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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5. mike: tracking snow on the way. a messy morning drive. >> a woman violently attacked while walking down the street. the community alert that helps police find the group that did it. >> heading home. a massachusetts native held in iran is going free. tonight. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter five at 5:00. >> a winter weather advisory is in effect. snow and rough road conditions. the timeline. mike: it is not that much snow but we have had no ston -- now
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first off weather advisory. this is the lowest level grade of advisor you can get. it is primarily the eastern half of the state. ocean. here is what is going on now -- a lot of cloud cover. let me take the cloud cover away and rain. you can see over the cape we are seeing a few sprinkles. then some very light snow. lifting its way northward. what is going to happen, the timeline, looks by 8:00 we have boston. then it is going to spin around here until 2:00 in the morning. watch. we have that going on tonight. arctic front coming through. that is going to give us a shot of snow in the morning hours. it is going to snow off and on for the next 12 hours until that front pushes by. 1-3
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there will be some enhanced areas around essex county 2-4 inches. and plymouth county as well. we will talk about the snow and the bitter cold on the way. heather: the u.s. embassy confirming several americans are now missing in baghdad. three americans had been kidnapped. the state department has not confirmed that yet. only saying they are working to locate these americans here at their identities have not been released. reid: a grateful mother waits for the safe return of her spm frp, -- her son from iran. heather: he was just released just before that prisoner swap that freed for other americans. reid: rhondella richardson spoke with her mother about the release. >> we' re overjoyed he is out. rhondella: the parents of matthew -- found out he >> was coming home it yesterday. >>great thing to be woken up with.
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he was in the company of a swiss diplomat and on the way to the airport. rhondella: the 30-year-old has been studying language. details of his a belgian unclear. but he has been in a present for 40 days. >> we' ve had a lot of support from friends and family members. we are able to get through it and we appreciate all the help the u.s. government has done on this. rhondella: the boston university grad has been overseas since he graduated in 2008. eing mentioned today by the present. president obama: matthew who was student. their cases were unknown to the world but when americans are celebrate. rhondella: the president saying prisoners home. >> we were grateful he mentioned him. as scott said grateful to everybody and the rhondella: he will return to the home where he grew up.
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>> he' s looking forward to coming home and having some serious hamburgers. we know he lost a little weight in prison. >> iced coffee and doughnuts. rhondella: he is incredibly passionate about the middle east. when asked if he will go back, his parents say they will need to talk about that. his parents not commenting on where or when they will see their son. heather: three of the four other americans freed are safely out of that country. a plane carrying those men landed in switzerland this afternoon and they will head to a u.s. airbase in germany next. president obama says both this exchange and the nuclear deal are important to better understand relations of the future. president obama: the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all our differences with iran but still, engaging
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iranian government has created a unique opportunity. a window to try to resolve important issues. heather: right now the government is not saying how long the americans will stay in europe or when they will return to the united states. reid: an investigation continues tonight into the murder suicide in waltham. two people found by police in their home last night. julie mcdonald joining us live in waltham now. who spoke with people who knew both with them. julie: a very somber day just up the street from bentley university. neighbors are still trying to make sense of what happened yesterday afternoon. the middlesex district attorney' s office did confirm that police were called here for a well-being check around 5:00 yesterday. when they got here they found two people dead and a murder suicide. according to walter records, the home is owned by kevin and janine o' connor -- according to
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am records. the manager at the restaurant said the staff is shocked and they are all grieving for what they considered a member of their family. >> he was here thursday night. i worked thursday night with him. and the same good old cheerful goodbye. we' re very devastated and still wondering, we did -- we do not have any answers. julie: everyone in this neighborhood heartbroken for the couple' s children and the rest of their family. we are still working to get more information from the da' s office. heather: right now a community alert and chelsea. a woman violently attacked by three men on the street. nicole as the fun is live and chelsea tonight. police asking for help in finding his attackers.
