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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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1-3 inches of snow across the eastern half of the state but as you look into the south shore and the north shore, we will see this enhanced area -- 2-4 inches. however, very difficult to pinpoint where those are going to be. we saw those a couple weeks ago with the ocean affect snow. it throws the whole forecast off. these are the two areas i am most concerned with. we have this coming at us in two batches. the first batch is on us right now. notice how it is making a doughnuth oles around ar boston. we' ll all be looking at snow across the air. there is some mix going on at the cape. that leading edge of the snow lifting northward now just about to the braintree split. that is why we will keep that snow warning for tonight. then tomorrow morning, we have got an arctic system coming in. a cold front that is coming through during the morning hours and that will give us a shot of snow squall' s just in time for the morning commute. we will talk about that in the cold.
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from overseas, three american contractors are missing in iraq. there are reports they have been kidnapped. the arab news channel claims the americans were taken by militias in baghdad. the u.s. embassy says it is to locate them. heather: chelsea police are violent attack. a woman slased in the -- slashed in the face by three men. nnicole: it was around 9:30 saturday evening when the victim said she w walking on lynn street extension with three men attacked her. she did describe the men as three hispanic males in their late teens or early 20' s. the victim told police she was walking home from work when the men covering their faces with masks and hoodies internally punched, kicked and slashed her. the victim drove herself to the hospital.
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spoke with said they avoid walking here late at night and if they do, they take precautions. >> we just try to stay off our phone, keep our heads up. then walk fast and make sure we are looking around our surroundings. >> i' m not really out that late. i am out no later than may be 6:00 or seven of. five at 9:00, it gets kind of wild around here. reporter: police want to remind the public be extra vigilant when walking by yourself at night. as for this area, they have increased patrols and are asking anyone who may have heard something in the late evening on saturday to give them a call. reid: a native and boston university graduate safe tonight and headed home. free after being held in iran. matthew trevithick is part of a prisoner swap that freed for other americans. rhondella richardson spoke with his very relieved family.
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rhondella: the parents of matthew trevithick found out he is coming home when he phoned yesterday. >> it is the call we have been hoping to get and it was matt. he was in the company of a swiss diplomat. rhondella: the 20-year-old has been studying language since september. details of his objection unclear but he has been in an iran prison for 40 days. >> we had a lot of support from friends and family members. we were able to get through it and we appreciate all the help the u.s. government has done on this. rhondella: the boston university grad receives the young alumni award and has been overseas since he graduated in 2008. he was being mentioned today by the president. president obama: matthew trevithick in iran as a student. their cases were largely unknown to the world that when americans are freed and reunited with their families, that is something we can all celebrate. rhondella: th president sayinge it was diplomacy that helped bring the prisoner' s
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as scott said, we are enormously government. saying where or when they will set. >> he' forward to coming home and having some serious hamburgers. we know he lost a little weight. >> ice coffee and doughnuts. heather: three of the four other americans released have arrived in germany tonight after a brief stop in geneva. the fourth detainee opted to r amin -- remain in iran. reid: now the search for a missing marine is still happening awful why. christopher orlando is one of 12 marines who disappeared when a military helicopters collided on thursday. there are no plans to call off for suspec
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it is being slowed down by rough seas. orlando' s family is thanking everyone who is praying for the other marines. heather: we are learning more about a deadly crime in waltham. two people found dead in their home and investigators are calling this a murder suicide. julie mcdonnell is live in waltham with new information. julie: people are still really upset in this 4th street neighborhood today. just up the street from bentley university. they noticed a heavy police presence in our neighborhood for hours last night. then learned late last night that something terrible had happened next door. the middlesex district attorney' s office did confirm that police were called here about 5:00 in the evening for a well-being check. when they went inside, they found two people dead in an apparent murder suicide. according to waltham public records, this home belongs to kevin and janine o' connor. and kevin' o' connor worked as a
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we went there and spoke to the manager. they said their whole staff is grieving today, really upset about a person they considered a member of their family. >> he was here thursday night. i worked thursday night with him. the same good old cheerful goodbye. we are very devastated and still wondering, we do not have any answers yet. very difficult. reporter: early today, i did speak to the neighbor right next door. he said he has lived here for many years but did not know the couple that lived in his home well. he said they were not close. he said everyone in this area is heartbroken for the rest of their family especially the couple' s children. we are still waiting to hear more information from the district attorney about what exactly happened. we will bring that to you as soon as we learn it. heather: in dorchester, then opens his door and comes face-to-face with a gun man. the suspect fired three shots before taking off. the victim was hit in the
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he was taken to boston medical center and is expected to survive to police are hoping surveillance video will provide leads. reid: the patriots close to the super bowl. for pats fans, who they will play next sunday is unknown. mike joins us with more. mike: i would say this one is too tight to call because of the half, pittsburgh leads denver 10-9. the patriots are locked into this series in denver. should the broncos win, the pages go to denver. if pittsburgh wins, the game is in foxboro. pittsburgh leads. the patriots have done their part. they sit and wait. watching the game. tom on fire yesterday afternoon. he was emotional when he came charging out of the lockeroom. he scored one play by reaching over the top. patriots win by 7. >> you nkow, j--
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everything is at stake. it is one game to get a chance to play for the world championship. so, it' s a special week. a lot of teams work hard to get to this point. and not many have had a chance to do so. it is pretty surreal we have been able to play in this game five years in a row. mike; pittsburgh 10-9 at the half. we will be back in 10 minutes with more. heather: a family dog recovering at home after an unprovoked attack. the close call for abbie. reid: we will take you down to tornado damage in florida. the severe storms that hit today and where they are cleaning up tonight. mike: p0n snow on the way.
