatic singing the praises of their team. i want to kiss you all over and over again todd: the hard-fought victory means new england's post season continues.
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now one stop shorter. >> the afc championship five straight years. do you feel it? everybody feels it. thank you very much. todd: this fan is already sporting a custom made ring hat. >> go, patriots. (cheering) todd: again next week's game will be the fifth consecutive afc championship game for new england. and obviously fans are hoping that it leads to yet another super bowl appearance and a fifth super bowl ring. reporting from gillette stadium, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: right now, a desperate search continues off the coast of hawaii. a marine from hingham among 12 missing after two military helicopters crashed. the search now entering a third day. christopher orlando's friend and family are still holding out hope. the "eyeopener"'s frank holland is here with the latest on that search. frank? frank: antoinette, right now dozens of rescuers are scouring the debris off the
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survivors. and there is still a strong sense of hope in hingham where friends and strangers are praying for chris to come home. the 23-year-old corporal is a flight crew chief. his family releasing a statement yesterday, thanking everyone who continues to pray for their son and the other missing marines. so far search efforts have been hampered by choppy waves and low visibility. thursday night's incident is just the latest in a series of marine corps helicopter crashes in the past year. >> any time you get these number of mishaps in a row it's time to stop, step back, and take a look at what you're doing wrong. is it the training? is it the airplanes? is it way they're being operated? frank: the area where the search is focused is known to surfers as the seven mile miracle. the south shore surfing community is just hoping it lives up to that name. corporal orlando is an avid surfer. they are praying he will come home to ride the waves in hingham again. officials say rescue crews will continue to search for several more days.
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crash. snowk breaking right now. a plane carrying freed americans has just left iran and possibly among them a hingham man who was one of several americans rereleased overnight from an a prison. matt they have i thick was in prison for 40 days. four other americans also released under a negotiated prisoner exchange. the release of the american prisoners comes just as the nuclear deal with iran goes into effect lifting sanctions and making tens of billions of dollars available to the iranian government. secretary of state kerry hailing the release as a victory for u.s. diplomacy. three of the americans released had been held prisoner for longer than the americans taken hostage in iran back in 1979. former u.s. marine amir hekmadi held for more than four years after an arrest on spying charges while visiting his
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"washington post" bureau chief jason rezaian held for a year-and-a-half after a closed trial and conviction on espionage charges. pastor saeed abedini imprisoned since july for organizing home churches in iran. all spent time at iran's notorious evin prison where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitary confinement, and psychological abuse. two other americans were also released including a student named matthew trevithick who was arrested a few months ago. last summer president obama angrily dismissed suggestions that he was not working hard enough to get the prisoners released. president: the notion that i'm content as i celebrate with american citizens languishing in iranian jails, that's nonsense. doug: not included in the prisoner swap-- f.b.i. agent robert levinson who disappeared during a 2007 visit to iran. his whereabouts are still unknown.
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confirm a thawl of the prisoners are actually flying back at this time. antoinette: the district attorney and waltham police are investigating a murder-suicide right now. police responded to a request for a well-being check on forest street around 5:00 last night. when they arrived, they found two residents were dead. the d.a.'s office says this is an isolated incident, and there is no threat to public safety. an update now to an early morning fire in roslindale leaving several people without a home. we brought it to you as breaking news yesterday when flames broke out at a condo in dale village. boston fire officials say smoking material caused the fire. the red cross is now helping out 14 people who were displaced. doug: arlington police subdue a woman wielding this knife, preventing a potential "suicide by cop" situation. the 32-year-old had barricaded herself inside an apartment on grove street, threatening to kill herself. when police forced their way inside, the woman charged at officers with the knife. an officer deployed a beanbag
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disarmed her. 5 on the opioid crisis in brockton. the mayor calling the current situation a public health crisis. with the recent spike in overdoses over the last couple of days, mayor bill carpenter is hoping to get more addicts the treatment they desperately need. he's announced the "champion plan" with a goal of expanding resources for addicts rather than putting them behind bars. similar to the program in gloucester, brockton is partnering with local hospitals and treatment centers. the plan will be in place sometime next month. more support for new guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain. 36 attorneys general from across the country, including massachusetts a.g. maura healey, have signed a letter urging the c.d.c. to adopt the guidelines. the national association of attorneys general says the guidance will help doctors and other health care workers balance the potential harms and benefits of opioid use. antoinette: president obama is proposing a set of changes to unemployment insurance that he
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to unemployed americans and encourage more people to rejoin the workforce. president: if a hard-working american loses her job regardless of what state she lives in, we should make sure she can get unemployment insurance and some help to retrain for her next job. antoinette: the president's proposal would require states to provide wage insurance to workers who lose their jobs and find new employment at a lower pay. it would be available to workers who were with their prior employer for three years and make less than $50,000 in their new job. he also wants to require all states to provide at least 26 weeks of unemployment insurance. a water crisis reaching a new level of urgency in michigan. doug: the help the obama administration is offering to help one city through a public health crisis. and a wild fight caught on camera. now the guy who threw the first punch is filing a lawsuit.
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action. you've got to hear what he says. antoinette: a new fund opened to help a severely injured hockey player recover. the pledge the bruins foundation and the t.d. garden has made to that effort. mike: and i'm tracking some snow. when it moves in and how the marco rubio. rhe ran for senate sayingr
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then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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it's 8:13. welcome back. you might remember this video right here. it was pretty tough to watch. you may recall the former taco uber violently attacking his driver.
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the eyeopener's frank holland is back with the new lawsuit. frank, this one one has everybody going what? frank: a lot of head shaking going on over this one, doug and antoinette. they are going at it once again. enthusiasm this time it's not physical. that passenger is now the one suing the driver. take a look. benjamin golden became famous for violently attacking his driver and then apologizing. golden now says he is a victim too. the former taco bell executive now filing a $5 million lawsuit against the uber driver he apparently attacked in southern california last fall. golden admitted he was drunk at the time. now he's claiming the driver illegally videotaped the altercation, and he's seeking damages for "severe emotional distress, humiliation, and anxiety. >> i've been trying not to read what's being said, but, you know, i'm not that person (crying) frank: golden was charged with assault and battery. he's pleading not guilty. those charges are still pending. golden was also sued by the uber
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unspecified damages. the lawyer for the driver is calling the counter-lawsuit by golden, "bogus." doug? doug: we've move on to a nicer story here. the bruins family teaming up to help a hockey player severely injured on new year's eve. word now that the team, the jacobs family, the bruins foundation, and t.d. garden pledged at least $200,000 to help denna laing. she suffered a significant spinal injury during the outdoor women's winter classic at gillette stadium. laing's parents say she has limited movement in her arms and no feeling in her legs. bruins c.e.o. charlie jacobs said the donation is the first step in continuing support for laing's recovery. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist mike wankum. mike: some scenes of the clean-up going on down in parts of florida. two tornadoes swept through western florida near sarasota. officials say two people were killed, several others injured. homes have been damaged near seest a keys and rescuers pulled
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wreckage. those storm systems are being very active again this morning. it's all centered around this low pressure system here. you see what happens. there's a line cutting right across the state. getting reports even over on the eastern side of the state of some tree damage as these thunderstorms continue to work their way through. why are we paying attention to that? because this will give us a chance of snow tonight. that's right. it's a big storm system. see how big the cloud cover is around this thing. the coast. it will stay way off shore but close enough that it's going to throw a little moisture at us. that's why i have some snow along the coastal areas as we start to talk about tonight. as we head for this afternoon a lot of cloud cover out there. temperatures are going to climb a few degrees but not by much. if you notice off shore, we start to see some sprinkles that are going on out there. this wraps its way back in so by 8:00 we're seeing a little bit of snow perhaps a little bit of mix going on. this will continue to pivot its way back in at the coast. from cape ann through cape cod, this is where i think we'll be seeing our steadiest snows.