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lynch street around 9:30 saturday night. three men attacked her. they continually punched, kicked and flashed her. she does describe them as hispanic men in their early 20' s. the victim told police she was walking home from work when the attack happened. the suspects brutally beat her before taking off with her personal items. elyse telles know 911 calls were made from the area but the victim -- police tell us know 911 calls were made but the victim did drive herself to the hospital. some residents say avoid walking in the area at night. >> i don' t come out, especially by myself. i get what i have to done now, i just came from the market. i go in and i' m in for the night. >> police have increased patrols in this area, asking anyone who might have information who may
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they also remind public to be extra vigilant no matter where you are walking. reid: boston police looking for a suspect in dorchester. the shooting happened just afternoon. the victim answered the door and came face-to-face with the gun man. the suspect fired several shots and ran. >> they found -- had been shot three times, was in the stomach, once to the forum and once in the knee. he' s in stable condition and expected to survive. reid: police are hoping video will provide some meat. we are learning much more about a deadly crash. state police say the man driving the car involved in the rollover was michael k.d. of -- of pea body. his car went off the side of route one in peab ody just after 7:00 last night. troopers are trying to figure
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heather: the new england patriots will be had into the afc championship game after beating the kansas city chiefs. mike lynch is here a day after that big win. mike l.: the patriots are locked into the steelers-broncos game. if the broncos when pacers have to travel to denver. denver has the 6-0 lead. but the patriots did their part last night. a very efficient win over kansas city. tom brady nearly getting in on the pylon. -- on the pile on. one play later, a little bit emotional on the sideline. tom brady was emotional all night. it paid off. the patriots have advanced once again. >> just everything is at stake. it is one game to get a chance to play for world championship. so it' s a special week. a lot of teams work hard to get to this point.
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s pretty surreally have we' re really excited about it. mike: broncos up 6-0. and more the patriots. heather: still ahead, tornadoes tear through florida. reid: there are at least two deaths from those storms. in. heather: commitment 2016, the democrats getting ready to debate tonight and the one republican candidate who is looking to rack up a lot of miles in new hampshire.
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>> you are watching news center five at 5:00. heather: in hawaii the search continues for 12 missing greens including christopher orlando. the 23-year-old corporal is a flight crew chief. he was aboard one of those two helicopters that crashed off the coast of hawaii thursday. the search is being slowed down by very rough water conditions. corporal orlando family has put everyone who continues to pray missing marines. reid: commitment 2016 coverage. the first am a credit debate of the year is hours away. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, and martin o' malley will be on stage in south carolina tonight. this is the final debate before the iowa caucuses. all three candidates also went
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and they also all spoke at the first in the south dinner hosted by the democratic party. on the other side of the outcome of the top gop candidates are focusing on new hampshire as a first primary is now a little more than three weeks away. ted cruz just arrived in the granite state and is holding a meet and greet right now in milford. this is the start of five-day bus tour around the hampshire. cruz will be making 20 stops between today and friday. a donald trump will be back in new hampshire tomorrow. he was just there yesterday. an event hosted by former massachusetts senator' s got brown. tomorrow afternoon, trump will be holding a rally at how concord high school picked heather: on the opioid crisis in brockton. the mayor calling the situation a public health crisis. the recent spike in overdoses over the last couple days, bill carpenter is hoping to get more addicts the treatment they need. he announced the champion planned expanding resources for addicts rather than putting them behind bars.
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brockton is partnering with treatment centers. the plan expected to be in place sometime next much. reid: to florida where two people are dead after two tight -- tornadoes touched down this one for the first one hit diwitt killing an elderly couple. their son and for younger and children were hurt when the twister destroyed their mobile home. siesta key. thousands remain about poower tonight. -- power tonight. mike: that same system is the one giving us the snow. that is how fast moving this thing is. what i have done is taken on a satellite picture and backed it up over 12 hours pretty see the thunderstorms over florida? now they are on our doorstep. we are much colder and that is why we are dealing with the snow situation. the other thing you wanted notices look how far this thing is tracking offshore. the center is right there. so we have two systems we are watching.