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>> you' re watching newscenter 5.
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home after an unprovoked attack. the search continues for the two men responsible. the suspect beating that dog in the family' s own your. todd is livei in westminster. todd: that dog, abby was released a little while ago. she' s still in pain. her owners are dealing with a lot of emotional pain, wondering who could be so bold and brazen to beat a dog in her own yard. >> there she is! todd: an emotional reunion for that the video family and their dog abby who was severely beaten saturday morning on the family' s property in rutland. >> i think i was numb. i can' t imagine anyone would do anything to a dog coming to my yardd. an -- yard and hurt her. todd: two men went into their yard and attacked abby without provocation. another family heard abby barkinga
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away. >> she sustained some had trauma. due to liver damage she already has, it means her -- she has contusions to her mouth and her face. bleeding inside in her ears. todd: abby is out of the hospital but not out of the woods. the veterinarian says she will need a lot of pain medication and special care, including a softer diet. >> we don' t want to do any kind of roughhousing, jumping. >> if they did this to my dog, who' s is next? todd: the description of the suspect is vague. rutland police are investigating. reid: the democratic candidates
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senator bernie sanders, maryland governor martin o' malley and former secretary of state hillary clinton will take the debate stage in trusting, south carolina. candidates are hoping to impress undecided voters. the iowa caucuses two weeks away. mike wankum with a double dose of snow headed our way and some carpet -- arctic cold.
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r there' s a place online r where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices thatpwork for you... anytime. maxx life! shop heather: this is left behind in florida. the storm' s two people and injuring several others. reid: the damage goes on for several miles. reporter: steven and kelly wilson were asleep in their mobile home when the tornado struck. >> actually removed the mobile home from its foundation and rolled in the direction towards
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reporter: wilson died immediately, his wife passing away from a heart attack. their son managed to crawl from the wreckage helping his four children to safety. >> woke up this morning and lost a family, friend and neighbor. reporter: these deaths in west florida the only one situated to the three confirmed tornadoes that touchdown overnight as a line of heavy rains pushed to the state. >> reports of two people strip -- trapped upstairs. reporter: in fiesta key, another twister trapped to victims inside. one easily pulled from the wreckage, that was special operations unit had to lift a portion of the collapsed roof to reach the second, a woman trapped in her bedroom. siesta key is a barrier island, known for its pricey homes and wide beaches. >> i grew up on an island. i will take hurricanes all day. this was bad. reporter: residents who survived the night were surveying the damage.
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millions. >> this was the worst storm i' ve evern been in in 43 years. you live and move on, that' s all. reporter: despite the urge to dig in, officials are telling residents to stay away from their homes until they are told the structures have been cleared. reid: not just this weekend that they dealt with the same storms last weekend. there is a lot of new englanders down there. mike: really unusual to get that strong of tornadoes. connection between florida and here. i have taken the satellite picture and backed it up 12 see the storms? offshore. us the snow right now. last weekend. always watch the weather to the eventually get here.