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the main storm is still way, way off shore. there's not a lot of moisture to work with but enough to get accumulation out of the whole thing. this will keep going in this direction while a cold front comes in from the west. this cold front, way behind it, it is really cold. it slam into this moisture that's left over. we get another shot at seeing some snow you get two opportunities. it all really doesn't amount to a whole lot when you put the numbers to it. let me show you what the numbers will look like as far as how much snow we'll be looking at. we'll be dealing with morning sun this morning and afternoon clouds this afternoon. 32-8 degrees. tonight with cloudy skies we could see snow showers out there. 20-26 degrees for the overnight low. here's how much snow i'm thinking. really right along the shoreline 1-3. maybe mixing down here toward the outer cape. we'll keep you closer to that one-inch category. up towards cape ann if these winds set up just right we could push the higher end up of that up to three imgs. these things are tricky to forecast because the storm system is so far off shore. the amount of moisture we're talking about is very limited. a lot of times we put this up.
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about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight, if ewen of those late travelers or tomorrow morning's early commute do keep that in mind. as that second front comes through i'm thinking a dusting to an inch out of it. there may be a little enhancement toward the berkshires because of the elevation going on. again this will happen about 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow morning which is right during the morning commute. and that will make some slippery spots out there. -cautious about that and do keep it in mind. let me show you what's going to happen. the night snow tonight. the snow showers coming in here for tomorrow. on tuesday we've got this cold wind taking place. highs only 24 degrees but more importantly that morning low. 12 degrees. add to that a northwesterly wind at 15-30. wind chill index will be about five degrees below zero. it will feel like it's in the teens all day day long. sunshine returns as we head towards weds, thursday and friday. the temperature comes up a couple of degrees. not by a lot. next weekend there is the possibility we could see another storm system coming in. that one may be will mix at the coast with snow inland.
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yesterday it looks like it would be completely missing us. today it's looking more like it will be in the forecast. in the meantime keep an eye out for slipper erodes to develop later on tonight and tomorrow morning. antoinette and doug. doug: mike, just shifted over to 8:19. a look at some of the stories we're following right now. antoinette: we're learning more about that deadly raid at hotel in the western african nation of burkina faso. an american missionary's mother now confirming her son was among those killed when al-qaida militants attacked the hotel and cafe. at least 28 people died in the attack. the victims were from 18 different countries. doug: the white house has declared a state of emergency in michigan freeing up to $5 million in federal aid to immediately assist with the public health crisis there. the drinking water in the city of flint and surrounding areas is contaminated with lead. fema will step in to coordinate responses and cover the costs for much-needed water and filters for residents. microsoft is cutting the cord on
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updates. about 50 million people around the world are using the operating system. but there will no longer be updates to help block new viruses or protect from hackers. microsoft is stopping tech support to try to encourage people to upgrade to 8.1 or windows 10. an impressive group of 8th graders kicking off a year of community service yesterday. antoinette: 351 one of them to be exact. the student ambassadors all chosen by their teachers to represent the 351 towns and cities across the commonwealth. congressman seth moulton attended the project 351 wrap-up party at the j.f.k. library yesterday evening. the event was timely-- to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr., with a full day of team-based service projects in boston. get 'em started young, right. doug: that's great. give them a sense of purpose for that and continue in their adult life. just wonderful.
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his fans. doug: the big moment for an adorable baby panda. the favorite story of the morning, people. don't go anywhere. antoinette: just a reminder. there are even more chances to catch the weekend eyeopener. right now we are on until 9:00. then coming up next is "this week" with george stephanopoulos. and catch the eyeopener team for
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mike: well, a beautiful view over the city. there's the view with if gorgeous skies going on out there. things will change for tonight. we've got clouds that will start rolling in here this afternoon. enjoy the sunshine this morning. then if you look as the coast later on tonight, we've got a band of snow setting up. now it won't be much but it will have another little shot coming with it tomorrow. so on monday we've got an arctic front coming through to give us a band of snow right during the morning commute. when it's all over and done with, probably about 1-3 inches of snow. lesser amounts as you look away from the coast. we'll see a dusting to an inch there. the cold weather settles in. you'll notice how temperatures are in the 20's for highs on tuesday. the wind chills will stay close to the teens most of the afternoon. another chance of some snow on saturday. meantime though it warms up as we head towards thursday and friday of this week.
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doug: mike, thank you. it was panda-monium in the nation's capital as thousands of panda fans lined up for their first glimpse of bei bei at the national zoo. antoinette: this is an exciting one. the adorable five-month-old panda cub is barely 22 pounds, but he's already a social media heavyweight. this was the moment a panda cub making his public debut to squeals of delight. first thing the sleepy baby bear does-- shy away from the spotlight. meet bei bei, the national zoo's five-month-old panda. >> my heart is like squashed. antoinette: since his birth, bei-bei has enjoyed babyhood in private. but finally thousands from all over the world got to line up to see him for the first time. >> panda-monium. antoinette: bei bei's name means precious treasure in chinese. the endangered bear is only the third cub to thrive at the zoo. less than 2,000 surviving in the
8:24 am
like any super star worth his bamboo, bei bei is a social media darling. five million hits and counting on the national zoo's giant panda cam since he was born. >> he is immensely popular. antoinette: said to be a charmer and a bit of a rascal, bei bei spent most of his big day snoozing flat on his furry back >> we're waiting for him to wake up. >> we want him to wake up. antoinette: after all, being that adorable has got to be exhausting. i mean real he'll it is. just ask any new born baby out there. doug: you know what i'm hearing to be popular on the internet, all you have to do is lay on your hairy back. let the cameras roll. antoinette: okay. doug: that's what they say. we'll have that story for you again in a couple of hours so don't go anywhere. new this morning. some lawmakers in lawrence looking to restrict panhandling. antoinette: the areas they
8:25 am
a rescue delayed. the reason it took so long to find a car crash victim. doug: how about these pictures from nahunt. is that just gorgeous? we think that's grave's light, right, mike? all right. beautiful. although a change in the forecast just ahead.
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nicorette mini. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." mike: a blast of cold temperatures are heading our way
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my timeline for a wintery mix. antoinette: and the hingham man just released from prison in iran. he's on his way home. why he was there, and what his family is saying about his release. doug: and in just hours the democrats take the debate stage. the final push ahead of the first contests on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: good morning, everybody. a gorgeous shot from nahunt this morning. the sun is up. n.r.a.y a cloud in the sky. my goodness, we understand things are going to change. antoinette: no bikini weather out there. doug: you can if you want. antoinette: maybe not right now. yourself. the polar plunge. mike: we have the cold temperatures coming in. before it gets here though, we have some snow. it will be tonight. it will be tomorrow morning during the commute. that may be slowing things down a little bit. keep that in mind.