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sea. the other is this arctic front which is going to come sweeping here early tomorrow morning. right now the snow and everything you' re seeing is because of this. this is the one that will get us tomorrow morning. as we see that snow working its way inward, you can see it is dry air. it may not be hitting the ground. the weather reports i' m getting from observers is saying light stuff but it will continue to go. this weather advisory goes all the way until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we are talking about 1-3 inches of snow, perhaps more and a few spots over 12 hours. last winter we would pick up that much snow and one hour. it is a slow process. there is the leading edge. it goes almost along 44 and plymouth through totten and providence. lifting its way northward. there is more of a mix going on over the cape all of it very light. here is the way it looks at 8:00 tonight. see how it pushed its way northward? some mix going on. as we continue to the nine time,
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around. this is the way the map looks at 2:00 in the morning. then we start to see this front coming in tomorrow morning. as this pushes in, you see what happens -- no showers develop. these are the type of things were not much is happening and all of a sudden boom. it snows like crazy. it makes things slippery very fast during the morning commute. tomorrow afternoon, there may be a few snow showers leftover but the bulk of the snow was in the morning hours. it is the early-morning commuters that will have issues tomorrow. i have put it in our 1-3 category. then we have and it has been along the coastline. that is why imparts a plymouth county we could see 2-4 or in essex county. outside of that, you get out to the west we are talking a dusting to maybe two inches of snow. here is also the other thing we are looking at -- the colts or check out these high temperatures just into the mid-20' s.
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down to the south shore only in the upper 20' s. in addition to the snow coming through behind it comes some very strong winds. so the wind is going to be with us and also the very cold temperatures on tuesday morning is looking very frigid. let me break it down for your seven-day forecast. you have got the snow showers tomorrow. then letting up as we had to the afternoon. tuesday morning, cold wind. i am seeing 10 degrees in the morning. but factor in the wind in the windchill index will be below zero. this is at 7:00 a.m. not much changes. that wind stays strong. the temperature stays cold. so tuesday is a very cold day across the area. wednesday -- it is still a windy day. maybe a little bit warmer but look at these wind gusts. 30-35 miles per hour. eventually this does settle down somewhat. we get some calmer weather on thursday and friday. then we have a system coming up the coast saturday. yesterday looked like he would stay south of us. today is starting to look like this is getting more interesting and getting closer to us.
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is that is not until next week. we have a lot of details to work out. in the meantime, be careful about driving on later on tonight early to roll morning as we have snow showers and snow squalls going on at least through lunchtime. and that cold wind as well. reid: not that you need it, but how about another adorable reason to take a trip to washington, d.c.? heather: i want to go. the new baby panda making its public debut. it does not even look real. it looks like a big teddy bear.
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heather: what a big moment for this little guy. this panda making his public debut in front of thousands of fans at the national zoo in washington. reid: not terribly little. but the panda' s name means precious treasure. as antoinette antonio reports, his fans believe that' s the perfect choice. antoinette: zoo goers going nuts over the public debut of bebe, the five-month-old panda cub. crowds lining up at the national zoo in washington, d.c., for their first chance to catch a glimpse in person. this sh baby panda beary snoozing a way public appearances
5:22 pm
bebe whose name means precious treasure was born in august weighing less than five ounces. now a lot bigger and cuter, bebe is carrying on a family tradition -- his older sister, famous for the sneeze her ard around the world, made for her first appearance in 2014. the smithsonian is one of four locations in the u.s. lucky enough to house the endangered animals. for those of us not lucky enough to be able to go see the panda in person we can watch them right here on the smithsonian panda cam 24 hours a day. reid: terribly cute. heather: cue up the aw. you cannot look at that and not melt. reid: get on the smithsonian website and watch it online. coming up, a new push to keep tobacco away from teens. heather: the latest massachusetts community -- trying to make tobacco products
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reid: she thought it was an active kindness. instead, she is being held in court. a woman' s move to save to animals that has her in trouble. mike: snow is on the way. some of you may use the shovel for the first time tomorrow. then wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it?
