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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: from boston plus news 5 at noon. emily: good afternoon. looking at some stories we are following right now -- safe at home -- 18 in native held in an free. family. pushing for higher wages -- live teachers as workers march to logan airport demanding a raise.
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flaring between democratic hopefuls with the iowa caucuses just two weeks away. and snow moving out. this morning. bitter cold is settling in. wind will be blowing that snow around for the next 24 hours. we had up to six inches of snow south of boston. hips which had -- ipswich had five inches, many areas coming in with between two and four inches of snow. many areas got over five inches, around middleborough and sharon had about four inches on the cape. 3.1 officially in boston. you can see the band to the north with some heavier snow. this is all associated with an arctic front which is now to our east. 20 in worcester, 26 in boston, but the winds are gusty.
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hour, and that is knocking back the windchill. it feels like it is in the teens right now and those wind chills will drop into the single digits, below zero overnight. a wind advisory up on the cape through the island to tomorrow evening. emily: right now, a hingham native is home free after being held in an iranian prison for weeks. we have more now on his emotional return. reporter: the beautiful view behind me is quite the departure s the case for a hingham man who, this morning, is safe and with family. this morning, it was all about ice coffee, doughnuts and a huge sigh of relief. this is the first image that we night. the 30-year-old keeping his
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he was imprisoned in iran for 40 days. he was held at evan prison which is known for brutality against political prism. the state department is not commenting on his treatment while captive. the reason for his visit -- for his arrest is also ministry. he was said to be studying farsi in tehran and was arrested and held on unknown charges. a family member told me they had no comment on his arrest and release, only to say they are private time. it has been a tense and uncertain time for his family. the talks to secure his release were so precarious that they anyone about his whereabouts or arrest. prior to his arrival. >> we are overjoyed he is out.
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time she heard his voice was from a phone call in iran just before his release. >> we got a lot of support from friends and family members. so we were able to get through it. reporter: his freedom coming on the same day of for others who were under arrest were released in exchange for seven iranians held in the u.s. emily: three of the four other americans are in germany after a brief stop in geneva. remain in iran. they will be checked out at a military hospital at ram stein heading home. the state department is trying to find three americans missing in iraq. they were civilians, reportedly interpreters home in baghdad. the search for a hingham marine and 11 others missing in hawaii
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christopher orlando was on one of two hello -- to military week. his family is thanking everyone who continues to pray for their son and the other marines. a live look at employees protesting for wage hikes -- the airport workers are protesting for $15 an hour and marching to terminal e at logan airport. this is part of a nationwide push with other cities holding similar protests. they say at $11 an hour, wages at airport -- for airport workers are the highest in the country. a number of candidates headed to new hampshire this week. ted cruz is there and donald trump has an event in concord. john kasich make stops in hanover and lebanon today.
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time before the iowa caucuses. we have a look at the rising 10 -- rising tensions between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. reporter: last night was a hot debate. with sanders hot in iowa and new hampshire, clinton chose to attack. ms. clinton: the comments senator sanders has made don' t just affect me. mr. sanders: you have received over 600,000 dollars in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. and bernie sanders on a debate stage, clinton accusing sanders of flip-flopping on gun control. voted to let guns go on to amtrak, into doing research to figure out how we can save lives. mr. sanders: i think secretary very disingenuous.
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that is nonsense -- we are not care act. i helped write it. reporter: the vermont senator universal health care that would raise taxes on the middle class. ms. clinton: i have to say sure whether we are talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or the plan congress. didn' you hillary clinton was hoping to avoid -- her husband. mr. sanders: his behavior was deplorable. have i ever said a word about this issue? i have not. i' m going to debate secretary clinton and governor o' malley on the subjects that matter. emily: the nation honoring martin luther king jr. today. boston city leaders hosted their 46th annual mlk breakfast this
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frank calling joins us live now from the south end. reporter: service projects have become a big part of mlk day. we are at the blackstone school where people are hoping to expand the library in honor of dr. martin luther king junior. a musical and emotional tribute to the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. >> the importance of this is to keep dr. king alive but to continue to do the work. this morning. >> dr. king inspired boston and inspired a iteration. reporter: this is the longest-running tribute to dr. king in the nation. it was started by two churches. >> in the aftermath of his assassination, we wanted to figure out how to honor them. we got together and said let' s do a breakfast.