8:29 am
right now. we're going to warm things up degrees. all that sunshine we have out there will be fading to the why? i have two systems. one out to the west. one down to the south. this one will stay way off shore but close enough that it will throw a little snow at us. tomorrow morning. have a chance to develop into too much. snow. 9:00 tonight the main storm system is off here. there is that little bit of sphoa snow. then you watch this one to the west come slide inning here really quickly tomorrow morning. it gives us another shot at seeing some snow. if you're away from the coast you have to wait for this one to get you. it's more coastal as we talk about tonight. it will be cold behind this whole thing. so i'm looking at about 1-3 inches of snow into this area here where it's hanging around a bit longer. a dusting to an inch as that cold front comes through. as i mentioned it will be cold behind that system. we're going to be seeing some of our coldest air of the season. wind chills that are way below zero by tuesday morning. we'll talk more about that
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antoinette and doug. doug: breaking news. four americans freed from prison in iran as part of a prisoner exchange reportedly on their way back to the u.s. antoinette: the "eyeopener"'s frank holland is here with more on the local connection to this story, frank. frank: doug and antoinette, a remarkable turn of events in the middle east. i was the fifth american freed on saturday. matthew trevithick is one of several americans just released from prison in iran. the boston university graduate was detained for 40 days in the infamous evin prison. trevithick travelled to iran in september. he was there for a intensive language program at tehran university. he previously spent time working in iraq and turkey. it's still not clear why he was in prison. they have i thick's family said yesterday. the four other americans were released under a negotiated prisoner iks change, that includes "washington post" reporter jason rezaian. as part of the exchange, the u.s. will free seven iranians from american custody. the release of the americans come the same day as sanctions
8:31 am
country's nuclear program were lifted. secretary of state john kerry said the two events are not directly related but the nuclear agreement accelerated the prisoner swap. antoinette: frank, thank you for that update. commitment 2016 now. the democrats are back on the debate stage in south carolina tonight. this will be the final debate for bernie sanders, hillary clinton, and martin o'malley before voting begins in the iowa caucuses. yesterday, the trio attended an annual fish fry hosted by congressman jim clyburn. before that, all three candidates spoke at the "first in the south" dinner hosted by the democratic party. meanwhile, mayor marty walsh spent the day in the granite state stumping for hillary clinton. he and other volunteers pounded the pavement and knocked on doors, kicking off a grassroots canvassing campaign. right now, clinton is fighting to regain her lead in the race with polls showing sanders gaining traction in iowa and new hampshire. doug: donald trump was also back in new hampshire where he continues to lead in the polls.
8:32 am
face in massachusetts politics-- former u.s. senator scott brown. our sera congi was there. scott brown: somebody whom i've known for some time. sera: a familiar face to new england politics, former u.s. senator of massachusetts scott brown welcoming the g.o.p. frontrunner for president. scott brown: the next president of the united states, donald trump. sera: donald trump rallied the crowd of 1,000 at a portsmouth, new hampshire, car dealership appearing with brown who has organized a series of political events. trump: whether it's new hampshire, iowa, south carolina, we're doing so well. i think he is going to do what he says he's going to do. whenever he sets goals, he accomplishes what he sets out to do. sera: trump sounded themes that have helped propel him in the polls. trump: illegal immigrants are treated better than our vets. sera: and trump also encouraged brown to return to politics with some in the crowd chanting, "v.p." trump: it looks like-- hey, vice president? hey! sera: he's encouraging you to get back into politics. brown: i'm helping others get
8:33 am
hampshire but still in massachusetts where i have some dear friends. sera: brown has not yet endorsed any presidential candidate but supports some of trump's views. brown: he's talking about the same things i talked about. border security, national security. sera: but brown also says he hears from voters who want trump to be more respectful. >> i think he has some great ideas. i think-- i like some of the positions that he presents. but his mannerism is something that i find offensive. sera: a mannerism new hampshire voters will judge in the nation's first primary, february 9. in portsmouth, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: jeb bush also on the campaign trail making several stops across the new hampshire yesterday. the former florida governor hosted town halls in amherst and hampstead. bush defended his foreign policy including plans for a no-fly zone over syria. well. he spoke with a few dozen supporters at a pizza shop in newport. earlier this week paul chose not
8:34 am
under-card debate, but instead his campaign says he reached at least seven million voters through national t.v. appearances and through on-line forums. paul telling voters there's no place for donald trump in the g.o.p. antoinette: flipped upside-down onto its roof. right now state police investigating this deadly crash in peabody. the one-car crash happened on route 1 northbound at lowell street just after 7:00 last night. the victim, a 46-year-old man from peabody, has not been identified. waltham police searching for a bank robbery suspect. the armed thief caught on camera. it happened at the t.d. bank on second avenue friday. the suspect dressed in a black hoodie, black ski mask, and dark sunglasses. police describe the weapon as a semi-automatic handgun. the bank teller said it appeared to be real. anyone with information is asked to call waltham police. doug: new this morning
8:35 am
hearing on monday on a proposal to limit panhandling. that would include making it a crime to ask for money near a bank or a.t.m. mayor daniel rivera says this is intended to discourage people going to lawrence to buy heroin. he says they often spend all they have on the drug and leave themselves without the money needed to get home. antoinette: on the road to the super bowl. the patriots with a big win over the kansas city chiefs yesterday. it felt like the patriots took a time machine back to week 10 in this game. doug: edelman was back, gronk was strong, and as bob halloran tells us, it's full steam ahead into the afc championship. bob: it had been a while since we had seen these patriots, but they wasted no time reintroducing themselves. opening drive-- julian edelman makes a couple of big first-down rob gronkowski pulls down a 32-yarder. and then tom brady hits gronk
8:36 am
same as it ever was. >> just making sure i was prepared for the game, ready to go. big games like this, you always have to put a little extra work in. if you're out there on the practice field or not. everything just worked out well. bob: chandler jones, not disciplined by bill bellicheck, forced a fumble in the third quarter. that led to a second gronk t.d. that made it 21-6 patriots. it was clear-- the patriots are back. brady: only four teams playing next weekend. we're one of them. that game means a lot. we've got to try to get as healthy as we can and see if we can, you know, put together our best game of the year. bob: so the patriots are back in the afc championship game. tom brady and bill belichick's 10th in 15 years. put that high on the list of accomplishments for the greatest coach-quarterback tandem in the history of the nfl. bob halloran, wcvb, sportscenter 5. antoinette: remember when
8:37 am
the game. doug: i don't know why. recovering after he was stuck the reason it took rescuers so mike? temperatures and snow moving in. a breakdown of the wintry mix on
8:38 am
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antoinette: just about 8:42. welcome back. new hampshire state troopers say they found a man unconscious in the woods in enfield ten hours after he crashed his car. police say the man veered off the highway, struck a guard rail, and rolled his car. doug: our frank holland is here with how police found him and frank: doug and antoinette, police say this man is lucky to after he crashed, he left his car and then wandered into the he was all alone and without a cell phone. police are crediting the rescue of the seriously injured man to a k9 officer named briggs. state police responded to a rollover crash on interstate 89 inen field friday night. when they arrived all they found
8:40 am
trooper janell smith: we checked for the driver. there was some blood in the vehicle, but no driver was located in the area. frank: new hampshire state police say the driver was driving southbound when he veered off the road striking a guardrail. officers did not know if he left the scene or if he was ejected. officers checked with hospitals and family, but borneman could not be found. trooper: that is when we pushed further northbound on the same side, and that is when we saw what appeared to be signs that someone had slid down the embankment, and we saw footprints along the river bank headed northbound. frank: state police asked for assistance from the lebanon police department's k-9 unit to track the missing person. officer: we tracked up a ridge. it was all ice and snow. it was tough terrain. frank: police say borneman made a dangerous trek through ice and snow and across a fast moving brook. the k-9 unit found him unconscious around 4:30 a.m., ten hours after the crash. jonathan tracey: briggs actually found him before we did. he came right up on him and pretty much put his nose to his face, and it startled the guy
8:41 am
frank: fire crews extended a ladder over the brook to pull the man to safety. >> the fire department coming out and assisting us getting this guy back across that brook water. they did a great job too. frank: borneman could also face charges for drug possession. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. troopers say speed appears to be a factor. frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist mike wankum. mike: let me show you what it looks like at hampton beach. not a lot of people walking the beach this morning. not a bad day for it. the sun is out this morning. stroll along the beach is always beautiful. in nahunt another gorgeous view we have going on this morning. unfortunately it looks like the cloud cover will be fading as we go to this afternoon. thickening cloud cover will mean fading sunshine. over the city of boston still plenty of sunshine. by about 3:00 we'll be saying good-bye to the sunshine and more cloud cover. by tonight we'll be looking at light snow. yesterday we had a high temperature of 40 degrees.