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>> this is an editorial by wcvb '
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bill: in 2014 more than 1000 massachusetts residents died of opioid overdoses. though the final numbers are not official for 2015, the future prognosis is worse. and governor baker has openly predicted the tragic toll will spike further. unless these chilling statistics are quite dramatic change and how we handle this epidemic. this week the house unanimously approved a bill that, among many recommendations, limits initial painkiller prescriptions to a week supply. and recommends cities and towns set a prescription drug drop boxes where medications can be safely discarded. the house bill differs significantly from the governor' s recent stronger proposal. which limits initial prescriptions to three days and lets doctors commit patients and voluntarily to drug treatment facilities for up to 72 hours if they are considered an immediate danger. the senate passed its own version of a bill last fall. ostensibly focusing on curbing addiction to education and prevention.
5:27 pm
frankly, the strongest elements of all three proposals need to be reconciled and melded into an aggressive plan of action. politics rules the federal government been massachusetts residents can take heart that this governor and legislature have proven they can, despite differences, find compromises and work together. there is january optimism demanded by a need for action that the governor can soon sign a copperheads of reform bill. that would be the best news not only for those individuals who dependency on opioids can become an addiction but for the dramatically increasing number of family scarred by this deadly scourge. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter five at 5:30. heather: we begin with breaking news. the u.s. embassy in i raq
5:28 pm
reid: three americans have been kidnapped. the state department has not confirmed that information, only saying they are working to locate the americans. heather: their identities have not been released. heather: a winter weather advisory for most of eastern massachusetts. reid: several inches of snow could fall tonight. mike wankum here now with what we can expect. mike: i think you are going to have to use a shovel. we have not had to use them yet. heather: i did. i shovel the driveway once. mike: this one is not going to melt because behind it is some cold it appeared let me show you where the advisory is now. this goes into effect at 7:00 until 10:00 tomorrow. you get the idea that much -- not much is going to happen after lunchtime tomorrow. this is the region where most concerned with. where is that right now? the moisture from down south. this is a big storm system. the center is way offshore. but it is giving off moisture reading it right being -- ack in at -- back in at us. we have to see where these band set up kno
5:29 pm
is going to be. you see some heavier snow starting to break up but we see a mix out over the cape and martha' s vineyard. neutral -- know what to relation so far. 1-3 inches of snow will fall this area but i' m keeping eye on a couple of his era. remember the ocean affects no? -- effect snow? i put the 2-4 into those categories. the timing on this as we head to the overnight hours you see by 8:00 it is moving up. we have scattered snow showers going on all night long. and then we wait for this cold front to come in. that gives us our last few chance of seeing snow showers then the cold weather is unleashed. we will talk about that cold and what to expect in a few minutes. heather: the massachusetts men held for 40 days in iran is on his way home. matthew to this it is from hitting him. he was released separately, free as part of a prisoner swap.