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together to honor his work for social and economic justice. >> those who are now standing for everything. >> black lives matter, black voices matter, black votes matter. reporter: both governor baker and mayor marty walsh say king' s message is an important part of boston' s history. >> he was educated in the city, he preached in the city , he protested in the city on boston commons. >> things change but they universal notion of what his message was about is with us forever. reporter: this service project is organized by st. peter' s episcopal church on the south end, one of many service projects organized by religious groups and nonprofits across new england. if you would like to learn more about the history of mlk day,
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emily: the search for answers right now after a grim discovery in waltham. a couple found dead inside their home. police are treating it as a murder suicide. they were called saturday night for a well-being check. they -- a dorchester man is recovering after being shot by a man inside his home. boston police are searching for that suspect right now. the 30-year-old man was taken to survive. police hope surveillance video will provide some lead. it is seeming likely that dzhokhar tsarnaev will face security guard. that he be
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tomorrow, we could find out when aaron hernandez will face his next murder trial. a new date is expected to be set in the 2012 shooting death of two men outside a boston nightclub. jury selection was scheduled to begin this month but the judge agreed to delay the trial. hernandez is serving life for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. boston mayor marty walsh will give his second state of the city address tomorrow, but it will be met with protests. several parents plan to demonstrate, unhappy with the job the mayor has done for the city' s embattled public schools. walsh has proposed more budget cuts this year but points to newly hired staff and extended learning time is key investments. you can watch the mayor' s speech right here tomorrow night. our coverage begins at 7:30. a message of healing and hope
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his heartfelt plea to drug users after a string of overdoses. love lost for kenneth starr -- the allegations against some of the world' s best players. cindy: arctic air means wind chill' s headed below zero. i' m already watching our next storm threat. emily: a brutal attack in rutland -- a family stunned by
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she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. r ...and spoke out r ...went toe to toe with the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit r until eight million children got health care. ti've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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emily: an impassioned facebook posts from the gloucester police chief after four overdoses in the span of 24 hours. the chief writing directly to anyone suffering from addiction saying you are important and worth it. there is no incentive this disease response to. s week to help you concluding his message with the co--- "there is hope." new allegations rocking the world of professional tennis.
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players are facing serious matches. 16 of the top 50 ranked layers have been matches. the association of tennis professionals denies the claims and says it is investigating. it is brady championship. the patriots hope the outcome time. that was the game where rob gronkowski sprained his knee and was carted off the field. kick off this sunday is at 3:00. this is a 140 foot snow ramp that will be built on the polartec big air. that event is happening february 11 and 12. that will feature the world'
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top skiers and snowboarders. looks like a lot of fun. cindy: and how about that -- actual snow. emily: it is a beautiful winter landscape out there. cindy: here is the problem -- the snow is so fluffy, it will blow off the trees. we are making up for some lost time around here. 3.1 inches officially five and a half. on the average winter, we have 17 inches of snow, so, we are making up for lost time. picking up five, even a few reports of six, but in general,
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we have had an arctic front come through this morning and that is why the winds are kicking up, coming at us from the west northwest, and we are still in the 20' s outside. subzero here at noon time. this is some serious cold working in and we are just getting started. temperatures have been holding steady. at 8:00 this morning, it was a we' ve got blue skies and temperatures going the wrong way as the arctic air is working its way in. it is gusting higher and more through worcester county. these winds will be with us for the next couple of days. this is what it feels like with
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elsewhere, when chills in the teens. if you are out and about this afternoon, don' t let the sun fool you. it is windy and cold. the windchill will be dropping down into the single digit in boston. out the door tomorrow morning, this is 5:00 a.m. -- wind chill running below zero. actual temperatures overnight digit and teens. overnight throughout the day s a wind advisory and the potential is there for some wind gusts. we will keep the wind in place throughout the game on tuesday but we will have subzero wind chills tomorrow morning and wind chills no higher than the single
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still contending with some gusty winds. only gradually stepping down. temperatures start to moderate but we will be watching that the north. notice by 6 a.m., there' s the storm with high pressure to the wind. this will be a strong coastal storm, but the track is key. we will be watching that very closely, but a significantly close storm here, timing friday looks like it will be heading out on sunday. we will keep a court -- we will keep a close eye on it. emily: a family dog is
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police are searching for two men they say came into the family' s it was an emotional reunion yesterday for the family. the dog was attacked saturday morning and suffered serious head injuries. a family member heard her barking and chased the man away. >> i just can' t imagine anyone would do anything to a dog into my yard and hurt her. >> if they did this to my dog, whose dog is next? emily: the dog is out of the hospital but still needs pain medication and special care. still ahead, vegetation that is out of this world. we will show you what astronauts were able to grow for the first time ever in space. plus 82 years of wedded bliss --
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emily: a couple in california celebrated their anniversary over the weekend and their marriage has lasted longer than most people have been alive. their marriage has lasted 82
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they say the secret is respect and affection and letting go of the small stuff. nicholas celebrated his 102nd birthday on friday. for the second time ever, a flower bloomed in space. astronauts got kelly tweeting nasa says it hopes to grow vegetables, maybe tomatoes in 2018. not too shabby. thank you so much for joining us. keep up with breaking news on and of course, our mobile apps. >> this is an editorial by wcvb ' s general manager. bill: in twain 14, 60% more people died of opioid overdoses
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and governor baker has openly protected the tragic toll will spike further unless these chilling to stick spark a dramatic change in how we handle this epidemic. this week, the house unanimously approved a bill that limits initial painkiller prescriptions to a one-week supply and recommend cities and towns set up prescription drug drop boxes where medications can be safely discarded. it differs from the governor' s stronger proposal which limits initial prescriptions to three days and let doctors commit patients involuntarily to drug treatment facilities were up to 72 hours if they are considered an immediate danger. the senate passed its own education and prevention. frankly, the strongest elements of all, three proposals, need to
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partisan politics rules the federal government, but massachusetts residents can take heart that this governor and legislature can prove, despite legitimate differences, find compromises and work together. there' s genuine optimism demanded by a need for action that the governor can find a comprehensive bill. that would be the best news of the new year, not only for those individuals whose dependence on opioids can become an addiction, but for the number of families scarred by this deadly scourge. v cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. people don't have access because bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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