8:42 am
it was 40 degrees yesterday. most of us did not see any snow. there are pockets up to the north. look at some of these totals we had. an inch, inch-and-a-half. i think we'll probably get about this much again tonight. it probably won't be in this area. this time it will be near the coast. we saw a lot of that up to the north when the temperatures were cold enough. we got four, five, up to six inches of snow into parts of maine. that's because it was cold enough. now tonight we've got the cold in place. yesterday we didn't have it. today we do have it. look at this beautiful view up in king's beach in lynne. gorgeous sunrise this morning. lots of these pictures via twitter and facebook. love to have those and share those with you any time we have those coming in. over the city right now, we still have a temperature of 33 degrees. the wind is out of the west-northwest. not that much. seven miles per hour. that's why i say this morning is not too bad. once we get to the afternoon the cloud cover comes in. then it start to feel colder out there. lowell about 34 degrees for a high temperature. it switched 34 degree for a high temperature as well. the big trend will be the cooler temperature. notice in bedford how we have the chance of snow tomorrow but
8:43 am
look at those lows tuesday morning. that's chilly stuff we're talking about. out through worcester county about 31 for a high in gardner today. 31 in worcester. and cool air coming in again as we talk about monday and tuesday's forecast. as far as the south shore is concerned again you're going to see temperatures today just a few degrees warmer than what it is right now. plymouth about 35. duxbury about 36 degrees for a high temperature. and high temperatures over the cape today as well. maybe flirting with that 40-degree mark once you get toward nantucket but i think you'll be seeing some mix coming in as we start to talk about tonight. overnight tonight we'll see lows dropping off into the 20's which means we have snow coming in. i think the best opportunity for seeing accumulating snow is going to be near the shoreline about 1-3 inches. inland we have to wait until tomorrow morning when the arctic front comes through. that gives us a quick snap of the atmosphere. we may get a dust to go an ench out of the whole thing. let me break it down for you in the seven-day forecast and show you how this is all going to work out. today sunshine this morning. we have the clouds come inning later this afternoon. then we talk about the chance of snow tonight. here's the way the map looks
8:44 am
you can see the clear skies but notice how they fade away. there comes the cloud cover and there comes some snow and mix. this is 8:00 tonight primarily over the cape. then we go to monday. remember i said it's two systems coming at us. the first one goes away. the second one is this cold front right through here. it snaps the atmosphere. that's where we could get that additional inch of snow out of the whole thing. then the cold air really comes flowing in here. by the way most of that snow tomorrow will be during the morning commute. the cold air really comes roar inning here on tuesday. high temperature 24 but morning low at 12. check out the wind chill indegreeses as we talked about tuesday morning. they are below zero in most locations. we'll warm up a little bit as we head towards the end of the week but not a lot. it's certainly cooler than we've been through lately. possibly next weekend we could be dealing with another snow-rain event. that's several days away. watch out. there could be a few slipper erodes on your way to work doug. doug: thank you, mike. up to the garden during the patriots game last night, and at least they got a good show
8:45 am
seconds into this one. toronto would then tie the game at 2-2. bruins find their footing and with just 47 seconds left in the game, brad marchand with the long slapshot to put the game away. bruins win an exciting one 3-2 at the garden. talk about excitement. the celtics adding a great third chapter to the day in boston sports on the road against the wizards tonight. isaiah thomas had 32 points including a big jumper late in the game to put the celtics up 5. avery bradley adding a big three with 30 seconds left to give the celtics another slight edge, and they would need it. after a few free throws, it was tied 117-all. five seconds to go. layup. john wall takes it the length of the court but he misses his layup and the celtics win. if you ever wanted to own a bed beachside town of ogunquit, maine, now's your chance. nice. the owner of "almost home inn"
8:46 am
why you want it. and write it all down. jacqui grant is hosting an essay contest for the "almost home inn." she's opened the door there for a decade and says it's time to hand over the keys. >> i'm going in here with an open mind and open heart. and i hope that it brings somebody in here that has been looking for something like this. antoinette: a panel of judges will revew the 200-word essays and select a winner. we are launching a new series "made in mass" showcasing the local businesses that are building things here and sending them all over the world. doug: i went to a bike shop just outside of boston that's become one of the biggest players in the custom bike community. they're some of the most desired two-wheelers on the planet, and they're made in mass-- specifically watertown, mass. rob wandermark: we make more custom bikes than any other builder in the world. doug: seven cycles president and founder rob wandermark started
8:47 am
company 18 years ago in topsfield. over the last 17, the company has called this converted bra factory on walnut street home. rob: massachusetts is really where bike manufacturing started in the united states. doug: from pope manufacturing in the 1800's to columbia bikes after that, building these people-powered steeds really saw a resurgence in the 1970's. john lewis: this is the cathedral. this is where the magic happens. doug: john lewis heads up marketing for seven cycles. he showed us how this new generation is turning raw tubes of mostly titanium into a one-of-a-kind, high-end bicycle. starting with specifically measured plans, every cut, bend, file, weld, and painted structure is created for the new owner and only that owner. no two bikes on the planet are ever the same. rob: the attention to detail achieved in several ways. rob: one of them is through experience. a lot of people back here, as i said before, have been building bikes their entire adult lives.
8:48 am
craftsmanship can be found in something as simple as a weld. rob: we're going for what they call the stack of dimes which is like a stack of dimes just pushed over. it takes years of practice to be able to produce that. doug: to date this local company with 35 employees has produced over 30,000 one-of-a-kind bikes. they want these locally built bikes to be owned in every one of the seven continents on "the globe". thus the name seven cycles. right now, about 40-percent of the company's bike sales are overseas. one of the largest markets is south korea. custom bikes do come at a premium -- prices start at around $4,000 per bike. that's just the entry level. antoinette: starting price. doug: but it's cool because you can have it anyway you want it. from color to size to everything. it's amazing. antoinette: that is really cool that they're making all of this here, right here.