5:30 pm
elizabeth hur now with what it took to get them released. elizabeth: three america' s leading first in switzerland and then germany. president obama: this is a good day. when americans are freed and reunited with their families is something we can celebrate. elizabeth: syed is getting ready to leave to germany. thank you for your prayers. the father of two was imprisoned for more than three years, accused of threatening iran' s national security. another of the release -- jason, the 39-year-old in for 18 months charged with espionage. once he and his wife and mother by his side was safely out of iran the washington post released a statement said we are relieved that this 545 day
5:31 pm
detained the longest -- four years. the former u.s. marine arrested in iran while visiting his grandmother. they all spent time at iran' s notorious -- prison where they were subjected to beatings, solitary confinement and psychological abuse. -president obama- remaining steadfast to his message that it was diplomatic negotiations that led to the release. president obama: we' ve achieved this is store progress through this policy -- through diplomacy without resorting to another war. elizabeth: one prisoner is believed to be still in in iran and an american student has already headed home. reid: we could know this week when aaron hernandez will face his next murder trial. new date is expected to be set during a hearing on tuesday. the former patriots star is accused of gunning down two men
5:32 pm
night club in 2012. the judge agreed to delay the trial because of an appeal over evidence. hernandez is already serving life in prison for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. a quincy men under arrest charged with impersonating a woman on an adult website and soliciting illegal acts. thomas sheehan is accused of stealing a woman' s identity and putting pictures of her children online. he will be arraigned tuesday morning. heather: the lord city council' s planning to hold a public hearing tomorrow on a proposal to limit panhandling. -- the lawrence city council. the mayor says this is intended to discourage people from going to lawrence to buy heroin. ri vera says they often spend all they have on the drug and leave themselves without money to get home. auburn police looking for the vandals who went on a bb gun spree overnight. the windows of 20 cars were shot out.
5:33 pm
anyone with information is asked to call open police. reid: stone could be the next massachusetts community to raise the tobacco age to 21. there is now an online petition gathering signatures in support of the change. the push to raise the age of getting tobacco products is gaining popularity. the boston board of health voted in favor of an age increased her that also covers e-cigarettes. that will take effect on federal 15. heather: you have three chances to let the mbta know how you feel about late-night service. the t is in the process of ending the program. it is a move that would save $14 million. public hearings will be held tuesday and wednesday at the state transportation building. and between -- the city hall. the final vote reid: is expected in the next two months. reid:major construction projects getting underway at fenway park. the 145th snow ramp will be
5:34 pm
the event is happening february 11 and 12. it is a grand prix tour event which will feature the world' s top skiers and snowboarders. heather: coming up, a lawsuit connected to an attack on an uber driver. reid: the scary moments caught by dash cam. the man wants 5 million bucks. here what is behind the lawsuit. heather: what was supposed to be
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tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. heather: this video is so incredibly difficult to watch. a former taco bell executive in the back of an uber attacking his driver. the tables are now turned. reporter: this now infamous video viewed 2 million times on youtube, an assault of an uber driver is at the center of a lawsuit filed by the former taco bell executive seen beating november. despite making this tearful apology on kcbs. >> i' read what is being said but i am not that person. reporter: golden who was with assault and battery. he was also sued by the uber driver. t expected to get
5:38 pm
it came out of nowhere. reporter: golden is claiming the driver illegally taped the altercation, seeking $5 million for "severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear, and pain and suffering at the loss of his job." >> i think the driver is going to be ok with respect to the videotape or the audiotape, however will probably present some challenges. reporter: golden ' s lawyers state in the lawsuit "at no time did mr. golden consent to video recorded by anyone else. the lawsuit is bogus. reid: a new satellite is now on its way to orbit to help monitor the ocean. spacex rocket successfully lifted off from air force base in california this morning. ix
5:39 pm
to hit a landing pad in the pacific ocean. space-x says the rocket landed too hard causing it to fall over. space-x is trying to develop reusable rockets to cut the cost. heather: you have no doubt heard of fostering dogs and cats. but what about squirrels? when a new jersey family discovered to babies girls abandoned in their backyard they decided to bring them inside and care for them. they named them george and lola. they u bottle fell them -- fed then till fish and wildlife came knocking. >> asked if i had squirrels. i had no problem telling them the story. they said they had to be rehabilited. heather: despite turning over the animals, the new jersey mom found a ticket in her mailbox for $500. believe it or not, she is facing up to $1000 in fines and six months in jail.
5:40 pm
heather: i really surprised by this. she has a big heart. a winter weather advisory for tonight -- snow on the way. it could make a real mess of your monday morning commute. mike: might want from joining us next with his forecast. the patriots -- the afc wow. the internet is crazy fast
5:41 pm
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reid: heather: winter is isaac.