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the air is relatively dry. it may not be region in the ground because the error so dry. winds out of the north at nine miles per hour but those winds are going to start howling tomorrow. check out the temperatures into the 20' s and 30' s. cold enough for snow in most locations. the outer cape relatively mild. more rain mixed in with snowflakes in that area. two system to watch -- one offshore and one inlet. this is the one that is giving us the snow. that moves out. this one comes in tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. that will give us a shot of snow as well. you have got to opportunities over the next 12-14 hours. once they move out of here, we start to talk about the cold air. you could see where the snow is showing up right now. notice this wall, a donut hole, this will fill in. instead of it all lifting this way, it kind of feels in,
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there is the mix you' re seeing over the cape. as you get on the other side of the canal, notice the darker colors. that indicates that is probably snow hitting the ground. this snow here not showing up. we are starting to see a band moving into the boston area. you can see what is happening from boston throughout needham. this is going to keep pushing moisture in till we saturate the atmosphere and we start to get some accumulation. what' s the time light? through overnight, we get more of these bands developing. wehre these bands are set up, they can shift a few miles and that will determine who will get the most snow. we need to watch this cold front to the west. this will come through during the morning commute and will give us a quick burst of snow. you may be driving on a perfectly dry highway in all of a sudden boom, you can get a quick and or two inches of snow. you get the idea. it will make things slippery very fast.
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at lunchtime, we are pushing the whole thing out of here. in this is when the cold, windy conditions start to push in. how much snow are we talking about? about 1-3 inches. i' m watching for these enhanced errors. really essex county and parts of plymouth, but we' re going to watch this between now and 11:00. we will be updating that tonight as well and 11:00. let me break down what will be happening over the next seven days. first off tomorrow, snow showers, 28 degrees. tuesday, a cold wind out there. that wind is going to be roaring out of the west-northwest, 30 miles an hour. ices. they stay single digits are below zero. although it says 24 degrees, it will not feel that warm. wednesday is a little bit warmer but the wind is still strong. then we start to modify temperatures. friday into saturday, another system showing up. guess where it starts off? in florida. as it moves in, yes, there will
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it is still several days away. a lot of details have to be ironed out and we will be talking about it all week. in t the meantimehe, be careful driving around later on tonight or tomorrow morning where we can see slippery roads developing with no showers moving through. reid: thank you. a new satellite is on its way into orbit and it is going to help monitor the oceans. the space-x rocket blasted off from california this morning. there it is in the fog. after separation, the falcon ix rocket was damaged. reusable rockets that will help cut down on the cost. lynch. an arrest in new england watching the events in denver to find out who and where next sunday at 3:00 or the broncos win, game is in denver. foxboro. right now we are in just starting the second half and pittsburgh has a 10-9 lead over broncos. again, pittsburgh wins, they
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denver wins, patriots travel to the mile high city. yesterday, the patriots took care of business. they punished their take it the afc title game once again. gronk 7 catches, two for touchdown. julian edelman back. tom brady, somebody different options. tom brady was as confident as he has been at a long time. the patriots are healthy again. an efficient in. >> very demanding coach. high. you may have for yourselfnd. >> we demand a lot out of them. it is a hard place to play. ota' training camp, all the way through -- meetings. we are over 100 practices now. mike: here are some of the
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the 10th time tom brady has taken the patriots into this title game. it will either be the third if they play pittsburgh or the second against denver. nfc title game is all set in charlotte. panthers and seahawks. jonathan stewart -- the touchdown. every youngster gets a souvenir when carolina scores. a nice tradition. i like it. russell wilson, quarterback for the seahawks set -- had a rough first half. luke keekley takes it home with a 14-0 carolina n lead. cam newton led carolina to a 31-0 halftime lead. seattle came back. none mo re spectacular than this throw by russell wilson. 31-24, the final. so, arizona travels to charlotte
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6:30 kickoff for the nfc championship game. the patriots against the steelers of the broncos at 3:00. last night in arizona -- >> they are going to bring rogers throws it up in the air, says a prayer and -- oh, please. what a catch. that' s insane! mike: the miracle in miami. that tied the game up. the thri ird play of overtime. the inside option and the arizona cardinals win. they will travel to charlotte to play the panthers next sunday night and the right to go to the super bowl. coming up tonight, sunday sports overtime. we will look at that and the sea game. we will take a long hard look at the patriots and either the steelers are the broncos coming up tonight at 11:35. heather: should be a good one. reid: a lot of patriots fans are all of a sudden steelers fans. heather: i think so.
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coming up at 11:00, the democratic debate. their last show down before the first votes as polls are tightening. full report at 11:00. at 6:30, news. >> coming up, inside the secret negotiations to get those american prisoners out of iran. trump v. cruz. this fight is getting nasty. the 911 call tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@
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heather: i left my boots in the car. reid: i will loan you might shoes. heather: is it hitting the ground? mike: not yet. we have this batch and another one off to the west. about 1-3, but we could see some enhanced areas of 2-4. reid: get the shovels ready. heather: you doesn' t need anything else.
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