8:49 am
i'm sorry. ahead this morning a local community holding out hope. antoinette: a massive search for 12 marines entering its third day. what's making this such a
8:50 am
pwhat would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. phow about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy. register today. antoinette: 8:54. the district attorney and waltham police are investigating a murder-suicide right now. police responded to request for a well-being check on forest street around five lasnight. when they arrived they found two
8:51 am
the d.a.'s office says this is an isolated incident and there is no threat to public safety. doug: right now, a desperate search continues off the coast of hawaii. a marine from hingham among 12 missing after two military helicopters crashed. 23-year old christopher orlando's friends and family are holding out hope. the search entering its third day, but so far efforts have been hampered by choppy waves and low visibility. no word yet on what caused that crash. antoinette: mike, snow moving in. mike: probably about 8:00 for the city of boston and along the coast but inland you have to wait until tomorrow morning. then a shot of snow showers will come through during the morning. antoinette: we'll be waiting anxiously. doug: we'll see you in about an hour. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: in 2014 more than 1,000 massachusetts residents died of opioid-related overdoses-- 60 percent more than just two years earlier. and though the final numbers are
8:52 am
future prognosis is worse and governor baker has openly predicted the tragic toll will spike further unless these chilling statistics spark a dramatic change in how we handle this epidemic. this week the house unanimously approved a bill that, among many recommendations, limits initial painkiller prescriptions to a week's supply and recommends cities and towns set up "prescription drug drop boxes" where medications can be safely discarded. the house bill differs significantly from the governor's recent stronger proposal, which limits initial prescriptions to three days, and lets doctors commit patients involuntarily to drug treatment facilities for up to 72 hours if they're considered in immediate danger. the senate passed its own version of a bill last fall, ostensibly focused on curbing addiction through education and prevention-- a start, but not enough. frankly, the strongest elements of all three proposals now need to be reconciled and melded into
8:53 am
partisan politics rules the federal government, but massachusetts residents can take heart that this governor and legislature have proven they can-- despite legitimate differences-- find compromises and work together. there is genuine optimism demanded by a need for action that the governor can soon sign a comprehensive reform bill. that would be the best news of the new year, not only for those individuals whose dependency on opioids can quickly become an addiction, but also for the dramatically increasing number of families scarred by this deadly scourge.
8:54 am
rone says it's okay to take millions from big banks vmy plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, tand make them pay p then we can expand health care and provide universal college education. twill they like me? will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
8:55 am
>> announcer: starting right now on a special election edition of abc's "this week" -- sprint to the finish. just two weeks before the voting starts, and we're face to face with donald trump, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. as the gop race tightens, can the billionaire seal the deal and what he's saying now about his battle with ted cruz. we're on the trail in new hampshire with donald trump. plus, hillary feeling the heat. >> clinton campaign is getting very, very nervous. >> could this underdog shock the political world in an upset for the ages?
8:56 am
sanders are both here, live. plus, insights and analysis from the powerhouse roundtable. it's all only on "this week." from abc news. it's ees it's "your voice, your vote." here now chief anchor george stephanopoulos. it's on. the bromance between the two republican front-runners is history. the clashes continued this weekend. as trump attacked the values. cruz countering with this video. >> i'm very pro-choice. i hate the concept of abortion. i hate it. still, i just believe in choice and again, it may be a little bit of a new york background because there is some different attitude and different parts of the country. i was raised in new york and grew up and work and everything else in new york city. >> here was cruz in south carolina.
8:57 am
says on the campaign trail today is fairly conservative. but voters are far more discerning. they have learned over and over politicians don't tell us the truth. >> trump was loaded for bare when i met up with him on saturday. we began with the news breaking, the release of those american prisoners from iran. so, we have some news, four american hostages including jason rezaian released by iran. you said that was never going to happen, you blamed obama, ready to give him credit? >> absolutely not. i said if i got into it it would happen immediately. we give seven we get four. this should have happened years ago, we're giving $150 billion, this shouldn't be happening now and i understand that in addition tohe $150 billion
8:58 am
we're taping this a little bit early and it's not sunday morning like your viewers probably think. this thould have happened years ago. >> let's talk about the race, it's now a two-person race between you and ted cruz. >> i don't think so. i don't think ted cruz has a great chance to be honest with you. >> he's doubled-down on this issue of new york city values. he lumped you in yesterday with hillary clinton, andrew cuomo and bill deblasio. >> the truth is he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. nobody in congress likes him. he's a very -- he's got a edge that's not good. you can't make deals with people like that. it's not a good thing for the country. very nasty guy.
8:59 am
clip of you on tim russert. my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. those were your words. >> a long time ago, he's taking money from people that are very much into the whole gay marriage situation and he's taking money from them and he raising funds from them. he got caught the other day on a tape he was raising funds at a law office, talking about things and priorities -- hypocrite? >> he's a total hypocrite. today, it comes out he's borrowing money from citibank and he doesn't list it. he wants to look like he's the one protecting the ones from the banks. and not disclosing it which is illegal. >> those were your words. talking about how you were strongly pro-choice, your
9:00 am
and iowa views and it's led a lot of conservatives to think, maybe he's going to switch again. >> it doesn't matter what thinks. we're talking about labels. i consider myself to be -- >> you're not con second l serve tif? >> i'm conservative. when it comes to different elements of what i i believe in, i'm going to solve our trade problem, i'm going to solve our military problem, i'm going to get rid of isis, i'm going to kraelt borders. >> but they're afraid you're going to abandon conservative issues. >> i don't think too many people are afraid of that. because if you look at the polls, i'm leading ted cruz by a lot. the polls are showing that i'm on the upswing. he's on a big down swing. but if you look at what he said and the way he said it and the scorn toward new york, i think it's a disgrace.
9:01 am
firemen that went up those buildings and they were killed instantously and they knew those buildings were coming down and they're going up to save lives. speaking of iowa, which i love and i'm leading in the polls in iowa, we had firemen from iowa which was so beautiful and many other places coming to the world trade center to help. you had people from iowa and particular the fire department coming all the way from iowa to help with the world trade center and here's ted cruz putting down that and the great, you know -- >> he didn't put that down. >> he's putting down the great people of new york. who could have done what new yorkers did under that unbelievable circumstance? >> let's talk about some of the issues, what kind of judges would you appoint, will they be conservative? >> well, first of all, we have a lot of judges that have to be appointed.
9:02 am
terms of judges. i'm very happy about that to be honest. i think appointing judges is a very important element of what -- >> ted cruz said he's going to appoint conservatives with a paper trail. >> i'm going to appoint people with great reputations, great in the legal profession. >> like? >> you know a judge who's totally underrated about not spoken is justice thomas, i mean, if you look at some of the judges that we have on the supreme court, justice roberts turned out to be a nightmare for conservatives. and by the way, ted cruz was the one who really wanted justice roberts to go on the supreme court. you know that. have you heard that? >> he was pushing him hard. justice roberts gave us obamacare. obamacare would have been
9:03 am
first time 10 on%. justice roberts could have killed obama care and should have based on everything. ted cruz is the one that was promoting him. ted cruz and also jeb bush, but justice roberts was the man that gave us and remember it. he gave us obama care. almost as much as obama himself. >> lot of conservatives skeptical of you saying you support taking private property away giving it to real estate developers. >> let me tell you about that decision, imminent domain, without that, you wouldn't have roads or highways, you wouldn't schools, you wouldn't have hospitals. you have to use that the pipeline, the keystone pipeline they have pages devoted to eminent domain.