5:43 pm
. mike: we had 1.2 inches of snow. normally by this time we should be closing in on the foot in a half of snow. we are way behind your last year we had this drought going until january 23. then we just got slammed with that record-setting 110 inches of snow. on the anniversary of last winter, we have another storm system coming in this weekend. the wind out of the north right now at 12 miles broad. not a big problem right now but i pointed out to because tuesday morning the windchill index is going to be below zero and is going to stay cold and windy a lot of this week. most readings below the freezing mark. as you head down toward the cave. that is where we are seeing the mixing going on. a few sprinkles mixing in with flurries. a report from martha' s vineyard that the snow is starting to stick a little bit. that is where it started out earlier.
5:44 pm
big storm system offshore. we are just getting a very very fine outer edge of it. but this storm system to the west which will come ripping through tomorrow morning will also give us a chance of snow. over the next 12 hours or so. cold air unleashed over the top of us. you see there is some moisture out here in the outer cape in the form of some rain. then he goes into the mix and eventually some snow. that is what we are seeing folding up. not so much moving this way but if the in over-the-top as we get enough moisture into place. it is going to take a while to see where these bands set up. i put a couple of areas in enhancement i' m watching along the south shore through much of essex county. this is what is moving in right now. you look at the radar. if you joined me a half hour ago, it was down here on 44. now it is getting close to the split. a lot of it is not hitting the ground but he gives you an idea of how fast this is moving.
5:45 pm
little bit of mix in that direction. the timeline on this -- 8:00, we have the snow all across the area. some rain bands offshore. cold enough at that point we are dealing with the snow event across the region. we will see that snow and snow bands setting up to the overnight. then watch for this cold front to the west. this is the leading edge of some really cold stuff. when it comes in it is going to squeeze the atmosphere out of every bit of moisture and possibly can and that is when we get those snow squall. those are intense bursts of snow that only last a few minutes. you can get up to two inches in a short time. but then they move on through. so tomorrow morning we start to see these bands developing ahead of the front. the front zipped through and by afternoon, there could be a few snow showers but i think we may see some clearing tomorrow afternoon. and the wind will pickup with coulter matures we are talking about. how much snow -- cold temperatures we are talking about. i' m watching these two areas. right now i think it is progressive.
5:46 pm
out to the west when snow showers come through tomorrow morning, dusting to two inches possible. the seven day forecast. tomorrow, snow showers. only about 28 degrees. it is even colder on tuesday. adding insult to injury is the wind which is going to be howling out of the west. that will keep the wind chills the low zero in most locations. -- below zero in most locations. 3:00 in the afternoon, single-digit windchill. they do not improve at all. the wind stays strong on wednesday as the. these will be gusting all day long, 35 miles per hour. although the temperatures may warm. then we go into a quiet period to saturday which is the starting last year. the coast. there is a lot of questions as to what is going to happen. yesterday it did not even show up on the map here it was going to stay south of us. right now it does look like it
5:47 pm
because we will have cold enough temperatures. in the meantime, watch out tonight and tomorrow morning be careful there could be some slippery spot. i will continue to update this to during the next half hour. lynch. mike: patriots and the rest of new england watch the events in denver to find out who -- next sunday at 3:00 baird broncos win game is in denver. steelers win, the game is here. first half. the steelers answer the patriots -- have a 10-6 lead over the denver broncos but denver has the ball and they are moving. of course, the patriots did their part yesterday afternoon here they were healthy, they were impressive. the return of edelman made the gronk too much to handle. he had 7 grabs. 11 for julian edelman. that will give tom brady a comfort zone he is not had for two months. the patriots are in the afc
5:48 pm
>> very. demanding coach. his expectations are very high. and sometimes it is higher than you may have for yourself. >> we demand a lot out of them. this is a hard place to play. ota' s all the way through training camp, all the way through, you know, meetings, we are over 100 practices now. bob: so, here are some of the numbers. mike: 10th afc championship game for tom brady. the third f time for pittsburgh or the second time against denver. and multiple times against peyton manning. the nfc championship mentorship -- is set up. what it impressive performance by the panthers. jonathan stewart goes in for his first of two touchdowns. they have a tradition where they can the touchdown ball to a
5:49 pm
the face says it all. russell wilson -- this pic.. he is out of boston college. 14-0. carolina was on its way. cam newton, 19 yard touchdown pass. what a great throw this was. he threaded the needle. carolina up 31-0 a t the half. not enough as they lose 31-24. last night in arizona -- >> they are going to bring him in. rogers is going to roll away. throws it up in the air. a prayer. and -- oh, please. what a catch. that' s insane. mike: that is a hail mary to tie the game. in overtime, the first play for yard line. an. option to larry fitzgerald
5:50 pm
that' s it. so, arizona travels to charlotte to play carolina in the nfc championship game nextt sunday. the a fc championship game is at 3:00 either in foxboro or denver. we should know the answer to that question into ours. coming up tonight chris gasper and i will talk about the af championship gamec. heather: looking forward to it. coming up next, 5 investigates a mixup it leads to serious consequences for a local funeral home.
5:51 pm
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is taking action against a boston funeral home in a cremation mixed up. heather: we first are told about this horrible mixup in 2013. an elderly woman who wanted to be buried was cremated by mistake. investigative reporter kathy consequences. kathy: frannie hickey passed away unexpectedly in 2013. the state medical examiner was investigating the cause of her death. frannie' s wish was to be buried with her deceased husband but she was cremated instead. 5 investigates discovered when an apprentice working with casper funeral home went to the medical examiner' s office to pickup the body of a man with
5:53 pm
instead. she was cremated. when we spoke with her brother in 2013, he blamed the funeral home, the crematory, and the medical examiner' this horrible mistake. >> we' re very hurt. kathy: more than two years and this consent agreement with operate casper funeral home will pay $10,000 in fines. required to complete s funeral directors license is on. be a double check. it is just a disaster -- when a another. heather: the license of the s office has been suspended for six months. reid: just switching gears now.
5:54 pm
we have got to prepare for snow when the money. mike: two systems coming at us. what is in the ocean. the other one is in lent. we watched the one tonight in the ocean. then one tomorrow morning that will be coming through during the morning commute. not a lot of snow but the timing is awful. the advantage tomorrow is into the holiday for a lot of people. people will stay home. behind this thing comes real cold air. some of the coldest we have seen. and wind chills below zero on tuesday morning and wednesday. really very cold. reid: all those kids who are staying home tomorrow have the job of shoveling and cleaning off -- heather: my kids have never done that. reid: a snow blower. much more at 6:00. heather: a local families search for answer. their dog being so badly in their own front yard.
5:55 pm
stay tt0w!tw((i! %4@-2&t
5:56 pm
tt0w!tw((i! ed@->#\ tt0w!tw((i% )8h-^] tt0w!tw((i% kzh-c2\ tt0w!tw((i% n-h-6[p tt0w!tw((i% 0ph-(
5:57 pm
mike: a winter weather advisory in this in effect. heather: a woman violently robbed walking down the street. the community alert to help police find a group that did it. reid: a long road to recovery. attacked and beaten in her front yard. the plea tonight from her owners. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter five at 6:00. heather: a one two punch. snow on our doorstep now and more on the way. slippery conditions later tonight into tomorrow morning. good evening, everyone. reid: winter weather advisory in effect for much of the state tonight. mike wankum tracking it all in the weather center. mike: it goes until 10:00 tomorrow morning. snow and hazardous travel our biggest concern in this area. it does not take much. the roads get a little slippery and travel slow sway do -- slows
5:58 pm
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