9:04 am
it can't be built without imminent domain, you wouldn't have 25 feet of the keystone pipeline. eminent domain you need eminent domain. anything. so when people criticize me on that and once people understand what it is, lot of people don't know what it is, without that power you wouldn't have the kind of things you need to survive as a society and as a country. >> so, how are you going to make sure you're not going to get a justice roberts? >> excuse me, how are they going to make sure? bush appointed him and cruz was the biggest advocate. justice roberts turned out to be an absolute disaster. he turned out to be an absolute disaster because he gave us obama care. you tell me, ask cruz why did he push -- >> i'm asking you, why did he push so hard to have a judge who has absolutely set the conservative movement back and
9:05 am
>> when i interview him i'll ask him. >> i will study it carefully. i will work with people i republican respect, conservative people, we'll appoint judges that will be good. i won't have an appoint like justice roberts. >> let's talk about imdprags, senator cruz has come out against your deportation force. governor christie said this would cause an increase in 50 skt. >> senator cruz is very weak on illegal immigration, he only got strong over the last little while. the other day, i heard him say he wants to build a wall. we're going to create and have a country again. that's what we want.
9:06 am
a country you have to have borders. we have people flowing over freely. >> are you going to enforce it. >> having babies on our land, called anchor babies, you need a new constitutional amendment you don't. you need probably just a vote of congress and you might not even need that. i said that from the beginning. the real legal scholars that say as an example that cruz has a real problem with his place of birth. many people are saying that right now. since i spoke to you the last time he's been sued. >> the person who doesn't have standing -- >> lot of people who have standing. >> you have standing, why don't you follow suit? >> that sounds like a very big case. >> ted was so nice to me, i said
9:07 am
to go to wake, so nice, so nice. when is it going to happen? it happened during the debate, he lied about the polls. the poll came out with a headline, trump way up, him way down. he lied about that. i find it very interesting. >> so -- >> listen, let me just say, i don't think he's going to do very well. >> if you really believe in this you should file the suit. >> i'd like to talk to ted about that. when i file suits i file real suits. i'm unloading because he's been very dishonest. he didn't put down the banks yet he criticizes the banks and he's going to be robin hood and take care of the banks. he didn't the public to see he
9:08 am
he doesn't want the public to see that, the reason is, because he wants the public to see that he's this wonderful guy protecting him from the bad, vicious bankers. he borrows money from the banks and he's got personal guarantees and why that's not done in his personal financial, he said, he made a paper mistake. oh really. he made the mistake with citibank. i have a hundred pages, almost a hundred pages talking about billions and billions of dollars, i didn't make a mistake and they have gone through by everybody, i didn't make a mistake. couple of pages with a couple of loans and he forgets the main banks and he can't put that down? that wasn't a mistake. >> let's talk about national security, rubio versus cruz on national security. usa freedom act could have been
9:09 am
cruz said it's the best way to protect national security and private privacy. >> i come down on security. we have a whole thing going on whether or not we want to protect our freedoms. to me security is freedom. i'm on the side of security. i have been there from day one. if someone is listening to my calls, i don't like it. when it comes to me personally, i would rather have that, i want security. >> you're saying rubio's right? >> i would go with the rubio side. >> it sounds like you're worried about cruz. >> i come down on anybody that doesn't tell the truth. he didn't tell the truth during the debate. he didn't tell the truth about new york city. i mean, new york city is a -- very few places on earth could have done and suffered the way they suffer. remember this, george, that was the greatest attack in the history of our country. greater than pearl harbor, because pearl harbor they
9:10 am
here, they attacked civilians and these two massive buildings came down on top of the rest of the city. thousands of people killed and the day, an hour later, we started the process. great people started the process. people coming, firemen coming in from queens knowing they may die. they all died. we have this guy, who falsifies his personal financial forms, we have this guy criticizing -- >> it caught the attention of mike bloomberg. you and hillary in it, sources say, it would show a competitive race. >> i would love to have michael join the race. i'd love to. because he would be, i think, take a lot of votes away from hillary, it's going to be hillary. you tell me. >> she went to your wedding.
9:11 am
why, because i contribute. >> so, here's the story, i would say if michael came in, he would hillary. you know why, one of the reasons, guns. michael is very much anti-gun. i'm very pro-second amendment. >> i'd love to have him in the race. very late for anyone to join the race right now. i know the filing requirements for anyone to come in right now is very late. >> a woman named rebecca o'donnell has a 9-year-old son, paying attention to the son, he's adopted internationally, he asked her if he and his brother would be taken away from us if donald trump became president. she went on to write this in
9:12 am
-- what do you say rebecca? >> why don't you pick out a positive letter, we're getting so positive letters. people want to take back their country. that young man will be fine, okay, but people want to take back their country. we have to have a country. we don't have a country right now. we have people pouring in, they're pouring in and they're doing tremendous dangerous, if economy. the real number in terms of unemployment, if you look at the real number, it's over 20%. it could be over 25%. because people look for jobs, they give up and the real number is a disaster. and if you think 25,000 people come to my rallies because we're doing well, the reason they're coming to my rallies because the country is doing poorly that includes the economy. the stock market. >> final question, martin luther
9:13 am
african-americans who believe his dream hasn't achieved in this country. >> i believe with them. we have an african-american president, the african-american youth has essentially never done worse. you look at the unemployment in the '50s, you look at african-american people that are 30 and 35 and 40 at the height of their strength and their lives they're doing horribly. president obama an african-american has done a terrible job for african-americans. donald trump will do a great job for african-americans. i'll be back jobs from china and many other places. i will be great for african-americans. >> more from donald trump in just a minute and then the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both join us live this week ahead of tonight's big debate. the attacks are coming hard and fast. "this week" with george stephanopoulos brought to you by
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a bit more now from donald trump. we talked backstage just before his appearance with former senator scott brown in new hampshire. you have changed a bit over the last several months. a little bit more disciplined, a little bit more focused, what have you learned about campaigning in the last several months. >> i think i did very well in the beginning. don't forget, i have been at top of the polls from the very first day. i'm an intelligent person like you are, we're intelligent people, probably i toned it down a little bit sometimes. but sometimes you can't tone it down. when you're dealing against china who's just killing us and mexico they're sending us and other groups of people that are doing big numbers on us and
9:16 am
country and we're losing our heart and we're losing our soul. you have to be pretty strong. you don't want to tone it down too much. >> you're all in now? you're going to do everything you can? >> i'm here. i'm number one in every single place, including iowa, by the way, all of the latest polls have me number one in iowa. i have a great relationship with the people and the evangelicals and the tea party. no, we're looking to do very well. february 1st we start. and new hampshire. south carolina, it's going to be great. i think i'm going to do well. >> democrats up next, both sanders here live in just two
9:17 am
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9:18 am
there are two democrat oik street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks. >> president obama who as you might recall took a lot of money from the financial industry when he ran in 2008. so, it's a funny kind of charge. >> i think anybody who looks at that ad understands that it's not a negative ad. it's absolutely truthful. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton going at it this week. as we begin this campaign in 2016. secretary clinton joins us now from charleston, south carolina. good morning, madam secretary.
9:19 am
>> i want to get to that back and forth between you and bernie sanders, but first the news that american hostages are heading home. donald trump not give ing ing credit to the president. >> well, look i'm pleased like i hope everybody is, we have american citizens coming home this morning from iran. they were unjustly held there and i did a lot of work on these issues when americans were being picked up, falsely charged and imprisoned to get them home, i applaud the fact that's happened. we still don't have bob levinson, so we still have unfinished business. i think this is a part of what we're going to be pursuing, persistent, patient diplomacy, today is also the day we have
9:20 am
followed through on the agreement. they have shipped out the vast majority, i think it's up to 98% their enriched uranium, they have poured cement into one of the reactors we worried about because of a plutonium potential threat. they have destroyed centrifuges. so thshg so, this is the kind of smart dip lo masy i was proud to be a part of in the first obama administration. we have a lot of problems with iran, their aggressive behavior, their destabilizing of neighboring states, their continuing military support for assad and so much else. but the fact we put the lid on the nuclear weapons program, the fact that we got our prisoners back, i think is reason for good news. >> let's get to the campaign right now. strange series of events yesterday.
9:21 am
demanding the release of the sanders' health records. it appeared to go away. not? should aging health be an issue this this campaign? >> i put out my medical records. expectation. but, i think it's fair to say i share a lot of the same goals with senator sanders about what country. but we have differences and that's what i'm focusing on now, we're going to have a spirited debate, i expect, tonight in charleston. certainly, senator sanders has been pointing out differences. one issues i have drawn a stark contrast on is guns, i have pointed out repeatedly because i think it's a criticalish sue that senator sanders has for years voted many times on behalf of the nra gun lobby position
9:22 am
those votes was to give immunity all liability to gunmakers and sellers. -- well, he flip flopped last night saying he would sign on to a bill that is currently pending in the house and senate to repeal that liability and i'm delighted that he has had a change of heart. i think that's all to the good. i hope he'll take a hard look at the charleston loophole that's a provision he also voted for that gives a gun to a potential buyer after three days whether or not the background check has been completed and it's called the charleston loophole because that's how the killer in charleston got his gun. if more time, information would have come to light he was prohibited. he used that gun to murder nine faithful people at bible study.
9:23 am
the gun lobby because we can't continue to lose 90 people a day to gun violence and i welcome senator sanders moving on one of the issues he was wrong on. >> we'll ask him about that in a few minutes. another big difference is health care. are you against that, because it's a bad idea because it's not practical, would a single-payer system be better if you could get it passed? >> first of all, i share the goal of universal health care. i threw myself into that back in '93 and '94 and still have the scars to show for it. so, the goal is, we want everybody to have access to quality affordable health care. but i think we should be defending the affordable care act. it's a historic achievement for this country and president obama. we are making progress. i want us to protect us to
9:24 am
the republicans keep trying to repeal it and offer nothing in place of it. rather than tear it apart or get rid of it and start all over again, let's do what i'm proposing to get costs down, get more sport for families who face big medical costs let's deal with the rising costs of prescription drugs. that's the right way for the country to go and certainly it's what i'm advocate zblg you have your differences over wall street. i was struck this morning, american cross roads the super pack founded by karl role has just launched this online ad in iowa. >> hillary clinton has gone 54 times. hillary rewarded wall street with the $700 billion bailout. wall street made her a multimillionaire.
9:25 am
>> yep, you sure did, hillary. >> are you worried that your ties to wall street are weighing you down? >> well, first, let me say, it shows how desperate the republicans are to prevent from becoming the nominee. that's an inkreshlly flattering comment on their anxiety because they know that not only will i stand up for what the country needs i will take it to the republicans, i have a track record which shows i know how to stand up to them and i will win. i think this just proves my point i'm the strongest candidate to go up against any republican. with the back and forth on wall street, i think it's, you know, look, i have stood up to wall street even though i did represent new york. i have advocated for changes. but what i find sort of strange
9:26 am
senator sanders ran was against all democrats that took contributions from anybody associated with the financial industry, that would include president obama who took more than anyone had in 2008, that did not stop him from turning around and imposing the toughest rules on wall street since the 1930s. same with barnney frank who has written about this. that is just a false charge. but in addition, i think it's important for us to look at our respective plans, everyone who has offered a plan for the plan that senator sanders put together. they say mine is tougher, more effective because it tries to get not just at the problems of yesterday but the potential problems tomorrow, going after shadow banking and investment banks and big insurance companies, like what we saw in '08 where lei
9:27 am
principal causes of what happened to us. finally, have gotten maybe 3% of my contributions this time from anybody associated with financial industry activities. i have gotten so much more from students and teachers, 90% of my contributions are from smaller donors and 60% from women. so i'm just -- you know, i didn't know about karl rove's ad against me, it kind of boost me up, because it assumes i'm going to get the nomination. >> madame secretary, thank you for your time this morning. bernie sanders is up next. later our powerhouse round table takes on the rowdiest week yet on this always-surprising campaign. >> the powerhouse roundtable is
9:28 am
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9:32 am
whether that super pac was going to demand the release of your health records. secretary clinton has released all of her records, will you? >> absolutely, of course, i mean, i think she released a two-page statement on her health records. we'll do the same. >> she welcomes your support of the gun liability. called it a flip flop. time now for you to closing this charleston loophole, will you? >> well, first of all, george, as you know, i have a d-minus voting record from the nra, in 1988 i probably lost an election because i was the only candidate who said we should ban assault weapons. what i said months and months ago was, there were things in the liability bill that i liked and didn't like, wanted to take a look at this bill, now that's going to be introduced to review
9:33 am
i think the bill makes a lot of sense. what we will do is supportive of this legislation, there's an amendment, though, that i want to see incorporated that's monitors rural america. bottom line is, when a gun shop sells a gun legally to someone and then something bad happens i don't think it -- >> the three-day waiting, the person gets the gun after three days of waiting no matter. well. the issue is, my view has always been and most important is that we have a strong instant background check, i have supported that from day one. improved. look at the end of the day, what
9:34 am
need to keep the guns out of hands of people shouldn't have guns. >> on health care, you shouldn't tear apart obama care. people should be defending the affordable care act. so, how high will the top tax rate go to pay for it, when will those details be out. >> very shortly. here 's the point, bernie is going to dismember health care in the united states of the america, he's going to do -- millions of people will no longer have the insurance they have, that's nonsense. what everybody understands, a medicare for all program is guaranteeing health care to all people. we still have 29 billion americans who still don't have health care. we spend far, far more per capita on health care than other
9:35 am
i want to fulfill the vision of people like harry truman and say health care is the right of all people. i hope secretary clinton would join me on that saying that and tell the pharmaceutical industry they can't continue to rip off the american people and charge us the highest prices in the world. >> isn't it fair for voters in iowa to know now you're going to pay for it? >> you know what, george, i mean, sometimes, the discussion becomes really absurd is that, we'll increase medicare premiums that is true, but we are doing away with all private health insurance premiums and sometimes, it disappoints me that the clinton campaign is sounding like republicans. the truth of the matter is, we
9:36 am
health care and second of all, medicare for all, single-payer system, it would lower the cost of health insurance for the middle class of this country. so, to say yes there will be medicare premiums, yeah, of course there will be, it's not free. >> don't voters have a right to those details before they vote? shouldn't this come out before the iowa caucuses? >> the answer is yes and they will. the answer is bottom line is, yes, and they will. >> secretary clinton's campaign has been making the point of leblgtability. karl rove's campaign is now running an ad against her. in a campaign past positions are going to get scrutiny hp how do you respond about ads circulating about your past positions?
9:37 am
serious thought the nationalization of the oil industry. sanders said, all yutties must be under public ownership. >> that was a long, long time ago, before i ever was elected to anything. i was mayor of burlington. people can go back and look at the fact that hillary clinton was i understand it was a supporter of barry goldwater. who cares that's a long time ago. >> i was going to ask, what was your thinking then and what changed your mind? >> what i said 40 years ago is less important. you talk about electability. if you look at all of the polls -- almost all of the polls out there today, today, what you find is bernie sanders defeats donald trump by a much larger
9:38 am
in the last national poll, we beat trump by 13 points. if you look at the battle ground states in new hampshire and iowa, we beat them. our appeal is not only to democrats, young people, working-class people but to independents as well. if you're concerned or if the american people are concerned about which candidate has the best opportunity to defeat right-wing republicans i think you're looking at him, bernie sanders. >> those positions you completely disavow them? >> you know, george, i have been unelected official for 25 years. yes, those positions are what were before i assumed any office. i have a record of eight years as major of the city of burlington. and in the senate. i'm very proud of that record.
9:39 am
i don't think people give much kree credence to that. >> thank you. >> thank you. our powerhouse roundtable in just 30 seconds. >> announcer: the powerhouse round job table is brought to you by time now for the roundtable.
9:40 am
republican strategist sara fagen. ej dionne from the washington post and kevin madden and keith ellison who has endorsed bernie sanders. let's begin with the republicans. john karl, is it a two-person race between trump and cruz? >> absolutely in iowa. george i have to say when ted cruz came out with this new york values attack, it looked like it was a gaffe, what it's done since, it's drawn everyone back to that interview 20 years ago to tim russert, where trump is pro-choice. it may have been a master stroke by ted cruz. >> who's going to get the better of this exchange? >> i think i the person who may get the better of this exchange is the person who finishes third in new hampshire. think about these establishment candidates.
9:41 am
separate marco rubio and jeb bush and three in between candidates in between, christie, kasich and cruz. this is so early right now. it feels late and yes, there's massive fight going on between trump and cruz. it's definitely far from over. >> kevin, you look at iowa, right now marco rubio in third or fourth place, if these two go at it, trump and cruz, is it possible he could rocket up? >> i think the iowa race is between trump and cruz. to jon's point, i expected they would drop the new york values attack. the biggest risk for trump right now no one has been 20 on the attack. this feels like it's new at a time for a lot of voters making up their minds in the last 14 days before the caucuses that the idea of a new york liberal
9:42 am
start to worry them. >> keith, so far anyone who has tangled with trump has gone down. >> new york liberal? trump? news to me. i have to stand back and say they're all anti-immigrant. they have tried to divide based on religion. i support bernie, but any democratic candidate that can compare him or herself with these guys is a good thing. >> let me bring that over to ej, the republican establishment, coming around to the idea that one of these two could really be their nominee. >> it's amazing. i think what it speaks to the transformation of the republican book. the party made promises to conservatives that they couldn't keep, rolling back cultural change. trump is the revenge of those
9:43 am
the primary electorate liberals have left the republican party, moderates are gone. that's why we're talking about cruz and trump. >> it's hard to know what the establishment is now. >> lot of them have gone over the tea party. one thing about new hampshire, independents can pick up a republican ballot. >> and a democratic battle lot. >> certainly put that question to you, as i said, you did work for george w. bush. if they're forced to choose between trump and cruz, who do they choose? >> i think they would support ted. >> that's a tough call. >> here's the thing -- you know, ted is a brilliant man, he can be very as bracive. but we also forget that, you
9:44 am
don't know any of this. what they see is a young conservative who's very about. i don't think that's going to voter. >> you did see, kevin, this week speaker ryan choose nikki haley to give the response to the state of the union. >> there was also a backlash, so many voters out there felt like they were being scolded by this establishment, they feel there's a cannon between them and the republicans in washington. they feel their anger is legitimate and their voices aren't being heard. they don't want another establishment leader in washington to tell them their anger is not legitimate, that's why you saw so much in the talk radio world and so many among
9:45 am
start to push back on nikki haley. >> trump showed restraint against nikki haley. >> that was disciplined restraint. >> more and more polished as a result of that. >> i thought kevin made an excellent point earlier, when he talked about ted cruz introducing this new york values argument, i think this was very smart by ted, it was strategic and it allows an avenue to put forth new information about donald trump which there is much, which his record is quite liberal. >> new york used to have a lot of republicans, democrats in south carolina tonight, keith ellison, we saw from the interviews with hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they're going to at it on very different issues.
9:46 am
>> i think bernie can hold up under any of these questions. he's been very clear that re recognizes the problems with guns. but i think the bigger worry is, how do we really address the real problems of the american people? which is stagnanting pay, feeling that the whole system is rigged against them, anyone associated with that, they got the main problem and bernie sanders is picking up on this. you mentioned and some of these conservatives out to look at bernie, he's straight up, honest. >> the other thing he has going for him, ej dionne, this des moines register poll showing that 43% of democratic call kiss goers in iowa identify themselves as socialists. >> they have gone out to see the big short. i think right from the beginning
9:47 am
think that bernie couldn't win iowa, as you know, those are very progressive democrats that show up at the caucuses. in new hampshire he's right next door. clinton has to private to the argument, lot of them expect to vote for her, i need you know, don't just send a message send a precedent. >> she's got to win. right exactly. >> bernie sanders is in this. he's legit. the numbers are showing it. i think that this argument there are some inevitable ility has to be wiped away. >> if karl rove is going after me they must be worried about
9:48 am
you'll have to find them on a milk carton. >> hillary clinton has been at her worse playing prevent defense. looking like she was inevitable. now, she's railizing, look, bernie sanders can win in iowa and new hampshire, she would be still the front-runner in south carolina. >> let's not forget, nevada comes come s comes before south carolina. you could have a scenario where contests. if she loses three contests. it's going to be hard for her to recover. >> the bernie sanders and hillary clinton are r competing
9:49 am
>> and one is calling for a massive tax increases which the country can't afford to pay for any of this stuff. >> kevin, a little bit of time left, a lot of people are going to look at this and see bernie sanders and hillary clinton on the democratic side, donald trump and ted cruz on the republican side, michael bloomberg is going to take a look at this, does this make a third-party run inevitable. >> if donald trump is a nominee, you'll see the republicans looking for someone who can actually govern. many of those establishment republicans particularly the donors, i think they believe not only is donald trump bad for the party but for if the country. >> ten seconds. >> rather trump lose and split the party than have him be president.
9:50 am
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